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"Madam Butterfly" 'and Verdi's
"II Trovatore" To Be Sung
at National Next Week.
For the second week In Washington,
the Aborn English Grand Opera Com
pany, at the New National Theater;
announces two of the charming operas
which belong to that limited category
known as the popular classics, "Mad
am Butterfly" and "II Travatore."
Puccini's exquisite "Madam Butter
fly" will be suns Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday nights, and at the Wednes
day matinee. The libretto of this
charming work follows closely the
story of the drama of the same name
by David Belasco and John Luther
Long, and Puccini's magnificent score
perfectly matches, in its exquisite beau
ty and countless melodies, the story of
the opera. For the special Memorial
Day matinee and Thursday, Friday,
Saturday nights, and the Saturday
matinee Verdi's ever popular "II Tra
vatore" will be given. This ojera con
tains a great wealth of melody, and its
story is replete with romance, action,
and heart interest.
In the cast for both "Madam Butter
fly" and "II Travatore" the prima
donna sopranos will be Ivy Scott and
Alda Hemml; the contraltos, who wl.I
be heard at alternating performances,
are Elaine De Sellem and Margaret
JarmanJ the tenor honors will be di
vided between Henry Taylor and Leonid
Saaooloff. Others in the double cast
will be Florence Coughlan, soprano:
Francis J. Tyler, basso; Louis De An
gelo. and Lewys James, baritones.
The famous gymnasium scene in "The
Amazons," as it will be produced at
the Columbia Theater next week, by
the Columbia Players promises to be
one of the most talked of scenes pre
sented upon the local stage in many
months. The costumes that have been
designed for the fair gymnasts are won
derfully beautiful, the scene itself Is
real'stic and the lines and situations
provided by Arthur Wing Pinero insure
lts rating as one of the best comedy1
scenes In modem drama.
If one may Judge from the manner
In which the play has been received In
London, and by the success being at
tained by it at the Empire Theater,
New York, with Billle Burke as Tom
my Belturbet, it is better appreciated
by the audiences of today than it was
In 18S4 when it proved the biggest of
the Daniel Frohman. Lyceum Theater
triumphs. In addition tn th mnal
Thursday and Saturday matinees there
will be an extra one on Friday, by rea
son of Decoration Day, and still an
other Tuesday afternoon. This last
one will be a benefit to Six Walker,
who probably may never rise from his
bed I as a result of an accident to him
while employed on the stageof another
local theater.
As everything- has been .contributed
the entire receipts of the performance
will be his.
"Merely MaryAnn." that charmingly
whimsical comedy by Israel Zangwill,
which served Eleanor Robson as a
tarring vehicle for several successful
seasons both .Jn this country and in
England, will be the offering of the
Poll Players next week. The title role
should prove a highly effective part
tor Miss Jewel. It is one of "much ro
mantic charm and at the same, time
a. distinctive " character, tudy. not a
mere "peaches and' cream" heroine
Mary Ann is a young serving girl in
the same household where a disap
pointed young' musician Is boarding.
She falls in love with the'muslcian and
he eventually discovers her adoration
by accident.
A fascinating love episode develops
and the two young people have planned
an elopement when suddenly a fortune
S left to Mary Ann by a relative who
dies In America. A misunderstanding
follows and Mary Ann departs for the
continent. The last act takes placo
five years later, after Mary Ann has
become a brilliant woman of the world
and the -musician -is the lien of the
hour as the most successful operatic
composer In England. The two young
persons meet and discover that all
their success and good fortune have
not changed their hearts. The denou
ment is effected through means of a
very clever conceit on the part of tho
The success of the wonderfully realis
tic Captain Scott polar motion pictures
and lecture at the Belasco has been a
sensation In Washington, and bespeaks
for the 'theater-goers of this city fine
discretion. It is indeed very seldom
that such truly remarkable films have
been recorded, and for that reason the
presentation of these in conjunction
with the splenlld lecture by Ernest
Torrence are winning the approval of
me vast majority.
L. Stoddard xaylor. manager of the
Belasco, has used every effort to get
an extension of the present engagement.
having even cabled to London for that
purpose, but was unable to do better
than get an extra performance, which
will be given next Sunday night.
Commencing Sunday, Chase's Theater
will present an attractive and varied
program of features In motion photog
raphy. The subjects for the famous
Edison talking pictures will be "The
Hedstrongs." an hilarious farce portray
ing the difficulties and laughable effects
of family squabbles, and "A Few
Shamrocks From Ireland." a pleasing
and interesting mixture of the ballads,
reels. Jigs, and repartee of the Emerald
Of equal Importance will be the fea
ture Kinemacolor photoplays in nature's
own colors. Monday. Tuesday, and
Wednesday there will be shown the
wonderful photo-dramatlzatlon of "The
Scarlet Letter," Hawthorne's famous
novel, in three reels. "Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde." Robert Louis Stevenson's
weird studv of dual personality, will be
displayed Thursday. Friday, and Satur
day in two reels.
In addition to these features ate the
posltli-elv first-run "black and white"
dramas from the leading studios of the
East and West, which will be chanced
Continuous performances from 1 p. m.
to 11 p. m. weekdays and from 3 p. m.
to 10:30 p. m. Sundays.
A musical bill of varied and enjoyable
novelties Is the announcement of the
Cosmos Theater for next week. Three
big numbers are promised In Whitney's
Operatic Dolls, declared the novelty of
the season, featuring five little figures
with human heads and voices. Spo
kany. the boy violin virtuoso, and the
Five Musical MacLarens, a famous
musical family from -Scotland. In a
splendid Instrumental offering.
Supplementing these features will
come Coakley. McBrlde, and Mllo. the
blackface minstrels, who made a 'it at
the Cosmos a few weeks ago; "- ""n
and Wlllard. in a sensational
skating and acrobatic "bumpety b.
comedy feature, and Reded and H
exponents. of song and saucy rcpart
Margo's Mannlkins. an elaboi.
marionette comedv. will share hie
honors with Louis Bates and company' t
production of "His Mother." a farce
comedy of college life, with special
scenic effects, at the Casino Theater
next week. Mr. Bates will appear in
the dramatic offering as the Mother,
a unique . characterization.
The novelties and rollicking revelry
of the cabaret will be featured In the
efferlnjr of the Three Dreamers, a new
combination tor Washington; Wlllisch,
a juggler, whose work is accompanied
by amusing patter, will give a juggling
exhibition; Hurst, "Watts, and Hurst,
the travesty trio, will give a burlesque
of grand opera and musical comedy.
and "uranam. copes, and (jullen Dined
as ragtime reactionaries," are expected
to give a comical musical act.
Concert Tom
By the U. S. Soldiers' Home Bud,
Bandstand from 4 to 5:20 p. m.
March. "The Adjutant" Weldon
Overture, "Norma" Bellini
Serenade, "Lola" Friedemann
Selection, "The Quaker Girl"
Negro oddity, "De Possum and de
Coon" ...Gilbert
Medley of Popular Songs, "Rem-
Ick's Hits, No. 12" Lampe
Filipino Waltz, "Pepa T Chatlng"
Finale, "Oh. Tou Circus Day"
"The Star-Spangled Banner."
Folk Dancing at School Children's Fete
Glen Echo Park Is
Damaged By Storm
Glen Echo Park's management Is
hoping that the trial opening last night
of the resort is not a sample of what to
expect Saturday, when the season Is
formally Inaugurated. Shortly after tho
lights were turned on and the amuse
ments started In order to see that all
was ready for the start of the season,
a heavy thunder shower struck the
park and the downpour lasted for half
an hour. Heavy wind and lightning did
some damage, and today an additional
force was put to work making repairs.
The greatest havoc was done on the
new gyroplane, which was struck by
lightning, and there Is a possibility that
It will not be In running order by Satur
day. It Is expected, however, that bv quick
work It will be put into commission on
time and everything else will be ready
for the big opening day. Should the
weather be favorable a record-breaking
crowd is looked for Saturday.
Sunday, the first of the series of con
certs by the Soldiers' Home Band, will
be given. Free admission, which In
cludes two films of the newest motion
pictures, and many other features, will
be the rule as in the past. Charles O.
Mills' Orchestra will play for the dan
cers In the big pavilion, and all of the
attractions that made Glen Echo so
popular last year, will be found again.
Senator James, of
Kentucky, now
ScljfS "The Democratic platform
declared for Free Sugar."
Congressional Record, May 19, 1913.
Senator Williams, of
Mississippi, said,
during the cam-
Pl" "There is not the slightest
anticipation in the mind of any intelli
gent man that sugar will be placed upon
the free list, not even if a Democratic
Senate and a Democratic House and a
Democratic President come into power."
Congressional Record, July 27, 1912.
Get The Facts.
Congress Slighted Him;
Hence Cyclone and Flood
The Nebraska tornado and tho Ohio
floods were visited upon the people be
cause Aaron Prioleau has been dis
criminated against by the House of
Representatives according to Prioleau's
own version. Prioleau has been a per
iodical contestant for a seat In the
House from the First Carolina district,
basing the majority of his contests on
the ground that his opponent was elect
ed because of the disfranchisement of
voters, mainly colored men.
A contestant Is allowed $2,000 for his
expenses, but after Prioleau had drawn
this amount for a couple of times, the
House tightened its purse strings. All
of Prioleau's contests have been thrown
out. He has now written a letter to
members of the House declaring that
the treatment accorded him caused the
visitation of divine wrath upon Ne
braska and Ohio.
Calls Southern Society.
Congressman Richmond P. Hobson,
president of the Southern Society, has
called a special meeting of the society
to be held at Confederate Memorial
Home, 322 Vermont avenue northwest,
tonight at 8:15 o'clock.
Domestic Sugar Producers,
322 Colorado Building,
Washington, D. C.
Seven Thousand Unite
Pageant of Physical Exer
cises at Baseball Field.
Before school this morning and again
at recess excited grade school children
talked and shouted of the play fete
and field day which 7,000 of their num
ber staged at the American League
Ball Park yesterday ..afternoon. Im
promptu races are being run In the
1 school yards today, small heads are
pjuuuiiiK iui jiejti year s neia iesuvu
and those who took part In the first
field day and those who did not aro
equally determined to be participants
In 1914. For the first pageant of this
kind given by the physical training
department of the Public Schools of
the District was an unqualified success
enjoyed by those who looked on and
by those who danced, raced or drilled.
Henry Wclnsteln, of the Gales
School, Is almost as big a hero at that
Institute of learning today as Is Capt.
Elbert T. Nash at McKlnley High, for
Welnsteln proved the fastest runner in
the sixty-yard dash. Wclnsteln up'.ield
the honor and prowess of the Aortn
west yesterday and It was Just as well
he did, for the Northeast captured the
sectional relay race, the Northwest
getting second, the Southwest third
and the Southeast being fourth.
Some Frogs.
The southwest, however, was better
than third by two places in two events.
When it comes to leapfrogging the boys
from the river side of the Mall are the
best In the city, and the southwest little
girls' relay team won the shuttle race,
which was one of the wildest and most
exciting events of the day.
The field day program was given with
out hitch, tug. Jar. Jerk, or strain. The
lowering skies, which grew steadily
more threatening throughout the after
noon, almost, but not quite, wrecked the
last number of the program, the mass
dumb-bell drill by 900 eighth graders.
Anxious mothers sitting in the grand
stand decided that Mary Harry. Al
gernon, and Ethelbcrta were likely to
be rained on If they were not rescued
from the open and taken home. One or
two of the most anxious mothers went
out on the field bent on rescuing their
progeny from the Impending wetting.
Other anxious mothers, fired by the
example, followed. But. the day was
Captain Doyle, of the Eighth pre
cinct, thinking the while it was like a
militant demonstration In London, mar
shaled his men and coaxed and ordered
the anxious mothers back Into the
stand. Then the drill went on to suc
cessful conclusion.
After this all the 7.000 assembled on
the field, and, facing the box where
sat Miss Margaret Wilson, daughter of
the President, and Superintendent Da
vidson, sang America. Soon after the
12.000 adults and 7.000 children had left
the park rain fell. Some children got
wet. but no fatalities or grave colds
were reported to school headquarters
Dances and drills went off with vim
and verve. Small feet smote the turf
with rhythmic grace, and small arms
waved in precise tempo.
Weil co-ordinated skill was shown In
the big drills, and the games and con
tests furnished tremendous excitement.
The fete was conducted under the su
pervision of Dr. Rebecca Stoneroad. di
rector of tho department of physical
training. She was assisted by her
regular corps and 303 teachers of the
elementary grades. The staff of the
director of the department aided Dr.
Stoneroad In the Immense task of ar
ranging the details of the field day.
Its Personnel (nrludiwl ft T3..ti fihr
lle. grand field marshal; Miss Elsie
Sanders. Miss C. Belle Myers. Miss Imo
gene Stockett, Miss Grace Houchen.
Miss Mildred Perrle. Miss Mildred
Clarke, and Miss Elizabeth Lacey.
.Houston and Wood
Break Speaking Date
E. R. Alden Is the official rpnro.nnt,.
tlve of the Washington Harvard Club
for the annual meeting of the Asso
ciated Harvard Clubs in St. Louis to
morrow ana Saturday.
MaJ. Gen. Leonard Wood and Secre
tary of Agriculture Houston were
scheduled to be speakers at the ban
quet Saturday night but hnh H?2l
found it impossible to attend haVe
Fort Myer Heights
School Gets a Flag
As a means of stlrrinr natrinti,. ..t
? , theThearta the children of the
Fort Myer Heights School. Camp No. 4.
of the Society of the Patriots of Amer
ftag. K,VCn the "ch001 an American
-Following e Presentation exerrU.
Founded in
Not All Sizes
in $1 Corsets
at 69c
Corsets of ba
tiste or coutll,
with garters at
tached; also
some corsSet
waists Included.
Main Floor
Bargain Tables.
Your Money Buys Most at Lansburgh's Friday
For Automobiling or Traveling
Tou will never expend $1.33 to better advantage
than in investing in one of these Long: Llnene Coats.
Completely covers up the dress.
Choice of two styles. Fasten up high at the neck
or with lapels, turn-back cuffs, pocket, and finished
with pearl buttons.
Only a limited quantity so hurry tor one Friday.
Second Floor Suit Section.
Portieres and Curtains
For Summer Use
TIERES. In attractive cross stripes
in light and dark green, brown,
red, and combination of green and
red. Dainty and cool look
ing. $1.00 values. A pair, Q
Friday, only UOC
long, on bobblnet foundation, edged
wltn imitation Cluny lace. Choice
of white or Arab. $1.75
value. Special Friday, a J1 nn
pair 9J.4t7
3rd Floor Upholstery Section.
Boys' Clothing
Bargain Lots
Boys' Norfolk Pleated and Double Breasted
Suits, sizes 6 to 17 years and Sailor or Russian
Blouse Suits In sizes 3 to 9 years. Materials
are all wool casslmeres, fancy worsteds and
cheviots. Worth up to $4.50. Choice, tf- QQ
Friday M.0
Boys' Straw Hats, all shapes and sizes. OF
Worth up to $1.00. To close at. choice tO
Boys' Blue Derlm Overalls, sizes up to
14, well made. Worth 50c Choice tomorrow 1J-
Boys' Wash Suits, sizes 3 to 6 years, includ
ing chTmbrays and galatea cloth, sailor blouse
and military styles. Values 9Sc. To close A Of
Friday odds and ends at fxt
Boys.' Khaki and Linen Pants, sizes 5 to 17.
extra quality. Well m-ide. 73c values. AQg
Choice Friday, a pair IOC
3rd floor Beys' Clothing.
Another Lot of Those 9x12 ft.
Jap Matting Rugs, $1.95
S3.98 Values
Full floor size 9 by 12 ft. stenciled in Oriental
and floral designs. ....,
The price tomorrow is but $1.95.
Third Floor Floor Coverings.
8jc Yard for
Worth Up to 25c Yard
Going to makf- up summer frocks
for our-clf and the children'
Then' como tomorrow and select
lcnKths from tho Wash Goods of
fer 1 at HUc a yd
You will Unci voiles, llnen-flnlsh
suitings, cannon cloth. Iongcloth,
dimities, lawns, and other weaves
In white and colors, and lengths
suitable for any purpose.
Main Floor Sth ht. Annex
Wayh Goods Section.
Operators Closely Allied With
Railroads, Census Office
Experts Declare.
Of the entire coal output of the Uni
ted States In 1900, the last census year,
nearly one-half was mined by operators
known to be closely affiliated with rail
roads or Industrial concerns. Producers
connected with railroads mined mora
than one-fourth of the total coal pro
ductlon. and more than three-fourta of
the total production of anthracite. The
coal mining subsidiaries of iron and
steel companies produced about one
tenth of the total tonnage, and those
of other industrial concerns nearly as
These are the official figures of the
Census Office, compiled for the
thirteenth decennial census of the uni
ted States.
Eleven concerns, each of which re
ported 100.000 acres and more of anthra
cite holdings, together held nearly X
700.000 acres, or almost more than one
third of the total acreage in the United
States; 130 operators each reporting
over 10,000 acres, together hold 6.600,000
arces, or two-thirds of the total.
Pennsylvania still holds pre-emlnance
as the coal State, having all the an
thracite and the lion's share of all bi
tuminous coal in the United States.
The total production of coal In the
census year was 460,000.000 tons. 81.
000.000 anthracite and 379.000,000 bitumin
ous. The total value of all products of
the Industry was 1377.143.000. and the
Another Lot of $1.00
Good-fitting skirts and good-looking skirts. Ma
terials are white or natural color llnene. black-and-white
checks, and black, or dark blue with white dots;
made In prevailing- style.
Hot weather makes the purchase of several of
these Inexpensive skirts advisable.
Main Floor Bargain Tables.
Two Lots of
Ribbon Lengths
Very good picking tomorrow
from these ribbon remnants.
RIBBONS, including Moires. Sat
ins, and Taffetas; widths, 4 and 5
Inches; all colors. 25c and 29c a
yard qualities. Tomorrow, inv,.
a yard, only JL 7C
WASH RIBBONS. 5-yard bunches,
Nos. 14 and 2 widths; In white,
light blue, pink, and laven- Q9
der. Friday, a bunch O 71,
Main Floor Bargain Tables.
' Tke
Ob WUck He Was
Values Up to
$4, Choice
. .
FOR 99c
Extraordinary Values
A splendid lot of Chambray Dresses in blue
or natural color to sell tomorrow for 99c.
Girls can be fitted from 14 to 20 years of age.
Women can be fitted who wear sizes 34 to 40.
These are made with round or square collars
and turn-back cuffs edged in Val. lace and have
piping of black-and-white at the waist line.
2nd Floor Dress Section.
Such cool
looking rugs
for summer
use, and they
save their
price by sav
ing wear and
tear on your
more expen
sive rugs.
Now Buy Linoleums
At 29c Yd.
Qualities Worth 59c and 75c
Remnant lengths to be sure,
but such good ones that thev can
be used for any purpose. Lengths
vary 2 to 4 yds. and many designs
can be matched up. so that suf
ficient quantity can be had for a
Buy while the price is so low
I9c a yd.
3rd floor Floor coverings.
net expenses. J33O.359.O0O, of which four
fifths was for wages and salaries.
The census reports show a marked de
gree of control by large producing or
ganizations. In the anthracite industry
nine mines, each having a value of
product exceeding 33.000.000. together re
ported, nearly three-fourths of the total
value of anthracite.
How to Make Your
Hair Beautiful
Tea Mtaates) Home Treatment Works
Wonder. Stop Falllaa- Hair. I tea
la Scalp aad Dandruff, a ad
Makes the Hair Soft. BrU
llaat, I.aatruaa aad Fluffy.
Better than all the so-called "hair
tonics" In the world is a simple oil
fashioned home reclDe cona'stin? of
plain Bay Rum. Lavona (de Composee),
and a little Menthol Crystals. These
three mixed at home in a few minutes
work wonders with any scalp. Try it
Just one night and see. Get from your
druggist 2 oz. Lavona. B oz. Ray Rum.
and H dr. Menthol Crystals. Dissolve
the Crystals In the Bay Rum and pour
In an 8 ox. bottle. Then add the La
vona, shake well, and let it stand for
an hour before using. Apply It by put
ting a little of the mixture on a soft
cloth. Draw this cloth slowly through,
the hair, taking just one small itrand
at a time. This cleanses the hair and
scalp of dirt. dust, and excessive oil.
and makes the hair delightfully soft,
lustrous, and fluffy. To stop the hair
from falling and to make it grow again
rub the lotion briskly Into tho scalp
with the finger tips or a medium stiff
brush. Apply night urd morning. A
few days use and you cannot find a
single loose or straggling hair. They
will be locked on your scalp as tight
as a vise. Dandruff will disappear and
Itching cease. In ten days you will find
fine downy new hairs sprouting tip all
over your scalp, and this new hair will
grow with wonderful rapidity.
Any druggist can sell you the above.
The-.prescription Is very Inexpensive and
we know of nothing so effective and
certain In Its results. Advt.
and 75c Fabric!
Gloves, 29c
Short gloves
and some 12 and
lengths or Iisie,
or silk, in brok-.
en sizes.
Bargain Taiilea-A
10c and 25c for
worth up to $1
All odds and ends, but can be
used to advantage.
In the lot In addition to Stamp
ed Tan Centers, Pillow Tops,
Shams, and Scarfs, we have some
Renaissance centers.
Any you may fancy at 10c or 25c
displayed on special tables.
Main Floor Art Embroidery
Section 8th St. Annex.
Maker Had Jnat 100
Willing to Take a Los
-! Values Up to
w- $7.50, Choice,
These trimmed hats had
served their purpose as samples
or models from which others
had been made, so were sold at
ridiculously low prices. TOU
Late styles, of chip, milan.
and hemp, in the season's
best shapes. Including large
and small effects In al
most every color brought out
this season.
Remember that $L00 buys
Friday. Trimmed Hats worth
up to $4.00 and $2.00 buys
Trimmed Hats worth up to
This sale will interest
2nd floor Millinery Sec
tion. 12ic to 18c
9c Yard
The best of Ginghams included
in tomorrow's remnant offering
at He a yd. All color stripes,
plaids, and checks.
Lengths vary 1 to 5 yds.
Tou can. by coming early, buy
the ISc qualltv at 9c a yd. Many
uses for this Gingham always.
Main Floor Sth
Gingham Section.
St. Annex
f -t t

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