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Showers tonight or Saturday.
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KUMBER 7893.
Yesterday's Circulation, 55.200
Fourteen Pages
Measures Affecting District
Companies Sent to Senate
By Maryland Legislator.
Automobile Licenses and Prac
tice of Corporation Counsel
Included in Subjects.
Bills approved by the District Com
missioners dealing with several im
portant subjects were introduced in
the Senate today by Senator Smith
of Maryland.
Three of the bills amend the insur
ance laws of the District, another
91 regulates operation of automobiles J
and another enables the Corporation
Counsel to conduct prosecutions in
the Police Court for violation of mu
nicipal ordinances or penal statutes
In the nature of police regulations
where the maximum punishment is
fine and Imprisonment, as well as
where it is a less punishment.
To Regulate Companies.
One of the insurance bills Is for
regulation and incorporation of Insur
ance companies. The Commissioners
say the present lam is in many par
ticulars. Inadequate. A second bill
prohibits rebates of insurance pre
miums as an Inducement to the insured,
but would not prevent distribution of
profits of mutual fire insurance comi
panie. Stricter regulation .if fraternal )
Deneilt societies is pruvioea n anutiwr i
The automobile bill gives the Com-
missioners full authority to regulate I
registration and operation of motor ve- I
hides and automobile traffic. All ex-
istlng laws and regulations are to be
epealed and the proposed law will
supplant them. I
The Commissioners will have power
to fix license fees. Impose penalties for
violation 01 regulation, ana prosecute
violations. Existing licenses for motor ,
vehicles are to be made to expire De- .
ember 21. 1913. and after that licenses ,
will be based on regulations of the I
Congressman Neeley
Hnnsp nnmrv ntn Mr.Arlnn s
A demand or an investigation of the !
charge of Bcrjtar McAdoo that a'
"bank conspiracy la .j.-pre, lating the
prn of the J ( cent Government j
bonds is contained In a resolution in- i
troduced in the House todaj by Con-j
gressman ;eeiey, uemocrat memoer
of the House Bar.kn- and Curren.-y
( ommittee.
Mr. Net-ley wants both thr- Secretary
of the Treasury and lm Wall Street
binkers summoned i i'r. the commit
ter. He expresses no doubt of the
truth of Mr. McAdoo conspiracy
harges. saying:
'"M experience a .1 memlei uf t i,e
Money trust conimitiet convinces me
hat liecretarv M Ad.io was . orre. t in
His statement. The currencj bill Is to
be reported to the caucus Aug 1st 11,
ur iciwi. u , ,. , ,,, lt,
and we have ample tln,e., mh this
matter t the bottom and bare the
brasen consplra.-y or organised ""'
jobbers to intimidate Congress
Mr. Neeley vHs that if .the I'ujo p,., be
had been continued, as wanted by Mi
Hetirv of Texas, --we would have known
tbe balance t Wall Street 8. jorjoing .
crookedness bj this time, and this U0.-
fno.mli slump never would nave oc
curred F'l.ttins apami-t Government bonds
is not file only sin of the Individuals
referred to l. Heretar McAdoo."
adds Mr Neeley. They traffic in every
stock and bona tney can palm orr on
S guMime puooc ano nae unaen,i ;
the producers of the country for years." ;
The Neeley resolution directs tne ;
Banking and Currency Committee to
start an immediate probe of the con
spiracy charge.
Bankers Surprised
By McAdoo's Action
NEW TOHK. Aug. 1. The greatest
rrprise was expressed bj New York
b.-nkers today at the decision of Secre
tary of the Treasury M'Adoo to place
from 2a.000. to K0.MMIM in the puhllc
banks for the moxenient of this year's
The bankers heie snid Ihev did not
know that the bank? of the South and
West were confronted with any extra
ordinary stra'n in preparation for the
.rop movement
Thev said reports indicated that the
financial arrangements were progressing
favorably, and that the banks were n
(cod shape to meet the demanda.
Hundreds See the Magnificent
Gift For Star Pitcher in
Times Window.
Veteran Climber to Receive
Greatest Ovation , of His
Career Tomorrow.
The Walter Johnson Anniversary
Cup. which will be presented to the
great pitcher tomorrow, on the sixth
anniversary of his debut as a Wash
ington pitcher, was placed on ex
hibition at The Washington Times at
noon today. Hundreds admired it
during the afternoon.
Fans and fannettes will have an
opportunity today and tomorrow
morning to get a close range view of
the largest cup ever presented to a
baseball player. The huge trophy
stands forty-two inches high, exclu-J
sive of the base, and was delivered by
R. Harris & Co., the makers, this
Finest of Kind.
The cup is the finest of its kind. It
represents the donations of something
like 5,ono fans who took the opportunity
offered by The Washington Times tol
show their appreciation or the work
of the great pitcher by sending in
more than 11.100.
Tomorrow the cup will be presented.
It wiil be filled with money.
.Commissi oner OUver P Nnrman wHI
n&d an auspicious rnormnt for the eupi
prratnmuun loiwrruw. ine Dig Dionae
pitcher will get the trophy and money
given by the fans and it Is expected1
that he will receive the greatest ovation j
ever tendered a baseball player,
Now it Is up to the fans to get out
for the presentation ceremonies. First
get a look at the Walter Johnson cup
today. Drop In and get one of Boss
Booster Bill Hoover's Booster buttons!
(the hat bands are all gone) and enroll
yourself as an original booster and then
prav with all your might and main for
a fair day
Putono s Band To Play.
In behalf of the Washington Baseball
I Club. Harry Rapley announced that
l Pistorlo's Band will be on hand to I
i u.ake all kinds of lively music during
i the game. From the start of practice '
. until the last inning the band will be
aiding the Climbers and Walter Johnson
. to defeat the Tigers.
Boss Boostf-r Bill Hoover promises to I
have all of his boosters out at the ball I
yard tomorrow and armed with gongs
and other noise makers will contribute
their full eharr of boosting, rooting and
noise making. A section of the stand t
nas ben reserved for the tBoosters. I
' be meantime n sorts of nice
things are being said of W
gs are being said of Walter John-
I son. Ja"into del Calvo, the Cubar util- j
I Ity outfielder, a team mate of Walter J
Johnson and one of Ins greatest ad- ;
mirers. sends In a check for S3 to be
placed lo the i relit of Walter Johnson ,
as a ,-harP ,n th" donations.
."" Z- .?TlIf C5 l'to ff'
close herewith a checK for $3.00 for the
johrson's '"up Fund;. one dollar Is In
behalf of my uncle and the other two j
in the name of my two cousins. Yours I
vpr.y tn''- Jacinto del Calvo.-
Argues Own Case
Against Phone Service
D. K. Ster-han. who fileii formal com-
plainl with the Interstate Commerce
Commission against the Chesapeake and
I'ot'imac Telephone Company to enmpel
h !tt?r t0 f"ish himself and other
,tldOT,t Montgomery county Md..
, "T 1 ....jvuh., un
1 leveland exchange at reawnahle
ar)pf.ared ,, hiF own counsel to-
d ,n a",irf fllPd witl th (-mmie.
Mf, , F,)p.,rt hi- . ontentions.
,Ie dw.lrlrf,d ,nat ttu. interests of the
, iplainants were with Washington,
an1 lha, th, v wanted direct service
with the city. He declared that they
Hrf. physically and geographically
, ;.,Se. to the Cleveland exchange than
ther residents of the county who had
connection with this exchange and
criticised the company's system of fix
ing boundaries.
Mr Su-phaii and those complaining
with him object to seryice through the
Kethesda exchange, a toll call to and
iroin hmmniihiiih ne aiBo cruicisen
the methods of the company In deter-
mining mileage 01 noes upon wnicn 10
fix charges
Mexican Situation
Changes Freight Rule
Because of the unsettled conditions in I
Mexico, the Interstate Commerce Com- j
mission today announced ruling that
ra'lroads crossing the border, wh'ch
were unable to deliver consignments ;o !
Mexico, might publish tariffs of reason- j
able charges to return goods to ship
pers or to hold them
The commission also announced a rul
ine with -espect to the interchange of
pusses Tor railroad officials and em-pi-.
es In contiguous foreign .-ountrles
The ruling thai employes of the Pan
ama railroad were Government employ. -H
. as amend, d to read the Panama rail
road had not complied w'th the provis
ions of the art to regulate commerce In
such a wsy as to make its officers and
employes entitled to free transporti-
LPiil II ' .. ---"-. I
W9 - j 11 .XN I
Wri VJ-Ls35Lm Ln fe ?tW 'HH LLPVtsV 3J HwVaV
IS P isL-Jfl Lv HLflisVB mWmmw -Mil.
mr B isXis mm wMmimmwM-. .- '
& . mT mm mfmrnm LLisss. WZM IfcdMPtLi.. ..
B PC'S JJHsfi HHifcjfe-:
I LsbLvH mWt 'mmm m PP"WH mmr ''m m WW H bHbK:
I BFl' '" MM ' 3Hsf Er JB fcfc
. r km 1 Lkw M , W r m
' - . ' Mm m mM m ' mm mW. W mmmmmmmmmmmmm
N3k Emm, MM I B S V. ' ' .tfcJ mmmmmmmmmmmmm
b, mmmm&mmW I Idi. Allk. v I
vjml M mr m. mtwmm JtM Vw m mmmwmMmmmmd
i 3Hk &M w W Bf IB j0m "W ' 1 I
I -MSjIka wr m mm mXJT wA B 1
kmJmfmmmW mm n wMmM WLmwm Vm :H BP
J i mMmmV mm ml Bxtrnmi mm mmmM a mmMx&ajtmT&ft. -,. xp '"
i lk mmmmmmmmWT Sr ml wm 43m m -'
' m mm
m mmfmmmm-? m mk
IB WM'' llf vU
mmmmmmm v m LB III
-m m zfc Mm III
"igM -- ''' fcSk ' "Stt
t u ':vmmWiSE'i sf-' .V-" ' ,C Sttu I mv III
5 ' ' it-set.. v-. .i --sl 3r: . -- ; -yir&WXvB mjlll
Dr. Helen Knight, New York; Elua Taylor Ransom, Boston; Olive Stott Ga
briel, New York; Caroline I. Keilly, New York; aad Mrs. E. S. Tenney.
Pilgrims Happy Over Great
Success of Onslaught Upon
Nation's Capitol.
Suffragette pilgrims from every
State in the Union, who journeyed to
Washlnrton yesterday, to present their
petitions to the Senate, are today con
gratulating themselves on the success
of their movement.
They point with pride to the fact that
the buslnes of Congress was halted in
their honor, that their plea for ciual
suffrage was received in a dignified
manner, and that they have obtained
a nroiiuse from the Senate that their
appeals will receive immediate consid
eration. Arguments for equal suffrage weie
listened to for two hours, and practic
ally every Senator presented the peti
tions of the women of his State to the
Senate, while many of them made
speeches declaring that they were in
thorough sympathy with the move
ment. Very few of the Senators an
nounced their Intention of voting
against the resolution for Immediate
consideration of a constitutional amend
ment giving woman suffrage, and these
were in such hopeless minority that
they did not seem to count
Speeches indorsing the petitions of the
women were made by Senators Potn
dVxier ami Jones, of the State of Wash
K Owen, of Oklahoma. Ashliurst.
of Arizona. Clapp. of Minnesota;
Works of California: Smoot. of 1 tab.
and Thomas, of Colorado In Preaent
inr a mass of petitions from the men
and women of hi. State. Senator Owen
.,f Oklahoma made an address whidi
the women consider significant
Warns Senate.
H warned his colleagues that they
cannot afford to ignore the demands of
the suffragettes, and said that neither
of the two great parties could afford to
Insult" the more than three million
women who ..ow have full suffrage in
the inlted States.
Other Senators indorsed the petitions
of the women, and at the conclusion of
the speeches Senator Polndexter Intro
duced a bill giving the citizens of Wash
Irgton the right to vote. This bill be
stows the voting privilege on every
man and woman twenty-one years of
age and over, able to read the Consti
tution of the I'nlted States, who pays a
property tax of $5. The bill provide,
for a delegate In Congress, the estab
lishment of the Australian ballot sys
tem, the holding of primaries and the
punishment of corrupt practices The
bill also provides for a Presidential
pieference primary.
The petitions that were delivered to
the Senate yesterday contained the
names f To.nOu men and women. When
they were gathered last night at suf
frage headquarters the petitions filled
several packing boxes. Every Senator
who could be found at the Capitol yee
teidnv a'ternoon was handed a petition
signed by the people In his home State
Benches Filled.
section in the Senate gallery had
been set aside for the women who par
ticipated In yesterday's demonstration,
and every bench was filled, while many
of the women stood outside receiving
bulletins of what was happening Inside
the Senate chamber. After their busl
vConUausd on Fifth Face.) .
Street Speaker, and Some Leaders in
District Guardsmen Get New
Home Under Bill Asking For
Congressman Dyer of Missouri, intro
duced a bill In the House today to spend
tl,T5o,000 for a new District armory
with equipment. Mr. Dyer was a mem
ber of the District of Columbia volun
teer regiment in the Spanish War.
The Dyer bill authorizes the Secre
tary of War to enter into a contract for
a new armory for the national guard
upon a site hounded by B street north
west, B street southwest. Twelfth street
and Fourteenth street. In accordance
with the plans of the commission ap
pointed under the act of May 30, 1908.
The site mentioned In the Dyer bill
Is near the site recommended in the
McMillan park omnussion. and is ad
jacent to the White Mouse ellipse. The
site recommended bj the commission
named under the act of HWa, has now
been used for other purposes, but Mr.
Dyer thinks the site he proposes is an
excellent one. The National Guard of
the District now occupies rented quar
ters. Latest News Bulletins
Ilnliitb. Iipii. llnlf dozen bis; ore
boats, due to clear at noon for South
ern and Eastern points were delayed
today by th strike ol 260 dock work
ers who went out after thiee of their
fellow workers had been killed an'l
half a score Injured In an ore train
l.o, Bele. (,rn. Felix IMai
trying to net the support of (Jen. I.uis
Torres and Gen. Ceronlmo Trevlno.
In his candidacy for President of
Mexico, Is the beltrf here following
a conferen-:e between Ida and Tor
res, former governor of Sonora.
Ken Vork. One innu su killed ami
several injured by a cave-In on the
new aqu.-duct at Mocholu Parkway
A premature blast Is believed to have
caused the accident.
Sea filrt, V J. Tae police sae
learned that George K. Harris, who
was found murdered on Tuesday was
a gambler who had been fleecing soldiers
at the State camp
Harrison. . J. The police are try
ing to find out who sold Charles An
derBon, sixteen, a pint of whisky The
boy drank it and nearly died
Vienna. It urn announced here last
the decision as to Austrla-HunsiaiVs
participation In the Panama Pacific
Fxposlllon will r.--t with a .-omml
slon which Is about to visit North
A nit ric'H.
I . udon. Anna Held, who m en
gaged to appear in the London Opera
House Kev ue for four weeks at .Zfl a
week, has returned to Pails
Paris. t rumor lhat Jack Johnson
had been killed In Paris was submitted
to the ring champion at the KoMes
Bergere ton'ght. "Do I look dead'.'
was Johnson's comment.
Helen Todd, of Hew York, Who Win Speak At Open-Air Meeting, Fifteenth
and Pennsylvania Avenue, Tonight.
m n
Congressman Howard Alleges
Commissioners Used Dis
crimination. A resolution directing the District
Commissioners to forward to the House
full information recardine the award
of a contract for street curbing, made
June ji, 113, was introduced today by
I Congressman Howard of Georgia
Mr. Howard alleges that the Stone
j Mountain Granite Company, of Georgia.
j was discriminated against in the award,
j and that the contract went to the
j North Carolina Granite Corporation,
which the Georgia member asserts put
j In a higher bid. Mr. Howard says the
; Georgia company's bid was 30 per cent
I under that of the North Carolina con
1 cern. but the Tar Heel granite men got
the contract, amounting to approxi
mately $1:3,000. The Howard resolution
'Resolved by the House of Hepresen-
tatlvea that the Commissioners of the
District of Columbia be and are hereby
directed to deliver to the House of
Representatives all original papers and
other documents connected with the
award of a contract for furnishing
street curbing for the said District of
Columbia, said award being approved
bv said Commissioners of the District
of Columbia on June a, 1913. awarding
said contract to the North Carolina
Granite Corporation, together with all
evidence as 10 the ascertainment of the
relative qualities of said granite by the
said Commissioners, together with the
reasons for discriminating against the
lowest bidder to said award, to wit. the
Stone Mountain Granite Corporation, of
Stone Mountain, Ueorgia.
Money Pours Into
District Tax Coffers
C. C. Rogers, Collector of Taxes, was
so busy today In receiving and counting
money that no time was left for the
distraint of the property on which per
sonal taxes are due. Warned by the
statement of Collector Rogers that it is
his Intention to seise the property of
dt llnqiient't, hundreds of property owner.-,
have se'tled the r obligations with
lie District within the last few days.
There remain on the books, however.
many unpaid bills which. Collector
Kogers declares, it is his Intention to
, . Ilect by force of distraint If neces
sary, at the earlest possible oppor
tunity. Bryan Asks $100,000
To Assist Americans
An emergency appropriation of $10n.fl
with which to alleviate distress among
Americans In the Mexican revolutionary
sone and to transport them to the
1 "rued States, was asked by Secretary
Bryan of the House today.
Wants Information From Dis
trict Commissioners As to
How to Proceed on Matter.
The Senate, on motion of senator Gal
Unger. his passed a resolution directing
the Commissioners as soon as prac
ticable to advise the Senate fully about
the Rock Creek bridge at Q street north
west. The resolution is as follows:
Resolved. That the Commissioners of
the District of Columbia are hereby
directed to communicate to the Senate
at the earlelst practicable day. all in
formation concerning the construction
of a bridge across Rock Creek at Q
jstre.t northwest, for which an appro-
' prialion was made in the act approved
Mar.-h 2. 1911. which appropriation
I proved to be inadequate under the plan
that was submitted for bids, stating
whether or not it Is desirable to have
a new plan inado, upon which fresh bids
shall be invited, or whether it is feas
ible, without destroying the symmetry
and beauty of the structure, to moditi
the existing plan s.i as to bring it wlth
li. the appropriation.
ongressman Lobeck today Introduced a
similar resolution asking the District
Commissioners to report on the safety
of the Aqueduct bridge. The resolution
calls for information regarding the gen
eral strength of the bridge, the traTltc
over the structure, and some other de
tails showing whether or not It is safe
in its present condition
Senator Polndoxter has Introduced a
bill for the condemnation of Dunn's
court or alley in the square bounded by
Massachusetts .-ivenu- IS'iode Island
nwnue. Seventeenth street and Kight
eer.th street.
Excise Law Incomplete,
Attorney Declares
The case of William Gentry, charged
with selling liquor to a minor, was
postponed iniielimtely in Police Court
today at the request of Prosecutor
Given. A motion to quash the Informa
tion was made by Attorney Alvln L.
Newmyer. who asserts that the new
excise law repeals all other laws gov
erning the sale of liquor and that It
does not contain any prohibition
against the sale to minors except w ith
respect to licensed dealers.
There are already several cases pend
ing in court as to the constitutionality
of t'ie inn. Two cases have been car
ried to the Court of Appeals, but the
point raised by Attornev Nevvmyer is a
new one.
Prosecutor Given requested a con
tinuance In order to look up authorities
on the point It is expected that the
case will be carried to the upper courts.
Cotton Crop Shows
Only Slight Decrease
An Agti' ultural Department crop 'e
port today estimated the conditions uf
the cotton crop on July as 79 1 p,.r
cent of normal, .is loinpArwl with MX
J ne 'J3. "6-j per cent on July 26. iai
year, and SO the ten-year averse.
"Without Foundation," Secretary of State Says of
Report-Administration Forges Ahead With
Policy of Aiding Business Interests to Force
Huerta to Resign Presidency, Is Belief.
President Blocks House Grill of H. L
Wilson, Who Will Return to Mexico
Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson is preparing to return im
mediately to Mexico, it was reported here today. He sent a tele
gram to Chairman Flood, of the House Foreign Affairs Commit
tee, from New York, stating that his "party was on the eve of de
parture from the country."
Today an invitation to him to appear tomorrow before the
House Foreign Affairs Committee was given and recalled within
an hour. The revocation, it was authoritatively reported, was at
the instance of President Wilson himself.
It was stated on high authority that the President called off
the House Committee meeting because the Administration did not
desire that the ambassador be given any further opportunity to
air his views on Mexico. Chairman Flood, of the House Commit
tee announced that the reason the meeting was called off was
because the ambassador is in New York and unavailable.
In his telegram to Flood, however, Ambassador Wilson states
that he was at the disposal of the committee if they desired to
have him return from New York, but asked that immediate action
be taken. Flood replied to Wilson that the committee had decided
against asking him to return to Washington.
Unqualified denial today on the part of Secretary of
State Bryan of statements published this morning regard
ing pressure from European governments on the United
States to end the Mexican disturbances, will, it is hoped
by the Administration, set at rest stories being printed
here and in New York to the effect that Europe is seeking
to interfere with this country's course in dealing with the
Mexican situation.
The denial, given out over the signature of Secretarv
Bryan, and following a conference with the President, was
as follows :
"The statement which appeared in some of the morn
ing papers to the effect that European governments are
bringing pressure to bear on the United States to compel
aggressive action in Mexico is entirely without founda
Hunger Strikers Are
Released From Prison
LONDON. Aug. 1. Miss Annie Ken
ney. associate of Mrs. Erameline Tank
hurst, again was released from Hollo
wav 1ail this afternoon under th? "cat
and mouse" act. Mum Kennev. who
was rearrested at the London ravinon
suffragette meeting last Monday, was
so weakened by four davs of hunger
striking that the prison authorities Sent
her to a nursing home.
Miss Sylvia Pankhurst also was te
leased from Hollowsy jail this after
noon on ticket of leave.
Frank Chance Plans
To Quit Baseball
SAN DIEGO. Cat, Aug. l That
Kiank Chance, manaser of the New
Vork Americans, will quit baseball for
good at the end of the present season
and r.tutn to his jrange ranch at Glen
dora. Cal . was the statement made to
dnv lv a close friend.
This mar declares he has a letter
from Chance to that effect.
McReynoids Leaves City.
Attorney General McReynoids leaves
the city this evening for a two days'
outing. His destination is unnamed.
hecause Mr. McReynoids hopes to get
two days' rest without being disturbed
by any ens.
On the contrary', It is believed that
the Administration is proceeding stead
ily ahead evolving a plan of action
which, while In harmony with the
President's previous policy of opposing
recognition for Huerta or Intervention,
will he effective In bringing about an
early and peaceful settlement of the
disturbances In Mexico.
The keynote of this plan, it is be
lieved, will take into consideration the
fart that the business Interests of
Mexico are thoroughly disgusted with
the lneffectusl efforts of Huerta to rs-
tContinued on Third Page
Met at noon
Lobby Inquiry resumed, with Mulhall
on stand.
Tariff debate proceeds in Senate.
Senator Tlllnvtn proposed to amend
tariff bill with currency
Met at noon.
Debate on Camenitti-Diggs controvt
was resumed.
Foreign Affairs Committee discussed
Mexican situation
Congressmen Mondell and Neeley intro
duced resolutions asking Information
regarding bank conspiracy charged by
Secretary McAdoo.
Congressman Howard introduced rsso
lut'on asking District Commissioners
for information about awards of street
curbing contracts.
Congressman Lobeck introduced resolu
tion directing the Commissioners to
report on the safety of Aqueduct
A bill providing specified method of re
moval of Judges of Inferior courts n
troduced by Congressman Hull of Ten
Adjourned until Tusadajr :

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