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It A31flBi ft IBB II Hi .wWs$i Z 9&& vi -& flHkxA I
l iFBlill Pi Wj flLHrVliHHafWW - -Im - v -dm 1'vPBknilikH i;
Attorney Colbert Recalled to
Stand to Clear Up Phases of
Order Setting Aside Decree
Granting Divorce.
Reiterates Denial That He Had
Practiced Collusion Says
He Used Evidence Furnished
By Opposing Lawyer.
Ti I nle divorce cape, in which
Judge Wright ret aside the decree on
'hnrses t'iat "collusion" had been prac-
rfd oi tli' court when the dnorc was
granted was again aired before the
M'-i'oy subcommittee airing the W'riRiit
Impeachment allegations today.
Much of the testimony was a rehash
of that heard earlier in the week, but
Michael J Colbert, one of the attor
neys in the case, was recalled to the
witncfes stand to cl"ar up phases of the
settinc aside order.
With considerable emphasis. Mr. Col
bert reiterated today a denial that ho
sod ttornex Ambrose had practiced
coll i-ion 'nit he said he had used
fiidcntt lurmshed against Fin'e by
Aml)roc who was then Finley's cli
ent. I said I would use evidence furnished
r mbrose or anbody ee," said
olbert. under cross-exumination by
Mi Darlington. "It made no difference
o nir who furnit-hed the evidence
;amst iHnley for niv use as the at
ornc, for Mrs Mnlpy."
Notes "Put on Record.
There were put into the iMord toui
ie notes taken b Jastico rihl. in
an 1ers, when In summoned before
m the attornes and anous witnpsj
' f 'lowing his dctc-mination to re
open the ai on information thai theie
ad ictn collusion.
Mr .-Vj;brt was. asked to identify and
eal Judgp Wright's notos on the tefti-
nior t two witnesses who went with
i ipIc to a questionable part of tho
Thp committee alo inserted in the
rr oi i nd the witness read Judge
U ?'it s notes of thp statements ol a
ltn st i amed Stohlman.
t rney Colbert then related hi.s ong
t al visit to Attornfy Ambrose's offue
went to Ambrose's office and h
i.a'd I'inlpy intended 'o sue his wife,
e i 1 Colbert "1 ln'-isied on alimony
' nle w-antpd an absnuto divorce I
a i threatened to file a bill for main
tenance As I have test tied, we t.iik--l
s uat Mrs. Finley - filing for divorce
rnd I said I had no proof mlirose
iu he would furnish the proot l"in
ahaiidoned his Idia of filing suit.
, wanted his wife to file a hill for
a ' iU none instead of the suit foi
fi-ia-n'r ndi'
Recalled Testimony.
Chairman Mct'o rked he ould
rii rcm th- note- of Juf.?e Wright
tic r.ianns So.ir '-ear-- liter in it
?c i. thi divor'C. who h 'i gone on
i tnp wiih Klulej Up siid he nlv
h en fiom the test'.mon of nird.rs
inJ Sloh'muii
, wer askid the othrr d.t.. wliv
d d not taki an appeal. s..n'. M
' After readme the tcsttiiioiiv
. tM wiines-t- dj j tha' all
mind l . n did not u.
K not
Uc tej-llll'i.ln ol lh-e to
tere wa? r I ttj u
1 with an at'ptal .a th' it '
' iniitk so T in' ii i-tt !
in!- litv .nuii lied 1 .n.
if is ni ll.rideltl
i. ii re-al' whv on did 't
a ni the lietiiion -.-tiing ail'1
0- t
than ' 'i.ivp 'aled
f I . . qtj StM'J'd tie IKlll. of
rilil that Ik. Colbert lunl ex
i'i v tncfc.es al th' set imo
Biands It False.
a . timon 1 conceni'ii t'm
. ,..i .nto h .mspirary is it
. r 1 . . a k-.i "lr M'o
. . .I.ltep Tinl t uquullfl 0.
a sai.i t. Vlbi rt
'1 ' . pre nieJ tin- I"i.te il
' d 1 harginr "eollu'on and i.ot. d
,J .n t mg h id la. 1 .itltrd
' ' . '1 11 ..lr i olbert could etplam
r -. insisted that a'l refer' m e
'o - .lid Im . I m.mi'ed, I l. lleve."
-a 1 I .crt Ci'de and iUcdoiialu,
tnen rinh s att.itne , ot
r . i. , . I minat.il s meihlng, I
. ! ...!.' I'-er. ' ad brn a
1 I idg- . ,ulit .- room
! a "da a ai'il tl it inlrOf
a 1 .1 that -o,. iilin should be
. ' il w 1 it 01 t 1 don t kl.oa
Ja 1 Mr Colbell
dieted for Murder,
Mrs. Hall Gives Bail
1 ' l a , '.-, JIis I. tol
lort ,v ,ji. - .ii ,n H, .1 Hre.-d
Pi' Im . 1 mini;, tl al ...i an
r -Itifnt ,., mil,. I. r .jf in husband
r n e . I,,,, .. ,ti, tl. nun.) 1 and ai
u in aterj (.aic at Green Sprin.
Commissioner Siddons Tells
Officers That Transfers Are
Really Advancements.
Meiit alone governed the 'fi'm
promotions in the polke department was
the massage received bj the polne of
ficers when the called toda to pay
their respects to Commissioner Siddons,
who has supervision of tiie department.
"It gives me much pleasure, person
all. and ofti'tially, to greet ou. ' -.aid
Commissioner Siddons "I say officially
because, as $ am the Commisioner in
fharge of the metropolitan police, it fell
to my lot to move the promotions that
hae brought jou here, and personally
because I liave known ou for many
.v ears I wiph to emphasize the fact
that you owe your promotion to no per
son or persons, but to our long and
splendid records
Regarded as Promotions.
'You owe much to the peop'e tr
Wivemnhtofi, who iuc so onstanily
supported jou in the pertormamo of
our duihs. and they in turn owe much
to jou. 1 hope thai In time their d lit
to jou will grow the larger, for tins
reason that I am anxious that ou
should become the best ofllccrs the force
has ever had.
in the promotions that have taken
place i.crta!n transfers must occur. 1
wish it to be understood that such
changes do not in any degree reflect
upon the administration of anj officer"
or men. They are rather to be reKanled
as advancements in each rase. The
Commissioners have sought the best
man for the place where his work will
be the most effective '
Felicitates Captain Flatlier.
Tnp Commifsioiui j arii ularl . on
gratulated Captain I'latt i-r on his pro
motion He spoke also of the excellent
work done in So : pier net Ii .Vt.ng
I aptain Eremerman, who a-numed
charge of the precinct as a sergeant,
and by his last promotion becomes a
lieutenant Captain Kulv is to he
transferred to this pienmt from No .
where he has served with distin lion
during fie Ian five month? apiain
Do !e goes to No i. his old pr mt.
surrendering No 1" piv in t to Cantain
Judcc Captain Hanlson goes ti No i.
'aptaiu IV. k to No 1 and t'aptnln
1 lather to No t
Tho-e who called on the i ommission
er were Capi II 'lairisoii. i apt
C. E K Klath-i and '"apt Thomas
JudKe l.ietits .lainu ('onion. .1 I
Murjh'.andC p Ix.rd. and Peigts
Go l-iut n and l 1 Dixon
Asks Help to Release
Italian Oil Manager
MelcJ f,. lli,i Oil r,iij.oii.. al Itali-.il
o 1 manugei named T. ?a i. in ri hel
I h. i is in at .Mi.'iI.h at. online !
infoi i-.ati'.n ! n-. l.i tl,. n,i. , M
ambassador h'i moj.
I'pon it'ieipt or il.v w,,.,i i,i i,,
me(iiat-lv visited , , i.,,i ,r .,,,
Hryon in an ef foi i to iiavr i.tm u.e
'his infliiente vitl t ,. . .,nI nuiona'
! ivi to vci r Tea s ii. in. f I.' ) r r.
I id
Accused of Fast Driving,
Offers Horse as Proof
' I 'I g- an -roori
h lior1. if 1 1, .
n in id.. ,1 ,.(
! .....! ill'
l.'l Hl'lll Willi lllfi
1 ..... .. i... . -.,1 1, -i
Ji haini. 1 to Jin. 2-. I'.tn 1.. lav, 11
. !it lit 1.1 ani h of !'o ' . 1 o 'i !
ai ' V. Ml am
o.' ' ...ii i ii.i.ii. 11 'ini; inxuii'1
piesept liiivr'ul il,, V . , limit mi
Cbnpi .ers i-M,n bond 'vas la 11
am h was allowe.l 1,, o
New and Improved Service Jouihern
ICi Ivva Tl. lough the lillrv ol Vlr 1
gima KfTeitiw Sunday. Miiv'lTth nrv '
I i.ail tiHiu .No ?l will le.n ihliing-1
ton " .V, I .vl foi I l..i riMii.liiii and
si.tMoi. b"voi,.j .Muih.hs.-i-- .f. 1, f,
falverto'. :.i .1 Io.n1 tett.il..u .1..... . .... !
to ChatlOtte'e :, H'ltlllOll 1 ".
I U as a I irt-esm I - eept s-.-n
... N'.. 1 7 lo. al to Uari ni. .11 v ill
leave Washington . , ,, nil(j
oftei Ma. lMh instcaa of J0 j ,y
A a l.
Placing Wounded Men in Ambulance. mmmS J Hs XOWF Jla -v a$j&m
I l IIIIIIIPrM IV. c cnr.,.,1 ,... ....I.
i -' ... t"ii-
ing the velnilp r. Jliu-.n. an.) it v.-a- 1
alleged u.hi liiv l.'irM- had 1 ,.. .led '
'the spe1 lun't of ivvi Im. ni e an,
1 hour. c'ianili r .li.l 11..1 think 1 110- 1
lllle. llu-.ever. anil ;,, t. the oiler,
-av ins sin In e v.-a- nut 1 I,. i,.
1 .... . ... 1 .....it...
SI 70.
heroes return for hospital treatment
lllHHHIHHHflB VKMK&CrtHfixnfl kVmnvintr .i WnllnflprI SaHnr Frntn
TaBPf Sl A- v 7 m'KSBW Nav-V Yard Hospital.
Bandaged Sailors
Villa's Advance Guard Clashes
With Federal Defenders
North of the City. "
.U'MIKSS, Mexico. Mav J". Actual
figiilu.g for the possession of SaltillO)
haw ! gun 1
News brought here tarly toda; via'
r;V T- con from P-irrM n id th.tf pon-i
stitutiorahsts composing Gen Kiancis.
co Villas advance guard, had enroun-
iw.ii uderai outposts north of Haitiiio.
After an hours engagement, the tvd
crals v. lthdn vv
Villa s main Torreon division of mire
than l..uon men, lodaj begin leaving
I'aredu:. fortv mills from .-iap'llo Tru v
are iii.tuhing oveiland foi the attack
mi th" fed ral strongnold
i'I.i ! withholding information le
gal lir" Ins route No messagts from
con i s ond nts attached to M annv
vieie irrnilld to pass tin- e-iso.- to
ut v dial it 's piobahle noni will come
until the army has strut k i-'-'i.ilay is
the na hd bj jiiiitarv- ni'ii here for
the i liable start of th. general '
Large liodKs of i onst'tulion ilisis nrci
I'portcl tf onnoiterina In tin Ihietia '
Vista d.htrii I south of altilln This is
taken .i- paitlal unftrm.'ttii.i of a rt .
port thm lla plans t.. bofle the fd-
eraifi Ji .-ai.iiKi ,ir i'Viirii''n.ii ni"ii
l.'foie the. an hi n lh r'uirison a'
"mh lyiii l'otoi .Small b.ne of n b- Is
ale .i'mi op rating north f! Sin Kill
Ton si
Tin full of .M.i.hII;iii Hi. wl
oast ma . be Pspertiil it an .tool
. online to a ir sll ;e 'i.tfi il mre. ,
cm. em i ;,.ne,ai carranza , imri'igo.
lhl.il 11. r. toilli. IImoii n.mlrr.u I
the leil-r.il. uniil 1-. i-i Hi. , m
ii ri bel ators whi. n ,,11, nn
Im en doing gnat darrau'
rll" Kill l.i ' gllli'm.lt
Mild left 1. 1171111. ill all.
" ' fn. Ii.
11 1 "-ilma-
I'nrranzH ,1 neplu a 01 1; ., , mis
11:1111 1 iirrinra hid d -noh.l n jt
bomb- .'fita I. i.uiMii'a j in. 1 01
till ! Opl,l . I'lll.. ll "11
. : 1 iti'i'i M.
I I l lv
losloli 1...
men ?r k
..1. v w iih Ii
l.i. 11, 1 of ;i-
I I in 1
Mi ! a
Cuiiipan. -it I'elra"
'III' I.'hII. s i.f '
Tl ot la iri-Tn
1 en ov . .1 fi .ni th'
the... :,ei , n hoin
Th. thi"! is self.
ju. .1 I 11 oilur v
. ".I "ii.n Il I ii '
Kir . tl "in..
i -i- I, .
I ' M,
I'l '11 IU1.
1 tin ii.
lat 1 in
. -I to I,.
. I 111 Tl
I" i..;.ilul
latallv 111-
r uiiMKing.
I 1 rii . ' moil i.ifi. if
I .In
f. . 1 rv .-. fi..m . 1. 1 1 ,
: I ..llll. ..iv ' o"lll to - I- a
lll.l - . I Im 'ill . 1. 1 1 II. rt I.
Ill" is hi
I .
Three Are Killed When
Train Hits Automobile
r-M i.'il If-' Mo M iv I. - All ,nt.u
.lll.l 1 v iiin.ii iin" m.lanllv I,,)) , I(
ila it K.i'ilIM.iii III II. 1, ,tll,
iioilh) ) -t of l I '"U"- I,,, , v;,
'-,'"'- '"' ,' '"' .'',' ' -Hi Mill', k
.11 ...it. .,,., Inl. 111 w lii h t , ,,p VlIt
1 nliii,
'I in le ni .,1. loin. I M n 1 , ,W1 ,
Ml. ijtll'kvvis. I, his i) if. J14. ..'
mm U of Nariu. 111. m K"li"
Gather at Side of Ves3el as It Slides
Zapata Within 10
Bandit Horde of 5,000 Men Near Mexico City Loyal
ist Troops Sent to Check Threatened Pillage.
Hundreds Flee City.
VERA CRUZ, May 15.
j rebel bandit, is within ten miles
. . , . . ..
j men. News has reached Vera
astounded last night to learn that Zapata was at the town
of Topilejo with his rebel forces and that the loyal troops
in the city had been sent forth to meet him.
The first troops to be sent from the capital were the
men of the Twenty-ninth battalion. They hurried out yes
lerday afternoon, and wild rumors were in circulation in
the capital. It was said lighting against the advancing
rebels began late yesterday.
Mexicans are fleeing from the capital in great
Reports of Zapata's plans lor looting and sacking the
s city have spread and the I ear of his unorganized band in
creases hourly.
. i i- i
A courier I itJiR Hie rrtiiicli Icjatiun ib pi"ei)ared
;. meet Zapata with a large sum
jlhe rebel leader in return foi
: which the French llag llies will
1 If .anal. 1 011K uiplult s all iliniii ilu.i
atl.uk on MevUu It it would appeal
Hint in lias bioken lh haib-'iln, whiih
lie made with l.'.-mial ilia, to hold
i.i k until the hitler takca Ualtillo
Hi- tall "f T.impico mad the alt,-
uiali capture or me . apual uiev iiiuue
it is believed Iwre. but ivliellii , . main
an n strain hid bauds fioin in hui
111.01 the . .IJ until Villa .'nines m
lll.l .'nines up Willi
ins troop1 of tilt
If Zapata should
':'." ,' .1 " ,,,J,,1,"I1,
atlaik tile il v. it Is
in ...a ..minx. the
nidi rstoo.l. b
11 In I- finui Hi)
1101th. but "ill prip.iii 1
Ihe WIlV f'U Villas lllllllipil.llll -ll'iv "ss
Uilv a few nlglils ago. H was I. arn. .1 I I hi .1. In lie n otuitioii . nndiii teil by
I,,,. C.etiil.il limrta witness). I .-. enes , Vis. ounl 1 li'iela. I In- Jiipan.se umbas
fiom Hi. Iialth of Toil)"" " ''' lioine stulo, at U.tslungti-i'. l,av. had the un
it 11 jirivat- liibili"' "' '"i"g I'l' -jlH.it u,i i.Mitt ,lj,t a 111,. tint; Ins l...ii
I m- of th. . ogam in-' 3 In siw an .ngi,l bt-lw 11 G.11. lal xoukoinUnon.
th. vi tor loii" "h''' f""l'S '" ati..ii th. I'iism in u i.ii.M. ,. and General
..id i.eneial Villa ap ai '"e "- "
h-r. ol Hi- war drain . m ' ' ' '
prominent ,
diet toi
pal 11
.. ..I. ...... tin -paitini-likP
iii'li.iu Hu
t.l VVI-pt "II" '" " " "
. , rt !.. ....in.
i,efi..e the nlitur.
Mlllt I'-ll
Faces Annihilation.
. 1 -,".'. 1
r limn' "
W as
I l, il. Ml till gU"
Hi. 10 vv im I 'i 1'
Il III ll.lllltbs. .HI 1
tin -il do All
I !V. I onlv win 11 thfi'
I h: iil.d. an- ' DiHsm
I t waul I uerl.i M- i "
th Gill'
I'm n '"
1 lie il '
-. ol
.1 III.
f.l. IS '.ill Wlie I "I" " I
ii all l'"-
g. it os- s 1 1 'I"!"
an In mi- 11. ill- il
Iv, ii .11
p.ilo 1-OlltS
I' Is ,;i n' 1 ally bell'" . I
that III' I. Illl.l II .1 of Hi'
t i
i i ii
G. i-
.1.1. .a 1 :i. orii
W '' Il
a.', I I
ii ..iri
, , .oi "lain, n
. ni' lbr "r i ' mini l
f. ii) lab ha" Ii ii i a
I h
II. n'
P. J
, me
eil I. I .e.i, I 'in pi n -iii.i sm
t si 'I Ii. I. Is I, ii' ) v .1 1.
all oRieeis the: n.y capture,
KVJSNJNG, MAY 33, 101-1.
ff Ji it a ii An iii i mini s 1 1 '
Alongside Pier,
of Capital
Gen. Ifmilio Zapata, the
of Mexico City, with 5,000
,, , ,. ...
Cruz that the capital was
is prepared to
ol money which will be given
assurances that places over
not be molested.
iinti' Wit ii nut rimii i'iis of
1 killing at l i'I.i. 11. nil. without ainmii-
nilion. , slrll, ,,.,. fK)l ,,
liopi. al swa-ips in an .ifon i useape
, , "
Japail IS 1 Tyillg tO 1 UTI1
Russia Against the U. S.
ti.i:-i:i 1:1: M.,j 1.. -ja,,.,,, , I
Ii vvt.. 'i slip lnip,.b to under- I
1111110 II
fn'tPd rilati's" relations with!1'1'
p'-nis to he iiielltig with si'i-
o'Thi-.i, ,a This iii.'.tlnK will
I la s....,, .u II i.i.n. M.m. huria
I. .iil.l that ih- i.iui.oie
llltei I vv . on .1,1. i. lis riart i-i
obtain I'uvii milialitv in 'the
evi-m . .,, .,i i.,. i, ,, ti,,. I ,,i(,., States,
wiih h she h..p. .s some .ii) . nialc
$12 Week Is More Than
"Rich" Farmer Can Pay
Mli.M.ii ii,,. i. jjoi., it Sihui.ldt
I'l'ialthi ' 'an. nli. ,n lainni in jail for
Itailiii. to ,,,.,) I,,, chu io wife JI. u
I ""i v I'l., Hi. , ui., i Ho business ol
, I i ii. i vti.iltb) ,'.,.,, i in funnel lu
in.' ).. .11 1 .i 1,1.. ' sllU'.l hi, v. nt Kol
t" I' ' 'I' v, he ,.i.l I'liev sin I
n i be. am, ,.n, tl j,,,,,, inortgai;
Vl,)' I ll..., I 1,,., ai .1.1, to tM't
il"- off it , (,.,, r,ir ilv wif. I-fl !
in ev.ii ve.ns ,,,, i,i,, ,i ill. In t
Ilk- that ii.i, i iii, .nil, iii farm and I
ha 1 to nil riirnli.it. ,.. u,i her tikt
to Chicago.'
'l ol tl. .,
Celebrators of "Father of Navy"
Begin Program With Pil -
grimage to Mt. Vernon.
I Assembled around the hallowed Tomb
of the Father of His Country this af-'
I ternoon is probably the greatest as-,
t .... ., , ... j .
' ever K-vncreu in tne- sacrea iireuiuevs
I of Mt. Vernon.
Ever- nook and corner of the famous
' place is literal!- filled with sons nnd
I daughters of Erin ana their descend
! ants, v ho have come from tit sectior
j of the country to att-nd the unveiling
I in this city tomorrow of the statue
j of Commodore John Itarry Hi Franklin
i Pari' .
I Shortly before 1' o'clock, to the strains
j of "The Harp That Once Through
I Tara's Halls'. ' the steamer Charles
' MacaTester. with hundreds of members
! of the Clan Barry crowding her decks.
started down the river for Mt Vernon.
ijt'.II other hundreds of the visitors made
j the pilgrimage bv way of the electric
'cars, nlnle icores of others made the.
tup bv automobiles
; 8,000 Barrys Here.
j lush songs and music, Irish . tones
1 and jokes were mdjlged in for the
j major part of the journev.
Irish colors
1 the green, and
more creen nredoml-
nated 111 the parties that went by rail
and lv water. In tho several ccr.tin
gents were prominent representatives of
all the Irish-American societies r.nd
their wives, daughters, and sisters
It Is estimated that more than S.On) of
tin. ri.ni Hair arrived in the citv le-
J fore noon, and each train thereafter
. will, h arrived at the Union Station"
In ought hundreds more. One train
alone from Philadelphia brought I H
of tin isitors. while another fiom th
1 .ain i lt left 2J0 in Washington's
! l'rttldeiit WU-..M v ill maKo the Jirin-
epn ..ddress at the unvlh; exercse 1
I tomorrow, according to an eleventh- '
nour aiiiiiiuuiTim-iii ii"" - "r"!'""
innouncement from the headqiu.r-
I ters of the committee In i-harge of me
' p-ven im-s. Th's aiiuouncement cnn!..rl
... .1. ... ...... ,.f 11... il.itivo in t.iil
11. Ol. l.i.).. ,,.i- ... v.- ...... .. .. .......
with pride, as it hail been .nought III.',"""
' Pre-ident would not be able t.) at ten 1 1 , V-" Assistant Attorney General J,o
' the ,ei.-s,.s because of tne pressure of; has Ind .-.iiirgi. of ,.1 lit.gation under
ofn.'lal busliips the nte fcod law. and of prosei utiotis
. , . ,. for lolation "I the natioi'jl .ank law.
M:ss Hepburn Places Wreatn. ,,,. waa a(pomted by Creside.it Taft.
1 i.i.in. s.f ii.. rnicnili irnit
..... ,, ,, dm -irv mid th intindiii - -
1 'Villain II Dt I.ac made th inn 0,1m
1 ,or 1'',e"; ' tu" cm rilsvs al ill
t emou ..ii 1. ...r.f. ..... ... ..
1 vaniiiih Ga . a veteran of the civil war.
i.ivlive ! in maiio'i Spe mI permission
I was obtained from the management of
. .. , , ,. ... , ,
Ithe Ml Vernon grounds for M.ss Klsie
Ilephuin. great-gn-at-giandnicee 01
lommodore Ifarrj ... ent), the a. rod
1 ill ts of t"e toinii nsen anil piai e
in wre.i.h on til)' sariopiiagu- wiinni
' lontiiiiis ..II that Is mortal of Wash-1
ion mill man of the visitors will at-
t. nil the Iittli song ))iiueri ai ine vv u-
laid Hotel A piugram if tiiiilltloii.il
liish melodies, mt rspi-isol with mori
im ilern songs of a Celtli nun. 1 in lxi.1 -
nig Mini, ii.mposid i'.v V'litoi llerbetti
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(Continued on slxlh Paje.)
! Two-Day Delay Until
At Solicitation of A. B. C. Conferees
Carranza May Be Represented at Ni
agara Falls.
The mediation conferences at Niagara Falls were post
poned today from Monday to Wednesday upon request of
the Brazilian ambassador.
His request, State Department officials believe, was
based upon a desire not to rush the Huerta delegates.
They are scheduled to arrive in Washington at 1:35 to
morrow afternoon.
Plans for departure of the mediators and delegates
were upset by the postponement, but the State Department
planned to arrange a new itinerary.
State Department officials insisted there are no hidden
reasons for the postponement, but claim that it arose solely
from a desire on the part of the Spanish ambassador and'
others to entertain the Huerta delegates in Washington.
Arrangements may now be made for a special train to
convey the entire mediation party to .Niagara Falls.
At today's Cabinet session the Mexican situation was
i discussed at very great length. The gravity of conditions'
j resulting trom the lack of
Silliman and Orderly Parks was admitted, but the matter
was left to the State 'nd War DeHEtaSflls
Helped Arrange New Haven Dis
solution Will Resume Pri
vate Practice.
Assistant Attorney General Jesse C.
Adkins. who was Iargel- Instrumental
In arranging the terms of the dissolu
tion of the New Haven railroad and its
subsidiaries, has resigned his office.
1 Attorney General McReynolds has
' specially
retained Mr. Adkins to con
tinue 'n the New Haven case until the
details of the dissolution are worked
out. and in to other anti-trust suits,
one against the American Can Com
pany and the other against the Corn
Proaucts Company.
Mr. Adkins will resume the practice
I of law in Washington. In which he was
eiigngeu D.iorc Joining tne Stan or me
Department of Justice
Between i:) and UXS. Mr Adkins was
Assistant ''nitcd States Utbrney for
the District, and participated in the
trial oi a number of cases of local in-
terest. Among these was the so-called
cotton leak case. Imolving the prose u-
tjon of u former official of the Depart-
m,.Ilt r Heiilture becaust. of hu pre-
n)atllr ,l,sc'osiire of crop repor!3 of the
ileii.irtment. Another was the tungsten
lamp ase. which involved the destruc
tion and forger) of Patent Office rec-
1 nn.i v li.-ti tlio fipu .i ili i n .-t 1 i t Inn
I i""-' '" lie tendered his re.sig.ntion
i utorl)t,v c.nu-riX McP.ey.iolds. At
. r.)uest of the Utoine General.
iiovv ev er, n" remiineti in oliiie to con-
. ,i,.t tile N'evv Haven negotiati.ins. with
j which Ii vas famdiar
Mr Adkns is f irt-t.ve vears old is
man led. -ind is 1 mem'.ei of tne Cos-
, nu m(, , -a.4VjVrv. ,.,,,,,
, T,rp pnct PnntainS
' - 1
Take Oath of Office
Tin.. - w :.oli-.- .- mtains and other
I Int
otlv pr limit,
olMc- as "
.1 oiT'c rs w er sw orn
'to.- :1ih men ng by
i;dv ir IS 'le...... .'lii.x" oler ..
T.,. ,,.. oif,,.., th. , , ill d in -i wl
I at the nit i
'tiin.ir?iii. l -'iildot's
' v Ii mis '. ni-r il sti.
Vlslo i of t'i Po
r their respects.
hie I 'eiiitiluiciit. to "a-
X.I s.t,k'i mini, i s'i
a.i lr. ss
1 lie " .l.l.lls men'
and hi ljes
in t ic
I force ineu'eiit t :h- promoti ms
. w n-
r,imll , , m The Tunc lsst
IlllltV. In.'-
i a: i iarie i
III lnr e of the '
sev.-r -.1 ears t- i
, M ) )'I1). PI' "I'll .or
I sume.l ...
miin.l of Mi" Mis) .-nil
hu-b .iii.ru s the hiiMiii s stn.n of
thf lit Cii'i'. I! Z lvl who vi as J
transferred fiom No " to .. is -)-Iievi'l
-f 'Mount M !u C'M.ta'.i liidgel
w .11 tii.e his pl.-i- I
Addressee Flown Away, i
lilMtl.IN. Ma 1. - iilegrain r,t to
lln r Spii ii .n in avi-itor at Prague,
was utiiriif.l to the s. ulei '. the j.os
tnl nmhutittr.s with fi) up to the minute-mark
Addrcase flown awa."
Wednesday Granted
knowledge regarding Consul
Secretary of State Bryan lold the
Cabinet that the Huerta envoys had'
sent word to the mediators that there
were a number of matters they desired
to confer upon amonff themselves be
fore joining the other conferees. "YvThHo
the ostensible excuse was the loni;
journey and the difficulty of close
railroad connections, it was believed
that the Huerta representatives are far
from being a unit as to what they can
or cannot do.
Mr. Bryan told the Cabinet that the
mediators themselves vvc-e not quite
clear as to the position of the Huerta,
The Cabinet considered the request
of Read Admirals Badger and Mayo
concerning' what action this Govern
ment should take if the Huerta gun
boats declare a blockade of the nar
bor of Tampico. It was decided to
hold the matter In abeyance until It
was seen Just exactly what was goinr
to happen at Tampico.
On War Basis.
Today's Cabinet meetins again em
phasized the state of preparedness of
the United States forces. The lull of
the las' .hree weeks has been taken
ad. I n . c of to such an extent that
the . . 'is now on an absolute war
basi- . bile the navy is ready for
an . Miopment or any cnaracier.
1:. i ts that the constitutionalists
n . t e represented -it Xiagara r"i
. . :e.ived af'er the Cabi-iet m." tmc
I i .s "iven as ar.of.er reason for
il tpone-re'it ef tl N'.agara Falls
) i acn Mr. Kryan wa !cl
of .ii.s report, he sa.)
-t '.;ive ) know.ed.,)' of such prepo
sition. So fa' as I t.noA-. General Car
inrza may change his original position
thai he nil! not pr.riUipit- irt Ihw m-Jl
at or conferences."
rvspite the Brjan statement bout'i
American diplomats, who tv-e been foi
lov ing the situation. saTS they believed
thft Carranza will have upresentatlves
within call should the mediators find
that Huerta s representatives are will
ing u fail In with a plan to settle th
wnoli M tican trouble at once
Geographic Society Is
Supporting Roosevelt
The National Geographic s-ocut
pllgns itself today with others de
fense of Colonel Roosevelt s claim ol
the discovery of a new r."er i: Sieit'i
America, through its director an. o'
tor of the National Teognphtc Ma!.
7. in-. Gilbert H. Grovenor.
sti"ches and criticism of rintr-r
tl orities were discredited at last night
meeting, and Colonel RooecIt s niu
tleations as an explorer, were high'
eomm ndpd
"hi replv to the numerous inquiries
said Mr Grosvenor "I take pleasure
saving that the office's of the v''oui.
Georapnic Society are reJdv to a ep
i without oik stion anv statement te t
i Colonel Roosevelt mav mike i-eca di g
j lil explorationo and 'liseoverie"
"There is no -nap of the section l r
ipiitlv tr:ieiscd whiih m'lv be cganl
' e.l as e :na, '"'ur iM'tf n i'l- - '
, .. .1- I... .. .....I .1.1 A .Ua 1a
i nil., r iliieresi ami i.i.i,,i,.r'.ii .e vi.
I t !.; Mvtm-l of h,s ,'lseoveries .-tlnl oli-
I ..,:. . .,.! l.. tl,..ad nr frhA t
men who issisted him'
M-.vvi r
Met t li'lll''
'etttsla'ive bill i .). t-il 5lilJ-' j'
Iowa ne 1-) re-U'rei1
Interstate C.o'itrerce Cnnmli
n-eets TrilM: bill cvnsMert.l
ena'e I si iet Coi.imitti .- holds brie I
mpptlri.. but irunsti-ts no b slness.
Canal bill up for further discussion.

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