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j- T "r ' - v.
Leaders of Party Opposed to
Ballot Plan to Defeat
"Votes for Women."
Active opposition to the cause of
woman suffrage has begun with the ar
rival here of Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge, of
New York. President of the National
Association Opposed to Woman Suf
frage, and Mrs. A. J. George, of Boston,
a noted speaker against woman suf
frage. Miss Lucy Price, a well-known
newspaper woman and lecturer of Co
lumbus. Ohio, will also take part In th
"anti" movement here.
The first meeting will be held at the
Public Library at 8 o'clock on the night
of April 18. A second will be held at
' the Brighton on the .following evening.
Mrs. Dodge will preside at both of these
. "Local organization has now been ef
fected temporarily fas follows: Mrs.
Arthur T. Dunn, president; Mrs. Frank
W. Hackett. Mrs. Kate K. Henry, xnj
Mrs. St. John Greble. vice presidents:
Miss Caroline Harrold. secretary, and
Miss E. Brehaut, Miss Mary B. Adams,
Mrs. R. S. Ely, and Mrs. William B.
Cogswell, members of the executive
It is i intended to carry out all sorts
of campaign. lobbying among Senators
and -Congressman and no effort will be
left untried to convince Congress that
woman suffrage is undesirable. Ar
rangements have been made for a hear
ing before the suffrage committee of th
ller.ate on April 19. Mrs. Dodge. Mrs.
George, snd Miss Price, will appear be
fore tha committee.
-A series -of drawing room meetings Is
already being carried out. On April 17
one vlll be held at the home of Mrs.
Frederick Huldekoper, at 3 o'clock: on
April 16. at the home of Mrs. Richard
Ely. at II o'clock, and April a, at the
residence of Miss Adams, of New Hamp
thlre avenue, at 11:30 o'clock. Other
meetings arc being arranged.
Mrs. George Holds Hollis
Is Mistaken in ideas
About Woman Suffrage
Senator Hollis of New Hampshire Is
not thoroughly familiar with the woman
suffrage sentiment in his State, accord
ing to Mrs. A. J. George, of Boston.
Mrs. George, who is here to speak at
the big anti-suffrage meeting at the
Public Library April 18. called atten
tion to the fact that "it was only on
the "30th of last June that the New
Hampshire Legislature turned down the
proposed -woman suffrage amendment
for the State by" a vote of 208 to 119.
and ten years, ago. when such an
amendment was submitted to the
voters. It was beaten by an immense
majority. ,
"In every New- England State," says
' Mrs. George, '-woman suffrage haa been
r defeated. In every one of those six
States the suffragist's have made their
i fights and every time they have lost."
Mrs. George -ridicules Senator Holits"
" prediction thaftfee National Congress
will enact the proposed amendment In
. -2. ta .next, regular,, session. She declares
- n. the Senate is "more than two to ,one
again t the proposition and the House Is
about the same. She declares the
bodies will rot even vote on the amend
ment. "With Congress against the suffrag
irte, with the Vice President agatnst
them and with the White House silent
on the subject, despite the strenuous ef
forts of supporters bf-votes for women.
.Senator Hollis must Indeed be optlmis
. tic," Bays Mrs. George. "He Is neces-
varily sunny In disposition to see any
" hope In Washington for the suffragists."
Special Revival Meetings.
Special revival services to be held
at the People's Congregational Church,
M street, near Seventh street northwest,
began last night under the leadership
of the Itev. Arthur Randall, the pastor.
Mr. Randall will be assisted by Evan
gelist Dallas J. Flynn. who has Just
reached the city from a successful series
of revival' meetings in Charlotte, N. C.
Special music will be given and promi
nent clergymen of the city will make
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Fair Weather Due
Tomorrow, Says Expert
Of Weather Bureau
Tomorrow trill be a fair day.
Tbis In the assurance glren to.
day by officials of the Weather
The condition of rain and
cloudiness during' the past week
has not been unprecedented, It It
This is the way Prof. Henry,
rainfall expert of the Weather
Bureau, defines the situation to.
"The long-continued rains are
general over all States east of the
Appalachian mountains. The con.
dltion is unusual for this season
of the year, but no records hare
been broken. It. has been so
equally distributed during the last
week that little damage has re
sulted." The rains extend from North
Carolina and "Virginia on the south
to extreme northern New England.
Several Thousand Join Today.
Socialist Asserts 400,000
Have Left Their Work.
BRUSSELS, April 11 The manhood
suffrage strikers were joined today by
several thousand additional workers,
and on the third day of the movement,
when Vandervelde had predicted a halt
million would be out. the socialists
at the people's palace said that, 400,000
men had quit work. Tho clericals as
serted that not more than 250.000 were
on strike.
Two' thousand wives of strikers carry
ing bable3 in their arms today marched
through the- streets, tinging the "Mar
seillaise." as a. tribute to a liberal mil
lionaire who has offered to care for
I3.tt) children of workingmen during
the strike.
The socialists professed to fear no
opposition from tha troops, becauso
many of the soldiers are In sympathy
with the strike.
"I know 'that the soldiers would not
Are on us." said Leader Camllle Huys
man. ' "Many of the officers, as well
as the men, are socialists." .
Gettysburg Described
By Rev. R. H. McKim
A praphlch description' otr the battle
of Gettysburg was given members of
Camp 171, United Confederate Veterans,
last nlht by the Rev Randolph H.
McKim, who waa a participant In that
As an aide of General Stuart, Dr.
McKim was -ln a. position to see the
battle as few men; saw it, arid .since
the war he has' made a studv of that
battle, which hi thinks- was; the point
of the beginning ,of. defeat for the
Confederacy. v-j- . ' ft "-
With the aid ot,alrge inap'Dr, Mc
Kim showed the position of each com
mand which was engaged in the Rattle,
and described the movements of troops
all through the battle. Dr. McKim is
now chaplain of the camp.
Democrats Win Seat.
BOSTON. April 16.-John J. Mitchell,
a Democrat, was elected to Congress
from the Thirteenth district. Mitchell's
plurality over Alfred H. Cutting, Re
publican, was 4.148. The vote for Nor
man H. White. Progressive, fell 3.200
short of that for Cutting.
7. We Thank President Wilson
uur uwn inclusive creation
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Plans for Representation at
Hague, Paris, and London
Meetings Discussed.
Matters of national importance to
women are under consideration today at
the meeting of the National Council of
Women In the rooms of the Washing
ton College of Law. Delegates repr
spntlns twenty-lwo of the great wom
an's organisations of the United States
are present Headquarters for tho
mectlns arc at the Raleigh, where
many of the visitors are staying.
The meeting was called to order at
10 o'clock by Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett,
national president Business discussion
and plans for representation at iho
conventions of- the International Coun
cil of Women in Paris. The Hague,
and London this summer, filled the morn
ng session. Reports of atillatfd
organization's and presentation of dele
gates will occupy most of the time this
At 5 o'clock today delegates will ba
accorded a reception at the residence if
Mrs. W. a Catby, Chevy Chase. The
first public event of the meeting win
be held, tonight at the Uirtversalist
Church. Lawrence T. Sherman, newly
elected Senator from Illinois, will be
the principal speaker. Mrs. Helen H.
Gardener, Mlsc Kate Davis, and Mr
Kate Waller Barrett will also maku
addresses. The Rev. F. J. Prettyman.
chaplain of the United States Senate,
will deliver the-openlhg prayer.
Tomorrow's program will be devoted
principally to business matters. Mrs.
Ellen Spencer Mussey will speak at the
afternoon session on laws pertaining ta
women and children. At 4:30 delegates
will go to Alexandria, where they will
visit Christ Church and Alexandria
Washington Lodge of Masons. The
second open meeting of the session will
be held at Trinity Methodist Church, in
Alexandria. Addresses will be-made by
Miss Julia Lathrop, head of the Chil
dren's Bureau of the Department of
Labor; Mrs. May Wright Seville, of San
Francisco, who will speak on "Peace
and Arbitration," and an address on
"Our Foreign Population."
Friday proposed changes in the Con
stitution of the United States will be
discussed at the business 'sessions.
There will be a reception at the White
House by President and Mrs. Wilson .to
the delegates and their friends at 2:30.
and a visit to the Theological Seminary
of Virginia, including an automobile
ride following the reception at 5 o'clock
Mrs. Barrett will entertain the dele
gates at her home In Alexandria.
The third open meeting will be held in
the . Trinity Methodist Church at 8
o'clock, when Senator John D. Works
of California will deliver the principal
address. Dr. Anna G. Spencer, of New
Tork, and Miss Elizabeth Grannls will
A general meeting of all national so
cieties has been called for Saturday
morning at 10 o'clock at the Raleigh
by the joint committee from the Gen
eral Federation and the National Coun
cil of Women.
Senators Investigate
High Cost of Pudding
The Rules Committee", of the Senate
has 'tackled. 'the cost of'illving.probleni
iOa new guise. It is trying to' lower
the prices in the Senate restaurant, an
institution where the expenses of ex
istence have long been altltudlnoua.
The committee Is probing Into the
cost of production of pie. strawberry
shortcake and other necessities of Sena
torial life through a subcommittee.
The committee, defeated Senator Till
man's anti-smoking resolution and de
cided to remove the new monorail sys
tem -.In the subway because It Is too
rolsy. It was recently Installed at a
cost -of J9.000.
Laundry Driver Hurt
In' Crash With Car
Edward Clemo. twenty-four years old,
a driver employed by the Elite laundry,
was knocked from his wagon this morn
ing In a collision "-1th a Capital Trac
tion car In Fourteenth street, between
K and L streets northwest. Clemo
was taken to Emergency Hospital,
where It was said he had been injured
about the back, but not seriously hurt.
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Brother of Slain President of
Mexico Believes Diaz and
Huerta Will Fight.
Julio Madero. brother of the late
President of the Mexican Republic, ar
rived In Washington today for his first
visit to the American Capital. He was
Joined here by Senor .Francisco Gon
zalez Gante, confidential agent of tho
revolutionary that Is, the anti-Huerta
party In Mexico. They paid a visit to
the Capitol, and later went to the Na
tional Museum.
Both these gentlemen are products of
American educational Institutions, Senor
Madero being a graduate of the Boston
Institute of Technology. They will be
Jn Washington two or three days, and
will then return to New York.
That Mexico City is verging upon
conditions that will precipitate a vio
lent quarrel between President Huerta
and Felix Diaz was the declared ex
pectation of Senor Gante. Diaz and
Huerta no longer appear together In
public, and their relations have reached
the point of strain at which Mexico
City observers believe they are rivals
for control of the remaining military
power of the government
."Tho so-called Huerta government."
said Senor Gante, "Is just what might
be .expected or one rounaea on treason,
murder, and deceit It exercises no real
authority outside the federal district;
that-ls. It Is In a position parallel to
that which a usurping government
would occupy in the United States if,
after murdering the constitutional of
ficers, it would sustain control in the
District of Columbia, but be powerless
"The states of Mexico are honey
combe with revolution. Huerta, In or
der to protect himself. Is keeping 3,000
infantrv and cavalry at the national
I palace, while Diaz, his rival, has with
drawn to his country place, jtiacienaa
Crlsto, a few miles tiutslde -the city.
Thither he has taken about all the fed
eral artillery.
"The constitutionalists in the north
are gradually driving back Huerta's
troops, and It will take only a few
weeks to have Mexico City Isolated and
Invested from all sides."
Senor Gante said he was expecting
Important advices from Governor Car
ranza, leader of the northern"1 Mexico
revolt Carranza Is - now at Pledro
Negras, and 'Is expected to make an
Important announceemnt today or to
morrow. Even Mexico City has re
cently been compelled to admit that Im
portant advantages have been gained
by Carranza.
Degrees Are Conferred
By Shield -of Honor
Reading of reports of officers and the
conferring of the past master's degree
upon new members marked the initial
meeting of the thirty-ninth annual ses
sion of the grand lodge. Shield of Honor,
of Maryland and the District of Colum
bia, Yesterday. In Typographical Temple.
Officers for the. ensuing 'year were
elected-'as -follows: Grand master. An
drew George: junior grand master.
James H. Ringgold; grand secretary,
William J. Cunningham: grand treas
urer, William H. H. Sultzcr; grand chap
lain, George C. Younger; grand conduc
tor, Charles A. Mondle: grand Inside
guardian, W. H. 'Campbell, and grand
outside guardian, Leonard J. Moore.
Rudolph Indorsed
By Veteran Society
Commissioner Rudolph Is Indorsed for
reappointment by the Veteran Society
of the Eighth Battalion. D. C. Volun
teers. Resolutions forwarded to the
White House cite that Mr. Rudolph "Is
a hlRh-mlndcd. progressive, and public
spirited citizen, who is not controlled
by any clique or faction, and whose
horor and Integrity are above suspi
cion." The society urges that he be
given another term because of his ad
ministrative ability and knowledge of
the intricate machinery of the District
Which Fits
Little Girl Tripped in Running
Across Tracks, Evidence
Given by Witness.
An Inquest over the body of little Rosle
Mestesky, four-year-old daughter of
Julius Metesky. a tailor, living at Fifth
and I streets northwest, who was killed
by a Le Droit Park car almost In front
of her home last evening. Is being held
at the District morgue today. Tho tes
timony showed that the child fell di
rectly In front of the car while running
across the street
According to witnesses, Rosie started
across the street toward her home, and
attempted to run in front of a south
bound car in charge of Motormnn
Charles Schuarlzberck. Just as the
reached the tracks she tripped and fell.
The motorman applied the brakes and
reversed the current, but It was too
late to avoid an accident.
The fender en the front of the car
passed over the child's body, but she
was caught by the wheel fender. The
wheels did not crush her body, but the
fender rolled her over several times be
fore the car waa brought to a full stop,
fracturing her skull and breaking; her
neck. She died a few minutes after be
ing picked up and called into the -drug
More on the corner, over which the
Mesteskys live.
Tho Mesteskys are Russians and have
been In the country tlx years. Rosle
was tho youngest of three children.
Mrs. Mestesky reached the drug store
just beforo the child died, but tlio
father did not get home until nearly
an hour later.
Patrolmen of Ocean
Save Many Lives
Revenue cutters patrolling the storm
swept Atlantic from November to April
saved scores of lives and millions of
dollars' worth of property. The entire
fleet has put Into port, with Its winter
labors completed.
The reports show that 125 persons
were saved from drowning, that eighty
five distressed vessels, carrying car
goes of 6.S0.0OO tons and 854 peoplo were
assisted; that sixteen derelicts were
either destroyed or towed into port, and
that many ships afire or In collision
were assisted.
The season "was remarkable for Its
fierce gales, but there was no danger
from Ice, because of the unusually high
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Despite Bad Weather, Citizens
of Washington Are Busy
Taking Trash From Yards.
Weather conditions, notwithstanding,
the clean city committee is establishing
a record In its campaign for cleanliness,
according to reports received by Dr.
Arthur L. Murray, secretary, today.
From early morning until night the
wagons of M. R. Ready, contractor for
the collection of refuse, were engaged
yesterday in hauling trash from every
section of the District.
Record Is being kept by the Health
Department of all reports of nuisances
and Insanitary places, and official notice
to improve conditions is at once sent to
the owners. Inspection will be made by
the Boy Scouts the last of the week to
Bee that no insanitary conditions have
been overlooked by the army of cleaners.
Other cities are following the example
of Washington In instituting clean city
crusades. Philadelphia is planning for
a "clean-city week," beginning April
28, and the authorities of Richmond
have asked for Information from the
Commissioners with a view of entering:
upon a similar campaign.
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909 F St. N. W. m
Report Widely Circulated That
Wilson Favored British View
of Canal Controversy.
A sweeping denial of a. report circu
lated broadcast that President Wilson
was about to Issue a proclamation de
clarer that he favored England's con
tention In the Panama canal tolls con
troversy, -was made at the White House
today. It was stated that the Presi
dent has not vet taken ud the problem,
and that he would not decide It until
be had fully studied both aides.
Hack Driver Sought.
Search Is being; made by the police
today for the colored driver of a hack
In a funeral procession who Is alleged
to have attempted to wreck the auto
mobile of James H. Patton by driving
the carriage pole through the side of
the lawyers coupe.
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