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x'r'-': --
f "
Tooth Powder
1, Regularly
&1 20c Can
1 00-yard Spools
2 for 5c
100-aril Spools of
(iouil Quality Black
'ow ing Silk, for machine
or lianu i-ewing Rcgu
lar price. fc a spool.
1 00-yard Spools
3 for 5c
Brooks' ion-yard Spools
of -Machine Cotton-, soft
finish, all numbers, black
or white. Regularly 3c
a spool. Challenge Sale
price, THREE for 5c.
Usual $1.50 Cut Glass
Bonbon Dishes
Peroxide of
Carpet Brooms
One-pouml size
bottle of Cut
wal'a Peroxide of
Hydrogen, stand
Or a j i n s
Tooth i'ouilcr
soli i-vcr.v -where
at 20c a
can, offered as
a special Chal
lenge Sale Bar
Rain at 12c a
Toilet Goods
Regular 4 Q
39c Kind
nelhcr hbipment or FOl'R-.STRINU
Carpet Broom!', made of Rood iiualitv
corn straw, finished with wire ferule
good, light-weight liroom Worth
30i eacli
On tale tomorrow at 19c each.
HouscfurnLs'iing 13ept. Basement
$4.00 Jap. Mattine Rues $1 .95
$1.30 American Cut-Glass Bon
bon or Olive Dishes, with han
dle; C-lnch size; choice of two
beautiful cuttings.
Challenge Sale price. 77c
ard make and
full strength.
nxl2-foot (largest room size) Japanese Mattine Hues, in handsome floral,
dallion and oriental designs of green, red, blue, tan and rose. Superior,
ooth-nnish. long rush straw qua lity Regular J4.00 value. Challenge
n Ir.A l nr
.Regular- price.
I9c Challenge
Sale price. 9C a
'pound bottle.
Challenge. Sale price.
TWO for 5c
Sale price. J1.95.
s JJ
Worth 10c and 12c
Challenge A ,
Sale Price, T"C
A bis lot of manufacturer's
"seconds" of Men's White
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs,
line quality, soft tinlsh ami
full size Just tl vn r-r
ordinary u!c. Plain hem
stitched and corded eflec.
The defects arc trivial and do
not affect the serviceability
or appearance of the handker
chiefs at all. Hinds told reg
ularly at 10c and 124c each.
Challenge Sale price. 4c each
Women's Handkerchief'', of
fine hemstitched Shamrock
lawn and high-grade cotton,
very fine, sheer finish. Manu
facturer's, "seconds" of usual
5c. 8c and 10c kinds .Ciml
lengciSale price, THREE Iftp.
for LUl'
- n
Tomorrow the Last Day of Our History-Making Trade Event!
. This great merchandise movement, which has been greeted by the most enthusiastic crowds that ever attended a similar sale, will end in a
VlVvV blaze of glory tomorrow. We have planned to make the last day s selling the greatest or all greatest in point of low pricing, greatest in the
'-WJ number of unmatchable bargains, greatest in assortments and range of styles.
This wonderful Challenge Sale presents the greatest opportunity for advantageous purchasing of wearing apparel and needs for the home of all descriptions. Every department is in line with a list of mar
velous values for Monday's Grand Finale with prices that touch bed rock. Read carefully the bargain news spread out on this page then make out a list of the articles needed and be here tomorrow to get
your share of the phenomenal values. No mail or phone orders filled.
39c Imported
Silks, 1 8c
High-class Silks Including
Jacquard Tussah. Brocaded
Pongee anil Dotted Toklo. A
fashionable silk fabric with a
thread of linen, which adds
strength and durability. In a
complete range of .shades; also
Mercerized Corduroy, with
handsome self-colored silk
brocade. .the finest silk and
cotton novelty dress material.
This Is also shown in a lam
assortment of wanted shades.
These are 27 inches wide.
Worth 39c yard. Challenge
Sale price. 18c.
50 pieces of 27-Inch Ratine
secured from a leading manu--facturar
at a price concession
which enables us to- offer it at
a great sacrifice tomorrow.
Colors include white, light
blue. pink, tan lavender and
navy blue. Worth 19c vard.
Challenge Sale 10f
Challenge Sale
10c Chambray,
6c Yard
27-inch Plain-color Cham
bray, in light blue, .cadet,
tan. brown, gray, pink, and
oxblood. Warranted fast
color. Regular 10c value.
Challenge Sale price, ?c
10c Bleached
Cotton, 5c Yd.
TarJ-wide UK-uched Cot
ton, a serviceable, close
'woven quality., froe from
dressing. Suitable for sum
mer undergarments. Regu
lar 10c value Challenge
Sale price. 5Tjc yard.
9c Yard
Mill nnii nf -Y.-tn.-h Per-
cales, In new spring i-tyles
and colors. including
stripes, checks, dots, tig
,ures. and broken r-lalds.
on light grounds, 5 to 20
vard lengths, "fine, close
wnvwi. jnift-flnish duality
"tor women's waists, wash
and- men s-KhUl -lieguiar
1 So vauien-XThaTIcDKe Sale
hprica j"c y-ariJ'
10c Dress Ging
; hams; Tc'Yd.
' 27-inch Dress Ginghams.
jn stripes, check", plaids.
ana piain coiors. i,iiun-r "
tan. gray, light blue, cadet,
pink, lavender, red, rose,
black-arid-white. For chll-
dreh's summer dresses.
women a wash suits, etc
Regular 10c value. Chal
lenge' Sale price. 7tc yard.
15c Matting
Rugs, 5c
', l,tt Japanese Matting
Rugs. lSx; clohe-woven.
pmooth-finlfh straw. in
floral, medallion, and orna
mental designs. Light and
dark colorings.
Sold regularly at 15c each.
Challenge Sale price. 5c
Men's Spring Suits
A Remarkable Challenge Sale Offering of Regular
$12.50 and $13.50 Values,
$ i .95
Again we've accomplished the seen-
t ingly impossible in Men's Suit selling
"" the Challenge Sab's biggest and best
X values are here in this lot of Men's New
Spring Suits at S7.95.
f At this low price we offer choice of
X :i wide range of the season's newest and
X most approved patterns in pure worsted
T materials, fancy effects, gray mixtures,
? novelty stripes and dark cassimeres.
? Correct weight for spring wear, vnl
r every garment tailored, in the most
j- careful manner.
X Sizes range' from 32 to 40. C'.al-
lenge Sale price, S79o. " -
Lining Satin
Regular $1 JT
Grade at . . Jvf j
The Lining Department is in
line with a remarkable half-price
offering of the desirable Yard
wide Lining Satins for the Chal
lenge Sale.
Full 36 inches wide, good
heavy weight, with rich brilliant
luster. Choice of light gray, tan,
myrtle, lavender, etc. Ever
yard guaranteed to give satisfac
tory wear.
Regular price, Si. 00 a yard.
Challenge Sale price, 50c ard.
40-lncli Standard Lining Lawns, for
waist!) and inter-lining. Choice of all
desirable colors; also white and black.
Regularly 15c yard. Chal
lenge Sale price
Light-weight Percallne; in black
only;, fully beetled, having the ap
pearance of all-silk. Worth 30c
yard. Chaljenge Sale IQn
'- price
1 f
Women's $15,
$1 8 and $20
A Great Collection of Beautiful New
Spring Styles Most Remarkable
Values Yet Offered
This is the Challenge Sale's supreme effort at extraordinary value-giving in wom-
en's spring apparel a value offering that will create widespread . interest and attract ?
women from all over the city to share its remarkable economies.
They are brand-new models for spring and summer wear fresh out of their' boxes.
Just 372 in the lot not enough to last longer than a day.
Smart and becoming Dresses of fine quality satin messaline, chiffon taffeta in striped
and. changeable. effects, novelty striped corded silks and imported satin foulards in a wide
range of colorings and combinations.
Trimmed in all the newest effects, with touches of thenew Bulgarian designs, as well
as plain-tailored and lace-trimmed models. High and low neck styles, with long, three
quarter and half sleeves. All sizes, including 14, 16 and 18 for misses up to 44 for
Not a Dress in the lot worth under Si 5.00, and the maj'orityare regular $18 and $20.
values. A wonderful Challenge Sale offering at FIVE DOLLARS. " '" " -1
-! W.Ajf"'-"-'.....- W,..tWt..V..M1Nt.-VTrV.tVT.,V!nl..t,'..',.W,..,,..lt..Tr,
This $2.50 Gas Iron
Offered for
15c Furniture
Damask, 8V2C
One caie of Imitation
Linen Kurniture Damask,
for fclip covers. extra,
heavy and durable Kast
color stripes of green, red.
blue, and tan. on lineti
color grounds.
Sold rcgularlv at loc d.
Challenge Pale priie. Mr
Mosquito Net
ting, 8-Yard
Piece, 48c
5(0 pieces of Adams
make llosqulto Netting, all
'T-quarter width. Full eight
yards in each pieee. In
.green, -ed. blue, black, and
white. Cross-barred.
Sold legularly at -c
Challenge gale price. 4Sr
$2.00 Axminster
Rugs, 93c
SO Sanford Make Axmin
ster Ilugs. 27x31 inches. In
jorienlal and tig-ired de
sign. Colorings of green,
"red, and tan.
Sold regulailv at SIoi
Challenge Sale price. fSi
12V2C Curtain
Swiss, 6c
One cahc or Vard ide
Curtain Swiss, good sheer
duality. aril-. licuns.
cord, and I.f- -ffe-t..
Suitable for 'irtains and
various kinds of draperien.
Sold regularly at 12Vi'
j-ard. Challenge Hah' pric-.
The most remarkable val
ue ever offered Washing
ton housewives in a gas
it on.
Handsome nickel-plated
Irons., with detachable han
dle, like the illustration.
1-Vonoinical consumer of
Warranted to give abso
lute satisfaction. C'oni-tleU"
with six feet of gas lulling
and iron stand.
Never retailed for less
than $:; 5) Challcnim -'ale
price, SI. 11 each,
Howsefurnisninirs Perart
raent, nasement.
Women's Gauze Lisle Stockings
Regular Price, 50c Pair35c
A staple 50c Stocking offered in tomorrow's Chal
lenge Sale at 35c pair three pairs for Si. 00
Fine quality gauze lisle, with
,. . " -, r i .. vs-
tun regular maae ioot, uoiirie fi
bnna Vt rrY e-rtl i rr A hnl on t tir BV
and deep garter top. Choice of
plain and silk lisle.
In black and tan. A remarkable
Challenge Sale offering.
Women's Gauze Lisle Stockings, seamless foot, high
spliced heel, double sole and toe, garter tops. In black,
white and tan. Sold regularly at He each. Chal- 1p
Icnge Sale price "
Infants' Fine Ribbed Silk Stockings, seamless foot,
double sole, heel and toe. In black, white, tan, sky. pink
and red. Sold regularly at 25c pair. Challenge -i r
Sale price U L
r vft
Women's Summer Vests
fine Qualities. Actually
Worth 25c and 39c Each.
Challenge Sale Price, Each
A purchase extraordinary of Women's Fine Quality.
Vests that deserves a prominent position in tomorrow's
great-Challenge Sale.
The samples and reserve lots of un
derwear secured from a leading manu
facturer on a basis that permits us to
offer the most astonishing values ever
Choice of pure lisle, part lisle and
mercerized gauze Vests, in low neck
and sleeveless style, with silk tape in
neck and arms; some plain and others
trimmed with silk crochet yokes; also
lace yokes.
Many pretty designs to select from
TJccular 25c and
eai n.
Women's danp Vr.,. low
ncik ami slccvele.si. taped
neck and arms 1;. i n and
l.n e trimmed styles, tine and
swit.s ribbed. Itegu1.tr Ific
.lne. Challenge Sale in.
price J.U
Thr"c foi I'.'n.)
A omen's U.nr'e weight
I nion Suits, low ue k ami
let-xeless. taped iieeK anil
yiny, trimmed witli toiehon
l.ice. fitted waists: worth
ZOe each. Challenge f)'
Jr-aic price
Children's fJau.. - weight
I'nderuear. shirts with high
nee k. long and short sleee.
pi'iits .ankle and knee
length-, tight kne and um
brella stile- all sire., mi to
1". ei-rs. Challenge Xn
S.-le pi lee . .. ttjK
Children's Caur.c Vests, lou
net k and sleeveless, taiietl
neck and arms. Tile and
wivs rllibeil. regulai 1.
alne. Challenge S.ile
iirice .
"le values t a Challen
? i
i! Ice 13c
Women , Ktra S'.e I. isle
Vests low no k and sleeve
less, nisi, low nee; ;md wing
sle -ves .111(1 V-'atil'o' stvle.
!-ilk-l:niel iie( K ami aims
worth .:'.i. e.ieli. C'i.tl- H n
lenge s.ile pr e 1C
The IK w ' rill ef- (lie. i- Vn
loi. m it.- u.io.l iiu;i!jl Msle.
low neck anil sb veless.
It limned v.-th silk iibbon.
taped neck and n i is um
brell.i pjnt. triiiiim 1 with
deep point . 1'nris l.ic-.
( hall nge Sale
Women s Pun I.I-le I ants,
made will, r:ncli mu-l'ii
(.mis .mil iliawstrings large
iimbrrll.i sliajie. liimnied
with l.ne Challenge
Sale i l i
I i:li.-i Sl.e. I.'tl I
I'hlbiiep'u ;;nize'- w Iglll
I'nlon Snl!". low tier k and
"li "Vli'is, taied nei k and
arm-: tight knee ji-mtv
Worm :'t,- each I'lial
l nge --ali- priie
Regufor $4.50 Value at . . 4
A Challenge Sale value that will interest mothers
who want to dress their boys at a saving.
These Boys' Suits. are made of abso
lutely pure worsted serge, in double
breasted model; 'with full peg knicker
b'ocker trousers, and 'are very service
able as well as dressy for Spring and
Summer wear. Sizes 9 to" 17 years.
Regular $$.50 value. Challenge
Sale price, $2.98.
Ho) k' Fancy (Jassimeie Kusjan Itelted
Suits, with bloomer pants, light patterns.
Made with StfiniVe sailor ollars and re
mowjije shield. . .Sites . ?!;. to 7 vears.
Regular J2 jU values. Challenge QO
Sale price.
l:os" N'avx Rliie Denim
Oveialls. maile with bib and
suspi oiler straps sizes ". to
11 re.irs. Solil regularly at
'."ii Challenge Sale "I r
pri e ---H-
Ro.s' Kant Cas-ltneie
Spring-weight Hloomei and
Knickerbocker I'ant-. sl -
li to If, years. Kegulai
.Hid ijl'c alues lial-
lenge Sale priie
Roy?' Kani .fsLne
Yoke Norfolk i- 1 1 1 -. niCi
knickerboi kei pants. ;r:is
and tans sies T to 1H vears.
Regular $."..Hii values. Chal
lenge Sale QQ A Q
,,riie idOi'iV
l!os' "e 1'atn Silk Wind
mii Tit - Challenge
Sale pine
$2 & $2.50 Luncheon Cloths CI 25
Chaltenee Sale Price P " f"yJ
These Reautiful Japanese
Hand - diawn l.imilieon
Cloths have n-v'i 1i i ti f
l' red at this low pi b be
fore la oiioiiin al "in1 n
will supply their ne!s ..
In a v.i net f n :. t'i
dMgns on plain 'iiin
sl.es Ci .Mid 1 1 itu lies
s. ii. ire :iM' Ral i.'tiSerw:
Cloth--, with hand drawn
tentei- .", Iik lies loiind
Values sold 'ilniix .it
sj IHI .111.1 " "'llll age
Sale pri . SI -'" ' l
. . r .-.-..... T. .j.. . . ri r rt i vi i ri"iv -
35c China and - 4 Q .A
Japanese Mattings j"
. 180-warp Long Rush Straw Japanese Mattings, in
handsome carpet designs, damask and. inlaid patterns;
colorings of green,' red. or bfue; also Extra Heavyweight
Seamless China Mattings, in stripes, checks, and plaids;
double cord edges and-strictly reversible.
Regular 35c values. Challenge Sale price, .yard, 19c.
25c China Mattings,
UtO rolls of heav -weight
d.. to TT. pound Seamless
China ilatt'ngs. smooth fin
ish raw, -double eori edge,
in plaids, stripes anil -hecks,
colorings of rd. green, blue,
tan, and brown.
Regular 25c nine Chal
lenge Sale price. .ard, lie.
116-Warp China
Mattings, 22c
Very finest grade llo-warp
Palmed Finish Llntan Straw
China Mattings, closely wov
en and strictly reversible, in
a. large variety of patterns,
such as stripes. checks,
nlaids and novelty weaves,
in green, red. blue, tan. ar.tl
brown.' also plain white.
Regular 40- value. Chal
lenge s?alc price, yard, 22'ic.
39c Satin-face A Q V-awl
Prunella Poplins OL d 1 drQ
The highest grade cotton fabric manufactured, so
handsome that they cannot be distinguished from the
genuine satin poplins. Being yarn mercerized guaran
tees their permanent satin finish. Full range of street
and evening shades; also plenty of rich jet BLACK.
Regularly 39c yard. Challenge Sale price, I8c.
Chiffon Silk Petticoats
In All Wanted Shades ....
We've set a new record for Silk Petticoat value
giving in tomorrow's Challenge Sale with" this lot of
Fine Quality Chiffon Silk Petticoats at $1.95. They
come in pretty new changeable effects, also solid colors,
in light and dark shades; also black.
Made with neat flounces of fine tucks, finished with
narrow ruffle and cotton uoderruffle. Every garment
perfectly cut and carefully finished. All- lengths. Chal
lenge S3!e price. $1.95.
15c Burlap, 9X2C
One case of Yard ide
Burlaps, for floor and wall
covering Choice of Sev
eral shades of green., roi.
blue. tan. and brown. A
close basket weave
Sold regularly at 13c
yard. Challenge Sale price.
Brassieres, 21c
Brassieics. ol line quai
itv batiste, edged with con
vent edgings' okes of em
broidery Insertions in se
cral pretty designs Kin
Ished with under-arm
shields and removable-
steels Size? 31 Jo 46.
Challenge Sale price, .'It j
Untrimmed Nats
All the Newest and Smartest Shapes Offered Tomorrow at Lowest Prices of the Season
: 5
A ?A v A-J& -fk
.f.?si ii- i a r "v z-.i.nyirr m Ct,-
I J&PJf&j- SlifC Greatest Values biW-?M
Hundreds of dozens rashionable Unlrimined Hal.s i'i
tomorrow's great Challenge Sale at prices that will sur
prise and delight mrllinery luiers and make this Second
Floor Hat Section the magnet for women.
In these two lots arc included all the season's smartest
and most distinctive shapes for spring and summer, direc
trom the producers of .nithnrilniiv modes. Hals in ih
p, --
fy new poke and mushroom shapes, the fashionable tlat sail
)A ors in small and lnri'e slmni. wnltinp- shrines. sm:ill noliln
' hats and large dress shapes, in a coinplcte range of colors,
such as nav, new nine aim royal flue, nrown, icatner ami
burnt. Nell rose, taupe, plum and black.
LOT ONE Untrimmed Hals of finest
Hemp, Positively Worth $3.00, at . .
LOT TWO Finest Hemp, Milan and
Chip Hats, Worth $1.50 and $2, at
Crepe Kimonos
Challenge QCr
Price. . . OJl
-et!,li lo tf l ien
I "rep iIIIHllo- of' tllie Milt!
Il Hl'tlTllI t'l.H W l.-IH " ."lid
weai' ti.i well
I'liolie ttr led nav. . iniik.
"gilt bl'.e 111,1 l.ivei.del. I'llll
mid with pieltv I'eitan imr
ilcm Made with ahlried !,
Cut exii.i full a. id long ' h il-b-nge
Sale pri. s e.n li
$30 Wilton &
Axminster Rugs
"li foot ll..H ' Knom Siz- 1
Wilton and Avminstci IIjii;'"'.
Ilartforil. anil lcv Smith ."i
Sons' in. ikes. In lloril. Oriental
iiieil.illloti. and iiJinoiltlon.il di
lKti! colorlnes to suit an
loom ile onition. All Mrlctl
jieifect. hcav-plle fabrli-
Regular $. values 'lul
lense Sale irlcc. each Jll.W.
Women's Tub Silk Shirts
The Fail of Doanlnr ti fl l SA VafllOC
the Season
5 Wti I
: M m wv
i mm m
pierie inll.i! ,,i yon
A lrtil woliilerfiil
Another sale of the Fashionable
Tub Silk Tailored Shirts for
women takes place tomorrow an
entirely new lot and better quality
than ever sold for this low price
Not a waist can be matched for
less than $3.50 and some are
worth $4.00. Just the styles for
present wear smart, dressy and
becoming to every woman.
.Made of plain and striped tub
silk:-., in H.ibutal. Jap and Pongee
Silks, showing all the leading effects
and colors- Finished with Robcs-
eoIUr and French folded cuffs to match.
Challenge Sale offering at J1.13.
50c Cream iViohair Brilliantinc. 38 inches wide 25c
75c Storm Serge, 50-inch, in black and navy 40c
50c Cream Storm Serge, 42 inches wide 44c
89c All-wool Storm Serge, 44-in., black and colors 59c
Challenge Sde
$1.25 Couch
Coverf, 69c
300 Couch Covers, of
Imitation linen. SO Inches
wide and 2 yards long;
Fringed aides and ends;
natural-color g r o u nds
with cmoT, A .....i
white stripes. Guaran
teed last colors.
Sold reE-ularlv it 1 s
each. Challenge Sale
price. 69c,
65c Sofa
Cushions, 39c
25 dozen Sofa Cushions.
18x24 and 22x22 Inches.
Covered with best-grade,
white cambric and filled
with soft, fluffy silk floss.
Sold regularly at 65c
each. Challpnc-e Kt
price, 39c
Women's $1 and
$1.50 Silk Stock.
. .ings, 55c. Pair
. Women's Pure Silk
Stockings, full regular
made foot, double sole,
high spliced heel-and toe.
.Choicer of ;nsIe"-'or silk
garter- "top. t in r black;
white, and leading; colors.
SI. 00 and S1.S0 values.
Challenge Sale price. 55c
25c Chemisettes,
lie Each
Dainty Chemisettes of
net and novelty laces. In
plain -and tucked "styles.
Choice, of white and' ecru
color. Itesutar 25c- value.
Challenge Sale price, lie
(Neckwear Dept.)
25c Maline,
17c Yard
Waterproof Maline. In
all the desirable shades,
also black and white, for
making rufTs and hat
trimmings. Regular 25c
value. Challenge Sale
price. 17c yard, .
25c to 50c Veil
ings, 17c Yard
Plain Mesh and Dotted
VeUings. In a number ot
stylish efTects. Choice of
black, white, white with
black, also wistaria,
taupe, gray, brown and
navy blue. Regular 23c,
39c and 50c values. Chal
lenge bale price, 17c a
5c Handkerchiefs,
Two for 5c
Women's and Children's
Handkerchiefs, in plain,
white hemstitched and
with fast color borders,
neat design: "seconds" of
regular 5c kind, at TWO
for 5c
15c, 19c and 25c
Jewelry, 7c
Choice of Belt Pins.
Veil Pins'. Brooches.
Beauty I'in Sets and Hat
Pins in gold-plated, iewel
and enameled effects.
Values worth 15c. 19c
and 25c each. Challenge
Sale price. 7c.
(Jewelry Department )
10c to 25c Belts,
5c Each
Women's and Children's
Patent Leather Belts. In
black, white and red.
Maker's line of samples.
All the most desirable
kinds. Values worth 10c.
13c and 23c each. Chal
lenge Sale price. 5c each.
$1 Vanity Cases,
39c Each
Herman Sliver Vanlt
Cases, with chain handle
neatly made, witn cnange
purse, memorandum,
pencil and card case.
Rornlir 11.00 value.
Challenge Sale price. 39c
$2 Roller Skates,
98c a Pair
Ball-bearing Kxtension
Roller Skates', best steel
nickel-plated, in styles
for hoys and girls. Made
by tho American Skate
Company Sold regular
ly at J2.00 a pair. Chal
lenge Sale price. 9Sc pair
.-. ..-

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