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Rev. Cnt Demy I Expected
to Reotver at Jehnt Hep-
Mothir, a Victim, Fed Drug to
Children to Keep Thenf From
Thinks Suffragettes' Head Is
Wrong in Advising Women to
Avoid Income Tax.
The Economist, of Chicago, Ad
mires Zeal in Passing Two
Big Acts.
Relatives Know Nothing of
Reason Inducing Fennall to
Shoot Himself.
Will Set Out Next Year to Tra
verse the Frozen Continent
From Sea to Sea.
IsssssssssssssssssssssssssssV"IssssssssssssssssV - Vu9sHKK
i??tJiissssssssssssssH0 HIssssssssssssL " i. "JKli
&slflSP'SspElssK is ' Ussfl
k'mt Hoepttaf.
Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey, honorary
dean of the "Washington College of
Law, joined with the Treasury Depart
ment today In replying- to the question
raised by the attitude of IV. Anna
Shiw, head of the American suflraglsts.
Dr. Shaw said women may "decline
to aid the Government by refusing to
render an account of their property" for
income tax assessment.
Aomen should remember they re
celve the protection of the Government
and It is only right they should con
tribute to the support oft a system of
law and order in which they share the
benefit," said Mrs. Mussey. "The in
come tax law was enacted by Con
gressmen from States where women
vote, which Is another reason why they
should not hinder its operation."
Treasury officials pointed out that
the provisions of the income tax are
plain, and that the penalty clause is
sufficiently stringent to prevent worn-.
en from attempting to evade payment
of the tax. The law provides that
any person liable to make the return
or pay the tax "who shall refuse or
neglect to make a return at the times
specified in each year shall be liable
'o a penalty of not less than ?20 nor
more than 1,000."
Guilty of Misdemeanor.
And it is further provided that any
person who "makes any false or
fraudulent return or statement with
intent to defeat or evade the assess
ment shall be made guilty of a mis
demeanor and shall be fined not. ex
ceeding 2,000 or be Imprisoned not
exceeding one year, or both, at the
discretion, of the court."
Miss Alice Paul, of the Congressional
l.'nion. when .asked as to the attitude of
Washington suffragists on the question
of resistance raised by Dr. Shaw, de
clared that "women shouldn't be taxed
unless they have a voice In making the
"If it were possible to resist the meas
ure, -undoubtedly we would," she added.
Members of Congress expressed Inter
est In the letter written .by Dr. Shaw,
vhjch was addressed to the "unfran
chised American women." Congressman
Frank D. Mondell, of Wyoming, one of
he first suffrage States, declared that
he "is not a believer in militancy
whoJher It bo active or "passive as sug
gested by Dr. Shaw."
Includes All Persons.
He declared that Congrcis ! il enacted
the Income tax law and that '. persons
whose Incomes are above thi exempted
amount are required to make returns to
the ta. collectors and pay the tax.
"Any refusal to make returns, as anr.
Rested by Dr. Shaw, would, of course.
be a refusal lo obey the plain letter
or me law. ne saia.
The Treasury Department has not In
dicated whether it will take official ,no
Uce of Dr. Shad's suggestion by mak
ing reference, to it in instructions-to 'In
come tax collectors. -
Son of the former Ohio Senator. He
was married last June to the once
footlight favorite, Kathryn Piache
xak, better known as "Katherine Ir
win.", They are living on a Mon.
tana ranch. The secret wedding was
sot made knows till today. i
CHICAGO. Dec. 25. Business men
hero today were interested In en edito
rial in the Economist, the organ for big
Interests in La Salle street, which re
views the acts of the Wilson Adminis
tration, particularly tho enactment of
the currency law.
"The achievements of the special bes
slon and the small fragment of the resu
lai session under tho quiet guidance or
the President aro In many respects
without parallel In the history of our
Government." says the Economist.
"One need not approve of everything
that has been done, nor can one dismiss
apprehension as to the effect, of the two
gicat acts which have passed Congress
but onn must admire the zeal, the labor,
the-perslstency. the fidelity, the purpose
luiness of tho leaders and the rank and
"Particularly does President Wilson
merit the commendation of everybody!
who believse in strong conviction and
sagacity in converting such conviction
into working fact.
"What must one award to the Re
publican party? A tear. Year in and
year out. this question of a change I
our financial system was a prominent
one in its counsels: year in Jind year
out it talked and talked, but did noth
ing. It was this somnolency and the re
fusal of the party to nominate the Pres
idential candidate that the people evl- I
dently wanted that defeated them. " It
is now an open question whether here-1
after there will be a Republican party."
Relatives of Lawrence Fennall, a
plumber, thirty-six years old, of 73 II
street, said today that they knew of
no motive for his suicide. Iennalls
body, with a bullet hole in the fore-
I.etd. was found Sunday afternoon at
the. foot of a steep embankment In the
woods at West Virginia avenue and
Morse street northeast. It is believed
that he killed himself Saturday night.
The body was half hidden In a clump
of tall weeds.
Near his right hand was a .SS-callber
revolver with which he had cuueci nis
lift. There were two emp,ty cartridges in
It, Indicating that tho r.rst shot missed
Ita mark. The second entered the tem
ple. There was nothing on the body to In
dicate the man's Identity, and it was not
until it had lain at the Ninth precinct
police station for some time that Mi
chael Fennall, an employe of tho Dis
trict, living at 1012 K street nortneast,
relied and saia it was tnat or nis
Admiral Upshur Improves.
Rear Admiral John Henry Upshur,
dean of the navy and one of the eight
living "primaries-' of the Aztec Club,
who suffered a slight attack of indiges
tion at his home In the Parkwood. ,1a
reported much Improved today. The
rear admiral is ninety vears old, but his
illness is not considered dangerous.
LONDON. Dec . It Is now announc
ed that Sir Ernest Shackleton will lead
a new expedition to the South Pole next
The explorer on several occasions has
recently expressed the hope .of under
taking another antarctic venture, but
owing to the great expense Involved,
there was some uncertainty regarding
the possibility of starting In the Imme
diate future.
The first Intlmatioln of this important
decision Is made in the following letter
Sir Ernest Shackleton" has written:
"It has been an open secret for some
time past that I am desirous of leading
another expedition to south polar re
gions. I am glad now to be able to state
that through the generosity of a friend
I can announce that the-expedltion will
start nest year, with the object of cross
ing the south polar continent from- sea
to sea.
"I have taken the liberty of calling
the expedition the 'Imperial Transant
arctlc Expedition,' because I feel not
dnly that the people of these islands,
but our kinsmen In all latds under the
Union Jack, will be willing to assist
toward carrying out the full program
of the exploration to which my com
rades and myself aro pled red."
Sir Ernest Shackleton will start from
a South American port, with the object
of crossing the south polar regions, re
turning via New Zealand.
Famous British Antarctic Explorer. He
has just announced that he will
start from a South American port
in 1914 with the object of crossing
the sooth polar continent from sea
to sea, on another, expedition to the
southern en dot the world. ,
Mayor Bars Tango.-
Mayor Patrick Moore appointed a
censor for a charity ball here tonight.
The tango will be barred.
ATVTOOXA. PaV Dec . Llfelons
death has claimed Harry and LAurft
Plfer,. brother and sister, at ithelr.
home here. With son ami daughter
dead, the father and another-brother.
Lawrence, are at the, point of death,
himself a victim of the drug habit,
while the mother died a few months
ago. of the same cause.
The death of the brother arid sister
has brought to light ono of the most
unsual conditions ever heard of In Al
toona. The men was thirty-six years
old and the woman thlrtv.nine. Vhrr
they were . infants, their mother, then'
b vicum ot me arug naoit; rea the
children dope to keep tbera 'from cry
ing, and they have been users ot Itf
ever since.
The members of the Plfer familywere
tnce- well-to-do. Several years ago two
other children died under uauaaal cir
cumstances, and It is believed that they,
too. were victims of the drug.
For more than a year drug peddlers
have had easy sailing- in Altoona, and It
has been possible -to- get cocaine and
morphine Jn almost any quantity. . 1
Doctors who have taken up the case
declare that the death of lhnili
responsible for the death of the brother!
so shortly after. The man was so;
wrought up over her death that he tooki
aii uiouwa vi uic uuui
The physicians have given the aged
father only meager- quantities' of the
drug. declaring that the' man is Instat
ing on taking enough to kill a dozes
ordinary 'persons.
Collins Denny, one ot the most acttv
men in the Method!! Easieotial Csjsh'W.
South. Is mg treated at-'Joans'. Bop
kiss Hospital for bichloride 0 aweary
poisoning- He swallowed the ualaau last,
Wednesday by mistake at ate haws fa
Though not in any dancer. Ma physi
cians say, he to receiving the heat treat
mtnt obtainable; and Dr. XeweSys V
Batker-gare the chnrchraa a thorewg
examination today. Ha J ssfpsslad to
remain hi the city several day to eoa
tlaue the treatment to rid hJa afHusa
thoroughly of the potooa. H to ataVlac
at the home of Ma cousin. feraserCea-green-man
James W. Denay.
Rembrandfs Paktte
Kmf t SoM m Leeeen
LOXDOV. Dec. -Fraa SaM. the
London bookseller, who reeeatijr tovcht
the Browning love letters, baa 'tosT ae
quired Kemfcraadf a Ivory palette teaife
and a tortoise aheH maaJattek freaa a
Dutch, faaaOy in: wkest . tweaasatoa the
reUoa have beea far tie laac tweaty
The reHcs are aocoiapaaled by a vel
lum scroll witlr autograph of the varl-r
ous owners since BemftraMt'sr
isw, DtfaniBgwrna jaaesr vaat
deatw la
This annual sale of
Parker, Bridget &
Company has held
the confidence of
men for a quarter
of a century.
Vocational Board
Will Meet Tuesday
The proposed vocational guidance bu
recu for which the raising of a main
tenance fund of $10,000 Is begun, will
legin work In earnest following a meet
ing of the executive committee In the
looms of the Board of Trade Tuesday
at 11 o'clock.
Tho committee, which has been active
iiuco tho last meeting, when It was de
rided to work independently of the
I'hamber of Commerce, the Board of
Trade-and tho Retail Merchants' Asso
ciation, under whose auspices the bu
reau was organized, will report Its find
ings Tuesday.
The date for a mass meeting to in
terest the public will be 'fixed.
The Commissioners believe the bureau
mav be rccarded as a civic organization,
and civen office space In the Municipal
building, ir It fits In with other charit
able organizations recognized by the
municipal authorities.
Already l,O0O has been raised to start
the maintenance of the bureau.
Prof. Gustavo A Blumenthal. who has
been chosen director for the bureau, has
had twenty-six years' experience in vo
cational guidance, and is deemed espe
cially fit as a man to help guide young"
people in their choice of a following in
School Board Fills
Chief Vacancy Today
A meeting of the Board of Education
lias been called for this afternoon at 4
o'clock, when tho selection of a. Super
'ntenden t of Schools, to succeed Dr.
William M. Davidson, and other busi
ness will be presented for consideration.
It is believed that the members of tho
board have reached en informal agrce
nent and that It remains only for the
ballot to be taken.
Some surprise was expressed at the
rcsolvo to dispose of the matter this
afternoon. In view of the expressed de
side of President Blair, of the board,
to defer action until after tlia departure
of Dr. Davidson. Unless the latter's
ltlans are altered he will leave for Pitts
burgh on Tuesday nlghtt.
Nebraskans to Honor
Dr. William Davidson
fl:PnM "Bsarlsaaaaaaaar tsssssSSesfisSiSsiKV l3,as' 1 '
fRP The raF' The T TSi
1 C m ' W M N4 T ' Wl Oaaaaaaasal
VH?" J Parker-Bridget ltt Parker-Bridget fe- f SflV
iflhiri. Mid-Winter - maW Mid-Winter vTj1m. I
II (I i illlK dl I II IT Ala m A sUb - aBssB ik
. 1 HI It rt lll Ih Ploaranno t I If U IPIUk. f.tarQnn& dm a, iBL 1 ir A
OU men find this sale an unusual investment. Webster
defines investment as "a laying out of money in the purchase of prop
erty." You exercise great care in the purchase of what is ordinarily known as property, so
why not the same care in the matter of purchasing wearing apparel property. We offer you
a gilt-edge investment in this established sale, an investment absolutely guaranteed protected by the P-B guarantee.
Magnificent stocks of P-B Suits and Overcoats at Genuine and Generous price reductions. This is one of the two, and only two, sales held by
P-B each year.
The last of the many receptions that
have been arranged In honor of Dr.
William 5L Davidson, t o retiring Su
perintendent of Public Schools, prior to
his departure for Pittsburgh Tuesday,
will take place tonight. Invitations have
been Issued by Mr. and Mrs. John M.
Thurston to the members of the Ne
braska Association and all Nebraskans
in-the city, jogether with their guests,
to be present.
The reception will be held in the par
lors of the Woodward apartment house,
Connecticut avenue and Aehmead place.
Music, dancing and addresses by promi
nent Nebraskans are included on tha
Watch Night Services
By Salvation Army
VVatch night services are to be held
at Salvation Army hall, 9i) Pennsyl
vania avenue northwest, Wednesday
night beginning at 10 o'clock. The watch
;rvlce will bo preceded by a Christmas
tree qelebratlon.
XJrtg. u. Hunter, or iew xork city,
tonducted services at the workhouse at
Occoguan Sunday. Sunday night In Sal-
vation -Army hall she gave a review of
the Salvation Army prison worK.
All $15 Suits and Overcoats now J J 0.75
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Soft Hats.
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Hats Reduced 3
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Only the very newest style models the low heels, the broad toes in this sale.
Clearance Sale in the P-B Boys' Shop
mTj y jjj
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$12.50 valoes $&34
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$5 and $6 Suits for boys,
reduced in this q 7P
sale io JD
Special lots of Chil
dren's Hats reduced.
Boys' Overcoats
This does not include Chinchillas.
400 Boys' and Men's Caps,
worth to $1:50. Qtr
Special at OVl
- i
-J4, .
.Kw.-Tiu.ri m" r jf
-V.v;. - -- .
-VU -lf ,'.'

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