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"Xr Tom Wilson Is Name of Galveston Catcher Kahoe Obtained ,
i i J
-SaoaY-SiJT B8&r 6?V ' I DOCA1BRS "R(X0
Griffmen's Eagle-Eyed Scout Se
lects Youngster From Gal
veston for a Trial.
Bush Leaguer Said to Be Well
Proportioned Physically and
' Has a Real Chance.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 23. Man
ager Griffith today received a com
plete report on the catcher whose
signing was reported yesterday. Ho
is Tom Wilson of the Galveston club,
and, according to scout Kahoe, he
ir one of the greatest throwers in
baseball. Twenty-two years eld,
Wiison is well porportioned physi
cally and looks to have a chance to
make good.
The morning showers have en
tirely stopped and bright skies this
afternoon appear to assure the final
game here.
Baseball Standings
Standing of Clubs.
L . , , "W. L. Pet. U'ia.Lose.
Philadelphia... 53 32 .635 .640 .62$
B?ton 51 40 .60 .561 .554
WABHtNTX. 8 a .5S9 Xt ila
?,etJ0,t. ' -511 .516 .506
Stl'OUis 45 44 .50$ .511 .500
Chicago 45 .505 .511 .Hi
w York... .57 51 .420 .129 .416
Cleveland 29 a .322 .330 .319
Today's Games.
waahlnrton at St. Loui.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
Boston at Cleveland.
New York at Chicago.
Tomorrow's Games.
Washington at Detroit.
Philadelphia at St Louie.
Boston at Chicago.
New York at Cleveland.
Yesterday's Resulcs.
Washington. 7, St. Louis. 6
Boston. 3; Cleveland. 0
New York. 5; Chicago. 0.
Philadelphia. 8. Detroit. 3.
' PE$nm hMno' makes S y
Standing of Clubs.
W. I Pet. Win. Lose.
: . El S3 .607 .612 .600
51 38 .573 .67S .567
50 42 .543 .549 T3
41 45 .477 4S3 .471
41 4S 461 .467 .456
Ma. 39 47 .43 .460 448
l 38 47 .447 .453 .442
N'sw Tork
St. Louis
Today's Games.
Chicago at Boston.
Cincinnati at BrookUn
Pittsburgh at New York.
St Louis at Philadelphia.
Tomorrow's Games.
Chicago at Boston.
Cincinnati at Brookln.
Pittsburgh at New York.
St. Louis at Philadelphia.
Yesterday's Results.
Boston. 6, Chicago. 3
Pittsburgh. 3, New York. 1
SL Louis. 9. Philadelphia. 4
St. Louis. 0. Philadelphia. 2.
Cincinnati. 6, Brooklyn. 5.
Standing of Clubs.
W. L. Pet. Win. Lose.
Chicago . 51 3S .573 .578 .567
Baltimore . . 47 39 .547 .552 5J1
Brooklyn 44 3S .537 Hi 530
Indianapolis. 4$ 40 .535 541 529
Buffalo . 42 42 .500 .50 .431
Kansas City . 42 49 .462 .467 .457
.St Louis C6 47 434 .440 429
Pittsburgh 38 53 .418 .424 413
Today's Games.
Indianapolis at Baltimore.
EL Louis at Brooklyn.
Chicago at Buffalo
Kansas City at Pittsburgh.
Tomorrow's Games.
Indianapolis at Baltimore
St Louis at Brooklyn.
Chicago at Buffalo
Kansas City at Pittsburgh.
Yesterday's Results.
Kansas City, 2. Pittsburgh. 1.
St. Louis. i; Brooklyn, 2
Buffalo. 7; Chicago, 2.
Indianapolis, 6; Baltimore, 2.
International League.
Buffalo, 6, Jersey City, 5.
Newark ; Toronto. 2.
Rochester, 3, Providence. 2.
Montreal, 4: Baltimore. 3.
Virginia League.
Newport News. S: Roanoke, a
Fetertburf, 6: Norfolk. 0.
New York State League.
Eurham. 1, Greerubora. 1 (12 m
nlntrs. Atheville, 7 Winston Salem, 1.
4bYUIc, 3; Winston Salem. 0.
crffik-2 m Biyft.g
Wrangling, Bickering, and Com
plaining Mark Win Over
Brownies Yesterday.
ST. LOUIS. July 28. Today the Na
tionals have a comparatively B&fe hold
on third place, and that St. Louis is
not in the first division Is due to the
setback meted out in that thirteen In
ning game of yesterday.
While tlie game u-nt most stub
bornly fought from the outset It was
marred in the extreme by consistent,
persistent, and tiresome wrangling,
bickering and complaining, both ildes
somewhat at fault. Of course, whin
there are extra innings it 1 to be
expected that the time will stretch.
But when a contest i scheduled to
start at S..40 and tne clock shovB
6:45 at the linish. there is more than
real baseball to blame far the exten
sion. The first real row came when Grif
fith decided to take Engei out. Henry
had complained that his right hand
t-aa injured, and while he and A in
smith were exchanging places Walter
Johnson was sent out to warm up.
This seemed to peeve Connolly, but
when the move was finally made to put
Johnson in, the umpire was all over
the field trying to drive the Grlffmen
into action. They were defiant to the
point where Schaefer was chased off
the diamond, and in a later Inning he
was Joined in his exile bv Altrock who.
Connolly decreed, was altogether too
noisy, although from the stand it could
not be seen that the coaching was ex
ceeding the usual bounds. Connolly
was constantly trying to quiet com
plaints from Griffith, and finally threat
ened to eliminate the Washington man
ager. The Nationals have always been con
sidered one of the most popular teams
on the road in baseball. Yesterday they
ert Jeered.
But the fault was not entirely with
the Grin's. Before half of the game
had been played, Mitchell became so
exasperated at Connolly that he used
unconventional language to the point
where he was waived from the park.
Later the Browns attempted to ring
In a new ball on the Nationals. This
precipitated another row. In which
members of both teams Joined, and was
not ended until the umpire had thrown
the ball out of play.
Such dilatory tactics as both teams
engaged In yesterday are of the sort
that are calculated to Dnns smiles to
the faces of those who are working for
the interest of the Federal League and
other evidences of the apparent de
termination of some organized baseball
people to have the public become even
more disgusted with the present con
duct of affairs The crowd hooted and
hissed yesterday, and there was no
legitimate reason why Sportsmen's Park
should not have been cleared of the
throng long before 6 45.
A peculiar feature of the thirteen
innlng engagement was that th,e Na
tionals used three pitchers who had
worked the previous day. Joe Engei
started, was wild, and tfte usual result
followed. He donated two bases on
balls to the St. Louis cause, and when
he was forced to put It over they clout
ed It for four hits, the sum total for
the time he lerformed being three runs.
Thl number vnw" thine lin fnr th
Nationals had gotten away so well that'
they haa thrice scored In their half of
the opener.
After the Browns had caught up,
Johnson went In to relieve Engei. Dur
'ng the preliminary practice Johnson
had been chasing flies all over the out
field, as he did not expect to be callod
upon to twirl. He did not have suffi
cient time to prepare himself when he
was rushed out. and was drenched In
perspiration when lie took his place In
the center of the diamond. He got by
Ith what remained or the lirat Inning
and went through the second In good
order, but in the third he commenced
to palpably weaken, and a brace or
bases on balls, together with three hits,
gave St. Louis two tallies In the fourth.
He fairly slagged through the fifth and
sixth, and finally became so wobbly
Ayers was placed In the box.
Ayers practically duplicated his feat
of Sunday, and had he received the
proper support, extra sessions would
not have been required. The Qrlffmen
finished their half of the ninth with a
one-run lead, but when the Browns'
chance came, Connolly, against the
strenuous protests of the Waehlngton
lans. sent a batter down, claiming that
he had been nit by a pitched bait.
The runner stole, and In the attempt
to stop him at second Alnimlth threw
into center, and the man on the bag
continued to third. Then came a
bounder to McBrlde which took a wild
hop Just as It was about to be handled,
and the even count was recorded.
As Ainsmlth was the villain in the
ninth, he was the joint hero with Mc
Brlde in the thirteenth. The captain
winJed out a trials with two gone, and
0 1
Hbward.Jb. 41it0
Shanks.cf .
Morgan. 2b..
Henry.c. .
Ainsmlth. c.
Ennel.p.. .
John son, p..
Ayer.p ....
4 2
2 IS
anotien.cr.. & 3 1
PntUZb S
2 0
1 3
1 3
0 Leary.lb...
0 Wllllams.rf 6
0 Wallaces. 3
2 1
itumier.... 1 0
0 Aimew.c ..SO
o lvalue eu.p 1 o
Hamilton.? 2 1
tE."Walker. 1 0
Leverenz.p. 1 0
Totals... 48 U 39 19
0 1
Totals... 4S 12 39 19 3
Batted for Wallace In eighth.
t Bit ted for Hamilton In ninth.
Washington 300 ZOO 000 000 17
St. Louis ... . 300 200 001 000 06
Runs Foster (I). M. Mitchell. Gandll, Mc
Brlde. Alnimlth. Johnson. Howard (!). Shot
ten. Pratt. C. Walker. Hamilton. Two-bate
hlta-C. Walker. Shotten. Ainsmlth ) Three-base-hit
McBrlde. Hlts-Oft Engei. 4 in 1-3
inning; off R. Mitchell. 9 in 3 1-3 innings; oft
Johnson. 7 in S 2-3 Innings, oft Hamilton, 2 In
S2-3 innings: on Avers, 1 In Innings; oil
Lcverenz, 3 in 4 Innings. Sacrlflcehlts Shanks,
Gandll, M. Mitchell. Sacrifice fly Gandll.
Stolen base Howard. Double play Lcverenz
to Leary to Howard. Left on bases Wash
ington, 8: St Louis, 7. First base on balls
Off Engei. 2; off R. Mitchell. 2: off Johnson.
1. Hit by pitcher By Ayers, 1. Struck out
By Mitchell. 1; by Johnson, 3: bv Hamilton.
2; by Ayers. S. Umpires Mrrsrs Connolly snd
Dlneen Time of game 3 hours and 10 min
utes Ainsmlth came through with a single
that decided the long struggle.
The Nationals were forced to use
seven pitchers in two days, here.
With two Brownies on the paths, and
Clarence Walker up, it looked as though
they might get another run or possibly
two in the fourth. Johnson resorted to
strategy, and Instead of workln? his
hardest simply eased up a floater, and
Walker was so anxious that he made a
vicious swipe at the ball, the result
belne- merelv a swinging bunt, which
was easily handled. It was the last
One alibi offered for the defeat of the
Nationals on Sunday was that they
could not hit because of a number of
coatless men In the bleachers in the
line of the batters' vision. What the
St. Louis people are asking Is If this
same crowd moved away from In front
Former Catholic University Star
About to Bind Himself to the
Detroit Tigers.
P.OCHESTKR. N. T., July 10. When
Fralik Navln, part owner and president
of the Detroit American League Club,
was In town last week he hod a lorg
talk with Walter Plpp. the Hustler first
sacker. when Plpp practically agreed to
sign up with the Detroit owner.
Owner Navln has taken a personal in
terest In Walter for a long time, and
the Michigan awatsmlth thlr.ks Mr.
Navln Is about right. Plpp, It Is under
stood, has not signed a Detroit contract
to date, but he will, without doubt,
within a few days.
Pipp came to Rochester In the aprlng
while the team was In Elmlra rn the
spring training trip, on an optional
igreemcnt. Therefore, he wm practl
rallv the property of Detroit. That De
troit would take advantage of their
option has been a foregone oncluslon,
for Walter has been plajing a gilt
edged name on first and has been bust
ing 'em on the nose for S00 all the sea
son. I'p to Thursday he wm swatting
for .309. Plpp will probablv sign a
three-tear contract Ho will remain
with the Hustlers until the ind of the
International season.
Braves Have Record
Of Ten Straight Wins
BOSTON. July 28 -Ten straight vic
tories Is the record or the Boston
Braves in their game with the Chicago
Cubs, ve&terday's game being won bv
the Hub players by figures of 5 to 3.
James started for Boston, but became
III and retired In the second inning In
favor of Rudolph. Boston drov, Cheney
out of the box In the second Inning.
Singles by Devore and Connolly, fol
lowed by a double by Evers, gave the
Braves two runs in tne first In the
fifth Evcrs scored rather with a sin
gle Chicago tied tl.e jicore by bunching
hits In the fifth anJ seventh, only to
low out In the eighth, when Mamn
vllle wns safe in Corrldon's error and
Schmidt wax hit. Poth moved i-p on
Deal's sacrifice, and Maranvllle scored
on Mann's sacrifice fly. Schmidt scored
the Inst run on Gowdy's single. Scorer
Boston :oo 010 n-5 0 2
Chicago 000 (CO 100-3 8 1
Batteries James, Rudolph and
Gowdy; Cheney, Pierce and Breanahan.
Tommy Connolly Drives "Dutch"
Schaefer and Altrock From
the Park After a Scrap.
of the green background when the
Browns were making all their hits.
After he had pitched the first few
balls, Joe Engei was cautioned by
Connolly against his style of delivery.
He corrected the motion, and there waa
pez.ee afterward.
Here's a story printed here on Speed
Elliott, well known in Washington as a.
former University of Virginia athlete,
who was lately coach at Charlottes
ville: . ,.
In the sixth Inning of the game, be
tween the Browns and Nationals, dur
ing an excltine rally bv the St. Louis
team. Speed Elliott, of Boonevllle, who
was sitting in a box, with his coat
thrown over the rail In front of him.
jumped to his feet and cheered wildly.
When he sat down as the Innlne came
to a close, and the Washington nlayers
trooped by In front of his box. he no
ticed some of his visiting cards drop
ping from his coat pocket and fluttering
on to the ball field. He seized his
coat to stop the flight, and missed his
blllfolder containing from J10O to $130.
"Only the Washington players and
two bat boys crossed In front of that
box after my wallet.'' Elliot told a
"You don't suspect any of them, do
you?"' the policeman Inquired.
"Shucks, no." replied Elliott, "they
couldn't even steal a base. '
Roy Mitchell has usually been a most
difficult man for the Nationals to beat,
but yesterday they hopped on him In
grand fashion, at the start, and had
cused for the afternoon by the umpires
In the fourth inning.
Hamilton. hlB successor, was far more
effective, and carried the Grlffmen
alone In good fashion, considering- the
limited time he had to toss to a catch
er In the outfield, when Mitchell was
summarily dismissed. Leverenr made
his debut In the tenth, and flnUhed.
It was recalled that at Washington,
Clarence Walker, a Na:ional discard,
heaved away a game for the Browns
through a crazy heave to the plate.
Testcrday he -was a contributory cause
to the downfall of St, Louis by the mis
erable manner In which he tried for
McBrlde's triple. Had he played the
ball safe, and there were two out at
the time, he might have stopped the
Washington captain short of third
The Nationals move on to Detroit
Chick Gandll Is feeling considerably
better today, but at one stigp of yes
terday's extra Innings, he had to r.sk
for time out while he experienced a
cough that could be hard In many
parts of the park.
Once more Mike Mitchell JusMJled the
confidence Griffith placed In him, whm
the player was obtxlned fron- Pitts
burgh. He had a pair of hits, scored,
drew a base on balls, and sacrificed.
Two two-baggers and a tlmelv single
voro Ed Alnsmlth's contribution to the
Eddie Foster came through with four
The Nntlonals hopped risht Into the
fray at the start With Moeller gone,
Foster. Mitchell and Gandll singled,
putting Foster home, and .Mitchell fol
lowed In when Agnew threw Into left
In trying to flag the newest National
at third
On Shanks' out. Gandll counted. The
Browns were right back it tbcm How
ard hit. hut was nipped off first. Shot
ten and Pratt wnlked, an! Walker
bounded out a doubl. counting two
On Loary's single Wa'.kci mnde the
tlelng run.
In the fourth Ainsmlth doubled, and
took third when Johnson biintcd safelv
On Moellcr'a out. Ainsmlth was held
on third, but Johnson mude second
Foster's hit put Ainsmlth In. Mike
Mitchell walked, filling the IriHes. nnd
Roy Mitchell kicked himself out or th
game. Gandll's long sacrifice nv scored
Johnson, and when Shotten made n
wild throw to the plate, Fnstei regis
tered In the Browns' four'.h Hamilton hit.
Howard was passed, and singles by
bhotten and Pratt netted two runs
It remained this way nnti' the ninth,
when the Browns caught up with one
gone. Howard was hit bv a pitched all
stole second, and moved to tMrd on
Alnsmlth's wild peg. When Pratt hit.
Howard counted
lnh'.''1lriI,1'.ra,t Walker and
Ainsmlth s single, after two were gonv
in the thirteenth, decided it all
Suits "S9.75
OTDMAW'Q 738 7th Street
738 7th Street
Corner H Street
Somers Said to Have Arranged
Trade of Southpaw for Hen
riksen and Yerkes.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 28. Vean
Gregg Is to Join the Boston Red Sox be
foro the latter leave town tonight, ac
cording to a rumor here today. It Is
said that Gregg Is to be traded for two
Bed Sox players, probably Yerkes and
Henrlksen. Joe Lannln and Charlie
Somers, the Boston and Cleveland mag
nates, respectively, conferred at the
Cleveland A. C. last night, and are be
lieved to have reached an agreement.
George Baumgardner, the Brownies'
crack right-hander. Is expected to be ob
tained by the Naps In exchange for BUI
Carlsch and Doc Johnston. The Browns
need a seasoned backstop, and might
make an outfielder out of Doc Johnston,
If he cannot beat out Leary for the first
corner berth.
President Somers Is very much In
earnest about getting rid of those play
ers who have failed to make good with
the Naps this year. Since last ueason's
great race, the Naps have be;n torn
apart with cliques. Somers Intends to
end this state of affairs. If be has to
sell or trade every man on the team.
"Tea, I'll listen to any kind of a prop
osition that looks good to me." said
Somer.i today, "but I'm no an;!. I'm
not elvlnsr away good nlayers. The
men on my team are good players, but
they simply don't work well together.
On other teams they would shine. The
Yankees wanted Gregg, but Chance
couldn't offer equal values for him.
When going right, Gregg is the best
southpaw In either big league."
Manager Carrigan Predicts
Trouble for All Fofimen When
Joe Wood Comes Back.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 28. "Are we
in this race? Well, I should say we
are." smiled Bill Carrigan. leader of
the doughty Red Sox, today. "Further
more, we're getting stronger every aay,
and fully believe that Labor Day will
see us out In front. Wood's sore arm
la almost right again, and that means
rouble for the enemy, our pitcners
look like the best in the league, even
better than those In Chicago. We'll
catch the champions before long."
The Red Sox grabbed their third In a
row from the Napa yesterday. "Dutch"
Leonard pitching a shutout ,game and
winning. 3 to 0. Trls Speaker'B magnifi
cent work aided greatly in landing the
vlctorv for the Bostonlans. Speaker got
two singles and a triple at est snd
had eight put-outs and an assist in the
field. He covered all three gardens In
wonderful fashion.
In an effort to put speed Into his
team, Joe Birmingham has benched
Larry Lajole and Terry Turner. Olson
is back at second, and yesterday Fezold.
a rookie from Ironton, Ohio, covered
third. The score: R. H. E.
Red Sox 101 100 0003 11 0
Naps 000 000 OOO-O S 0
Batteries Red Sox, Leonard and Car
rigan; Naps, Steen and O'Neill.
"Tex" Erwin Is Booked
For Drop to the Bushes
NEW YORK. July 3,-ilanager
Charlie Herzog, of the Cincinnati Reds,
returned Catcher Russell (Tex.) Erwin
to Brooklyn yesterday. Erwin had been
purchased upon an option during the
time that Tom Clarke was out of the
game on account of an Injury. Clarke
got back Into hfarness for Saturday's
double header at Ebbets Field after
a month Idleness, and he behr.voil to
steadily that Herzog came to the con
clusion that Erwln'n retention would
be wanton extravagance.
Now that C. II. Ebbets has Erwin
back upon his hands he doesn't know
what to do with him. Wllbert Robin
son Is well supplied with catchers in
Miller. McCarthy, and Fischer. He has
little room for Erwin owing to an al-
icady heavy roster. The FJatbush
Squire was well pleased that Tex wit
nesed yesterday s game ironi the
grandMand, but It was this catcher
that broke up a game against the Dod
gers at Cincinnati, and started them
on their present road to ruin.
Ebbets In all probability IIi -sk for
waivers on Erwin. and place him with
nonie fast minor league club where his
salarv will not suffer.
"There are a hit of big lesgue clubs
that Erwin couiu neip, said Mr. Eb
bets jesterday. "He Is not only a
good catcher, bft a fine fellow, and
I hope that he will catch on some-
here whero he can work regularly lTn
fortunately for him I have too. much
talent In this department "
Ray Caldwell's Pitching
Stops Those White Sox
CHICAGO, July 28. Ray Caldwell's
stellar pitching settled the result of yes
terday's clash at the Comiakev Park,
the Yankees winning, 5 to 0. Caldwell
allowed but five scattered hits, while
the New York took advantage of the
poor work or Russell and Benz to pllo
up their total. The score: R. H E.
Yankees 001 301 000 5 ."i 1
White Sox. 000 000 000 0 5 1
Batteries Yankees, Caldwo'l and
Nunamaker. White Sox, Russell, Benz,
Lathrop and Schalk. Kuhn.
Dr. Reed KS
The Most Important Advice
that I can orrer to any man or woman
who la suffering from any acute
chronic or tpeclal disease is to take
Immediate steps to
Get Well. 606, Bacterial Vaccines,
and all the new serums and anti
toxins administered. Blood tests made
Laboratory stocked with everything
the best In medicine. Over 30 years'
practice In treating Catarrh, Indlei.
tlon Constipation. Plies, Throat
Lung. Brain. Heart. 'Wood ami Skin
Diseases. Rheumatism, all stages of
Blood Poisoning. Nervous on.l lineral
Charces Low Medicines Furnished
Office Hours: 10 lul:1 to C, Sundays, I
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Hero is the first picture received from the ringside of the Olympia, showing Gunboat Smith about to deliver ttia
blow that robbed him of bis opportunity to meet Jack Johnson. Yon will see in the picture that Georjes Caxpea.
tier, the French champion, had one knee on the floor as Smith was measuring the distance for the blow. As
Smith delivered the punch, Carpentier ducked his head, Smith's glove landing lightly on his ear. Then "Referee
Corri awarded the bout to the Frenchman.
After Looking at Them in Action
Once More, Tiger Boss Gives
Them the Title.
DETROIT, Mich.. July 2S. "I guess
it's all over but the shouting. It's the
Mackmen again." said Manager Jen
nings today. 'T thought that Connie
would never overcome his pitching
weakness, but he has succeeded. Shaw
key, Pennock, Bush and Wyckoff are
delivering the goods along with Plank
and Bender and, with that bunch of
sluggers behind them, there Is but one
solution to this .ace. The Mackmen
will win the pennant, .unless the league
blows up."
The Mackmen gobbled their twelfth
straight victory yesterday when they
slammed the Tiger twlrlers tn a fare-you-well.
Furthermore, the champions
were alert at all times, scoring three
runs In the opening Inning without a
semblance of a hit. Dubuc's wlldness,
coupled with errors behind him, made
this possible. Dubuc allowed two hits,
hit two men and walked three in the
one Inning he twirled. Frank Baker
walloped out a single, double, and a
triple la Ave trips to the plate. Pen
nock was hard to hit in the tight places.
The score: R. H.E.
Mackmen 320 03) 100-S S 2
Tigers Ml 100 100-3 9 5
Batteries Mack. Pennock, and Lapp;
Tigers. Dubuc. Cavet. Boehler. and D.
Cardinals and Phillies
Each Win One Contest
PHILADELPHIA, July 21 The Phil
lies and St. Louis met In a doube
header yesterday and divided honors.
The Cardinals won the first game. 9 to
4, by hitting Tincup, Rlxey, and Oesch
ger hard The second game went to the
home talent, score 2 to 0. through the
effective pitching or Mayer The
First game.. R H.E.
St. Louis 400 020 03-9 16 I
Philadelphia 100 100 030 l 12 1
Batteries Doak and Snyder. Tincup,
Rlxey. Jacobs, Oeschger, and Killirer
Seconil game R.H.E.
St. Louis 000 000 OOV-0 2 2
Philadelphia 110 000 000-2 2 1
Batteries Grlner and Snder. Mayer
and Dooln.
Try a John .Ruskin
The experiment will cost you onr;
oc In the iuture you will
on every cigar you smoke.
John Ruakins are equal to any
10c cigar.
John Puskins are big, mild
and fragrant, regardless of
color hand -made the Havana
tobacco used is the choicest grown.
Newark. N. J., Makers
Braves' Chieftain Says Billy
Martin Accepted His Terms
Before Joining Naps..
Billy Martin, Georgetown' crack var?
slty shortstop, who is now with the
Cleveland Xaplanders. has stirred up a
pretty mess, the Boston Braves claim
ing him. The matter will be threshed
out by the Natloncl Commission and a
verdict rendered within a few days.
Manager George Stalllngs claims that
the Georgetown star agreed to terms
offered by the Braves before he actually
Signed with Joe Birmingham. The
Boston manager has sent all his evi
dence to Cincinnati, and President Som
ers has done likewise.
Several big league clubs were seeking
Martin's services, and he might have
landed a steady berth for himself had
he not broken his leg at Princeton.
That put him on the hospital list until
about a week ago, when he Joined Bir
mingham's team.
Rawlings Decides to
Join Cantillon's Team
CINCINNATI. Ohio. July 2S. August
Herrmann, president of the Cincinnati
National League club, said tbday that
Iuficlder John Rawlings had purchased
a railroad ticket for Minneapolis and
would Join the American Association
team representing that city at once.
Rawlings and Outfielder Uhler were
traded to Minneapolis for Outfielder
Killifer. Uhler has already Joined tne
Minneapolis club, but reports Iiave been
current that Rawlings would Jump to the
Federal League.
NIGHT 815 1
ucrottiy Hcr-ora,
"Why Smith Left Home"
Next AVeek "The Senator."
Popular Poll Players Trrlce Dally la
"The Wolf
Next Week "The Man From Mexico.'
For Kiddles and Groivn-upn
Cnrrouael. 2 to 3. Gyroplane, 3 to 4.
Gravity Roller Coaster, 4 to S.
PROF. WYXDHAM. SIS 12th X. W.. nmnw
rates: prlMte. 75c; reduction on card, guar
antee all yuplU latest danres: phona Mala
Exhibitions at Chevy Chase Lake nlhtly;
studio nw corner nth and You no. X. ZU&
Teaching a" modern danclns Lessons ny
hour. 5c j.
rSummtr rut until c-
A All ih Latest Dancia."
neiasco ineatre.tiMtia-T
Ph Maln-iSIi. Dance Eery Monday avnlag.
aiJDVERS. 613 Xnd ST. X. W Ph. W. 1UJ
PtI. lessons any nour. ire. i-iinwaijc. cos
Step. Boiton. Tanco. Hesitation. to. Class &
dance, Tue.. Thura.. Sat. (TtiWc Ladle trse.
Pirates Break Champions,,Win
ning Streak by Pounding
, . Marquard- Hard. n:r ;.,
NEW TORK. July" 2S. The Giants'
victorious streak was shattered when
they entertained the Pirates at the"'Po
lo Grounds, the Invaders, taking tie
contest by 3 to L Marquard did sot
look, like he did last week, when he took
a twenty-one-inning game from the Pi
rates, being hit hard In the- fifth and
taken out In the seventh.
In the fifth Pittsburgh scored three
runs on singles, by Gibson. Harmon.
Carey, and Mowrey, and Wagner's sac
rifice fly.
Harmon pitched a strong" game for
Pittsburgh, and kept the Giants hits
well scattered. Stops by Wagner and
Doyle featured.
The score: R.H-E.
Pittsburgh 000 030 00O-3 10
New Tork 000 010 COO-1 10 I
Batteries Harmon and Gibson; Jlar
quard. Wlltse and Meyers.
Four Clubs Are After
Duluth's Star Pitcher
DULUTH. July 28. Four major
league clubs Detroit. Chicago and
Cleveland In the American League, and
Pittsburgh in the National are after
George Cunningham, pitcher of the Ba
luth Northern League club. The man
agement announced today that Pitts
burgh and Cleveland have wired defi
nite offers, but a deal has not been
Stay-at -Homes
Old Point Comfort
Virginia Beach
Ocean View
Day and Night Service
Day Steamer Tue., Thnrs.. Sat.
7i45 a. m.
Itecular Mght Steamer "Kyerr
Day In the Year." 0x43 p. m.
City Ticket Ofllce, 731 13th St.
.-V. AV. Woodward BullUInc
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co..
Colonial Beach
AVnihlngton'a Atlantic City
Steamer St. Johns
Kae3 foot of SeventU Street Wharf ev
ery day. except Mondays, at 9 a. m.: Sat
urdays at J:30 p. m. Danclns on th
over-sea pier. Salt-water bathing, flshlnt.
crabblnc. all amusements.
Saturday and Sunday Adults,
$1; Children, 30c. Only ae.ison
tickets aold.
AVeek Da) a Adulta 50c t Children,
23e. Returning same day. 'Season
tickets also sold.
Chevy Chase Lake
By sparse Sectloa
Dsmclax. AdmlsalOB Free
Drives Malaria Out of the Systea

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