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Association, Meeting in Detroit,
Objects to His Proposal of
Probe of U. S. Factories.
DETROIT. May HSecretary of
Commerce Kedfleld was the perEon
scheduled for the point of criticism at
the hands of the National Manufac
turers' Association today.
Opposllon to the new secretary's
proposition to appoint p. Federal com
mission', fdr nivesUgatlon , of factoreis
n here-wages are reduced oroutput cur
tailed 'ns a result of the Wllspa-Under-tvood
tanh" law. ha sheen Hn evidence
arcof:? the delegates of the'manufactur
crs' cftnventoln throughout the three
day eesrion. It was expected" that
formal denunciatory action would be
v taken just previous to adjournment late
this altcrnoon.
Delegates to the convention today
subscribed almost unanimously to the
opinions expressed in an address by
William K. H. Boetcker, lecturer and
wilter, who says that the cost or
"wrong, UvlnK' Indulgence Mn to
bacco, liquor, vice, and unnecessary
amusements In the United States
would build each year 12.o4 1.000
homes costing; :$2.500 f-ach. The
covntry's bis: manufacturers wero ab
solved by Boetcker from any re
sponsibility In the high cost of llv-
rrhe employers side Is probably the
one which is most misunderstood and
most misrepresented." he said.
The convention will end with a ban
quet tonight.
Admit Misstatements
And Girl is Exonerated
A ir.lld sensation was caused In the
X'nlted States branch of the Police
Court today when Charles A. Cot
tcrlll. & newspaper correspondent,
and his wife, complainants against
nlneteen-year-oW Raleigh Hobson,
later of Cotterlll's first wife, appear
ed In the court and on advice or
counsel confessed they had made mis
statements In a previous hearing or
the case arratnst tho Jdrl.
Miss Hobson was arrested on the
complaint of Cotterlll last week. She
vu taken from the elevator of a
downtown office building and lodged
In the House of Detention over night.
, She "-was immediately exonerated by
order i of the court on confession ol
the complainants. She had been
chkTgtd by the second Mrs. Cotterlll
wlthThavlns expectorated on the lat
teand with having annoyed her In
other ways.
Funeral sorvicea for Edward Charles
Roots were to be held today at the.
chanel of Frank Geier's Sons at 3
o'clock. The Rev. G. Freeland Peters
wax to officiate. Private Interment at
Copgreaslonal Cemetery.
Mr-Roots -was forty years ofcb. He
ltyttps no family.
Funerar services for .Mrs. Clara
Morell Parkhurst. of 227 6 street, will
be held Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
from her residence, the Rev. J. E. A.
Doermann, of Grace Reformed Lutheran
qhurch. will officiate. Mrs. Parkhurst
was" forty-eight years old. She Was
born In Germany, and came to this
country as a young girl. She had been
a resident of the District for thirty
years. She married here George .A.
Parkhurst. The only surviving relative
here Is her daughter. Agnes Parkhurst
'Army and Navy
. ; ARMY.
CaptaJn WILLIAM R. DAVIS, medical
corps, from Schofleld barracks, Ha-
iwali Territory, and will report to
:the commanding general, Hawaiian
. department for duty.
Lieutenant J. B. GAY. detached navy
'recruiting station. St. Louis. Mo ; to
, navy yard. Charleston. S. C.
XJeutenaat J. P. MILLER, detached
" Naval Academy. June 7. 1913; to Sup
ply. Lieutenant A. B. COOK, detached New
. York Shipbuilding Company. June 2.
1913; to Louisiana.
Leutenant (junior grade) C. C. KRA
JCOW, to navy recruiting station, St.
Louis. Mo., June 7. 1913.
Lieutenant (junior grade) H. J. AB
, BETT. detached Virginia, June 7.
1913; to nome. wait orders.
Ueutenant (Junior grade) D. E. CCM
MINOS, detached Nebraska, June 7.
1913; to home, wait orders.
Ensigns A. H. GCTHRIE. C. W
tached Arkansas: to Louisiana.
Arrived Caesar at Guantanamo. Glacier
at Guaymas, Lawrence at Sausallto,
South Dakota at Tlburon, Supply at
Sailed Connecticut from Vera Cruz for
Tamplco, Reld from Norfolk for An
napolis, Rocket from Norfolk for
Judith Sound. Castlne, Mars. C-l.
C-5.C-3. CM, C-5. from Norfolk for
Guantanamo, Celtic from Boston for
"Newport. Lebanon from Newport
for Block Island Sound, Maryland
.from Marc Island for Bremerton
Legislative News Up
To the Last Minute
To Introduce Alaskan Bill.
Senator Norris of Nebraska will intro
duce in the Senate a remarkable bill
calculated to bring about construction
of railroads In Alaska by tho Panama
caanl force. It mill permit the Panama
railroad, which Is Government owned,
to .Increase Us bonded Indebtedness, so
that railroads can be built in Alaska
in accordance with the recommendations
of the Taft commission, and also twn-ty-flve
freight ships to plv between
Alaskan and North and South American
ports. -
Session To Be Lengthy.
The preliminary bickering over the
tariff bill In the Senate has convinced
the average House member that he
will have to remain In Washington all
summer- Few members have hopes of
gpttlng away to the mountains or sea
shore before August 1 and the favorite
suees at adjournment is August 15 to
Wilson To Aid Leaders.
It Is learned today that House leaders
will consult President Wilson In mak
ing up four of the Important commit
tees of the House Foreign Affairs,
Military Affairs. Naval Affairs, and
Banking and Currency which play an
important part in making the Adminis
tration a success.
Underwood Sees Dentist.
In addition to his troubles with com
mittee assignments and protests on the
tariff bill. Congressman Oscar W. Un
derwood, majority leader. Is today hold
ing a painful conference with tho den
tist. Mr. Underwood has been so busy
for the past year that he hasn't de
voted time to his molars. He took a
day off today and renewed his acquaint
ance with the "tooth doctor."
Public Safet7 Bureau.
Establishment of a new bureau of
public safety in the Department of
Labor, with a national museum of
safetv appliances, was urged upon
President Wilson today by Representa
tive Bremner of New Jersey, who has
Introduced a bill In the House for such
a project.
Aims To Rush Tariff Bill
Senator Owen announced today that
he would Introduce In the Senate a
resolution for cloture rule for the pur
pose of preventing undue delay and
dilatory tactics on the part of Senators.
He Is disturbed because of the disposi
tion of the Republican Senators to de
lay the passage of the tariff bill.
Progressives To Meet
The Progressive members of the
House will hold a conference early,
next week to nominate each other for
committee assignments. An agreement
has been reached that the Progressives
shall be given thirty-eight committee
places during the Sixty-third Congress,
and Leader Murdoch has called a con
ference to ascertain what the Bull
Moose members dealre In the clmmlt
tee berth line.
Relief Association
To Open New Home
The Southern Relief Association is to
day mailing invitations for the opening
Saturday of the new home of the society
at 1518 Thirty-first street northwest.
The hours will be from 2 to 7 p. m.
The invitations will include the officers
and members of the society, those of the
Southern Society, the Southern Commer
cial Congress, United Sons of Veterans.
United Daughters of the Confederacy.
United Confederate Veterans, the Con
federate Veterans' Association, and all
other Southern patriotic organizations.
All Southern people and the general
public who may be intersted are invited.
District Veterans to
Organize Association
Former officers and enlisted men of
the "First District of Columbia Volen
teer infantry will meet. Friday evening
at the office of Congressman L. C.
Dyer, where they will organize a regi
mental association, according to plans
outlined by the executive, committee,
compesed of Col. Richard D. Sims,
president; Congressman D. C Dyer,
vice president; Capt. Richard J. Don
nelly, secretary, and Sergt. W. Calvin
Whipp, treasurer.
Members of the newly formed organ
ization expect to hold a reunion of the
regiment to be held on Santiago Day,
July 13, which date will mark the fif
teenth anniversary the surrender to
Maj. Gen. Shatter of the Spanish troops
garrisoning Santiago. Cuba.
Committee Favors Bill
For More Midshipmen
At a meeting of the Senate Naval
Committee today, a favorable report
was ordered on the Tillman bill provid
ing that after June 30, 1913, the num
ber of midshipmen at the Naval Acad
emy shall be increased. The measure
provides for two for each Senator. Con
gressman, and delegate in Congress, one
for Porto Rico, two for the District, and
ten at large. Midshipmen on graduation
are to be commissioned ensigns In the
navy or may be assigned to fill vacan
cies In the lowest commissioned grades
of the Marine Corps or staff corps. As
sistant Secretary Roosevelt appeared In
behalf of the bill.
It was denied that there was any al
lusion to international relations in con
nection with the meeting today.
Protected Home Circle
Visits Mt. Vernon
Nearly, five hundred members of the
Supreme Circle of the Protected Home
Circle who tdok the inner circle degree
n tliA Initiation nf Iho nrflep laftt Tlfffht
j took a trip to ML Vernon today.
There will be a joint Initiation of the
Washington circles tonight. Addresses
will be made by the supreme officers
and there will be an entertainment in
the banquet hail of the Raleigh.
Members of the order will assemble
Thursday morning on the east steps
of the Capital for a group picture. The
convention winds up Thursday night
Tilth a ball to be given under the aus
pices of the local circle In the banquet
hall of the Raleigh.
Women Ask Wilson
to Attend Reception
Mrs. W. A- Cullop, first vice presi
dent of the National Women's Demo
cratic League, Mrs. E. P. Taylor, Sec
ond vice president, and Mrs. W. F.
Dennis, historian, called at the White
House today to see President Wilson.
They Invited the President to attend a
reception to be given by the league,
June 2.
A delegation of missionary priests
from the Apostolic mission of this city,
w'ere at the White House today at the
President's Invitation for a short call.
Ebbitt Hotel Case
Goes to Jury Today
Counsel for George F. Schutt, proprie
tor of the New Ebbitt House! who Is on
trial before a jury in " the District
branch of the Police Court, charged
with selling liquor after midnight in the
cafe of his hotel are making final argu
ments In behalf of their client today.
The case will be given to the Jury to
decide Iter in the afternoon.
Two Damage Suits Begun
Against Car Companies
Two d.imngp suits were filed aalnrt
the Washington Railway and Electric
Company In the District Supreme Court
today. Loretta .u. Lanahan sued for
S15.000 for Injuries alleged to have been
received as a result of a defective plat
form at "New Cut Road" station on
August 10. last. Ignatius Gurch asks
J1G.000 damages, claiming he was In
jured as a result of a street car starl
ing before he had alighted.
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The Best and Fairest Savings Plan
Ever Put Out By Any Bank Anywhere
The Munsey Trust Company's savings account plan is framed on strictly
new lines. It is a plan that brings to the savings depositor over four per cent,
as interest is compounded every three months. Moreover, the rules govern
ing savings deposits are liberal in spirit and fact.
They contain no penalty provisions that deprive a depositor of so much
as a single day's interest. Here are the rules and regulations governing
savings accounts:
1 . The Munsey Trust Company pays four per cent on sav
ings accounts. Deposits may be made on any business day in the
year, and will begin drawing interest on the first day after de
posits are made, provided the deposits are in cash. If made in ,
checks or drafts or money orders or express orders, interest will
commence when the drafts or kindred form of deposits have been
collected. This may take one day, or perhaps several days,de
pending upon the origin of the draft how far from Washington.
Savings deposits-may be drawn out on any businesVday-'in
the year, and without penalties causing a loss of so much as a sin
gle day's interest. "Savings deposits," however, presuppose that
the money is to remain in the bank for a considerable peripdThe
Munsey Trust Company fixes arbitrarily upon six monthsvas the
shortest time on which it will allow interest at the full pavings
account rate of four per cent. On money drawn out that has been
in the bank less than six months, the interest rate will be three
per cent instead of four.
In other banks most other banks no interest is allowed
on savings accounts running less than six months. But The
Munsey Trust Company will allow interest at the rate of three
per cent on every day, save the day of deposit, that the money is
in the bank if drawn out in a shorter period than six months. It
will allow four per cent if it remains in the bank six months or
more. Interest will be added quarterly. This means that interest
will be compounded on savings accounts four times a year, as
against twice a year in all, or nearly all, other savings institutions.
2. Any sums of money from one dollar up will be accepted
as a savings account, but interest will not begin until the sum of
ten dollars has accumulate;.. Sayings accounts may be opened
with as small a deposit as one dollar, and whenever additions have
brought the account up to ten dollars, then interest wHl tcom
menceand at four per cent, subject to the above conditions.
When an account that has exceeded ten dollars drops below
ten dollars, interest will cease during the, time it is below ten dol
lars. Money xwUl be received for savings accounts in: sums rang
ing from one dollar to five thousand dollars, but no savings ac
count will be allowed to exceed five thousand dollars except on
special arrangement.
- A
VVtf sv
3. A pass book will be furnished to every person opening
a savings account in The Munsey Trust Company, and on this
pass book will be entered the amount of the deposit and the date
on which it is made. Whenever additional deposits are made, they
must be entered on the pass book. Whenever money is with
drawn, the withdrawal entry must be entered on the pass book.
No money will be paid out except a record of the payment is en
tered on the pass book. This pass book is the receipt of the de
positor for his deposit, so should be preserved with greatest care.
4. If a pass book is lost, immediate notice must b&given to
this bank. If it has not been recovered within thirty days after
such notice, a duplicate pass book will be issued to the depositor,
provided The Munsey Trust Company be held harmless on ac
count of the issuance of the duplicate pass book. When a pass
book has been destroyed, or is alleged to have been destroyed,
and proper notice to this bank has been made, a new pass- book
will be issued on conditions that this bank be held harmless for
such issuance.
5. The Munsey Trust Company reserves the right to close
all savings accounts on thirty days' notice to depositors, in which
case interest will be figured at the rate of four per cent, whether
the deposits have been in the bank six months or less. The com
pany reserves this right for the reason that it may be found de
sirable from time to time to either increase or decrease the rate
of interest, dependent upon the money market. Presumably, how
ever, this will not happen often, and may not happen in a very
long time, if at all.
The Munsey Trust Company also reserves the right, on thirty
days' notice to depositors, to change its rules and regulations per
taining tg the relation between depositors and itself. :
Certificates of Deposit
The Munsey Trust Company will issue certificates of deposit
in place of issuing a pass book, when so desired. The company
will also issue certificates of deposit for any length of time and
any amount of money, whether for one month or one year or five
years or ten years, the interest rate to be mutually agreed upon
between the depositor and this bank.
No other bank or trust company anywhere
of standing and strength has a savings account
plan that in any way compares with this plan
of The Munsey Trust Company. No other
bank of big capital and real substantiality pays
four percent and compounds interest quarterly.
And no other bank of real responsibility
gives the savings depositor so square a deal in
its scheme of allowing interest without time
penalties that may rob him of interest alto
gether. Most or all other Washington banks allow
three per cent on savings accounts three per
cent to our four. Moreover, they compound
interest twice a year while we compound it
four times a year.
These other banks, all or nearly all, have
rigid time rules governing Savings Accounts,
while we have the most liberal rules rules as
liberal for the small man as for the big man
rules that do not impose the penalty of entire
loss of interest when the savings depositor
draws out his money at his pleasure or accord
ing to his necessities.
The Munsey Trust Company, with its fully
paid in capital of two million dollars, and a
surplus of one hundred and fifty-two thousand
The Property and Banking Home of The Munsey Trust Company dollars is as Strong as the Rock of Gibraltar.
As all capital stock carries a responsibility equal to its face value, our two millions of
capital means with our surplus a guarantee to the depositor of over four millions of dollars.
v r$
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