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Planned Attack on Report of
Credentials Committee May
Start Affray.
(Continued from First Page.)
op on this test. If it is made. Mrs.
Bryan is said to be playing more or
less of a waiting- game, and perfectly
willing to be the compromise candidate
if neither Mrs. Horton or Mrs. Story,
can be elected.
No Challenge Expected.
Final plans for the congress aie being-
leclded upon today by the leaders of all
factions. Mrs. Story refused to discuss
:he report that her friends would chal
enge the leport of the credential com
mittee, which Is accused of "steam-
oller" tactics.
Many other rumors were circulated In
he hotel lobbies today, and some cre-
ience was gained for an unauthorized
itory that the financial conduct of the
Daughters' treasury would be as hotly
reoaiea a meme as any during me
: resent congress.
Allege Business Laxity.
It is not alleged that there Is any
hlng like wrong-doing, but it is openly
whispered that laxity in susiness meth
)ds has prevailed for yeare, with the
eault that finances are badly mixed tip.
Iny such assertion on the floor of the
congress is expected to start a storm
:ompared to which other fights are mild
md tame.
, The twenty-second continental con
gress will formally convene at 11
clock tomorrow morning. The hall
will be crowded with delegates and
alternates-rthere are more accredited
than there are available seats when the
president general makes her entrance
Into the hall. One of the chief privi
leges of being president general is to
make the grand entrance into the con
vention hall at the beginning of each
session. Attended by twelve personal
pages and a hundred floor pages, the
president general sweeps down the aisle
to the stage with all the delegates
standing Just as If the President of the
United States had arrived.
C President Will Attend.
The President of the United States
will appear at the afternoon session at
3 o'clock and welcome the delegates,
and so will the Secretary of State. Two
other "welcomes" will be -given the
delegates, one by the Rev. R. H. Mc
"Klra, D. D president general of the
District Sons of the Revolution; the
other by James M. Richardson, national
resident general of the Sons of the
merican Revolution.
At the morning session Mrs. Scott will
welcome the delegates, and the next
business will be the report of the cre
dentials committee, over which warfare
promises. Monday evening Mrs. Scott
gives a reception at Continental Hall.
All day Tuesday will be taken up
with routine business, including officers
reports, but Tuesday evening nomina
tions will be -made, and Wednesday at
9 voting will begin. Sessions will go on
during the voting, and State regents' re
ports will be in order. This will con
tinue in the afternoon, and a report
will be made by Mrs. "William Libbey on
Revolutionary Gifts." Gilford Pinchot
Is one of the speakers at the Wednes
day evening meeting,
f The big event for Thursday is the
afternoon reception,in the White House.
In the evening Ambassador Jusserand
will be one of the speakers.
Walter Johnson, Not
Pitcher, Sent to Jail
f Justice Stafford, presiding in Criminal
Court No. 1, Is an average baseball fan,
but hardly a respecter of names and
perrons when it comes to doling out
"Walter Johnson." called Clerk Mu-
Kee yesterday, "and everybody grinned.
even tne court smiling.
A short, thick-set colored man ap
proached the bar and smiled askance at
the Judge. He admitted that he had
Btolen four rugs and a lamp. There
was a few moments' silence and then
Justice Stafford sternly said "five
years." It appeared that Johnson, like
his famous namesake, had a record, but
a different sort of a record.
Bladensburg Boy to
Be Returned to Home
Dean Thompson, fifteen years old.
who ran away from his home at
Bladensburg, Va., and who has been
held by the Washington police for two
days, will be sent to his home this af
ternoon. Young Thompson waa found
by the police of the Fourth precinct
wandering in th. street. He said he
came to Fee the sights. His father was
notified of his detention, and sent
transportation money.
Preacher's Divorce Denied.
LOS ANGELES, Cai.. April 13. Be
cause her husband Insisted she should
not burn more than eight matches a
day and a box of matches, therefore,
should- last sixty-two daya, Mrs. P. E.
Cornwell, wife of a clergyman, took an
empty match box Into couit and at
tempted to obtain a divorce on the
strength or an inscription on the box.
The Comwells remain man and wife,
however, the decree having been de
nied today
German Crops Blasted.
BERLIN. April 13. The cold spell
continues throughout Germany, and the
damage to fruits and other products,
which were three weeks in advance of
their nornmal growth, is great. A home
less laborer was foud frozen to death
this morning in a Berlin garden colony.
Duchess Is Improving.
LONDON. April 13 Announcement
was made today that the Duchess of
Connaught. who underwent a serious
operation two days ago, is still pro
gressing. Gordon's Dry Gin
80c AT
Christian Xander's
909 Seventh St.
Ohioan, Accused of Poisoning
His Wife, Will Be Placed on
Trial Tomorrow.
CINCINNATI. Ohio. April 13. The
trial of Dr. Arthur B. Smith, of Spring
field, Ohio, charged with the murder of
his prominent wife by poisoning, will
begin tomorrow morning before Judge
F. M. Hagan, of the common pleas
court, and a jury.
The trial promises to be a battle be
tween the most celebrated medical and
legal experts of the nation, and It Is
expected to occupy at least three weeks'
Umo, as the testimony Is expected to
be of remarkable conffictlng character.
Mrs. Florence Cavllcer Smith, Dr.
Smith's first wife, whose murder is
charged to the imprisoned doctor, was
one of Ohio's prominent socially, and
an active worker in fashionable church
circles of southern Ohio.
State's case will be In charge of
Prosecutor Charles Ballard and Uw
rente Laybourne. who was county pros
ecutor wnen tne indictment was re
turned, while James B. Malone and
John M. Cole will represent the de
The defendant Is a member of the
Country Club, a devotee of ,jolf and
other outdoor exercises. He was born
and reared here, and always has resid
ed in the fashionable district the north
Mrs. Florence Cavlleer Smith died
suddenly Monday morning, March IS,
1912. Dr. R. C Rind, who was called.
said that he found Mrs. Smith in a
semi-conscious condition, frothing at
the mouth, and. suffering great agony.
Her cheeks and lips were purple. He
administered a hypodermic of morphine,
but It did not have the effect desired,
and in a short time she was dead.
Later under legal process. Dr. How
ard, chief chemist at the Ohio State
Medical College, and Dr. J. J. Coons
made examination of the body. A grand
jury was convened ana an investi
gation was made. An indictment was
returned charging Dr. Smith with being
responsible for the death of his wire
and alleging that he had administered
cyanide of potassium.
Dr. Smith was married to Miss Mabel
Claire Merchant, a former nurse at the
City Hospital, about October 1, and had
just returned from their bridal trip
when the exhuming of the body took
place. The wedding was solemnized at
the home of the bride's parents In New
ton Highlands. Mass.
When the grand Jury made its' report
Dr. Smith surrendered himself at the
county Jail and was placed in a cell;
when arraigned he entered a plea of not
guilty, and at once the Interlocutory
proceedings were begun.
The reports of Drs. Howard and
Coons neer had been made
nubile i
When Dr. Smith was informed that his I land baseball team, of Highland. How-
' o?dha5J!e?.?XhUed under ard county. near Laurel, for the past
orders of the prosecutor and coroner' . . . . . ..
he exDressod ereat mrnrlu nnrt at thnt.'two seasons, has been signed by the
time said that his wife was a victim of
heart trouble.
About thirty witnesses have been sub
poenaed by the State. The defense has
stated that a number of medical ex-!
perts will be called. J
Reward of $12,500
Is Offered by Relatives
MEMPHIS. Tenn., April 13. The rela
tives of Joseph W. Martin, who has
been missing since April 3 in London,
have cabled to London offering a re
ward of $2,500 for the discovery of his
whereabouts. Later this reward was In
creased to 112,500. Hill Martin, brother
of the missing man. has started for
New York on his way to London.
Mr. Martin's relatives and friends say
that there is no reason why he should
have committed suicide. They are not
trying to keep anythingj back. Being
people of culture, they naturally have
shunned the publicity and notoriety of
this affair.
Rich Youth Is Miner.
WILKESBARRE, Pa.. April 13. Min
ers in the Lacakwanna Coal Com
pany's plant are Interested In Caesar
Zelaya, of Santiago. Chill, millionaire
graduate of Columbia University, who
is working as mine surveyor for $15 a
Parade as Tariff Protest.
GLOVERSVILLE, April 13.-Twelve to
fifteen thousand men and women will
parade the streets here tomorrow and
every business place In the city will
close as a protest from this, the glove
makln gcenter of the world, against the
slaughter of the train on gloves as it
appears In the Underwood bill.
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbia Italn this afternoon and tonight;
cooler tonight: Monday cloudy.
For New Jersey, Delaware, and Mary
landRain tonight; cooler tonight; Mon-
oay ciouay.
For Virginia Showers this afternoon
and tonight; Monday fair.
The temperature today as registered
at the United States Weather Bureau
and Affleck's:
8 a. m 65
9 a. m 57
10 a. m 63
11 a. m 61
12 noon 64
1 p. m 65
2 p. m
S a. m
9 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m
12 noon
1 p. m
2 p. m ,
High tide, 12:34 a. m. and 1:00 p. m.
Low tide, 6:40 a. m. and 7:53 p. m.
Sun rises. .. . 5:45 i Sun sets 6:4.";
J. Maury Dove Company, inc.
Announce a reduction of
On all domestic sizes af Anthra
cite Coal, effective during the
current month of April.
Principal Office, 12th and F Sfrtafs N. W.
Private Branch Exohange M 4270 Connects All Depots.
Inflammation of Lung Found
When Another Physician
Joins Pontiff's Staff.
(Continued from First Page.)
attention to the condition of the Pope,
and they at once removed him from his
armchair and placed him In bed.
Since then the room has been kept
absolute! dark. The physicians insist
that the pontiff be prevented, if pos
sible, from even making an effort to
exercise nls mind. Orders that he shall
receive no calleM have again been Is
sued, and It is believed that after the
several relapses which the Pope has
suffered as a result of disobeying these
orders, ho will ad lit re to them even if
his condition should Improve.
Washington Catholics
Offer Up Prayers for
Pope's Speedy Recovery
Although no general order has been
received from the higher church author
ities, prayers were offeicd up in the
maporlty of the Catholic churches today
for the speedy recovery of the Pope
from his present Illness.
A special prayer was effered up in
St. Patrick's Church, by Mgr. Russell.
Papal Legation Here
Has No Direct Word
Of Condition of Pope
The Papal legation in Washington
has received no word recently from
the Vatican concerning the condition
of the Pope.
"The only information we have," it
was stated this afternoon, "has been
obtained from the newsppaers. If a
serious turn is taken, the legation
lore surely will be notified. Until
the Pope's illness grows dangerous
we will not likely be notified di
rectly." Smallwood Signed
With Richmond Club
LAUREU Md.. April 13. Walter
Smallwood. who pitched for the High-
Richmond team of the Virginia League.
where he is expected to make a good
showing this season.
Smallwood Is only twenty years of agd
and his friends are predictlnc a bright
future for the young- farmer. Walter
lacea tne urooKiyn nauonm i.eaguc
club at Richmond a few dajs ago, and
h!3 work is said to have been fast..
Ryan Makes Record
At Weight Hurling
NEW YORK, April 13. Pat Ryan, the
Irish-American A- C. star, is now holder
of the world's record for throwing the
35-pound weight for height. He hurle-l
It 20 feet 9 Inches, breaking the record
held by Con Walsh," the former New
York A. C. performer, now with the
Seattle A. C, of la feet 6.1 inches. Ryan
and Matt McGrath, the Olympic hero,
were tied at twenty feet, but Ryan es
tablished a neA' mark on the throw-off.
Jack Eller. the New York policeman,
equaled the world's record of 9 1-5 sec
onds in the 50-yard hurdles.
Miss Leishman to Wed Soon.
PARIS. April 13. Fro ma person In
close relations with the family of J. G.
A. Leishman, United States ambassador
to Germany, has been obtained the in
formation that the announced forth
coming marriage of Miss Nancy Leish
man, daughter of the ambassador, 'o
the Duke of Croy Is not definitely ar
ranged, although the llkcllhoo dof its
taking place is fully admitted.
I Am An Optometrist
And as such specialize in meas
uring the error of refraction of
the eyes and supplying 'Jlasses
to restore the sight to the nor
mal. if you have strained "our
ces and brought on nervous
ness and headaches, see
Ralph Martin Samuel
Warhlngton'H l.millug E) (might
1209 G ST. N. W.
iWT ii b itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
illllllw ,ittttttttttttttt7f iHll
German Discoverer of "Turtle
Serum" Proposes to Treat
Fifty Patients Here.
(.Continued from First Page.)
man savant would disclose more de
tails cf the great secret he holds.
His serum has been given to the
Public Health Service for tests, but
with it did not go the secret of Its
preparation nor the Intricate detail
of its administration. Dr. Frledmann
blocked Government use of it effect
ively ny mis metnod. Now the Gov
ernment to obtain it must "come to
That more friendly relations be
tween the Government and the for
eign discoverer were established dur
ing this afternoon's conference Is lino
hinted. Dr. Frledmann's willingness
to turn the remedy over to the United
States under certain conditions is be
lieved to be the groundwork on which
the two noted physicians are meeting
this afternoon.
Guest at Swiss Legation.
Following this conference. Dr. Frled
mann went to the Swiss legation, where
he was the luncheon guest of Dr. Paul
E. Rltter, the Swiss minister. ,
He declared that he would decide late
this afternoon about his plans for treat
ment of Washington tubercular cases.
Remembering his unpleasant experi
ence In Providence, where a hotel pro
prietor forbade him to treat patients in
his room. Dr. Frledmann today put up
the bars at the Wlllard Hotel and re
fused to answer telephone calls. He is
entirely willing to give his treatment
here, but he stipulates that it must be
in a hospital under proper conditions.
Dr. Frledmann stands ready to
dav to turn his treatment entirely over
to "the United States Government. The
Government, however, must make him
an offer one that will assure him that
the treatment will be placed in the
hands of all reputable physicians In this
country. The financial element he has
not considered, but it is assured that
his bargain would involve a money
Dr. Frledmann told The Times that
he has no malice In his heart for the
skeptics and unbelievers, who hare
tried their best to cast discredit on
him and his treatment. On the other
hand, he says, he has onlv confidence
that his cure will be the ultimate salva
tion of a race afflicted with the great
white plague.
Makes Nc Complaints.
"No doubt I, too, would be angry and
skeptical if I were an old doctor and
found a young man making tuberculosis
cures where I had seen patients dying
under mv eyes constantly," said Dr.
Frledmann in reply to a question as to
his feeling toward the national, city,
and State governments and physicians
with whom he has come in contact In
this country.
"I have po complaint to make. I only
know that my treatment is a cure and
will be accepted here. Some of the doc
tors have greeted me with great en
thusiasm; others have not been so kind,
but I am casting no blame on any one,
nor am I finding anv fault-''
He attended the Gridiron Club dinner
at the Wlllard last night, sitting next
to Surgeon General Blue of the Public
Health Service, who Is now engaged In
making tests of his serum. His con
versation with the general was of a
social nature, he declared today.
Dr. Frledmann declared that he had
already made his "second application"
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years Ov
for the first time on a Providence girl
patient. Sometimes three or four ap
plications of the treatment are neces
He admitted that an offer from the
Government would be decidedly accept
able. Also he said that he had undr
consideration several plans whereby
his serum should be generally distribut
ed through the United states.
He will accept the most advantageous
orfer and by this he means the oner
that will bring the largest benefit to the
largest number or citizens, ne aeoiares.
Dr. Frledmann admitted that a Provi
dence hotel had refused to allow him
to treat patients In his rooms.
The doctor declared emphatically that
his serum would cure any kind of tu
berculosis, and remarked strongly that
he had never had any bad effects from
the treatment at the Frledmann insti
tute in German j".
Predicts Ultimate Victory.
His duties at this institution, he says,
will prevent hi mfrom remaining in
definitely In this country, but he fore
sees the early acceptance of his treat
ment and Its general use by reputable
physicians here.
He explained that It Is necessary to
give a special course of Instruction In
its use. especially with reference to tho
"Second Injection" of the serum.
Although the doctor sat beside Gen
eral Blue he dirt not make any request
that the general give him his Govern
ment report on test3 of the remedy.
As to an apparent, coldness on tha
part of the Public Health Service and
other officials with respect to his cure.
Dr. Frledmann refused to comment.
Of the two deaths In New York, In
cases where tuberculosis patients had
been treated with his cure. Dr. Frled
mann explained that the treatment in
those cases was not effective because
of the extremely advanced stage of the
disease. Furthermore, he showed
statements from Dr. Goldwater, of the
Mt. Slnal Hospital to back up his as
sertion that the treatment could not
be held responsible for the deaths.
The invitation of the National Acad
emy of Sciences for an address here.
Dr. Frledmann wap forced to decline,
as the date, April 22, conflicts with his
present work.
He indicated a strong desire to come
here again within a few weeks to co
operate if possible with the Government
ana to demonstrate tnat his Is a real
cure and not the fake that many
pnysicians nave proclaimed it.
Friedmann's Patient
' Discards Her Crutches
After Being Treated
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. April IS. Scores
of tuberculosis sufferers are pouring 'n-
to this city on every train today to be
treated by Dr. Frederlch Franz Frled
mann when he returns to Providence on
Monday. They are coming from all
parts of the country.
Sophia Berger. the Providence young
woman who, previous to her first treat
ment by Dr. Frledmann In New York,
walked painfully for years about the
town. Is now able to go about without
her crutches.
Governor Foss Makes
Friedmann Welcome
To Bay State Hospitals
Governor Foss of Massachusetts un
expectedly announced today that the
Bay State bars against Dr. Frledmann
would be lowered If the Government re
ports showed his "turtle serum" to be
what he asserts for It. This news waa
conveyed to Dr. Friedmann this after
noon by a Times reporter, but he an
swered that he was unable at this
time to say whether he would accept
the governor's hospitality.
His plans for the future are dependent
upon the progress of ills Providence and
New lork patients, and likewise upon
whether or not he does treatments here.
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Gertrude Atherton Says Sisters
Have Intellects, But Are Too
Lazy to Use Them.
That California women, generally
speaking, display some of the charac
teristics of the common oyster, is the
statement which Gertrude Aatherton
made in Philadelphia when she lectured
at the Berkeley Lyceum on the "Prog
ress of Women."
"My sister , Calif ornians I found to be
Intellectual, but lazy,'' she said. and
this condition suggested to my mind
that they had the temperament of a
mollusc. So I boldly called them oys
ters, and took them to task for not
legistering before election and otherwise
attending to their political responsibili
ties. The morning after my scathing
arraignment ten thousand women hast
ened out to register, and I hope they all
vojed when the time came.
"The trouble with our American wom
en is that they cannot get over being
economical. Oh, yes, on clothes they
have succeeded In overcoming the ten
dency to scrimp and save. And they
will spend money to get elected to of
fices, too. 3ut their generosity ceases
there. They will not spend to advance
the great cause.
"Women must learn from men how
to spend money wisely. Men know
where it counts most, and they never
dream of economizing on such matters.
A politician Is a politician regardless
of sex, but the feminine politician needs
to learn a few other things. For in
stance, I find she takes herself too
seriously. It is all very well to take
your subject seriously, but not your
self. "Los Angeles is the vermiform appen
dix of California, and It is filled with
the riff-raft of the Middle West," she
raid. Mrs. Atherton lives in San Fran
cisco. "Recently I consulted a brain special
ist to learn whether this part of the
human machinery deteriorates as does
the body," she continued. "He assured
me that it does not. and told me that
there was no reason why a woman
should not write a better novel at the
age of ninety than at forty. That's en
couraging, isn't it?"
Miss Beatrice Harraden. of England.
-was the other speaker. She explained
why women writers snouid not De ex
pected to devote as much time to the
cause of suffrage as other women, be
cause thev require more solitude for
their work and cannot be interrupted
by telephone calls and telegrams asking
them to speak at some meetings and ad
dress clubs.
Unperturbed Directors.
Apropos of a railroad wreck due to a
defective bridge. Jerome S. McWade.
the Duluth sociologist, said the other
"The railroad's cool stand about this
bridge reminds me of a worse case a
case about a toll bridge in the South.
"The toll bridge was rotten, and a
woman fell through a hole In it and was
rt-mn... a4 TTor1 Inrilimnnt tnnrnsrwinntn
held a mass meeting and In response j
to their resolution of protest the com
pany wrote:
" 'Gentleman: Yourresolution about
cur bridge has been duly received. It
will be laid before tho board at our
annual meeting eleven "months hence. In
the meanwhile, to prevent. If possible, a
recurrence of the small accident to
which said resolution refers, would it
not better If all your citizens used the
company's other bridge, three miles to
the north of the town? The water there
Is scarcely deep enough to drown a
nan of full height.' "Exchange.
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One Man Is Near Death, While
Another Is Held Charged
With Firing on Him.
John Coughlan. thirty years old. of
2137 O street northwest. Is under arrest
today at the Third precinct police sta
tion, charged with shooting Charle3
Owens, colored, of 20S M street.
Owens was operated upon at Emer
gency Hospital this afternoon, and phy
sicians there have fears for his recov
ery, coughlan. it Is alleged, fired sev
eral shots from a .32-callber revolver,
one of them taking effect in Owens'
left side. ,
The sheeting followed an altercation
In front of an all-night lunchroom in
L street, near Twentieth. According to
Coughlan, he was In the lunchroom
when several colored men came along
and asked for a match. He told them
that he hnri rinnn n.1 m .. ,
.-Tj V, j "" " i mem. ne
jaid. replied that If he had it would be
taken away from htm. One of the
!"entV r alleged, slapped Coughlan
fired ""-c started, and he
William Bias, colored, v.-as arrested
this morning, charged with assault In
connection with the case. It Is alleged
by the police and declared by Coughlan
.nat he Is the man who slapped Cough-
Daughters Fight Will.
MINEOLA, L. I., April lX-Three
.daughters of Henry Abrams. south side
oyster dealer, who died February i
last, and left "an estate of S2Z.IKO. are
contesting his will, charging he was
suffering from senide dementis when he
drew it.
Ban Indecent Dances.
town council has nassed an orrilnnnrn
prohibiting the turkey trot, bunny hug.
Tango. Boston hug, and Wilson wiggle,
and other dances not in accord with
proper decency and refinement.
Thai Ym
Nelson's Suburban Directory
Covering tbe Follow!; TDirna and Villages Adjacent to te
District of Columbia.
Mount nainler
North Chevy Cnase
Silver Sprimr
Chevy Chase
College Park
Cottage City
Forest Glen
FriendshlD Heights
Garrett Park
Glen Echo
Takoma Park
a Supplement
Now On Sale At
Ham Adams NewsBepoC 9th A G Sts.Nw.
Price, $3.50 ''
Justus C. Nelson, Publisher,
LeDroit Bldg.
To the Women With An Eye To a Bar
gain We Call Attention To This Sale
$12.50 SUITS
Eleven Suits
of wide-wale
serge and
cheviot; rem
nants of line
that sold .for
$12.50; strict
ly tailor
made models,
with 30-inch
semi- fitted
coats; splen
did satin
lining; black
and navy only.
Remnant price.
Beautiful suits
of fine all-wool di
agonal serge, in
rich shades of
tan. gray, navy.
"and black: plain
tailor - made or
handsomely trim
med models; some
have gros grain
silk inlaid lapels
and large silk
frog fastenings;
best silk linings.
68c I
Little Tots' Bonnets & Goats
$1 New Straw
Lace Straw Bonnets, In French or
high back styles, prettily trimmed
with flowers and RQt
ribbon DC
$2.00 P. K. Reefers
Fine P. K. Reefers; with embroidery
trimmed collar and cuffs or double
cape, silk-scalloped embroidery edge
garment. 1 to 5 Qfif
sizes . . . IOl
$4.50 All-wool Cashmere Coats
Long and short, line quality cream
Cashmere Coats, long or short double-cape
style, with silk g- QQ
scalloped embroidered edges. .DJL0
39c and 50c
Perfect fit
ting Cambric
Brass teres,
with embroid
ery, beading,
and ribbon;
all sizes.
f Corsets;
front and
side sup
porters, and lace
trimmed IS to 30
Many New Styles, Citers art
Patterns ta Choose FrMH
Grosner's, 1013 Pa. Avenue,
Headquarters for Kup
penheimer Clothes m
The man who demands more than
just ordinary clothes to express his
dress ideals will be Interested In the
splendid display of Kuppenheimer
Clothes for Spring'at Grosner's, 1013 Pa.
Ave.. N. W.
He will find suits that embody tha
latest styles and include club -checks,'
stripes, grays, and browns, and other
colors and patterns that are sure to
please the eye, especially the Norfolk
Suit for young men, so much in de
mand, y
Kuppenheimer clothes are made of
pre-ahrunk wool and guaranteed to re
tain their shape. r-
They look well on you, wear well, fit
well. You will find a little more vigor
of outline and richness of coloring In
the new styles than usual, as though
men were letting the spring sunshine
reflect a little more In their dally' ap
pearance. However much or little you may know
about clothes, vou can safely trust
the name Kuppenheimer because it
stands for guaranteed clothes maker-backed-
clothes clothes that must, and
will satisfy you in every point.
Kuppenheimer clothes are priced to
meet the needs of every purse J15. f3f,
123. and up.
For real clothes satisfaction, buy s,
"Kuppenheimer." And remember Gros
ner's, 1013 Pa. Ave., Is the fcnly. firm
selling Kuppenheimer Clothes in Wash
ington. Advt.
Dominion Heights
Falls Church
Fort Myer Heights
Maywood i
Park I.a nb J
t tbe Xaraer Book.'
Your Statloaer or
8th & F Sts. N. W.
Included In this
lot are expensive
cream serge whip
cords, tan. blue.
gray, and black
serge3. and fancy
mixtures, in nine
exquisite models
to select from, in
cluding extrava
gantly trimmed or
s t r i c tly tailor
m a d e mod els.
Don't fall to see
these garments
before you buy
your suit.
50c Trimmed Bonnets
Lace and embroidery trimmed line
swiss Bonnets; French or 0r
ruched style uut
Dip Hip
$300 Cnild-
ren'a Rata
i to 16 years:
neat pin
stripe capes:
with plaid
lined hoods.

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