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'Fair tonight; Friday wanner.
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Home Edition
tfUMBER 7990.
Yesterday's Circulation, 54,300
Sixteen Pages
ft "J KF? Vf "t '" 'T 5 S
the 1iKfiiataTi Wimtg
Explorer and Party Had at
Hand Means of Death With
out Suffering.
Publication Today of Papers
Gives Details of Hardship of
MNpON, Not. 6 That Captain
Scott and too members of the ex
pedition who were with him on the
tragic trip to the South Pole, scorned
to use .poison to end their misery as
death approached, though they had
divided enough poison among them
selves for this purpose, Is brought
out in Scott's diary, published here
today. .
"Shall Die In Our Tracks."
Jn the volume "Capt. Scott's Expedi
tion," which contains Scott's diary,
written dally from the time the Terra
Xova departed in 1910 until that day
In March, 1913. when the explorer, and
his companions met death, the story Is
In the entry under the date of Marcn
11 Captain Scott writes of the approach
ing crisis. Petty Officer Evans then
was dead, and Captain Oates was dying.
This Is the entry In Scott's diary for
that day: ... .
-Gates is very near the end one
feels. "What we or be will do. ood only
knows. iWe discussed the matter after
breakfast. "He is a brave W!!?
understands the situation, but he prac
ticaUy asked for advice. .Nothing could
be said but to urge him to march as
long as he could. ,
"One satisfactory result of thedlscus
slon was that I practically ordered "Wil
son to hand over the 'means to us of
ending our troubles, so thafc any -one of
us may know how to do so. Wilson had
ju jchoice between dolwr so and our
larreicxiwr his medicine case.
"W6 have thirty opium tabloids apiece,
and Wilson i-rlett with "a-'tube of mor-
Tlic alary is silent as to the light each
explorer must have made against the
temptation, to -ttake the poison and has
ten the death they knew was near,
rather than to suffer the agonies of a
death tuch as they met, but the poison
was lett unioucnco.
"We must be near the end. says
Captain Scott In tho last entry but one
in the diary. "I have decided It shall
be natural. We shall' march for the
depot with or without our effects, and
die in out tracks.-'-
Last Thought of Families.
The last lines of the diary were writ
ten by a man suffering physical aabnles.
His feet were frozen, mortification was
spreading upward and he was suffering
acute mental distress, but the lines
were penciled with masculine firmness,
and there was no trsmor showing on
the page as he wrote:
"The end cannot be far. It seems a
pity, but I do not think I can write
more For God's sake, look after our
people. i
In the diary as published, a number
or parts' of it are made public for the
first tlmo. and light Is thrown on many
points hitherto obscure. The part that
the collapse of Petty Officer Evans!
and Captain Oates played in the failure
of the expedition Is told. Evans was a
physical giant, the strongest member
of the party, but when he gave up hlsj
collapse was quick. .
,-. .-....... i7 1019 Ih.. firrtt reference I
UU &Ultmj j., ...... -.... .
was made to Evans injuries. His hands
were then frozen, and premature camp-
ine was forced. A week later his nose
(Continued on Ninth Page.)
Adams Express Company
Agents Unable to Get Clue in
$7,000 Jewel Robbery.
l'olice detectives of this city today
started an Investigation of the theft of
7,W3 -north of Jewelry from an Adams
Cxpreha Company car which passed
through Washington en route from
Jicmphls to New York.
The robbery was reported by Joseph
L Hagy, special agent of the Express
Company, with headquarters fn Phila
delphia. The robbery occurred October
'2, since when express company detec
tives have been conducting an Investi
gation. The special agents failed to get
any clue.
The nolice here were not informed of
the manner in which the robbery was
committed, but it is understood the
thzft was not discovered until the car
reached New York. Nothing Indicates
that the robbery occurred while the
car was In this city.
Among the articles stolen were a gold
and platinum pendant, set with flfty
tlve diamonds, another pendant con
taining 123 diamonds, a necklace, set
with 492 pearls, and a lorgnette, the
chain of which was set with twenty-
one diamonds.
Reading It
Motor Mail S.rvice
To Be Used As Result
Of Street Car Strike
A temporary automobile
mail service is to be insti
tuted by the Postomce De
partment in Indianapolis as
a result of the street car
strike.. Second Assistant
Postmaster General Stew
art ordered this service
when he was informed to
day that the strike had
made it impossible to op
erate the street car service
that had maintained for the
transportation of mail be
tween stations in the In
diana city.
Entire Indiana Guard Needed to
Prevent More Bloodshed in
Street Car Trouble.
The entire National Guard of Indi
ana is coming here today for duty In
the street car men's strike. Gov.
Samuel M. Ralston stated that he
had called' out every company.
Companies mobilized early-today
and troops entnfned from all sec
tions of .the State. About 3,000 men
are 'In the full complement of the
State militia forces.
To Be Under Martial Law.
As soon as a sufficient number ofmen
are here martial law will be declared.
cars under guard of the troops, and,
judging by the riots that followed slm-1
ilar attempts with police protection, !
further bloodshed is possible. Four
men have been killed and scores in-,
Jured as the result of shootings and I
stonings since the strike was called on J
Friday night. '
The mill Ja call was decided on by
Governor Ralston after protracted con-!
ferences yesterday lasting far Into the
night Merchants who declared the tie-,
up of local and lnterurban street car l
traffic had cut down trade to a third
of normal. Insisted on the troops. The AInsincant future of ?hrdfv,ion
strlkers offered to waive recogn.Uon of mente is thV fact that Senator Kim"
the union if arbltraUon was resorted m who L nnt iS or, BiX!2
to, but. President Robert Todd, of the Banking and CumncV clmmfttJ? S
tracUon company, reiterated that there . isS "charmanTf6? SSSSi '."was tt.
was nothing to arbltrate. 'onc .llea ln at tho whlt Wo.T? 75
uIPo.llcel..,r.hleI artm Hyland admitted discuss with the President the plans
his Inability to keep order. He related f the coming nght. It was Senator
how his patrolmen turned in their Simmons, who, as cha'rman of the
badges when ordered -U board cars Finance Committee, directed the Demo
manned by btrikebreakers. bherlft cratic fight In the Senate on the Tariff
Porteus admitted that his call on the bill, and with such effect'veness at to
prominent business men to act as dep- bring about far better results than had
uiy anemia uruujjui. do many excuses
or tiiness irom wcaiuiy men mat it
was hopeless.
Unable To Move Cars.
With both city and county authori
ties admitting their Inability to move
the cars. Governor Ralston said it was
up to the State, and the militia call was
the result.
Two hundred and fifty strikebreakers
brought here by special train from Chi
cago are being housed and fed in the
company's car barns. They are paid $1
a day. The strikers demand $2.86 a day
for nine hours' work.
The lnterurban trainmen did not re
spond to the strike order, but violence
greeted the appearance of lnterurban
as well as local cars, and the out-of-town
lines suspended traffic to this city,
crippling the most extensive system of
interurbans In the world. A suit for a
receiver and forfeit of franchise Is pend
ing against the local company.
Ethelbert Stewart, of Washington,
representing the Department of Labor,
will remain here and continue his ef
forts in behalf of arbitration.
Childers Would Be
MitchePs Successor
Friends ir Washington of Col. H. H.
I rhllders. assistant counsel of the De
partment of Justice, in tho office of the
general appraiser at New York, an-
nounced today that he Is a candidate
- nii.nr nt the norf nr mw vi.
tn mieeceed John Purrov Mltchel. mav-
'or-elect of New York.
This is the piace wnicn friends of
Field Malone are anxious to
innd for him,
Colonel Childers, who Is a Louisiana
man, did hard work for President Wil
son ln the pro-convention campaign. He
had charge of Retting Wilson delegates
in New England.
TwM Tnnitrhf. Arcan1 AiMifnrittm
Tonight-Boclety Tango Party. By
Card Only. Dancing Taught. Col. 3795.
Buy The 5:30
Caucus Likely to Be Called to
Carry Out Mandates
Endangered Bill.
Hope of Saving Fundamentals
of Money System Proposal
in Immediate Action.
President Wilson today began lining
up his forces In the Senate in anticipa
tion of a report from the Senate Com
mittee on Banking and Currency,
which will Emasculate the AdralnTs
lstratlon currency .bin.
That a caucus .of' Democrats will
shortly be called to carry out the Presi
dent's mandates Is imminent.
Up to this time the President "has
tried to preserve a non-partisan as
pect about the legislation, and has
held out a welcome hand to Repub
licans and Progressives who are de
sirous of assisting him. Advance in
formation as to what the committee
will report, however, is believed to
have changed the situation completely.
Situation Is Changed.
The majority report of the committee
will propose a number of amendments,
many of which, including the proposal
to reduce the number of regional re
serve banks and change the personnel
of the Federal reserve board, will at
tack the fundamentals of the measure.
Bat though a' majority report. It will
not be a report Indorsed by the ma
jority of Democrats on the committee.
It will represent the Tlews of Repub
lican members who have combined with
Insurgent Democrats.
Sinunons'Sees Wilson.
Senator Simmons; chairman of tbe
Finance Committee, let the cat out of
the bag today, when, following a call
on the President, he said:
"The Democrats of the Senate cannot
be expected to 'adopt, a report not in
dorsed by a maority of the Democrats
on the Banking and Currency Commit
a caucus be called?"
he was
"Not vet" he reolted. sn nAArA h.-ut.
g&U J -
Snorty after u, Senator Thompson
of Kansas saw the President. Wher
he left the White House he said:
'"The fJIne has about arrived, when
P?nce ases to be a virtue, and when
so. "ft f action Is necessary."
-tA" 2ef b5a5l?.cul,r
Lf?,JlJ?'LS! ,yj ., ,.
tr" '."r'",,"" "" -"" " ocok.
of be taken?''
Deen expected.
That thft Dflmorratln InmirrDntB tvhn
have been blocking the legislation arc
due for a thorough disciplining Is
evident. The vote In New Jersey.
Massachusetts, and Maryland last
Tuesday has convinced the President's
advisers that the country is with him.
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Former Member of Alexandria
Police Force Dies as Result
of Gunshot Wound.
Charles W. Nowland, formerly a mem
ber of the Alexandria police force, shot
and killed himself today at the home of
his sister, Mrs. Edward Downey, Vilkes
and Royal streets. Nowland, who was
J employed as a watchman for the Board
Motor thick t-ompany, returned irom
work this morning and appeared In
excellent spinis.
, While waiting for breakfast he went
Into tho kitchen. Ills sister and broth-
cr. James Nowland, heard a pistol shot
and on reaching the kitchen found their I
W T in HIS
broUier npldlng his head between hw'llf . .. D4,
nanus, no uu ouui iiuuacii in me
head with a .32-calibor revolver. He
was removeu iu uio mexanaria nos-1
pltal where Drs. R. J. Yates and M. !
D. Delaney examined him. He died '
soon afterward.
Nowland was forty years old and un
married. He 'Wed with his parents at
C3 South Fairfax street.
Arcade Auditorium. Matinee Every
Saturday. Dancing S :30 to 5 p. m.
HfMltsssssssssi - j2MSlssM&iif?,sssssB
Democratic National Chairman
Wins Miss Dorothy Williams
'William F.McCombs. chairman of the'
Democratic national committee, and
Miss Dorothy Williams, daughter of
Col. John Williams, of Washington, and
sister of Mrs. Joseph Lelter, will be
married In London tomorrow. An
nouncement to this effect will be made
to Washington so'clety at a luncheon
to be given this afternoon by Mrs.
John Sidney Webb, closest friend In
Washington of the Williams family.
The marriage -will follow u whirlwind
courtship conducted Ur Mr. McCombo
during the last few ..ceka. Tho couple
first met' at "a ' dlnn'cf In "Washington
shortly after the Inauguration of Presi
dent Wilson.
Mis? Williams lias "been abroad for
several months. Mr. McCombs went
abroad soon' after the" inauguration- to
recuperate from the effects of the hard
work of the Wilson campaign, both be
fore and after the Baltlmoro conven
tion. Since that time Mr. McCombs has
been offered the French ambassador
ship, but has declined, on the ground,
it is understood, that he could not af
ford to take the place. The French
post sun is neiu open.
ost sun is nem open. jj. Davidson, superintendent or schools i handle more than any other city in tnw up the Keenest interest in tne lonn
,Mr" ,Mc.b8wn !,JffiJr"iS Washington, will leave here to ac- country ln proportion to its own popula- l0mInff mQttlns nere jJeCmeber 18. of
id to .have been much, together in ,fL,,l , , t,.k -k Hon. . ... ....... the Tisnuhllcan national committee for
rarls of late. Just recently the latter
wm lolneri bv her mother, who had
started as a member of C tho Lelter
yachting party, but who rtianqed her
& tAn.SS5ffieMa we"!
dins plans Just announced, s Mrs. Wil-
Hams and her daughters spent a short
time In AIx Js Balnea and then went
. IvnJnn XT- -Wlllln-na .4111 I. n
member of the 'Letter party and will,
miss the wedding.
jMIss Williams has been one of
moit uooUlar of Washington Elrls. .She
was a particularly close friend of Miss
Ethel Roosevelt and a debutante of the
aevmu I'uouu. mioa iiii.iiii;9 to .ill
heiress in her own right
Washington friends of Miss Williams
and Mr. McCombs arc awaiting further
details of their Interesting courtship.
President Accepts
Carabao Membership
President Wilson today agreed to ac
cept membership In the Carabao Society,
an organization composed of army
officers who hae served in the Philip
pines. Prcbldent Wilson and Former
Pres.dent Tuft are .the only persons to
whom the honor was ever extended.
At the sam time, the President ex
pressed rfiit,ts U a committee of tho
society, headed li General Ales hi re,
that he coi.ld not accept an Invitation
to attend the annual dinner of the so
ciety, which will be held December 1U
By a coincidence, the Gridiron Club
which extindcd to the President this
afternoon an 'nvltatlon to attend Its
annual dinner next month, has tlxed on
December IS as the date for the func-j
tlon. Thirteen Is a magic number In tho
Wilson household, but tho dute was iix
ed, not because of that fuel, but be
cause under th?; constitution the dinner
must uc neiu on inai auy.
Iiaillo tl IIIUI lalC
Mill at Philadelphia
Congrcsman Varo of Pennsylvania to-
limine, in u.ithnrlze the Secretin, of th
Navy to name a committee of three de-
partment officials to select a site for
a Government unnor phtte factory at or
near the Philadelphia navy yard.
Will Be Married in London Tomorrow
Copyright. Sarony.
How Wilt Alimony Nat' '
Settle His Income Tax ?
Real Treasury Puzzle
If 'at Goodwin pays more tham.
$5,000 a rear allaorar to bis
former wires, Hst be or the'
wires pay tbe Income lax I "
Tals question vexed Treasnry of-
tfclals tetJar ar tier. titeHiti
IMt "it wag a&1tafcvbu!ec
taty 84.0 tbat - they 'worried,
-Hoi iur toe isuo ui a pnuicu
army of "ex-babbies."
Many Persons ThinkW a'shing
ton Educator Should Get
Post Davidson Will Quit.
Wjth the announcement that Dr. TV.
pt a suirilar position In Pittsburgh
in December, the Question of hls-suc-
cesser has become at once Daramountl
ana president Henry P. Blair, of the I
joard of -Education Is receiving a fresh j
deluge of letters ana messages every
day, many expressing a preference fro j
one candidato or another, or ad vocal-!
... II... I
it la-evidcnt that' most of the Wash-
Ingtonlans are in favor of selecting a
superintendent from "liomo talent."
ratlior than brlnirini- ln an Diitnlilpr
from some other city, and several mem- j
bers of the board havo also expressed
a deslie to take this course.
"It seems to me that everv city, atlnov
least ln so far at Its school system is
concerned, should be capable of mother- it tnlcht be possible to care for turn
ing its own children," wrote Fulton R. . dreds of patlent3. In tents, except in the
Gordon, real estate deaer. to President 1 most seere weather.
Blair, "without going outside to select,
so to speak, an adopted mother. There
Is an abundtnee of the very best ma
terial ln our own town from whiih we
may make this selection, and to do
otherwise. In my opinion. Is a serious
reflection upon the ability and quail-1
fication of the officers of this depart-
ment, as well as our citizens, to man-
ace our own affairs.
Tho board will not take up the resig
nation of Dr. Davidson until Its regular
meeting next Wednesday. At that time
it will also discuss his successor,
though It Is not expected they will
make a choice then.
Dr. Davidson was at his office early
today, trjlng to get the school affairs
adjusted so that he may leave T Decern- i
7i 1 without Imvln,. nnv unfinished,'
work lie has intimated that he will
atay a week or two longer If necessary
to wina up nis worK properly.
World's Biggest Dredge
At Work in New York
monster mouthfuls of river bottom at
tho rate of 200 tons to the bite, the
dredge Toledo, largest In the world, to
day Is doing Its full day's work toward
digging a channel sixty feet deep ln
the North river at Forty-sixth street.
,, . t. ni.a!lmlnnHi . .1. --
The work Is preliminary to the con
struction or a i.iuu-ioor. dry aocK. wnicn
will bo used as a-cargo pier for ac-
commodatlon of great Incoming ships,
I w hen tho dry dock Is not in use.
of The
Photo by Harris & Ewlnc.
Philadelphia. NavyYard Officials
Wanjt Information on Balti-
,. x 4iJi,'r
?- moretniuhrttons;: -
BALTIMORE, Md Nov. 6. How far
the War Department is (going in its
preparations for war If all efforts
for a peaceful solution of conditions
in Mexico falls. Is indicated by.re-
quests--to superintendents of Baltl-l
more hospitals for exact data with rc
gtird'to their capacity in case of an
The request for c information caiue
from tbe superintendent of the Navyj
Yard at Philadelphia, and .although j
war; was not mentioned. It was clear!
that dat was ocins collected so that j
1. .would- Toe at hand if real blood-1
shed began. Johns Hopkins, thel
Maryland University, the Maryland
Ctfnfr'nl thn Mercv. St. Ames, and I
other hospitals were all asked for re-'
The replies sent br the superinten
dents made it clear that Baltimore will
able that this city would be able to
Dr. whirord smith, supennienaent oi, . ' .. . .. v,.
the Johns 'Hopkins Hospital, said: Jthe purpose sf conslderinn the rehab-
"Our canadtr is 600 beds, with sixty
more not yet in operation, but we have
corridors c bjocks long.hlch cold
phipps -clinic and the other clinics,
Whlch are all part of the Johns Hopkins
Hospital, would afford room for many
T .a . .l .,. that fn onV
emergency like war we could find room
for jTcOObeds here. Many parts of the
Institution could be used for patients, .
, .,, ..-.r. nr-wit npmL'
At St. Agnes' Hospital the sister In
char-re replied to the letter that there
IciiiirjKe icpucu ."c -.
would be flfy beds for such an emer
B'ncv. but that, with the hospital as
, ni.r tnp nhvslclans and nurses.
The superintendent of the Maryland
Unlversltv Hospital explained that
from thlfty-tlve to fifty could be pro
vided for there. ,,.
nrh. .w rr. John II. BIckfora. su
perintendent of the Maryland General
Hospital, has not replied yet to.tne let
j t
l ..Wc are not going to have any war.
i, coin hut In nn emergency we couia
care for many cases." He ttgured that
p spHjW Ufty could be provided for In
addition to the regular number there.
The sister ln charge of the Mercy
Hospital said that so frequently the
.Mercv Hospital has more demands than
It can Tirovide for. that It had no fa
cilities for an extraordinary emergency.
It wouDl b able to care for not n.ore reached the State ;"?"' "
than twenty-five or thirty-live. Thelform 0f communication from Henry
I n?J.ta' ,' nl,ed to lt3 capacui near,y
ciu U1U lime.
Denies Two Charges.
di.9. nt not lniiltv were entered this
morning in the court of Judge James
pnffh hv Prince
a Tinirsion. coiorea.
: rhuriH. He demanded Jury
I trials, and was released on 300 bond.
r rutin- nut ' Estelle M. Keys, accuses him of prac
6. Biting out ft?'5"f;fi ' ,,..,,,t a license, and
belne an unlicensed fortune-teller.
Paterno Under Knife.
GENOA. Nov. 6. Baron Paterno, the
murderer of Princess Glulia dl Trigona.
a lady-ln-walting to Queen Helena, was
onerated on in prison for two hours.
operated on in P"on .or wo .our..
but unsuccessfully, to extract a bullet
he fired Into his own head after the
Times Tonight
Provisional President of Mtxict Bittt Declara
tion on Illegality of Recent Electida Offi
cials Here Silent
Preparing to Put
Unofficial information reaching: Washington this '
afternoon are to the effect that President Huerta has flatly
informed Nelson 'O'Shaughnessy, charge of the United'
States embassy in Mexico Oty that he will not relinquish
the provisional Presidency of Mexico. He has based this
declaration, it is understobdr on tbe fact that the, election
held October 26, did not bring out enough votes for any
one candidate to. make his election constitutionals -
Although Administration officials here refused to state
whether any official dispatches to this effecf had been re
ceived from the United States embassy, it was evident" that
some news o fa. serious nature had reached the State De
It is now believed in some quarters that President
Wilson js preparing 1o put the whole matter up to Cohr
-gress, and that, within a few
uejwe -ngre"& ur -atam amcige-io.iQaDQayaenni
.& A"
br?t White hoSse
nr nrninurn uilTH
Republican Losses Stir Leaders
to Action at Coming Commit
tee Session.
outcome of the recent elections, with
Republicans to win in Mass-
achusetts or New Jersey has stirred
lltatlon of Sie Republican party
information here, of a thoroughly re-
tee wlU call the convention. Then will
follow a big struggle over control of it.
The old guard leaders, or many or tnem,
h.V mm. tn ItlR MnClUSlOn It WOUlO DC
bad politics to balk th,eJeid?Se?:
atprs Cummins, Crawtojrraan- aria
oiner progressive u-"""; -r j j-"-
ventlon. But It does not follow tnar,
Mr. Barnes and the other standpatters
on the committee are going quieuy w
lay down and let the progressive Re
publicans run things.
On the contrary, the Old Guard will
do Its utmost to shape the course of the
convention to suit itself, and to keep
the control of the organization within
its own hands.
This means that the real crisis in the
history of the Republlqan party Is go
ing to come In the expected national
convention. That convention will prob
ably be held late next winter'or early
next spring. Chicago U the probable
meeting place
Request Comes From
Henry Allen Tiipper
The request of the constitutionalists
Allen T
Tunper. of tho
Peace Forum. It Is:
"General Carransa makes only this
request that our Government permit
free Importation of arms and aramunl
.i i. M.,nn Ho trlves DOSltlVC
....,-. mHr these circumstances
ef speedy and stable constitutional
frnvernmeni uiu oj .... ....-..
would be a grave and a disastrous
mistake." ,.,,, ..
President Wilson has, it is believed,
already sent a copy of the request to
the House and Senate Committees on
Foreign Relations.
W. C. T. U. to Meet at Atlanta.
ASBURY PARK. N J., Nov. i-The
executive committee of the National
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
wo-wn. w...u ..- -
this morning ted Atlan ta. ua.. ior
the Place of roeeUngtn 1911, on the in
vltatlon of tho Georgia W. I. i. u.
Wilson Believed to Si
Matter Up to Congress.
days-Jie will either "appear
Secretary or State Bryan was at the
White "House early 'this rooming; Hs
brought with "hlm'a portfolio containing
dispatches, together with a commuHl-
f cation, transmitted, to: him by Dr. Iltnry
r Allen Tupper. on behalf of the coa-
stltutlonaVsts, asking the' United States
to lift the embargo on arms, and Drom-
jlslng that. If thijr Is done, the dvU
j war In Mexico wilt sooa be endeO.
air. nrjaa reiusea 10 aeny or coaaraa
a 'report, to the effect that Dr. William
Bayard Hale who was making Inves
tigations hi Mexico City for the Presi
dent earlier in the summer, had. bcea
sent Incognito to General Caransa to
ascertain the plans of tbe rebels.
V It la stated that Xr. Hale has bee
ujau uviai iu iotni just wnai tno re
sources of the rebels amount to, asd
their Dlans fov an attack nn ltfm
1 Citj-. In turn, it is said, he win convey
to the rebel general the disposition, on
the part of the United tSates. not to
resort to Intervention, but to assist ta
constitutionalists perhaps, by llftlxur
the embargo and blockading the Mexi
can ports.
Feeliat Increases.
Charge O'Shaughnessy and John Und
are both believed to havo sent dis
patches today, to the Secretary of State
informing him thaf antl-Amerlcaa feel
ing is on the Increase 'to Mexico City.
and that open attacks on Americana!
may be expected aCany time. On .this
subject, too. the State Department .of
ficials are believed to be reticent.
A report from Baltimore to tho ef
fect "that the War Department has
made inquiries there regarding the,
ability of the local hospitals to care
for wounded in case of war, was flatly
denied by Surgeon General Tornay.
The latter declared that his depart
ment .was fully equipped to take care of
all wounded In time of war. and that,
even If these resources were not suf
flcicnt, the department has always1
avai'able Information concerning the
hospital arrangements of every cut ti
the country.
General Mills, head of the jnBttl di
vision of the War Department, also
denied a report from Baltimore to the
effect that Instructions or Inquiries had
been sent to the Maryland National
Guard regarding equipment for active
service 4n Mexico or elsewhere.
"We have sent no such instructions of
(Continued on Fourth Pace.)
Met at noon.
Foreign Relations Committee discuss
es lifting of the embargo oa ansa for
Banking Committee decides for public
ownership and public control of re
gional banking system.
Money granted for Nome suffems-
Senate Democrats called back with view
to holding caucus on currency.
Met at noon.
Adjournment taken after routine busi
ness. Congressman Logue Introduced bill for
$3,000,000 postofflce at Philadelphia.
Congressman Vare Introduced resolu
tion for selection or armor plate fac
tory site near Philadelphia. Navy Tard.
lUadkf It
Vt , i k. y -w.J4.tvJf'
-V- "? 4,.-w. J-

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