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ixxA. ;,.wii.iU TiJklErf. TlILJUSDAY, APRIL. JO, 1913.
-vrr -fj-
Democrats Fear That Quorum
Will Dwindle Today When
Two Teams Start.
Unless the lure of the baseball park
causes too much of an exodus from the
chamber and breaks a quorum, the
House Democrats -Rill continue their
w rangling this afternoon over the Un
derwood tarifl bill.
The caucus reconvened at 1:30 o'clock,
but Chairman Palmer was by no means
confident that the party conclave could
continue until C o'clock, as planned. In
fact, the caucus chairman and other
Democratic leaders are aware that the
baseball season opens today, and an
adjournment will be taken if it is im
possible to keep a quorum at the Cap
itol. Prior to convening: ot the caucus to
day the tariff and the national game
of baseball were compared, and It was
estimated that the batting average of
tne tanir is .iss 'and or the sport at the
-ball park .312.
Members of, the Ohio delegation be
fore going into the caucus this after
noon held a caucus in the office of
Congressman Sherwood and tried to
reach an agreement on the subject of
theVool bill.
Badly Split.
The Democrats of the delegation are
badly split, and no concerted plan of
action -was mapped out. Several mem
bers are -willing to stand by the free
raw wool section of the Underwood bill
and others want to fight for at least a
15 per cent duty. It is improbable that
- the delegation can present a solid front
in caucus.
Congressman Broussard of Louisiana
announced today that he would offer in
caucus, when the sugar schedule is
reached, an amendment providing for a
25 per cent reduction in the present
rates on sugar, but eliminating the Un
derwood proviso that sugar shall be
free after three years. The Louisiana
members have practically decided to
take the 25 per cent cut in the new
tariff bill, but they -will fight to the end
against the slogan for free sugar after
three jears.
Congressman Broussard oi some
I other member from Louisiana or from
South Carolina will al&o offer an amend
ment for a reduction of only 25 per cent
of the duty on rice. In the Underwood
t bill, rice suffered a 50 per cent cut. It
is not anticipated, however, that ef
forts to change these rates will be suc
cessful. The caucus today resumed considem
tion of the second schidule in the bill,
schedule B. The first schedule, re
lating to chemicals, was approved with
out amendment by the caucus es
erday afternoon Vanlla beans were
passed oer at the request of Congress-
man Raker.
Numerous amendments were offered
and defeated, and it is apparent tbat
Ihrt Underwood bill, despite opposition
here and there, will stand the test in
the caucus, and will go the House just
ay it was drawn.
Congressman Underwood, the majority
Uader, displayed his strength upon
three occasions jesterday, or rather the
caucus demonstrated that it is for Un
derwood and his program. First, the
caucus approved the selections of the
Wajs aid Means Committee for the
several committees which are to be ap-
t pointed to conduct the actual routine
j business of the House.
t Again Victor.
Again, Mr. Underwood was trlumph
tnt when he suggested that the sense
ot the caucus be tCbted on the propoti- !
tlon that all the committees ought to
be named at the beginning of t ic &es- i
sion and before the taritt bin i com
pleted. Congressman Saunders, of Vir
ginia, offered a resolution to appoint all
btandii-g committees at this u.iil- and
later withdrew it when it became ap
parent that the caucus is with the
Vajs and Means Committ'-e in its pro
glam of .delay. The talk of tin holding
of a "club" oer the rank and die sim
mered down.
Congressman Thompson of Oklahoma
who raised a rumpus in caucus Tuesday
afternoon, observed that the Wajs and
Means Committee had too much work
and too much power. He thought a sep
arate committee on committers should
be named. Mr. Underwood invited the
Oklahoman to make a motion to that ef
fect in order to ascertain how the cau
cus felt. Mr. Thompson decided he
"Legislative representatives" some
times called "lobbyists" of grrat man
ufacturing interests swarmed about the
House chamber today, when the Demo
crats resumed their tariff caucus Con
tinuing their fight for higher duties on
many articles, slashed in the Underwood
bill, the manufacturers representatives
held continual low -toned conferences
with Congressmen in the Capitol cor
ridors. Resume Conference.
With the Underwood bill so far im
pervious to assault, t'le Democrats met
thl afternoon to resume consideration
in secret caucus of the tentative bill,
paiaxraph b paragraph.
Pittsburgh plate glass manufacturers
were represented In force tola at thr
House, protesting against the tailft
cuts on their rough and polished prod
ucts. New Jersej glass and earthen
ware manufacturers also were present
pleadlne for more tariff protection.
The House postoffoce was Inundated
with mail to Congressmen, mostly ap
peals in connection with tariff duties.
Congressmen opposing the sugar tariff
proposed bj the House managers are
aid to be organizing a letter-writing
ampalgn of proteEt among Southern
rane growers. They are supporting the
amendment to the Underwood bill pro
posed by Congressman Broussard of
Louisiana. He proposes a reduction of
about Ws cents a pound at Dresent.
gradually dwindling to .87 of 1 cent
01 J3I5.
All efforts to amend the Underwood
bill in caucus have failed so far. The
nearest approach was that of Mr. Webb
3f North Carol.ua. to put castor oil on
the free list. Webb tald castor oil waa
tne poor mans greatest medicine.
His amendment was defeated, however.
Senate Finance Body
Has First Meeting to
Consider Tariff Bill
The Senate Finance Committee held its
3rit meeting today to consider the de
tails of the tariff bill The committee
met at 11 o'clock in the old rooms of
yie Finance Committee In the Capitol
ind prolonged its session until about
,7. The chemical schedule was under
iiscueslon and various details with re
ipect to this schedule were talked over.
?almer Favors Change
In Banking Lien Law
An amendment extending to national
lanks the privilege of loaning money
in real estate security, was introduced
nto the House today by Congressman
V. Mitchell Palmer of Pennsylvania,
'aimer said he would not press the
imcndment to the existing national
tanking laws until, the tariff was dis
posed of, but that any national bank
Klslatlon. which was effected, woual
ontaln his amendment
Services at Family Residence
Followed By Interment in
Rock Creek Cemetery.
The funeral of Clarence B Rheem,
member of the firm of Swartzell,
Rheem & Hensey Co., who died yes
terday afternoon at his home, 1612 S
street northwest, after an Illness of
less than a week, will be held tomor
row afternoon at the residence at 2
o'clock. The Rev. Dr. J. T. Huddle,
of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, will
officiate. Interment will be in Rock
Creek Cemetery. The pall bearers
will be members of the high school
class of '78, of which Mr. Rheem was
a member.
The loss of Mr. Rheem is felt keen
ly In the business circles of the city.
Prominent in the real estate business,
he was also a founder and director
of the Federal National Bank and a
director of the Potomac Fire Insur
ance Company. He was a member of
the Chamber of Commerce and Board
of Trade. Mr. Rheem belonged to
Harmony Lodge. F. A. A. M., and" was
a member of the Columbia Country
Club and the National Geographic So
ciety. Mr. Rheem is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Eulalle Rheem, and a son, Ed
mund Rheem, a senior at Princeton
Deaconess Juliet S. White, of St.
John's Episcopal Church. Georgetown,
died yesterday at Sibley Hospital after
en Illness, of about a week. Miss White
was the daughter of Colonel White, of
Georgetown, who was a Union soldier.
Her family has lived in Georgetown for
manv years, and she was, the last sur
ging member.
Raleigh H. Moler. partner In the iir.ii
of Knott & Moler, dealers in llnre
products. 927 Twenty-eighth street
northwest, died this morning at his
home, 2137 G street northwest. Death
was caused by heart disease. Mr.
Meier had lived in Washington for ten
j ears, having come here from his tiorm
in Shepherdstown, W. Va. Since lis
arrival he had built up an extensive
business and was one of the largest
lime merchants In the city. He was a
member of the B. P. O. Elks. Sur
viving him is his wife. The funeral
arrangements have not been made.
Ambassador Bryce to
Leave. Capital in Week
Ambassador James 3ryce has ar
ranged to leave Washington in about
a week's time. For the past few days
confusion has reigned at the British
embassy preparatory to his departure.
Mr. Bryce will go to New York, where
he will be entertained unofficially by
several friends, and will meet Sir Cecil
Sprlng-Rlce, his successor.
New Grand Jury Hands
In Nine Indictments
The following indictments were re
turned to Justice Stafford In Criminal
")iirt No. 1 today by the new grand
Embezzlement. Robert Bryan: house
breaking and larceny, Richard Hunt,
and Albert Grissett; assault with intent
to kill and assault with a dangerous
weapon, Altamont Lindsay and Samuel
Stewart: robbery, Eugene Carroll, (2):
non-support of wife and minor child,
Sherman S. Flod and Frank Mond
downey. Want Fort Continued.
Senatois Gronna and McCumber
headed a delegation of North Dakotans
who appealed to the President this af
ternoon to have Fort Lincoln at BIs
mark. of that State, continued as a six
company -army post.
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Chamber of Commerce Eager to;
Have Great Falls Turned
Into Producer.
An effort will he made to hae the
Chamber of Commerce back a campaign
for tliA rlAfnlnutnanr nn,l iitf11,.l.... if
the water power of the upper Potomac, !
especially at Great Falls.
The question was broached at a meet
ing of the publicity committee of the
Chamber last night, and that committee
favors utilizing the power which Is now
going to waste. The Idea Is to build a
dam or in some other way piovlde for
the utilization of this power, in order
that manufacturing plants mav be at
tracted to this rity.
Isaac Gans, chairman of the commit
tee, said that Washington is growing
too large to allow this power to be
Paperhanger Accused
Of Stealing Tools
Bartholomew Kldweil. a paperhanger.
twenty jears old. of 713 H street northwest-
n arreKterl voctanl .. 1... ft,.....
thesCornwell. Catir and Fortnev on two
charges of petit larceny. It Is alleged
that Kldweil visited the stores of Har-
oer Ac KORS. Klevenfli nnH rz etriuilo
and Rudolnli - lnr irr v-o.,. -v..-v i
avenue, and stole automobile accessor-1
les and tools. . t
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Policemen and Fugitives Nar
rovvly Escape Being Struck
By Train in Underground.
NKW YORK. April 10 Standing on
the front platform of a flying stibwaj
express train two policemen today
pursued a fugitive gunman through
the darkness of the tunnel The
fugitive had leaped to the tracks at
the Spring street station, closely pur
sued by the policemen who had fol
lowed hi in into the stibwa
Passengers on the train and those
waiting on the platform were thrown
Into wild excitement as the stocky
joung man plunged through the
crowd, knocking men and women
right and left and leaped down upon
the tracks.
As the policemen followed .111 cxpiess
train bore down at full speed on the
running man Inspector Hothman. of
the subua tompanj. stopped the ex
piess just "in time to sae the police
men from being run down. When ho
learnt d that they were after a gunman,
supposed to hae Fhot a man on Crosby
street, the Inspector commandeered tho
expiess. and ordered the motorman to
put on full speed.
Tne traip crew iounu me iukhhu
huddled against one of the uprights be
tween the express and local tracks. He
had run four blocks through the sub
wav with the express train at his heels.
The prisoner said he was John Rizzl.
a strike breaker. He was accused ot
seriously injuring a strike picket.
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Red Tape Penalizes
U. S. on Gas Discounts
An army officer of the Government
Is not accountable for the loss of dis
count on gas or electric light bills,
the pajrarnt of which Is delayed by
"red tape" until the discount time
A decision to this effect was made
public by the Comptrollei of th"
Treasi.r IO'la. The case InvnHo.l
the payments on electric and gas
light 1 Ills for Capt. K. I. Brown. Corps
cf Hnglrccrs. stationed at AVilnilng
ton. Del. Captain Brown's light Is
furnished by the Tidewater Powc!
Company of Wilmington. The Dills
are paid by Major George G Hallei.
Muaittf master of the division from
the Atlanta headquarters. So much
tln-e is lost in transmission of vouch
ers betwen Atlanta and llinlni.tnn
Unit on s-ieral bills the discount was
lost. The auditor for the armv held
Major Hailey responsible, and deduct
ed the amount fiom his credits. The
Comptroller relleed him pnd allowed
the amoi nt-j of revision.
Philippine Delegates
Call at White House
Delegates Quezon nnd Karnshaw. of
the Philippines. hae appealed to Presi
dent Wilson to take a stand for Inde
denendence for the FHInlnos in the ,.!..
future. Tne President told his visitors
iiiai uus was one ot the matters he
planned to take up as soon as pressing
business nnu imrlA. fmnalj.it.
disposed of. He explained that inas-
111uv.11 .-i me uemocraiic piatiorm on
this subject was explicit he considered
it to be his duty to dispose of It as
soon as tiosslble.
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20th & II sis. 1-t & P sis.
loth & F sts. SO It. 1. ate.
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Dr. John Dunlop Will Convert
Valuable Residence Into an
Office Building.
The newest development In Connecti
cut avenue as a business street. Is the
purchase of property 1K1 Connecticut
avenue by Dr. John Dunlop, who will
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, of the property and convert It into an
,irfl,.A htlllJInt.
Tiie consideration was In the neigh
borhood of $10,000. the transaction being
enecica tnrougii story & Cobb in con
nection with Tjler & mitherford.
The property fronts 41 feet on
Connecticut avenue, nnd the price per
foot was close to $1. It Is Improved with
an old red brick residence of four stories
and basement, and has a side lot which
wilt add to Its desirab'.Uty as a phy
sician's office when the remodeling has
been completed. The front brvto be
changed entirely and an English base
ment put In.
Mrs. Jordan Buys Home.
Mrs. Uldrldge K. Jordan has purchased
the handsome residence at H03 Twenty-
Unit street northwest, and It Is believed
she will make her home there.
Mrs. Jordan is now visiting In Bal
timore and the orokers through whose
summing up the $1.00 purchase.
C. C. Pride Oleomargarine
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Zatek Chocolate Icing 12c
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for 3t
Cuckoo Herring, plain T'jc
Cuckoo Herring, tomato
sauce Sc
fj0r m jj
1115 II st.
317 Sth st.
603 H st.
3d A sts.
13th & Tcnn. Ate.
office the sale was effected uWlno. to
state the consideration or, to give Mrs.
Jordan's intentions as to the use of
the property, it Is understood thai
the structure will be remodeled wheth
er or not Mrs. Jordan occupies It.
The house Is three stories and an
English basement in height and sits
back a considerable distance from the
sidewalk. Its architecture Is conspic
uous on account of a commodious bav
wlndow which projects from the second
story. 1
Buys Avenue Corner.
I- Towers. )r.. has purchased tho
northwest corner of Pennsjlvanfa ave
nue and Twelfth street for a consid
eration understood to be fSO.000. Th;
property, which Is at present Improved
with n tnn-slnrv hllllding. fronts thlrti"-
1 three feet on Pennsylvania avenue and
I extends back liO feet along Twelfth
stn-et to an alley. The purcnase was
made through "ic office of II. L. Ruit.
Maryland Man Fined
On Woman's Charge
Attempting to make love to a glrMvUo
refused his attentions on the grounds
that she did not know him, coat Robert
Kantz. ot Hyattsvillc. Md.. cons'derable
embarrassment and $20 in the District
branch of the Police Court jesterday.
A pretty and sedate looking girl w ho
gave her name as Miss Julia Jones
nnd who lives In Water street south
west, took the stand as complaining
witness against Kantz. The defendant
lied hardly gained sight of her when
he pleaded "guilty." Mls3 Jones, who
is an cmplojc of a Penns.v Ivan a ave
nue hotel had not got over the ordeal
of bcin? followed by a strange man.
She waa r till indignant.
Kantz's mother took the stand and in
tears p'eaded with the court to be leni
ent with her son as he hao never been
In trouble befor and was her sole sup
port. t
Extra Specials
Prices quoted are without regard to actual value. Every
item is first-grade quality, and the savings are so big that you
should not fail to lay in a liberal supply.
Swift's Borax Soap, ofthe bestgrade yl fkgF.
laundry soap made. Special, 3 cakes' ",V
Small Pet Milk, regular
special, per can
Small Fat Mackerel, our regular 5c kg
seller. Special, 3 for....... i V
BIG FLOUR SPECIAL Our "Sanitary" Brand. Guar
anteed to you to be the equal in quality of any flour made.
Regular 25c size, 6-lb. bags, special 7c
Regular 50c size, 12-lb. bags, special 33c
196-lb. bbls., special for $5.25
Remember that this is strictly a high-grade flour. If it
does not give you the same satisfaction as any other flour you
ever used we will cheerfully refund the purchase price.
Remaining stocks of following goods:
Smoked Bloaters, 3 fish for 5c
Threaded Fish, 2 pkgs. for 5c
Cracked Hominv. 3 lbs. for 5c
Grapefruit Stiil Selling
Four (4) for 25c
Florida's Finest Large Grapefruit. Quality never better and
prices never lower.
Washington Crisps, 3 for. .25c
Postum Cereal 12c
Instant Postum 27c
Instant Postum. large. .45c
rosl loasiits, " -
Post Taern Special 13' c
Cream of Wheat 14c
Wheatena 14c
Quaker Oats 9c
Sanitary Oats, 3 for 25c
7th & Petina. are.
207 13th st.
103 Uth St.
7th & ! sts.
iK & . sts.
New York Governor Declares
People Are Competent to
Nominate Officials.
AI.RAXV. VI V Anril 10. Govtmnr
Sillier Inilnv sent to the I.efftalaturft a
special message for the reform of the
election laws and direct State wide
primaries. In urging the primary law,
the governor declared:
"I know that the people of the com
monwealth in common with the people
of our sister States, believe .that if
they are qualified to. choose by their
votes on election day governors. Judges.
Senators, and Congressmen, they are
also competent on primary day to nomi
nate these same officials not some of
these officials, but all of them.
"If It is wise to trust the people with
the power to nominate some public of
ficers, I am sure It is wise to trust
them with the power to nominate all
public officers. It is as wise to trust
them 10 noiiiumie a Av,wv. -..
Z.,i a iiide-e of the court of appeals
as a Justice of the peace."
Peru Recognizes China.
LIMA. April 10ho Peruvian or
ernment was the first officially to rec
ognize the Chlnse republic
1 7c
for This Week
5c cans,
Best Coffee Value
Our No. 30 Coffee,
per lb
Onions, per peck 15c
Lemons, doz 25c
Apples, peck 40c
Sanitary Macaroni 8c
Sanitary Spaghetti 8c
1 QC
oV- & K sts.
Eastern Mfct.
Jit. Ilnlnlcr.
UrattsTille, Md.
l'akon::! L'rk.
,3zk&? -.

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