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Caucus Likely to Be Called to
Carry ut Mandates on En
dangered Bill.
(Continued from First Page.)
not only because of the tariff revision,
but because of the fight he is making
for the currency bill. They are be
lieved to have advised the President
"that now is the time to strike, and
trlko hard.
Decides on Public
Ownership of Banks
Public ownership and -jblic control
of the regional reserve banks was de
cided on by the Senate Banking aand
Currency Committee today.
This highly important step was taken
by a voice of 7 to 5 . Senators Reed
and Hitcncock voted with the Republi
cans for this proposition. Strong ob
jection has been raised In man quar
ters because the Administration bill as
It passed the House provided for bank
control and 'bank ownership of the re
gional banks.
Under the resolution as passed, the
directorate of each regional bank will
consist of five named by the Govern
ment and four named by the banks.
Under the' bill that passed the House,
the banks would have selected six and
tlie Government three.
The resolution provides that subscrip
tions to the capital of the regional bank
, lng system shall be open to the public
.for sixty days. The banks will under
write -the capital and take what the
public does not take.
In the form In which the resolution
Anally passed, it was prepared by Sena
tor Weeks but was 4 composite of ideas
of Senators Reed, Hitchcock and Weeks.
The fact that Senator Weeks was at
the White House last night leads to
the Impression the plan win satisfy the
The fact that Senator Kern, Demo
cratic leader, has sent out a call to all
Democratic senators to return to Wash
ington to be prepared for a Democratic
caucus next week, was learned today.
At the same time, it is asserted that
whether there Is a caucus will depend
on what the committee does. More
over, though It is going to take time.
Indications are fairly good that a bill
Will be worked out by the committee
in non-partisan fashion, on whlchgthe
committee can agree, and which "the
President will be willing to sanction.
This is the situation following on tha
conference last night between the Presi
dent and Senator Weeks of Massachu
setts. Senator Wilson Is understood to have
been assured by Senator Weeks that
there would be no central bank, but
that a regional system under Govern
ment control would be worked out.
On this basis, the President is show
ing willingness to meet the committee
half way on a number of debatabH
features of the measure. These include
the question of personnel of the Federal
reserve board, the method of control of
th regional banks, whether "lawful
money" shall be used for redemption of
Botes, and the number of regional
banks: President Wilson does not in-'
sist on twelve regional banks, but op
poses fewer than nine, though he might
Co as low as five.
Senator Vardaman who i also discus
Bed the currency situation with the
.President, was equally positive In as
serting that he would not vote for a re
port from the committee to which the
majority of the Democrats in that body
had not given their indorsement.
"L for one." he said, "am in favor of
submitting the question to a caucus,
but to an open caucus."
Other Senators who discussed the
situation with the President during the
day were Senators J. Hamilton Lewis,
of Illinois, and SenatonXane. of Oregon.
Army and Nary
t ty-fourth Infantry, is detailed to
'All a vacancy in the Inspector
General's Department, to take ef
fect December 1, vice Major AN
DRE W, BREWSTER, Inspector
The following changes of officers of
the Quartermaster Corps are or
dered: Captain FREDERICK G. STRIT
ZINGER. Jr., assistant to the depot
quartenr-aster, Omaha, Neb., will
temporarily relieve Lieutenant
Colonel JOHN E. BAXTER of his
duties as depot quartermaster at
Omaha, Neb.
Leave of absence for one month and
twenty days Is granted Captain
HUGH D. BERKLEY. Fifteenth
The lave of absence granted First
Lieutenant HENRY J. REILLY,
1 Fifteenth Cavalry, is still further
extended two months.
Leave of absence for ten davs is
'granted Lieutenant Colonel ERN
EST HINDS. Fifth Field Artillerj.
Captain JOHN G. WORKIZER, Coast
Artillery Corps, to Fort Monroe.
Va., and report December 29 to
the commandant. Coast Artillery
School, to take the regular course
at that school.
The Cummings, has been assigned to
duty with the torpedo flotilla, At
lantic fleet. The vessel will not be
assigned to any particular division
of the flotilla at the present time.
The Hopkins has been detached from
duty with the torpedo flotilla. Pa
cific fleet, and assigned to duty with
the Reserve Torpedo Division, Mare
The Stewart has been detached from
duty with the Reserve Torpedo Di
vision, Mare Island, and assigned to
duty with the torpedo flotilla, pa
cific fleet.
The Chester has been detached from
duty with the Atlantic Reserve fleet
and assigned to general service
The Louisiana, New Hampshire, Michi
gan, and California will remain in
Mexican waters for the present.
The H-l and H-2. when commissioned,
will be assigned to the Second Sub
marine Division, torpedo flotilla. Pa
cific fleet.
Hear Admiral A. M. KNIGHT, to addi
tional duty, president Naval War
Lieutenant R. B. COFFEY, detached
Naval War College: to aid on staff
of ' commander-in-chief. Atlantic
feserve fleet.
Paymaster's Clerk T. J. BOLAN, ap
pointment revoked.
Paymaster's Clerk HENRY GUIL
METTE, appointment revoked.
The Chester was placed In full com
mission at Philadelphia, this date.
The Stewart wa: placed In full com-
v mission and the Hopkins In reserve
I at Mare Island: and the Monaghan,
8terett, and Terry in reserve at
Charleston. B. C, this date.
Still the Rush Is on for
The Times Auto-Bikes
While the rush of correspondence to
the Auto-Bike Editor continues, every
one is being handled promptly. No less
than 200 letters and cards were received
In the morning mall today. Of course
It Is not possible to reply to every one
of them in this column, so the editor
alms to answer those which would be
of especial Information to the other
llttlo workers. SoAetimes questions
come up, although we tried to make the
conditions and rules perfectly clear, and
by reading this column every day, the
boys and girls will save themselves
some little trouble.
Some of the letters received today aro
as follows:
"Please send me Information how to
get an auto-bike.
"East Falls Church, Va.".
We have sent you a letter describing
"Dear Sir: , ,
"Please send me full particulars how
to get an auto-blke. I am a boy nine
years old. CLAUD JOHNSON.
"Takoma Park, D. C."
The particulars are on the way, Claud.
"Dear Sir: I have been reading about
the free auto-blke, and I would like
very much to own one. Please tell me
how can I get one. MAUD SIMMS."
We have sent you the full Information,
and hope you get your auto-bike.
"Dear Sir: I would like to win one or
jour auto-blkes. OTTO -LUEH RS."
All right. Otto. We have sent you the
particulars by which, with a. very 'little
effort, you will succeed in winning one.
"Dear Editor: I would like to have f "Dear Sir:
one of your auto-bikes. If you will send
me the papers for it. I will get to work
en It and try to get one. Please an-
juy name is
auto-blkes if you will kindly sendme
the directions. "Auxin wii.
The directions have been sent. Annie.
"Dear sir:
'I have been reading about your giv
ing away auto-bikes, and would like to
have one. Kindly let me know how I
can get one. and oblige.
The letter we have sent you, George,
teils everything.
"Dear sir:
"I would like to know how to get an
auto-bike. "ROBERT EDWARDS."
The Information has been sent you,
"Dear Times:
"As I have noticed In tho paper the
prize you are to give and I would like
to know what we are to do.
All right, Hyde, we have sent the
necessary Instructions.
"Dear' Sir:
"I would like to know how to get one
of the auto-blkes. My name is
.All right. Dorothy, we have mailed
you the instructions.
"Dear Sir:
"I would like to own an auto-blka
Pleace give me Information. With love,
You certainly shair have the Informa
tion, Luclle.
"Dear Sir:
. "Am crazy about one of your auto
bikes. 'Please let me know how I can
get ottt. JAMES BURGESS."
Glad 'you like the prospects of earn
ing the auto-blke so well, James. We
have sent you full information.
Report From Mexico City Based
on Alleged Illegality of Re
cent Election.
(Continued from First Page.)
inquiries to any National Guard,"
Fletcher Denies Leave
To American Sailors
VERA CRUZ, Nov. 6. The unrest
here today caused Admiral Fletcher to
deny shore leave to all officers and
men of the American warship flotilla.
He wishes to avoid friction with the
natives, who are wildly excited over the
story that John LInd. PresCdent Wil
son's special envoy to Mexico, had con
firmed the reported notification that
General Huerta must relinquish the
provisional presidency.
Lind was silent today, but'lt was said
on good authority that he did not con
firm the report .that President Wilson
sent Huerta an ultimatum. Lind was
quoted as saying that the United States
had verbally told General Huerta that
ho must resign and see to it that ho Is
not succeeded by any of his family or
close advisers.
This, of course. Was nothing new, but
its repetition, caused excitement among
the n.itives and the newspapers here. .
ine unitea mates now nas seven war
craft here, and the report that two mor
Having seen in the Wednesday 5-.Z0.Y ??? Y?-?.?"611'"1?..'"
.... " 1 . nairi j. iiiHiif it. iirrinn iiiii irfnxiiin 1111
A4ffsin nhnlit 1-ill olttn.ntlra I TTTrtll Ifll
OlUUVIt 1UUL1, J UU1 u w-. i . ovwiu
like to get full Information how to get
one. 1 am eleven years oiu.
S. EDWARD .UUlSfc.lt. "
KUr as? soon aa vol! can.
We have sent you the papers contain- You Wi" 5? IJvXd'Vo'u!
have " already
lug complete Information.
"Dear Sir. Please send me full infor-
mation how to get an auto-bike. I get
The Times every day. I remain, as ever,
All right, Mabel. Wo have sent you
the information.
"Mr. Editor:
"Please send Us full information how
to get an auto-bike.
With pleasure, children? Hope you
each earn your auto-bikes.
"Dear Sir:
"I am anxious to obtain one of your
bikes, and am willing to work, but
please tell me how. I am ten years of
You will find the work easy enough,
"Dear Sir:
"Having read your advertisement In
The Washington Times about your
wonderful auto-bike, I have found it
very Interesting, and would like you to
send me full particulars of how to re
ceive It. Thanking you in advance for
your kindness, I am. Yours sincerely.
Glad y6u find the advertisement so
Interesting, Margaret. The full particu
lars have been sent you.
"Dear Sir:
"I wou)d like to know how to get one j
of, those auto-bikes. My name is I
- " " "LEONA gray:" !
I hae sent you a letter describing
everything, Leona. 1
"Dear Sir:
"Please send me full particulars howl
to get an auto-blke. Is it any work wei x; n--.-.--.A
can do at home? Please answer. Yours J fl 16 HOP UeDartment
fnittifiillv. SELMA OSBORN. r
I have sent you the information. You
will find that the work can be easily
done right In your own neighborhood.
letter we
"Dear Sir:
"Please send us full Information about
your auto-blke, which I would like, to
get very much. We , are boys of ten
and twelve years of age, and we are
In the Sixth and Fourth grades at the
Bryan School.
All rigilt. boys, the auto-blke editor
has sent full Information.
Home Government
WilBe Church Topic
"How Do You Want to Re Gov
erned?" Is the question to be asked
and 'answered tonight at the Ingram
Memorial Congregational Church,
Tenth and Massachusetts avenue
northeast,' whore the Study Club in
Economics will discuss District suf
frage and the three bills now before
Congress which seek to change the
present form of local government.
Congressman Edward Keating of
Colorado, William D. Mackenzie, ol
tho executive committte of the Dis
trict FuffraKO League w'll be the
principal speakers, but at the con
clusion of their talk th! meeting
will be open for general discussion.
1 The Dyer bill, providing for a sort of
I territorial government with a gover
nor: the Poindevter hill, with "a prop
erty .franchise 'qualification; and the
Tavehner bill, which wtuld dctcr
j nine the form of government by a
I referendum, are the "three to be dis
a decided lmpresslonon"
the Mexicans. Admiral Fletcher has
mane the Rhode Island his flagship in
stead of the Louisiana.
The German warship Bremen today
anchored off Tampico. Her commander
sailed from here after a confeernce with
Admiral Fletcher, and it was reported
that trouble had broken out at Tampico,
Dut tms was unconfirmed.
auditorium of the new Masonic Tem
ple. The addresses will bo every.
Friday af.tcrnoon at 4:50 o'clock, and
Friday evening at 8:15 oclock, until
April 17, Inclusive, excepting on De
cember 26 and January 2.
The afternoon and evening lectures
will bo identical, in all respects, with
possibly one or two exceptions.
Complete Program.
The complete "program Is "as fol
lows: November 14 "The Importance of
a Knowledge of Geography, by WH-.
Ham H. Taft.
November 21 -"The Grand Canyon,"
by Binerj- C. Kolb.
November 28 "The Panama Canal,"
by Col. William L. Slbert. V. S. A.
December 5 '.The Philippines," by
Dean C. Worcester.
December'. 12 "Our Islands Through a
Motion, -Picture Camera," by O. P.
December 19 "The No, tho Classic
Drama of Japan," by Mrs. Elsie Blatt
ner. January 9-TMexIco," by Frederick I.
January 16 Secretary of State Bryan,
on a. subject to be announced later.
January 23 "Alaska-Siberia Big Game
Hunting." by Capt, E. E. Klclnschmldt.
January SO "China," by E. T. Wil
liams. .
February 6 "The Phoenician. Roman,
and Byzantine Ruins of Africa, by
Frank Edward Johnson.
February 13 "Savages ana Semi-Savages."
by Dr. C. -William Bee-be.
February 20 "Rural England and
Scotland,: by E. M. Johnson.
February 27 Mrs. Harriet Chalmers
Adams, o na qubject yet to be an
nounced. March 6 George Kennan on a sub
ject yet to be announced.
March IS "Life on a Sub-Antartlc
Isle." "by Robert Cushman Murphy.
March 20 "Russia," by Dr. Edwin A.
March 27 Geographic Influences In
Japan." by 'Miss Ellen Churchill Semple.
April 3 "Camps and Cruises of An
Ornithologist," by Frank M. Chapman.
April 10 "My Wild Animal Guests," by
Ernest Harold Baynes.
April 17. Col. Theodore on his South
American explorations."
'Arrived Saratoga, 'at Amoy; Nebraska,
at Tampico; Eagle, at Charleston:
Nanshan at San Diego; Cummings,
at Newport.
Sailed Saratoga, from Amoy for Ma
nila: Ontario, from Norfolk to search
for lost anchor: Nanshan, from San
IHur for San Francisco.
"Dear Sir:
"I would like to know how to get one
of those auto-blkes. My name is Mar
garet Edwards."
All right, Margaret. The Information
has been sent to your address.
"Dear Sir-
"Please let me know how I can ob
lain the wonderful auto-blke. Yours
respectfully. V
We would be glad to. send you the
particulars. Marguerite, but you have
forgotten to give us your "address in
your letter. Please send it in at once.
"Dear Sir:
"I saw your advertisement in the pa
per about the auto-blkes as I was look
ing at the Bed Time-Stories, so I want
ed to know how to get it.
I have written you a letter. Richard,
elfin 4rtt what vnti have tn do to get
Ithe wonderful auto-blke.
"Dear Sir:
"I am a little school girl, and my lit
tle friend and I aB we were looking
over The Times, saw your advertise
ment of those auto-blkes. We would
like to have one. bo please let me know
how to earn them. Our names are
Leona Gray and Sylvia Watson."
All right, girls, the editor has sent
you full information.
"Dear Editor: Kindly send me full
particulars about the auto-bike at once.
"Thanking you.
Full particulars have been sent
"Dear Sir: I saw your advertisement
of the auto-blke antf would like to know
the particulars of getting one.
We have sent you a letter giving the
particulars. Louis.
"Dear Sirs: Would you please Send
me a subscription blank? Would also
like to know how long I have to get
the ten subscribers to earn an auto
blke? "HARRY C. ADAM3."
The editor has not yet set a time Uml
on the auto-blke offer, and the probabil
Sties are that you will have plenty of
timo In which to secure your machine.
However, don't delay; the sooner, the
"Dear Sir: I saw. yo'ur news in tho
I aper. f.nd It was a pleasure to me
Pleaj-e write m how I can tarn one of
those auto-bikes. Yours hlncerely.
It is certainly a pleasure to the edlfor
Minnie, to receive so many Utters from
little girls. I haye written rou directions
for obtaining the auto-blke.
"Dear Sir. I have been reading about
the free auto-bike. I would like very
much to know what I have to do to get
it. My name Is
Wo have sent you a letter telling how
you can obtain the auto-blke.
"Dear Sir: Being a daily reader of
The Times paper, I thought I would
write and 'ask you for the full particu
lars concerning the distribution of the
auto-bike. "LOUISE BIRKLE."
The full particulars have been mailed
you, Louise.
"Dear Sir: I would like to win one
of your auto-blkes.
We hope you do win one, Martha. Get
to work at once, as outlined In the let
ter we sent you, and you certainly shall
have onex
"Dear Sir: I would liko to know how.
to earn an auto-blke. My name Is
Full Information has been sent you,
"Dear Mr. Editor:
"X w"4 Ut to obtain on of yftiir.
Home Club Is Formed
The Home Cluh of the Department of
the Interior, has been launched. With
500-prospectlve members in attendance
a temporary organization was effected
at a meeting, after office hours yester
day. In th" old Masonic Temple hall.
First Assistant Secretary A. A. Jones
is temporary president, and M. A. Rat
tlgan, clerk to the Commissioner of the
Land Office, Is temporary secretary.
President Jones was empowered to ap
point an organization committee of one
from each bureau and division of the
department, and a committee of five to
Investigate the question of quarters.
The question of colored members will
be taken up at the next meeting, No
vember 12,
Jn opening the meeting Secretary
Lane sounded the keynote of the or
ganization when he said: "We are
neither chiefs, heads of bureaus, nor
clerks; we are all servants working
under the same master for the same
end. The possibilities of the organiza
tion are unlimited. We can have co
operative entertainments, stores, and
summer camps."
Entered Plea of Guilty.
Withdrawing his plea of not guilty
and a demand for a Jury trial, Martin
Gleason this morning pleaded guilty to
assaulting Policeman" John M. Roper,
anddisturbine the peace and drunken
ness. The offenses were committed on
September 21. according to the testi
mony of Roper. Sentence was deferred
until November 13. Gleason1 was re
leased on COO bond.
Ammunition Cruiser
Will Sail Tomorrow
azines pearly filled with ammunition,
the scout cruiser Chester, one of the
fastest warships in the United States
navy, will sail from League Island to
morrow at sunrise. for Vera Cruz.
Four other vessels are loaded with
ammunition and coaled ready to sail
for Mexican waters immediately upon
the receipt of orders from Washington.
Tho word that will send the other men-of-war
speeding toward Vera Cruz har
bor is expected to reach Philadelphia
Navy Yard some time today.
About 1,000 marines are also ready
to depart for Mexico on board one of
the vessels, and yesterday many of
them, certain that they would be dis
patched shortly, began preparations for
the departure.
French Deny Report
Of Gen. Huerta's Request
PARIS, Nov. 6. T!e French foreign
office today denied the report that Gen
eral Huerta, provision President of
Mexico, had asked France to mediate
In Mexico's misunderstanding with the
United States.
"France has not been asked to med
iate either by Huerta or any other per
son or government," an official said.
"Such a report is absurd on Its face.
There is, officially, no difference be
tween tho United States and Mexico.
so how could there be mediation by n
foreign power?
A diplomat in high standing said that
In his opinion the dozen or more Mex
ican canards that are vexing the Wash
ington Government In regard to Mex
ico, have been circuiaiea maliciously
for the purpose of craating an interna
tional Impression that President Wil
son's policy is vacillating.
"That is absurd," he said. "Because
the policy of the United States toward
Mexico has been most consistent from
tne ouiseu r
With former President Taft as the
first speaker, and former President
Roosevelt as the last, the National
Geographic Society, the most famous
society of its kind In America, will open
Its winter lecture season a week from
tomorrow. Mr. Taft will talk on "The
Importance of the Knowledge of Geog
raphv;" Colonel Roosevelt is scheduled
to appear April 17. He will discuss
some topic connected with his explora
tions In South America. It will be his
first address after his return from
South America.
All the meetings will be held in the
Father John's Medicine Cures
Colds and Builds Up the Body
6iliite ',tl Without Use of Alcohol or
iiz;&?i.i$rj' ' - -
pfiiSy Dangerous Drugs. A Doc-
Cfrfl tor's Prescription, 50 Years
&Lhi'W4fi IT
:,4' in I !.
. - W w
Absolute Truth of This Storv
'Attested by Guarantee to Give
t -.'A MlM AAA AA . 4 4- - 1 V --
W1 $Z&,UUU.UU to Any charitable institu
tion if Shown Otherwise.
llllBKllnfaMia. i?y2
, mnmiw .r VKw' .
Father John's Medicine is a physician's pro
scription. Prescribed for the late Rev. Father John
O'Brien, of Lowell, Mass., by an eminent special
ist in 1855.
Father John recommended this prescription,
to his parishioners and friends and in this way
it became known as Father John's Medicine.
. This, story is true and we guarantee to give
$25,000.00 to any charitable institution, if shown
Father John's Medicine will cure coughs,
colds, and throat and lung troubles, and maku
flesh and strength If taken faithfully. Docs not
contain alcohol or DoUonoua drugi.
' A. LISNER Hours 8:30 to 6 Daily G STREET
Correspondence Cards, with your
initial in oid or woe. isn-
velopes to match, xne sta
tioners' zoc box: ior...
Initial Stationery
Read The Books?
The Tinder Box. By Maria
Thompson Daviess, author of The ,
Halting- of Molly. JtOSu
The Passionate- Friends; By IL
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$10 Value. I
922 Men's and Women' Craven
ettrft, Double Textures, Cashmere
and TiTeeds In all shades.
Fri. and Sat. Price
$25.00 COATS AT
. $10.00
BnSk '
Like Cut,
Llko Cut.
$2.95 $1.60
Open Sal. Miflit Till 10 oClock.
909 F St. N. W.
Old llamtnle Temple ItiilliHus.
Four lloors From Cor. (Mh A F Sin.
II. -j, r.iin Can,
' galvanized iron,
20 gallon 07
I size Oil
Cover extra, lac
DOc Step Lad
der with pall
shelf. stronKly
made, 4 it.
2!)c -.4.-. ..c cas
ket .with 1Qn
cover Xl
$1.25 square
"Willow Clothes
Hamper, strong
ly made with
wooden Q'7f
bottom ... 1
BASEMENT COUPON and thirteen
(13) cents entitles bearer to one 23c
Double Self-basting Roasting Pan,
heavy Iron. Briday only, November
7. 1313.
, I
BASEMENT COUPON and nineteen
(19) cents entitles bearer to one 39c
Willow Clothes Basket, famllv size;
slrcnslr made. Friday only, Novem
ber 7. 1913.
$1.00 Curtain
Stretcher. 6x12
ft., with nickel
pins ..
33i Floor
Broom, best
green corn, OJp
4 sewed .. r
J1.00 Carving Set Carver and Fork
of best quality ateel, with 7Qp
stag handlo I V
JL75 Game Carver and Fork Sets,
best quality English steel, fijl CQ
with stag handle.. WltOV
$1.00 Table Knives and Forks, best
quality steel, with polished, l7Qg
handles: 6 .knives and 6 forks, 'vt
$1.23 Knives and Forks; polished
steel, with fancy handles; 6
knives and 6 forks
$1.25 Royal Self-basting Roasting
and Baking Pans, with oval. Q7n
top; size. 11x13 inches Oll
15c Plain Steel Roasting Pans,
stamped in one piece, assort- Ifjp
ed sizes "
25c Jelly Strainers, large 1Q
size, with fine wire strainer.. W'
59c Cranberry Sets, decorated;
large bowl and six saucers to An
match xf
10c Patent Flour Sifters, large
size, with patent 7
crank '
$5.00 Dinner and Tea Set. 31
pieces, artistically decor- (8QrQ'7
ated, first quality tDO.Hl
$8.50 American China. Dinner and
Tea Sets. 100 pieces, first (JJC A7
quality; gold decoration... 3U.I 1
$1.00 Crystal
Glass Punch Set,
bowl and '7Q
six glasses I SC
4c Table Tum
blers, extra thin
glass, first
t. 2c
$1.25 Chamber Set, stone"v Qfn
itna, six decorated pieces.." Ol C
59c Slop Jars, stone china, with
cover and fcail Q7i
handle ........-. .... ..... iilK
5c Needs, 3ic
Babbitt's. Fels Naptha, Star, and
Brooke's Crystal Soap; Pearllne.
Stove Polish. Gold Dust. 50 Clothes
Pins, and large bottle Household
Ammonia, and other 5c Qlhn
$7.50 Gas Dome.
18 inch bent art
glass, complete
with Welsbnch
er ...
$1.75 Gas Lamp, I
Welsbach burner.!
mantle, 6 ft. of
tub- Q-l QQ
Ing ... DJL.Ot7
69c Nlckal
Alarm C16ck.
one AfJp
year tlv
50c "Welsbach
inverted light
e3t..m!.n: 29c
! A. Lisner
The Palais Royal
i . JM- 'Vr
,M -.liH.
-i 1 f

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