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Warranted for 10 Years
Better Than Solid Gold Watches Costing $25.00
Free Parcel Post and Freight
Send for Particulars and Xmas Booklet
You doubtless know that the case of
the gold watch costing $25.00 is thin and
soon dents.. The cases of these gold-filled
watches are warranted for 10 years. The
works are guaranteed more . fully than
those in $25.00 cold watches, being
V 7 jeweled.
A. LISNER 8:30 to 6 Daily G STREET
,,J . . . . . .; .. , L
ii r . . . rr.,i-wit7rr- i
I r.
mS&Vx xgpi
Hurry for Initial Handkerchiefs
"HJs" and "Hers"
Six in Box
Read and Run
Worth to $2
At $1.00 per box six in each Christmas box, and worth
$1.50 to $2 are pure linen handkerchiefs, with hand-embroidered
initial, some with wreath. Thrs is but one of the many "Bargain
Spots" that will reward tomorrow's early visitors.
Hundreds of thousands of all kinds of Handkerchiefs are
here but it will be this year as in past years, the most wanted
initials first become scarce.
Among the Hundreds of Thousands:
l2Y2c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.25, $2.50.
Hand-embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs, a hundred and one styles.
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.35, $1.50, $1.75, $1.98.
Real Armenian Handkerchiefs, hand drawn and lace trimmed.
SI, $1.50, $1.98, $2.50, $3, $5, $5.98, $7.98, $10, $16, $22, $25.
Real Lace Handkerchiefs Duchess. Rose PoTnt and Princess Lacea.
25c, 39c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00.
Initial Handkerchiefs. 6 In box. Children's, Men's and Women's.
Don't delay another day if initials or monogram are to be
engraved. Individuality as well as "insurance" is added with
"his'' or "her" mark on an umbrella.
$200 $3.00 $4.95
Worth to $4
Worth to $5
Worth to $8
These bargains to be here tomorrow in limited number
only because the sample handles used by the maker's represent
ative have been secured at nominal prices. Some of them are
works of art. Be early tomorrow and be assured a prize.
The best raincoats at S4.85 should be here
because more than usual is paid for them
and less than usual profit is asked. Guaran
teed Coats if they fail to give full satisfaction
lull reparation is made.
Rubberized Silk Raincoats, $7 Q
For the women of the family the SlO
coats of the specialty stores at only S7.50.
Fountain Pens with Gold pens j)
Fountain Pens are flooding the market at Christmas at
prices as little as 25c, as much as S25.00. Believing that the
only Fountain Pens are here at $1.00 with a gold pen the
news is woith telling in The Times. Demonstration and sale
tomorrow in Stationery Department with the following to help
make Christmas presents as attractive as possible.
Christmas Folder?, die-stamped de
signs, 20 In an envelope; SOc value for
Cards, die-stamped designs; each,
Artistic Folders.. 3c and 5c
Christmas Letters, new ideas, 5c
and 10c.
Calendar Pads, 3c and 5c.
Dainty Calendars, hand-colored de
signs 10c. 15c and 25c.
Calendars with Quotations on
Friendship, boxed, ribbon tied. 25c.
Hand-tinted Bodklets, boxed Sc.
10c. 12c and 15c
Holly Tass, Ec and 10c a package.
Holly Labels, artistic designs, 10c
Christmas Card Tags, to accom
pany gifts; 10c a package.
Holly Pasters, 5c and 10c package
Gold and Silver Cord, 10c a spool.
"Rlbbonsene," for tying packages;
red, green, white and two-toned; 15
jard spools, 10c.
Coin Cases for mailing gold
pieces 10c, 25c and 50c.
Holly Sprays, for dccoraUng, 5c.
Gummed Ribbon: gold, red or
fancy; 15-yard rolls, 10c.
"Please Don't Open L'ntil Christ
mas." 12 in a book for 10c.
White Tissue Paper for wrapping;
size 18x24 Inches; 21 sheets for 10c.
Gift Boxes In all sizes, from 5c to
Samples Assuring Exclusive Styles & Nominal Prices Samples
Who, wears "imitation" jewelry? It is not the
plebeian it is the aristocrat. Parisian jewelry is real
to the world if milady is appropriately dressed. She
can wear such jewelry with impunity. The marvel
of Parisian jewelry is that not only are diamonds and
other precious stones imitated so as to be superior to
inferior stones, but the settings are made identical.
Jewelry American made
imitation Is here at 256
and 50c that can be worn
with impunity. Samples
values to $1.00 at 25c and
'Tiffany designs are among these samples, including
necklaces, brooches, lavaljiers, bracelets, finger
rings, hair ornaments, lockets and chains, everything
pertaining to a-Tiffany, store is duplicated in every
detail. Offered in three lots, at $1.00, $3.00, and
$5.00 for choice,, which prices are" very much less
than usual. Values to $20 will be found by tomor
row's early visitors.
A sale of Solid
Gold Lavalllers.
$4 Value
$5 Value
, $7.25
$10 Value
$15 Value
The collection is
unusually large,
and includes not
only Solid Gold
Chains, but Solid
Gold Pendants set
with real pearls
and semi-precious
stones. The esti
mate of the actual
values Is conserv
ative In most
jewelry shops the
prices would be
very considerably
Solid Gold Jewelry
Some Pieces With Genuine Diamonds
Solid Gold Lavalllers, with diamonds, $15.00, $17.50, 20.00,
$22.60, and $25.00.
Solid Gold Lockets, with diamond center, $6.00, $6.98, $8.50, and
Solid Gold Bracelets, with one diamond, $10.00, $12.98,
$14.50; with three diamonds. $17.50 and $26.00.
Solid Gold Cuff Links, with diamonds, $3.50 and $5.00.
Solid Gold Tie Clasps, with diamonds, $5.00. .
Solid Gold Scarf Pins, with diamonds. $3.50, $5.00, $6.50,
Solid Gold Brooch Pins, with diamonds, $2.98 and $5.00.
Solid Gold Crosses. $1.00, $2.26. $3.98, and $7.60.
Solid Gold Bracelets, hand engraved Children's. $2.98, $3.75,
and $5.00; Ladles', $5.00, $6.50, $10.00, $11.60, $12.98, $14.50, and
Solid Gold Opera Chains. 54 Inches long, $15.00 and $21.00.
Solid Gold- Locket Chains, $3.25, $4.00. $5.00. and $7.25.'
Solid Gold Scarf Pins, $1.98. $2.50. $3.6o' $4.98. and $6.98.
Solid Gold Cuff Links, $2.00, $3.00, and $4.50.
Solid Gold Tic Clasps, $1.60. $2.00. and $2.50.
Solid Gold Beauty Pins, pairs. $1.00, $1.60, $1.75, and $2.50.
Solid Gold Bar Pins, $1.00, $1.50, $2.25, and $5.00.
Solid Gold Lockets, $3.00, $4.00. $5.00, and $6.00.
Solid Gold Coat Chains, Men's, $3.98, $5.00, and $8.98.
Solid Gold Brooch Pins, $1.00,' $1.50, $2.00, $2.98, $3.98, $5.00,
$6.98, $9.50, $10.00.
Solid Gold Shirt Studs, Men's, $1.48, $1.98, $2.39, and $3.75.
Solid Gold Bracelet Watches, $19.98.
Solid Gold Collar Buttons. Men's $1.00.
Solid Gold Lavalllers, $2.98. $3.98. $5.00. $5.98, $6.98, $7.98, $10 00,
$12.00, '$15 00, $18 00, and $22.00
Solid Gold Rings. Babies', 60c, 75c, $1.00, and $1.50.
Solid Gold Rings, Misses', $1.50. $2.25, $2.98, $5.00, and $6.50.
Solid Gold Rings, Ladies', $2.98, $3.50, $5.00, $6.50, and $8.98
Solid Gold Rings, Men's, $5.00 to $6.98.
Initials Engraved Free.
Small and light
lit weight, but
warranted solid
Pin Sets, two
pins in a set six
patterns to choose
48c ,
Tie Clasps, with
chip of 'real dia
Scarf Pins, sig
net designs,
Link Cuff But
tons, 89c
Girls' Bracelets,
with hinge and se
cret lock.
Neck Chains, 13
and 15 inches long,
Brooch Pins, .set
with seed pearls,
$1.00 Solid Gold
Tie Clasps with
"his" initial.
High-Grade Leather Goods
Samples at Half and Nearly Half Actual Values
One-of-a-kiid pieces carried by the various "drummers" of
the makers. To choose from are a thousand and one novelties
for "him" or "her," $2 to $20 values at Si to $10. Just five
hints below:
"HIV Kbonold Shaving
Sets, in neat boxes, witu
purpk lining. (p- rrr
$2 50 value D.4d
"His" Ebony Military
Brush Sets, with nickel
trimmings. In neat
loxcs. $2.00 Q-l o;r
alue DtiO
"His" Cigar Cases, of
gtnulne English Morocco
r c.co A aa
alue w,,wu
"Her" Handbags, of gen
uine Morocco and pin-seal
leather. Values Cn pf
to $5 00 0.5.0U
"Her" Handbags, of g;n
ulne leather, black and col
ors to match costumes; fit
ted with purse. i;-f t(
J2.00 value DX.UU
Each in Box
Lined With Rich Silk
The Soup Ladle Is as long as
the width of six (6) Times col
umns, quadruple plated, guar-
anteeu hy the maker to um and
to you. well worth
$2.25. For only
The Cold Meat Fork, with
handle the length of four (4)
Times columns. Is richly chased
and a bargain at the CQ
regular price, $1.00 . ..OiL
The Salad Spoon, as long as
the width of four (4) Times col
umns, is good value nt the
rc-grular price, and an "Open
ing" souvenir you'll ap- rTQ
predate I C
Sterling Silver
Choice for $J
Each piece stamped
"Sterling Silver," a guar
antee potent to us, to you
and to the recipient, if
given as a Christmas pres
ent. Sterling Silver Orange
Spoons, Sugur Spoons, Sugar
Sifters, Sardine Forks. Cold
Meat Fork.3, Baby Spoons,
Food Pushers, Cream Ladles,
Mayonnaise Ladle, Jelly Serv
ers, Olive Spoons, Pickle
Forks, Sugar Tongs, (g- 1A
etc. Choice for only.. &J..UU
For 20 Years
More satisfactory bar
gains the patterns of
1913 to be discarded by a
famous maker. With prices
25 per cent less than usual
and quality to give satis
factory service for a life
time, the bargains of the
year are here at the price
of $1.98.
i QO for choice of Teapots,
tPA.tO Bread Trnys, Syrup
Pitchers and Trays. Fruit
Bowls, Bonbon Dishes. Water
Pitchers. Fern DUhes, Condi
ment Casters, Cream and
Sugars, Toast Hacks, Pickle
Dlbhcs and Serving Trays.
"Her" French Gilt Cupid
Clock, 10 inches high.
Only a dozen to distribute.
How long will they last
with $5 values at $2. If a
late visitor, please be ap
preciative when told "all
f oc Tomorrow Only
This Greater Palais Royal
Coupon and one-ninety
($1.90). entitles bearer, to
on rolled gold watch with
Swiss movement. This
Coupon good only for Motf
day, December 8, 1913.
A Critic of Best Books
If you give a Christmas pres
ent of a book to an adult who
is'somewhat of a critic the safe
plan is to select the best pub
lishers and rely upon their lat
est lists of the works of the best
The Lists Are Here
, Need you be tojd that the
Greater; Palais Royal Book
Shop is in the Balcony of the
First Floor, awav from the
crowd and yet easy to reach.
Note the few marble steps
north end of north elevator.
The Last List of Famous Publishers
The Valley of the Moon. 1 or
By Jack London 4dU
xno biranger at the Gate.
ay jasoei usgooa
His Great Adventure.
By Bcbert Herrlck
Hagar. By Uary
Johnston., ,
Otherwise PhyUls. By ff-f ntr
Meredith Nicholson..- &OU
The Sfory of Waitstlll i Boiler.
By Kate Douglas (1 on
Wlggln 3.OU
Pioneers. By "VV'lUa S. CI OK
Cather. Dl.4t
Partners. By Margaret
Deland .
Tho Passionate Friends. fl- air
By HI G., Wells 91.O0
The Iron Trail. By Rex & Ojr
Beach OloO
The Coryston Family, fij-f QC
By Mrs. Humphrey Ward. OJ..OU
The Way Home. By (M QC
Basil King D.OU
The Honourable Mr. Tawnish.
By Jeffery ff- AA
Farnol Ol.UU
Joan Thursday. By Jo
seph Vance
After All. By Mary
The Point of View. By
Elinor Glyn.....".
Mad Cap. By George
Bichard Furlong. By
E. Temple Thurston
Tar Business of Life.
By Robert Chambers
Th Destroyer. By Bur
ton U. Stevenson
A Fool and His Money.
By George Barr McCatch- flj-f h
The Heart of Night QA
"Wind. By Virgie Roe....91iV
Laddie. By Gene Strai
ten Porter ,
In Search of a Husband.- - OC
By Cora Harris dxOt)
Gold. By Stewart Ed- - OR
ward White .idiUV
Jack Chanty. By Hu- J1 np
bert Fortner .l&il
The Confessions of Ar- .Oj
sene Lnpln. By Le Blanc. 9tD
The Escape of Mr. Trim. - Ojr
By Irvin Cobbj tJ.AtJ
Do-p-n Among Men. By OCT
Will Levingtdn Comfort... OlwSt)
Deuces Wild. By Harold CI AA
MacGrath oJ.UU
Tie Thousandth Woman. & rt
By E. W. Hornung Ol.UU
Tho Lady and the Pt C" OKI
rate. By Emerson "Hough. wJLd
Pollyanna. By Eleanor
H. Porter
The Golden Rood.
M. Montgomery
Tho Broken Halo. By fl- ojr
Florence Barclay 7J..d9
The Knave of Diamonds. g-i "or
By Ethel M. Dell ... O1.0D
The Garden Without Wall's.
By Coningsby Daw- Q1 OCT-
son DJL.OO
Making Over Martha.
By Julie M. Llppman
Presents From "Her" for "Him"
"His" "Nullifier" with clasp, of tan and wine
kjd, is easy to put on and comforting, $2.5 0.
At $1.00 are "his" Straw Bath Slippers
ivith Turkish toweling lining.
"His" English Felt Slippers are only $!.5o.
Suitably boxed Yor presentation.
Queen Quality
Slippera Kid and Satin AH Colon
( v0 '
w k
The latest with Louis XVI and
Cuban Reels are here, in white, black,
blue, pink, gold, silver, green, red,
yellow and gray. Satin at $3.00 and
kid at $4.00.
Boudoir and House Suppers, $1 to $2
Only St. 00 for Dainty Boudoir Slippers, of kid, in red,
pink, blue, tan, lavender and black. At $1.5p are Boudoir
and House Slippers, of black kid, with one strap. At $2.00 are
Satin Boudoir Slippers, in white, black, pink, light blue, and
The Palais Royal
A Lisner
Hours: 8:30 to 6
G Street
i - -.
e.v,v'' -'-' -L -i
l ---i ,S'fct- -

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