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'&&&;'' tv'
. j Mrs., Ultimate Are Ask
ed to Step Up to Counter of
Tariff Benefits.'
(Continued Xrom" First Page.)
fluich written abqut in' 1909, is now to
t.Hll fmn atir cl-nol hAott unci sIlOCS.
raiv wool, lumber.-cementv saddles, pew
fng machines,-' farm implements and
what not.
' Tlje things wnich,go into '-the market
basket liave been materially reduced or
'placed on the non-dutiable list. The
lhoiscwife Is expected to reap the bene
fit Time will tell whether both the
nfarkct basket and the purse will be
heavier after a shopping expedition.
,! May Educate Housewife.
The housewife, or Mrs. Ultimate Con
sumer, knows little about the intricacies
,nf tariff revision, Tjut she'll "begin to
ilcarn if free meat means cheaper 3eel-
(st$ak and mutton rijgp v" ? A
V TCU W1CUI& itic-rtrz,1"--'-! "WY
.llsl in the Dtmocrat'h?bfJl.
PaVne law fresh beef; -oorlfc'
dn. and other meats carry- a duty of l's
'iujits per pound. Bacon and ham strug
gle along under a 4-ccnt pir pound
itl&y. v.
'i tt would appear that free .meat should
Iman romething to the housewife, yet a
import from a commercial acent of the
"ipartment of Commerce and I-abor,
'njLde last year, says. j
j -"Argentina has been looked upon as a
.competitor of the United States in the
bepf industry and has even been con
Jblpered as a possible source of cheaper
trneat for this country. The present out
ilook there lends no color to the suppo
'ylUon. Slilpme'nts of beef from the river
Plata to the United States way come
shortly; but they probably will be di
Jrefcted by the same Interests which now
tfeujjply the market here, not in opposi
tion to them."
v Packers In Control.
ljjrhc report then explains that Ameri
jCh packers already have a foothold in
'jXtsentlna. Perhaps the packers will be
"Ivif. as active In Canada and elsewhere,
"once a free meat rate is assured, and
$tg;aks will cost -the Ultimate Consumer
aopui inc same.
7-Rteel rails are going on the free list,
nit no country can compete with the
Ujiltcd States in the manufacture' of
steel . Home Industries have tbc natural
'ores, and the steel plants, and can un
dersell Germany every Jav In the year,
It Is claimed, if ncvessity arises. Critics
of 'the Democratic bill sav- there will bel
mall importations of s.tcel, and that
(the consumer will pay. about the sitme
'as heretofore.
Skipping from beef and steel to ljro
uris, the consumer's hopes need not be
fro sour. Lemons now bear a rate of ;
Icents per pound. The rate has been
popped two-thirds, which ought to make
ta difference of about S.cenrsa dozen on
Ube retail price of lemons,
k' In 1912. this country imported ap
inroximatelv 145.O0O.OCO .pounds of lew-
Jons and the leman growers, of Califor-.
Inla. and Florida loudly protested be
fore the ways and .Means committee
jthat a drastic cut in -eiutr .would, wipe
"6ut the domestic industry, while 'bring
ing no relief to the consumer. The
housewife will know which contention
-s"-correct within a few weeks after the
Underwood law becomes enectivc.
t, Small Cut on Luxuries.
Oranges and grapefruits were classed
a semi-luxuries and are not slated for
i'bo sweeping a reduction. The 1 cent a
(pound duty is said to have been cut
'.V per cent, which ought to help a
Jr. On the other hand, free sugar 'nd
near-free lemons probablv will cause
'no decrease in the price of a lemonade,
rrhe soda fountain habitue will remain
4n 'expensive ignorance 0f a lower tariff.
t There's imported beer, in which Mr.
I'ftimate Consumer is more interested
than his wife. Foreign beer has been
paying a tax of 3 cents per gallon:
indications are that the Underwood rate
will be 10 to UO per cent less; but the
Ycam on the glass and the price over
the bar iwill remain the same, no
vloubt. .....
A HmiteoT-niiiJlbSC are' Interested In
Ue Schcduleofnufc' .and liquors. The
Democratic $ta-I,yBja tthese are lux
uries and ihiWakfcjllJs.J.'ghest rev
enue pnKlupihifrvia5CcnoBJble. Reports
from the-committte-ooinHre that there
have been practically nof-reductions in
tno rates onwfovcBi'andPtrits. with a
ioost UpwardiKcnmrwJTe. The poor
man doosn' janfik charmyi);pe. reason
the Dem'ocrallrVaiJLrhT-UilXea, so why
pot maintalni'presej:liighjdulies?
TobittopittjK&y 3fad.
The user pf. ttmac'co.Vwilt not buy his
importcej bnrep"i3scheaper. Tobacco."
also, is fclghft&tfaVd inftlic new "fill
and there' Kaivtbeen" an occasional
raise in incjnircvii. -iiuuks.. joiriiiKii
cigarette" tobajcoyiti8jnnde.rat,ood,
will take a duvritlalJbpVolnbi-
portations are negligible. Shoe iii.mu
faeturcrs before the committee doflaTc 1
thai the removal of dutv would cripple
the American industr- ont- "would not
cheapen the price of shoes here.
Considering his experience with fiee
hWpsthe Ultimate Consiuncr is waiting
to ibe shown that Tree shoes means
cheaper shoes.
The consumer, however, does set sto'e
by the- free listing of raw wool, and
rthe 50 per cent cut in the duties of knit
goods, ready-made clothing, and wom
en's wear. A Miit or clothes, in the
natural ordei -of tHncs. should se sev
eral dolalrs cheaper when the Under
wood bill becomes effective, and Demo
cratic dreams or a reduced cost ot" liv
ing may come true with respect to this
There should alo be an appreciable
decrease in the price of sugai. In put
ting svgar en the free list the Demo
crats lose ?32.000.K In revenue. A sta
tistician has estimated that free sugar
should mean a. difference of at leas
JS.a yesr to he jyvcrasn American fam
ily. The housewife and the gioccr are
.1 ooked to get together on about a cent
and a half a pound reduction.
Rice Reduction Slated.
Table rice has also undergone a ma
terial reduction In the Democratic bill,
tl.e reported rate being ai of a cent a
pound in lieu of the xisti..g mity of 1
cents per pound. Louisiana, Texas, and
Soutli Carolina will send up distress
signals n the receipt of this news, but
the revenues on imported rice have been
so small that theidea of a "free mar
ket basket" obtained "firm hold and the
rlrrd is rinnp. Til 191? .tlip levpnllo d."-
rj-edi'fromcleane.d and ujiclcaned Kce
WidcP." tlfih'w-a sless?tyan JCOO.OW.
..lamb.-Jniuf-. Reduction's bt from 5i-"t
They Want Duties Kept on
Manufactured Goods. But
Ask Free Food Supplies.
too. which w4tff'bcfcMrahews
to 50 per cent
have been made in the cotton schedul-;.
which corner home to every family.
Cotton stocKins, gloves, shirts, pants,
vests, and union suit:,, towels, quilts,
and blankets have been slashed suf
ficiently to justify Mr. Ultimate Con
sumer's demand for bargain dny pricts
all the rear round.
The poor man's' table is also to be the
beneficiary of free butter, cheese, eggs.
lard and lard compounds, vegetables and
flour. The rates on grains have been re
duced to a minimum and It is under
stood that onions will bear a very slight
The commoner drugs and chemicals
are free. The duty has been removed
New Kngland manufacturers aic 'Jp
in r.rms over the prospect ho reductions
in th tariff bill and are -nlistlng Dem-
cratlc and Rcpublhan support alike in
their efforts to prevent the reductions
in schedules which they now tear- aie
Kt-ing to be brought about.
Not only hae the dultcs been cut
heavily on mai.y articles of rranuta
ture pioduccd in New Kugland but It
now develops tnat fish are to be on the
free list. Dispatches from Gloucester
tify Congressman Gaidner has advisetl
his constituents to that effect. The re
sult is that hundreds of fishermen in
the Gloucv-ter region are threatening to
quit the coiintrj In A body and remove
to Noa Scotia. 1 he little dealers
especially are alarmed and say they will
ti.A be able to compete with the big
' Mayor Fitzgirald of Roston, though a
Democrat, Is active in his efforts to
prevent such i eductions in schedules as
lie believes will daisagc New England.
He Is laboring with President Wilson
and Chairman Underwood, of the Ways
and Jleans Committee, In efforts to pre
vent immediate enforcement of a low
tariff schedule.
Telegraphs Wilson.
Telegrams to President Wilson. Chair
man Underwood and Senators Johnson
of Maine and Hollls of New Hampshire,
were sent by Mayor Fitzgerald this
morning in his efforts to prevent the
Police Have Promised Adequate
Protection to Those Who
Will March on Capitol.
from borax, chalk, talcum, anti-toxins. fixing of a new tariff schedule.
The mayor believes that the immedi
ate enforcement of the proposed new
tariff schedule will operate to cripple
a number of Massachusetts industries.
He believes that the manufactures have
goods in stock rated on a basis of the
old v duties and .to immediately enforce
a new 'schedule might entail serious
Against Free Shoes.
Mayor Fitzgerald has protested
especially against free boots and
New Kngland will be affected by
numerous features of the new bill.
Hcavj cuts in- the duties on woolen
goods and cotton goods are to be
made. Against these reductions the
textile mills of New England arc
loudly complaining. On the free list
are boots and shoes, lumber, print pa
per, pulp wood, cotton bagging and
j ties, and printing presses, all of which
have "put one over on tne came
copperas, and similar articles of every
day use.
Coal rust Is Hit.
Swatting the Coal trust and carrying
out the Democratic slogan. that "trust
controlled products shall be on the duty
free list," the Democrats are seeking to
relieve the furnace owner by granting
free coal.
The farmer, about whose welfaxe all
campaign oratory revolves, has licen
given, free fence, wire,- hoop and band"
iron,-' wagons', agricultural 'implements,
bagging and ties, shingles, laths, har
ness, and belting. He also gets free
Printing presses, typewriters, type
setting machines, and print raper hae
been ranked from the dutiable list.
Olives, macaroni, and prunes will
take greatly reduced duties, and the
boarding house keeper should not
While meats are free, a revenue duty
has been left on cattle, swine, sheep.
and horses. The "near protcctlonlf-t
members of the committee arc sain io manufactured to a large extent In"
The wearers of diamonds and silk
may crpect no reduction in duties. They
belong to the category of those who
use such luxuries as wines and to
bacco, and they will be taxed to the
limit. The Payne rates looked fairly
good to the Democrats when they
reached the schedule, on precious stones.
Shad Prices Soar
Owing to' Scarcity
Shad are scarce, according to deal
ers here. That's the reason they're so
expensKc. There was -a drop the past
woek of roe shad to 73 cents from Jl, and
of buck shad from H0to3 cents, but It
is not expected this will be permanent,
it is declared, because the supply being
taken from the river is so small. Few
shad have been taken from above Mary
land oint. It is explained. Operations
at Windmill Point, on the upper side of
Potomac Creek, were suspended about a
week ago, it is said.
The starting of work at Fairy land
ing. Chapman's Point, and other places
depends, it is said, on how soon the
mud-saturated water settles. It is ex
pected that the haul of the big seines
at Chapman's Point will be started dur
ing the coming week.
ftewlands to Push Bill
For River Regulation
Senator Newlands of Nevada in
tends to push his river regulation anJ
flood prevention bill, which has been
made of special' intcrcSt.tiy .the floods in
the Ohio 'valley, to an early vote.
It creates .a, board y -river regulation,
provides a fund of "lJO.000,000 annually
for ten yearB for the regulation and
cp"trol of .thj flow of navigable rivers
and flood prevention and looks to the
beneficial- use of flood waters rathei
than their waste.
"Secretarv Lane wilt rp$;ommcnd .o
president Wilson, fend 'through hfm.-io
Congress, that river,. and flood control
The "Tbbcw5ti:?r;V$:becji:'liit.byllU' has beerf conferring -with Dr. Aaron
n increase t7?n-'(r&v:6rCriatttlce3A7iTor;sohn,-jmgascd .-reclamation
work, in I'aiesi'ne.
Tir -tAaronsohn recommended that bir
William Wiicocks. who built the As
KnTiti'llam fbr' the British government.
jie consulted about control of- floods in
paste, used xl'rf rtifeOJiam3facturcv..of
nine. "j - 4Vte -'
Despite'' the.-4proestvof r Congrcssma n
Augustus P. Ga,rdDerfand;tK? .Gloucester
free list .fishvfrS.' Smn.kedC pickled,' lie Mississippi and, Ohio valleys.
salted, or otheirw&ey TavrEmoval'ol
the duty ofiUirfourtttMSrJper. 'Snil,.lA I
pouna may-qneapenTtue-rTioayjoinner
and again It:inaVJiopi.v;, &
i nere is wiwiaom1 Krsai u-iii.erence.oi
opinion regkriUngfYtlu' effect the" free
listing of bodts' and shoes will have.
When the tPaync irevUloulsts removed.
the duty frofaftludfcs ahfL-yealherj .tlje
Ultimate Cojrntpr, taklngftls cue.
tjieered threes pquyk He tbrcjv,5away a
fairl good pair ql shocsVifcd Hustled
to tho vlllaJje'staJv expecting to reap
the benefit f frpe hides. Ho -was "soak
ed" in the'symifr olU way.
Manufacturers Protest.
Now the Democrats will remoc the
du: on theffinlshinl prpduct. wMch has
borne a dutv of l?Jand' 13 per cent ad
valorem. Tfie United .States expo'ts lb
Great Uritain. Fiance, and other Euro
pean countries fionv4lfi.OCK3.3iOo to-ls,0.'-0
worth or slices "annually. The inl"
Woman'sDeath Was Due
To Natural Causes
Mrs. J 15. Ttobeisoi.. who whs found
dead in bed at her home. 712 Ulevcnta
street northwest, yesterday, died of
natural causes, according to the certif
icates issued br i oroner Nevltt touav
fol'owing an autopsy and Investigation
Mrs. Itobcrson's death was due to
Urlght's disease, t'ir autopsy showed.
Npw Encland.
On the other hand, NeAv Kngland
wants the free market basket. With
free foodstuffs, it Is hoped the cost of
living can be reduced perceptibly in
the New Kngland mill and manufac
turing towns where the hardships
due to enhanced living costs have
been great. - . " ,
Star Furnishing Company Has
New Attractive White Brick
Front, Wide Windows.
The rapid development of Seventh
streets as a business center is empha
sized iu the establishment of a large
new firm in one of the focal points .in
that thoroughfare the Star Furnishing
Company which just' opened in a new
fl'e-stdrv block at No. POT,.
The store has an attractive white
pressed brick front, with laige display
windows on each floor,, electric el.-vator
service, and ladies' retiring looms on
every' floor.
It has been equipped with a stock of
new furniture, and the president of the
company. M. Goldstein, nas spaie(i no
expense to make it a model establish
ment. John Heiplingcr. who has f"i man
vears been identified with the furniture
i-.usiners in tlis titx. is manager. It .
exported Unit his long experience will
contribute much to the entei prise.
The new structure Is an excellent ev
rmplc of what the modern furliituie
(tore1 should be. and the details of Us
planning have been worked out with the
incorporation of all the latest ideas.
New Army Aviator
Qualifies for Flight
Lieutenant Urercton has qualified as
an army aviator, according to advices
received yesterday Uy Jlajor tus.'ell of
tho Signal Servie. Brcrcton has been
taking the course at the Signal Service
School in San Diego, and has taken a
number of (lights.
Lieutenant Goodier, whose skull was
crushed and whose limbs were para
lyzed in a fall at San Diego a month
ago. lb recuperating rapidly and will ic
sume his 11 lug. soon
The Signal Service Is preparing to
recognize its qualified aviators 1
awarding them a handsome certificate
Htid an appiopriate badge Designs for
both will be maili mhiii by the War
(Continued from I'll -it Page.)
niaircd the suffragette pageant of
March :s. 'Inc women have no fear.
The ate swooping down upon Sena
tors and Congressmen In a cause that
has had theli closest attention, their
heaiticst work for months. It Is a
nation-wide appeal that the National
Government iccognlze the grow :ng try
that uonien have a nart In making
the laws that govcin all alike.
Countess At Head.
Countess Joseph Glzycka inav head
t'lis band of anient women, although
she will not be strictly a inaishal.
since the women do not regard this
unique procession as a parade.
Arrived at the Capitol, the women
will be met by a delegation of Mem
bers of Congress, who will cseoit them
to the Senate galleiy, reserved especial
ly for them. .
Each member of the army will bear a
petition from "back home." To Sena
te rs and Congressmen the women will
hand these petitions, but woe unto the.
i ation's laws the laws that these seir
Ikscs to accept It. The petition will bo
left o:i a table and transferred to the
lecalcitrant member, but that is not
i.ll. The inessengei3 fioni home will sc
to It well that -the n-ws ot this re
nu.bl gets back to his constituents
TI.ey will see to it, likewise, that these,
constituents remember the slight to the
suffrage came when it e-omes time to
vote again for Congressional berths.
Scramble for Places.
Tickets have been given to the mareh
ers. There is a scramble to get in.
Hundreds of .ndcnt advocates of suf-
fiage want the. little slips that give
tlicin admission, but the Senate cannot
admit more than the marchers. The
enly bars placed on this demonstration
are that the women shall leave their
music at tne Peace Monument, and drop
their banners before they enter the dig
nified chambers wherein are madu the
nation's laws the laws that these sell
same women tyopc some day to have
a l.aiid in forming. r
Miss Alice Paul, chairman of the Con
gicssional suffragette committee, scion
of a quiet Quaker family. Is organizer
of this "mesenger-from-honie" demon
stration. Her plans have been Irfld'wltli
the consummate skill of a real general,
just as were her plans for the pageant,
packing her In this icmarkable propa
gtlda are wornen in all stations of life
trom those of highest social standing
to women, wlote Incomes are made In
the work of their hands and brains.
Speakers at ilic jnass meeting In tho
Columbia Theater will Include: Mrs.
Be-atrice Forbes Robertson Hale, a
niece of Foibcs Robertson, the actor:
-Mrs. -James Leeds Laidlaw. auditor of
the National American v owan Suffrage
Acsc-ciatlon and wife of the president of
the National Men's As-soeiation . for
.Woman Suffrage, and Miss Janet Ric.i
aids, of WaFhlr.gton. Miss Alice Paul
Wlil p: reside.
Mrs- ltn.v Ware Dennett, secretary:
of the National Aiptrican Woman .Suf
irase Association, will bo the principal
speaker .t an outdoor meeting to bs
held after the petitions have been de
livered. Other speakers v-ill be Mrs.
Owen Kiidare, Mrs. Marv Beard, of
New York: Mis Lucy limns, of Brook
lyn, and Mrs. Nina K. Allcnder
cloud, which regarded them as a pub
lic, advertised show, and which, in part,
at le-ast. was known to resent their
presence at that time and in that way"
These statements form a portion of
the ciiticism by Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge,
president o flhe ussoclaton opposed to
U uman Suffrage, of the recent suffrage
paiade here. The criticism forms part
of an editorial written by Mrs. Dodge.
In a recent issue of "The Woman's Pro
test." Mrs. Dodse condemns in emphatic
terms the "tactics" employed In the
parade of March 3. Mrs. Dodge de
plores tile "advertising" given to the
pageant through "announcements that
women In classic draperies, with bare
feet, would dance on the steps of the
Treasury building." "Young girls of
fourteen vears distributed literature on
the streets and accosteel men with re
quests to wear their colors."
Congress Reserves 150
Seats in Gallery for
Women of Big Pageant
First official lecognltlon of what is
hoped to Le "the h'storic" advance on
the National Capitol tomoriow was
taken with the Invitation exle-ndcd by
members of Congress to loaders of tl-e
marchers to occupy places n the gallery
of -the lloue at the opening of the
It had been Intended to iiurvh on M'e
Capitol, to enter 'the rotunda, present
the petition, "Jo turn rlaht mound and
walk right out- again," but this is not
to be. Suffiagc leaders heie contrast
the tttltudc ot the American gentlemen
with that of the Englishmen in this ic
gard. '
One hundred and lift..- choice seats
have been provided, for tltvj fair ladlec;
it' Is said, at least invitations have been
received for that number, .:o IV) of the
women will be drawn away from the
demonstration before Its return.
"It'a all too lovely for anything. "
they say. I'nfot tnuately the Invitation
does n'A specify who are- to I.e the 1J0,
and it maj "be there will be some rivalry
as to who arc entitled to scats.
London Trembles in Constant
Expectation of Outbreak and
Lull Is Ominous.
Countess Gizycka to
Be in Suffrage March
Against Capitol Monday
Massachusetts Women
Will Join March of
Suffragists to Capitol
Ml. Ellen Wethcrell. writer and lec
turer, and Mrs. Susana W. Berry,
trustee of the Massachusetts State
Asylumn for Feeble Minded Children,
both of Lynn, Mass., will represent the
Seventh Congressional district of
Massachusetts In the march on the
Capitol, to be carried out Monday.
Messages from suffragist organization
in their district and petitions from the
women there will be presented by these
delegate to the Massachuetts Con
gressmen. Mrs. Beir was one of the original
suffragists of the old Bay State and
was a prominent figure In the suffrage
pageant here March 3.
Countess Gizvcka. daughter of Mrs.
Rol.ert Patteison. will be one of the
marchers in the "Advance on t'le Cap
itol," tomoriow. The countess Is the
niece of Mrs. Robert McCormlck, of
CUIca;o, and will carry a petition from
Illinois women to present to Illinois
Other" piommeiit women who will
maw-h with the procession include Miss
Tdargarct Fisner, daughter of former
Secretary of the Interior Fisher: Miwj
Helen Hughes, a professor at Wellcsly
Collie- in. J. A. rircckons, superin
tendent of public schools, at Cneyenne.
AVy.': Mrs. Robert La Foilette. Mrs
John Nelson. Mis Henrietta Lvman. a
prominent clcrgman of WvomliiRi
Mrs. Lucian Smith, of Huntington.
vY. Va.. and Mrs. Pauline Ail-.ms; pres
ident o the Norfolk Suffrage Spcioty.
who was one ot the Pilgrims- making
the "nlkc" from New York to Wash
ington last winter.
LONDON. April 6.-A1I Kngland fair
ly trembled today over the activities
of the militant suffragettes. Sunday is
believed to be the omlnus lull before
the real storm. Cathcring breath, the
suffragists committed lio fresh out
rages during the daytime hours, but
reasons existcj for believing that
under cover of darkness tonight or to
morrow night, additional acts of vio
lence greater in extent of damage and
larger In number will be committed.
That the number of guards everywhere
was doubled today gives no sense or
security, but actually increases the
t'p and down the right ot wav
of the railroads are paring armed
guards. All around ; thousands ot
buildings, march guards.witli lanterns.
No owner of an isolated countrv home.
-parilCqlarly an untenanted one. but
wuat iears tils building will be .the
nc.!t object of 'attention Yrom the nut
Tht hunger-strike; policy of the. 'im
prisoned suffrage leaders has not been
met by Minister McKenna's plan of re
mitting sentence. It Is felt. To let" a
woman nearly starved to death outor
prison to reCupjrate a little and 'the?n
Jo put her back where sh wllFinstantly
go on hunger-srike again. Is. felt fp be
"bur a -prolonging of the farcical break
down of 6rdinary methods in the case
of thes? women. ObviousI,- the govern
ment cannot afford to make martrs or
them or to let them make martyrs ot
themselves. Forcible feeding has failed
to rolvc the problem.
Washington Officers Deny
Knowing More About Affair
Than Port Collectors.
Treasury officials todav were startled
at "reports, coming to them from Ros
ton as to the extent and duration of
the sleeper-trunk swindling frauds per
petrated tigalrist the customs In Boslo
and-New Yoik. The -thorough organi
zation of the swindlers are what made
effective tho frauds. It is stated, the
volume of which is deeiarcd to reach a
big figure.
Ar.other repoit not at all authenti
cated stirred Treasurv officials even
more. This was an intimation from
Boston that officials of the Treasury
Department here had been rnoie or le-ss
cognizant of the frauds dutlng .he Tafi
Administration. Intimation that of
ficials of the Government are involvctl
met with white-hot. elenials .from Treas
urv men totlay.
Although Treasury officials not sta
tioned iij.' Washington have been ,an:
ore being -summoned before the special
grand jury In Boston, no vVashington
man "h likely to be called, it is statctt.
Not even liquidations of duties take
place here, and' original payments or
tilings of bond are done in larger porta
of entry than this In most cases, anc
In all the cases where the sleeper
trunks were worked and the Govern
ment cheated of all duty.
The summoning of a large number o
women before the grand lury from var
ious parts of the East will be a feature
of the proceedings this week. What
their connection with the frauds Is
none is willing to state, although many
can and, do gucs3 easily.
Confusion of Names Scare's
Man in Baltimore Almost
Out of His Right:M.ndr .
BALTIMORE. April ft Another .'Sam
my" has been discovered, and tlie
other "Sammy." who -was very muah
agitated when he learned that a mar
riage license had been issued. In the
names of himself and his sweetheart,
was delighted todav to Icarrtrthat ite
is not to lose his best girl. "- .
But there Is the greatest confusion
in names since Shakespeare delighted
In tangling the Identities of the char
acters In his comedies. '
Samuel a. Landsman, of Baltimore,
ha-, a sweetheart in Washington. a
Mls. Mary Coplln. ( .
Samuel A. Landsman, of Washlnjaon.
has a sweetheart In Baltimore, a yisa
Marv Coplin. and thev arc to be mar
ried In Baltimore this afternoon. ."
When the license appeared in tho
papers ytstcrday. Samuel, of Baltlniore.
was besieged lj relatives and friend
who congratulated him upon his foort
luck in -getting a fine wife. As no an
nouncements had been sent out. the
well wishers gi the young man sup
pesd ft had been a case of elopement.
Samuel, of Baltimore, was wholly
innocent of having" obtained a llcenw;
or of Intending to wed at this particu
lar time. If anybody is to be marri!n
It must be another 'Sammy." he ex
plained to the license clerk.
He didn't know whether a joke vtas
being perpetrated on him or wheti$r
somebody- using his name, had run off
and married his best girl. He spent
manv restless, uneasy hours trying to
solve the problem, and he went to bed
last night with the puzzle still agitating
his perplexed brain.
Business women of the District who
favor woman suffrage have been
formed into a separate organlzatiop,
to be knowti as the Business Woman-'s
Suffrage" Association' of Wusliington.
Announcement of the 'completion of
the organization was made today".
Officers for the new organization
are as follows: Mrs. J. B. .Newman,
president: -Miss G. It. McAllister, vice
president. Mrs. M. L. Brooke, secrc
tarv. and Miss Catherine M. Lewis,
treasurer. Mrs. M. K. Brooke. Mrs.
D. Mellen and Mrs. G. It. McAllister
were appointed a committee to pre
sent -a constitution and by-laws for
consideration at the next meeting,
which will be held April 17.
Miss Lucy Burns, vice chairman of
the congressional committee of the
National American Woman Suffrage
Association here was the principal
Woman Editor Scores
Suffragettes Who Took .
Part in March Parade
Day after day tne sarnVhird routine.
'So chance for rt. Fa rteta.-
It trengthens the nerves and builds
S Wut 14U SI..I.T. person or by mail.
Your Eyes Need Proper At
tention Don't Strain Them
IF von suffer fr.om eye-strain headache, nervousness, brain fa
tigue sleeplessness, dizziness, spots floating before the eves
leters run together when nailing, etc.. come to me.
My method of correctlnr the eyes without the use of drops has
proven a wonderful success, and Is Indoised by hundreds of proml
nent Washlngtonisins who have been permanently relieved fioni
thcli eye suffering: ionsuUatlon free, chaiges reasonable
;iani-M l'urnlbrd. Sl.nn nml up.
i:.'C-lcht perlali. 1-0T1 ti Mrerl Nnrlhvirx!
"The publu streets are not a pioper
place foi women and .voting girls to
make themselves conspicuous.
"Fvery possible means of advertising
the suffrage ciiuse thremgh the ex
ploitation of yeiung women was used to
attract the attention of the public.
"Many women needlessly put them
selves In a position where they incited
the comment and criticism of a street
Mary T. Goldman's
Gray Hair Restorer
v will bring back the
orlKlnal color to gray
-.nil faded hair and
will leave the hair
c-Ieiin, fluffy and
V natural.
On hand at all
'- dcnlcrx: or di
nes 1" S Pat ofilee rcct from labora
tory, express prepaid, on receipt of
$1.00. Kree trial bottle and ceimb
sent for five 2c stamps to cover post
age and packing. Be sure and tell in
original color of your hair ( IS)
KUryT.Goldman.Goidman Bldg ,St.PuMinn.
MKL .zAta
REff Vs.1TX
Mbhb AaX :
The. World's finest
Christian Xander's
Virginia Ports
Only at
909 Seventh Street
We will make SUP COVERS g
for Five Piece Parlor Suites I T
Absolutely FREE of Charge
providing you buy the goods of us, at PER YARD
Till al o Includes iiitinir 'lewinc.
.mil l.ipe with no ihaige .u all foi
Our Itrnmni foi o loin i- to keep
eiur entile force "constantly ernploje-d
I'osltivelj mi connection with anv
other linn in this city
We hive just reeelved a large sliip
miii ir Belgium IMiuasK, affording
vim a belter selection.
I'lvr-plrer pnrlor hultr. ItciipliiilMtrr
ril anil He- I'ovrrril in Tnirtlr. or
clour, cslng silk ion! and gimp, new
npilngs vvhcie nccessaiv;
flames lepollshcd like
new. ri:i:i: ii:i.ivi:k.
Tins work oidiiiiirlly costs 11H. It
vmi h.iw anv furniliii-i to he reup
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i hi k
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U. S. Upholstery & Slip Cover Gompany
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.'Or Mtk Mile
Black, white, tan
and gray Mercer
ized Silk. J-clasP
gloves, silk em
broidered back3.
1.00 Un: Silk
Black and ,whlte
long 1 - button
Mouxquetalre Silk
Gloves: dou"ble
finger tips. All
Brat 91.00 Kid.
All $1.00 Import
cd French Clloves,
with SiPOint em-.
broidery backs
and sussetsd tlnsr
ers. Tan. white.
black, and gray.
The Suit Opportunity
of your, life
time is here
iin linings ana
AH $15.00 Suits :.
Plain shades of all-wool
storm serge and stylish
two-loned Bedforel Cord
Suits, made In the popular
short, semifltted S-buttoned,
man-tailored styles. With
warranted satin linings and
uress suicided.
All colors.
CIos,ns price.
Suits Worth to $20
Handsomest of Spring
Suits In rich shades or tan..
Kniy. light. aifrTiiflafk blue
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garments, wltiv-irttrantelrs,'
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els, heavily silk- lined and
finished In a maimer to
compare with JC?.i cor-
$15.00 Cream Serge
Fourteen suits of all-wool
line French Serse. Strictly
man-tailored garments with
man-tailored coat with
heavy cream satin lining.
ISicast and hip pockets and.
mannish re-
vcrs. Closing
Wonderful Silk Dresses
Actu.il $s..0 value of fancy figured silk foulard In
handsome light blue and dark blue, green, tan.
brown, and black colorings. I-ace and ,
silk braid trimmed. Robespierre anil"
high neck models
$2.50 Linene Dresses
Iivcniler. light and dark blue and tan linene and
ehambrav Presses. Stylish Dutch neck fctyle, 'wl'h
Robespierre collar and vest o: malclicu
ratine and pearl button trim-mcil
Timely Sale of Muslin
v' 'JSK SkEvt
$1.50 and $2.00
K n t I're comfclnatlou-
.madeof expensive eye- j
let '-embroidery, with ! QVf
ribbon belt at walif.flOv
Sample pieces worth to j . .
1100 J ;
$1.50 Colored and
White Princess Sfipa
I'ink. blue. Iavender.-
yellow, and white slips
wnn yoscs ana ssin f
trimmed with linen
lace; handsome styles.. J
i .
50c 7-inch Embroidery'Ruffle Drawers
Kntire rir files of blind, "fine Swiss em
broidery headed with five tucks; body of
good -quality -muslin
35c Corset Covers
Of good quality naln
seH)k. w Ith wide yoke of
lace and crrbroid-
er run through
vvlih ribbon
$1.25 Pettisoats
With lS-lnch ruffle of all
over embroidery, headed
with b a n d of
matched cmbroid-l
cry Inserting.
15c Child's Muslin Drawers
" Made of Knglish Cambric. oft and free from
starch, with French bands, worked button I
holes, and line tucked legs. All
$1.50 Colored Mercer
ized Silk Petticoats
llreen. Xcll Koc. Copen
hagen. Navy nine. Gray.
Tan. Garnet, and
Black; lustrous ,
ilk - finished ln-
$5.00 Taffeta Silk
Choice of our best heavi
est quality Chiffon Silk
Petticoats: deep corded and
shcereel ruffle
finished, with "'
dust ruffle.
: cuiucu auu
Best Selected Line, Biggest Variety, and Greatest of Waist Values
SOi- nml T.-ic
Walntx. t
Idle embioid
erv trim m e il
lawns ami 10I
orcd madras and
gingham Waists;
small lots of dis
continued lines
or slightly
mussed. Clear-
ance OQ7, '
I -l W
I JJt IlivT
t Itoliesplcrrc
W bit c Silk
Cordcd C heck
Madras of fine
sheer q 11 a 1 i t y,
made in tlie new
It o b e s p I e r re
models. w ith
breast pocket and
pearl button trim
med; also silk
cmbrdlderi .VQ
waists. .. ,
Fl.iT. l.nce and
Hands ei 111 c
Waists of sheer
India linen, in
high or low neck
styles, entire
front licautlfully"
silk-, embroidered
and lace Inser
.tloiied. it u-t t o n
front or 7Q
back VKt
J.IIO ullcn and
t.ln-crie HaluK
K U i s i t e
Waists of linen
French voile and
silk lingerie in
over 3) wondcr
fullv handsome
models to select
from, including
extra vagantly
lace, ribbon, ami
embroidery tlrm
med models, or
the popular tail
ored style with
rio w I n g QCf
neck Jabot VO,
SXJTM Ml-uvcr
I. ace Wnlxtn.
Dainty stylish
Waists of soft,
cleg ant quality
lace, made- over
silk foundation.
1'obesplerre mod
els, with collars
a n d cuffs of
mescaline sntin.
: si.79
95.00 ChlfTon
nml MIL. Walsti.
Vqrv latest Z
toueil Ch 1 f f o n
Waists. Made
over silk, with
vest anil collar
of fine all-over
lace. Inserted
within Persian
bands, and large
round pearl but
ton trimmed. Our
besC J3.0O Mcssa
'Hne - Satins in
cluded In tJO QQ
this lot. J0
Buy Your Boy's Suit New
at These
Special 'Prices
Suits .'
I-'et color." plain
shades, a. n -l
s'rltipd gingham
and L'-iiloit-Linen
Suits for loy r
to 'S v-ears 1 ni
ton on tile side,
high-. ctjtrft 1-st vte"
m vullol'
collar A
model 1-it
$1.25 Pure
Linen Suits
I' r e. natural
limn and vvnite.
blue.- and - tan
ll.vde Grtule Lin
en in sailor and
milltarv stj le.
with contracting
'10I01 iiaiideii.i-ol--lar.
cuffs -and'
belt, everv
oloi- and '7Qr,
size I 'V.
$2 and $2.50 Suits
W'ai ranted fust olor. 'Ilvde Grmle"
(l.il.ili.t Suits, in dozens of hand
some t itrlpcs nil plain i-olni-s;
braid en iilk emblem trimmed s.ii
m 01 button Ide sivlc model
vlur (o I ..il
-N "
3 A .-ste
Take Advantage of This Kimono and
House Dress Sale $
$1.50 House Dresses
v,u'nc I'tileh. oi high
neck nli- of coulcl. strip-i-d
and i lieo oil. and lain
i oloi g.nli.uns and inad
.. Trimiiied in tef srap-
, ping... u. c-iiiire'iiicieii. or
plain t.ul'iird moilels.
Z I to IK size ..
i i s M
. it
$1.00 Kimonos
Ki.'bi-iiider.v or laic trim
med '"lenih Hatlstc Shoit
Kimonos, with xquaie m V
s t.lleil neck- . Iirlf'd
ihlrred waist
luriis . ..
ft "V
50c Kimonos
I'M-ltv floral d
ood iiii.iIMv
Kiinoniis. Iliads
siiuare IhiIuIi
rtiul In Ited
waist band
1..1VV !
25c Lawn Kimonos
Neatly made l-awn
Kimonos in pretty
flow ered patterns;
Nightingale stvle. with
nibiuidercd 1 1 i
scalloped edges LJ.C
75c Play Suits
r;i i ' iu.ii.-n ''mts of washable
Miki. has feathered headpiece
iiingt ttlnievings. t to AGg
I" vcars TtvIV
- 1
tt'- 4SemiAc&:&iHi' ! S n&L'- -

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