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Three Hundred Athletes to Be Seen in G. W. U. Indoor Meet Next Satufda
Best Athletes of This Section
and Stars o! Olympic Games
Indoor Contests.
WW Go to Baltimore Saturday
. to met All-Star Team Which
Was Defeated Here.
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"Bugs" .Bacr's Version of the Last Might of the Tenpin Tourney
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Abe -.Kiviat and Mel Sheppard
Will Be Seen in George
Washington Games.
Three hundred athletes have officially
entered the George Washington Uni
versity track meet which will be staged
at Convention Hall Saturday night. .
This number represents the class of
this section, besides stars that are being
Imported from New England and the
North, and which will prove a big at
traction to those who have never seen
Olympic contestants other than In the
movies. ,
Abel Kiviat, who made his debut In
the Stockholm games last summer, 13
entered In the 100-yard open handicap,
'while his team mate. Mel Sheppard, who
broke the world's records in the 1,500
meter event and in the SSO-yard run at
the English Olympics at London in
1S0S will be seen In the latter event
cldes Saturday night.
An entrant of particularly local in
terest is that of J. Kersburg. the former
Harvard football star, whn is now a
member of the Washington Athletic
Club, and who will put the shot in the
George Washington meet. Washington
high and preparatory schools will be
represented more completely than In
any other" meet held here, as will its
colleges and athletic clubs.
.Following are the complete entries:
50-Yard Scholastic Handicap.
X. Gralngtr. W. H. F. S.; C. Airy. XV. B. F.
8.; W. Posey, M. A. a P.; W. Ojter. a
H. 8.; H. Acnew, G H. S.; J. Ualllnger.
C H. S.; J.. Younc. a JL S.; C Jadnln,
C. H. E.; C. Xeedham, W. H. S.; U. Amley.
XV. H. S.; G Donaldson, W. H. S-: W.
Unshorn, W. H. S.; E, Jones, XV. H. S.;
IL Sydenham, C. II. S3.; . Spier, Ep. H. S-;
!. Williams, Ep. II. a; J. Bingford. Ep. IL
S.; J. Cornicle. Ep. H. S.; II. Shlnn. K. II.
8.; F.Anderon, W. F. S.; H. Briton.
W. T. S.; A. Seward. W. F. S.; O. 'Walker.
XV. F. ST.; E. Felt. M. T. S.: K. Hanlell.
M. T. S.: SX. Hardell. IL T. 8.: H. Mc
Elfreah, M. T. S.: R. Clark. E. H. S.; T.
Baagfcer. M.S. P.s E. D. Davidson. E. IL
S.; J. Harlow, R. A.; P. Me&tersmlth. U. P.
X.; J. Jacobs. B. P. I.; P. Cranford. X. C 8.
50.Ys.rd Novice.
A. Patterson. G. a: F. Prem. Bait. C. ".
IL a A.: A. Jones, BalL C Y. M. C A.:
J. Williams. M. U. 8.: H. Tburroan. IX. S..B.:
J.-Harlow. R. A.7"G:" CtmnlnshamT'linat
tacbed: G. Jones, B. H. M. A.; J. Lucas.
G U.: IL, Thompson. G. & E-. A. A.: H.
Griffin. G. & E. A. A.: G. Korrlsi G. E. A.
-A.; A. Seward. W. F. S.; G. Walker. W. F.
S.; L Granger. XV. F. S.; C Airy. W. F. S-:
X. Williams.. Ep. IL S.; J. Bingford. Ep. H.
8.; J. Cornick, Ep. II. S.; B. Ball, A. A. C:
P. Hunt, G. W. U.r IL U Stiebel. J. IL U.;
B. Pleper. J. IL U.: H. Lovd. J. H. U-:
O Bmlth. G. XV. U.: E. Davidson. E. H. S.;
J. sntaiu u. w. u.: a. w. Kandolpn. u.
Va.; Edwin H. Felt. M. T. S.; E. C Fortler.
M. T. 8.; R. a Hardell. M. T. S.; H. E.
McElfreah, T H. S.; H. Ashley, A. A. a:
IL Konr. A. A, C.: XV. McLean. JI. A. C;
J. Montell. SL A. G: XV. Posey. M. A. C.
P.; H. Shlshmsnlan. A. A. C; Sairley Jones.
o. w. u.
50. Yard Open Handicap.
A. Guy. U. V.; L. Phillips. U. V.; W.
Maxson, U. V.; J. Cronely, U. V.; J.
Mahoney, XV. A, A.;. H Stiebel. J. II. U.;
M. McDonagh. J. H. U.; F. Moore, G. C:
C TVollman. G. E. C.; H. Thompson, G. E.
C; H. Griffin. G. E. C: G. N'orris, G. E. C-:
& Randolph. ' U. V.; R. Bone. U. V.; E.
PeJper. J. H. U.: P. Hunt, G. W. U.; E.
Mayer. U. V.; H. McManus. C. U.: Wi
Flte, U. V.: H. Lyod. J. H. U.; H.
Fayne. B. C C C: E. Allison. U.
C. C C: G. Cunningham, unattached;
H. Frank. B. C Y. M. C. A.; F. JJeal. R.
C: H. Frank. B. C T. M. a A; H. Buck
roan. B. C Y. M. C A.: T. Small, G. W.
Vr. J. Ryder, St. J. C; E. L. Jones. W. H.
S.; Shirley Jones, O. TV. U.; H. Shlsh
manlan. A. A. C.
30-Yard Open Hurdles, Handicap.
B. Tappan. J. H. U.; U Wiley. B. C Y.
M. C A.: C. Sullivan. B. C. Y. M. C. A.;
Claude Sullivan. B. C. Y. M. C. A; T. Mc
Donas. B. C C C; G. Horrax, J. H. P.:
H. Randolph. U. V.; J. Cronely, U. V.; M.
XcDonagh, J. H. U.
50-Yard Scholastic Hurdles, Handicap.
P. Cranford, N. C. S.; E. Fuller. W. H. 8.;
H. Tburman, U. 8. B.: E. Andersons. W. F.
8.1 H. Bruton. W. F. S.: A. Senard. W. F.
8.; H. Bramer. B. II. M. A.: W. Goodwyn.
Ep. H. 8.; A. Klnsolvlng. Ep. H. S.: V.
Xabler. C. IL S.; S. Hollingsworth, C..IL S.
440-Yard Run (Scratch) S. A. A.
.. "' E; H,i s;t M- McDonash. J. IL
U.I O. Wells, J. H. U.; G. Connoly, J. H.
Uj H. BUsbeU J. H. XJ.: J. Mahoney. W.
i. -L-UJ- S?1?- u- oi Va- W. Maxon.
K eC Va: O. Johnson. B. C. C. C.: H. Bat
Uste. GaldL; G. Groover, J. H. u.: Hyde,
C V.i M. Doiwell, unattached: T Phillips.
TJ. of V.; O. Melamet. J. H U.: C Reese.
O. W. TJ.; A. Guy. U. of Va.: I. Bow en.
W. A. A.: A. Diebolt. U. of Va.: W. Cooke,
U. ct Va-: A. Mason. V. V.: B, Bone. U
V.; W. Flte, U. V.; I. Jtyder, St. J. C:
I. C. Smith, O. W. V.: R. Hunter. G. W.
V.; William Yost. G W U.: Preston May
field, X W. U.; IL E. Hamlin. G. W U.
600-Yard Novice.
P. J. Hunt, G. W. U.; J. Harlan Williams.
M. TJ. 6.; IL P. Gantt. U. of Va.; Daley.
C. IT.; D. Melamet. J. H. U : T. T. Smith,
Eols. H. C: 4. I. McCourt, G. & E. A. A.:
J. C. Danses, G. & E. A. A.: C M. Reese.
G. W. U.; O. P. Kentr, Rich A.; J. A. Hell
dorfer. C. U.; A. 8. Sullivan. C. U.: R. C.
Hollyday. Jr., N. C 8.: King Holiday, X
C 8.; E. B. Harris, Jf. C 8.; Van Bteln
bergh. X. C 8.; C. A. Horn. C. U ; J
Stewart. M. U. S.; W. Kendall. I J. S. B .
A. Mason. U. V.; D. Smith. G. W. XI.: L.
Drake. M. A. C; G. Norris, a II. S.. J.
Montell. M A. C: W. G. Bingham, W. H
8.; Pete Valear. G. W U.: Ross Hunter,
G. W. U.: Will Yost. G. W. U.
,1,000-Yard Open Handicap.
W. T. Rumbough. IT. of Va.: E. O. Barr.
E. H. 8.: J. O. Stecher. W. A. A.: J. M.
Burke. Lehigh; B. Hart. U. of Va.: A. L.
Diebolt, U. of Va.. W. R. Cooke. U. of Va.;
R. Barton. V. of Va.; T. Beckett. U. of Va.:
Jf. Stenx, XV. A. C: A. Kiviat. I. A. A. C.:
J. Marr. C. IL S.; R. Gallowy. C. H. S.
440-Yard Intercollegiate Handicap.
J. Chlpman. B. P. L: K. Kelley, B. P. L:
C Stewart. M. 8. B.: H. Rlppel. M. S. IL;
T. Bangher. M. U. S. B.; E. Fortler. T. H.
8.; G. Walker. W. F. S.; IL Brutorr. W. F.
8.; A. Steward. W. F S.: E. Anderson.
W. F. 8.; W. Goodwin. Ep. H. S.; J.
Walker. Ep. H. 8.; J. Comlck. Ep. II. &;
U Williams, Ep. H. S.: T. Spier. Ep. IL 8.;
XV. B. "Posey. M. A. C.; C. II. Bowman. C.
IL 8.; Gilbert Piatt. C. IL 8.; JJ. Krasnoff.
C IL H-: A. C. Brody. C II. 8.; C E.
Need ham. W. H. 8.: U. Welcher. W. H. 8.;
W. D. Domer, a H. 8.7 C Alrey. W. F. 8.;
X. B. Grainger. W. F. S.
880-Yard Sun Open Handicap.
T Beckett, U. of Va.: R, Barton. V. of
Va.: W. R. Cooke. V, of Va.: A. U Diebolt,
V. of V.; B. Hart, U. of Va.: J. Burke.
Lehigh: J. Stecher. W. A. A.; F. Helld. a
IT.; U Bowen. W. A. A.; E. Geller. B. C
C. C: J. Brown. B. C T. M. C. A: J.
Harris, U. of V,; H.Catlln,- J. H. TJ.; A. B.
sox as MAs-reca. op washinG-tom nsjom -rue pvr bnfiu TgAM evBKT- , - :
pFoQNS 1 -j c- 1 7 K I " : 1
CaLJS -"''" JcSI? X' If " ' "- (WAS A ) t X XJ
Horter, Gallagher, Stebbins, and
Terwilliger Star in Meadow
brook Games.
Pennsylvania's one mile relay team suf
fered an expensive defeat at the bands
of Georgetown here at the Meadow
brook Club games at the Second Regi
ment Armory. The Washington quar
tet showed surprising strength, and
after taking the lead at the start of the
race were never overtaken, winning by
a margin of eighty-five yards.
Eddie Horter, former Philadelphia
schoolboy star, started the first relay
for Georgetown. His clever running
gave John Gallegher, the Olympic
n arathoner. a lead of forty feet, while
the latter Increased the gap by several
yards Horler was pitted against Craig,
while ""Gallegher opposed Van AIsL
Stebbins, running third for the win
ners, had more speed than any of his
fast team mates. Cross was his oppon
ent, and the Quaker lad could not com
pare with the Blue and Gray sprinter,
who left his rival many yards In the
Stebbins gave Bob Terwlllleer, George
town's anchor man. a lead of sixty
ards or more. Terwilliger could have
won the race from this po!n,t without
exertion, but tnroughout his entire dis
tance the fleet Georgetown man sprint
ed and finished far In the lead of Fos
ter, reputed as Penn's best quarter
miler. When It was announced that
Georgetown had established a new
record of 3 minutes 30 2-5 seconds, the
large number of alumni present rose In
a body to give their favorites a rous
ing cheer.
Fort Myer Soldiers
Hold Meet Tonight
The first boldlers' athletic meet of
the season Is to be held at Fort Myer
tonight In Riders' hall, when two box
ing matches, two wiestling matches,
one half mile relay race, parallel bar
exhibition, and 0-yard dash will com
pose the program.
Colonel Thompson, post athletic di
rector, is responsible for this meet and
intends holding others before the pres
ent track season expires. The first
event will be run oft promptly at
7:03 p. m.
Guy. U. of Va.; A. Fan-ell, A A. C. M.
Sheppard. I. A. A C; W. Scott, C. II. S.
Pole Vault.
B. Tappan. J. IL U.; Mo Blanco. J. H. U.:
Leo A. Wiley, Balto. C. Y. M. C. A.; Har
rold S. Shlpps, Epls. HI nil.: J. . Dlenner.
G. W. U.
Two-Mile Run.
II. P. Gantt. U. of Va.; Louis Connor, un
attached; U A. Maxon, G. W. II. ; Kagan A.
Goller, B. C, c. Club; George Horn. C. U.;
G. W. Holland. G. W." U.; Louis R. Hlte
shew. B C. V SL C. A.; Henry Elphlmtone.
B. C C. C: W. A. H. Gantt, U. of Va.;
Georee M. Wright. U. of Va
One-Mile Open Handicap.
Louis Connor, unattached: IL C. Elphln
etone. B. C. C. C: J. II. Beeslde. J. II. U.;
W. IL Schofleld. B. a C. C: W. A. IL
Gantt, V. of Va.: George M. Wright, V. of
Va.: William T. Kumbough. U. of Va.; Luuls
A. Maxon, G. W. U.: F. A. Glantvalleye. G.
W. U.: N. Ktenr, w. A. c; A. JUviai. i.
A. A. C; M. Groome, W. A. A.: T. Frobey,
Shot Put
M. Kegan. G. E. A. A.; E. Macr,.U. V.;
J. Keliburc. W. A. A.; A. Hlldebrandt, B.
C. Y. M. C. A.; G. connoiy. J. II. u.; E.
Pleper. J. IL Sj.; J. Fletchall, B. IL M. A.;
J. Bauland, M. A. C
High Jump.
G. Horrax. J. IL IL; B. Tappan, J. H. U.:
P. Blanco. J. IL C: G. Connoly. J. H. U.:
J.-WIHlard, N. CB.
. - aJ-J J i 1 r : L J
i -
Rnvmr .170 a Mn rftmtc II B I HOTORISTS ATTEND
nilRl U , 1 nil Tiuonr nPD iu
Out From
Out from the South ihe wild news.came-Tr .. , ,-.
Out from the'South on a wire aflame;
Sixteen clubs with a valiant tread
Sixteen clubs pipe the flag ahead-r
Sixteen clubs In the.P. of C, -
Finishing up with the' 123.
Can't be done on the pennant slope?
Some poor dub at the foot must mope?
Can't be done? Don't you read the dope?
Out from the South the wild news camef
"Speed to burn" (I forget the name) ;
"Smoke of a Johnson, Walsh, or "Wood;"
"Bats like a Cobb when the Peach is good;"
"Fields like a Wagner;" "Better than Kllng;"
"Hail to the Busher with Everything!"
To which we add with a careworn sigh,
A heavy heart and a misty eye:
"M"any are called but few reply."
A Chicago war scribe is astounded at the prevalence of warm air
around the Cub training camp at Tampa, despite the fact that C W. Mur
phy is at'home, 1,800 miles away. If the air is hot minus the presence' of
Murphy, think what it would be If C. Webb was at hand; Granddldgehenna
would be an ice pit by comparison.
Colonel Dreyfuss is willing for Dots Miller to trade himself to Brook
lyn for Jake Daubert, and John McGraw, if properly coaxed, would be a
good enough fellow to let Fred Snodgrass trade himself to Bpston for Tris
Speaker. Provided, of course, it would help Fred along. '
"There may be a better all-around ball player in the game than Claude
Hendrix," announces Clark Griffith, "but I don't happen to recall his
name. Hendrix is a great pitcher a slashing hitter a good outfielder, and
anything else you want Where other stars have been drawing a world of
space, this man is second to no one in the game when it comes to club
value. He has been underrated so far, but I have an idea that by next
fall this fellow will pick up his due from the public, which has failed to
appreciate his true worth."
It took them some time to see Joe Wood, but no Lick telescope was
required to pipe him after June closed out last season. Joseph was fairly
well visible to the naked eye from start to finish.
The Height of Unrest.
As suggested by D. H. McA. A guy with St. Vitus dance afflicted later
on with inflammatory rheumatism.
"Is it true," queries D. L. H-, "that the spitball will wreck a pitcher's
arm if tried too often?"
Sure. Look what it has done to
Entire Track Squad Will Be En
tered at Georgetown's In
door Meet on March 1.
Yale'e entire track equad will appear
In the indoor meet of Georgetown Uni
versity at Convention Hall, March 1,
and will make a strong effort-to eHe
the cup offered the .college team scoring
the greatest number of points.
Captain Wagoner will appear In the.
pole vaulL Jim Potter, the classy Sturd
ier: Gulliver, the mller: Dowling, one
of the best mllers In intercollegiate cir
cles; Baker; the best half-mller at New
Haven: Brlgham, a sprinter; Achilles,
with a record of twelve feet In, the
pole vault; Harbison, In the shot, and
DIggS, a crack sprinter, are the best
of the Kits to appear.
Woodberry Forest and Episcopal High
School have been matched In a relay.
-l-but-the Alexandrians may not show. In
the South.
poor Ed Walsh. The fellow used to
that case ono of the local high school
teams will oppose Woodberry KoresL
Washington and Lee. Carlisle and
Johns Hopkins should make a great re
lay battle. The W. and L. athletes will
enter several events.
Georgetown Quintet
Faces F. and M. Outfit
Georgetown's basketball team meets
Franklin and Marshall tonight at the
Arcade, and there is a chanco that the
visitors may spring a surprise. All at
tempts on the part of the HUltoppers
to learn the strength and record of
the team have failed and the visitors
may be a "dark horse" when the open
ing whistle blows.
Coach Colllflower has changed his
lineup for tonight's game. Kelley will
be at left forward. Campbell at right
forward, Waldron at center. Foley at
left guard, and Wetzel at riant guard.
Walrtron Is expected to do his best work
at center.
Brown Criticizes
Officials of A. A. U.
CHICAGO, Feb, 20. Everett C.
Brown, former president of the Ama
teur Athletic Union, declared today the
action taken bv the association In din-
qualifying James Thorpe, of Carlisltj
be quite a pitcher, with an arm that could stand almost anything. Mow
he' only fit for. sixty or seventy-five games a year.
. - - ' - - "v ' '
Frank Chance is stfll badly worried over his Infield,-Imt so far Fred
Clarke and Jake Stabl are not bothering greatly about the gap at short
Referring to the Spring.
In the spring the burnished golfer curses loudly all bad lles
In the spring the pitcher's fancy lightly turns to alibis.
Now Up to theN..L.
Isn't it about time for the National League to cut in with some upheaval
beyond the more or less routine finish of the last few years? By routine
finish we mean the eternal presence of three lone clubs New York, Pitts
burgh,, and Chicago up in the first three rows, and the eternal presence
of another club Boston crowning the grotto.1" New York, Pittsburgh, and
Chicago fighting for the top; Brooklyn and Boston gouging at the bottom;
Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and St Louis mangled in between and there
you have the National League dope of the past, twelve years.
Chance for a. Thrill or Two.
Last season in the American a new contender Boston came from
fourth place and won the flag. A seventh place club Washington came
from the rut and slipped by the Athletics.
And what is even more bizarre and astounding, the humid Browns
arose from the cellar. '
Now, if 'Colonel Ebbetts Dodgers could shoot into second place, the
Reds or Phillies tear off a pennant, and the benumbed Braves climb into
seventh place well, SOME YEAR would be the proper pronunciation.
The wide gap in the National between New York, Pittsburgh, and
Chicago Is still too wide to be hurdled in one season unless Red Dooin
can steer his clammy athletes away from the hospital or J. Tinker can
tear a hole In tradition and wiggle safely through.
Gap Sti II Wide.
You can figure what the gap must be when the Cubs can lose Chance,
Tinker, and Brown in one year, after finishing third, and still be picked as
the stoutest contenders for third place. And if Evers can maintain an even
poise he still has the material to crowd both Clarke and .McGraw to a
finish. There's still a kick in the old machine and sufficient stuff around
to pike along with the elect.
Wherever he finishes the Crab will be one of the moat interesting
centers of inspection this spring,
spark along the highway now ahead.
and compelling him to return trophies
won In the Olympic games at Stock
holm, was premature and 111 advised.
He regretted the summary action taken
and said the affair should have been
left to the International Olympic com
mittee, the body In chargo of the resto
ration of the ancient Greek contests.
"I regret deeply the barring of Thorpe
and consequent notoriety attached to
the case," said Mr. Brbwn. "I feel that
In making the decision the association
has antagonized every baseball 'fan,'
every player, and In fact, every clean
sportsman who has actual -knowledge
of the working conditions in the United
Germany Will Give
Subsidy for Olympics
BERLIN', Feb. 20. The German gov
ernment officially announces its Inten
tion to grant a subsidy necessary to
Insure a creditable German display at
the Berlin Olympic games In 1916. A
statement to that effect was made yes
terday at a meeting of the Imperial
German Committee for Oriental Sports
by Baron Von Stein, who spoke for the
imperial chancellor. He Informed the
committee that the government looks
upon the forthcoming Olympic games as
a "national deed of first magnitude, and
-must be prepared to support them by
all means at Its command." England,
America, and Sweden already have be
gun to make- preparations, and uer-
many could not afford to remain behind,
and will undoubtedly provide a vital
Collins Defeated By Middle
weight Wrestler of Europe
in Two straight Fails. '
Joe Turner will take on Henry ise
Irsllnger, middleweight champion of
rope, who threw Billy Collins, the West
ern wonder, last night at the Gayct
Theater on Friday night. The first
fall came after thirty minutes of hard
work by way of a toe hold, and the
second after twelve minutes of fast
Irsllnger left today for New York,
where ho will meet George Bothner!
at Brown'a gymnasium in a finish
match for a purse of $1,000. Joe Turner
posted the Police Gazette belt la3t
night, and Irsllnger covered the belt
with a purse of $0. The winner of
tne bout tomorrow night win receive
the belt aad .
"Washington Day"-at Show in
Monlmentar City' Attracts
Capital Enthusiasts.
Today Is "Washington Day" is the
Baltimore automobile show, and many
dealers and motorists will attend. Those
who will make the trip, either in their
cars or by train, .include Hobert H. Mar
tin, manager of the Bulck branch; Capt.
J. T. Rose, manager of the Invader Oil
Company s branch; Clarence Barnard. S.
S. Grogan. E. B. Habersham, manager
of the Studebaker Corporation's whole
sale branch, and Harry Cunningham.
More than $1,000,000 worth of cars and
accessories are on display- in the Fifth
Regiment Armory and the show is the
best one ever promoted by the Automo
bile Dealers' Association, and" the Au
tomobile Club of, Maryland.
The'feasolene outlook is so gloomy that
the National .Association of Automobllo
Manufacturers has appointed a commit
tee to look into the situation, especially
with a view to determining the avail
ability of kerosene burning motors. It
Is realized that even 3u-cent gasolene
would seriously affect the automobile in
dustry and the arrival of that price
does not appear to be remote.
Alfred Keeves. uoi. a. u. rope, ana
Roy D. Chapln are the members of the
committee that will investigate the sub
ject for the N. A. A. M.
"The Studebaker "3S" Sedan car that
attracted so much attention carnival
week, has been purchased by Senator
George C Perkins. The car was the
first of its kind to bo receltfd by the
Commercial Automobile and Supply
Freshmen Will Have
Team at Georgetown
Georgetown will be represented by a
freshman nine this spring, according to
present Intentions of the class which
met yesterday for this purpose. Lough
ran Daly, of New York city, who was
chosen manager, announced that he
would beqln to prepare his schedule
Immediately, and had already written
for dates with Mt. St. Joseph's, of
Philadelphia, and the Naval Academy
plebes. Washington high schools, also,
will be asked for. contests.
There are a number of talented young
sters who will endeavor to win places
on the team. Billy Martin, former
Georgetown Prep star; Marum and Mc
Carthy, of the same school; Cass and
Flanagan, formerly with Fordham
Prep.: Curry, of Boston; Butler. Duffy,
and Klauberg. all of New York, seem
to be tho leading candidates for places
on the teams. If their services are not
needed by the varsity.
Interesting Game
looked For Tonight
Because of the rivalry which exists
between tho teams. Bull Moosers of the
Y. M. C. A., and Epiphany should make
It Interesting In their game tonight nt
the "Y" basketball court. The contest
is scheduled to take place at 8:30. These
teams have met ioften in the past few
weeks and each has experienced about
the same number of wins and defeats.
The Bull Moosers will line up with
Rutherford and Putnam at fo wards:
Matthews at center, and Sanderson and
Henry at guards. The church quint
has Mcllnle and Chase at towards.
Strausbaugh at center, and Dixon and
Gheen backs. The association quint
may use substitutes In places of some
of Its regulars but this most likely will
be the team which goes to the floor.
Final Standings ' -
. In Lrtrdty Ttipim
TonraasMit of 1913.
lICC(rB...t,.,i.,,,l.,,..M, 2tTl
Cotumbias itj
Pioneers ... ...'XKs
Virginians ........i..... ,....-ii'2
Iroquois- J574
o.-p.r o. (District).: tse
flsryiaSQcrt ..... . 34
ScBumanns ,.... 23
Von Laasberr and Sweiger. J.1TS
H. Kraus and C. E. Brown 1J57
Barber and Pearson ,U6
Williams and Mclntyre X3SO
Nelhus and Cross jLOM
Cooke and Slmonds L0e4
Bauman and Beaton '"
Lean and McKay.. i......
WBltaker and Wilson.: .X..... 387
Albert Waters .......1...... to.
Von 'Laasberg as
Fowler- . .. ... S88
Williamson 581
MclBtyreT ......' ; E2
Ward r v. 5E
. CLASS fi
.oAuJxidii 4b7
Lanier (Richmond)... ffS
FJtx" (Richmond). . tn
Balm may be applied to the wounds
left upon Washington' teBpte rollers
who dropped some of their' hareVaraed
honors to the Baltimore bowlers la the -
flaal games of the. Intercity Teapta
Tournament, when, on Saturday night,
an all-star aggregation of Capital jreH
erswiir go ta the Monumental City
for i return engagement with asall-.
'star Maryland aggregattDiE Washln-(
tan wonxthe.iast match by six piss.
sTtMuBaKtatore teapln artist1- Invaded
the Washington camp yesterday', and
confiscated four positions that have
beeaheldby the local rollers urlHg
the principal part ofsthe ,recet fteapht
strife. Second poattW Ibi claar C fir
aaaateams wai'takVnby theTMarylaad
ers, of the Garage League; first position
in class A donfcfes is now occupied by
Generals Von Lassberg and Swei-rer. of
Breams Bowling League. Baltimore;
class A singles .were captured by Al
bert Waters of the Northwestern quint.
Baltimore, and second position In the
same event was taken by Von Lasa
bergi Ail of. these new commands were
taken at the expense of Washington's
army of bowlers-however. six Tanking
positions Is thtfvIot of the Meal con
tingent, when the final figures are com
piled, and Washington can well bo
satisfied with her portion in the great
strife for tenpin superiority.
When the final roll is called. Wash
ington is found to have three lead
ing teams in Class A. five-man teams.
They are. Palace. 2.715: Columbia. 2.686.
and Pioneers, 2.668. The same is the
case in Class B, five-man teams. Vir
ginias leading with 253. .while the
Iroquois and G. P. O.. of the District
League follow with 2,574, and 5.562 re
spectively. Goobers, or Richmond,
have attic honors In' Class C. five-man
teams, with a total of 2,326 r Maryland
era take third and Schumanns hold
In the doubles H. Krause and C.
Brown, who were leading up to yes
terday were forced to second position
last night by Von Lassberg and Sweig
er, while Barber and Pherson hover
around- third place. No changes oc
cured in Class B or Class C doubles.
First and second positions In Class -
singles are the last two honors' wrest
ed from . Washington by Baltimore.
Waters .and Von Lassberg being th
new title holders. Class B-and Class
C singles remained the same, with Wil
liams and Bauman leading- the res
pective events.
Winner Meets Gotch.
BOSTON, Feb. 2a A match with
Champion Frank Gotch Is the Incentive
to a great mat grapple at Mechanic
building, tonight when Zbysako, th
Polish wrestler, and Lurlcn. of Russia,
clash in a catch-as-catch-caa match.
In any city in this gnat Mod
you can find
JThe purest and most wholesome
of good tobaccos, and the "distinct
ively individual" character of its
Mend has made it most acceptable I
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' J-J&
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.U-gmak.fefe ;-; &
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