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Assistant Secretary to Senator
Kern Has Tale of Long
Waits For Patronage.
Here's the original liard-luck cham-
Ton of the United States.
His name is Jerry Foley, he liails from
ndianapolis, and just now he's holding
own the job of assistant secretary to
-enator Kern of Indiana. Be it known,
owovcr, that his hard-luck title is due
either to the fact that his name Is
'oley, nor that he comes from Indiana,
nd, surely, not because he is assistant
ecrctary to Senator Kern.
Jerry, you know, had the reputation,
hack home, of being the best telegraph
operator in the State. And It was Just
on account of this fourth eminent asset
hat Jerry was elected a charter mem-
ier of the Universal Union of Unfor-
Hard luck was Jerry's right bower
or years and years. To begin with,
some forty years ago, when Jerry first
broke into the game of politics, he cast
his lot with the Democrats. Jerry stuck
to the party, through long, weary years
of famine, and, finally the G. O. P.
struck a snag and the Dems elected
Cleveland and Hendricks.
Ordered To Washington.
At last It seemed as though the
fates had let up on Harry, for Vice
President Hendricks, a personal friend,
promised if the appointment of a
Senate telegraph operator rested with
him. Jerry would get ihe Job. boon
i.ri' v.,,-,-,. n notified Jcrrv that.
the appointment would go through, ana
he was ordered to Washington.
Indianapolis still aates all modern
historv from the day Jerry left for the
r-apltal City. Never was there a demon
stration like that which marked his de
parture. Having "blown in' his sav
ngs on a complete now set of scenery,
Jerry was logged out this day like a
circus horse. He had on everything but
the kitchen sink and the door mat.
His friends, whose number is legion,
escorted him to the station with a brass
jand and red fire, and off he went,
satisfied in his own mind, that hia bad
jck had deserted him forever.
But, alas and alack! The fates de
reed otherwise. The "Chicago Limit
ed," which was speeding Jerry to "Wash
ington, passed en route the cry train
which was tak'ng Vice President Hend
ricks home to die. Just after he had
sent Jerry the message. Sir. Hendricks
ell sick, iias taken home, and died
thprc a day or tuo later, before he had
lime to send in Jerry's name for the
Sticks To Party.
Undaunted, however, Jerry stuck to
'lie party, and, after thirty years of
successive defeats, his party finally ob
tained control of the lower branch of
Congress, in 1911, and once more things
looked bright.
When the party leaders got together
it was the opinion of the entire Western
Megation that Jerry should be reward
ed, and he was advised that his name
would be again presented, this time as I
House telegrapher. I
Ttlrt nYA. M'API ,f,t..w ,.-1.t.t . Ap,. fw i
Jerry the committee on patronage clip
ped off ..some J2S4O0O worth of jobs, in
cluding the- appropriations for teleg
raphers. This Is his story. One must not get
the Idea, however, that Jerry is a
Gloomy Gus. Far be it. He is the very
embodiment of sunshine, cheerfulmts,
and optimism. If you want to be con
vinced, call "round and see him ar.v
day at the Senate Office building, and
jou will come away positive that thero
breathes nowhere a happier individual
than this same Jerry Foley.
Ceylon the Subject of
Elmendorf Traveltalk
Beginning his 1914 series of travel lec
tures yesterday in the National Theaier
with Ccjlon, Dwight Elmendorf took h!s
hearerH on a tour of that British pos
session. A large audience gave Mr. El
mendorf an enthusiastic welcome vhich
called forth a speech from the lecturer.
He told his audience that he had trav
elled 42,000 miles s'nee he had last visited
Washington, and thanked his admirers
for their very cordial greeting Then,
after a "puffy" dav on the Indian ocean
his fellow-travelers disembarked with
him at Colombo, going up the main
-treet of this busy city, meeting the
brown natives, and being Introduced to
the Island method of transportation the
rickshaw. The Sinhalese men and
women were shown at their occupa
tions, their vari-colored costumes .ddlng
a bright touch to the scenes. Hindu
temples thousands of ears old, images
of the god Buddha, and other sacred rel
ics were viewed, then the visitors were
taken to a godoun, where the Sinhalese
women were shown preparing graphite
and plumbago.
Kandy. the an"int capital of the
island, where tin- lecturer assured h's
audience that th tango llret saw the
light of day, the ta plantations, and
other interesting view- v. en shown.
Nixt week Mr. Elmendorf will lecture
on Southern India.
Bishop Burt to Speak
On Italian in America
Bishop William Burt, of the Method
ist Church, will speak on "The Italian
n America," at th annual supper of
iiif Methodist Union and the City
i hurch Extension Society of the Dis
trict at Metropolitan Memorial M. E.
' hur'-h this evening. Edgar 1. Boor
utm w 111 preside.
Th Riv James S. Montgomery will
welcome the guests, and the Kev Dr.
D Olin E-ech will speak on "The
Methodist Union " The Weslej Quar
tet will sing. "My Love Is Like the
lied Bed, Hose."
Short talks will be given by the
Rev. J C Nicholson and the Kev. W.
L. McDowell, and Mrs. Welch and Mr.
Barker will sing. "Neath the Stars."
The Rev E. C CUrk will give the
benedictory prayer
European Plan Fire Proof
Cuisine and Service of the Highest Order
R. S. DOWNS, Manager
Bsc,-"- . 'x: j" V--' I VB
Assistant Secretary To Senator Kern
Of Indiana.
Five Measures May Be Reported
Within Ten Days, Is Hope
of Leaders.
A race between rival House commit
tees, to present respective anti-trust
bills before them to the House developed
today. Leaders of the Interstate Com
merce and Judiciary Committees stated
today that it is possible that the five
bills may be reported within ten days.
All hearings beforo both committees
-will shut down within a week. It was
stated today. The hearings on the in
terstate trade commission bill have been
concluded: those-upon the railroad stock
and bond bill will be finished next
week, and those upon the three bills
before the Judiciarv Committee, amend
ing the Sherman law, will close next
The three tentative bills of the Ju
diciary Committee will bo withdrawn
and amended measures drafted, possibly
in one or at most two new bills, to
meet objections recentlv made. It is
not decided whether labor unions will
be exempted from the anti-trust laws
in the new bills.
Congressman Covington, -of Maryland,
chairman of the committee drawing the
trade commission bill, called a meeting
of the committee today to begin draft
ing a new measure to substitute for the
Clayton tentative draft.
When ihi Stomach
Gots Back io Work
Then Is the Whole System Glad.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Will
Quickly Put the Stomach
In Shape.
When the stomacli falls to do Its
work properly the whole machine of
man' is unstrung and wholly incapable
of work. This condition obtains from
the tiniest nerve to the big, strong,
pumping heart.
It is a wise law of nature that has
made the stomacli man's strongest or
gan, but when it stops work man ought
to realize that it does so because it
can continue no longer.
"Hooray! Muart'M Uynpepnla Tableta
Are the Ileal Appetite Btlaxera."
Stuart's Dspepsla Tablets will cer
tainly give the stomach the repair it
needs and is always crying aloud for.
A tablet taken after each meal will
in the course of several hours become
a portion of the digestive fluids. It
will build up these fluids. First in the
stomach, then in the Intestines.
The liver is the storehouse of the
body. Here are assembled all tho re
bcrv'e fluids of the system, and here tho
various ingredients of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets mingle with the faulty
natural juices and strengthen them or
If they are too strong then they will
be reduced to thtlr proper strength
anl proportion.
Stuart's Dspepsla Tablets contain a
Mngle ingredient, one grain of which
is sufliclent to dlgen 3.000 grains of
food Just think how gratefully such
an ilfitif'iit Is icceived into a body
that lannot digest at all without a
new weakening of the already de
pleted juices
Go to your druggi.t this very day
and obtain a box of Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets, price CO cents A -week's
trial will make you a new man and
vour stomach will go back to work.
Michael I. Weller Telis Study
Club Conditions Are "The
Shame of Congress'
Government by the people was urged
as the remedy for the piesent ills of the
District last night by Michael I. Weller
in an address before the Study Club ir
Economics at Ingram Memorial Church
" "The present government of the Dis
trict finds itself unable to maintain tin
night schools, cannot furnish watei
without a high tax, has difficulty to
fcliar the streets of snow and is troubleu
b many other problems," said Mr. Wel
ler. "That Is sufficient argument for al
lowing the people to govern themselves.
If the citizens managed their own affairs
we would have no such conditions."
Mr. Weller characterized the present
form of government as "a brilliant ab
solutism not to be found elsowhore In
the world, In which tho principles or
liberty, guaranteed by our forefathers,
as written in the Constitution of the
United States, are violated."
"Shame of Congress."
Mr. Weller said It was "to the shamo
of Congress" that night schools had
been closed for want of money. "If
the people were governing themselves,"
he said, "we would not build bridges,
that cost millions, to develop the pro
perty of real estate men, but would
spend sonic of that money to maintain
night schools." I
"Georgetown governed itself under
a mayoralty system long after It was
Included in the District," Mr. Weller '
said. "Washington was not given a i
charter until 1802, when Thomas Jef- I
ferson provided that the city should i
be governed by an aonointed mayor.
Washingtonlans wero displeased when
they saw Georgetown governing it
self while they had no representation
in their own government.
"In 1820 the city elected its own mayor
and was well managed until 1S71. when,
by :i twist of legislation, tho District
was given a territorial government un
der which a great public debt was ac
cumulated by the men appointed to
govern. Because of this debt piled up
by appointed officers it was said that
the people of Washington could not
govern themselves.
Violates Constitution.
"It was the intention of the fram
crs of the Constitution to give suf
frage to the inhabitants of the Capi
tal. This is proved by a letter writ
ten by James Madison four months
after the adoption of tho Constitu
tion, in which he said that the Stac
granting the territory for our gov
ernmental city would allow nuffrago
to the inhabitants of that territory."
School Club Topic, Tango.
"Modern Dancing" will bo the sub
ject for discussion by the Homo and
School Association of the Western High
School tonight at tho school building.
"Sane" ways by which the association
may help the scool also will be discussed.
On Account of Being Open But Half Day Monday the Usual Big Monday's Bargains
Will Be Put on Sale Tomorrow (Saturday). Don't Miss This Big Sale Event.
12ic Women's Lisle
Thread Hose
Splerdld quality
IV omen 's Uslo
Thread Black Hose,
in milium and light
weight Seamless and
absolutely fast color.
Saturday K3n
onlv JvV
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Hose, 11c
Choice of regular 2oc Cashmere
finish Wool Hose in black 1 "I
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Ribbed Kluttle Top, I,iglit, Me
dium, and Heavy Weight Burson
Hose, frcconds of grades to " A p
50c. Saturday A'tV
W omen s i:.tra
strong eoulil Cor
sets, long dip iilp
model with low ur
in e (II u tn ) tist.
trimmed oke and
four supporters, li
U, 20 size.
il $1.00
t ,
fip Girls'
$3.00 Nurses'
White, Blue and
Striped Uniforms
rorfect fitting reg
ulation uniform foi
IIUIM';., u is I (let. H l
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plaid and stripes;
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$3BaaaaaaaaaaaV? .skbk, ' aal
f laaaaaaPM ' Wfc M
Haaaaaaaaaa. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbF y? 1 T .Haaai
aVf ' HBatf jflB
No Improvement Noted
In Condition of Bishop
NORRISTOWN. Pa.. Feb. 20The
condition of the Right Rev. Thomas F
u-v.nne.n- TiishoD of Adrianapolls and
rector of the American Collcgo at Rome.
is reported to ho grave Td unchanged
bv Dr. Hall, attending physician.
rrv,n. 1. cisin hna rnnirestlnn of the
lungs. He arrived In Cohshohockcn two
weeks ago. to visit nis sisicru, mbsi-i
Theresa and Margaret Kennedy, of
Snring-Mill avenue.
Tho Illness of tho noted prelate, com
ing so suddcnlv. has bi ought a llocn ol
messages from all sections of tho coun
try. English Fleet to Haul
Ore for American Firm
BETHLEHEM. Pa., Feb. ia-The an
nouncement that the Bethlchtm Steel
Company has made a twenty- car-contract
with English interests for the
transportation of its iron ore from Chili
te. this country, was expected today to
H,i f-nnKlflpruliIv to the discontent of
American merchant marine iulocates.
A. usecial fleet or vessels 01 ti.v) loud
capacity is to be built.
Funeral Services for
James K. Fitz Gibbon
Funeral services for James K. Fitz
Olhbon. one of thf bv,t known mi-mh-ri
of the Kn'ghts of Columbus in this citv.
who died at his home. Kn Massachusc Ui '
avenue northwest. m Wednesdaj,
held at St. Patrick's ''hurch this morn
ing at 9 o'clock. IJurial will be in LI-.
mira, N. V. ,
25c 18 in. Embroidery
Flouncing, 14c
Handsome ec
lct patterns, line
Swiss and cam
bric flouncing;
excellent for
children's dress
es, underwear.
$5.00 and $6.00
Boys' Norfolk
Suits, $2.77
Choice of boys'
best all-wool
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Suits, in beauti
ful fancy pat
terns; all sizes.
etc. bat
urday. . .
Washington's Greatest Cut
$5.98 Silk Messa
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Dresses, $2.99.
Pretty Satin Mes
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Tailormade. Coats,
i-cmi - titled single
breasted stlis, with
hip pockets
only. .
Is. Satur
day onlj
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Gingham 1 -Piece
10 beautiful .-t Ics of high
or low link, l-plecc liri'iM's,
in.nK of iimt (uidid ging
ham, in plain olorM. MrilH's
oi cjinks. In blue, lavendir.
bl.uk .mil ;-,i:i. and white
combination-. 1 model like pe
tur, 1 v. iitikid i oil ir.s .Hid
t uff-i .mil wal-jtli.mil. ileal
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Hindi v.illi pleated OQ
Sen "in ki i tllil"
liaiii Sluiwil retll-
oat.-, in ne.it wide
oi ii.ii low p.ilti rn.
full lit loiiI- OQp
ed ruffles OUK'
Reduction in Articles U.S. Sends
Abroad an Injury to People,
Col. Thompson Says.
That it would be advisabio In some
instances for the Administration "trust
busters" to encourage tho holding up
of prices, rather than undue competi
tion, is the argument advanced in a
brief filed with thfc House Judlslary
Committee by Col. Robert 31. Thomp
son, a capitalist of Washington and
New York. ,
Colonel Thompson takes the ground
that this Government should not Jls
coiirago tho holding up of prices on
..oods exported in largo quantities.
"The German government," he savs,
recognizes that a reduction in the ex
port value of a commodity, as in tho
case of potash, of which it hoids a
natural monopoly. Is an injury to tho
whole people. Therefore It legislates to
prevent undue competition and makes
tho producers combine to maintain
"We, on tha contrary, -tnako it a
criminal offense for our producers to
consult and make any' agreement ir. re
gard to the reduction of production or
the regulation of prices of copper. Tho
result is that yo give from three to
four pounds of copper, which we ex
port, in exchange for one pound of tin
which we import. It does not cost any
more to produce the tin than tho cop
per, but the oxners of tho tin mine-
recognize that their supply 13 limited
ana iney insist upon receiving full
"Pape's Cold Compound"
ends bad colds or grippe
in a few hours.
Relief comes instantly.
A dose taken every tf-o hours until
three doses arc taken will end grippe
mlserv and break up a sevcro cold
'thcr in the head, chest, body, or
It promptly opens cloggcd-up nostrils
and air pass-ages in tho head, stops
naatv discharge or noso running, re
lieves slch headache, dullness, feverish
ns.", sore throat, sneezing, soreness and
Don't stay stuffed-up' Quit blowing
rind suffering1 Ease yotir throbbing
head! Nothing else in he world gives
s'ica prompt relief as "Pape's Cold
Compound," which costs only 1", cents
nt any drug store. It act withou: as
sistance, tastes nice, causes no incon
eiilrnce. lie sure you get the gen
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das great
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plain color &crgih Hat -
nrd.iv s groaV OAt
alue ait
$1.00 Bed Spreads,
I. Mia full M.e iiml
ul(,lil rueliet pre.uis.
mat iloral iliMjns.
Haturda a giL.it
value .
Hundred Thousand to Join Move
for Prohibition in District's
Ono hundred thousand men, women.
and children will ting temperance songs, j
recite temperance pledges, and hear tem
perance talks in the Sunday schools of
the District March. 8. That day la tern-1
peranco Sunday, and the Sunday school!
department of the W. C. T. U. has made
unusual plans for Its observance.
The leaders of the movement to set
aside one Sunday in the year for spe
cial temperanco exercises reDort that
they have received unusual encourage
ment this year. It Is to be tho endeavor
of the members of the local committee
In charge to make the District's obser
vance of tho day the most important in
the country.
Distinguished speakers have been in
vited to address several of the Sunday
schools. In maoy of the churches maps
will be displayed showing the progress
that has been made In the prohibition
movement In the last twenty years.
Where only a small portion of the
country prohibited the sale of intosi-i
cants in xovt, mo ui ,,, ,.w
very small percentage of black space
representing sections where liquor is
sold without restriction.
The Easy Way to Get Rii of Tor
menting, Unsightly Skin Eruptions.
If your skin itches and burns with
eczema or othf-r tormenting, unsltrhtly
skin trouble, simply wash the sore
places with Resinol Soap and hot water,
dry, ami apply a little Resinol Oint
ment. The itching stops Instantly, you no
longer have to dig and scratch, sleep
becomes possible, and healing begins at
once. Thr.t Is because the soothing,
antiseptic Ucslnol medication strikes
right into the surface, arrests the ac
tion of the dlrcase and lets the tor
tured. Inflamed skin rest, almost always
restoring It "to perfect health quickly,
easily and at little cost.
Ucslnol Soap and Ucslnol Ointment
are also speedily effective in even se
vere, and stubborn cases of pimples,
blackheads, dandruff, sores and plies.
Prescribed by doctors tor over eighteen
years, and sold by practically every
druggist. For free trial, write to Dept.
Ki-ll, Itesinol, "Daltimore, Md. Don't be
deceived by inferior "substitutes."
39c Flannelette
Kimonos, 18c
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rn o n o s, neat
dark patterns.
Saturday 1Q
only 101
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Price Sale of
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Dress Goods Sale
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ureal alue . I't
U. S. Cruiser California
M! C. T.n.Dol
ocia a iviptuuivuuiu
SAN DIHGO. Cat., Feb. 30. Scoring.
lUe and one-half hits. in seven shots,!
tho cruiser California established n new
world's record fqr torpedo. firing In Dat
tlo practice, eff-the coast dicrc. The
seventh torpcao stuck Jivthe .tube and
under the 'rules7 w,as"2ourtef as shot.
Tho llrin.T.'gook place at a-crango .of
S.COO'yatds. wTillc the cruiser was'slcani
ing ten kncHa'.itn hour. Tho first 'five
shots -njcry, bull's eyes.
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$12.50 Suits,
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neck or rufllcd stjles.
lluttou 1 rents or backs.
l.aee and em- QF7 (
broidery trimmed V IK
(a I
W MXM. .-. ,TJ
fllM Wl MHI Iff
Siusny w a 1 King
means coughs and ffl
colds To-Kalon HOCK ft
TflifV nnH Uvo will H""
cure them. Pure
Rock Candy and
high quality Whis
key, $1 qt., 50c pt.
1405 F St rkeHii 993
Seventh Street
KA Gfoves OC
Finest Lambskin Gloves,
in black, white, tan and
gray, or white irlth Mack
and black with white em
broidered backs; all C4
sizes. Saturday rx
Whki's ati CIMra's mi
IifMfs' WmI MHts, 8c
White and black and col
ored Mitts, for babies O,
and adults. Saturday.. Oi
50c "Like Kid'
Gloves . . . .
Fabric Gloves that resemble un
dressed kid so closely as to ma,ke
detection nearly impossible. OQ.
Black and tan SdVK,
50c Cowboy
$1.50 iri $2
Ma's KM Gleves
Black and tan
best Cape Walk
ing Gloves, with
embroidery and
spear CQ
backs 07l
Best fleece-lined,
fringe - trim
med Gaunt
let Gloves
y I
$1.25 Boys'
Wash Suits
Hussian ind Sail
or Rloue I'nion
IJncn Suit?. in
white and dark
colors, made with
contrasting color
collars and enfs
and silk emblem
trimmed: :& CQo
to lu years.. UJ7C-
25c Women's
Medium Weight
Pleached Knee
length Ribbed
llints. w ide um
brella ruffle-, edged
with lace and long
sleeve high- Iff
neck shirts., x'v

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