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jnd by the Lady Evelyn, a mail tender stationed at
Tather Point. They put out at once full steam ahead
and rushed to the sinking giant's aid.
As the dawn came the government steamer Eure
ka and a coal steamer could be seen in the distance,
but there was no trace of the Empress. The Eureka
seemed to be the center of a fleet of lifeboats.
Wireless messages to Father Point declared 350
persons were saved by the Canadian government
steamers which rushed to the rescue of the Empress.
It is believed that at least seventy besides the 350
m the government steamerwere saved, either picked
jp from the water or taken from life rafts. The 350
survivors were landed at Rimouski by the Canadian
government boats Lady Evelyn and Eureka, which
raced to the rescue from here.
Under command of Captain Kendall, who is a lieu
tenant of the British Royal Naval Reserve, the Empress of
Ireland left Quebec at 4:20 p. m. yesterday for Liverpool.
The Empress of Ireland was built in 1906. She was a
twin screw steamer, 548 feet long, with all modern equip
ment, including wireless and submarine signaling systems.
The steamer Storstad, Captain Anderson, is a vessel
of 3,561 tons register, built for the coal trade, and is capa
ble of carrying 7,000 tons dead weight She has been en
gaged for some time carrying coal between Sydney, Que
bec, and Montreal. She would have a crew of about forty
eight men. She was due to arrive in Quebec about noon
Reports from the London office of the Canadian Pa
cific railway say the Empress of Ireland carried 990 passen
gers, and a crew of 432 officers and men.
On board the Empress was a contingent of Salvation
Army members bound forthe international convention in
Last reports declare 420 had been rescued by the Eve
lyn, the Eureka, and the Tourke, the latter also a Canadian
government steamer. This would indicate that 1,002 had
FATHER POINT, Quebec, May 29. With her Bow
badly smashed in where she collided with the Empress, the
Storstad passed this point, bound up river, shortly after
daylight. The collier wirelessed as she passed that she was
taking survivors and bodies to port. Names of the dead or
the number of those lost and saved were not given.
The Storstad's wireless read:
, "We are compelled to proceed slowly on account
of damages sustained invthe collision. The Empress
of Ireland was so badly rammed that she sank in about
nineteen minutes. A big hole was cut under her water
i Ui Ui
Daniel S. Willard Questioned
Concerning Millions Used to
Acquire C. H. & D.
The searchlight -which revealed the
looting of the New Haven wa tume.1
on the Baltimore and Ohio today when
the Interstate Commerce Commission
began inquiry Into the taking over of
the Cincinnati'. Hamilton and Dayton
railroad by the Baltimore and Ohio.
lanlel S. Willard, president of the
Baltimore and Ohio, was the first -witness
to take the stand. Questioning by
Louis D. Brandels. special counsel of
the Interstate Commerce Commission,
brought out that the Baltimore and
Ohio, in taking over the Cincinnati.
Hamilton and Dayton from J. P. Mor
gan & Co. In 1909. obligated Itself to
guarantee J24.000.00O bonds, bound itself
to guarantee J20.000.000 In Decem!,!;:E:
1S15 and agreed to purchase M.ww
shares. 74.000 of which were held ly
Morgan, at whatever price should be
decided by arbitration.
Annual Deficit Grows.
Up to May 27. 1914. the Baltimore and
Ohio had advanced J21.9S9.000 to the Cin
cinnati. Hamilton and Dayton on de
mand. In the face of this, the annual
deficit of the Cincinnati. .Hamilton and
Dyion Increased from $720,000 In 1909 to
J2.CO.000 for the ten months ending
April SO.,1914.
Woeful lack of equipment ofthe Cin
cinnati. Hamilton and Dayton was also
brought out by the fact 'that It was
necessary to spend J1.C00.000 a year for
nirmg equipment.
"As matters stand today,'
' Willard In-
NEW YORK. May 29. Chcrles Becker.
former New York police lieutenant and
nee "czar or the tenderloin," was sen-
enced to death today for the second
ime for procuring the murder of Her-
Tian Rosenthal, a gambler, who threat-
-ned to "squeal" on Becker's grafting
operations. Becker was sentenced to die
n the electric chair at Sing Sing In
'he week beginning July 1.
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overies. Read this:
305 "W. Thirty-sixth St , New York.
"Gentlemen: Since I was a. lery youns
woman I was a sufferer from Bronchitis. I
rled doctor after doctor, setting little or no
benefit Finally I had night weau, weak
pell and lost rapidly In weight and my doc
or told me if they were not checked I would
me Consumption. Miss Mary Korhamer.
bo Is a friend of mine, recovered after tak
Ioe your Altera tile, and insisted that I try
It I am now. after two years, perfectly
ell, strong and healthv " (Abbreviated.)
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Rich Planter Charged
With Poisoning Rival
MOBILE, Ala.. May 29. Walton How
ell, wealthy planter, was arrested to
day charged with giving poisoned cider
to Charles Harvard. Both are reported
to be in love with the same girl.
Harvard will die.
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T s T T T T T.
Hk irfft JSk
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hot -weather discom
forts from your home.
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409 11th St. Main 3410
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n-n-i 1 1 n n i-j-i ; i ; 1 1 1 1 1 ; i ; h-h-h-h-n-i 1 1 ; n 1 1 1 1 i h
slsted, however, "I feel the BalUmoro
and Ohio has been thoroughly Justified
In the advance It has made.
"Whllo the results have not coma up
to the original expectations,, and havo
so far been disappointing, I believe that
with tho growth of business and provi
sion of new and better facilities the
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton might
become self-supporting and because of
the large Interchange of ciulnana Be
tween the Baltimore rfl OHo m OU
Cincinnati. HanUlW?t oSto. Which
will continue t MTKVqulsltion
will ultinnUly fceliatuWi by results."
"WillaSd explained how, in Mil, It be
came Advisable to sell the Pens Mar
quette stock. 40. per cent of which had
been owned by the Cincinnati. Hamilton
and Dayton. This stock was sold to J.
P. Morgan & Co for S.!,S30.0Qit, payable
December 1. 1316, tha Baltimore and
Ohio agreolng that tho minimum price
on Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
should not be less than this sum.
Brandels expects to show that If the
Baltimore and Ohio were not drained by
holding up the Cincinnati. Hamilton and
Dayton it would not be in need of the
Siper cent rate lncreaso as It claims.
Mellen Will Testify
Again Next Wednesday
Charles S. Mellen will return to the
vitness stand Wednesday In the Inter
state Commerce Commission's investi
gation of the New Haven to repeat tes
timony ho gave nt New Haven yester
day In tho hearing for rscetvsrshlp of
the Metropolitan Steamship Company
The first witnesses to take the stand
when the prohe Is resumed Wednesday
probably will be th. examiners whn nm
now lnvestigatlric; thj New Haven books !
ui . x. aiiuinoij ti v.u. Aiicy- are ex
pected 'to huve ready a partial report
by that time.
William H. Holmes, private secretary
fo Commissioner, Slddons... will leave
Washington on a vacation Monday. He
Is going to New Orleans for about threo
weeks. William P. Meyers, the assis
tant secretary to the Board of Commis
sioners, will perform the duties of ibis
First Formal. Objection to Tri
ennial Assessment Made by
D. W..O'Donoghue.
The first formal protest against the
legality of the triennial assessment of
real estate In the District was made
today to Assessor William I. Richards.
It came from Danlil W. .CDonoghue,
an attorney, who took exception to
the rate at which his property had
been assessed and contended that un
der the decision of the Court of Ap
peals In the Kalbfus case, the board
that made the assessment was not
legally constituted. Mr. O'Donoghuo
entered an appeal from the Increased
rate of assessment on his property
Assessor Richards maintains that the
work of the assessors cannot be suc
cessfully challenged. He states that
anticipating the possibility of such a
situation, he has gone to unusual pains
to Insure a working majority of as
sessors. Irrespective of the presence of
E. W. Oyster, and that as a conse
quence whether or not Mr. Oyster had
a right to serve as a member of the
Board of Assistant Assessors the hoard
was qualified, according to law, to
transact business.
Attorneys are prepared to cite many
decisions Ip which It has been held that
the presence upon a board of assessors
of a single member who has not prop
erly qualified Invalidates the entire
work of tho board.
Another protest, written upon elegant
paper with a heavy Mark border. staTed
that after years' of taxpavlmr the pe
titioner wanted to ask If Mr. Rich
ards could not find some manner of ex
empting her property from further tax
ation, as "I am so tired of paying
Former Secretary ,of Y. M. C. A.'
Must Serve Two and One
half Years, Says Gould.
Charles N. -.Chase; t former business
secretary of the T. M. C. A., who
plcnded guilty to a charge of embezzling
J 10.000 from the association, 'was sen
tenced by Justice Gould today to serve
two years and a half in the peniten
Attorney John E. Laskey. counsel for
the defendant, made a strong- aJea for
leniency for his client; and urged that
he be placed on probation. He said
Chase had a position In New York olty
and was anxious to make amends for
the vcrontr he had committed.
"I cannot conscientiously place this
man on probation, declared Justice
Could. "I must Impose a sentence as a
safeguard to -institutions, ox mis. xina,
and also as a warning to persons hold
ing slmjlar'posjtlons."
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The forecast for th District of Co
lumbia Probibly -cloudy tonight and
continued warm.
Maryland Partly cloudv tonlcht and
Saturday, continued warm; moderate
east winds- becoming west. '
""VlrRfnla Partly cloudy tonight and
Saturday,- continued warm; moderate
east winds, becoming west
The temperature today as Mastered
at the United States Weather Bureau
and Affleck's:
S a. m 71
9 a. m 72
:0 a. m 74 j
11 a. m. . 76 I
12 noon 77 I
1 p. m. 79
- p. m SO I
8 a. m, ,...'. 7S
9 a. m S3
10 a. m g
u a. m. ....;.. pi
13 noon SO
1 p. m. Pi
2 p. m. Si
High tide 10:fZ a. m. and 31:32 p. m.
Low tide 4&5 a. m. and 5:13 n. ni.
Sun rises 4:10 Sun sets 7:15
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