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Central High Principal Says
Principal Emory Wilson Says He
Is Open to Conviction, But
As Yet Fails io Enthuse.
All Teams Are Anxious to Get
Out, So That Others Can Be
! Sized Up.
Central High School will have no
.crew on the Potomac this year that Is
not unless some of the students who
are backing the project are able to
present their case to Principal Emory
"Wilson more favorably than they have.
Not that Principal "Wilson Is not open
to conviction, for years of active In
terest in all forms of athletics at Cen
tral .have given him a broad outlook
on the athletic side of the boys train
ing; He Is perhaps as well known a
'figure In high school athletics as any
other principal, has followed all of his
own teams closely, and those of other
hlgli schools, and Is In a position to
know of what he Is talking about
"I cannot see how we can put out a
crew this year and did not know any
thing of a Central High School crew
other than the fact that one or two
boys who are interested In rowing
came to me and spoke something of
crew work," said Mr. Wilson.
Forced to Affiliate.
"We would be forced to affiliate with
acme crew here In the city, the Poto
mac Club is the only one at present
that we could hook up with and undar
the circumstances I cannot see how
we can take ithe matter up.
"Of course. I am open to conviction.
hut unless the case is put up more
strongly than it has been we will have
no crew. At present there are enough
activities In athletics in the school and
we have our hands full recruiting for
baseball and track In the spring."
It would seem that the report that
Jim Sprigman will take fhS? f,",
baseball team next week Is at this time
unfounded. Sprigman says he has re
ceived no overtures from Central and
has made no offer to take charge or
the team. In. this event the report com
ing from one Jn authority seems to be
mithnut the ken of SDrigman.
In a week the high schools expect to
be out in the first practices for the
baseball teams. It is a bit early to get
a line on just what will comprise, me
rosters of .the teams to compete for the
championship flag.
All of the boys are certain that a
better article of baseball will be fur
nished this season due to the fact that
American League Park 'has been ob
tained for' the annual series. Thn
games, for the most part were played
at Union League Park last season un
der m conditions anything but desirable.
. Tech Is Ready.
Now that the park is assured-for the
Semes the teams are all confident that
the games will be more attractive. In
teresting and closely fought. Tech is
preparing to come back for another
crack at the baseball pennant, in the
'event that the Maroon and Gray takes
this year's title It will have won for the
third year, in succession.
Tech Is suffering from the same old
complaint with a list of Hunkers as
other schools at present. The boys are
aiilxously putting extra time trying to
get their conditions oil so that tney
may be eligible to play thU season.
Western on the other hand after
two times being nosed out of the title
by the manual trainers Is anxious.
. under Coach Dave White to take the
high school title. But one or two men
are out of the line-up this season and
capable players are expected to fill
In their places.
Business To Be There.
Rest assured Business High School
is going to be away at the start. The
Stenographers have gotten a taste of
victory this year for the first time in
many seasons, "With a good football
team and a basketball team that
Glassed with any of the others this
winter, the Rhode Island avenue
school boys believe that they can put
ud a baseball team that will reneat
the championship won several sea
sons ago.
Eastern remains an unknown quan
tity. Coach Hatch has already had
several tryouts on Capitol Hill with
his boys and while the material is
not all out yet a fairly good line can
be gotten on the boys.
Boxers and Managers
Must Keep Faith
NEW YORK. March L The State
athletic commission today Instructs the
managers and, boxers conected with the
game that In future any boxer under
contract to appear shall Immediately
notify the club "before which his en
gagement is booked in the event that
he I unable to appear.
The club shall then immediately post
notice to the effect over the box office
window and through the press, so that
the public can oe acquainted with the
deliberations before the bout.
On many occasions boxers have been
advertised to appear at certain clubs.
When the house was viWl filled the man
agement would announce that the prom
inent boxer had lujured his hand or
leg wWie training and a substitute
would take his place.
Nelson Denies Tale
Of Divorce Suit
SAVANNAH. Ga.. March 1. "Why.,
the whojo story Is ridiculous, ' smiled
Battling JJelson, former lightweight
champion of the world, when shown
a story-to the" effect that his bride,
formerly Fay King, a Denver car
toonist, would sue for divorce, alleg
ing that she married Nelson under
misrepresentation. "In the first
place, her father's name is JacTTKlng,
not James King, and in the second,
my last letter from my wife came
this morning and doesn't breathe a
word of dissatisfaction. Indeed, wo
are on the best of tems. Whoever
started this tale, roust . be. another
now yo
Georgetown's Crack Relay
Team Will Seek to Run
Away From Virginia. '
In the hopes of hanging up a new
South Atlantic mile relay record. Coach
Jimmy Mulligan has withdrawn the
members of the Georgetown relay team
fiom the open events and will keep
them for their contest with Virginia.
Horter. Gallagher, Stebblns, and Ter
williger, considered the best relay four
since Emunston. McCarthy, Rellly, and
Mulligan represented the Blue and Gray
in 1304. setting up a record In St. IOuU
that still remains on the books, were
entered in the individual events, but
will not appear in -them.
Not since 1305 has Georgetown won
from -Virginia in a relay race, and to
night Mulligan hopes to have his team
run away from the Charlottesville con
tingent. The Hilltop four has run in
fast time everywhere this season. At
Boston, against Holy Cross, on Febru
ary 8, they did the l.CflO-yards distance
In 3:12; at Philadelphia against Penn
sylvania, on February 13, they estab
lished a new track record by negotia
ting the mile In 3:S0 2-5; at Hartford,
Conn., February 21. thev ran a mile race
against N. T. u. in 3:w, maxing a new
record for the Hartford course.
Eastern High Has
Pretentious Schedule
Eastern High School baseball players
are going to have the hardest sort of a
trvout In preparation for the high
school baseball series. A full schedule
of seventeen games has been booked,
the first game taking place March 26.
The schedule follows:
itfarvh 5C GallaudeL at Gallaudet.
March 28 Georgetown Preps, on their
April 2 Army and Navy, at Rosedale.
April a iuneurni. ai ai. Aiuan.
April 10 BrookvlIIe H. S.. at Brooke
vie- . . .. - ...
April 12 Alexandria H. S.. at Alexan
dria. ,
a ii if t1snvntn nt Rnspnalf
Ami! 14 Tome Institute, at Fort De-
P April 16-GalIaudet. at Gallaudet.
April 23 Episcopal H. 8.. at Alexan
dria. . ,.. . A. ,
April 30 Army and Navy, at their
May 7-Eplscopal. at Alexandria.
May 10 Randolph-Macon, at Front
RMay 17-Stuyvcsant H. S.. at "Var-
May 23 Alexandria H. S.. at Alcxan-
dMay 31-Charlotte H. S at Charlotte
Western Schedules
Sixteen Games
Western High School will play six
teen baseball games this spring un
der the direction of Coach Dave
mil. The first game booked is
played against the Georgetown Preps
at the Hilltop 'ieia on .aiarcn u.
The schedule follows:
March 19 Georgetown Preps, at
March 22 Fort Washington, at Fort
Washington. Tni. .
March 27 BrookvlIIe High, at
Brookville. , ,
April 3 A. and N. Preps, at A. and
N. Preps (pending).
April 12 Alexandria High, at Alex
andria. . .
April IS Georgetown Freshmen, at
Georgetown. , . , .
April 13 Gllman Country School, at
Baltimore. . . . ,
April 22 Tech, at National Park.
April 23 Cathedral, at Cathedral.
April 30 Gallaudet, at Gallaudet.
MayN2 Central, at National Park.
May 6 Catholic Univ. Freshmen, at
Brookland. . .
May 3 Business, at National Park.
May 14 Cathedral, at Cathedral.
May 16 Eastern, at National Park.
June 7 ccariotte iau, ai Liunout
U BHnr rj v rgid rot, rvoe rnowf; ,
IT COSTS $ 7.oo TO J jg . f fU-OW ftAS I
it CAjes (aj m 1 "MeKitNrrrs
Klal I fox. am ONbGfcw H? iHal ' 1??
111 - U-3VJTL( Xb W WHZ "
US A MBM pipe fftLFToV You eX?fcOr rcwr5TR0r-&
Blmm t-Te ly iQC-n'MeVW pas& through
Ml stove.' jri A fcOOR-
HUism. f-CS (LaXaunaLiSfiS? i"TMoer.t VViilO oe-rvierc-r-
w59i357 "i r s li?"" fMmtrB
TheBleak Trail.
Ib days of old,
Want dope was cold.
And otkera held their swT
Tfce staff was aualc,
Aad mostly aoak.
"Where caracst scribes tnraed--array.
A sickly spla
It mast have feeea.
Clatte sordid and forlorat
For -what was there
A scribe could aaare
Before JI mThorpe was boraf
Johnny Evers announces that if his pitching staff holds up hell romp
away with the N. Ii. flag. "Lay on. McDuff, while yet the hop is ripe; and
damned be-he "who first puts out the pipe."
Or. as Wild Bill Shakespeare
stuff as dreams are made of; and our
Speaking of
Dear Sir After long and careful research I have finally, found the
record of an athlete who was the superior of Jim Thprpe. and, glory be, he
was one of my own people. His name was Gunnar, from Hlidarende, one
of the Norse vikings who emigrated:
lating from the saga:
"Gunnar Hamundsen lived at . HUdarenae, in nownuu.
was tall of stature, strong and very skilled in the use of arms. He
could handle his sword and threw his lance equally well with the
- left and right hand, and he could swing his sword so swiftly that
U Hf wak8eathmoest excellent archer, and hit whatever he aimed
at He could jump more than his own height in full' armor, and
fust as far backward as forward. He swam like a seal and there
wu no eameltwhich anyone could think of competing wiUj him.
32 to 1 against him.) John B. Lerche.
tiat he should dteso soon when sporting sheets were young.
But Not a Word of This to Pujo.
Sir-Was not Boston at one time the home of tip fastest yacht, the
champion heavyweight slugger, the leading .professional oarsman, the cham-
Great Finlander Will Run in
Two-Mile Event in New
York Next Thursday.
NEW YORK, March 1. Not the least
of the many features that will mark the
running of the American Indoor cham
pionships In Madison Square Garden
.oi- win h the flrt appearance
of Hannes Kolehmanlcn, the champion I
distance runner of the wona, in ie
colors of the Irish-American A. C.
Hannes will come forth for the two
mile race at the bljf A. A. U. mcetlnff
with the finced fist emmazonca on ins
breast for the first time, and. Inciden
tally his points will go Into the Irish
American column. Kolehmalnen landed
In this city from England last Labor
Uav and, therefore, early next week he
will have established the necessary six
months' residence In this country In
order to represent a club here.
Kolchmanlen Ismost seriously consid
ering settling down here and becoming
an American citizen. He Is charmed
with New York, and believes that there
Is more chance for a younjr man to
succeed here than Jn his native land.
In any event. Hannes will bo unable to
represent the United States In the Ber
lin Olympald. three years hence lie
can, however, represent England, should
he so desire. All that a man has to do
to qualify as a citizen of Greut Britain
is to go there and declare his Intention.
At the present writing Kolehmalnen has
every Intention ol running at Berlin
a a Finn. .....
ald in the first place, "We are auch
little life is rounaea out wun qoiio.
to iceiana, ana . . .
Former Star of Giants Admits
That He Will Play With Joe
Cantillon's Outfit.
NEW YORK. March 1. Mike Donlin
Is' going to the minors. From his own
lips comes Information that he will play
next season with the Minneapolis club
of the American Association, where he
will tin n teammate with Rube Wad-
dcll and other former stars of the big
rni.. .. ...Mem nf tlio dlamnmt nio Iil5.r
but little of the speed that made him
one ot tne greaiesi piayers in me His
tory 01 Hie game; ne sun nan niucu ui
.1... IAannAcn rf aVt thnt llllt htlTl In tllf
top row of sluggers, hut Mike hns
reached tne point, accoroinu io ms own
statements, where he will be of more
use in less speedy company.
At present he Is playing a vaudeville
engagement here.
Trinity Lays Claim
To Carolina Title
DURHAM, N. C, March 1. Trinity
College today lays claim to the col
legiate championship of the Carollnas,
having handily defeated Carolina A.
and M. by a 32-to-H score.
Trinity has defeated every college
team In both North and South Caro
lina, tho last victory being accom
plished as eaiUy as any of the others.
Will Not
I Your mgrmg
TO ft-K To
lT&JT' Jll ffZXii
vnHem vAe
LjjjL rS V
m MMi ( cab
m ail cab;
, "m JSMl ' c&.
pion baseball and football teams?
Taking it all in all, hasn't Boston the most glorious athletic history
of all cities?" W.,E. W. (Washington, D. O.
.A Voice From the' Grave.
"Man's" inhumanity to man makes countless thousands rush the-caru"
Bobby Burns.
To a Point of Order. -
"Scissors," one of the most renowned and far-sighted components
across the Brooklyn bridge, arises to a point of order
In an open appeal to Prof. Ebbetts he tears off this: "Don't you think,
Mr. Ebbetts, it would be just as well if you spent less money on clam
chowder ;for the Bcribes ani more for a ball club? We are for you strong,
but we protest that we have never yet seen a clam chowder that could
play right field or pole a timely bingle in the pinch. If you had spent one
third of the money for ball players you have spent on clam chowder for
the scribes your pitching staff today would consist pf Rucker. Johnson,
Walsh, and Wood, with Eddie Collins at second base and Ty Cobb in center
field.' Down with the clam chowder, say we, and up with the Son of Swat
that can boost us out of seventh place."
There's one ball player every man In the game is pulling for in the
way of a come back. His name is AI Brldwell a shortstop and a gentle
man. May he wave forever, upon whatever club he works.
Boston and Chicago are tied for pennants with thirteen each. But, all
In all, between Harvard and John L- Sullivan, Boston forges well to the
front in an athletic way. with no rival close. The Bostonlan has been
joshed considerably for the excessive knob of learning which crowns his
cupola. But, from the records, he has also been there with the kick, the
wallop, and the three-base hit.
. a 4i.t nitt ami Ma Spnfttnra made a flnke race of
Anyone WHO Uguren mni. uu. " - -
it last year might observe how intenUy other American League cities are
watching the D. of c. corral, ii us oig aouiuu Viu.Ui uV , -.- "'""rr
doIs and steps in as a running mate to Johnson, as he threates to do,
therell be shrill, bird-like, plaintive squawks as of a wouded penguin in
distress in the Senatorial wake before the year is out.
And then Griff has this advantage. If he needs another base runner
Ana weu """"". . T t,-,-- a hav the record holder
a brief push in a given oirecuon ami o
. . ii t oQcmr. chnwn sixty or more holdouts. The ball club
that?aenXrauTnteLSin1h7si?cuyit should bag the flag by default
before May unless a change of heart sets in.
Havre de Grace Authorities
Seeking License to Hold
Meets at Projected Park.
BALTIMORE, Md., March l. Argu
ment wll be heard In the circuit court
at Eclair In the case of the Mechanical
Race Track .Association against the
racing commUslon or Harford county.
nu ...i-a irnxi.- association Is seeking
a license for a projected new track at
Havro de Grace, anu mo ..u.......o...
has refused the application. The case
will come before the court In the form
Aa8nmuchalis at stake and the ques
tion tobc presented to the court Is new.
It Is expected that tho full bench, con
sisting of Judges Burke. Duncan, and
Hnrlnn will sit In the case.
The rat- n commission In its .anawer
and that the court has no powre to sot
aside Us decisions. .
Tennis Team
Workout on Friday
Friday afternoon. March 7 Captain
expected to report.
i; 1913. - ,,.:, V-1 V 4HS--
""" . T , :" - V " , i.-s.
Have Crew Out TW'Wim.
nWi.M Tfrarr-
" "' -
is- soiNk5 Meer SQMtsoue
Grantland Rice
Georgetown Authorities Pro
hibit Use of Ryan Gymna
sium by Baseball Players.
The development of the Georgetown
varsity baseball team Is going to be re
tarded greatly this year by the en
forcement of a rule prohibiting the
r-iiwiMntr from worklnir out In Ryan
Gymnasium. All baseball practice
must be done on the diamond, wmen is
..... 1 ...jlltlnn vat fni. !31llt:ihlft WOrK.
In other years tho battery candidates
always warmed up In the gym, thus
getting an early start, but this spring
they will not bo allowed to do this.
Rainy weather will mean loss of a
day's practice for the varsity candi
dates. Owing to tho mild weather yesterday
the Initial practice of the team took
place, but the chill In tho air today
may set theni back. Ten candidates for
the mound reported to Capt. "Tug
Kury and six backstops. Eight candi
dates for other positions were In
uniform. .
Three Pins Separate.
But three pins kept Grlffos from tak
Ins all three from Buffalos. In the Co
lumbia League. Griftos took the first
two, then Buffalos rolled 433 against 4o0.
Soutsland Takes All.
In tho Southwestern Duckpln League
.1.1 .i nAi- ..ii .i.A tinnnrs. RlMton.
I with a set of IK and William with" one
01 111 were UJgu yiu a,v ..
P GVZ.,AJ3.6A-2.fAJ(J.
xtAiv& r-m sm-,
Association, Agrees to HqM
Its Next Tournament at
Richmond, Virginia.
Richmond, VaC, Is to be the scene of
the next inter-dty bowline tournament,
according to a decision of the associa
tion made at a meeting last night, at
which representatlvea from. Baltimore.
Richmond and Washington were
present. -.
The followlng-ofllcers of the Waahtoc
ton City Bowling; Association for' the en
suing year were elected: P. W. Face,
president; R- S. Jones, vice" president;
3. A. Carey, second vice president; Jim
my Fields, aecretanrand William Miller,
The executive committee Is composed
of the following-: C. Jacobaon, TL. Har
At. XT TTraiiaa m.nil A TL Watson. The
Richmond delegates at the meeting; are
H. McFarland and R. M. owsey. w. n.
Lee was the Baltimore representaUre.
Bowling Bouts.
Nesco dropped two out of three to
General Baking Company Jn the Com
mercial League last night. Brown for
the losers and Murray for the winners
were the features. .
Welsbachs pocketed the honors Im
u.i- mnfrhp aaalnst A. C M. T. in
the National Capital Duckpln. League.
Mlcharn was hign pm lor wusuacu.
while Islael roUed 132 for high set for
the losers.
At the Palace Alleys, in the washing
ton R- R. League, 'Northeastern took
the first and second and, dropped the
third set to Eastern, scores in seia oi
aa for Tallman and 211 for Corrldon
were highest.
-. ert..- ir t.A rmi nnt 1nl the
second and third to Breedh Mechanics
In the Navy Yard League. Stockett.
with a score of 113. made highest set.
t. n.i.inM, xrn'fl Teazue last
night Invlnclbles never lost the leadln
their games wim ""-""""::', ::
games were won by the following
Scores: 452 to S62; 6 to 41T and 450 to
Carroll Council (K. of CO League
alleys Pinlas lost the first two and won
the final sei oy ""y'Jr.if"" "a-n
4S2 to 4S1. lAcey and McLean each
bowled sets of 118.
Toledos took an early lead In the Dis
trict Duckpln League, pocketing the
first game. The last two were won by
Garrisons, levering being high pin.
Columbia League
Team Percentages.
Won Lost Pet.
Cubs 3S - s0
Grlfros":. -g?
Buffalos j -Jj
Indians " w
Individual Standing.
Dunn ...
Hprhert at
Bell ........."
Tltz .............""". at
Jones .......... of
Brooke ........... ai
Murphy ................. al
Beuchcrt 59
CT 1
Roagers j
Brashears 3
Kuglen ?
Keisler ft
Buxbaum '
1'ierce BJ
Suders ................ 54
McElroy ............. &4
Kcllher g57
npnson .."&!
The Keeley Core "y
33 years. Removes all desire for drlak
a drafts. 812 N. Broad St; rhU4L,ra.
ft mM aH aK73b
I 'laHTPPK4,3ro 1 fMTI4
V cj - I ;jfnnrHe 1 i
: . -" . LtIX LAI I ,r-
tt . zr-rrrx s
teecAOse she isn't nigh !.
;: ;
Taking Team Prize and Trophy
in Guard Wrestlfog Mm
ffiVesM. A. C. Confidence. v
As a result of winning, the team prtae j
and cup In the finals of the Natkmal ,
Guard Athletic Association wreatHH: .
tournament. Memorial Athletic' Club ta ,
tv4av rnnMi1aB nf nlan leerinf tB
greatest nnftAer "otTwInta "la Its ow
meet, which Is scneduied tor jsarcn ib.
Representatives of the atemorlal ehie ,4
showed their besUforra In the-llgatet
weight matches, Jts athletes winning;.!
h 1IK 11- nnrl laCnound clasaea. B.
Foley, who Is a protege on the mat .of ,
hla brother. Howard .Foley, tne j
SBorlals' coach, put up a, fast battle la "
the 105-pound event.
in the. il5pound class Gouche dls-
povea oi lus vci iiii.r, &.9.w, w t
easy manner; T. HayheWa clever tic-" K'
tics ana supero nnugin ivn - .
.inaf hl hmther. J. Marhew. in the;
135-pound match. Other results areK 2-'
won from Frehey, SLXc. Tlae.M .
minutes decision)! ' , ,?
125-pound class Andrewjesky, O. Ci.
won from McCleary, N, G AATtoe'
10 minutes. " ,
10 minutes, 18 seconds.
145-pound class Paxtcm, T. 3C. C A., c
won from GledhBL G. C TlmelTHf., . ,
utes (decision). '-
im-nound class Brooks, T. M. C .X, r
irnnfrnm Tidier. GC Tlme?J.BMa. . -.
utes (decision); " r
175-pound class Barrett, x. 3,
won from scnerer. a. a. v-, iia, -minutes,
11 seconds.
Referee P. F. O'Connor. AsneBacerri
and. tui. i. g"".
Lundin Is No Match
Hjallnar Lundin. th eSwedlsh heavy
weight title cTalmant showed poorly
against Americus. Gotch's challenger, la
their match at the Gayety Theater test
nlghL . . . '
Lundin won his right to face Americus
as a result of having won from. Shad
Link Wednesday night, hut he failed
to show the class agalnest his mora
formidable opponent! The first fall
came after twenty minutes ot rather
slow work, while but fifteen minutes
were required to down Lundin the sec-,
ond time. Sllva Williams and Joe Ba
gel, of the Washington ball club, were;
St. Mary's Team
Defeats Lebanon
Lebanon Valley basketball players are
returning today, havlnjt suffered a 4-to-19
defeat at the hands of Mike
Thompson's charges. The visitors were
outplayed at all stages of the game.
Costello and ilay. for the Mt. St.
Mary's team, showed improvement, and
scored the bulk of the points for their
728 Thirteenth Street
30 Years Practice Treaties
Stomach aad Werraaa Disease.
Indigestion. Loss of Appetite. Const!
nation. Dizziness. Bad Taste, Fullness
after Eating. Wakefulness. Loss ot
Flesh. Heart Trouble. Palpitation. JCIa
ney and Bladder Trouble. Stricture.
Sallow Complexion. Pimples.' Blood and
Skin Diseases. Loss of Vitality, and
Special and Private Ailments cures
promptly ("S06" administered).
Consultation free, medicine furatsaeaV
charges low. Hours 93Q to I a&d 2 !
Ck)Md Sundays. . . -
it l.
Baron Munchausen. , .
hS-i" j,ayj!ifeafcgigfc
.-a j--i. --w'
- i.. '-f-iJ
- ".'rAl'f

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