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- r
Sreat Attraction for Washington
Arranged by Members of
Retail Association.
:. op p.
Senator Norris Is Planning
Amendment to Be Argued
in Special Session.
The greatest "home trade" week
Washington ever had is planned n
leaders in the Retail Merchanls' Asso
ciation, and " meeting with hearty ac
cord whereer presented.
It wan broucht before the home trad-?
commltee last night and given a hcr:y j
indorsement. It already has been Ap
proved bj the board of governor"!, ind
will be brought up at the quartcriv
meeting of the full association next
Tuesda night.
Primarily, the week is designated to
Interest persons living in nearby States
In the .possibilities of Washington as
a shopping center. It is believed If resi
dents of Virginia, the Carolinas 3n.i
Maryland come to "Washington and see
the stores in gala attire and the goods
well displayed, there will be a consid
erable increase In the parcel post bus!
ness after the week Is over.
It is planned to provide special in
door and outdoor entertainments fo.
the evenings of the week and to illumi
nate Pennsylvania, avenue as brilliantly
as possible.
None of the details have been definite
ly settled on, but the general plan has
met unanimous approval and after It
has been discussed at the full meeting
next Tuesday night, a committee will be
appointed to arrantrj the details.
The home trade committee, which met
last night. Is composed of Sidney West,
chairman; E. C. Graham. Claude E.
Miller. Herbert Rich, Robert Plum J.
E. Dulin, O. J. De Moll, Jos. Berberli-h,
Gua Erlebacher, I. Goldheim. Lnu 8
HIrah, Henry L. Kaufman. E 11 Siij
der. A. O. Hutterly. E. H. Etz. Tajl
Lcibel, H T. Offterdinger Sidney Rclz
enstein. J. II. Bird. J. E. Ttosenthal. Jo
seph Haueler. W. F. Marche, Franklin
Davis. Samuel Willett. M. G Copcland,
Joseph Jacobl. Harry Hahn, J. C Wine
man, F. H. Edmonds and Roe Fulker-on.
The question of an inheritance 'ax
is to be threshed out at this session of
Congress in connection with the tariff
and Im-ome tn measure. Possibly an
inheritann tax provision may be hitched
to the Fnderwood bill.
Onl a feu flays ago it was made
public that John Jacob Astor had be
queathed property worth $10,000,000 to
young Vincent Astor. This has stirred
up attention in Congress, the feeling
being pronounced that so ast a sum
should not be permitted to go down from
one generation to another withoJt di
vision with the community.
Senaor Norris of Nebraska. Progres
sive Republican, will shortly present an
Inheritance tax bill in the form of a
proposed amendment to the tariff and
income tax bill. He plans to exempt
moderute inheritances, but to get after
tne Dig omce, anu 10 srauuaie me in. j
so that it will be as high as 23 per j
cent on the swollen fortunes. I
In Honor of House Members in
Lodge. Occasion Is Termed
Congressional Night.
Congressmen J. J. Russell of Missouri.
Frank Clark of Arkansas, and Oscir
Calloway, and John Philip Meakln, past
grand chancellor or l"tah, were the
principal speakers at the meeting of
Myrtle Lodge, No. 25. Knights of
Pythias, last night in the castle-hall o
the lodge.
The occasion was the grand ilsitatlnn
of Grand Chancellor Sroufe and h's
associate grand lodge officers, to Mrtlc
Lodge, the lirst isitatton of the ear
and the celebration h the lodge of In
nineteenth aniiheisan. In honor of ho
memhcis of Co:igics the onasion was
termed "Congrcssi'inal jiisht.'
Grand Chancellor Sroufe compliment
ed the officers of JIrtIe Lodge on tn
good work of the past jeai Otier
members and guests made Inform il
The officers of the grand lodge of the
Hlstrlct are Robert Sroufe. grand chan
cellor, .Mark SlearnMn. grand vice ihan
ceilor. I harle-4 . Hi-nden-on, gland
prelate. Henrv J. Carson, grand keept-r
uf retords and seal:1 Frank U Crown,
grand master of exi-heqiiei , II. M. Van
dervort, grand master-at-arms, William
A. Klmmel. grand Inner guard; Richaid
S. Sebastian, grand outer guard; John
B. Dlckman, grand lecturer; Thomas.
E. Landon, J. F. Swidmore. and E.
Lodge, Hill, trustees-'
The officers of Mjitle Lodge for 1315
are C. A. Johnson, chancellor com
mander; W. R. Lucas, ti-e chancellor;
E. A. Hutchinson, master of work;
Jacob Ntissbaum. prelate. F. R Crown,
keeper of records mid sal. II. ..
Adams, master of exchequer. M t
Thompson, master of finance. J i? Mo.
Cathran. master-at-arms; K T :t lien
son, inner guard: md II W M,uk,
quter guard.
Army Officers Seek Membership
in United Spanish War
army. Brig. Gen. Robert K. Ean,
L'nlted States Army, and Rrig. Ucn.
Albert L. Mills, now chlcr division of
militia affairs. General Mills Is a medal
of honor man for most distinguished
, service at Sanitago de Cuba, where he
i lost one or his eyes in battle. Com
I inander Pierson also has received ap
plications from Lieut. Col. George F.
i Downey. Quartermaster Corps, at prcs
I ent depot quartermaster of this city.
, Lieutenant Commander William Rus
isell White, United States Navy: Frank
i'. joanntni, a promising young lawyer
of this city, as well as a number of
others who have rendered service to
their country' during the war with Spain,
the Philippine insurrection and the Box
er rebellion of China in 1D0O.
A muster of recruits will be held at
the meeting of the Gen. M. Emmet Urell
Camp. No. 9. United Spanish War ct
erans tonight at the camp hall. Eleventh
and E streets northwest. Among the
applicants for membership are.
Rrig. Gen Erasmus M Weaver, chief
or coast Artilleij. who served as lleu
Hiiuut colonel. Fifth Massachusetts Vol-
.unttei Infantrv. during the war with
Spain . Brig Gen George H Torney.
I the present "iurgron general of the
Declare Standard Oil
Offered Loan to China
That the Standard OH Company has
offered to loan JC3.000.000 to the Chinese'
government In return for the exclusive
tights to exploit petroleum In the na
tion. Is asserted In copies of foreign
I newspapers lecelvcd here. No confirma
tion of thesH reports has been received
by the S'ate Department.
Wilson Felicitates
"l very heartily congratulate you on
your splendid -victory." telegraphed
President Wilson to John J. Mitchell.
Congressman-elect from the Thirteenth
Massachusetts district, whose selection
at the polls Is hailed as a significant
triumph t)f the low tariff party In the
very citadel of the protective tariff.
The result has strengthened the tariff
leaders in Congress, because the only
reply they need, when the new Schedule
''K." relating to the woolen and cotton
duties. Is attacked. Is to read the elec
tion returns from .the district which Is
most deeply affected by the cuts.
The Republicans timed the election so
as to have a distinct influence In Con
gress In case of a G. O. P. victory. The
ract mat tney were signally defeated is
taken to mean that even Massachusetts,
which suffers severely under the Under
wood tariff bill. Indorses the new policy.
Baltimorean Will Give
, Dinner for W. J. Bryan
Invitations have been issued by Charlea
H. Grasty. of Baltimore, for a dinner
at the Belvldere Hotel in that city, on
May S. at which Secretary of State
Bryan and Mrs. Bryan will be the
guests of honor. The affair is purely a
social one and will have no political significance.
All For 10 Gents
Grand Special Offer
In brder to introduce the Vapocur
Inhaler and prove that it will act like
ASTHSIA, 11AV FEVER and all diseases
of ths nose, throat and cht, e have
arranged with the undersigned druggist
to supply all applicants, on the dates
named below, with a Vapocurn Inhaler
and two bottles of Inhaling Fluid for
only 10 cents. This wonderful Vanorlit.
converts healing- oils and germicides Inl
fog-like vapor, sending this vapor inl
evarypaaare-.o( the noes and throat
healing the membrane and ers.dlcs.tln
the germs of the disease. Thousands u
testimonials from grateful people. Fo
this rerular one dollar Vaporizer outfl
with two bottles or innaung xiuld at th
special price of 10 cents, call Thursday.
Friday, ana eaiuraay. April 17. is. am
1Kb. from a. m. to p. m.. at Stevens'
Drug Store. Jth St. and Penn. Ave. X.
W.. Washington. D. C
1 1 AC C Ci Next te
11UU U Ol.
Cer. 11th
500 Women's and Misses'
Smart Tailored Suits
From Our Regular Stock
Every Popular Fabric All the Newest Models
No Charge For Alterations
Values to $25.00
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$16.00 Values For $9.50
. ilk, Mohair and Real Mannish Materials
isK ZtyIm7Wy7EEEBrm
r r TT ffl'ifii ifiitfiUn? r II I
Es.ablished in .860
Jy that the people of
the United States want "Free
The Facts Are that
the people of the United
States want cheap sugar and
they have been told that "Free
Sugar" would also mean
cheap sugar. But sugar is
cheaper in the United States
than in any other country on
the globe, and that, too, un
der a duty which fosters a
domestic sugar industry that
keeps the price of sugar low
by healthy competition.
Why not let well enough
Get The Facts.
Domestic Sugar Producers,
322 Colorado Building,
Washington, D. C
MIHHksTiisssssnMHiissssssssssssssssy? fTIw
1 1 yMPsL I
i ly JLissssssssbPE 'TRW$rt
I I sssssssssVi-'-vW r isisf --:-. I
I i A'" 3HP- ?&
i v bk" - - y
You are invited to have the expert demonstrators show you
the easiest and most beneficial way to use the famous.
Willard White Co.'s
Toilet Preparations
Demonstration Booth Main Floor.
Truly Wonderful
are the merits of the
Toilet Preparations. We
are selllnc Sylva Face
Powder. J1.00 size, at
Sue. and 50c. size for
Sylva Cleansing: and
Massage Cream. 1 In 1...
Syli-a .Perfect House..
Sylva Face Towder
ChlcaBo's Most Beautiful Wi.rklnjr
GlrL Joins Thousands of Women
of Xote Who Highly Indorse
iiui uk, our regular 59c
size, at .... ,
Sylva Nail Polish 3c
Vaucaire Xs
A splrndld preparation for thin,
undeveloped, nervous and care
worn women. The remedy that Is
recommended by beauty experts
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much better than the liquid snd
contain the genuine alega. Try
r uui .inn nois meir won-
aenui -irect: perfectly
harmless. $1.00 box for..
BotIva 9M m 1 LXTI 1
The perfect cleanser and massage cream; excellent for com
plexion, freckles, tan, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, chapped
hands or face, etc.; does not grow hair or turn rancid, and has
a very dainty odor, suggestive of flowers; defies sun, wind A f"
and dust. The regular 50c size at 4-DC
All of these preparations have stood the test of time and are
recommended by leading actresses and women of note. Mail and
phone orders filled.
Special Purchase of 200 Pieces
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Silks That Are Guaranteed
To Wash and Retain Color and Finish
SJiJl 75c and 85c Yard
These Silks are of excellent quality. SOod, heavy body and suitable
Tor waists and shirts, also dressos for .ouny and old. White grounds with
colored "tripes, beautifully nrtlshed. and will positively wash and retain
color and finish. Through this special purchase vie are abl to otfer
The $1.00 Quality, 75c j The $1.25 Quality, 85c
Sale for Thursday only. Bargain Table Silk DcpU
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50-inch Whipcord Serge .
50-inch All-Wool Panama .
Colors are cream, tan. mode, brown, Copenhagen, garnet, navy
blue, marine blue, etc. Note the width full 50 inches wide. A
full skirt length of these desirable fabrics will cost less than 3 1.50;
figure it out.
3-ina3rOS $a3NU3u
111 &ZQ6 m
IV II Y6Cc22: llrl
I tUJ.
if A j i
U sB H iH H 1 K
Ask your grocer for Otto Coko
and take no other kind Uetail
at 10 cents a bag. ill last -i:
1 j.T4 as two bags of the oth-"
$5.50 Collapsible
to 50 Cnllajibililr Go-t"Hrt regu
lar size r.ihls up into a vcrj small
stai' fnn be adjusted in a. mo
ment leather oloth hood strongl
mad as to resist wear. OQ QT
Pr Thur,la. c.iih DO.t
$4.50 9xl2-ft.
Japanese Matting Rugs,
White and Colored
Dress Linens
35c Linen Cambric, 25c.
36-inch U hite Mncn Cambric;
evcrj thread pure Irish linen for
waists, drcsces and under- On
near Tomo-ro v htO ul,
33- to 50c ."6-inch Hcd Ramie
and French Linen in nil shades.
For tomorrow onl.. 9Q
79c Corsets, 50c
Torsets made of ccutll and ba
tistf. in mrd'um bust ard Sons hip.
rra'e with strors s'ttr'Mnpr throjgh
nh.iomcn Actual 7De alu-s "fi
For Thur-dav s sale.. . . OUL
it jn il.' Jaimntit .Matting Flupr.
ir,iim is oen in the niK. made
of . i r tloscb woven ISO-warp
s.i. Of toioi.s nre Rn-cn rcl .ma
Id if
tc rr?
h t: ' ft is . . t :,
". ft ! 't I" . . .''
.; ir 'il 11 i 2''
er dpsirat !e pa- (?Q "I Q
loi TluirxU. ia-h wOtkiJ
$4.00 and $5.00
Made of excellent 'ualit tafTeta.
in blxrk ai'il aI t"ie waited col
ors No outtlt i complfte vvithout
mr of t.itre ""'Uc-ie I? a number
of s rrttv st!'. ard rcli th
JJ "C ard J5 Cf Special lonii-roiv.
THERE are two ways of finding work; one is to watch the
"Help Wanted" columns of The Times, and the other is to
advertise under "Situations Wanted." A combination of the
two will bring you better results in one day than you could
obtain in a hundred days in the old way of goin from place to
place. "The Want Ad Way is the Modern Way"
- . .

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