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the UJahmatan tme
Unsettled This Afternoon and
Tonight; Warmer Tonight.
Last Edition
NUMBER 7723.
Yesterday's Circulation, 46,390
Eighteen Page
Haif-and-Half Principle Is Up
held When Faborable Re
port Is Ordered.
Increases Made in Several De
partments, While Ax Is Used
in Others.
Adhering strictly to the half-and-fealf
principle; declaring against vio
lation of the organic act in respect
to payments for paving and other
street improvements; holding depar
ture from the present method unfair
to small property owners; Increasing
the total sum allowed the District by
$883,355, the Senate Committee on
. Appropriations today ordered Sena
tor Curtis of Kansas to make a fa
vorable report on the amended Dis
trict appropriation bill.
Little Change.
The measure, as framed by the sub
committee, headed by Senator Curtis,
and adopted with little change by the
Appropriations Committee, is in striking
contrast to the meager and parsimon
ious measure which passed the House.
.House provisions which would have In
fringed the half-and-half system are
stricken but
The total of the bill as it Is reported
hy the Senate committee is $11,603,889.
.This is far under the estimates for the
fiscal year 1H4, which 'amounted to
$12,874,27. At the same time it Is Hb
eral as compared with the House bill.
Senator Curtis reported the bill today,
and gave notice he would call it up at
one after the Connecticut river dam
bUl was out of the way. .
Among the important features of the
amendment, aside from knocking out
the House provisions which would have
struck down the half-and-half principle,
are large allowances for the public
.7booiB, for sewers, for improvements
and repairs to streets, and for general
A toUl of $379,000, is added to the bill
for public schools. Including 300,000 for
the Central High fachool, J1SO.00O for
the M Street High School, and J12S.U8
for a slxteen-room building west of the
Soldiers' Home grounds. The salary of
the superintendent is raised from $5,0W
to 56,000.
Favor Half and Half.
A leading feature of the report is the
committee's statement showing why the
half-and-half principle should be ad
hered to and why it Is regarded as un
fair to change the method of paying
for paving and resurfacing streets. The
language Used by the ctmlttee is like
ly to be of much Importance in the fu
ture in holding Congress, or tending to
lold it, to allegiance to the organic act.
The commltee says:
In this bill your committee has rec
ognised the half-and-half plan In the
District of Columbia, and has restored
the item providing for the paymen. of
the interest and sinking fund on the
funded debt to its usual place in the ap
propriation blU and in the same lan
guage used In former bills for many
years. It sterns to your committee that
this question nas settled years apo and
has been recognized each year since.
It has been respectfully declared by
those In authority that "the District is
a creation of the Union for Its own
purposes;" the city of Washington Is
not a mere city of the Dls rlct, but It
is the Capital of the greatest nation on
earth, and the people of the United
States are Interested In It as such. It
is recognized as the seat of the National
Government It Is not necessary to
state the benefits which are enjoyed by
the Governmer. In the city of Washing
ton. It is enough to say that it parti
cipates in all 'he benefits which result
from the expenditure of the money col
lected as taxes in the District.
Upon Investigation If will be found
that of the 6.U1 acres taken for the
city. 5.13. oi flve-s xths of the whole,
were a gift to the Government, and he
grounds upon which the Canltol 'he
Executive Maslon and all orizlnal d -partment
bulld'ngs st-nd did no- cost
the Go-ernmen a 'o' ar Of the S.IV
acres. 3.60S are ocfupi' U b- Ts streets
avenue and a'leyp more than V) pr
cent of Its ent're area
It was underrtood thnt the 10 1!5 el'y
lots donated o the Government should
constitute "a fit' fund" :o urd 'o
asslstlrg In the crectloi of D'ibllc bulM
Ings arid for opening ard Improving the
On Streets.
As to the street Improvement the
committee sayr
'There Is another provision of the
bill which your committee bIIev-
should be eUmlnated from the treasure
It proposes to change the method of
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KOIH.'-"Ol i yjli I till. UlOn.iK..
Unsettled this afternoon and tonight,
warmer tonight. Saturday fair and
varmer: lowest temperature tonight I
about Zl degrees.
8 a. m 20 8 a. m
9 a. m 22 1 9 a. m
lOa. m 24 I 10 a. m...
11 a. m...
12 noon...
1 p. m...
2 p. m...
... 26 J 11 a. m
... 33 12 noon
... 35 I 1 p. m
... 37 , 2 p. m
High tides, 1:17 a. m.. and 1:49 p. m.
Low tides, 7:23 a. m. and 8:40 p. m.
Sun rises...
... 7:02 Sun sets 6:44
Soldier Slayer of Wife and
Brother Protests He Failed
to Get Square Deal.
Attorneys Failed to Get Second
Stay of Execution, as Presi
dent Refused to Interfere.
Samuel W. Rauen, former United
States soldier, who was convicted of
a double murder, paid the penalty by
hanging in one of the broad corri
dors of the United States jail at 10:09
o'clock this morning.
Fearlessly, and with the same In
difference which has characterized
his every move since his arrest for
the killing of his eighteen-year-old
wife and his brother in Southwest
Washington last spring, Rauen met
his fate.
Before leaving the death cell, how
ever, he made a statement to the four
Washington newspapermen who vis
ited the jail, in which he declared
that justice had not been given him.
Meets His Fate Calmly.
He declared that his attorneys did not
do all they might have done, and that
after his death it woul be learne that
he did not deserve the penalty about
to be Inflicted. "That will be too late,
though," he remarked.
Rauen Triet his fate In the most mat
ter of fact way. Guards at the jail
who, have witnessed -numerous hangings
declared, 'that they never had seen a
man so" cool In the shadow of the
gallows as was Rauen. He slept most
of the night, and 'this morning ate a
hearty breakfast. -His appetite never
had failed him, and this morning a
double quantity of food was handed him
in h'.s cell. He ate half of it, and then
gave the remaining portion to Tony
Mllano, the Italian who occupied the!
adjoining cell, ana Who, homself, is sen
tenced ot die on the gallows a month
from today.
I nhls statement Issued a few mo
ments before being taken from the
death cell, Rauen raid: "I was not given
a 'squar deal' during my trial. The
charge was made that I perjured my
self while on the witness stand. This
is untrue. After I have been hanged,
it will be found that I told the truth.
That will be too late, though. Hy at
torneys did not do all In their power
to save me. I don't know why they
didn't however. In view of the extenu
ating circumstances, I should not be
SISS4. ?'L". Vh5..?L,2! a?J!S!
I am guilty homicide, but no" of'
murder In the first degree. I am readv!
to die, and will meet my fate like a
"mi t
Th Rev. Father Michael Gallagher. '
chaplain of the Jail,
.nA.tf u ....,....
part of the morning with the doomed
(Continued on Page Nine.)
Will Stop at Either End of Res
ervation at Pennsylvania
Avenue and Fourteenth.
Rosenthal last July, and other high of-
I tlclals, caused many threats to be made
against his life, and caused his com
Patrons of the Capital Traction Com-! piete ostracism by .his former asso
pany's llneb which runs to Seventeenth ' dates.
and Pennsylvania avenue southeast
iieed no longer walk In the mud ut
the rourteeuth street southeast stop,
according to announcement today. The
.raction company has made known to '
the District Llectric Uallway Commls
fc.on llmt it uili stop lis cars hereafter
at either end of tne rehervation a, the
junction of Pennsilvaritu avenue and
i-ouru-enth titrcet. instead of tne middle
ut this "reservation."
The middle pan of this small tract
ih always inuddj. according to East
Washington Citizens' Association mem-
brrs. The stops at either end will ob-
vir.te .ill troub . It Ifc said
Adding a large number of care to the
Vt Peasant lnes of the Washington.
Railway and Electric Company has
vis bly Improved the service up Con
necticut avenue and Columbia road,
during . morning and evening tush
hours, acordlng t statement of mem
ivm of the District Commission.
Member of the commiwion admit
that Insistence of mam persons In get-
ting on the car at hand regard.ess of ,
'inr'-nuz8,! 'to6 sor?-e In ntreet car
r""1. P""L J M,iinwi"i ' l.C
operat on. No known rule will solve It
altogether. It Is stated, not even re
quiring cars to run on when full.
Additional cars are now running on
the Mt. Pleasant line In the morning
eabt and west from Union Station. v) pre.qnt Sherman. i lpct and his home here constantly
Complaint of lack of a sufficient num- Action on the Immigration bill was ?o ns not to suffer fro mthe ool.l
bcr to meet the suburban S:30 a. in ' Imperative, as It will becomes a law while on guard duty about the X 1
steam trains has been made to the com- without the signature of the President. ' 0",Jl1o,m,e' .Ziailes l' ,1
mlss'on. and the Increase is ordered ac- unlesa he vetoes it or signs to today a. I'"1 frai?!.8k ,0J ,JnJ. ?
cording y. The Washlrgton Hallway
t.-f.l.l- rnnnv h.c o.n.H U 1. I
announced, to make access easier to j
cars which are at Union Station, and
when several are In front of the sta-
tlnn nt once all will be opened to re- .
celve or discharge passengers besides
tho first car waiting on the actually
designated stopping plac.
James Pureed, Taunted for Be
traying Friends, Turns
New Yorker Unable to Bear
the Jeers of His Former
NEW YORK, Feb. 14. Taunted and
scorned by his wife as a "squealer"
and made desperate by the loss of all
his former friends of Broadway,
James Purcell, self-confessed "gam
bler" and State witness in the graft
exposures, attempted to kill her to
day and then shot and killed his
twelve-year-old daughter Agnes.
Three bullets lodged In the girl's
body, killing her almost instantly.
Mrs. Purcell threw herself between
her husband and their child, but the
bullet fired point blank at her by the
maddened gambler, flew wljd. Pur
cell dropped the revolver and fled.
Neighbors and two policemen found
the girl dead, and Mrs. Purcell in a
Purcell, revolver in hand, then
calmly walked out of his home, 218
West Twenty-first street, and gave
himself up to the police.
jpells-of Career. -
Behind the bars. Purcell related his
checkered career- of the' past few
months and how domestic trouble had
supplemented his badgering by the po
lice. Goaded Beyond Endurance.
He had been goaded beyond endur
ance, scorned by his wife as one who
had betrayed his friends and one who
had "snitched," and that the final blow
came when his little daughter, Agnes, to
whom he was deeply attached, turned
her back on him.
Early this morning the gambler de
termined to end It all. He shot at his
wife first, but missed, although he be
lieved that he had Injured her when
she fell In a faint. Then he turned
the revolver on the twelve-year-old
girl and killed her Instantly. h was
shot three times, in the breast and
the right arm.
The act was done deliberately. Pur-
E!l ka,V,nhd.nVVilf.UdhdaTfo,u,n.1-
he had no friend In the world except
district Attorney wniiman. to wnom.win De inaicieu
be was one of the most ebsentlal links (
V "'-"" .,w..w ..-w .. - w .
in the police exposures, ana wnen n:s
wir nnd nmicnier sneereu ana Bcornra i
wife and daughter sneered and scornod
him. he found his situation unendur- !
Well Known. t
"iimmr'i tmi--ii iii w nil known in thr
gambling purlieus of Broadway and
Korti -second street. He has never con
ducted a resort of any size, and ha
been chiefly known as a hanger-on of
tli Mi'tTAr TTiRn In thn immhnnor fnl- .
ternlty. He broke into the limelight. I The fact Is generally known that
ten days ago. when District Attorney , some of these lobbyists have; been of
AVhltman uncovered him as a big wit-i fectlve in their work and have suc
cess in some cases of .gambling and ex- ,,,, , ,,!... in- .,,. f thn lm.
K.,d t,ICh I1RI.CU t.V !.. f"......
It is alleged that Purcell ha, acted
L! 1glU&rJr!L i
I as
i Society for the Enforcement of the
Criminal Law for the past ten years.
The fact that he went to the district
attorney with hlg stoiy of graft which
Involved Lieutenant Becker, now in
Sine -Sing awaiting his execution for
. compl'cltv In the murder of Ilcrmin
n ,. i j i..:
Keep President
President Taft today remained
the White House where he held
Cabinct meeting, llstentd to the con- I
nt reports coming from Mexico. '
considered the integration bill . on .
wh'ch action during' the day was n-I
pected and. prepared a pan or I e,
remark which he will muko n the '
Sennte tomorrow when he tnkes nart .
fn , rniZ, tk m leea for the l-.te '
President Taft will altenu tne "swan '
nr," fHnn lr "tTnrle .Toe" C-innnn In.
morrow night.
Only 47 Hours to Havana, Atlantic
iv,,,t i.ii. v V. Florida Snerlnl
All "east coast" po nts reached. All-steel
electric lighted Pullmans. 4 ltd. train
daily. 1406 New York avs. s.w. Adyu
Washington Man Thought Slain, and
Ensign Stoned in Riot At Acapulco
it- xIIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbS vjbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!
?, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBlaei jbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
' I 'v'-aafeiaaaaaaaaLBBBB1
v vBtV . j ? -
v-BaaaaBBBBBm i "I
aaTlsK'aaa5BBBBRft 'TeaaaBMi
Asl .,11 1 WmtRtife' aHBBBBBBBBBl
Civil Engineer,. Whose Friends Hear He ljKgHHll
Was Killed is Mexico City. - ifiiHH
Colonel Edwards Is Declared to
Have Been Ignorant of De
tectives' Use of Name. "
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Feb. 14. A
special grand Jury .was cmpannelcd to-.
day In the Intermediate court hy Judge
Henry K. Black for the .purpose of.
bringing indictments against any and!
all persons who have been Identified
with the bribery offenses committed
during the past few weeks by members
of the legislature, detectives. and
others. Some surprises are promised.
rn i i.,,-A uv iho nri.iin t.
tomey that all persons who are guilty.
no matter what their standing may be.
The" investigation will be a thorough
on and manv mcmhprR or lhft Ipirlit-
- - . - ".
""..- ... .. u "ti w.. ...
Jury to tell what they know about the
offers that have been made by various
persona to Influence votes' for United
States Senator during this session. In-
( dlAimanta n " nlaA wnrf a4
dlctments are also expected to be
brought against a number of lobbyists
- "- -c- -
who have been active since the regular,
session of the legislature convened'
Lobbyists Under Fire.
"'" b en nassed -"
ir.sXcPttrthat some of the indict-
ments will be reponea oerore nigni.
Secret Service Men Live
Shack, Watching Princeton
, , r j i- 1.1
Home Day and Night.
PRINCKTON, N. J.. Feb. 14. Pr-hi-dent-elect
V'lson's Secret Service
gi-nrd was doubled today and here
after a Secret Service operative, will
htand guard over the governor's
he 'Be dry and night. The governor
has been urder the protection of two
Se ret Service men since he was ulect
id. but beginning today he will have
Two of the operatives will be on
duty durlntr the day and the other
two will alternate on regular watches
duilng the night.
So far as the Secret Service men
here know, there Is no particular ren-
5" Jus' now for doubling the guard
'. ""V 1Z,
ernment .-gents have received any
warning or danger, nut arc merely
under ordera to watch the President
'""n " V..,',1""?" irini.. V, ," ntt,i
CmOr A llKOn a bUngalOW. It Ih fitted
! with a stove nnd chairs. As tho Wil
son home Is In an open space It would
be impossible for unyone to approach
the house without being seen from
the shack.
Governor Wilson left here early to
day for Phlladelhla wJiere he made
his weekly call on his dentist
Capital Youth Attacked. By Mob.
Local Friends of Man Reported
Killed in Mexico City Are
Anxious. '
Frantic over -the report that he has i
been killed, friends of Herman Weiss,
of Washington nnd New York, have ,
tnunru nie ,uutiuiiir uurcuu oi lilt:
c,, nr.artm., , ,.... j, ,, A
State Department to begin a determined
caused the Consular Bureau of the
j search for him. Weiss was reported
niiicu uuneKuuy xii iirst nme was
not given In the unofficial dispatch.
and. despite the fact that a telegram, ,
on the anxious request of friends, was .
at once sent to Mexico City for veri
fication of the tragedy, no word has
been received. He was last heard from
when in Mexico City. The troubled In
quiries have met with no reply and the
uncertainty lol.owlng the complete si
lence that haq creeted the telegrams
lias made Weiss' friends even more ap
prehensive. Mr elss, with his wife, who was
a Miss Hatfield, of Chicago, were in
Mexico City, when last heard from.
In the letter last received from her
son. Mrs. Conrad Weiss, of 817 East i
Capitol street, wis told that she need
I not ne apprenenslve about his condi
tion because the news In regard to
J the rebellion was frequently garbled
and made to appear that conditions
in i were much worse than they really
r CI c.
Mr H'aIb. . n t..lt ..!.. l .1--
i fm.i,' fa Vaiiroad company which
I Is building a line between Tamplco
'antl Mexico City.
i :
New York Banker Held
On Pujo Probe Charge j
SEW YORK, Feb. ll.-George G.
Henry, the broker who was Indicted
Monda bv the Fert-rnl grand Jury at
ashlngton for contempt In refusing to
ancr the nuestluni of the Pujo Money
trust committee, wus arrested today by
t nl.ed States Marshal Henkel and held
In $2,000 hall for a hearing next Thurs
day. Henry Ik n member of the firm
of Solomon & Co.
Porto Rican Denies
Washington Girl's Charge
A plea of not guilty was entered to
day hy Castro Lino Rivera, twenty-six
years old, when he- was arraigned be
fore Juhtlce Gould In Criminal Court.
No. 2. on a charge preferred by Miss
Kasterday, a Washington girl.
Efforts ure being made by friends of
the young Porto Rlcan, who Is a former I
Georgetown student, and the younr
woman, to effect a reconciliation. Rl- I
vera Is at liberty on a 11.500 bond.
i p
Cruiser Denver Ordered to Re
turn to Acapulco by Navy
President Taft Intimates Troops
Will-Be Sent If Murders Be
come General.
Fearful of the safety of Americana
at Acapulco, where Ensign Edward
Guthrie, of Washington, and Surgeon
Camerer, of the gunboat Denver,
were attacked Wednesday by a mob
showing a.pronounced anti-American
attitude, the -State Department to
day, through the Navy Department,
ordered he Denver to return to Aca
pulco whence -she had started for
Acajutla . there ,io remain with
Americans under the protection of
her guns until the cruiser oSuth Da
kota shall have arrived in the port
Sanday morning.
This hurried order was given by
the Administration because a spread
of the fearful conditions existing in
Mexico City to' other cities where
Americans are quartered,. is a pro
nounced and apparent dread.
Taft Remains Firm. , '
Although President Taft' hld tS hia
Boa-mtenMtitanBScXiMtteiir.t vislta
otAartrteMaraM-iMleaMd that Ameri
can forosa wi! seat South-J the stu-
aer or-unnea buiis.ciiixwis:: oecomea
.national instead of an Individual crime.
The 'Administration Will not protest an
American who la killed. simply because
he gets ln""the way of a. bullet, but
will bav a different attitude toward the
death of Americans slain as a result of
an anti-American, outbreak.
The orders sent to the Denver by wire
less from the Colorado- to return to
Acaulco mark plainly the extrema
nervousness of the Administration at
any suggestion of an anti-American out
break. Assault Serious.
The assault on Ensign Edward Guth
rie, though not causing him serious In
Jury, was accompanied by open threats
against Americans, and, from a diplo
matic standpoint. Is regarded by the
Administration as more significant than
the actual killing of some American
who had been accidentally slain.
The extreme disorder existing in
Mexico City Is indicated by the orders
nf the State Department to Ambassador
Wilson to Issue promissory notes or
flat currency to cover the necessities of
Americans 'needing food, shelter, or
clothing. A draft canont be cashed lnN
Mexico City, because the banks and
business houses are locked and boarded
up. Consequently authority to draw on
the State Department for funds failed
to produce any relief.
ine State Department Is awaiting
with some anxiety a report as to
whether the emergency currency or
paper will be accepted.
Inquiries So Far Useless.
The condition of utter confusion
reigning In the Mexican capital, the
size of the American colony, and the
wide dispersion of men In different lines
of business have rendered the Inquiries
practically useless so far. The stream
of questions has met wltn few replies.
Press reports Indicate continued lighting
and it is known that from dawn until
twilight a murderous tire sweeps the
streets. With a wall of silence oppos
ing the scores of telegram sent Into
.Mexico relatives ana mends or Amer
icans thete are devoured with appre
tunnion regarding their fate.
For the present the Consular Bureau
has beLou.e a storm center of the hu
man Interest brought into high relief
In Mexican affairs. The situation there
Is one unique In modern American his
tory. At no time have so many Ameri
cans been quartered In a small area
of a foreign land where death lurked
around every corner, and the man or
woman safe today might be dead or
seiiously Injured tomorrow.
Preparations for sending troops Into
Mexico are being continued, although
no new orders were Issued today. The
Administration has been forced to at
tempt u condition of preparedness.
Attitude of Taft.
President Taft met a large number of
Inquiries today with the assertion that
he docs not expect that Intervention
will be necessary and that he will op- j
pose it as long as possible. As against I
this attitude, however, the Administra
tion has been forced to realize that it
mav be necessary to send troops, and, I
after the shameful experience through .
which the United States went in prepar
ing iu acuu iruupa uiku v.uuu in in;tt, tne
President Is anxious that troops be
ready to move If a sudden antl-Amerl-can
uprising should be reported.
The situation for Americans In Mex
ico City who need relief has been com
plicated by the closing of all banks
and business houses. Ambassador
WllBon was authorized to draw on
the State Department for $10,000. He
telegraphed this morning that the
draft was useless, as no funds could
be obtained from banks. He was then
ordered to Issue flat currency of a.
nature to be determined by himself
If the hope that these paper promises I
(Continued on Sixth Page.) 1
Rebels! Shell Strikes Cathedral in Which Women
and Children Seek Refuge- Efforts of
Federals to End Battle Are Without Avail.
Fight Starts at An Early Hour.
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 14. After an hour of intermit
tent firing the real battle of today-began in earnest at d:5o
o'clock this morning. The rattle, of small arms; the boom
ing of heavy guns and the noise of bursting shells echoed
throughout the city.
Hundreds were killed
was fired.
One of the first shells fired by the rebels entered the
chapel of a convent five blocks from the palace and ex
ploded in the midst; of a group of nun and crowd of
women and children refugees who were on their knees in
prayer. Seven nuns and five other women were reported
; -killed by-the explosion.
' - Tn&jnatiVeV,afI6i
Deposed Dictator Ready to
Lead Forces n Case of In
tervention. PARIS. Feb. 14. Geo. Porfirio Diaz.
former president of Mexico, will return
to his country and take the field against
the American troops should the United
States attempt intervention in the Felix
Diaz revolution, according to the old
iron man's closest, friends here today!
The old war norse. wno is wintering
with his son and family at Cairo. Esypt.
Is in 'readiness to sail for Mexico at a
moment's notice, and he has stated that
he will return there on the instant that
President Taft orders troops Into the
southern repobllc
Consistency is lent to this sensational
statement of Diaz's friends In Paris "By
the fact that on former occasions of dis
turbance in Mexico, when American in
tervention menaced his country. General
Diaz openly announced that he would
willingly die ftghttntf against the United
States should that nation Interfere. In
Mexico. v
Powers to Deny Right
" To Help Out Turkey
LONDON, Feb. It When the am
bassadors met this afternoon at the
foreign office to discuss the powere"
reply to Turkey's request fr inter
vention, it wac seml-offlclally stated
that the Turkish government wo.u!d.
be told that Its note was not explicit
and Turkey's request could not be com
piled with.
The bombardment of Adrianople con
tinued today, but there was no news
of fighting at Chatalja, Scutari, and in
Wife of Maryland
ressman Is III
Members of the Maryland delegation
In Congress heard today with concern
that Mrs. Laura C. Talbott. wife of
Congressman J. Fred C. Talbott. Is seri
ously 111 In a Baltimore Hospital. Mrs.
Tnlhott Is suffering from pneumonia
and grave fears are entertained thati
she may not recover. j
Congressman 'raioott nas oeen ai nis
wife's bedside since Monday, which is
the last time he was at the Capital
here. The Talbott home Is In Luther
vllle. near Baltimore, and It has been
his habit to go home each night from
Fishing Tug and Crew,
Believed Lost, Safe
SHEBOYGAN. Wis.. Feb. It Th
Sunbeam, believed to have been Io.it
with all on board, readied Sheboygan
shortly after daybreak today. Ac
cording to Capt. Roy Smith, the Sun
beam's englnnes. became disabled and
the tug's crew spent the night adrift
about twenty-flve miles out.
and wounded as volley after
, " - .',. .
flaJgreaC Bombers, seeUas; the pro-
tectfoa of the thick Valla. Thousands
of woaea and, children form a con
tinuous procession from the center
of the city to the suburbs, seeking
escape from the promiscuous shell
and rifle fire.
The loss today. I feared, would
be as great as that, of yesterday, when
It was roughly estimated by Red Crosd
authorities at 1,080- .killed and 1069
wounded. These figures were Relieved
to be conservative.
At 8 o'clock the battle ceased that
the combatants might eat breakfast.
The Indications at that time were that
the fighting would last all day.' with
neither side gaining any material ad
vantage, but with the loss of many
lives. Before breakfast many dead had
fallen In the streets, nearlv half ot
them being non-combatants- who re
fused to heedvthe repeated warnings of
the Sanger in practically every street
In the neighborhood ofuhe fighting
zone. ,
During the hour of quiet a mes
sage was sent to the arsenal Inform
ing Diaz that, since he had replied
to the other message offering- to show
him every consideration if lie sur-
j rendered by firing upon the national
paiace. no quarter would be shown
him and his followers unless he stop
ped firing in such a way as to en
danger non-combatants.
Rules' Disregardsd.
The federal message declared that
Diazz was disregarding all rules of
civilized warfare and that as soon as
Madero's forces captured him, he need
expect no consideration. -'
At the time this message was de-
llvered, Madero's men were nulling
their cannon Into position alongside
the British legation where the return
fire of the rebels would certainly
damage property and endanger the
lives of non-combatants.
Madero's guns were also firing from
rooms of buildings and when tne reb
el, gunners responded, shells fell Into
territory far outside the fighting zone.
Bodies Fill Streets.
When the body-strawn streets wer
revealed in all their hldeousess by th
morning's sun. the full significance ot
Madero's maneuvers could be seen.
The administration forces had moved
part of their heavy guns directly in
front of the deserted American con
sulate, where they would draw the Art
of the Diaz gunners, apparently In
viting the destruction of American
property. A few shots were fired from
this position before daybreak by th
A few Americans who had lingered
about the building fled before the Dial
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Senate met at noon.
District appropriations bill reported
to the Senate.
Electrocution bill amended. Various'
District bills ordered reported.
Eight-hour bill to" be taken up at spe-
i cial meeting of District committee
Hearings continued on physical valu
ation bill.
Army bill taken up for passage.
Effort to fix day for voting on Con
necticut river dam bill falls.
River and harbor bill reported.
House met at 11 o'clock.
Private pension bills considered.
The District committee reported four
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