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mW--ry r.
rt'-'tj' 3 - f-"-"v'
lusiness Men Throughout the
District Give Assurance to
Their Employes.
fflcers of scores of Washington
hv tiness concerns and corporations
e expressions of their confidence to
il in Frank A- Munsey ana me -uun-
Ifi tlier than this. They pave assurance
si Trust Company. Many of them went
Jti! 'heir employes, even to the extent of
gi ranteeing and standing accountable
fo all deposits in the combined banking
in titutlons. With such expressions on
eery hand today, confidence and re
al urance rapidly returned to the Eo.OOO
d posltors of the united siaies ini
v well-ki.own clergyman, with a con
gr -gallon In the lit. Pleasant district,
vp nt among his flock, many of whom
wvre gathered about the doors of the
Fourteenth and U streets branch of the
fnitri stntftx Trust Company, and
g. ve assurance of the safety of all de
positors. This clergyman in a sincere
d"s.lrei to tell his people only the truth
oiled the Trtsisury btfore he went
among his people. He was told by
Comptroller Kane that the Government
was absolutely assured that every dol-
rt p j Jin Kflf G
With the return of full confidre as
a result of the merger, depositors ceas
ed cariy in the day to check their bal
ances from the various banks. There
w.is a crpneral sense of relief this aft
ernoon, and many depositors in the
C rlstms fund, alter mature uiuugui.
determined to leave their deposits until
the fixed date of withdrawal- ana gei
tr-j full benefit of accrued Interest.
Several business and professional men
nn'de It a point early today t oreassue
ocubtrul ones wnom tney encountered.
T le Instance of the lit. Pleasant clergy
m in who sought to relieve the mera
brs of his flock, who wve torn by
d ubtlns feaVs, was by no means
li ilated. A number of blc business men
c (led their employes together this morn
ir g and gave assurance of the reli
ability of the llunsey Trust Company.
'aay of them made a voluntary gui--
aitee of deposits.
(Continued from First Page.)
t Monday, and the full effect of the
edding itself will be given.
Many handsome gifts are still being
sent to the White House, that of the
Siamese Minister and Princess Traldos
Prabandh have sent a handsome silver
gift to be used as an ornament or a
'lower holder, made In Slam by the
most expert workmen, and havln- the
lotus flower in blossom as a decora
on. McAdoo Gift Puzzles.
The most mysterious gift yet sent to
tie White House Is that of the Secre
tary of the Treasury. Almost even
Id the size of the box, the matter pre
sents a mystery. Some of those in
terested In the matter from an outside
standpoint, say it is an upright piano,
others, a famous antique piece of ma
hogany, and still others, a gift put In
! package about the size !of a deck of
cards. r
The Attorney GeneralTTTf. McRey
rolds, probably will send a huge basket
of flowers, as so many of the official
oachelors are doing.
While dozens of relatives are almost
hourly arriving In Washington to attend
he wedding, their visits to the White
Houso will be few until after the event,
as so many would only add to the state
of confusion now reigning there.
Another statement given out at the
White House was:
"On account of the erroneous and
txtravagant statements as to the size
smd ccst of the cake which has been
baked for the wedding of Miss Jessie
Wilson. Mrs. Wilson wishes It stated
that the cake is nine Inches high and
'wenty-lwo inches in diamatr. It is
ho usual kind'of brides' cake, and is
rot at all elaborate"
Defy Friday Hoodoo
In Getting License
Defing the hoodoo supposed to at
tach to a marriage license Issued on Fri
day, and upholding statements of the
aversion of the President for thlng3
-uperhtitlous. Miss Jessie Woodrow Wil
ron and Francis Bowes Sayre had their
'icense obtained last evening.
Irwin II. Hoover, head uher at the
White House, was delegated to obtain
te license, this being possible because
t Is not necessary for either of the
contracting parties to appear In person.
ie wfnt to the City Hall after all the
mclals with the exception of Col. Wil-
am A. Kroll. the license clerk, had
eft, so there was considerable secrecy
bout the proceedings.
In reply to questions by Colonel Kroll,
Mr Hoover declared that he had all
the facts necessary about the contract
ing persons and was able to swear to
t'lem He first gave the name of the
minister who will perform the cere
mony, the Rev. Sylvester W. Beach,
and then the details about Miss Wilson
and Mr. Sayre. The age of Miss Wlison
was given as twenty-six years and that
of Mr Sayre as twenty-eight yars.
The usual questions about their pos
sible relationship and their color were
askd as a matter of form.
Army and Navy
First Lieutenant J.LOYD P. HORS
FALL. Coast Artillery Corps, to
the Eighty-sixth Company, to take
eftect February 13.
Second Lieutenant THOMAS K COL
LINS, Philippine Scouts, to San
Francisco and thence to Manila on
the transport leaving San Francisco
on or about Januarv 5. 13U.
Cajtain G. ARTHUR HADSELL. Third
Infantry, to proceed to Baltimore,
Md.. and take station at that place
instead of Annapolis. Mil.
Lieutenant (junior grade) R. C NEED-
HAM. to navy yard. New York, N.
V connection G-2 and to command
when commissioned.
Chief Gunner F T. APLEGATE, to
na ard, Washington, D. C.
.trrivd Tecumseh at Washington.
Solace at Marseilles, Arethusa at
Sailed South Dakota, from San Diego
for San Francisco; Chester, from
Vera Cruz for Habana; New Hamp
shire from Tuxpan for Vera Cruz;
.Preston, 'from Jacksonville for Sa
vannah; Thornton and Tlngey, from
Jacksonville for 'Savannah.
"There Is No Need of Apprehen sion," Says Official Statement
Issued By Government Dep artment, Praising Institution
That Took Over Uni ted States Trust.
That the United States Treasury De
partment will stand behind financial
Washington and the merged Munsey
Trust Company and United States
Trust Company in meeting any situa
tion Is in effect the assurance given
officially by the Treasury Department
There is absolutely no need for appre
hension over the affairs of the United
States Trust, or Washington financial
affairs according to this statement. The
Munsey Trust Company is fully quali
fied and capable of handling the situa
tion and can meet any emergency. The
crisis. Treasury officials say, has been
fully met In the merger, and every de
positor wanting his money can be paid.
Cash In addition to the $1,000,000 in cur
rency already deposited with the Na
tional Banks of Washington through
the clearing house association will be
advanced If necessary to meet any un
usual demand. There Is absolutely no
reason foi any depositor to fear for
the safety of his money.
Official Statement.
An official statement from the de
partment reads:
"There is no need for apprehension.
The situation over which the depart
ment and financial interests have been
working, has been fully met by the
Munsey Trust Company. The llunsey
Trust Company was the best qualified
bank in Washington to handle the sit
uation. This company had the largest
reserve fund more cash on hand than
perhaps any other Washington insti
tution. The cash at hand is sufficient
to meet any situation, the department is
fully assured. Approval has been given
to the merger of the United States
Trust Company with the Munsey Trust
Company and every dollar is safe. One
million "dollars in cash was deposited
Tvitv tho oiovcn national banks of the
city this morning, on the receipt of-
proper security by tne .treasury, una
monev going through the clearing house
to meet the needs of the Munsey Trust
Company. This money was deposited
by the department in pursuance of the
Administration policy to aid any in
stitution known to be sound and good
in meeting an unwarranted or un
reasonable run.
"Financial affairs throughout the
country are in the best of shape. Money
(Continued from First Page.)
selled with the anxiously waiting officials of the Govern
ment, and announced that his company would take over
the entire establishment of the United States Trust its
assets, liabilities, paper, accounts everything. Back of
all that, Mr. Munsey placed his personal guarantee and the
pledge of his individual fortune, and heralded this an
nouncement by every means of publicity that could be
With the dawn of the new business day came the
grateful assurance that the emergency had been met, that
complete relief was assured, and that the disaster had been
The National Treasury was perfectly assured of the
complete solvency of the United States Trust Company. Its
examinations, in the utmost detail, had made this clear.
But the Bank of England itself could not stand such an in
stant demand as had been forced upon the company by the
uprising of its affrighted army of deopsitors. In such cir
cumstances, any bank must have help from other financial
quarters. In the present instance, there was no quarter to
which to turn save that which answered the final appeal.
The Treasurs cannot advance money
in such emergencies save to national
banks It was. therefore, necessary
that the collateral of the endangered
bank should, by arrangement, be turn
ed over "to the clearing house, by it
apportioned to the national banks, and
that they should, nominally, receive
the cash from Uncle Sara'f bulging
vau:ts and turn it over to the hard
pressed trust company.
, . nr rnurse. such a gigantic
transaction, involving the six millions
and more of deposits that the United
States Trust Company held, could not
be nglneered without the guarantee
of some single financial figure, that
nobody should lose one dollar. Mr.
Munsey's acUon gave that guarantee.
After he had given tho word which
placed his responsibility behind the
deal, the rest was a mere matter of de
tail, of physical transference of cash, of
closing the mlnuttlae of the transac
tion. ,
When the city learned this morning
that the business had been concluded
and that the trouble was ended, there
was rejoicing everywhere. Misgiving
and tense fear gave way to cheer and
congratulation. Mr. Munsey was rec
ocnlzert as the man who had thrown
Mmself Into the line just at the mo
ment of the highest stress and saved
the day.
Few Ask For Funds.
When the binklng houses opened
this morning, whre yesterday there
had been panic and fear among tho
llned-up depositors, there were almost
no lines at all. Cash and willing tellers
iv ere ready for all demands. Depositor?
came with their pass books in hand,
onlv to turn away before they reached
the windows, satisfied with the assur
ances that had come from cverj pos
sible authority. The storm was over
as quickly as it had arisen.
Imong the 53.W) depositors of the
United States Trust Company were
about 0.00 Christmas savings accounts,
now falling due and demanding pay
ment, under their contracts, at the open
ing of the Chrihtmas shopping heason.
These aggregated about a half million
dollars, and had been one of the most
embarrassing features In the United
States Trust Company's situation.
Christmas in Washington would have
lost its sentiment. Its happiness, its
cheej. if these accounts. In particular,
is comfortable, and many of the banks
are returning crop funds ahead of
Can See No Peril.
It also was stated at the Treasury
that there Is no peril to national finances
as a result of the situation that con
fronted for two or three days past.
It is believed there will be no bad ef
fect In Washington following the reas
surance of the day.
The Treasury Department s announce
ment of contldence and readiness to as
sist followed thorough examination of
the condition of the United States Trust
Company and the Munsey Trust Com
pany. Assistant Secretary Williams
and Acting Comptroller of the Currency
Kane were up most of the night In
touch with the negotiations, and were
glad to give official approval of the
The actual transfer of a -million dol
lars In cash from the vaults of the
United States Treasury was consum
mated this morning a few- minutes after
9 o'clock. While this money was tech
nically sent to the national banks, three
Treasury Department trucks took it
direct to the main office and branch of
fices of the United States Trust com
pany to meet calls from depositors.
Other Banks Apply.
Under the national 'banking laws, the
Treasury can only loun or deposit Gov
ernment funds in the national banks
when proper and approved security is
received. The presidents of the eleven
national banks were called to the con
ference last night, as wasthe clearing
house committee. They agreed to apply
for funds, furnishing the Treasury with
necessary security.
Securities were turned over b the
Munsey Trust Company. These the
natPoiSl banks then turned in to Secre
tary Williams and the Comptroller, with,
a request for Government funds. Scru
tiny of the securities took several
flours. Secretary Williams Anally ap
proving the last of them at his office
at 7 o'clock this morning Notice of
approval was given to the !&"
banks and the deposit ordered made to
the national banks. .,,.
When the time lock released the doors
of the Treasury vaults at 9 o clock the
money was counted out. It was then
turned over to the national banks, who
sent it to the trust company branches,
and obtained their receipt.
had precipitated a disaster. As it is.
Sary demand is certain to be met
Open New Accounts.
Tho sentiments with which the
business community learned that the
great emergency had been met and
vanqutshedw, are hardly to be de
scribed. The houso of Kann & Com
pany epened its day's business by
sendlnc a deposit of $3,000 down to
, the main office of tne Munsey Trust
company, wnere it nuu ui u-iure uuu
an account, as a testimony of Its ap
preciation of a service, not only to
the depositors of the United States
Trust Company, but, as Mr. Louis
Kann expressed It, to every ramifica
tion of business in Washington.
On every hand was heard the com
ment that It was the greatest service
that a &lngle man had ever been able
to parform for the whole city; such
a one as has seldom been possible In
any community.
Deposits poured in from all classes
and quarters, large and small, in
variably accompanied by words of the
highest commendation
Bank Examiner Goodhart, after the
negotiations had been completed for the
absorption of the United States Trust
Company by the Munsey, made the
following statement
"The Munsey Trust Company has ab
sorbed the United States Trust Com
pany, with nil Its branches, with the
full knowledge and consent of the
Treasury Department, The examiner
drslres to inform ah depositors that de
posits with the United States Trust
Company are absolutely safe, and that
they should feel no apprehension what
soever. The rrlsis Is past, and deposi
tors may now relieve their minds of
any anxiety. '
Is Fully Satisfied.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Eldridge E. Jordan, owner of the con
ttclllng in er-st in the I'nlteu States
Trust Company, said:
"Any personal sacrifice that I have
been called upon to sustain In the nego
tiations for the transfer of the control
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of the United States Trust Compjny to
the Munsey Trust Company counts as
nothing compared with th-; great satis
faction that I hove In kr-owing that the
interests of the depositors of the bank
will be cared for and protected, and In
the further knowledge that a disaster
has been spared to Washington."
The negotiations last night were con
ducted at the Hotel Shorham. those
present, besides Mr. Munsey. including:
Stuart Olivier, R. Lancaster 'llllams,
of Raltimore; Wilton J. Lambert, at
torney for the Munsey Trust Company;
Richard W. Goodhart, bank examiner:
Former National Bank Examiner Hann,
Tucker K. Sands, and Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury John Skelton Wil
liams. Mr. Munsey realized, after an examin
ation of the assets of the United States
Trust Company, that there was an op
portunity for a tremendous expansion
on the part of tho Munsey Trust Com
pany, and at the same time a chance
for a big service to the depositors of
the United States Trust Company, in
making their savings absolutely secure,
and to the banking Interests of Wash
ington. In inspiring confidence In the
Mr. .Munsey's Statement.
At the conclusion of the negotiations
Mr. Munsey issued the following state
ment: "I arrived from New York at 4:30
this afternoon on a hurry call, having
been summoned after my representa
tives had been In a night-and-day con
ference in the hope of being of service
to the depositors of the United States
Trust Company and the banking and
financial community of Washington as
well. I Immediately went into confer
ence and as a result at 10 o'clock last
night we reached an agreement with
authorized representatives of the board
of the United States Trust Qompany
By which the Munsey Company takes
over bodily and entire the United States
Trust Company.
"This means that the llunsey Trust
Company guarantees all the deposits of
tho United States Trust Company, and
pledges all of Its resources to this end.
Our $2,000,000 capital means a J4,0Oo.O00
capital stock liability, and, of course,
we have aU the assets of the United
States Trust Company, which will eas
ily amount to more than the total de
posit line of that company. With the
entire assets of the United States Trust
Company and the assets and capital
stock liability of the Munsey Trust
Company, there should be an Instanta
neous cessation of all unrest.
"Deposits with the United States' Trust
are now as safe as if they were with
the Government, I might add that the
Treasury Department has co-operated
in even- way and has offered to pro
vide all needed currency for any and
all emergencies.
"I have done this thing to be of real
service to Washington In a crisis. By
averting what might have been a seri
ous financial disaster, I take It that my
work has been a real service. In turn I
ask the heartiest co-operation of every
one. whether they are depositors with
the United States Trust or not. I have
thrown all my resources into the breach
and the least Washlngtonlans can do is
to give me their willing, hearty and en
thusiastic co-operation. '
Find Rough Going.
The United States Trust Company was
organized Just prior to the panic of 1307,
vhlfh It weathered, though the go'.ng
was a little rough at times. Eldridge
E. Jordan became Interested in tne
company three years ago. becoming
president, with Charles W. Warren as
vice president. A little more than two
years ago there were internal dissen
sions, which resulted In Mr. Jordan s
resignation, but In a short time he ob
tained the control and again assumed
the presidency. .
Then began the rapid expansion of
the company. The International Bank
ing Corporation was absorbed early in
191i followed by the purchase of the
Merchants and Mechanics' Savings
Bank, with main offices at Pennsyl
vania avenue and Tenth street, and
branches at Seventh and G streets,
Twentleh street and Pennsylvania ave
nue. Connecticut avenue near L street,
and the aMrkct branch, subsequently
BEa'rly in 1913, the Fourteenth Street
Savings Bank, at Fourteenth and U
streets, was bought.
When Lawrence O. Murray retired
from the Comptrollership, he became
President of the United States Trust
Company. Mr. Jordan becoming chair
man of the board, but since his connec
tion with the institution he has been
able to give It but little of his time,
owing to poor health.
The Munsey Trust Company was or
ganized last spring with a capital of
$2,000,00. and a surplus of J1S2.6M. It
has grown rapidly, and its last report
to the Comptroller showed deposits of
Ticket Scalper Punished.
NEW YORK. Nov. 22. Investigation
of the methods by which hundreds of
tickets to the world series baseball
games last month reached the hands
of speculators, to be sold at fancy
prices, resulted in the conviction of
Richard J. Donovan, "a ticket seller em
ployed at the Polo Grounds. Donovan
was fined $100.
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Early Morning Meeting Gives Approval of Merger and Pledges
Clearing House Behind Tra st Company in its Guaran
tee of United State s Trust Deposits.
Early this morning while many of the
bank officers of the city were tossing
on their beds some of them sleepless
through the entire night, because of
what they believed to be an Impending
financial calamity, while others were
having troubled dreams of lines of half-
crazed depositors waiting In front of
bank doors, demanding their money, the
telephones I nthe rooms of a dozen of
the most Important In the city tinkled,
and they were told that taxlcabs were
even then rushing to their homes to
bring them to the Shoreham Hotel,
where the plans for the absorption of
the United States Trust Company by
the Sinsey Trust Company would be
laid before them.
Jumping Into their clothes, the bank
ers rushed Into the taxicabs, and by i
o'clock this morning were In session
They were Informed by National Bank
Examiner Goodhart of the condition ol
affairs, and that Frank A. Munsey
president of the Munsey Trust Com
pany, lyid not only bought the contro
of the United States Trust Company
but was personally 'guaranteeing even
dollar of deposits owned by the 55.00C
depositors in that Institution, placing
all of his tremendous personal re
sources behind this guarantee. In addi
tion to the great strength of the Mun
sey Trust Company, with Its $2,000,001
of capital, itn $2,000,000 of additional
stockholders' .liability, and Its surplus.
To make assurance doubly sure, the
bankers then voted to pledge the Clear
ing House of Washington behind th
Munsey Trust Company. In Its guaran
tee of the deposits of the United State:
Trust Company, and at once agreed tc
draw $1,000,000 from the United States
Treasury, for which they would be re
sponsible, or, in short. that the nationa
banks of Washington would stand to
gether behind the Munsey Trust Com
pany Injts guarantee of the deposits of
the United States Trust Company.
Those who attended the meeting of
the Clearing House, despite the hour,
were: president George W. White, of
the National Metropolitan Bank; Presi
dent Clarence F. Norment, of the Na
tional Bank of Washington; Vice Presi
dent William J. Flather. of the Rlggs
National Bank, and presidents William
V. Cox. of the Second National, Thomas
W. Smith .of the National Capital, Wil
liam King, of tho Farmers and Me
chanics: R, N. Harper, of the District
National: W. T. Galllher. of the Ameri
can National: John Poole, of the Fed
eral National: Ashton G. Clapham, of
A Safe Investment
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1414 F
the Commercial National, and Albert
Fox, of the Columbia National.
Solicitor Elliott, of the Treasury De
partment, was also present at the meet
ing. The national banks of the city, acting
as a clearing house, it was pointed out
today, did something which no other
power could have done, secured the
Treasury Department, by the deposit
of collateral. In making the advance of
$1,000,000 to the llunsey Trust Company.
Congressman Gerry;
Appendicitis Patient
Just as Mrs. Richard H. Townsend
was preparalng to leave he rhome for
the Union Station yesterday on the way
to Cleveland, to be with her sister. Mrs.
Charles H. Strong, who Is ill with ap
pendicitis, she received a telegram from
her daughter, Mrs. Peter Goelet Gerry,
saying that her husnand. Congressman
Gerry of Rhode Island, had been
stricken suddenly with appendicitis,
and was being rushed to a hospital In
New York from Lake Delaware, the
Gerry country place.
Congressman and Mrs. Gerry have
been spending the late summer and au
tumn at Lake Delaware, and Mrs. Town
send returned to" Washington but sev
eral days ago from Europe. Mr. Gerry
was operated on yesterday, and reports
today say it was successful.
Aged Woman Killed
By Fall From Window
BALTIMORE. Nov. 22. Mrs. Richard
H. Woollen, eighty-four years old, fell
to her death from a window In her
room on the third floor of the Preston
Apartments, this morning.
Several persons In the vicinity saw her
fall. The central police station ambu
lance was summoned and the injured
woman was hurried to Mercy Hospital,
where she died within a- few minutes.
Mrs. Woollen was grandmother of
Mrs. German H. H. Emery and mother
of Mrs. Nannie Stump, and had many
relatives and connections conspicuous
in the social, professional and business
life of Baltimore.
The police reported the death to Cor
oner Chambers, who Is making an In
vestigation. The death of Mrs. Wool
len marks the second tragedy In the
Preston Apartments In the last three
monjhs. On August 2 Hast Ross Mc
Comas was killed when he plunged from
the sixth floor.
Estate Trust Company
Street N. W.
Heads of United States Trust
to Keep Posts Until Deal Is
Entirely Finished.
That there would be no change In the
officers of the llunsey Trust Company
on account of Its absorption of the
United States Trust Company was an
nounced officially this afterncon. It
was stated that the officers of the
United States Trust Company would
continue to perform their functions for
several weeks, or just as long as neces
sary before a perfect, absorption coultl
be effected, and the business of the
United States Trust Company digested,
30 to speak, by the officers of the'Mun
se Trust Company,
Naturally, a large number of the
branch managers of the various con
cerns of the United States Trust Com
pany will be retained, the only
changes .being, that the executive of
ficers will be strperscded by the pres
ent officers of the Munsey Trust Com
pany. "Daughters" to Give
Sale and Tea .Dance
A Christmas sale and tea dance will
be given by Stonewall Jackson Chapter,
United Daughters of the Confederacy, at
the Rochambeau apartments, on De
cember 5. Mrs. Magnum Thompson Is
president of the chapter, and Mrs. Wil
liam Holtzman Is chairman of the ar
rangement committee. The list of pa
tronesses will be announced later.
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Bitter condemnation of Delaware's
whipping post was made in the Houso
today by Congressman Evans of Mon
tana. He characterized the practice of
corporal punishment as a "call of the
wild taking possession of the Dela
ware'authoritles. and degrading society,
civilization and Christianity., revolt
Ing to all the finer feelings and pas
sions of hcnmanity.
tti Uimtani reoresentative Drefacsd
his remarks wltn a hlsh tribute to the
press. "Notwlthctanding the decision
of Attorney General McReynoIds tht
the Federal statutes cannot be Invoked
against the punishment of prisoners oy
the State." said Evans, "I feel thas
a remedy will be found which will put
a stop to these practices.'
Evans then launched Into & direct at
tack on Delaware courts, saying r
'There are millions of people "Who
feel that there U one thing that Dela
ware has left undone. That Is her fail
ure to keep abreast of the: times, ana
abolish the last relic of cruelty Incor
porated In her laws before even, the
adoption of the constitution of the
United States. .
"I submit the question. Why Is a
woraon not flogged In Delaware? Ths
answer comes back. 'To flog a woman
would be cruel. so cruel that the cit
izens of Delaware would not permit It.
This proves that corporal punishment
Is In direct violation of th best senti
ment of the country, whether the -Federal
statutes apply only to the FeW
Government "or to the people of the
Federal Government
In conclusion. Evans said: JThe
whlnnlng post not only degrade Its
victim, but society as well. When
vou manacle a man to the post and
beat him across the back yon make an
enemv- to society. Malice and hatred
toward aU the world are sown In hla
heart, and sooner or later the seed
must bear fruit. No crim was ever de
terred by, the commission or anothetl
ach gas or heartburn, fullness or heaiy
feeling In the stomach, nausea, debilita
ting, headaches, dizziness or lnteirtlaal
griping. -This will all go, and, beaMea,
there will be no sonr food left overja
the stomach to poison your breath with
nauseous odors.
Pape's DIapepsJn Is a certain core far
out-of-order stomachs, because It take
hold of your food and digests It Just tho
same as If your stomach wasn't there.
"Relief In five minutes from all stom
ach misery Is waiting for you at say;
drug store.
These, large fifty-cent cases txunala
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