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Rain Today, Colder Friday.
Pull Report on Page Two.
DUMBER 8039.
Paeans of Praise Sounded in
Churches and Public Meet
ing Places. .
Charitable Societies and Mis
sions Dispense Good Cheer
to. Unfortunate.
Down the chimney of the humblest
hovel- as "well as that of the city's
aott pretentious palace. Santa
climbed today, aving all Washing
tea radiant witn the .traditional
spirit 'of the greatest 'ef Christian
fMft day. In every: nook and cor
ners for the charitable, worked with
tie-Inspiration of Him from whom
all blessings flow the joy and glory
.najm, outmmmmwpvfa nauawu
Capital1obsen'fiL,the day-with "quiet
merriment." .. -r t '
Paeans .of Praise Sung.
Train home and church and public
meeting place paeans of praise trans
formed misanthropes to genial compan
ions, the penurious to prodigals. Sweet
odored. pices and cedars dispelled evi
dences of squalor from the homes or
the, poor and enhanced the brightness
of the dwellings of the more fortunate.
Laughter and song of children joyous
over the discoveries In stockings and
about mantelpiece and tree, banished
sadness from the hearts of their elders.
Everywhere the nungry were fed and
the needy of clothing supplied with
comfortable raiment. Into the homes
of the destitute coal was sent by the
charitable folk, warming and cheering
places .where chill -dreariness had form
erly predominated.
With Presiueuc Wilson, Vice Presi
dent Marshall and most of the mem
bars of the Cabinet out of the city and
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo
"holding down the lid" Washington's
Christmas lacks much of the official
and social celebration which ordinarily
marks -the occasion.
President Wilson's gifts were the
causes of enhancing the brightness of
many homes. Many a poor family is
enjoying turkey today as the result 01
his bounty. Many a child who would
have ,otherwle looked wistfully at the
toys of another fondled the gifts of
Santa as the result of the President's
Christmas spirit pervaded the White
House as elsewhere. Evidences of a
cecerous visit from Santa were every
where about the mansion. All gifts for
the President. and his family, however,
Mil be left untouched until the Chief
Executive returns to- the city.
Marshall In Indianapolis.
Vice President Marshall is In Indian
apolis, Secretary of State Bryan is in
Florida, Attorney General McReynolds
is visiting bis old Kentucky home. Sec
retary of War Garrison is in Pbiladel
phla, and Secretary of the Navy Dan
iels is observing the. feast day at his
home in Raleleh. N. C.
In keeping with the custom of other
Christmaaes, the "bread lines" before
the various homes and missions of the
city were subjects of more than ordi
nary charity.
More than 600 baskets, each contain
ing a good dinner, were distributed by
the Salvation Army. A Uke number
was distributed by Almas Temple. To
the worthy poor baskets laden with food
were given by the Gospel Mission,
while at the Central Union Mission
bountiful dinners are being served to
all who ore hungry. Christmas treo
celebrations were held at all the mis
sions, and candles and toys were given
the little ones.
Uncle Sam's soldiers and sailors
Joined heartllv in the celebration. At
Fort Myer the post gymnasium was
the scene of a Christmas tree celebra
tion -under the direction of the army
branch of the Y. M. C. A. All port
duties except those which are abso
lutely necessary are suspended. The
seamen's quarters at the Washington
uavy yard are In gala attire for the
celebration being observed there. Those
who remain at the post wllj partake of
a bountiful dinner.
At Washington barracks the men
joined in a Christmas tree celebration,
the Engineer Corps Band playing the
music for the occasion.
More than 200 children of the free
kindergarten at 20T John Marshall place
and members- of the Loyal Temperance
Legions of the District are guests of
the directors of the institution at a
Christmas tree celebration. These chil
dren mostly foreigners gathered around
the treo at the kindergarten and listen
ed to story and song by their little
brothers and sitters and the officials
of the kindergarten.
The Joint committee In charge -of the
ffalr is Miss Helen Hlltabldle, Mrs. M.
II. Fearnow. Miss Mollle Wade. Mrs. I.
W. Parks,' Mrs. A. Hollows, Mrs. Alli
son, Mrs. Prewltt. Mrs. G. W. Kelhm.
lira Culbertson, Mrs. Rosa Gale, Miss
OsMsaan, and A. I. Prose,
iJ Jfc P W JL'f - w v - r
'"" ' "' " ' " . - !- . I " I I , I J. -... . .
Yesterday's Circulation, 53,650.
-i&fr ..
Spend Part of ChVisTmas
Hard At Work.
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo,
will spend part of his Christmas
Day at work, for not only has hu the
giant task of building the machinery
for the. new currency law, but today
he Is acting President of the United
Secretary McAdoo ranks third in the
line of succession. First, of course,
comes the Vice President, but "Mr. Mar
shall Is spending Christmas at his home
in Indianapolis. Then comes the Sec
retary of State, but Mr. Bryan, too. is
out of town.' He is spending Christmas
at his winter home in Miami. Fla.
This leaves Secretary McAdoo sitting
on the lid for the first time since he
went Into office, and officials of the
Treasury Department, who are aiding
in arrandnc the details of the cur
rency law administration, are hoping
mac Mexico win remain quiet ioaay
and that none of President Wilson's
worries will be added to those of Sec
retary McAdaa until he gets the cyr-
rency matter on his hands.
Christmas Packages Being De
livered As Fast As They Are
"The Washington city postoftlce is be
ing kept clear today. Christmas mall
Is belnp; delivered as fast as it Is re
ceived. Should the night bring disap
pointment to any Washlngtonlan
through a Christmas package not re
ceived. It will not be the fault of the
Washington office."
This was the statement of Postmaster
Merrltt today, as the Christmas rush
Practically twice as much mall was
handled this year In the Washington
city postofflce In the six days from De
cember 18 to 22 as was handled last
jear. This year there were 11.3J3 sacks
of package mall handled during that
time. Last year the total was 6.001.
Officials declare the mall arriving at
tlv "Washington office Christmas day
tun J ear was riuen r.eavier man In forme-
years. Postmaeter Merrltt, lr citing
furthei evidence of the" growth of Christ
mas business, shows greatly Increased
receipts this year over last year. From
December 15 to December 24, 1912, the
receipts were ti",5l0.9L In the same pe
riod -this year the receipts were $80,753.81
Wife of Tumulty Is
Back From Hospital
One of the happiest Christmases spent
In Washington today was at the home
of Joreph J. Tumulty, secretary to the
President. Mrs Tumulty, who has been
111 at the Providence Hospital, was able
to be home today and to preside over
the festivities. The six children of the
secretary and his wlf had one of the
largest trees Jhat could be obtained In
the city.
Convention Hall. Dancing All After,
noon and tonight. Admission Free.
Christmas Presents to Everyone. Advt.
bIbbbK" Lbbbbbb1
bsbbbW bVwJVjsk?
glsflksflH l
E POST one
Telegram From Little Tumultys
,iv Is First to Cheer-President
, on Christmas Morning.
Chief Executive Will Devote
Week to Golf and to Motor
PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss, Dec. 25.
Snugly secluded Jn Beaulleu cot
tage. President Wilson is spending
Christmas Day surrounded only by
members of his family. The party
reached the "Winter Capital' 'at 6:30
o'clock this morning, but it was near
ly three hours later before the Chief
Executive started for the cottage
which Is to be hisJiome for the next
ibeeeks, 1' a
" "Balmf Ofine" Absent .
All night the train made headway
through a- drenching "rainstorm, and it
was very cold . and raw when Pass
Christian was reached. The much laud
ed -"balmy clime" was not In evidence-H
nut the natives msistea inai me raw
weather was unseasonable, and that it
would t last only -a short time. The
Presid3it accepted the assurances with
a quizzical smile, and assumed a "Mis
souri air.''
A telegraph messenger handed the
President's stenographer a bunch of
messages, and the first one opened was
handed to the Executive. It came from
the sx little Tumultys, children of the
Secretary to the President, and con
veyed their Christmas greetings.
Golf Every Horning.
Ihe cottaco where the President and
his family are domiciled is abonf a mile
and a half from the Tillage. It is de
lightfully situated, with a splendid view.
While- no schedule has been nnanged.
the President hopes to be on the golf
links each morning not later than 9
o'clock. Two hours will be spent there
and tl.cn he will go back to the cottage
for rest and luncheon.
The afternoon Is to be devoted to ex
ploring the surrounding territory In the
high powered White House automobile
which was shipped here for that pur
pose. The President made It plain today
that for at least a week thore will be
no woik. Dr. Grayson said that the
condition of his patient was fairly sat
isfactory, but that he must huvc com
plete rest If he Is to recover fully from
his recent attack of grip. The doctor
Insists that, he wants the President to
be In the open as much as possible
durinc his entire stay.
All Visits Forbidden.
Congressman B. Pat Harrison, of this
district, vi ho was responsible for the
selection at Pass Christian as the "win
ter Capital." accompanied the party.
He made It plain to everyone that un
der no circumstances are the towns
people to bother the President with -visits
of any character.
No stockings were hung up in the pri
vate car last night, but members of the
family exchanged gifts. While the list
-was not disclosed, It was stated that in
asmuch as Miss Margaret Wilson had
accepted active membership In the
"Spugs," the gifts were of a useful na
ture. That may have been so, as the
expression on the President's face as
he alighted from the car was not as
"ChriBtmatsy" as It might have been.
At the cottage many packages were
found which contained gifts sent by
relatives and friends. A good part of
the morning was devoted to opening
and Inspecting them.
"Soaked;" Drank Eggnog
Judge Paroled Him
Sdward Moran got his feet wet while
vorklng In a ditch on Plney Branch
road Wednesdav, and his wife prescrib
ed an eggnog as a drying process.
That's why Moran pleaded guilty to
being drunk In the Police Court today.
His excuse was so reasonaDie Judge
Mullowny put him on probation for six
.i:onths and gave him his release.
I was soaked through, your honor."
said Moran, "and I took two swigs of
whisky '
Now remember what you are say
ing." Interjected Judge Mullowny; "two
drinks of whisky." l
But I'm not through yet." responded
Moran. "When I got home, my wife
thoueht an cfrcnoe would make m
O. I"., and after taking a good slug of
eggnog I thought I would bo to a pic
ture show. I staggered and was ar
rested." He was n "first offender," and the
court let him go.
Christmas Nieht. Dandnr. Arcade Au
ditorium. Christmas Tree Souvenirs '
and Beltct Music. Not puBlia Adv
Coprrlstit. br HurrlrEwlng.
Want of Evidence Causes Deci
sion By Justice Stafford, of
. District Supreme Court.
The divorce suit of Constance Lee de
Pastor against Luis de pastor, former
ly cf the Span's!) legation here1, now
Spanish minister at Peking, has been
dismissed by Justice Stafford, of the
ris'ilci Supreme Court, for want of evi
dence. The Justice remanded the case for the
tak'rg of further testimony several
weekb ago, but none was taken. It Is
understood that the wlfa produced at
once -oil her evidence in her attempt to
free herself from the Spaniard, in order,
as tumor has It, to wed another.
K( conciliation between the couple is
Irrpofslble, counsel on both sides say.
dfFulte the outcome of the suit. The
presence of Senora do Pastor in San
Francisco while her husband was in
Pckln" and while the proceeding was
in the District court gave rise to
rumore of an attempt at reconciliation.
K' nora de Pastor was residing In
Washington when she met de Pastor.
and was considered a beauty. Letters
from husband to wife cotnaining sen
sational charges against the latter and
other evidence in the case were kept
uncUr seal by order of the court until
recently. The wife testified that her
h:srand forgot her entirely while spend
ing their honeymoon In New York, and
that he was intoxicated the whole time
they were in Paris, on the same trip.
Senora Pastor tred annulment proceed-
Dynamite Placed Under Bed of
Widow Wrecks Her House.
PES .MOINES, Iowa. Dec. 23.-After
Santa Claus had left the home of Mis.
Sophronla Johnson, thirty-live, an un
identified man climbed in the window
and placed a dynamite bomb under tlio
bed and departed, .stringing seventy
live feet of fus behind him.
FItteen mlnute3 later the bomb ex
ploded, blowing off the legs of Mrs.
Johnson and her cleen-year-oId daugh
ter, Ophelia. The house was wrecked.
In the hospital today the woman and
Child are near death. The woman will
not talk. The police think the dyna
miting was the work of a revengeful
Mrs. Jolinon was housekeeper for Gus
Foster, a miner.
The 5:30 Edition of
The Washington Times
Will Be Omitted Today.
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Fair Play for District
Pledged by Underwood,
fs Times Xmas
Majority Leader of the House Predicts That People
of Washington Need Not Fear Repeal of Half-and-Half
Plan Until There Can Be ah Inves
tigation of the Justice of the Entire Financial
Tiie majority leader of the House, Oscar W. Under
wood,-will oppose hasty legislation at this session of Con- -
gress repealing the .half-and-half law. '
" Mr. Underwood is against any disturbance of the pres
ent fiscal arrangement .between the District and Federal .
governments until a satisfactory substitute plan shall have l
been worked out. He does not expect the Crisp bill, or"
any. bill of simflarlydrastic nature to pass the.floiise.
W? ' Tii Icrhtfti., rltrf efWiuc mtcoof TlnVrSmAe"Me Ma W41
carry today ;to .the citizens and taxpayers of the National.
t-fCapital. '
The attitude of Mr. Underwood, which is one of fair
play, is outlined below. That attitude practicaliy sounds
the deathknell of the plans of a certain element in the
House to jam through that body a bill repealing, the half-and-half
law without offering anything in its place.
Mr. Underwoody who has led the Democratic House
with rare success and wisdom, would not tear down with
out building up. In that quiet way of his the prediction
was made that people of Washington need not fear the
early enactment of the Crisp bill. The full import of that
.statement will reach every Washingtonian who has watch
ed Oscar Underwood heretofore lead his colleagues into
a fair, rational course of action.
Recently Mr. Underwood said he was against the
program to insert the contents of the Crisp bill as a rider
upon the District of Columbia appropriation bill. The idea
was abandoned, by its exponents, vbut it was announced
the Crisp bill would be taken up on the regular calendar
on the next "District day" in the. House. .
Now Mr. Underwood says he doesn't think the House
will pass such a measure at this session and that the- half-and-half,
principle will stand until there can be an investiga
tion of the justice of the entire arrangement.
"I am opposed to legislation which would simply
abolish the half-and-half law and 1 do not anticipate that
such a bill will ever pass the House," said the majority
leader, in reassuring tones.
"Now my attitude about this whole controversy is as
follows: until there is offered some satisfactory substitute
fiscal arrangement the half-and-half plan should be allowed
to stand as it is today. It may not be a mathematically fair
arrangement; perhaps it is not; but the question can be
worked out to a certainty and
fair-minded people in the District or in Congress would ob
ject to a readjustment if one should be shown to be neces
"My idea is that the President should name a commis
sion to investigate thoroughly the fiscal relations between
the District and Federal treasuries. I would suggest that
this commission be composed of men outside of Congress
and that it be an absoultely non-partisan organization. -
"Let the commission take into consideration the
amount of property which the Government of the United
Stales has in Washington, the value of the police and fire
protection accorded thereto by the District, the water and
-(Continued on Page Five.).
25,. 1913. .
1 do not believe either the
' Fourteen Page
Artist Dies Suddenly, and His
Model and Her Children Are
beneath the pathetic story that "Santa
forgot to come" told three Christmas
less little ones by their sorrow-stricken
and destitute mother in Eleventh street
northwest today is a tragic tale of how
death suddenly robbed the parent and
hrr children of their sole benefactor.
Horert M. Gl?Ii, an artist, died in 'the
Emergency Hospital ambulance late
Chrlfctrras eve while being taken from
Fifteenth and II streets northwest, is
the suDstance of a. police report the un
derljlng story of why the woman and
her children are alone and friendless on
Christmas day.
K.mta forgot us all. eh. mamma?"
inquired the curly-headed little boy of
his mother as he clutched at her apron
and looked wistfully out of the window.
Ile'll make up for it and bring us
twice as much some other time," an
swered the mother.
Mother a Model
The woman, an American, had for
months acted as Glgll's mqdeL Almost
dally since the young Italian had taken
up his quarters at 1101 E street north
west, the woman had'vjslted the studio
and aided the striving decorator and
painter in making a livelihood. Nobody
knew her name, but she had attracted
the attention of all about the office by
her beauty and mannerisms, and her
children, who had often accompanied
her. had also won the admiration of the
artist's friends and acquaintances.
Even to his closest friend. Silvio Bri
osl. Italian fruit dealer, of 502 Eleventh
street, Glgll. the artist, had never di
vulged the Identity of his model. How
she had expected spending her Christ
mas with her children and their pres
ents, which uigu had promised Santa
would bring," grouped about "her, she
told the fruit merchant today.
No Xmas For "Kiddies."
"Ho was to bo the bablea' Santa
Claus." she told Urloal. "He was to
spend Christmas with us and make
things bright In our home. Now the
babies think they have been forgotten
and he's dead. They are not really
forgotten. I Just can't remember them
because I have no money," declared the
Briosl said today that Glgll had been
in hl3 store talking with him only an
hour or ko bqrore he wan stricken with
death. The artist told Briosl that ho
Intended spending tile, day with his
model and her children.
"They have no relatives and no
monoy," the artist told his friend, "and
I an, just going to be their Santa
The Raleigh Hotel.
Tables ure now I'elntr reserved fnr
New Tear's Eve. Admission by card only.
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Home Edition
Red -Jacket, Mich., Center of
Copper Country, Soane of
Anguish As Relatives of Vic
tims Try to Claim 'Bodies.
. -
Miners Plan to Lyncfr "Joktr?
If f hty Find Him-Preji
dent Wiicon Asktd to.SwtW
Aid. fc
wr ie;CfcrtBaW I.ssItWm- yts
cfHNercemtojf ,iear.
Instead, hundreds of aorrrmles
fathers and mothers whose little
children had, been trampled or
smothered to death in the wild pestfc
that followed a false 07 of "tre" at
a Christmas ere eatertaiaaaat in
Italian Hall, at Red Jacket, aaeesn
bled at the doors of the towm aaU
and demanded that their dead be- re
stored to them.
Inside the hall, guarded by police
men and special deputies, lax the
bodies of seventy-three persons, ffty
six of them children, victims of the "
"joke" of a big intoxicated nu,
whose identity has not yet bees,
learned. ,
Every Alan In Search.
Nearly every nan in the. coppsc euB..
try today searched for this man. The
police have a description and are oe
fident he win be captured before ssjffct.
That he will be lynched bT casta!
seemed certain today as the foreisa
population of copper country Is aSasie
with a fury aa unreasoning and un
quenchable as was the fear which last
night impelled those In the ban' to
trample and crush women and chfldra
to death.
Only four of those who died bs last
night's panic remained uaWeatlfltd to
day. At a mass meeting- called for thto
afternoon plans will be- mads for a pub
lic funeral of all the dead.
Four of the victims remained uniden
tified this morning. Investigation today
by Fire Chief Trndell showed tier had
been no trace of tire in the "bafldSW
and that the tragedy resulted only from
the unreasoning fear of the foretgnera
when they were startled by the cry of
Wires Wilson for Aid.
President Moyer, of tho Western Fed
eration of Miners, directing the strflta of
th copper workers, early today wired
President "Wilson at Pass Christian,
Mlss-f Governor Ferris, at Bfg Kaplda.
Mich., and Secretary of Labor "Wilson
at Washington, giving them details of
the disaster, and demanding State and
Federal investigations.
A public meeting of the citizens of the
copper country was called for this after
noon, at which relief measures will b
discussed. Subscriptions for the families
of tho panic victims were started last
night, and this morning . $2,500 was In
the hands of the committee in charge
of the relief work.
Truce In Industrial War.
A truce in the long and bitter war
between capital and labor was declared
today, and both factions united ia tha
relief work and in search of the man
who precipitated the disaster by his
cry of "Fire! Fire!"
Seven hundred persons wero In the
hall when the panic started. The Christ
mas exercises for tho children wero
nearly concluded. A bearded Santa
Claus. burdened with a huge pack of
toys, had made his appearance on the
stage, and the distribution, of gifts was
about to start.
Then the stranger thrust his head ia
at the front door and shrieked the word
that started the mad rush for the stair
way. A woman standing near the door
way, seemingly with a premonition of
what was to happen, shouted a denial,
but her words wero drowned out ia tho
cries of the panic-stricken people. The
man who shouted the alarm, apparently
intoxicated, escaped In the confusion.
Mrs. Annie Cldtnens. president of the
Women's Strike Auxiliary, havincr In'
karto tna Christmas sasrrlm for the
?. j.--.
.41 VV,. . -rf-y- M--
k- "
-t .--- -
-: "-. -. -

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