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German Savant Makes No Reply
to Health Service Officers'
Demand for Speed.
Dr. Frtederlch Franz Friedmann, dis
coverer of the turtle fcerum for tuber
culosis, has failed to answer the.
United States Govenmenl's rebuke for
his delay In treating the cases under
observation at New York.
Heads of the Public Health Servl;e
here refuse to comment on this absence
of a reply from the German savant.
Their future course Is only speculative,
but the dilatory methods pursued by
the doctor are holding up the Gov
ernment clinical observations of New
Tork phthisis victims, and hdve halted
the Investigation of the cultures of the
serum at the HyglenicLaboratory here.
Dr. Friedmann has expressed a de
sire to co-operate with the Government.
Btlll the Government officials are say
ing naught, although their letter, sent
through Dr. Anderson, of the Hygienic
Laboratory, shows plainly today that
the Government is annoyed at Dr.
Frledmann's Inaction and his secrecy
as to the genesis of the serum.
Patient Develops Fever.
Unpleasant symptoms developed today
In one of the patients treated In Dr.
Frledmann's clinic Monday,
Isador Freudberg. sixteen years old. of
61 K street, has developed fever and a
pain In the side today. Before night,
his family physician will Investigate the
case to see. whether the development Is
a, natural aftermath or tne imeamann
eerum Injection or a serious ana unex
sected outcome.
Freudberg, despite the pain he suffers
today, wears a smile, for his faith In
the doctor and the new treatment Is the
bow on life s dark cloud for the lad.
I know I'm going to get well, now,"
said Freudberg hopefully, almost tri
umphantly, today to his sister. Miss
Celia Freudberg. His two years' battle
against tuberculosis seemed to be at
an end, and he only laugned at tne
fever and side ache which racked his
already tortured body.
Has Faith In Cure.
"It's a great medicine." he went on in
Ills boyish hope. "And I know that Dr.
Friedmann will cure me so that I can
play and work like the other boys who
don't havo lung trouble. Some day
I'll be a big strong man, thanks to the
great German doctor."
Senator Hughes of New Jersey will
probably introduce In the Senate tomor
row his resolution permitting Dr. Fried
mann to practice in the District. Un
less the secret of the Friedmann cure
Is forthcoming soon, or unless his pati
ents, by improvement, demonstrate the
worth of the remedy. Dr. Friedmann
can be barred from Interstate practice,
but pay get local permits.
In 'its protest over the German's de
lays, the Government tells him that It
wants to make Its determinations of
the curative properties of the tuber
culosis "cure' at an early date, calls
attention to -his dilatory methods and
to the fact that he has not treated
all patients selected for Government
inspection. , J.
The United, States, both for the
sake of the patients, and to make
possible an early decision of the se
rum's curative properties, asks that
he proceed at once with the treat
ment of patients now under Govern
ment observation.
Rebuked In Letter.
The letter to the German savant
Is signed by Dr. John F. Anderson,
director of the hygienic laboratory
and director of the board of investi
gation into the Friedmann cure and
"Dr. Frederlch Franz Friedmann.
Hotel Naragansett, Providence, R. I.:
"We regret to have to invite your at
tention to the halting progress In your
demonstration of the alleged curative
value of your remedy for tuberculo
sis. Only ninety-four of the patients
accepted by you as suitable for such
test have been treated by you. In or
der to avoid undue prolongation of
your demonstration and to avoid un
necessary delay in advising the public
of a Judgment that we may be able
to form of the value of your treatment
we are forced to limit our clinical
studies to the number already treated
under your observation in the hospitals
in New Tork clt.
Prompt Action Urged.
"From conversations with ipu. It Is
understood that some of these patients
are now ready for a further injection
of your remedy. In their interests and
for the reasons for limiting our clinical
observations to those already treated,
we feel that these patients should now
be seen by you with the view of giving
such additional injections of jour rem
edy as may in, in your judgment, be
necessary to effect a cure. We should
be pleased, therefore, to have jou give
this matter jour prompt attention and
Inform us regarding their condition at
an early date. , , .
"We may be communicated with In
writing,- addressed either to Dr. A. N.
Stlmson. Hotel Martinique. New York
cltv. or to Dr. John F. Anderson, di
rector Hjglenic Laboratory. Washing
ton. D. C. Respectfully.
"Director Hygienic Laboratory, Chair
man of the Board."
Did Not Attend Clinic
In the light of this letter, Washing
ton now knows why the Public Health
Service officials remained awav from
Dr. Frledmann's clinic here Monday.
Dr. Friedmann knows the law regard
ing interstate commerce in vaccines,
serums and the like. He promised the
Government, upon arriving In New
York, that he would assist In every way
possible in a prompt Government in
vestigation to determine the potency
and harmlessness of the remedy.
Clinics were established in New York.
Two hundred patients were named. Dr.
Friedmann treated ninety-four, repre
senting all stages of tuberculosis.
Since that time the Government ob
servers have been forced to wait de
velopments while the doctor visited
Montreal, Providence, and Washington
to give further demonstrations.
Government Wants Formula.
Furthermore, the Government has
repeatedly warned the doctor that he
must furnish his original formula be
foru the tests can be complete. Dr.
Friedmann has not refnsed to furnish
this Information, but he has taken no
steps to provide It. No later than Sun
day Dr. Blue, of the Public Health
Service, called Dr. Frledmann's atten
tion to this subject.
Experiments In the hygienic labora
tory are halted. Dt Anderson, with
out knowing the genesis of the serum,
will not administer it to human beings;
and the supply is so limited that he
cannot pursue his treatment of lower
Dr. Friedmann admits that his cul
tures are limited but he has sent to
Berlin for more.
The Public Health Service does not
contemplate an announcement of Its
findings until It has had opportunity to
observe properly all the New York cases
and until the Inner secrets of the cure
arc In Government possession.
Dr. Friedmann has begun treatments
at Co a patient, according to dispatches
from Providence. R. I., where he plans
to make his headquarters during the re
mainder of his stay In America.
Dr. R. D. ApperKon. of Lvnchburg,
Va., was one of Dr. Frledmann's first
patients. He went to Providence by
special train. Governor I'othier, of
Rhode Island, Induced Dr. Friedmann to
treat Apperson despite the facr-tliat his
case is In a practically hopeless stage.
The doctor also treated about slxtv
patlents at J23 each from all section1
of the country.
Letters are reaching Providence from
doctors In manv places trjing to make
appointments for persons en route to
Providence from Texas. Colorado, West
Virginia and northern New England.
Petition in Bankruptcy.
A petition In voluntary bankruptcy
was filed in tho District Supreme Court
by John Saadl, a Jeweler, whose place
of business is at 002 Ninth street north
west. The assets are listed at $1,730.13
ai d the liabilities at J5.1S1.53. E. F. ,
Colladay is attorney for Mr. Saadl.
Nervous Wrecks from
Sore Feet: Gives Cure
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbiaCloudy tonight; Thursday fair,
with rising temperature.
For Maryland Cloudy tonight; Thurs
day fair, with risini; tmperature; mod
erate to brlFk north, shifting to north
west, winds.
For Virginia Fair tonight and Thurs
day; rising temperature Thursday;
moderate northwest winds.
The temperature today as registered
at the United States Weather Bureau
ad Affleck's-
8 a. jn Zl
9 a. m. ,52
10 a. m j, 52
12 noon Zi
1 p. m. t 5
2 p. m. 7
8 a. m
9 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m
12 noon 62
1 P. m. C4
2 p. m. 6fl
High tides 3.50 a. m. and 4:20 p m.
Low tides 10:24 a. m. and 11:01 p. m.
Sun rites 5.31 I Sun sets (-U
Modern Sanitary
HFSt. iV.W.
Fkoae Vain 84ft.
The nagging Irritation from dally foot
torture causes thousands of nervous
break-downs. Besides there Is the pain,
the haggard face and peevish disposi
tion. Don't waste an hour, here Is a
treatment mat win cure
your feet quickly. No
matter how many patent
medicines you have tried
in vain this treatment
formerly known only to
doctors, will give prompt
results. "Dissolve two
tablespoonfuls of Calo
cide Compound in a
basin of warn water.
Soak the feet In this for
full fifteen minutes, gent
ly rubbing then sore
parts." The effects are
marvelous. All pain goes
Instantly and the feet feel simply de
lightful. Corns and callouses can be
peeled right off; bunions, aching feet.
sweaty smelling reet, get immediate
relief. Use this a -week and your foot
troubles will be a thing of the past.
Caloclde works through the pores and
removes the cause. Any druggist has
it In stock or will quickly get It. A
twenty-five cent package Is said to be
enough to cure the worst feet Advt.
"The Common Sense of
By L. W. Rogers,
National lecturer of tho Throeophleal Society.
Wednesday, 8 p. m.
at rooms 419-420 Corcoran Building, corner
ISIh and F N' W 1
Red Top Brand
Can .. 15C
Fancy Red Apples, QC
per peck OjC
Ocilla Brand Sugar r -Corn,
per can Jv
Southern Brand Toma- q.
toes, per can OL
Sliced Pineapple, per rtA.
Imported Dried Lima p
Beans, per pound Jv
California Dried Lima O -Beans,
per pound O
Yellow Onions, per 1A.
peck lvt
Sweet Potatoes, per O
can Ov
Herring Roe, per O
can Ot
6 pounds California flP
Prunes LDK,
Choice Evaporated Ap- Z
pies, per large pkg OL
Fancy Evaporated 0.
Peaches, per pound O
3 loaves Star of the 1A
East Bread for '"t
Noiseless Tipped Ar
Matches, per doz. boxes, I4"v
J. T. D. Pyles
Mrs. Allen Potts Enters Green
Animals for Exhibit t o Be
Held in the Capital.
Mrs Allen Potts, formerly of Castle
Hill. Albemarle county, Va., but for
several years of Gordonsvilie. will
bring three young horses to the Na
tional Capital Horse Show. Mrs. Potts
has sold off her older horses, but the
three site will bring are of the highest
Mrs. Potts' entries include Bracken
Rose, a bay saddle marc; Boethie, a
heavyweight hunter, and Day Star II.
a pony of unusual excellence. All tnree
are green to ths show ring, but under
Mrs. Potts' handling they are expected
to make a first-class showing.
Mrs. Potts disposed of the star of her
string. Willow King, a year ago to
Samuel D. Riddle, of the Glen RldJle
Farms, in Pennsylvania. Mr. Riddle
expects to show Willow King at the
National Capital Horse Show with the
remainder of his string, which includes
a number Pi first-class hunters.
John O. Ghecn and Thomas Bones have
been appointed ring stewards for the
show. Mr. Ghecn left today for Brook
lyn to attend the horse show there to
morrow and Friday. He will also con
sult with Albert de Cemea, who has
been selected as the auctioneer for the
thoroughbreds which will be sold at the
Washington meeting.
Sues Boat Company
For $10,000 Damages
George Marks filed suit in the Dis
trict Supreme Court today against the
Mt. Vernon and Marshall Steamboat
Company for $10,000 daamges, alleging
that he purchased a ticket for trans
portation from Washington to Mar
shall Hall, but was put off the steamer
Macalester at Alexandria.
He further charges that he was hand
cuffed and humiliated before other pas
sengers, t
Withdrawals Ruin Bank.
Heavy withdrawals by depositors re
cently caused the closing of the First
National Bank, of Norwich,. Conn: Tho
deposits dropped from $750,000 to S55O.00O.
The bank was established in 1S6. The
Treasury Department has beehnotlfled
of the failure ofthe bank.
Senators Confer on
Money Reform Bills
.The Senate Banking and Currency
Committee Democrats held a long con
ference yesterday afternoon and talked
over plans for currency, reform legis
lation. At the close. Senator Owen said cur
rency, legislation was possible this lec
slon. but hardly probable. If there
Were none this session. It would be ar
ranged to legislate promptly next win
ter. The" committee will give healings on
special phases of the currency question.
Before this, members will study the
Pujo and r Glass committee hearing.'
JCTtniuajiy. enons win oe nunc in
come. -to van understanding with the
House Banking and Currency Com
UtXATIYE BROMO Quinine removes tb
nam Tsar Is only one "BBOHOuuimse."
Look for Snatan ottV. QROVK. Sc
Absorbs Skin, Chases
Wrinkles-Young Again
"The shock at beholding myself la the
glass after nine long weeks abed, nearly
caused & relapse." writes Emily CoU
son in Home Queen. "The faded face.
with its lines of illness and. worry
seemed thirty years older. Now, I
thouEht. I could not attend my chum's
.wedding, eleven days oft, to which I
had looked hpefuuy iorwnra.
"She herself came to my rescue. As
procured an ounce of ordinary merco
lised wax at the drugstore, which sti
bade me spread on like cold creaai.
washing It off next morning. Applied
nlghtl). this apparently absorbed the
withered skin, so gently I experienced
no discomfort- Upon the wedding- mora
the pallid complexion had entirely given
way to one of youthful color and love- J
"And thcro wasn't a wrinkle. This
due to a wash lotion made by dissolving
an ounce of powdered saxoUte in a halt
pint witch hazel. The dally face bath
had dispersed everyline." Advt.
With Every Cash or Credit Purchase
Amounting to $25.00 or More We Give
Absolutely TREE
a Beautifully
Decorated 31
Piece Dinner Set
a set that any
housekeeper will
be delighted to own
I Was WfWKv35-aRK81
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Massive Oak Boston
Leather Rocker
To those whose cash or
credit purchases amount to
S5o or more, we will give
absolutely FREE, this
magnificent Rocker. It
has large, massive oak
frame, best spring seat,
and is . luxuriously uphol
stered in genuine Boston
NfWW.tV -. ZmrhTw
This Elegant E Mahogany and Brass Bedroom Outfit
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The Dresser
Are fashioned in the
true colonial style in
crotch mahogany finish
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work is absolutely per
fect easy-sliding, dust
proof drawers, with
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H I I I Sfl Kwo ifriM?
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Each Piece I aa Ex
ample of tke Highest
Grade Fornitare
" ConstractxHi
has massive 2-inch
continuous posts and is
finished in guaranteed
is soft and comfort
able made with layers
of felt top, bottom and
sides, and covered in
good ticking.
The Hub's Original
$4.50 full Roll t Or
Reed Rocker, 1 .03
This Is a large, roomy, comfortable
Rocker, made of selected China reed,
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back and seat. Two carloads of
thes Rockers to sell at the special
The Refrigerators With Gray
Enamel Exteriors and White
Enamel Interiors. K & irimwed
The Indiana Refrigerator Company, of Peru, Tnd.,
recognizing the big outlet offered by this store, has given,
us the exclusive Washington agency for their scientific
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The J12.50 Family-size
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H PHnipjjjJji 4B9f99
H "' 1 nil11"111!!!!! ffii m
Bllll1 imiiillllllMi tfl
1 h mAWa I ft I Hfl
iiii wiffli
This Exact $6.50
Strong, light, easy to manage.
Best imitation leather hood; guar
anteed tires.
This All-steel Sani
tary Couch, Special
for Thursday Only,
Corner Seventh and D 5ts. N. W.
Improved Steel Sliding
Support Adjustable Screens
Size, 24x33 Inches.
Full Slie Screas 24x33
Inefccn to at any nlidoni
ha e stained waterproof
(mines; fitted with extra
traaKi closelv Ttoven wire
meab, nalrh Is heailly enam
eled to prevent matins, and
the Inner edKcs of nliich are
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mall orders filled. None sent
C. O. D.

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