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Vaughan Class to Pay
Tribute to Founder
As a tribute to the memory ot tif
late Francis W. Vaughan. founder of
tho Vaughan class of Cavalry Baptist.
Scnday school, the men of the cjasa
will gather tomorrow morning In. Rocic
Creek Cemetery, where a simple servics
will be held In his honor by Dr. IL C,
McNeil, after which the grave wfll b
decorsted with Hower. Mr. Vanghsj
was a veteran of tho cMI war.
Sen. Natera in Message Dated
May 26 Said He Was Sur
rounding the Town.
- r -
W H HANll.:
rT'RANGO. Mexico. May 29. The City
f Zacatecas may now be In the hands
f the constitutionalists, acconl'njj to
ciorts received today from General
v'atera, dated May 2s, and delayed in
On Monday Gen. Alberto Torres,
whose rebels moved over to Zacatecas
!rom San Luis Potosl, captured the
Saterworks and several other important
juipusts. driving the garrison into the
:uy itself.
Natera expressed a fear that the fed
.rals might evacuate before he had time
a surround the city and render escape
mpossible. He hoped to have a force
lufficlently strong between Zacatecas
ind A?uas CaJtentes to cut off flight in
hat direction.
Uen. Venustlano Carranza is on his
vay to Zacatecas, escorted by constl
utionallsts under Gen. Domingo Arrl
.ta. He will effect a Junction at Canltas
rlth Villa's advance guard.
An Important engagement was fought
Sunday at FresnIHo, twenty miles south
f Canltas, the federals losing heavily.
Roster of the Salvation
Army Delegates Aboard
MONTREAL. Quebec. May 29. The
following- were the Salvation Army
delegation bound for the London
World's Convention, who were pas
sengers aboard the Empress of Ire
land: Commissioner and Mrs. KHES, To
ronto. Field Secretary COl") GASKTN and
Mrs. G A SKIN.
Adjutant KECKSTED. Grace Hos
pital, "VVinnlperg-.
Brigadier SCOTT POTTER, financial
lecretary. Toronto.
Brigadier WALKER, editor of the
Canadian War Cry. Toronto.
Major DAVID CRE-IGHTON, of the
Immigration department, and Mrs.
Major and Mrs. FINPLAT. Winni
peg. Major HOWELL, manager of the
srlnting department, and Mrs. HOW
ELL, Tcionto.
Major TTJRTTN, manager of the
trade department. Toronto
Major FRANK MORRIS, divisional
commander, London.
Staff Captain ARTHlTR MORRIS
Staff Captain McAMMOND, Winnipeg-.
Staff Captain HATHS. Temple
dorps, Tortnto.
Staff Cf.ptaln GOODWIN. Ottawa.
Adjutant BRICE, matron, rescue
home. Hamilton.
Adjutant EDWARDS. Ottawa.
EnrlgTi JONES. Calgary.
Encign PEACOCK. Calgary.
Captain RUTH REES. dauphter of
DommiFrlcner Rees.
Staff Bane, twenty-eight men. offl
:rs from the Toronto headquarters.
Adjutant Samainp and Captain Mc
3 rath were with the bar.d.
Carranza for Mediation,
Barring Internal Affairs
The constitutionalist Junta here ad
nitled that Urquido bore a communica
tion showing Carranza's position on
mediation. This position held that the
rebel chief would not agree to media
tion of Mexico's internal affairs, but
was believed to be favorable In other
Me'nbers of the Junta asserted that
Bryan has received this statement, al
thouch Bryan denied its receipt
In official circles here, Urquido's mls
J on was considered as practically the
final step In mediation.
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IMinfflftWilMfRSSrS I JBBBBBBBBBBBBBal&Wva WmS$rt?4SEr3gm I
S1.35 to Baltimore and Return.
Eviry Saturday and Sunday, Pennsl
ranla Railroad. Tickets good to return
intil 9 a. m. following Monday Advt.
The Norris resolution calling on the
Attorney General for an opinion whether
the New York Central system Is a com
bination in violation of law was dis
cussed at length In the Senate this aft
ernoon. It finally went over until Mon
day without action, and will come up
again then.
Senator Overman moved to refer the
resolution to the Interstate Commerce
Committee as soon as It came up. Sena
tor Norris objected, and said it ought to
be adopted, as it simply called for in
formation. Senator Kern opposed that
part of the resolution calling for a state
ment from the Attorney General
whether he contemplated prosecution.
Senator Weeks thought it unwise to
include in the resolution reference to
the West Shore lease, which was made
in 1SS6, before the interstate commerce
or anti-trust laws against railroad com
binations. Senator Reed made much of the fact
that notice of the existence of the al
leged combination already had been giv
en the Attorney General.
"The purpose of this resolution," said
he, "is nil, unless its purpose is to
Intimate the Attorney General is not
an honest man."
Senator Reed wanted to know if the
Attorney General had not been embar
rassed by the fact that certain wit
nesses had been given, or might be
given, immunity in the New Haven
To this Senator Norris replied -with
emphasis that the Attorney General
"did not have in contemplation any
criminal prosecutions in the New HaVen
"Not only that, "said he, "but I have
a statement from the Attorney General
that there was no criminal prosecution
contemplated., and no violation of a
criminal 'statute of the United States."
Senator Norris resented what he re
garded as an effort of Senator Reed to
Indicate there was partisanship in his
purpose, and he said neither discourtesy
to the Attorney General nor reflection
on him was intended.
Mme. Mountford Tells
Of Biblical Exhibits
A lecture on the Biblical exhibits in
the museum of the new Amurican Uni
versity was delivered by Mme. Lydla. M.
von Finkelstein Mountford, when the
doors of the museum were thrown open
to the public for the first time yester
day. Exhibits in the museum illustrate cus
toms during Bible times. They are
taken from scenes in Palestine and
have been commented on by the fore
most students of the Bible all over th
A national foreign trade council, to
co-ordinate the work and carry for
ward a far-reaching and vigorous cam
paign for Increased oversea commerce
is soon to be created by the National
Foreign Trade Convention.
One of the features of this cam
paign will be a movement for the re
moval and withholding of restrictions
against combinations in the foreign
trade, as distinguished from domestic
commerce. Popular approval of such a
course is to be frankly sought.
This was the action taken at the
concluding session of the National For
eign Trade Convention at the Raleigh
yesterday in resolutions, other sections
of which pledged the convention's sup
port to measures necessary to Increase
the efficiency of the consular and dip
lomatic services; indorsed increased ap
propriations for the trade promotion
functions of the Department of Com
merce, and the establishment of com
mercial attaches; favored the upbuild
ing of an American merchant marine,
and approved the manufacturing cen
sus ordered to be taken this year, and
urged manufacturers to co-operate.
Reciprocity Is Urged.
President Wilson, in another resolu
tion, was urged to negotiate reciprocity
treaties for the extension of foreign
The National Trade Council of thirty
memoera win De appoimea oy AiDa .
Johnson, head of the Baldwin Loco
motive Works of Philadelphia, and pres
ident 01 the trade convention, im
mediately after selection the council
members will meet and start at once-
on the plan of developing a national for
eign trade policy. Efforts will be made"to
Interest the United States Government,
the Pan-American Union, the American
Asiatic interests, the American Manu
facturers' association, and the Cham
ber of Commerce of the United States
In -Aha schemerto defend existing tom-
rmerce againt the highly energized
campaigns of European and Asiatic na
tions. The council also Is empowered
to call another national foreign trade
convention to take further advance
stps In the stabilization of American
Strong Pleas For Trade.
Aside from the resolutions, the ses
sions were notable for the vigor of the
discussion of perils and opportunities
confronting American foreign trade.
Nearly every speaker laid stress on the
value of Increased foreign trade to na
tional prosperity. The papers and dis
cussions brought out strong pleas for
the establishment of American banks
abroad, American Investment In foreign
lands as a "puller" for American trade,
and the Imperative needs of American
ships to carry American goods.
Approbation of the tariff and cur
rency laws was expressed, but some
speakers discouraged the extension of
the anti-trust laws to foreign commerce
on the ground that it would hamper
American Industry abroad.
1 -daE
Inspect Decoration Day or Sunday
START right in today! Strike off the shackles that have meant
monthly tribute to the landlord. OWN YOUR OWN HOME
AND PAY RENT TO YOURSELF. The opportunity is right
Beautiful Colonial Homes
731-733-735 12th Street S.E.
These homes contain six rooms and tile bath.
Concrete cellar under entire house. Front and
rear entrance. Furnace. Lot 17x117 feet to 30
foot alley, paved. One house sold during con
Price, $3,750
Terms, $300 Balance Monthly
I314F6T.N.W qr7ih.ANDHST5.JLE.
- M r H
- --. - is"---., &7JKffl
So-Called Exemption Clause o',
Trust Bill Due to Be Voted
Upon Late.
The provisions of the anti-trust bill
relating to labor will be reached by the
House late today, and a lively fight is
expected over the so-called "exemption"
of the labor unions. Opinion Is still
divided regarding the meaning of the
,language of the bill affecting labor
unions, certain members contending
that It would place the unions above
the law, others Insisting that It gives
labor no rleht a., except to organize and
exist, ami that It does not sanction.
breaking of thesherman law.
Comparatively slow progress was
made on the bill yesterday and Sam
uel Oompers and other representatives
of the American Federation of Labor
who came to the galleries to watch the
fight over the labor sections went away
disappointed. They probably will be on
hand when the provisions ure reached
later today.
Western States Call
For 85,000 Farm Hands
Tho wheat fields of Oklahoma. Kan
sas, and Missouri must have S5.000 men
to harvest the crop, according to a
requisition for men received by the De
partment of Iabor. Harvest will begin
about June 15 and will continue for four
months. The wages range from $2 to
J3.50 a day. Secretary Redfleld expects
the States of Minnesota and the Da
kota! to require the same number of
men to harvest the wheat crop.
W. N. Carlton, of Chicago, to
Address Delegates at To
day's Conference Session.
Power. St. Louis. Trustees of en
dowment fund W. W. Appleton, New
York, and M. Taylor Pyne. Princeton,
N J.
Last night the delegates were enter
tained at a dance at the New Wlllard.
.The organization of a national bu
reau of information to furnish to the
public Information as to all things mu
nicipal was approved, and the matter
referred to a committee composed of
John C. Dana. New Torki H. E.'Flack.
Baltimore: J. A. Lacn. Indlnnaoollii- S.
LH. Ranck, Detroit, and B. H. Camp-
Den, xiew I one
Officers of the Special Libraries Asso
claUon were elected for the coming year
as follows: President. R. H. Johnson.
Washington: vice president. Miss E. V.
Dobbins. New York, and secretary
treasurer. Guy E. Marlon. Boston.
"With tonight's session of the execu
tive board the thirty-sixth annual con
ference of the American Library Asso
ciation will close the most successful
and Interesting meeting In Its history.
This afternoon there will be a con
ference session at Continental Memorial
Hall. "VV. N. Carlton, librarian of New
berry Library, Chicago, -wIH address
the delegates on "Prcstlgo" of library
sxd literary work; Miss Agnes Van
Valkenburgh, Instructor in the library
school of the New York Public Li
brary, will read extracts from bost sell
ers, with an idea of Impressing upon
her audience the foolishness which Is
so noticeable In recent popular fiction.
MIsb Van Valkenburgh Is a critic of
standing, and her talk Is looked forward
to with Interest. At the conclusion of
Miss Van Valkenburgh's addreai the
unfinished business of the conference
will be cleared up, reports of the reso
lutions committee read and election
tellers will report to the assembled li
brarians. At the meeting last night the as
sociation held its annual election of
officers. There was no opposition to
the slate us selected by the caucus,
which follows: President. H. C. "Well
man, Springtield, Mass.; first vice pres
ident. V. N. C. Carlton. Chicago; sec
ond vice president, Macy L. Tltcomb,
Hageretown, Md. Executive board
J. T. Jennings. Seattle. Wash.: Mary
W. Plummer. New York. Members of
the council Adam Strohm, Detroit,
Mich.; W. R. Watson, Albany. N. Y.;
Corrlne Bacon. Philadelphia; Andrew
Keogh, Ne"w Haven. Conn.; Eflle L.
Get ounce of bold-sulphur
cream and heal Eczema
eruptions right. up.
For years, common bold-sulphur has
occupied a secure position In the treat
ment' of cutaneous affections, by reason
of Its parasite-destroying property. It Is
not only parasltbldal, but also antipru
ritic, antiseptic, and remarkably heal
ing in Irritable and Inflammatory con
ditions of the skin.
The moment you apply It to an Itch
ing or broken out skin the Itching stops
and the healing begins, says a noted
dermatologist. Just common bold-sulphur
made Into a thick cream effects
such prompt and remarkable results,
even In aggravated Eczema, that It Is
a never-ending source of amazement to
While not always establishing af per
manent cure, it never falls to subdue
the angry Itching and Irritation and heal
the Eczema right up. and It Is often
years later before any eruption again
appears on the skin.
Any good pharmacist will supply an
ounce of bold-sulphur cream, which
should be applied to the Irritated or In
flamed parts, like the ordinary cold
creams. It Isn't unpleasant, and the
prompt relief afforded is very welcome,
particularly when the eruption Is ac
companied with Itching. Advt.
"The Beat Suburb of
the National Capital"
Office of Ut
Chery Class Circle
Thomas J. Fisher &
PH9NES: CO., IllC.
Main Office - - Main 6830 General Sales Agent,
Branch Office - - Clev. 98 ' 738 15th St. N. W.
bshsss s i s ssssssssss m nm j ii i iiiii
You probably know, in a
general way, what advantages
Chevy Chase offers to the
prospective home builder.
But have you ever taken the
time to make a personal in
spection? This is all we ask.
We know that such an in
spection will convince you
beyond doubt that Chevy
Chase is the place for your
home. Go out tomorrow or
next day.
Take tablespoonful of Salts if
Back hurts or Bladder
We are a nation of meat eaters
our blood Is filled with uric acid, sam
well-known authority, who warns ns't
be constantly on guard against kter
The kidneys do their utmost to firs
the blood of this Irritating add, tat
become weak from the overwork: tfcey
get sluggish; the ellmlsatrre Umbo
clog, and thus the waste s retains Is
the,blood to poison the entire system.
When your kidneys ache and feel lfiM
lumps of lead, and ydu have stlaglac
pains In the back or the urine Is ckroay,
full of sediment, or the bladder Is Irrit
able, obliging you to seek relief durtC
the night: when you have severs head
aches, nervous and dlzsy spells, !
lessness, acid stomach or rheumatism m,
bad weather, get from your Pharma
cist about four ounces of Jad Salts:
take a tablespoonful la A glass of watsr
few days your kidneys will act fin.
before breakfast each morning; and la a
This famous salts Is made from the ad
of grapes and lemon julc. combined
with Uthia, and has been .used for
eratlons to flush and stimulate" clogged
kidneys, to neutralise tne acids in una
so it Is no longer a source of Irritatloa,
thus ending urinary- and bladder dlt
Jd Salts Is Inexpensive and canaet
Injure; makes a delightful effervescent
llthla-water drink, and nobody eaa
make a mistake by taking a little oc
casionally to keep the .kidneys clema
and active. Jad Salts Co.. New York.
Agent. O'Donnell's Drug Store-Advt.
Little House Talks
There may be other houses as well built as these, but
we haven't seen them yet.
Sample House, 3809 Fifth St N. W.
Take 9th street car to Georgia avenue and Rock Creek
Church road, walk three blocks east Delightful location.
There will be no assessments, regular or special,
on these properties. Ten foot alley, side and rear,
paved at our expense. Price includes INSTANTAN
8 Rooms and Bath
Wall Paper Covers a Multitude of Sins
and Omissions
We can't tell you a great deal in one little "ad," so talk
to. friends of yours who own a home bought from a Specula
tive Builder. Ask Them What Troubles and Expense
They've Had then you will know what to avoid and what
to demand.
Open all the time. Lighted evenings. If you want the
auto after 5 p. m. call Col. 3900; during the day M'. 403J.
A.C.Moses Construction Co.
916 New .York Ave. N. W.
Free! Free! Free!
One of Our House and Lot Bargains
Will Be Given Free at Our
In the Gretta Addition to Riverdale on
From 2:30 to 6 P. M.
1 Fn addition to the free house and lot offer, One Share of
Sfock in the Gretta Electric Railroad carrying the purchasers
to the sale will be given FREE to the First Twenty Pur
chasers paying S5o on account of the purchase of lots on
thi dav of sale.
The Gretta Addition to Riverdale is immediately on one
electric line, within ten minutes of another, and is convenient
to schools, churches, and stores; one can have gas, electric
ligh's, and modern city conveniences combined with the
advantages of country air and surroundings.
Free Special Cars will leave 15 th and H streets N. E. at
2 p. m direct to the grounds.
THOMAS J. OWEN & SON, Auctioneer,
For Particulars See JAMES A. DULANEY, Sales Manager,
820-821 Riggs Building.

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