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Raymond Jordan Placed on Pro
bation by Justice Who Sen
tenced Him.
Raymond Struder, Eight Years Old, Dies After Suffering In
tensely for Several Days, as Result of Bite From
Mad Dog Last December.
Raymond Jordan, colored, convicted in
1911 of shooting a Kenllnorth grocer
named Wilson in an alleged attempt to j
rob the store, and sentenced Uccember S,
1911, to serve ten years in the peniten
tiary, today was placed on probation by
Justtoe Anderson, who imposed the sen
tence A vigorous fight has been waged by
fritnds of Jordan to keep him from go
ing to the penitentiary, it having been
urged that his co'micilon was a mis
carriage of justice- At the trial Jordan
attempted to prove an alibi, but it was
not belie e by the jury.
Wilson poiiUvely identified Jordan as
his assailant He said Jordan came
along after he had closed the store for
-the night and wanted him to open the
place again so he could purchase a loaf
of bread. He told the Jury that as soon
as Jordan got inside lie began to shoot,
'hitting him three times in the back and
once in the mouth,
following the conviction of Jordan,
the case was carried to the Court of
Appeals and his since been on appeal.
former United States Attorney D. W.
Baker, and others. Including members of
ihe South Kenllworth and Hampton
Park Citizens' Association, Interested
themsehes In the case. Jbrdan has al
kj written several letters to, Justice An
derson pleading for clemency.
Japanese Envoy Here
Suggested for Cabinet
TOKTO. Feb. H. Viscount SutemI
Chinda.t Japanese .ambassador at Wash
ington today, was 'recommended for the
portfolio of foreign minister, lit the new
cabinet -now being formed-'by Premier
Yamamato.tuho; succeeded Prince'Taro
Katsura, resigned.- .
The arrival in 3Toyko of Dr.. Sun Yat
Sen. the man who nfedc the China re-
Subllc, coming on the iteels of the anti
ureaucratlc riots, caused a deal of
Wonder was expressed as to whether
Dr. Sun was ambitious to spread anion;
the disaffected Japanese the doctrines
that overthrew the powerful Manchus
In his own country, 'and the conserva
tive press devoted much space to the
arrival of the distinguished Chinese.
In official circles it was stated that
Dr. Sun came to Tokyo on a diplomatic
Only One "BROMO QVIltfttC
r the signature of E. TV. GROVE. Cure a.
CSld In One Bar. Cures Grip In two days. 3c.
After suffering ngonles for several
days, RajnioiidStruder, the eight-year-old
son of Mr. and Mr". Daniel Struder,
of 231 South Peyton street, died at the
Alexandria Hospital at 4:13 this morn
ing of hjdrophobla.
Young Struder was bitten bv a bull
dog, said to have been owned by John
W. Entnistle, a druggist on King street,
December 12. last. A warrant was
sworn out for Mr. Entwistle's arrest
and before he could be brought Into
pourt on the charge of harboring a -cious
dog, he died In his apartments
over his drug store.
The boy was bitten about ,the bodr.
arms and head. He was taken to the
Alexandria Hospital w,hqre.his Injuries
were dretscd and after a week's treat
ment he was permitted to return home.
Wlhtin the last few days signs of rabies
appeared and yesterday afternoon the
lad was again taken to the hospital.
He was visited by a number of physi
cians, but they were Unable to do anj
thing to save his life.
Announcement was made this morn
ing by Gardner U Boothe, counsel for
Julian Y. Williams, a member of coun
cil from the second ward, who was
yesterday tried before a jury on the
charge of having removed from the
city of Alexandria and was therefore
not entitled to a seat in council, that
on nnnpnl would be taken to the Su
preme Court from the verdict of the I
jury, which touna -ur. w nuauia sum)
as charged in the quo warranto proceed
ings instituted bv six members of coun
cil After the jury had returned a verdict
against Mr. Williams yesterday Mr.
Boothe moved that the verdict be set
aside, but the motion was overruled by
Judge Barlej, who granted a stay of
judgment for thlrtv days.
The jury was out only twenty mln-
utes. Their decision was a great sur
pilse to all the parties in the contest,
as it was not thought that It was pos
sible to obtain a jury w hich could agree
on a erdlc because of political differ
ences in Alexandria.
Tots Cremated in Beds While
Their Mother Lay Asleep in
Same Room.
At the nje ting of the Grand Lodge of
Masons, which was held in Richmond
this week, Henry .. Field, of this city,
was re-elected grand senior deacon of
the Grand Lodge. OH the Alexandria
members who attended the meeting of
the Grand Lodge hac returned.
The police department has been no
tified that thieves, some time last night,
went Into a wagon at the Old Dominion
mills, two miles west of Alexandria, and
stole between COO and 700 pounds of
meal and flour. A few- nights ago a
large quantity of meat and hams were
stolen from a meat house In the same
vicinity. The people of aFirfax, near
Aiexanana. are becoming alarmed at
the increasing number of robberies In
the neighborhood.
Imperial Representative E. E. Down
ham. accompained by G. Ben Carlln,
William G. LeHew, James M. Duncan,
James E. King, and Harry Hammond,
left today for Richmond to attend the
valentine partv to be given tonight by
Acca Temple, Mbtic Shrine, in honor
of William J. Cunningham, of Balti
more. Imperial potentate of the Uni
ted States.
At the regular communication of
Alexandria-Washington Lodge of Ma
sons, last night, the retiring master.
j Edward H. Kemper, was presented with
class of twenty he had raised during
the past year. The presentation speech
was made by Edward S. Fawcett and
Mr. Kemper responded In an appropriate
Prominent Persons
Observe Birthdays
Florence Roberts, a popular Western
actress, was born in Xew York city,
February 14. 1871, "and is today cele
brating her forty-second birthday. In
1S90 she w as married to Lewis Morrison,
with whom she starred for more than
ten years In Shakespearean drama and
"Faust." She has played scores of
leading roles throughout the Pacific
coast cities, and in 1910 she was selected
for the all-star casts that produced re
vivals of "Jim the Penman" and "Di
plomacy" In New York city.
Carl Marr, an American painter resi
dent In Germany. Is fifty-five years old
today, and Waldemar Llndgren, chief
geologist of. the 'Geological Survey, Is
celebrating his fifty-third birthday.
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urti ftawfr
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Mississippi Society
Will Hold Reception
The monthlyvmeeting- of the Missis
sippi society will not be held tomorrow
night, but in its place a reception will
be given Thursday evening, March 6,
in honor of the State's new Senator.
James K. Vardaman, and the incoming
State governor, -Early Brewer. The re
ception will be held in Confederate Me
morial Hall.
. LONDON. Teb. 14. Touring over Eng
land in aeroplanes will be an unpopular
pastime as'a result of an order of the
government establishing "sky guns"
along the coast.
KOCKVILLE, Md., Feb. 14. Justice
Arthur M. Mace, of Rockvllle, acting as
coroner, will conduct an inquest at Ken
sington today over the bodies of Lucy
and John Pratt, colored, aged eighteen
months and four jcars, respectively,
children of Zachariah Pratt, who were
burned to death in their home near Ken
sington late Wednesday night. After
making an investigation yesterday.
Sheriff Howard and Judge Mace sum
moned a Jury to meet today.
While the children were asleep, their
bed caught fire, and when their mother,
who was asleep In the room, awoke the
bed was in flames, and the children ap
parently dead. The mother ran across
the road for assistance, and the neigh
bors who responded succeeded in saving
the building. The mother thinks the
bed caught Are from a stove.
Hilary SImms, colored, who was
brought to his home near Rockvllle Sun
day from Georgetown in a critical con
dition as a result of burns and other
injuries mysteriously received, died yes
terday morning. The attending physi
cian, Dr. George E. Lewis, inclines to
the belief that the man's death was
due to carbolic acid, and that the burns
on his legs were caused by such acid.
It is thought the man may have met
with foul play in Washington, and the
Washington authorities were notified by
State's Attorney Spates.
Detective Vermillion, of Washington,
was In Rockvllle yesterday making an
investigation. He talked with Dr. Lewis
and others and from what he gathered
he thought an autopsy should be held
and ordered Dr. Lewis to perform it to
day. Something happened to SImms in
Georgetown about ten days ago, but just
what it was, or wno. caused it, simms
was unable to tell State's Attorney
Spates and Sheriff Howard, who. went to
see him; immediately upon being noti
fied of' his condition. The iron was
brought to his home on the farm of M.
D. Knight, near Rockvllle, Sunday by a
relative who received- a letter from
Washington informing him of SImm's
Details of Violent Death of
Machinist Show Peculiar
Details of the manner In which Harry
H. Cross, a machinist, formerly em
ployed In the" navy yard, was killed
Wednesday night near Martinsburg, W.
Va., were received In Washington to
day. With the back part of his skull crushed
as though by some blunt Instrument,
frozen stiff from lying on the ground
all night, the body- was found yesterday
morning. The Martinsburg authorities
believe the man incurred his injuries In
a fight, as $15 in his pocket was not
disturbed. Jere Nolan, another laborer.
Is held as a witness for the coroner s
Cross left Washington last fall and
went to Martinsburg, where he ob
tained employment as laborer with a
construction gang, working near the
West Virginia city. His widow. Mrs.
Margaret Cross, lives at 327 F street
northeast, while his mother and sister.
Miss Eloys Hall Thompson, daughter
of Mrs. Mary D. Thompson, m. former
resident of Rockvllle, and J. Randall
Connell, an attorney of Idabel. Okla.,
were married recently at Idabel. the
Rev. Dr. Teel, of that place, officiating.
The bride.- whose homo was In Kansas
City, was visiting In Idabel at the
time, and the marriage was a surprise
to her friends. The bride's father, who
died several years ago, was Frederick
A. Thompson, a former resident of
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1314-016 Pa. Ave.
233 R. Ave. 5.E.
Miss Blary Cross, reaidir at-1517 KVw
JeTsey avenue northwest. Hfc was'about
forty-five years old.
nNoIan said lie was on his war back
to the construction camp late Wednes
day .night, and -when he reached the
place where Cross' body was later
found, he stopped alone thc road to
warm his hands at a flro which had
Deep uunt bv two men he dldn t know
Virginia Brooks m Race
For Justice of Peace
While he was warmlnir his hands, he
says, one or the, strangers felled him
with a blow on tho ncad, and robbirj
him of his money. He was knocked
senseless, and when he revived some
time afterward ho found' he was ilylnff
besfde a man. He "spoke no' the man,
ana when the latter answered he recou
nlzed the voice as that pfHarry Cross,
he saldr "He had not seen Cross before,
he asserts. Cross told hlm'he, too, had
been beaten up. .
Nolan sajs he again lost conscious
ness, and when he woke up at daylight
discovered that. Cross was dead. He
then started up the road, he said, and
stopped at a house and Informed the
occupants what, had happened. ,
Arrangements have oeen made to
have Cross body brought to Washing
ton after theJnquest, which will prob
ably be held this afternoon.
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.' Virginia Brooks,
crusading" reformer of WestHam-
l mond. 111- came out today as candi
date tor justice of I lie peace against
Justice FrankGreen and a- bitter po
litical war in the town was started.
Knights of Pythias "
Plan Lecture Series
Chancellor Commander L. H. Berg
man, of Alt. Vernon Lodge, "No. 5.
Knights of Pythias, has arranged . a
aciit-a 01 lectures, wun illustrations, and
Private Kids Corporal.
LISBON, Feb. l. Released from two
days" Imprisonment for sleeping n
duty, a private In the fiscal guards shot
and killed the corporal who reported
Wf a -V-
i Hi
Louis LtMne Qwt$ as
Paris Police Prefect
EAKIS. Feb. lO-Louls Leplne. pr?-.
feet. of police' of Partv-slnce tt,rf
signed today. The rejort of his resig
nation and its acceptance was ofttchft
3 confirmed. Leplne entered the go-
nnmciu iwucc service in 1517.
Receives Entire Estate.
Miss Gabrlellc Claud I named as.tha
sole beneficiary and exetaitrtx In the wi-Tl
oC her mothers Mrs. Therese' Claud. Gail
tron. The will was executed March' 19.
1904. - '
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t i
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