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White, Head of U.S. Supreme
Court, Unable to Halt Blows
by Two Newsboys.
Chief Justice White, of the United
States Supreme Court, saw a contro
versy on Pennsylvania avenue last
night over which the highest Judicial
tribunal .had no Jurisdiction.
The Chief Justice, as Is his custom,
was walking down the Avenue with As
sociate Justice Lamar about 5 o'clock.
District Electrical Engineer Directs Suspension of Pole Raising
on Maple View Avenue Pe nnsylvania Avenue Extended
to Be Business Thoroughfare.
The protests of Anacostlans against
the erection of wooden poles for wires
to cany the electrical current for light
ing purposes In "residences in the Maple
View avenue section have been heeded.
Three protests were registerd. On was
from the Anacostia Citizens' Associa-
Companies' Plea for Time to
Prepare New Tariffs Is
Given Consideration.
-Ttteaw --- m CftniAAntti ettAn(
tM7 w WiCjr fiUl. w vun.i ot..i.k, -, -,UA , . wmManta nf
two twelve-year-old newsboys Jumped. "'""."."" ' , . .m
fXU!Z IC iX CIIUC tiarvi WHS .
President Charles R. Burr, of the Cit
izens' Association, who recited the
Mm out of a quarter. The two stood I ,, . . . , -.i. , ,- n-.
-. - ---. i- - -- ,.. .,j I Electrical Engineer Walter C. Allen.
up and fought in a way that would I . , ,, , ,., . ..-
,, Jkait tn t-,w tj-k t.i-,1- ' Residents of Maple View avenue de
clared the erection of the poles would
together In a fierce flst fight, one hav
ing accused the other of being a mo
nopoly in restraint of trade and beating
have done credit to Lanky Bob himself.
-The Chief Justice is a militant sort
of person himself and seemed to view
the proceedings with a certain relish.
But the fight got so hot he thought it
rJaae to call a halt
"Better stop It boys, better stop it,"
be shouted.
The boys paid no more attention to
the head of the Supreme Court than if
he'd been a wooden man. Blood flew
from one's nose, and the other bent up
destroy the appearance of the street
and damage their property. They say
that there are at least three other ways
to get 'the wires up the hill.
President Burr Is in receipt of a com
munication from Electrical Engineer
Wa.ter C. Allen, who advises" him that
the erection of the po.es has been
-stopped pending final decision by the
Commissioners. The point emphasized
by the citizens is that the wires, are de
sired in an underground system, similar
i Anacostia police station. It is charged j
I that one of the men took the coal, which
filled a bushel basket, from the yards
and delivered it to his associate. The
coal was found In a house in Hillsdale.
Petit larcency is the charge against the
j William Gee. son of Policeman Louis
Gee, of the Eleventh precinct, entertain
ed his Sunday school class last night.
There was a business and social meet
ing combined In the young man's home,
!so8 Seventh street northeast. Mr. and
Mrs. Gee assisted the young people, who
were from the Eastern Presbyterian
t Church, and served refreshments. Those
present were Dr. M. P. Eslln, the teach
er of the class ; Charles Boteler. presi
dent: Arthur Perry, vice president;
Harry Baldwin, treasurers Harry Bote-
.ler secretary: Georce Myers, sergeant-
at-arms: Francis Thompson, John My
ers. George Availing, Walter Hunter,
Paul Sellers, and' Howard Newmen.
Sylvester Orders Rigid
.. Enforcement of Rules
Special orders were Issued from Po
lice Headquarters today for a rigid en
forcement of the'trafflc regulations at
intersections of streets. The following
notice was sent by Major Sylvester to
the captains of the precincts:
"Complaint Is made that the operators
of motor vehicles do not lessen their
speed at intersecting streets, and that
they vlolaate the speed law in turning
"In order that the law may be en
forced you and your sergeants will give
s-eclal attention to these matters, with
the view of lessening the danger by J
Nichols avenue.
with, a .hard soak in the solar plexus. I to the changes about to be made along
A crowd ol "boys and men Rath erect, and
finally; dragged the scrappers apart,
But they didn't want to -stop, and rush
ed together again, hammer and tongs,
and had to 'be dragged apart three
times before they finally were led away,
each one glaring at the other and ready
to sail in again.
Justice Lamar didn't enjoy it at all,
and turned away from the spectacle.
The Chief Justice stood up close and
saw it all, keenly interested, bur seem
ing to realize the hopelessness of is
suing any injunctions, restraining or
ders, quo warrantos,' or mandamuses
which would get the slightest attention.
"Hard to stop," "hard to stop," he
murmured, in a. tone of admiration, as
he turned away at last from the young
bearcats.' and walked up Fourteenth
street with Justice Lamar.
Pennsylvania avenue extended, from
the bridge crossing the Anacostia river
to Minnesota avenue, will be regarded
as a business street, and the parking
and sidewalks outlined accordingly. If
the petition of the property owners In
that part of the Twining City district
to the Commissioners Is acted upon fa
vorably. Citizens of the locality were
Informed that there was doubt at the
Municipal Building whether to treat
the avenue between the points named
as a residential or a business street
Robert F. Bradbury and other property
owners circulated a petition, which has
been sent to the Commissioners, urging
that it be held to be a1 business street.
This- will mean that there will be es
tablished a ten-foot parking and a ten
foot sidewalk on each side of the street.
The other plan provided for forty feet
of parking.
With the Inspection of their station
house and an exhibition of their drill
maneuvers in sight, Anacostia police
men are endeavoring to add to their
proficiency in Infantry drill and put
their quarters In spick and span order
for the scrutiny of District officials.
An Inspection of the station and the
men's equipment will be made this
month probably about November 20. It
Is expected that Major Sylvester and
the Commissioners will come over, or
at least on of the District heads. They
Mill witness the drill, which will be
held on the field north of the station
The marriage of Miss Polly V. Mill's, !
of Linden, Va., and Norrls Wilson, an
attache of the Government Hospital for
the Insane, took place last evening in
the Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal
Church, where the Rev. W. Oscar
Roome, Jr., performed the service. The
bride, who was connected with the Gov-,
ernment Hospital until a short time ago,
has been making her home at sst unes
ter street, Anacostia, and 'after a wed
ding Journey, which will Include a visit
to the Virginia home of Mrs. Wilson,
the couple will come here to reside.
Preparations are going on among the
Episcopal women of the District who
help to maintain the home for children
at "Hlllbrlght." this place, for the
largest mid-day luncheon ever hold for
the benefit of the Institution. The old
Masbnic Temple, at Ninth and F streets.
Is to be used on November 12 and 13
for the luncheon. Young women from
Episcopal societies will wait upon, the
tables and arrangements to care for
1011 people during the two days named
are being made. Mrs. W. G. Davenport,
the president of the board of women
managers, will supervise the arrange
ments, as heretofore.
Postponement of its blanket order,
making sweeping express rate reduc
tions, was announced today by the In
terstate Commerce Commission. The
order was to have become effective De
cember 1. but has been further post
poned until February 1. No reason for
tho change is given, but It is understood
that the express companies showed
they did not have sufficient time in
which to get ready for the new sched
ules of rates. The express companies
were ordered today to file their new
tariffs of reduced rates by January 10.
The original order was made effective
October 15 last
The new rates and orders affected
the Adams, American and Wells-Fargo
Companies. Their delay in filing all
traffics was assigned as cause for the
latest order. t
At the same time, the commission
ordered changes to clarify general ex
press regulations and ordered that some
suburbs of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati,
New York, Philadelphia. Pittsburgh,
Washington, and Newark, N. J., bo
entered in new block classifications.
General Crozier
Ordered to Return
Folk From World Temperance
Congress Also in Capital for
Short Visit.
Thomas Wilson, one of St Eliza
beth's supervisors, who was HI Tor a
long time from typhoid fever, luw re
covered and Is on duty again. In the
same department Clarence T. Cter, J
who was 111 at the Georgetown Univer
sity Hospital, where a surgical opera
tion was performed, has returned to l
work after visiting Leesburg, Va., his
former home. I
The Men's Club of the Congress
Heights P. E. Church will meet tonight
with Jonas Hoart. on Eighth street
having the law enforced In this regard. ' William A. Pyles, a Nichols avenue
.Flease mane repon at ine enu oi ien,uciucr, is uiusm ubauni.ricituu To
days as to the Tesult of this enforce-. kcr and William Speed, .colored drivers,
meat," The coal was recovered, and is-r'at the
The vestrymen of the Congress
Heights P. E. Church will meet next
Tuesday night They have decided to
The theft of coal from the yards of make no call for a rector to succeed
the Rev. Charles F. Sontag, who has
resigned, until the new vear. In the
meantime the Rer. Willard G. Daven-
port, of Anacostia. will serve.
Due. it is claimed, to a desire on
the part of, Secretary Garrison to have
the heads of bureaus in the War De
partment on hand when Congress is
discussing departmental estimates, and
not to events in Mexico, Brig. Gen. Wil
liam A. Crozier. U. S. A., chief of ord
nance, had been Instructed to cut short
his honeymoon. The general and his
bride were married five days ago in
London, and were planning to tour all
of Europe on their wedding trip, when
orders were received by the general,
directing him to report back to Wash
ington at the earliest possibio moment
He and his bride are on board tho
Kaiser Wilhelm II on their way back
to the United States. -
Secretary Garrison, who has been in
specting conditions on the canal zone,
sailed for New "York yesterday. He
will be back In Washington next week,
but has given orders to Major General
Wood, chief of staff, directing that he
be advised by wireless of any impor
tant developments in the Mexican situa
tion. . Verdict For Car Injuries.
A verdict for $300 damages was re
turned yesterday by a Jury before Justice
Anderson In Circuit C6urt No. Z, in favor
of John Rollow, who sued the Washing
ton Railway and Electric Company for
$10,000 as a result of, Injuries received in
a collision between a street car and a.
wagon he was rid.ng. The accident oc
curred atjlhlrtleth and -P streets north
west. Attorneys Wilton J. Lambert and
R. H. Yeatman represented Mr. Rollow.
Informal receptions are being held In
many Washington homes today for j
delegates of the World Temperance
Congress and of the National Women's
Christian Temperance Union conven
tion. More than 200 representatives
from all parts of the United States and
several foreign countries arrived in the
city this afternoon, following the close
of the conventions in Brooklyn and
Asbury Park. N. J. From now until
Saturday they will spend their time In
sightseeing trips about the Capitol,
guests of the local temperance union.,
Members of the local union who had
returned from Asbury Park made up a
receDtion committee, and. under the
leadership of Mrs. Theo T.- Moore, met
the visitors at the Union Station, es
corting them to their hotels.
Arrangements for a formal reception
to have been held in the W. C. T. U.
headquarters tonight have been given
up because of the death of Mrs. Jennie
W. Robinson, vice president of the
Union. It was found impossible also to
arrange for the much desired reception,
at the White House, but all homes of
local W. C. T. U. members will bo
thrown open to the visitors.
Inauguration of a campaign to secure
national constitutional prohibition in
UU0, and the Interest in woman suf
frage were the principal features of the
V C. T. U. convention according to
Mrs. E. 8. Henry, corresponding secre
tary of the local union, who returned
from the convention last night
"Wo Intend to,succeed in our national
prohibition campaign, said Mrs. Henry
this morning. "Every bit of energy
that we have will be devoted to the
movement We know we will win. Each
union in the country, is to work along
a definite and syatemlatized campaign.
There Is to be a great mass meeting
each year, also a prayer day In which
eery union in the country will take
part The first prayer day comes Janu
ary 15.
"There wasn't the slightest opposition
to suffrage at the convention as far as
I could determine. The movement Is
growing wopderfully. The reports of
various delegates from States where
suffrage is enjoyed Strengthened the
cause greatly at the convention."
Mrs. Henry's opinions of the suffrage
movement are borne out by other re
turning delegates.
Congressman Joins
Camp of Veterans
Congressman Benjamin G. Humphries
of Mississippi was one of five new mem
bers mustered, into Gen. M. Emmet
t'rell Camp, at a meeting at the camp
hall. Eleventh and E streets'1 northwest,'
last nght Congressman Humphries
was a lieutenant In a Mississippi vol
unteer regiment during tho Spanish
American war.
Capt. J. Bratnerd Clarke, senior vice
cr.mmarder, slid a number of applica
ions fcr membership of the camp were
to be acted on.
Pastor Finds Man .
Dead From Gas Fumes
Henry Sanberg, fifty qears old. Jani
tor at fhe Keller Memorial Lutheran
Churoh, Maryland avenue and Ninth
street ncrtheast was found dead to
day sitting In a chair in a gas-lllled
rocm In his apartment at the church.
When the Rev. S. T. Nichols, the
pastor, went to the church shortly
after S o'clock he detected the odor
of escaping' gas, which he traced to
the Janitor's apartment 'Sanbers
was sitting In a chair fully dressed.
Gas was flowing? from an open Jet
on the wall.
A hurry call was sent to Casualty
Hospital, and 'when the ambulance
arrived an 'unsuccessful effort was
made to resusclcate the man with
the pulmotor. The Rev. Mr. Nichols
tcld the police that Sanberg- had been
suffering. trcm melancholia since the
death of his wife two weeks ago,
Rome's Mayor to Resign.
ROME. Nov. 6. Mayor Nathan and
the aldermen of Rome, after a heated
discussion, decided to resign because
in the second battottln of the general
elections the .two candidates In Rome,
supported by the municipal coalition,
were defeated.
Wants Inquiry on Boats.
v (i
Demandlnc to Hob " 'on-
tract for the New Haven postaffli wen
to a higher bidder. Congressman Cary
of Wisconsin, has introduced a rcsolu-
tlon of? Inqulrr 1 Km
Prestdest Taft toefe as interact) m te
and when he was laat In Wahlnten
called on Secretary McAdoo to know
what kind of marble would be uaed In
Its eonstrucllon. .
Relief for Catarrh
Sufferers Now FREE
You Can Now Treat This Trouble in Your Own
Home and Get Relief at Once.
How Um KwMfar for Cfttarrk
Was DiKorwrW.
On Face and Head. Was Very Dis
figured. Hair Fell Put. Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Cured.
Falmouth, Ky. "Two years ago I was
troubled with akin and acalp trouble. I
would have pimple that would break out
and form sores on my face and
head with terrible Itching.
The eczema on my face and
head Itched and burned and
when I acratcbed It. It made
ores and I was very dis
figured for the time being.
Mr head became ao sore I
could not touch It with a
comb: It became a mass of
My hair fell oat gradually.
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much benefit a friend that had been cured
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weeks I war getting better and In less than
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Cuticura Soap and five boxes of Cuticura
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ma." (Signed) Frank Yastlne. Dec. 13,
1912. ' ' ,
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scalp free from dandruff and' itching, begin
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Ointment. No other method is ao agreeable
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drew post-card " Cuticurs,Bept. T, Boston."
0-Mea who shave and shampoo with Cu
ticura Soap will ftndlt beat fcr akin and acalp.
PS 'A rf
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and throat art
treated tt an
effective local
remedy aMied
Airrrilr ta tit
THIS terrible 7kmc k
raged unckJd for
yean straajr tucawc tjmh
tms have been tratteel wfcik
theviciouf Kerns that cause
tke trouble hive beca left to
circulate in the Mood, and
bring the deae back at fa aa local
treatments could.refieve k.
C . Gauis, who oapiiaxntid for
years on a treatment for Catarrh, fowd
that after perfectis? a' balm that relieved
the note and throat troublee quickly;, be
coum not prevent ia mf
beginning all over agairu
On test catee, be .could
completely reraore aX signa
of Catarrh, from aoae and
throat, but in a feiweekf
they were back,
7 Elixir,
taken into tkt
stomach, hat a
direct intuenu
upon the mm
Of the body and
cures 'the dit
tos oy
ear the
mad immediately mm ra
lief to the noe and throat
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admilted.to be the logical, sure, adeatiac seetked.
Reese Joaes. of Scranton. Fenn., says that after trjrtad
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nose is now entirely clear and free and I am not botaerea py:
the disease any more. The New Combined Treataaeat ie
worth its wdrbt in sold.'
i Temporary relief from catarrh mar be obtained la other
ways, nut tne sew combined Treatment moac lawwniF es
accepted for remanent molts. ,' .
Sarah J. Cane. Mount Fella. Teaa aan. "J?
inftered the pains and distress of catarrh fee
thirteen years and needless to state, tried nearhf
crery method. But by your new mcthed I wee
comtlettty cured and yon cannot imattee th Jej"'
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Careful experiments and inrestigstfoss hare shew
tnat as inc irouoies were expeuea irom wc nam; aaa
throat, the real cause of the disease was ortrlooked
and in a short time the Catarrh would return ftromgti
than ever. Mr. Gauss has gone way ahead of the
ordinary methods of treatment aaa bw pronoea
remedy that
Kills the'Germs in the Moodl
Ceatkat "fwg.
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preeeat catarrh.
SmmA taw TTrmtmmk
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