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4 V
r; w. c. ,
Officers of Association Believe
Its Knowledge of Immigrants
Will Be Big Aid.
W. Oscar Roome, of Washington, Is Called as Rector of Ana
costia Episcopal Parish to Succeed the Rev.
W. G. Davenport.
CHICAGO. April 10 Andrew SIler
son, president of the Chicago branch of
the Norwegian-Danish Young "Women's
Christian Association, today wired New
York officers of the organization to
take up the search for the twenty Im
migrant girls who disappeared from a
Baltimore and Ohio train en route from J
liew York to Chicago, more than three
Greeks ago, and are "believed to hae
(alien Into the clutches of white-slai crs.
Silverson declared that he did not
Clean to criticise the Federal ofticlals
or officers of tho Baltimore and Ohio
-Tallroad who rennrterl nno ui im
""l "ey were unaoie to find any trace Kev. Mr. Davenport, who was named
v i e m,sslnS Eirls, but that I last night as rector emeritus. The new
xne officers of the association in New i rector is to have complete charge The
. . s . turn up some clues because Rev. Mr. Davenpoit and wife, who oc-
f their Wide armin(ntnnr nmnncr Im. I Cllm- tho phurh rprtnrtt In fnrtl irl-...
, -... uinutlQ .... - - . ---.... . , ... .....,(; at1
X have
W. Oscar Iloome, an assistant at St.
Stephens." Protestant Episcopal Church,
in Washington, has been called to the
rectorship of the Emmanuel P. E. par
ish, in Anacostla. to succeed the Kev.
Willard G Davenport, whose resigna
tion was accepted last night at a meet
ing of the vestr.vmen, Mr. Roomo has
been henrd in the pulpit of Emmanuel
Church recently, and It is believed that
his acceptance of the call is assured.
He will be asked to take charge of the
parish about June 1.
The effect of the chance In rectors
will be the virtual retirement of the
ment. as the rector had Indicated his
course some time ago His advanced
age and the Increasing duties of the
parish are named as the reasons
The retiring clergvman is nearly
seventy ears old and for nearly twenty-six
ears has served as rector In
Anacostla. He founded several mis
sions, which have grown to small
Miss Zelpha Contner Receives
$1,250 in Settlement of
Damage Action.
P.OCKVILLE. JId. April '10. The
case of Miss Zeloha Contner. of
Washington, against the Capital Trac
tion Companj. wh'cli was set for trial
in the circuit court here yesterday, was
dismissed by order of the plaintiff's
attorney, and It was stated thai, a corn-
parishes now. caused church property j promise had been effected whereby Miss
Ball Room at the Raleigh
Crowded Engineers' Band
Will Play Tonight.
to be greatly Improved and had tne
assistance of wealthy New York people
In the development of his plans. Mr.
Roome, his successor, will not be or
dained until Trinity Sunday. He is
married and is a voung man.
8Qme TlAnr InfftT-TnfttlrtM lint
.may neip me mv estlgators," said Silver
son. U will give it to C. G. DeAVoody,
pf the Federal Department of Justice,
today, and request him to have Federal
authorities in Pennsylvania use every
ijiobxw 10 nna some clue by which the
whereabouts of the girls may be
Another Letter.
Receipt of another letter from a grief
Btrlcken relative of one of the missing
Clrla stirred officers of the Young Wom
an's Christian Association to action to
day. This letter came from Jlrs. Emma
Peterson, of Grenshaw, Pa., another
relative or Anna Bachman, an eighteen-year-old
Danish girl whose failure to
reach Chicago started the Investigation.
Mrs Peterson begged Silverson to urge
Federal officials not to let the investi
gation drop. She said she had communi
cated with all the known relatives of
the missing Bachman girl who reached
New York on March 17, and started for
Chicago and that none of them had
learned her fate.
" Will Not Guess.
"I do not want to even hazard a
cuess as to the fate of the girls," said
Silverson. "I would not Increase the
Xear and the anxiety that their rela
tives now suffer. But, apparently, they
have -vanished as 'completely as if they
were swallowed. It is more than three
ueelis now since they disappeared. Had
any one of them arrived safely at her
destination it Is practically certain that
her relatives would have reported to
the authorities when the newspapers
printed stories of their disappearance."
Silverson Is particularly interested in
tho disappearance of the ounc Bach
man girl, because her relatives In Den
mark intrusted her to the care of the
Norweeian-Danlsh Youne Women's
Christian Association, she reached "New
York on the morning of March. 17,
aboard the steamer Baltic, according to
information obtained by officers of the
association here.
avenue, will be provided with arother
home. It Is the Intention of the t,eonlo
of the parish to have a house erected
for them. The site will be in Maple
View avenue.
The resignation of the Rev. Mr.
Davenport was presented formally last
evening for the first time. It was nc
cepted without any division of senll-
Seven additional cases of speeding on
the part of automoblltts bound to and
from the Marlboro race track were
recorded last evening at the Anacostli
police station, making seventeen cades
within the last several days.
The speeding became so dangerous
jesterday evening that the police of
the Fifth precinct were calld upon to
take a hand at the Pennsjlvanla avenue
bridge, on the Washington side, "where
some narrow escapes from being In- j
jwcu wcic icuueu uy uiizcns. to
day blcjcle policemen will be assigned
to this point.
Contner received II 2.7) In settlement.
The case was tried In the circuit court
here last March and Miss Contner wax
given Judgment for $2,000, but the court
of appeals set the verdict asiuc
The case grew out of an accident at
Chevy Chase, about eighteen months
ago. Miss Contner alleged that a buggy
In which she and "Cy" Cummlngs were
riding was struck by a. car of the com
pany and that she was thrown out and
badly Injured. Miss Contner Is an em
ploye of the Bureau of Engraving and
Appeals to Uncle Sam
To Help Lift Mortgage
Postmaster General Burleson fought
off offlceseekers and officeseekers' Con
gressional friends yesterday long enough
to gare with mingled feelings at a letter
orougni 10 nis attention, xne letter
bore the address. "Uncle Sam, head of
ine I'osioince .Department."
"Pear Sir," the inclosure ran, "I
don't know your name, but they call
jou Uncle Sam "
The letter, illegibly written and Ihis
spelled, was a plea for help against a
mortgage about to bo foreclosed. The
writer told of his great age, his invalid
wife, and his ill health. The letter, all
who saw it declared, was not the work
of a professional beggar, but of an ig
norant and most unfortunate old man.
Commission Suspends
Railroad Schedules
Lecture on Monticello
By Mrs. Littleton
"The True Story of Monticello." will
be td'd by Mrs. Martin W. Littleton, in
av lecture in commemoration of Jeffer
'bn' birthday In the little "ballroom of
-the-New Willard, next Sunday afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
The lecture will be illustrated with
Ctereopticon views. The Jeffcrson-Mon-
tlcello memorial petitions addressed to
Congress with the signatures of repre-
The Interstate Commerce Commission
today suspended operation of schedules
until July 17 in what is known as the
Bangor and Aroostock case. The sus
pended schedules proposed to cancel
joint-through-class and commodity J
rates from and to stations on the Ban
gor and Aroostock railroad on ship
ments routed via the Maine Central
railroad. A hearing will be held before
the date on which the suspension order
Besides the Bangor and Aroostock,
which is the complalntant, the roa-ls
concerned are the Buffalo, Rochester
and Pittsburgh, the Texas Pacific and
the Norfolk and Western.
Government Men Attend
Drainage Conference
A. M. McLachlen, president of the
McLachlen Banking Corporation; M. O.
Lelghton. chief hydrographer of the
Geological Survey: C. G. Elliott, chief
jof the drainage bureau of the Agricul
tural .Department, and A. D. Morehouse,
engineer in the Department of Agricul
ture, are in St. Louis representing the
District of Columbia at the third Na
tional Drainage Congress, which began
its sessions today.
Clarence I. Blanchard and Dr. Llewel
lyn joraan were also named delegates
by the Commissioners, but were unable
to attend.
The congress will consider the cratlon
of a national drainage commission who
have power and means for draining
75,000,000 acres of swamp lands In the
United States.
David R- Francis, former governor of
Missouri, is president of the congress,
and Edmund T. Perkins, of Chicago,
who had many years' experience In the
Reclamation Service, is chairman of the
executive committee.
The Rev. Frank M. Richardson, pas
tor of the SI. E. Church South, of
ficiated at the marriage at his house
here yesterday of Howard M. Mc
DanieL of Gera, Va.. and Miss Eva V.
Lee, of King George Courthouse, Va.
Claude R. Hawkins, of Etchlson, this
county, and M!s Effle Beatrice Howes,
of Howard county, were married in
Rockville yesterday, the officiating
mlrlster being tho Itev. Samuel It.
White, of the Baptist Church
Keene and Koons to
Go to Boston Convention
Carter B. Keene; Inspector General
of the Postofflce Department, and John
C. Koons. chelf of the division or sal
aries and allowances, will go to Bos
ton today to attend the convention
. rt.tmnetore of VeTL- Wnfrlnnd Thp
eentatlve men and women from all over! i. ere derlsrnated" todav by the Potsmas-
the country, will also be exhibited at ter General as official representatives
the lecture. I ot the department.
Col. Goethals Narrowly
Escapes Unique Honor
Col. George W. Goethals. builder of
the Panama canal, narrowly missed an
honor that has never before been con
ferred by the United States Govern
ment. The fact that the colonel Is
very much alive Is all that made neces
sary a hurried altering of plans.
It had been proposed by Treasury of
ficials to put Colonel Goethals' portrait
on the new issue of $10,000 Panama
canal bonds, and such action had been
decided upon, when Treasury officials
suddenly discovered that .the law for
bids the portrait of a living man upon
the currency or Government bonds.
Jerseyites Visit Wilson.
Senator Martine of New Jersey, head
ed a delegation of Newark citizens to
the President yesterday. They asked the
.Executive to ravor tne establishment of
a new customs house in Newark.
IV. Frank Richetts and W. Vincent
Magrudcr have been appointed by the
courity commissioners as road super
visors of Rockvi'le and Betheada dis
tricts, respectively. Each will have
charge of all repair work on the roads
In his district.
County Commissioner Hazel W. Cash
ell will not be renominated without op
position, as was generally supposed.
Odorlan W. Robey. a farmer or coiea
vllle district, has announced his in
tention of seeking the Democratic nom
ination, and a lively fight between tho
two is expected.
Mrs Jessie Coleman Roberts has
filed suit in the circuit court here for
an absolute divorce from William A.
Roberts, charging Infidelity and naming
a co-respondent. The couple,, accord
ing to the bill, were married In Septem
ber 1905. and lived together until the
following March. They are first
cousins. Roberts Is said to have !ert
the State.
Citizens' Association
Indorses Lancaster
By forwarding to the White House
a letter indoislrtg Col. Charles C. Lan
caster for membership on the board
of District Commissioners, the Citi
zens' Northwest Suburban Association
has placed an official seal on his can
Resolutions Indorsing Colonel Lan
caster were adopted at the last meet
ing of the association, or vvnicn ne
is the president.
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Train
Service has been restored between Cin
cinnati and Chicago via C. & O. of In
diana R R. Tickets are now sold
thrnnirh from Washington to Chicago
I and beyond. Adv t.
Hello, Central Give Me the Royal!
am?-.-' rc' zaw rmr .i.iriiwr
J Js"Esj ,-aE-VVBBfri i tr9W&fPPtitr l
!u vSrS-i4- w'sH a.YvAa"alB"a"M:''
Hi BRt- ji v- zfi! s"3&r,flK3sHHMH
This great building the general offices of the Royal
Typewriter Company holds the answer to YOUR
particular "Typewriter Problem," no matter what it is!
Our branch office in your city will serve you with the
same courtesy. In half a minute you can save yourself
time and money by calling us up and asking for:
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f Tjt JV.K "V
Royal Typewriter Building
364-366 Broadway, New York
Washington Branch,
1 1315 New York Avenue N. W.
150.000 satisfied Roval users, from the in
dividual Uber to the lareest corDorations and business
houses, will tell .you the Royal has improved their service.
They will advise YOU to
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Scores of old and oung arc attending
the bazaar for the benefit of the Episco
pal Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, in
the ball room of. the New Raleigh
Hotel. Practically the entire ball room
space has been demoted to the bazaar
and is a bower of flowers and artistic
decorations. Tonight the Engineer
Band will furnish the dance music, and
a large number of young society folic
are expected to attend for the dancing
alone. Last night the Fort Myer Band
played, and many couples glided over
the floor in one and two-steps, partlcu
Jarly the former.
The bazaar opens at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, and will close at 10 o'clock
tonight. Tho following women have
charge of the arrangements:
Fancy tables are in charge of Mrs.
W. T. Glover. Mrs. John McDonald.
Mrs. E. M. Talcott. and Miss Semple
Pettis. Cake tables are conducted by
Miss Fannie Gllllss, Mrs. E. J. 8tell-
wagen, Mrs. William De Vries, Mrs.
"William H. Fox, and Mrs. William M.
Dove. Those in charge of the candy
tables are Mrs. Joseph R. Johnson, Mrs.
Jesse B. K. Lee, Mrs. E. M. Mix. Mrs.
A. C Fenton, and Mrs. Faber Steven
son. Mrs. Frank Hume, and Miss
Emma W. Abbott arranged for the sale
of flowers. Those in charge of the mys
tery table are Miss Elizabeth Chew,
Mrs. Charles E. Buck, Mrs. James H.
Talor, Miss Henrietta Harding. Mrs.
Henry B. Munn, Miss R. Isabel Sl
monds. and Mrs. William B. TrotL
Mrs. W. M. Steuart will conduct an
apron table. The refreshments arc
tinder tho supervision , of Miss Mary
Armstrong Mason, Mrs. J. B. Burnslde.
Mrs. E. Roome. Mrs. Corbln Birch, and ,
Mrs Julia IT. Tompkins.
A noeity In "the gooo that lavs the
golden egK" will be conducted by Mr?. I
W. B. Trott, MIm Gall, and Miss Lane. ,
Mrs. C. B. Hoppln and Miss Phlllls Sny
der will have charge of the arrange- J
menta for the music and dancing. The
supper committee consists of the follow-
Ing: Mrs. Emory J. Bentley. Mrs. E.
M. Mix, Mrs. H. Walbiidce, Mrs. C. B. I
Hoppln. Mrs. Corbln Birch. Mrs. Fred
erick R. Roberts. Mrs. Hacker, Mrs. '
Harry N. Moss. Mrs. John Paul Earn
est. Mns. William M. Doe. Mrs. J. L.
Parsons. Jr., Mrs. J. B. Burnslde. Mrs.
Thomas J. Jones, Mrs. H. W. Oltutt.
Mrs. Henry, Mrs. B. Ross. Mrs. O. B.
Jiagruaer, and Misses - Swormstedt,
Soper. Alico E. Edwards. Semple, Pettis,
and Glorvlna B. Gordon. Mrs. Will
lam M. Dove and Mrs. Faber Stevenson
have charge of the tickets and public
ity, respecthely.
Burleson Defends
Award of Contract
Postmaster General Burleson filed an
answer in the District Supreme Court
yesterday to the suit of B. F. Cummins
r- tf, ....,..., outlet" v )jtt;vcib lite
award of contracts to furnish tho can
celling machines under terms reached
claimed by the plaintiff that the Gov-
ernmeiii wuuia lose iuu.uiiu ir tne con
tracts were awarded, but Mr. Burleson
uifcra iiuu u saving oi d,0 19 will oe
accomplished. It is further claimed by
Mr. Burleson that a committee can
vassed the merits of the case, and de
cided that the awards contemplated
were Justified.
W. C. T. U. Convention
Opened in Petworth
The quarterly convention of the
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
met this morning- at 10:30 at the
First M. E. Church. Petworth, Eighth
and Shepard streets northwest. The
meeting was called to order by Mrs.
Emma Sanford Shelton. president of
the association.
Strong and Active at 73
rronwMnt man or uarserton,
' O., general manager of the local
Humane Society, cannot praise
Daffy's enough as a medicine to
keeo the old nealthy, active, and
aagood spirits.
"I think and know that Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey is the thing,
especially for old people. I know
its worth. I keep it in my .house
all the time and would not be
without it, as I think it a God's
blessing. I am 73 and healthy
and hearty. You wouldn't think
me over sixty, perhaps not that old.
I am a veteran of the Civil War.
I have been in the Humane So
ciety for the' past ten years and
, expect to remain ten years more if
I live than long. By the help of
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey this
should be easy." A. B. Ackerman, Barberton, Ohio.
Mr. Ackerman's experience is similar to that of thousands of men and
women who nave Been brought bacK xo a siaie oi it"" j "
ine Duffy's Pure Malt Whisker as directed. Many
learn Its jrreat medicinal value first from their own
family doctors. Others read the testimonials of tnosj
who are so grateful to Duffy's -that they wish to. aid
fellow sufferers by wriUntr of their good fortune In
using this pure malt whiskey.
"Be anr yon set Potty Vfm Tellable."'
Sold In SEALBD BOTTLES ONLY by most drug
gusts, grocers and dealers, at $1.00 a large bottle. Our
doctors will send you advice free, together with a
valuable Illustrated medical bccklet on request.
The Daffy 31 nit talskey Co, Rochester, X. Y.
-T v-yitJBh?N.
vJjJHH :P3bssbbBsbbBsbW
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Spring Needs at Low Prices
A S we have pointed out in previous announcements,
-" the best time to buy is when the store is not crowd
ed with customers. You are served more promptly
you have a better choice, and you are sure of immedi
ate delivery- These specials will please you.
Everybody Wants a Brass Bed
They axe handsome. They need no polishing. They axe sanitary. They are elegant
So long as these beds last we will sell them at this price Si 5.00 for a 25.00 bed.
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Sale of Linen Suitings
Fine German, Irish, and French
Linen Suitings in All the New
est Weaves and Colorings.
90-inch Hound Thread French
Linen SuitiliKS. Ojster White,
shrunk from 36 incliei to (PI CA
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Tan and Dark Blue. 3C ftftn
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linen Yard. . I7UC
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linen, beautiful seae, in Pink.
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