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Sickness and Death Holds Up Young Climber s Players Arriving in Capital
Meningitis Epidemic Keeps Gal
lia in Texas and Connolly At
, tends Brother's Funeral.
As the C. U.-George Washington Basketball Game Looks to " Bug " Baer
WITH MB. iitlLl
Will Consider Vice President
Special Guest When Climb
ers Are Playing Gaines'
f - ''-.
Dewey Hotel Assumes Real
Baseball Appearance With
j Youngsters in Its Lobby.
At least I wo of the Climbers will not
report at Charlottesville to begin work
Monday. Joe Connolly's brother has
Just died, and he will be a few days
late, while Melvin Gallia writes Mana
ger Griffith from Woodsboro, Tex., that
an cpldera'c of meningitis has struck
the country in that ne'ghborhood, and
he will not report until all danger of
contagion has passed.
Griffith was struck with fright when
lie read Gallia's letter, conjuring up a
picture of his whole camp of athletes
attacked by this dread disease. He
hastened to wire the voung pitcher not
to hurry his departure from Texas until
all danger of bringing meningitis germs
from Texas to Charlottesville had
, Frank Laporte. looking quite his eld
self, arrived In town today, going at
once to the Dewey. There he found
-Harry Welchonce, who led the Southern
League with the flail last season, rind
Billy Allen, the young outfielder picked
up and boosted all winter by Mike Ka
hoe. prize scout. They had not been
together long when John1 Henry ap
peared, coming direct from his home in
Amherst. Maes.
All Expected Today.
AH the youngsters ordered to report
here are expected to arrive before
nightfall, and many of the veterans are
on their way. Walter Johnson apa Bob
Groom will arrive late today. Zack
"Erhart. the Columbia Unlversltv stu
dent, left New York this morning, and
nil Jljoln the partv at the Dewey.
Bill Morley, the lnfielder drafted from
"tvnoxvHIe. is traveling all the way
from Arkadelphia, Ark., and will not
touch the Capital, going right through
to Charlottesville.
Jacinto Calva and Baldomero Acosta,
Jr.", have left" Havana and will be In
Charlottesville tomorrow morning at
5iS. if their train Js on time. Clique
Martin, the safe and sane trainer, will
be -tt the station to welcome them, and
lead them to the training camp.
Jack Ryan is on his way here in his
moke cart, coming over the road from
Jersey City, a place he calls home, it's
right opposite New York.
George McBrlde. clear eyed and pink
of cheek, iscalllng onhls many friends
here today. He dropped into town yes
terday, called on Manager Griffith, re
ceived his commission as leader of tHe
phalanx once more, and then rushed out
to find quarters for the night.
All Ready To Play.
"I'm all ready now to get into a
same," said George today. "I've kept
In shape all winter, as I alwas do,
and, barring a slight weakness In this
old wing of mine from lack oT" work.
I'm ready now. I shall be glad when
we're all at Charlottesville once more,
slamming the old pill and stretching our
legs 'on the diamond."
McBnde stopped In Chicago for a
visit with Eddie roster, Herman
Sdlaefer, and Nick Altrock. He says
they are straining at the leash, and will
leave the Windy City for the Capital
toraorrpw, being due here Monday aft
ernoon. "Foster looks fine."' says George.
"Hp's pot a HUIe might too mucn
weight, but not enough to bother him.
Xddie complains that he always starts
slowly, "but Judging from his present
condition it won'tJ take him long this
year to Pet started. Remember how he
hit the ball last spring. He kept the
team going for several weeks right oft
the reel. He ought to repeat this year.
"Many critics, including Joe Blrm.ng
ham. believe Foster will make himself
Known as the best third baseman In the
league this year, and I'm one of thoae
who tnln Kso. tie piayea a iutu.
pam -around the hot corner last ea-.
r,A If m-HR his first season on that job
iTVIth that experience behind hlni, he
should be even better tnis season.
TO Leave J.omorrow.
Tomorrow- morning at 11 o'clock the
van guard of the 1913 Climbers will
leave tl.c t'nion Station, bound for
CharlottebVllle Thev will oicupy a
special car and be under the command
of Jack Kvar. the teams veteran
coach If all goeb well w.tli that
train, the bunch should arrive In ih
college town ibout 2:10 in the ft'
noon and will go at once to the train
lnc ouarters for lunch Mt'jue Mar
tin, the rafe and s-ane trainer, vvlil be
at the station to extend th hand or
welcome to the incomlrg athletes
AH has been prepared at the camp
for the men. Room will probably be
at a premium, however, as rGlffilh
lifts feigned more mn than he counted
on having when lie visited Charlottis
ville und hired die orestnt houses
Almost fiftj men will b- In the Climb
ers' narty and thev will take up a
lot of roohi
In all prob-iblllt). too. the dressing
room at Fayer-vcalher cjm will be
crowded when tint bunch of players
lilts It. Mlque Martin will 1." the
busiest m?n I nth- camn with his
dally rubdowns. He will "-avi- on
average of fort rubr ever dn.
which requires not a little elbow
Those Who Go.
jron-on ovv's party to leave for the
training camp will include Jack Ki-an.
coach and gencral-in-charge. Austin.
JVllen. Boehllng. Bickers. Barton. Dent.
Droban. Ilgon, Krhart. Munc'.. Rebel
H. Williams, and Welchonce
Joe Cedeon. the Kan FrancUco star.
will go r'urht through to Charlottes
ville. Al Sheer, the Youngstown mid
pet ha outlined permission to re
main here an'd view the Inauguration
parade. Joe Kngcl and 'Rippv" Wil
liams, who have been working out
at the y. M. C A sym here, will go
"with the second sauad on Tuesday.
Manager Griffith will have charge
of the veterans' drxrtiirc. hoping to
get tliem all down to the Union Sta
tion In time to make the 5:53 train.
He expects the train service to be
better immediately p'Ur the big na
rade than on the following morning
when the heglra from the Capital
-will be in f"H bi-st.
Shortstop Mike Balenti drafted by the
.fit. Louis Browns, is having a novel off
reason. Balenti. who Is a graduate of
Ihp Carlisle Indian School. Is winter
ing vlth his wife' family in Alaska.
' Manager Joe Birmingham says If
RIandlng. his right-hander, doejn't
improve, he will use him as a pinch
$&$& WASHINGTON JT7T C- J N-. X kWt"1 (A' I IH PCX&S aS- WASHINGrTtfN &rgu panders a lfAT
fV j -THgCvjL.- trcgr-J ifi-kEHHi-
, " . 7 " , ' "
1 ' ' 1 II I l
Says He Is Willing to Remain on
Vermont Farm- Unless Mc
Aleer Raises Contract.
BOSTON? March 1. Ray Collins, the
Red Sox southpaw., may not play with
the world's champions this season. He
is here conferring with President Mc
Aleer about salary, but did not leave
with the vanguard for Hot Springs last
night. He says that he does not care
much whether or not he plays this year,
as he did not Intend to fellow profes
sional baseball forever when he Jolntd
the team.
"If 1 stay in the game, 1 want it
worth while," as Collins, "and the
contract offered mc hardly answeis that
specification. McAleer has orfered mi
several schemes, but I am still unde
cded. t hae a good farm up in Ver
mont and can live on it comfortably if
I stay out of baseball."
The first bunch of t.iu world's, cham
pions, with the usual accompaniment
of newspapermen and enthusiastic fans,
got under way last night. Plajcrs will
be picked up en route.
Bar Ball Players
From Golf Links
POi'THERN PIN'ES. N '.. March 1.
Angry feelings have b"en aroused
airong the Phillies b the announcement
of the rolf club hero that laers must
not be found on iho links. It is said
that the order Is the result of a com
plaint lodged by a society go'fei who
said he was d'strubed in his driving by
comments from several plaer. Man
ager Dooin will endeavor to have the
rule lifted before real trouble beginf
About thirty plajers aie In unliorm
each daj. working out under a broiling
sun. Toda a practice game, the lirst
of the fceason. will be staged am) a
larce throng is expected to oecup the
little grandstand and watch the big
leaguers In action
Chance Will Carry
But a Small Squad
HAMILTON". Bermuda March 1 "I
shall not carrj u large siiuad this s,ca
ton." said Manager Frank Chance to
day. "We shall be here long enough
for ute to select the players strong
enough enough for fan companv. I
don't wiiil to have a bunch of green
ones cluttering up the team all hcason.
l-iobablv ten men will be dropped when
ve arrive In New York
Seventeen plajers. the last of the
l.unch. are due here tomorrow and will
1m out foi practice on the cricket
giounds Monday. "Slim" Caldwell and
pob Williams, who were holding out.
signed contracts before leaving New
York and will start In to hustle for
places on the team
Chance Is di lighted with the weather
and sajs (hat his team should start the
reason In perfect condition.
Meyers Joins Giants.
MARLIN. Tex.. March 1. Chief"
Meyers, the big backstop of the New
York Giants, has Joined the team here,
and Is in excellent condition, having
played ball In the AVinter League In
southern California since the season
CobtHs Practicing.
HADDOCK. Ga.. Match l.-Ty Cobb.
Detroit's star holdout. Is practicing
with the Boston Braves here at George
StalUngs' farm. He declines to speak
about his Joining the Tigers In Gulf
port. Mils.
Mackmen's Young Outfiielder
Opens Eyes of All by His
Work at Baker's Corner.
SAN AN'TON'IA, Tex.. March 1. Ed
die Murphy, the little outfielder, is
working out at third base until Frank
Baker arrives and his classy work
around the hot corner surprises Connie
Mack, who thought him an outfielder
and nothing more. Murphy evidently
knows hoft- to pla third as well as any
lnfielder In the squad and Connie Mack
sajs says that this ability may come In
very handy in case Baker Is injured
during the season.
Harry Davis, the veteran first base
man and former manager of the Naps,
lb working out regularly at the firstt
corner and will apparently be held as
substitute for "Stuffy" Mclnnls. Davis
looks to be in good shape, but must
clear his batting eve considerably.
Bill Bums, the former Washington.
Philadelphia and Detroit southyaw. ap
peared in camn yesterday astride of a
broncho and wearing a flaming red
flannel shirt. He Invited the Mackmen
to spend Sunday at his ranch a few
miles from here.
Hon. George Hilton
Will Box McFarland
CHICAGO. March 1. Tnat ocular
demonstration will aid In passing the
bolng bill now before the State legis
lature Is the belief of Representative
George C Hilton, who drafted the bill.
Representative Hilton has challenged
Packcv McFarland to meet hlni In a
four-round exhibition before members of
both lioui.es. soon. In the arsenal at
Sprirtlelil Hilton Is a nkillcd amateur
boxer and declares lie is prepared to
leceive a niajorltv of the punches if he
can onvlnce tlie lawmakers that box
ing, as regulated liniirr his bill. Is a
clean sc'cntlfU port. and should be
permitted In Illinois
Bankart to Coach
Colgate's Eleven
HAMILTON N Y. .Match ! -i.aurle"
linnkart the former Dart
mouth iml. who was assistant to
Frank CnvanauRh at llanovei. N .
I last seaMin, will be head coach of the
j Colgate eleven this coming season, huc-
ceeding "Dut h' Summer, the Penusj I-
vanla star Hunkart coached ( olgate
suceessfi.il In 1910 He was followed
bv Ingcr.soll n Dartmouth man In
1911 anil Komniei last jeai. nei.tliei
of whom niM wini his Micces".
Nine Days Wtih Red Sox.
BOSTON. Match 1 an Djke. the
New Kngland League twlrlcr who Joined
the Red So last fa'l, has gone back to
the Worcester club. Manager Buikett
rrnurchaslng him todav
The New Kngland League season will
begin April SO and end on Septembci IS.
Kling Signs Up.
CINCINNATI Ohio. March l.-Johnn.v
Kling, former star backstop of the Chi
cago Cubs and last year manager of
the Boston Braves, tins signed a con
tract to play with the Reds this season
and will leave for Mobile, Ala., at once
Io Join the team In the training camp.
Cubs Win Again.
TAMPA. Via.. March l.-Twice in a
row Jhe Cubs have defeated the Ha
van abasebaji team, yesterday's victory
being by a score of 12 to 4. Hernandez
allowed sixteen blnglcs. many of them
for extra bases, and the big leaguers
ran away with the nam.
Will lead team.
George McBrSde will lead the Cllmb
trs again this season. There's nothing
particularly new In this, for it was
never expected -for-a moment, that -any
other player "would have been named In"
place of him. At tha same time It is
comforting to know that George will be
on the Job. for he represents the latter
day high type of ball player, a gentle
man in ever sense of the word.
Must pla fair.
Under the latest ruling of the New
York boxing commissioners, whenever
substitutions art- made in a bill at an)
of the clubs the public most be In
formed of it at the earliest possible op
poitunitj. No more notifications from
the ring that "Spike" White, a ham, re
places "Biff" Jones, a real one. Here
after the fans will see what they pay to
see, not what the managers wish to
palm off on them. The world sure do
Just request.
Tho requests of Harvard and Yale J
that Oxford ajid Cambridge allow two
more events in the coming International
collegiate track meet and that two
places count Instead of only one seem
just enough, from an American view
point. Two places counting gives a
well-balanced team a chance against
individual stars. The Englishmen arc
etked to choose two events from the j
2lX)-vard dish. CW-vard hurdle, and shot
put. Cutting is due.
Frank Chance announces that he will
diop at least ten prayers from hln
(mad before the season opens. Il
rreans to cairy a yinall squad. Lot of
sense In this. tco. for Wolverton carried
an army and never had even nine good
men In unifeim.
re baricd iff.
Chatlic Dooln and 1.1s P'ilhcs, many
of whom can pla soli, have bre-i
barred from the links of the Southern!
Just Winter League Baseball
Nap Rucker, the demon pitcher of
the Brooklyn Dodgers, says he Is in
tip-top form and Is very anxious to
see the season open up. Same here
Pitcher Klmer Rleger was the first
St Paul player to attach his monicker
to a 1913 contract
Here's a new scheme of Manager
McGraw's. On the trips of the club
he will give the youngsters the lower
berths and put the vets In the uppers.
In picking the premier third base
man in the major leagues, Joe Bir
mingham, of the Naps, says the finish
of the 1913 season will show Uddie
Foster, of the Climbers, leading them
They say Chief Meyers didn't know
much more baseball when he Joined
the Giants than does Jim Thotpe tod
day. Is that a knock or a boost?
"Old Cy" Young, the daddy of the
slab artists. In his twenty-two jears on
the diamond had seventy-eight shut
out games to his credit
Here's Josh Dev ore's dope for the
standing of the first-division teams for
1913: New York, first. Pittsburgh, sec
ond: Cincinnati, third; Cubs, fourth.
Frerf Falkenburg and Lefty James
have come to terms and signed thtlr.
Pines Golf Club apd a nice little Pot is
bollinr for somebec'y. it is rumored on
good authority that one of the players
talked above his breath while a golfing
star was aJdtesslng the pill. The guilty
roan should be boiled In o'l
Cup to Memorials.
Only the fact thff a man was enter
ed in each class in the wrestling tour
nament at the Xatlonal Guard Armory
gave the Georgetown organization tho
cup donated for the winner. The Y
M. C. A. made the same number of
points with Paxton, Brooks, and Har
nett, who handily won In their classes.
Brooks used to star at end for the
George Washington football team.
C. I. given scare.
It looked like George" Washington at
the Arcade last night, for the Catholic
University team failed to show any
thing like form in the first hair of the
engagement. Coach Rice said several
things between the halves and the team
came back to show what It really could
do once It got fairly started. Credit
should be given to the George Wash
ington players for their showing.
G. r. relay tries.
If conditions are favorable for the
Georgetown relay team tonight a record
should be hung up against Virginia.
The four men to race against Virginia
are primod to the minute and expect
to set up a new maik at the distance.
Mulligan, who Is coaching the Blue and
Gray four was a member of the record
hold'ng Georgetown rrlay which made
a maik In St. Inuls In ICO!
Schedules out.
Bitn Western and Kastcrn High have
good baseball rchedules and the othei
schools arc expected to forward thoit
list of games In the near future. While
the high schools have good teams gen
crallv botli Catncdral nnil Georgetown
1'reps are generally in the running and
from indication!', the Blue and Gray
joungsters are going to start with more
than any' of the others
1913 documents to play with the Toledo
Manager McGraw believes George
Burns has the best chance of all the
rookies to land a regular outfield berth.
Manager McCreedle. of the Portland
team, of the Pacific Coast League. sa?s
he won't have a captain on ills team
Another retirement yarn killed. Kd
Delehanty. who said he wan going to
quit the game for good, attached his
signature to a 1913 contract today with
the Millers
Boston Braves Due
To Arrive Tomorrow
ATHENS. Ga.. March 1. The Boston
Braves are on their way to this town
for their annual spring practice. Mon
day they will be practicing outdoors,
for the weather Is perfect Manager
8talllngs arrived today from his farm
In Haddock. Ga.. where he has had four
pitchers, u catcher, and an lnfielder
working out for two weeks. The Bos
ton club Is sending an official pho
tographer with tho team
Ray Chapman in Line.
'LKVi:i'.. 3. Ohio, Mai eh l.-Ray
chapman, the eruck shortstop of the
..aplandeis, has signed his 131.1 con
tract and will lcaveat once for Pcnsa
cola, Fla.
9 -
Hands Him Sarcastic Laugh
.About His Certainty to Beat
"OuHhe 'White Ilcpfiarits."1
ST. LOUIS. March L Connie Mack
Is giggling up his sleeve. "This fellow
Clarke Griffith.- of Washington, is ;i
comedian," said the lean tactician, who
rtands straight', like a totem pole. Tues
day afternoon In Col. it. L. Hedges' of
fice. ,
"Did you read what he said the .other
day?" queried Mack, whose eye twink
led with keen facetiousness. "Well, he
admitted that the Nationals would win
the pennant and expressed deep sym
pathy for the Athletics, who, he said,
were lucky to run third last season.
1 ou know Griff Is the best little proph
et in Washington, and we'll have to
take this prediction seriously.
"But listen, you remember that we
heat the Nationals eight out of eleven
games last fall and put them com
pletely out of the running. We smashed
their winning stxealj and Jarred them
so hard that they never recovered. Now
Griff says we were lucky, and his team
sure will win the pennant this year.
He s sure the best winter manager in
the American League."
It's seldom that Connie Mack ever
speaks about a rival manager or even
a rival ball club. He's the world cham
pion tight-wad when it comes to dis
tributing free conversation. Connie be
lieves that actions speak lounder than
Wnftl... f1 llO AVOt liall(tn. iKm. ....lit
Ing wisdom. Occasional!) he writes It t
" "'o magazine ai ju cents a line
and they run It it big-type.
Two More Events Are
Suggested for Meet
XHW HAVr.N. Conn.. March 1. The
track authorities of Yale and Harvard
have agreed to submit to the English
authorities the following petition re
garding the proposed international track
"That tiieie be eleven events Instead
of nine 100-.v aril dash. 40-yard dash.
120-yard hurdle;;, high jump, broad
jump, hammer throw, SiO-yard run.
mile run, three-mile-run, and two if
the following events 'JiO-jard dash, 200
nid hurdles r shot put. That two
places count, and possibly three. In
stead ot. (til one. as in the past."
An important prob'em In connection
with the proposed meet has been
solved bv the fact that In the spring
the fiftieth annlveisary of the Oxford
Cambridge d.ml meet vv'll be celebrated.
From tlM proeeeds or this event the
English team will be financially abla
to mtke the trip to America.
Rariden Only Holdout
When Braves Leave
BOSTON. March 1 Bill Bariden.
the Braves crack catcher, was the
only absentee when the team left yes
terday for Athens, Ga. Ho wants a
large Increase In salary and may not
report this season.
The training schedule of the
Braves was announced todaj b.v Sec
retar) NIckerson The following ex
hibition games have been scheduled
March SI and 32. Atlanta at At
lanta, 21th and 25th, Atlanta at
Athens. 26th. 27th. 2Sth. 29th. Toron
to at Athens. 31st. April 1. Buffalo
at Charlotte. N. C . 2d. 3d. Richmond
at Richmond. I tit. 5th. Washington
at Washington, "th, 8th. Baltimore
at Baltimore
Cheney Now a Cub.
CHICAGO. Mau-h 1 -Larry Cheney,
the big pitcher who has been holding
out for mpre mono, 'signed a Cub
contract ycstcnWy afternoon and In two
hours waa on his way to Tampa, Fla.
George Washington Held Too
Cheaply by Red and Black,
Which Finally Wins:
n.nm Wnitlnrton basketball nlavers
have the satisfaction today of knowing
that they were aoie xo urow a. urge
i..j min into the Catholic University
quint last night. Although the score of
42 to 23 was in favor or tne souin ai
i.niif. ihamnlnnhtn claimants, .the
Hatchetltes showed improvement over
other performances, ana nav nuiuin
to be ashamed of.
It was the last game of the season
for the George "Washington players, and
u .mtnr nt the ffame. it was seen
that Catholic University either held the
Buff and Blue players too cneapiy or
nrr not in the beat of condition. Cer
tain it Is that George Washington clear
ly outplayed the Red and Black in tn
first half which enctea wun a score oi
12 to 11.
Neither team was able to get going
until well Into the first period. Catholic
University was sluggish, showed little
stamina or team work, ana lauea sig-noiu-
tn locate the basket in Its many
chances. For the Hatchetltes every
man played well, and to Murray ana
vnnnsn the bulk of the offense and de
fense was attributed.
Coach Fred Rice, wno nas cnarge ui
the Red and BlacK team nau a iew
choice words to say to his players be
tween the halves with the result that a
much rejuvenated and improved five
took the floor in the second half of the
contest. . . ,.
While the score seesawed up to tne.
point, where George Washington stood
within, one point at 23 to 22. Catholic
University was setting better all tho
while, and let out a few kinks with the
result that the team gradually drew
away until George Washington was not
within hailing distance. ,,.,,
Long and short shots featured
throughout the contest, McDonnell, of
the winners being especially adept in
caging the ball while Lambert. Horan
and Donnelly did well For -the i losers
practically every man held up his end
and contributed largelj to his teams
The line-up and summarv
G. W. Positions. C. U.
Noonan R. McD?,n"4"
Goref. :.'.V.V.".". Center Lambert
Regees K- KDee"
'subsVitiites Donnelly for Keegan.
Goals from floor-Noonan. 2. Murray.
2 Gore. McDonnell. 3 : Horan. 3 ; Lam
bert. Donnellv. Derby. 3. Coals from
fouls Noonan. 11: Mcgpnnl,,8; 5,e,f
eree Mr. Colllfiower. Timer Mr. Sul
livan. Time of halves 20 minutes.
Fred Falkenberg on
Record-Making Team
TOLEDO. Ohio. March 1 -Bowling-experts
from all over the United
States, who are participates in the
national tournament here, today de
clared It may he many years before
the world's record total of ?.532 for
five men teams at an A. B C. meet,
made last night by the Ovcrlands. of
Toledo, will he eclipsed.
In 1909. the l.!pmans. of Cthcago,
rolled 2.962 that stood until last night.
Overlands score:
Wilson 220 tRG 22S
Harper 193 171 190
Falk'b'g .... 1S1 1S7 '-'20
F.lck 234 131 Is'
Seibcrt 1S3 177 253
Totals ....1.011 912 1.0C9-2.P92
Everv member of the Overland team
is a star. Fred Falkenberg, former
Washington and Cleveland pitcher,
now with the Toledo Amerlean As
sociation team Is on the record-breaking
Marshall's "Joy.
"My only pastime is sklf.
good cJgmm mid irateklafjMier
people play baseball, If tkey
play a good gane. For the part
two seasoas I dM met watch tke
ladbraapells teas play Jecame
they dMa't play good ImlL I
an glad to hear the Seaate ad
Joins se we eaa see the hall
ganes for if yoi haTe-a good
teas here, I shall wait to see
it play." Tfce PresMeit-eleet
Thorns JL Marshall,
It'll soon bo "Tom Marshall" with the
baseball fans of. the Capita", for th
Vice President-elect declares that he
likes nothing better than to smoke good
cigars and watch other people -play -ball.
He promfses to bs at the 'Climbers' parte
every day this cummer. It the leanr
plays good ball.
"I guess It's all settled for Mr. Mar
shall to take 'Sunny Jim' Shernflin
place at the park." said Manager Grif
fith today, when Informed of the an
nouncement from the coming President '
of the United 3tates Senate "If all
he wants is to see a good ball team
play good hall. , well he'll be at- the
park about every good afternoon .this
season-, for my team ir going to jiajr
good ball from- the sound of the gong.
"I am delighted to learn -that- Vice
President-elect 'Marshall Is a fas. It
means a lot to us, you know, to have
the heads of the-Government Interested
In our games. We used to look, for
Mr. Sherman every day last season,
and hardly ever missed his broad smilo
at a good play- Many a time' I caught
myself lookingover after a partlcular
'ly good bit of work, and there he'd
ne. clapping his hands or waving- his
hat like any other "bug In the stand.
At Special Guest-
"If Mr. Marshall likes baseball enough
to follow our careei mis season, I shall
expect htm to be our; special guest- all
year. He may have that good" .box J
all to "himself doiwl In front of the .
stand and will be allowed to enjoy t;he ,
games any way' he may wish. He may
shout himself "red In the face and wave" v
his hat around witdly. If that'!! do, him
any good, and I think It Tcill;ndecd,
one otjthaj-bcneficial .resultAjpf tend- i
lng baseball- games, ven-.wnen tne .
home team loses, is to- stir -the" blo,od
and renew our 'youth. Yes, t know
It has given me gray hairs, but the
Vice President wont have, to worry
about janking a pitcher or sending In
a pinch hitter. He'll have nothing to
do but root for us." - '
In addition to being a baseball fan,
Mr. Marshall likes a Uttle golf, not
much, but just a little. He says: "Once
down In Arizona they tried to get me
to knock a little ball .around a golf
course. I don't know whether I ahall
ever learn to play the came or not.
but I have joined the Chevy Chase
Club, so that If I get the timer and
have the- inclination. I shall have a
place in which to play." Therefore,-Mr.
Marshall is In" for a very busy summer
between the Climbers ball yard and the
Chevy Chase links.
Basketball. Men May
Be Suspended Today
For going to York, Pa., and playing
in a basketball game unsanctioned by
the Hilltop authorities, Foley and
Wetzell. the two crack guards on the
varsity basketball team, "today face t
suspension for the rest "of the season.
Indeed, it is said that they may be
barred for a year ..from representing
Georgetown In any branch of athletics.
Princeton's quint, which Is scheduled
to meet the Hllltoppers Monday night
at the Arcade, Is expected here today
In time to practice on the big floor on
Fourteenth street. The Tigers finished
second to Cornell In ths Intercollegiate ,1
league race this season. ,and In Dewitt i-
T!ri finlmnn has two nlnvers almost er- I
tain to be named on the all-lntercol-legiatc
" Distinctively idividual "
because of their pure tobacco
goodness and the blend
Thesalesof this delightful Turkish
b!cnd exceed that of any other ci
garette in this vast country!
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