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Veteran Superintendent of the
House Press Gallery Dies in
Providence Hospital.
Charles H. Mann, for thirty years the
superintendent of the House Press Gal
lery, died at Providence Hospital this
morning at 7:25. He. had been in fall
ins health for three months, but man
aped to devote a part of the time to
hi duties during the closing days of the
past Congress.
Mr. Mann was seventy-four years of
age and had been a familiar figure
about the Capitol and national con
ventions tor nearly a third of a cen
tury. He was personally known to
scores of public men and to every
wasningxon correspondent who has
"covered" the National Capital during
the past thirty years. The older corre-
sponaents passed ana their places were
filled with "youngsters," but "Charlie"
Mann held on year after year until a
complication of diseases made It Im
possible for him to crawl to the press
Native Of Pennsylvania.
'He was a native of Pennsylvania, and
a, close personal friend of Congressman
Fred C. Talbott of Maryland, who was
instrumental In obtaining the position
which Mr. Mann -held so long.
Mr. Mann was near death In Decem
ber, but an operation prolonged his life.
About two weeks ago he realized that
he was near the end, and sent a mes
sace ta the nress callerv "bunch" sav
ins: that he would never appear again at
ma old naunts. ior the oast live days
he. bad been in a stupor, and tho end
came peacefully today.
Leaves Wife and Two Sons.
Mr. -Mann leave a. wife and three
.sons. The funeral arrangements have
not been completed, but the press gal
lery probably will appoint an honorary
funeral escort.
""Charlie" Mann, as he was known to
every Washington .correspondent from
O. O. "Stealey down to the youngest
member of the gallery, was born in
Doylestojyn. Pa October 4, 1840. He re
delved an education in private boarding
schools. In 1858 he moved to Baltimore
Jid for "a number of years was a Pull
man conductor. About thirty years ago
ha moved to Washington, and was ap
pointed supeilntendent of the press gal
lery. His Washington residence was CT
A street .northeast.
Miss Murray Stars in
"Chimes of Normandy"
With the leading part sung by Miss
Estelle Murray, sixteen years old, "The
Chimes of Normandy," which was pre
sented by the Society of St. 'Vincent de
Paul, of St. Aloysius' church, last nleht.
was most enthusiastically received. Miss
Murray, as Serpolette. was unusually
capable, and was applauded heartily.
.William Paynter, who sang the part
of Gospard, the miser, was also es
pecially clever. Little Sadie Llpp,
twelve years old. danced attractively.
An orchestra composed of students
from the Notre Dame School furnished
Consider Sending of Protesting
Committee to Oppose Him
for Public Printer.
Retail Liquor Dealers
Elect Riordan President
The Retail Liquor Dealers' Assosia-
tlon of Washington elected Emmet
Riordan president at a meeting of the
association yesterday. John V. Flynn,
M. J. Collins, and F. O'Sulllvan were
chosen vice presidents; James Richard
son, treasurer; James Duffy, financial
secretary; J. Charles McGulre. re
cording secretary: M. Healy, sergeant-
at-arms, and William Klausman, guard.
waiter J. Costcllo, John Walsh. Jere
miah O'Connor, Timothy O'Hanlon,
John Trant, and William Collins were
made members of the executive board.
Opponents of President James M.
Lynch, of the International Typograph
ical Union, slated for the position of!
Government Printer, are discussing to-i
day the matter of sending a protesting
delegation to President Wilson. Strenu
ous opposition has developed over night,
and both District Democrats and antl
Lynch union printers are up in arms
against the proposed appointment.
Announcement of the fight over Lynch
in The Times yesterday was one of the
sensations In District circles today.
Democrats, who did not know the Inside
of the proposition, are in many cases
lining up with the Insurgents. The
American Federation of Labor, however.
is prepared to put up Just as stiff a
fight as the Democratic printers and
anti-Liyncr. unionists.
The District Democrats, opposed to
Lynch, are not unfavorable to the pay
ment of a political debt by President
Wilson, nor opposed to the establish
ment of a strong labor following by
reason of a prlntery appointment, but
they are making one of their strongest
arguments against Lynch on the ground
that for nearly twenty years he has
been a professional lasor union man,
and not a practical printer. Employes
of the prlntery, except the Republicans
in the Lynch element of the union, are
saying that a practical man should have
the berth.
Judge Foil First Used
Anthracite as Fuel
The first man to use anthracite coal
as a domestic fuel was Judge Jesse
Foil, who was born in Buckingham, Pa-.
J62 years ago today. Experiments with
anthracite had been previously made by
two Connecticut blacksmiths, namd.
Fore, in 1768. but it was not until 1S09
that Judge Foil demonstrated the gre-it
commercial possibilities of the coal,
which Is, except the diamond, the pur
est form of carbon known.
In Judge Foil's day, anthracite w.is
called "stone coal," and the early ex
periments with it as domestic fuel are
amusing in the light of the present.
As anthracite kindles with difficulty,
and requires special furnaces, gratc
bars,.and other fixtures, it was consid
ered absolutely worthless before the ex
periments of Judge Foil and others
proved Its great commercial possi
bilities. The annual production Is In the neigh
borhood of 90.000.000 tons, and the value
of the mines about $175,000,000.
Aycr's GgSr
Just a little care and small expense,
that's alL Isn't ? head of rich,
heavy hair worth while?
Ask Your Doctor.
J. C Arr Oo
Lowell. Ilia
lewfr T Credit?
9 .- a 1
in ttie World
933 Petmeu Ave.
Original Creations in
Mesh Bags
Original in finish and in
design and unlimited in va
riety. We have them in ster
ling, German silver and gold
Our mesh bags are in keep
ing with the high character of
the rest of our stock of fine
jewelry. We invite an inspection.
$5 and Up
50c a Week
Accounts to the amount of
$25 can be paid for at the
rate of 50c a week.
H t""'""" fmammm r11"""""! .- wmmm .bbbvbisbbbbsbsbssmbbsbbbbbh
25c Wmki's
MetiM Weight
White rib
I e d. high
neck, short
sleeves, but
ton front.
124c Wmki's
Lisle Hflse
Black and
tan lisle Hose,
high spliced
heels, double
toes and
19c bwe
Close woven
linen finish
skirt and suit
Ramie Linen.
Every shade.
Best 8c
Apia Gugliai
fast color
apron ging
ham, all col
or and size
15c Mu's
Silk Initial
In A. D, J. K.
L, M. N. P, T.
."Mr fiiflriun Pthrnafc. ""
Blue and gray btrlped
gingham petticoats.
Full cut. long, splendid
ly made, with 12-Inch
54C 6C
i f
10c 1 15c laces
Black silk,
and white and
cream, Pt.
Paree Valen
ciennes and
linen torchon
lace and In
serting 54c
(Be hftmiai Ywe
Wesea's Misln Gewns, 35c
Good quality cotton,
full cut gown with high
or V necks. Yoke of fine
tucks, embroidery Insert
ing. (Limit 2 to customer.)
Wonderful Selling of Suits. Dresses, Etc.
1 K nn ee no r nn o en vSMlWf III
to $20.00 Voile Serge Fancy T
Dresses. "?"" V
' 51.17
s t r a
p p ed
Lav ender,
tan. and blue,
plain colors
and checks;
high and low
necks; silk
e m b roldery
trimmed, and
self banded.
to $20.00
Our Flnctet
French Serge
Suits, in rich
spring color
ings; magnif
icently trim
med In plain
styles; silk
Crisp French
voile. I-pleco
dross, ele
gantly silk
e m b roidered
models with
pipings of
mossdUne satin.
12 Urohses,
all wool serge
in brown
and blue.
liob esplrrre
models with
lace jabot at
$2.98 I S2.99
Illaik. lihie.
and lavender
striped Law n
Dresses, with
collars, cuffs
and front
r e v e r s of
dPe Swiss
emlirold e r y.
Must be seen
to he appre
ciated. $1.17
SPECIAL-$3.50 All-Wool
Serge Skirts
Handsome, uo-to-date styles, or all-wooi storm scrnc, in
black, blue, and gray. Choice of side-pleated, button-trimmed
or panel-back broad-pleated-front models.
Cord Suit,
Newest blue,
black, and tan
strip Hedford
cord suit. Self
band trim
med. AH sat
in lined and
perfect fit
ting. $6.98
Flowers for Spring Weddings.
Flowers for the bride decorations for
home and church. Consult Gude. 1214 F.
You Will Consider Un
usual Value At
This Is the assortment to select from at this price:
Short Pierrot Ruffs, in black, also black and
white combinations.
Larger ruffs, with both ends finished with satin
ribbon bows, these are In navy blue, black, brown,
taupe, Copenhagen, purple, and black and white.
Choice U.50.
Others in different styles and qualities from 11.75
to 15.00. Neckwear Store Street Floor.
25c Swiss Embroidered
Round Collars at t5c
Fresh, crisp, new collars, snowy white and
in well-shaped styles. Both round and point
ed shapes in the lot. Buy tomorrow for 10c
less than regular price.
Bargain Tables Street Floor.
Presenting an Enormous Purchase of
at Phenomenal Price Concessions
Think of Having Such an Opportunity Right at the Beginning of the Season
Here are models that would be priced ordinarily from $7.50 to $35.00 now divided into six lots' and
marked at ridiculously low prices
Ik J
$7.50 to $10.00
Street Floor Bargain
$16.50 to $35.00 Values
$7.50 SA.S0 $10.50 Si .50
m mm - m
T '12s' s16
Garment Store, Second Floor
$12.50 to $15
Street (Floor Bargain
THIS IS THE REASON FOR IT A big maker was forced out of business because of the backward
season and the number of cancellations of orders received from the middle West
Wc bought the entire lot at Receiver's Sale at a notably low figure and offer them at prices so .low that
there should be no hesitation on your part in buying them.
Absolutely Perfect Goods Thousands of Them in One Hundred and
Ten of the Latest Styles, Made from Finest Fabrics
Such as Wash Crepe, Silk Crepe, Eponge, Ratine, Novelty Voiles, Chiffons, Brocaded Silks, ChifTons and Net,
Ramie Linen, French Linen, Serge, Crepe Meteor, Charmeuse, Crepe de Chine, Foulard, Messaline, Silk Poplin,
Silk Eolienne, and Jap Silk.
All sizes in the showing and nearly every conceivable color.
Be here early tomorrow for your share EXTRA SALESPEOPLE here to care for the largest crowd of en
thusisatic shoppers that ever attended a Busy Corner Garment Sale.
Another Purchase of Sample Shirts andWaists
$2.50 to $4.00 .
Silk Shirts at
One, two or three of a kind only.
With values such as you will find in
this lot we scarcely need to say more
than mention some of the styles, such
Firm Tub Silks.
Novelty Silks.
Shantung Pongee- Silks.
Corded Silks.
Plain White Silks. -
White Striped or Colored Striped
Ratine and Bulgarian trimmed.
Dixie Gentlemen Shirt.
Also a few dressy Charmeuse
Waists in the lot.
Pearl or Crystal Buttons.
45-inch French
Ramie Linen
(Oyster White)
A yard, 39c
Special price for tomorrow ONLY.
Takp Into consideration TUT: WIDTH
PRICE. What amount shall wp cut oft
for you?
In 8 different shades, such as the fol
lowing: Leather, lavender, tan. gray,
champagne, mode, midnight blue, and
36-inch Figured Crepe and
Voile, yard, 25c
In pretty little Jouy figures, on white
or tinted ground, some very dainty
bordered crepes In the lot.
Wash Goods Store Street Floor
The Principles of thePure Food Law Applied to
"Radmoor" Brand SilkHosiery
The only Silk Hose that is PURE UNADULTERATED SILK,
not loaded in any way with tin or zinc to give them body. We have
had them tested by a noted chemist, and his report is authoritative.
Buy with the assurance, therefore, of getting the best and pay
ing the' least for quality.
"Radmoor" Silk Stockings
No. 9712 Semi-seamless boot, pure thread silk,
with silk lisle tops. In black, white, tan, ACf
navy, sky, pink, bronze, and gray 1UC
No. 9407 Regular made boot, pure thread silk,
with silk lisle top. In black, white, tan. FA.
and colors Jvl
No. 901 Pure thread silk, medium weight,
triple heels, soles and toes; regular made; full
fashioned; deep garter top; In black, fJTZn
white, tan. and navy. A pair I ul
No. 9101 All pure silk, full fashioned, fine silk
lisle thread garter top: very elastic; six-thread
heels, soles and toes; in black, white, tan, and 30
llfferent colors to match all the new sea- QQa
son's shades. A pair OVK
No. 9153 AH pure silk, full fashioned; medium
weight; silk lisle thread garter top: high
spliced heels and six-thread toes; in (JJ" CA
black and white. A pair D.UU
Extra Wide Stockings, same quality as 9713
Extra Wide Stockings, in same qualities as
9101, pair $1.00.
We Also Have "Radmoor
Hose in Pure Lisle Thread
No. 835 Mercerized silk lisle thread; full reg
ular made; fashioned in leg; with high spliced
neeis. aeep garter top; in oiacK, wnite, OP,
and tan
No. 643 M. Mercerized silk lisle thread hose,
with six-thread high spliced heels and toes: full
fashioned and full regular made; deep garter
top: very elastic; In black, white, and
tan. Special, three pairs for
No. 8336 Fine and sheer, light-weight mer
cerized silk lisle; full fashioned and regular
made; high spliced heels and six-thread spliced
toes: In black, white, and tan. Three (J- AA
pairs for wl.UU
Or a Pair for 35c
Hosiery Store Street Floor.
$3.00 and $4,00
Lingerie Waists at
In this lot we have included not
only a special purchase of sample
waists, but also a number of waists
from our own stock.
Waists of fine white voile, of lin
gerie cloth trimmed with laces of all
kinds, dainty Venise, cluny, many
with pretty medallions; some with
fronts elaborately embroidered.
Some striped voiles among them;
some trimmed with a suggestion f
color in bows or embroidery.
Waists in the very latest models.
If you have a waist need you
should supply it tomorrow from these
Waist Store Second Floor.
Women s Rubber Soled Low Shoes
Anticipating such a demand we have provided plentifully. Among the styles we
are showing
Tan Calfskin Low Shoes
With guaranteed rubber soles, both with
and without heels.
At $2.95 and $3.50
White Sea Island Duck Low Shoes
Both with and without heels, in all
At $1.95, $2.45 and $2.95
Misses and Children s Play Oxfords
That parents and children hao found o satisfactory. Made of a tan Lotus C
jewed soles 'no nails to Injure hardwood rloor.O Comfortable and durable.
Sizes 5 to 8,95c; S 1-2 to 11, SI. 15 ; 11 1-2 to 2, SI. 25
Lotus C-.lf. with
Shop Store Second Floor.
If You Need
White Voiles
2,000 yards of an exceptionally
fine quality made to sell at 18c a
yard, came to us at a price, because
they are in lengths of 2 to 10 yards,
so we can say for the lot:
Thursday Qq Yard
These are 36 inches wide.
White Goods Store Street Floor.
A general encyclopedia of
literature, history, art, science,
invention, and discovery, edit
ed by Prof. Charles Smith
Morris, A. M., L. L. D., con
taining nearly 4.000 illustra
tions and 1910 census; 6 vol
umes bound in half Russia.
Sale price,
Book Store Thjrd Floor.
Spring Tonics for the Home in the Drapery Store
Three Lots Cross Stripe Curtains
Open Weave Grenadine Curtains Solid colors
with various color stripes Si. 00 values, rO,
pair tJOL
Close Woven $1.25 Curtains Cream grounds
with stripes in green, blue, red, rose, yellow, r7 0
tan pair ' OC
All-Snowflake Curtains Flakes cover the en
tire curtain cream grounds S2.50 EM QQ
values. Thursday, pair W.kjs
Three Lots Lightweight Draperies by the Yard
Yard-wide Scrims soft blending colors in thin weave, conventional, floral and o
Oriental designs; washable; big variety to choose from. Thursday, yard tt
Round-thread 25c Scrims, reversible, evenly woven; 2 entire bargain tables show
ing endless variety in Delft blues, greens, Dinks yellows, and hosts of other colors, -t CZ rf
Thursday, all at, yard ' kJ Ul'
including shadow effects. These daintiest des we have softest, clearest colorings, p g ,
Scrims, 40c value the very tinest graand best scrims 2 table lots, yard O . Lib,
Three Lots Sun Fast Curtains
Solid colors of green, blue, red, brown 45 in.
wide, full length; S3.50 values. Thurs- fri QO
day, pair Pl.yO
Usual $5.00 values Guaranteed
sun-fast; solid colors; 45 in. wide (0O QO
Silk $7.50 values Glistening pure silk light
weight curtains; solid colors; 45 in-$ QQ
wide pair VPJ s0
A Dictionary of universal
knowledge, in eight volumes;
cloth bound and fully illus
trated. Sale price the set,
Book Store Third Floor.
t I
Drapery Store. Third Floor.
j - o.sgaijsiggsgfc.-;,. .
.iVapftssjk .

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