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New Department Store, Future Home of Champ Clark, and Octagon House
"lira Week of November Is on
Improvements Made in Year
Approach $1,222,500 in
Cost to Large Concerns.
Structure Will Be Ready For
Occupancy, It is Expected,
By First ofYear.
Par With Previous Periods
of the Month.
November trading continues to make
atlsfactory showing-. The activity of
third -week of the month -was about
t a par Tilth the business of the prevl-
bs week. The number of transactions
losed was Just short of the record for
'J preceding six davs. The volume of
cdlng showed a sllcht fallintr off from
he figures of the second week of the
A decided advance la noticed In the
can market over the record of the two
receding weeks of November. The ftg
ires for the last six davs an morn
har $200,000 over those of last week.
men were slightly In excess of the
cslness of the first week of the month.
The month's hleh mark 'or a day's
idling was not equaled this week, but
m xuesaay the brokers succeeded In
oslng thirty-four sales. This number
rour short of the day s record for
e . fall season. Wednesday and Frl-
T s business was on a nar. twentv-
Bht trades being effected each day.
here were twentv-four deals comnlptert
n Monday and eighteen on Saturday's
.ii-uouuay. ine smallest numDer or
'es Of the Wlr Wlri rwnrHpil nn
fcursday. This extremely warm dav
ftmj tO have nftWtlvl lh grllrltr nf
the brokers, who completed only thir-
xtii saies on mat aay.
Many Lots Sold.
Included in the 145 transactions effect
ed this week were 250 lots and parcels
r real estate. The outlying suburbs
(were not so active this week. While
eading the market with seven ty-nlne
a reels sold, this section did not have
cry larre manrin nrpr Th. nMr.urh.in
Ittrlct, where seventy-flve lots changed
iwners. In the northw;- thr. v.m
fifty lots conveyed, whlln twontr-fivn
tots were transferred in the northeast
r.c- nineteen in the southeast. Six lots
ere soia in we southwest.
The lamest txanieiptlnn ( th n.ir
Jusf closed Involved a rnniildoratlnn nf
C-iMOO. For this sum T Tlarrotf for
te' T. C Dnlln anil V c rtnvail r
receh-ers, conveyed the Powhatan Hotel
property, at Eighteenth and Pennsyl
vania, avenue northwest, to Ulric "C.
Deike. The Tironprt. ix-a nM t aim.
tlon and purchased by Alexander Mc
Neill, who assigned his interest to Mr.
uvikc as tar as the receivers were
concerned, the sale was for cash.
As soon as Mr. npilcp semirorl fltl to
ui" nropertv he nlaced a trust for rso.-
00ft on It. The money was advanced by
the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany, of Philadelphia, and Is repayable
in five years, with interest at 6 per
wl xne loan was made tnrougn me
Continental Trust Company, that cor
poration and Attorney Gibbs I. Baker
Deing named as trustees to hold title to
the property during the life of the
Next Largest Seal
Probably the next largest deal effect-
led this week was the sale of premises
1904 Fourteenth street northwest. George
S. Rees sold this property to Melvin F.
Fisher. The consideration is not stated.
but the-purchaser assumed a trust for
$25,000. secures on the property.
Another business section sale involved
a purchase price of JiT.aOO. At this
price Moses Goldenberg bought prem
ises S19 G street northwest at DUblic
auction. The sum of 12.000 was paid
bi Arnold T. Lewis, for house 420 Sec
ond street northwest The property was
owned by Mrs. Susan p. Okie.
An advance of more than 50 per cent
If shown this week in the loan market.
an compared with last week. The exact
figures' for the pabt six days were J630,-
W4.4S. This sum was borrowed on the
security of 200 lots, at an average in
terest rate of 5.7 per cent.
Straight loans bad a decided call on
the market. The aggregate of loans of
this character was 1,749.45. Building
association advances outclassed the
purchase money loans, and showed a
tDtal of ,S90. The sum of all the
rotes given for deferred purchase
money was JCJOd.
i ne nortnwest gained tne supremacy
this week as the most favored section
'for loan security. Property there was
offered as security for a total of $341,830.
Land in the county was encumbered
t the extent of J219.Ca4.45. The record
tf loans in the other city sections was:
Kortheast, $42,675; southeast. 126,975. and
southwest. S.750.
Y. W. C. A. Building
Plans Are Selected
Decisions on the plans submitted by
I ve local architects for the proposed
r W. C. A. bulldlg erected at Thlr
fenth and I streets northwest, have
'hen returned to the local board of dl-
ertors of the organization, by the board
. pointed to judge them. No verdict has
(en returned by the directors for the
bolce of a local architect, but It Is
pected that it will be published the
vSv part of the coming week.
The building will be erected at a cost
$300,000 at the southeast corner of
" hlrteenth and I streets, and It Is said
iat it will he one of the handsomest
jildlngs dedicated to the Y. V. C. A.
the country.
The judges of the plans who have re
rned their decision Is composed of
ivla Simon, supervising architect for
he Y. W. C. A; Nathan Wyeth. archl
ect of this city; Miss Grace I Tem
le. one of the most capable of house
old decorators of this city; Miss
Blanche Geary, economic secretary of
le national board of the Y. W. C. .A
f New York city, and Donn Barber.
' ie architect who designed the national
ulldlng of the Y. W. C. A. at 600 Lex-
ncton avenue. Nen York.
Te competition for the plans of the
jture building ha( been confined strlct
to local circles. The five archltoc-
fiiral firms Invito to compete Sor the
ans were Donn & Demlng. -Marsh &
Vter. Hornblower & Marshall. C. L.
larding and Waddy B. Wood.
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I I vjS;mltjEWm rgf tmmmmmj2mm - ' 1 1 1 s t nri m ingti i jj"MMMMBBBBBEBti 1 1
Behrend'snew $,00,000 department H!p?SK
store in Seventh sSeTwhicTwin e mmSSS8M
entered in two weeks. &$?w!!SHPSbBK Home leasa b7 &amv Clark this week
" -- -- - -- -- - '-BgKMXmT jMBStKKKk " --'- 1 at 24oi Massachusetts avenue, which
rilir mill I I in lim MxtljMpi win be entered about December x.
FHiLIK iMttf- HBV mm hotel
11 ' Cl lM!l f T , 4I: S0LDF0RI284.1O0
ri mBWWMM r ttK iBT 1 MiWrrifllnfflBTiswMftTlWWMMM 1. II lf !!
i ?$ MMml',f,!',WxrTKiiMBKKI'MsAaS ?R3 IsBbB
Bafr5MBBBBE!BM-BM' 'iPWBa mMfmlenO
ImnH flll HN HbHIHH
I mSMWM' iflrTQBlisBimlBlBliliBBa II
Sansbury Company, Brokers, to
Handle Property, Built By
Charles Tankersley.
Conveyance of Property Is
Largest Realty Deal of the
Completes Arrangements
For New Apartment
Plans heve been completed for John
. Warren to erect a four-story apart
nent on T"aIrmont street between Thlr
.renth and Fourteenth streets north-
est. The building, it Is estimated, will
cort about 110,000.
No particular architecture will be fea
tured. Thfe -apartment house Is designed
to be a small structure, on a. lot front
ing thirty-four feet on Fairmont street
jr 104 feet deep. Sixteen apartments
will be contained in the proposed build
log, with suites of from 3 to 5 rooms
n each.
The facade will be finished in velvet
brick, and a marquise will ornament the
entrance. Tile flooring -will be laid in
the entrance lobby. There "will be no
John It. Warrenthe owner, -will sup
erintend the building operations which
kvill be begun Bhortly and are expect
ed to be completed In March..'
riunter & Bell, architects of this city,
prepared the plana,
Five small homes, 1S64-1S72 Third street
northwest, will bo placed on the market
this week by the N. L. Sansbury Com
pany, real estate brokers, at prices
from 13.975 to X4.250. The homes were
completed by Charles Tankersley.
They are of the colonial type of ar
chitecture, with attractive front
porches and red pressed brick fronts,
with white mortar ornamentation.
They contain three stcries and will
have two-story rear sleeping porches.
Modern conveniences will be intro-
uuced to make them attractive. Auto
matlc electric lighting fixtures will bo
anixeu to tne gas jets. Air heating will
De usea.
During the past week the N. I Sans
busy Company has consummated the
following sales: For Kennedy Bros.,
&43 Lexington street northeast, to S.
M. Sliawen, and CIS Lt-xlngton street
northeast to Mrs. M. B. Brown. These
are two-story, cellar, and attic resi
dences, with six rooms and bath, heat
ed by hot water and lighted by elec
tricity. These sales make eighty-three
houses sold, of the eighty-five built.
The builders are preparing to begin
the erection of a group of similar houses
on Seventh street, at the corner of
Lexington street northeast. This be
gins the development of the last section
of the entire square, containing a little
mwre uiun live acrv?8.
For Kennedy Brothers, 745 Quebec
street was sold this week to J. TL
Cochran. The sale of this home con
summates the bale of ninety-six of
the ninety-eight homes built in Prince
ton Heights. This subdivision figures
nt present as the center of one of the
u.ggest building operations in the city.
Kennedy Brothers have under con
struction m yuebec street eight new
nouses oi eignt rooms and bath. The'
will be heated by hot water, and lUht"
ea iy electricity.
The cellar will contain cold storage
apparatus and laundry. The same of
llce reports three sajes for Lewis E.
Hreuninger In Rook Creek Vista, at
the Intersection of Columbia road and
the Avenut of the Presidents, over
looking the new entrance to Rock
Creek park. The sa'e figures as a
march In the disposal of these new
propertie'j which have been recently
completed in that subdivision.
The purchasers are Mary 1. Parks,
Churtes T. Bassett and Dr. Woodburv
Pulslfcr. The homes contain three
stories and cellar, having nine rooms
and two baths, heated by hot water
and lighted by electricity.
In Saul's Addition, the N. L. Sans
bury Company reports the sale of lot
33. square 2:l on Chittenden street be
tween Georgia avenue and Thirteenth
street. The lot fronts flfty-flve feet
and is HP feet deep. Horace G. Smithy,
the purchasfr. plans a home to be
erected on this lob It will be an at
tractive nine-room dwelling with two
baths and all modern Improvements.
The historic Octagon House, at Eightee nth street and New York avenue, present national headquarters of the Amer
ican Institute of Architects, for w hich a 1300,000 addition is planned.
Trades Dwellings For
Business Property
Melvin F. Fisher has purchased the
business property at 904 Fourteenth
street northwest from George S. Rees
at a consideration Involving the trade
of eight houses at Newton and Water
streets, and a balance in cash. The
total consideration Is not Elven out.
For the premises 510-318 Newton
street northwest, and 3548-3532, which
are small attractive dwellings in that
section of the city, valued at prices
ranging from J3.S0O to J4.000, the lower
Fourteenth street property was given
over. The values Involved In the trade
aggregate in the neighborhood of $21 500
The business property Just trans-'
ferred In Fourteenth street Is a four-'
story ana oaseraeni property occupied
by a number of smaller businesses,
each floor being given over to an In
dependent enterprise. Mr. Fisher In
tends to hold the property as an Invest
ment. Mr. Reese, who takes over the resi
dence properties, will also hold them as
an Investment.
The trade was made through the of
fice of John W. Childress.
One of the handsomest churches that
Washington will have Is being designed,
to be located on the southwest corner of
Massachusetts avenue and Ninth street.
The edifice will he the home of the rep
resentative M. E. Southern Church, will
They j be begun possibly next spring, and will
cost $400,000.
Greek outlines will be followed, a
scheme to represent southern patriotism
and national ideals as embodied in a
representative church carried out. A
commission chosen from southern
chur'h circles desires to raise in
Washington an edifice, to combine
with a church, a memorial to great
churchmen of the South, and to estab
lish a place of worship where the North
and South can meet.
Washington has been picked for the
inception of the scheme as being the
central and national capital and as a
cospopohtan center.
Real estate property was purchased
by a delegation which has been exploit
ing Washington three years, at Ninth
street and Masachusctts avenue in de
fault of not being able to meet realty
men for property farther northwest.
Tlie architects are Sangerwurth and
Staats of Fort Worth. Tex. They plan
a four-stoiy structure mostly of mar
ble, from Georgia. Heavy Greek col
umns will be at the top of a broad
Might of stone steps. The main entrance
will be or. the second floor, where the
main auditorium whi be located. Its
seating capacity, it Is said, will be
about 2.000.
The basement will contain the Sun
day school, with accommodations for
about 1,000. Oftict-s and rooms for spe
cial purposes will be Interspersed
throughout the lower floors.
The third iloor will contain the me
morial hall. Committee and class rooms
will adjoin this. The fourth iloor will
be similarly divided.
The congregation of the Mt. Vernon
Place Church, Ninth and K streets,
will occupy the edifice.
Several buildings on the property will
be razed, that the project may be car
ried on.
Prince Reports Sales
Of $90,000 in November
L. E. F. Prince, real estate exchange
broker, reports the following sales con
summated during the first half of No
vember, amounting to a total of about
For F. D. Brandt, the Isabol apart
ment, 123-127 Eleventh street norlfceaat,
a three-story apartment buiklinj. con
taining six apartments of five rooms
and bath each, for a consideration of
For Charles J. Walker, the three
ston lesidcnce, 2232 N street northwest,
tor $5.6.jo.
For a local investor, a dwelling on
Newton street, Mt. Rainier, D. C, for
For Laurence Mangau, in connection
with the Goldenlierg-Moran Company,
the follow irijc properties; 25U3 Hall place
northwest, modern six-room dwelling.
for t4.5X). 2330 Hall place, northwest, falling off In New York w
for S1.4UU, 1112 Spring road northwest, ' Boston, 21. Philadelphia,
modern six-ruom Colonial lesldence.
hot watei heat, for $3,500. iM Columbia
road noithwest, modern six-room dwel
ling, for $L,730; mo Morse street north
east, small six-room dwelling, for $3.0u0.
For R. 11 McNeill, 100 lots. 40 by 12o
each, at Kprinc I,aku Park. Montgomery
county, Md., for $5,000.
For E. w. M. Cost, ine two mx-ruum
Statements received by the "Con
struction News" show that building
operations In ninety-six cities reported
during OctobcT cost an aggregate oC
$36,(K2,9CC. involving 2U17 buildings. Tho
cost of buildings In the same nlnety
Klx cities In October, 1E12, was $OT,242,21S
and 22.SS7 buildings were Involved. A
dtcrease In 1,370 buildings and fl0.1G0.2S2
is indicated. The pon-entage falling
off for the one month a year apart is
estimated at 15 per cent.
There weie losses in fifty-six of these
cities and gains In forty. Singular as
it may seem, the larger cities show a
marked falling off, except Chicago.
which shows a gain of C per cent. The
as 29 per cent,
23. Brooklyn.
24. St. Louis 43, Buffalo 1C, and Wash
ington 17.
There were marked gains In Detroit
with a showing of 21 per cent gain,
Kansas City 72, Toledo 114. Albany 11.1.
Sioux City, 129, and Columbus JZ.
Washington Is reported us Involving
building operations during October. 191.1.
amounting to a cost of $0O),932. wherein
The largest transaction In realty this
week was consummated Thursday when
the Powhatan Hotel at Eighteenth and
Pennsylvania avenue v. as conveyed by.
j. .u. uarier. x. c. uuun, ana E. S.
Duval!, receivers to Ulric C. Deike.
The consideration mentioned was
The hotel was recently sold at auc
tion to Alexander McNeill, who con
veyed his titlo to Mr. Delke. Im
mediately the latter rut a trust of
$230,000 on the property, which, was
advanced by the Fidelity Mutual Life
Insurance Company, of Philadelphia,
repayable in five years at 6 per cent
A syndicate of Richmond men are
connected with the new ownership.
D. R. Mldyette. Warner Moore, and
A. L. Hawse are named in a charter
made out last week by the Corporation
Commission to the Hotel Powhatan
Company, with head offices in Rich
mond. The hotel was built last year at a
cost estimated at $500,000, which In
cluded the furnishings. It passed into
the hands of receivers and was sold at
public auction October S.
The Powhatan Is a modern fireproof
eight-story building containing 200
The past year has been an era of un
precedented- activity In improvements
in Washington's department stores, rep
resenting a total cost of about $1,222,500.
The activity has been directly due to
the fact that Washington's shoplng ar
rangements had been outgrown and to
accommodate a rush ot trade new addi
tions have had to be built, and new de
partments opened, it is said.
Woodward & Lothrop's. Behrend's de
partment store, the Palais Royal, Lans-
burgh s. a. jtann & sons, Hecnt & Co.,
Goluenberg's, and King's Palace have
all entered uniformly into the. spirit of
improvement and progress, and now
have either completed or have in con
templation the vast improvements,
which of late have become a household
word among Washington shoppers.
The newly opened, palatial addition of
Woodward & Lothrop, at Eleventh and
F streets northwest, has taken over a
vast part of the crowded trade of the
firm. Ample accommodations for pa
trons have been provided for, and the
addition is said to be of the finest In
the particular class ot stores that It
represents in the country. Its unique
feature is an auditorium on the seventh
floor for the entertainment of patrons.
This has a seating capacity of 750.
Behrend's new department store at
720-724 Seventh street nortMwest, marks
one of the most pronounced steps In
progress of any department store in the
city, it is said. From a small store em
ploying -but about twelve clerks, the
new store, to be completed in the near
future, will carry 100 employes and
many new lines of goods.
The Palais Royal, with a remodeling
of its place of business at the corner or
Eleventh and G streets northwest but
two years old, is now contemplating tne
erection of a big addition to Its present
large store. Three buildings fronting
on Eleventh street will have to be
cleared for the new addition, and about
6.000 suuare feet of additional ground
will be covered by It. Its construction
like the others, is due directly to a
state of crowdedness in present quar
ters. A remodeling and a one-story addi
tion to. the .House of Lansburgh. in
celebration ot its fifty-third anni
versary, has changed the interior and
exterior aspect of the Seventh street
department store completely, and mark
it as one of Washington's most popu
lar and efficient department store
services. '
The newly opened one-story rear ad
dition to the firm of S. Karm & Sons
has made a mammoth dining service
a reality as well as permitting addi
tional floor space to be given to the
shoe department of the concern. The
up-to-date Introductions in the estab
lishment of S. Kann & Sons. are said
to represent a marked progress In the
growing affairs of the department store
at Eighth and Market place northwest.
The connection of S. Kann & Sons with
the huge new building in course of
construction at Thirteenth and F
streets northwest Is still a matter of
mystery, and whether the older struc
ture will be abandoned is a matter of
GoIdenbergs. at Seventh and K
t streets northwest, has undergone mark
et! improvements in tne past year, xne
installation of a new-, front on -the K
street side of the structure and - gen
eral remodeling have Just been completed.
to Move Into
Store in Two Weeks
Rufus Hardy Buys
Merriam Residence
One of the most important sales of
residence property consummated in the
last ten days was' closed in the trans
fer of 1414 Avenue of the Presidents
fiom Mr. and Mrs. William R. Merriam
to Rufus Hardy.
The fashionable home In this fashion
able part of the city Is a four-story and
basement residence on the west side of
the street In the Immediate vicinity of
Scctt Circle. Mr. Hardy intends to make
of it his future home.
The sale was made through the offices
of Stono & Fairfax, real estate brokers.
Moving into their newly finished de
partment store at 720-724 Seventh street
Is anticipated by the firm of Melvin
Behrends In two weeks The store,
which cost $200,000, Is about completed,
a Jew minor interior installments and
some touching on the exterior being
The structure is a four story and
basement building, finished in light
brick, generously broken ty large and
airy windows. It occupied a space front
ing 55 feet on Seventh street, and has
a depth of 95 feet.
The Interior woodwork is maple on the
first floor and parquetry oak on the sec
ond. An expensive grade of quartered
oaR will be employed in the interior
fixtures, including show cases, display
counters, ana cnairs xor patrons.
Onlytwo floors of tha struct' have
been finished, construction on the upper
two stories having been postponed until
after Christmas, when the firm will enter
the entire four stories with an increased
line of wares.
During the past few months, while
preparation of their new store has been
in progress, the firm haa occupied tem
porary qucrters at 825 Seventh street.
Perhaps no store in tha city among
the stores engaged in remodeling, ad
ditions, and new premises, is Identified
with such a pronounced step forward as
the firm of Behrends' is at present.
Hitherto their business has been car
ried on with but a few employes in a
smaller store In the Seventh street bar
ters. Now, it Is said, that the staff
which will take care of the new bust.
ness will number 100.
-ww -.;- ...w aiuuu-'iiMi, --fc w V".JO.-
1 t ...... ..... .. n Hiifihaoar I - -.
uweuings, ji.e: 1'enn mruci. " .-- ; 31 uuiiuings were recoraeu. Tho num
and 1133 Crunoe street.
tor 11 local investor, 012 isewiuuo""-' . ore is representee, at 17 per
norinwest, a mouern six-mum u --"",
eet northeast, for Der ot buildings, for October, 1912. was
. . .,,. 'K- an,: the cost- Vi.MX. The falling
r, 512 Newton street . 0(t l3 represented at 17 per cent.
for S4.1CJ.
Seeks $10,000 Damages.
Knr M. a Trlnce the six-room dwell- (
ing, 22)2 Cliamplnlh street northwest, j
For John K. Wagner, in connection j
with C. M. Forrest, tne suouroau .
dence, 1633 Newton street northeast,
Brookland. for $3,530. .
For Thrlst Building Company, tne
two-story flat. 13G3-1203H L street south
east, for $2,700.
For Thomas R. Harney, in connec
tion with D. H. Roland Drury. 1-3
Bennlng road northeast, for $2.5U0.
For Thomas R. Harney, a lot on L
street southeast, between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth streets, for $1,1XW.
For George S. Rees. tho three-8tor
ten-room residence. 1229 Irving street
northwest, for $7,500.
Beahm and Rice to
Build New Theater
One Aero Truck $57.
PITTSBURGH. Nov. 2.-"I told you
bo's" in storage since 1901 were forced
on the market when a $10.0(10 aero fire
truck brought $57 at auction. It was
never used.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut oil attatia ud nffntmi. "" -
i twuli--UBMcemrr. Try
Elegant homes with glass-inclosed
and screened sleeping porches
Building construction on the Carn.
rie Institution for the study of ter
restrial magnetism is fast nearing com
pletion at Broad Branch road and
Chevy Chase drive, and the structure
promises to be completed by the 'first
of the coming year. The exterior la
about done, and with the installation
of the delicate Instruments to be used,
the new $(3,000 home of the scientists
will be done.
Perhaps no building being erected at
the present time has excited so' much
Interest to the builder, architect, and
general layman alike as has the. new
edifice In progress Jn farther Connecti
cut avenues. Certainly no structure haa
required so much precise care In
workmanship and a thorough, knowl
edge of building to meet the delicate
needs of a building of this character.
It is the last word in scientific Twlld
lng, as It is In its interior equipment
lor the study of terrestrial -'magnetism.-
A minimum of steel has been allowed
In the. structure of the building, which
obviously has had to be sacrificed on
accounr of the effect that it would have
in disturbing testa in magnetism. .The
ronndatlon has had to be tested and
stability beyond the usual has beea
Insured by the Introduction- of piers
set in beds -of sand.
Anti-vibratory walls have been iatro
rce? ,bT. hanging all cross walls la
the building from concrete girders as
sembled near the roof. Thus a mini-"
mum to the vibrations of-the earth Is
secured. .-
The Carnezi Tnstttntinn - v.
In terrestrial magnetism tanft nn .
tfon,1aboChtlSt f0rty-root eIeva-
Thus it commands a pleasant view of
the surrounding hills. From a spacious
roof garden in the- semblance of a cu
pola, facilities are afforded for em
ployes of the Institutions
Surounding the building are eight
acres of land, which have been, pro- t
fusely planted In shrubs, hedges and
plants, which will give a thoroughly
rusticated and old English aspect to
the future home of science. Grass: has
been abundantly planted on spacious
lawns, and this will sprout during- the
coming spring. Landscape gardenersC In
laying out the property, say that tho
institution, has adopted a novel and" tin.- .
usual-method In laying out the prop
erty. Inasmuch as they are attempting
a finished garden with .a- finished build
ing; a method that la seldom employed
in construction, as the landscape .gar
dening la Invariably left until thoDuild
Ing is completed.
Five stories will be contained tn the
colonial building done In ronzh brlrk.
The sub-basement will house the con
stant temperature chambers, the heat
ing plant. The b3ement above will"
contain chambers for 'various forma of
mechanical equipment.
The first floor, elevated forty feet
above the roadway floor, will contain
the general offices and studies for the
scientists. Offices have been Installed
In the fourth floor, and the fifth or at
tic floor will be given over mostly to
Tne institute was founded bv An
drew Carnegie in 1300. It maintains'
offices and general headquarters at the
Avenue of the Presidents and P street
northwest A structure of similar char
acter exists in the Carnegie Geophysical
laboratories in .Upton street; which has"
beea In operation-for -the past six years?
Branches of the work'are being1 carried
on In like Institutions is California. ,
The work of the future institution
will be in charge of Dr. L. A. Bauer
assisted by J. A. Fleming; one of the
country's greatest experts 'in terrestrial
magnetism, who has been with the
builders every Instant since the struc
ture has been in progress.
The Davis Construction Company is Is
charge of the building. "Waddy B. '
Wood, architect, designed the plans.
Dr. Baker Buys Home
On Biltmore Street
J. V. N. and.T. B. 'Huyck, real es
tate brokers, have sold to Dr. Frank
Baker, 1901 Biltmore street at the north
west corner of Cllffbourne place. The
home Is a handsome double front struc-i
ture of light brick, the same as In the
Lelter house, and It commands a fine
view over Connecticut avenue bridge
and Rock creek valley. It is near the
Papal legation and the homes of E.
J. Stellwagen and Mrs. G.-C. Thorn.
The house was erected by Dr. Anita
Newcombe McGee and was sold for
her by the same brokers to Mrs. P. E.
Sargeant- It win be occupied by- Mr.
Baker as his future home. '
To Dr. Harry Hurtt, the same. firm
has sold the four-story and basement
property at 1524 P street northwest. It
is a substantial house with an .attrac
tive front and overlooks- the Avenue
of tho Presidents. Dr. Hurtt will oc
cupy the house for his residence and.
The same firm has sold the three
fiats, 730 to 731 Twelfth street south
east to a New York client- The con
sideration Is said to be $10,000. Tne
property will be held by the purchaser
as an Investment.
A suit for $10,000 damages was filed
by 'Mary A. Shckell againfct the Wash
ington Railway and Electric Company,
In th District Ktinrnmp Court, tndav
... -- . , . ., ... ... , lllualr uj.-iu-uu.it; ill milt v.iiuii wi -
for personal injuries alleged to have city, with all Improved appliances, hot
been received .while h te was alighting water heat, and wired for electric fans,
from a street car at Seventh and F j. "William Downing, architect, prepared
streets northwest, on May 27 last, i the plans.
A new moving picture theater, to be
erected at 1407-09 Ninth street, will bo
begun boon for Dr. Ixuls Kollplnskl.
Beahm & Rice have been awarded the
contract. The structure will be one
story, or. a lot measuring 44 by SO feet.
The exterior will be done in gray tap-"
estry brick with a limestone base.
Tho theater promises to be one of the
most up-to-date In that section oi uic
.i n rvrrrvc
TbTbTbIsssbV BIitti r
summiiy iivck
Vt. ' in ,
rVJrTtscutl. Aa
eatfr a the kirr.
cammtlw w, and
Sck IWcW mi bifewlfaa. u mfm kaow.
Small Pill, Ssaall Dose, Small Price
' Genuine mmtUn Signature
Buchanan Street
JU.1t Off
ATe. of tlie I'reMldentu
(16th Street),
Small Cash
Balance Monthly
Like Rent.
We invite you to inspect these homes to compare them
candidly with ANY home proposition in the city. We believe
you will find them unsurpassed for genuine HONEST
VALUE. The sleeping porch in itself is one of the most de
sirable features that can be embodied in. any home the
actual health benefit you will derive from it cannot be fully
estimated. There are six large ail-outside rooms, elegant
Oath and guaranteed modern heating plant. Inspect today.
Open, Lighted, Daily and Sunday
TO. INSPECT Take any north-bound 14th St, car and get off at
14th and Buchanan Sts. to sample house or phone Main 4191 for
our auto service.
nmple Houne, tola Buchanan St.
Harry Wardman,
Wardman Building
1430 K Street N. W.
New Houses
At Low Prices"
We urge upon you to Inspect
these properties, as thejr.are sell
ing" under value. Located In the
northwest section, one squarer
from cars. Two-story colonial
bricks, six rooms, bath, cellar,
hot water heat, laundry, serv
ants' closet, hardwood floors,
hardwood finish. Electric and
gas light. Bathroom equipped
with latest shower. Mantels and
fixtures are of latest design.
Large front porch, two-story rear
porch. Big lot to alley. Splendid,
neighborhood. Convenient to
schools, churches, etc. Price only
$3,975. Terms to suit almost any
purchaser. To appreciate these
houses, you must see them as
they are finished to compare
with houses offered at a much
higher figure. Tho owner has In
structed us to dispose of them at
once. and. as there are only a
few left, we would Impress upon
you the Importance of seeing
them before they are all sold.
Call or telephone this office for
auto to Inspect these wonderful
Gardiner & Dent Inc.,
812 14th St N. W.
Phone M. 4884
. r

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