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Cruiser With Strongest Wireless Going to Mexico
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Ceremony Is Performed At Noon
At Catholic Church in London.
LONDON, Nov. 7. William F. JIc
Combs, of New York, Democratic na
tional chairman, and Miss Dorothy
Williams, of Washington, were married
at 12:30 o'clock today In SS. Peter and
Edward Catholic .Church. The cere
mony was simple and quiet, and only
thirty guests saw the wedding. They
included' Ambassador and Mrs.' Walter
H. Paige, Ambassador and Mrs. Myron
T. Herrlck, of Paris, the Earl and
Countess of Craven, the Earl and
Countess of Suffolk, and Lord Curaon.
Charles W. Halsey, of New York,
was best man. Miss Williams, who
wore a plain traveling frock, was un
attended. Father Bernard Vaughan.
There was a simple wedding break
fast and Mr McCombs said, they
would remain, in London for a few days
before sailing for America on their
Friends of the chairman professed
to believe that Mr. McCombs will now
accept the Paris embassy which Pres
ident Wilson ottered him after his in
auguration, and has several times since
urged him to take It The post has
been kept open Ambassador Herrlck
holdrag over. McCombs refused today
to discuss the ambassadorship.
District Commissioners Will
Not Consider Requisitions
For Joint Disbursements.
Hereafter the District Commissioners
will not be called upon to glvo their
approval to requisitions for funds ap
propriated for work on puDiic duuuiuK
and grounds in Washington, even
though the' bills ore paid jointly by
the United States and the District.
Secretary of War Garrison recently
submitted to the commissioners requlsL
tions for moneys "for the care o pub
lic grounds In the District, for -lighting
public grounds, gor salaries of employes
of public bulldfngs and srou"d..
for the' maintenance of the highway
bridge across the Potomac.
The Commissioners demurred on the
ground that they had no control over
the expenditure oftbe funds, and had
no way of accounting for them, ine
question was submitted to Judg
Downey, Comptroller of the Treasury,
and he held that the statutes clearly
put these works under tho Jurisdic
tion of the Secretary of War, and
that the Commissioners' position was
well taken. ...
He suggested remedial legislation,
and decided that the funds might be
drawn upon the requisition of tn
Secretary of War alone, after tho
vouchers had been submitted to the
auditor for .the District, ,so that he'
might 'carry the amounts In his accounts.-1
The Comptroller said that ho
did not believe that the situation; de
manded a ruling that vwould compel
the confusion of a half-and-half
un Wrecks Boat
And Two Men Drown
CUBA N. Y., Nov. 7,-The accidental
discharge of a shotgun caused "the
drowning" of John Coafes, of Wells
ville. and Lloyd Gardner, of Hornoll,
in Cuba Lake. The men were Ashing
and hunting from a boat, when the
cTtarge of heavy shot tore ahole In,
the bottom of the craft and it .sank.
Neither man could swlrn.
Mother Buried Child Alive.
4 9 r
UTICA, Nov. 7. The Litte Fall no-
,,.. AS - - J. -kJ.-- ---
uuc luuay arrested Mrs. Emmlllan
Anlol, . missing," since Tuesday, on- tho
charge of Infanticide. She told Chle
Long that she took her new-bom hahv
and burled 'It illve In a pileaof ashes in
a small shed at tho rear' of the "building.
KIEF, Russia, Nov. 7. Summing up
continue loday In'the "ritual murder"
trial, M. Grousenberg, chief counsel for
"Mendel Beills, the defendant 'charged
with the murder of Andrew, Yushlnsky.
was the first speaker. Ills argu.nent
was expected to last througn th entire
day and perhaps longer. Itwas said
to be doubtful that avvrdlct would be
reached tomorrow as predicted early in
the waek.
Allr of the prosecution lawyers so far
have .used "more time than was antlci-
Sated. f M. Sarnislovlcsy, one of the most
rilliant criminal lawyers In Russia,
spoke continuously .for eight hours.
Beills. at his conclusion, was sobbing
aloud, and cried out: "I am Innocent
May God strike mefled If I-did that"
Bequest -to Salvation Army. .
r . : - '
-LIVERPOOL, - Nov. r-Mary Jane
Fowler, left her entiro 'fortune, 1ef,00i,
to the Salvation Army.
r i t
Parisian Sage. Makes J-feir ,
Abundant -and GIonQusly,
Radiant Quickly Re- -moves
Dandruff. "
If Parisian Sage does not remove dft- -drufT.
top splitting hair, falling; hail
ana scalp itch, and put life and luafer .;
into the dull, faded hair of anjt mad
woman or child, O'Donnell's Drug Store , .
will refund the purchase price. """
Parisian Sage Is one of .tho moat
pleasant invigorating and refreshing
hair preparations. ,No cheap perfumery
odor, no disagreeable concoction, but ft
daintily perfumed tonic that proves lit ,
goodness the first time it Is Used.
Dandruff is one of the main cause"
of baldness, and thin, .dull, faded and
unattractive hair. Parisian Sage re
moves dandruff with- one application, ,
alsd freshens up the' hair nd beautlfles
It until It Is soft, lustrous and abun
dant. Get a SO-cent bottle" today; all, drug
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will be both -surprised and deUjfat!
with the first application. Advt
'Cruiser Chester, Equipped For
Action, Starts For Vera Cruz
From Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 7. Equipped
with sufficient stores and ammunition
for six months' active service, the ar
mored scout-cruiser Chester sailed from
League Island today for Vera Cruz.
Upon arrival there Captain Moffettwill
report to Rear Admiral Fletcher, com
manding the second division of the At
lantic fleet
The Chester will be used for patrol
and scout duty. In the event of Inter
vention, the Chester will nose along the
coast on the lookout for trouble and
'land bluejackets wherever necessary to
Protect foreigners. The Chester will
aJro assist in maintaining a blockade of
Mexican ports, if such action is de
cided upon. . ptrv
Naval officer sajr. tho" Chester, In ad
,?dltion to possessing ' the 'longest range
wireless apparatus In the navy, will be
"especially valuable .because her dis
placement Is much less than other ships
her size in the navy. They explain that
i the harbors of the Mexican coastline
are so shallow that battleships of the
United States navy would "be virtually
useless for near-shore work.
Dispatch of the Chester to Mexican i
waters, naval ouicers said, lurnisnes a
good Indication that it is the intention
of the Government to blockade Mexi
can ports. The Chester la one of the
i fastest vessels In the navy.
In all 2,400 tons of coal are stored In
her bunkers and ,,her magazines are
filled with 2.000 shells for her three-Inch
.guns and 500 for her flve-inch guns.
There Is also plenty of ammunition fori
tier liciu auu mukmiio uus, auu i mu
supply of torpedoes.
The Chester is equipped with the most
powerful radio apparatus on any
naval vasseL When she reaches the
Mexican 'coast she will be in con-1
' stant communication with the Ar.
lington station, so that officials here
may get news without interruption.
President Wilson's Envoy, Who Has
Gone Back To Mexico City.
Quarters Sought
For the Home Club
A. A. Jones, Assistant Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, and
temporary president of the Home Club,
appointed a committee today to find
new quarters for the club. Tempor
arily the organisation is out of a home,
as it has been learned that the build
ing where the last njeetjng was held
will not be available next week. Mr.
-Jones expects to be able to decide upon
a place and a day within a short time.
The committee considering the ap
plication of colored employes for ad
mission to the club will -probably re
port at the next meeting. While no
formal vote has been taken it is known
that the sentiment among soma of the'
committee is unfavorable.
"Booster" Is Published
By Kallipolis Grotto
t -( "5
The Red Light that dazzling beacon
of fraternal journalism, once published
by Kallipolis Grotto. NoJ5, O. V, P. E.
It., has burned itself out and in Its
place has issued "The Kalipolls Boost
er," with a motto, "Boost Boys, or
Bust!" ,
The "Booster"' devoted a page in Its
present Issuo to Kallipolis Grotto, an
other to the past and another to the
future. A personal column Is a feature
of the publication. "The Booster" an
nounces a business session for Decem
ber 15, when officers will be elected.
There will be a benefit at Poll's De
cember 16, for Kallipolis Richmond
convention committee.
Rich Man Starves to Death.
SALMA, Kans., Nov. 7. Daniel Kllla
hane, who, since his wife .left him,
twenty years"u'agor'has rived the'llfe of
a reeluso on'hls farm, near here,-wa
found dead, of starvation In his home.
Klllahane owned one of the richest!
tarms in tne neignoornood and large
herds of livestock and had a substan
tial bank account. He was seventy-five
years old.
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Sale of Children's Coats
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- .,
- , ?,-JF:

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