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tr rv ana try persons suspected
sassination conspiracy.
This stand taken by Austria tied the hands of Ger
any. Though the Kaiser accepted in principle the plan
the British foreign minister, it was pointed out unoffi
lly before the formal reply was made that Germany
mld not approve any mediation plan wtihout the -consent
Austria, her ally.
Germany indicated htat she approved in a general
ay the plan advanced by Gre', but declared it was im-
iSSlDie tor ner to dictate to ner
fs with Servia.
Austria was determined that Servia should accede to all demands
ide in the ultimatum delivered last
Servia took the position that
th reply made to the Austrian note.
that an invasion of Servia could not
efforts of the powers will now be
assurances from the Czar that hte
hands off.
Germany favors localizing the
Troops are on the move, however,
c f the Czar's .government will be
orders from, Berlin.
Austria today formally notified
and all other cowers will be immediately advised through diplomatic
channels. War was declared even
ambassadors in various capitals were still endeavoring to arrange
negotiations for peace.
The Austrian government has taken over all telegraph ana teie-
phone lines. Information was first received in Benin Dy teiepnone in
f e form of a bare official announcement, which was all that censor
vould permit to go through.
Russia is preparing for an yeventuality.
Fourteen army corps are said to have been ordered mobilized by
ft Czar. Reports that his maesty Jeft for Finland were unconfirmed
Unconfirmed rumors declare that Russian troops are now concen-
-ating on the border. Only yesterday, however, the Czar officially in
formed Germany that general mobilization orders had not been issued.
With war actually declared all Balkan states will be asked for
n immediate expression of their attitude in the conflict. The- Ger
in foreign office was reported today to have sounded Roumania on
,hns question.
The powers fear that other Balkan countries will rally to the aid
of Servia, again involving the entire district in conflict Greece has
already expressed her allegiance to Servia, if the statement of the
Greek minister in Constantinople may be accepted.
Moving Troops Arouse
Patriotism in Berlin
BERLIN, July 28. Large bodies of troops in field uniform and
equipment moving through the streets of Berlin aroused the greatest
excitement in the city and indicated the sudden turn for the worse
aken in the Austro-Servian situation.
It was officially declared that the movement of troops was of
no significance as they were merely changing quarters, but this ex
planation was not accepted by the crowds in the streets, roused to
uild outbursts of patriotism.
The government has issued an order prohibiting further street
demonstrations. Twenty-seven socialist and other anti-war meetings
are scheduled for tonight.
Runs on all banks were increasing today. At Prague, $8,000,000
as been withdrawn within the past forty-eight hours. Several banks
ave been forced to close.
German Crown Prince
Busy Playing Tennis
BERLIN July a Kaiser Wilhelm Is
'aking no changes with the crown pHnce
n the crisis -which all Europe faces.
While the powers are endeavoring to
overt a war which may plunge the en
Ure continent into conflict. Frederick
Wilhelm will play tennis at Zoppot. a
seaside resort, seven miles from Danzig.
The heir to the German throne today
-ecelved orders to remain at Zoppot. He
las been playing tennis there, and con
Inued recreation on the courts 'a the
only military duty his royal father de
sires of him until the present crisis is
The order issued toy tne ivaiser
taken as an lndlcat'on of fear on the
part of the war lord and his advisers
that the crown prince might be carried
away by war fevor and commit some
indiscretion In Berlin that would so
place Germany a to make a conflict
r'l?athi3 is not the reason for the exile
rf the crown prince to the tennib courts.
Then the Germans believe he Is being
nnnished for his recent public Indorse
ment of the warlike book. "Germany-a
HTWsifs not' the first time the Kaiser
haYeen fit to shunt the avowedly
wVriike heir to the throne lo some
unt removed from the capital For an
outbreak In the reichstag. when he
A&lauded a war-like debate, he was
S I to a Weak army post. looked
inonby armv men as hardly lew than
Servitude when being compelled
o serve there.
Austrians Capture
Servian Steamer
XIS1I, Servia. July .'i-The Servian
steamer Dellgrada was captured by the
viirtrlans at Orchava today. Jiccordlng
to an
announcement uy ; ..
LONDON. July 2i-The Servian lega
dta received ottlcial advices today of
toe capture by Austrians at Kocevar,
of two Servian vessels.
Says U. S. Would Profit
By a War in Europe
CHICAGO, July 28. A general Euro
pean war would bring greatly Increased
prosperity to the American farmer and
at the same time stimulate business
activity ia the United States In nearly
very-One, according to H. A. Garver.
or Deine connecieu wiui we
any in reapeu. iu ner ucdi-
week, or take the consequence
she had gone as far as possible in
Russia has stated unofficially
be countenanced, and the chief
directed toward gaining positive
Russian government will keep
war between Servia and Austria.
and the first overt act on the part
followed by general mobilization
Servia of the declaration of war
while Sir Edward Grey and British
of foreign and domestic commerce here.
"Ever since the new crop of wheat
became available there have been enor
mous sales of wheat for export to
Europe." Garver said today. "Should
war really come In Europe, the crops
there now ready to be harvested would
rx devastated; there wouia be a tre
mendous demand for American grains,
and the price paid the American farm
er would jump correspondingly."
Indicating the importance gain brok
ers attach to the situation in Europe,
wheat prices Jumped hharply early yes
terday on war talk. Iater In the" day.
when it seemed that the war would be
localized, prices dropped.
Transfers of Liquor
Licenses Are Granted
The following applications for trani
feTs of liquor licenses were granted by
the Excise Board today:
Barroom Charles II. Clark, from
John B. Rueth and 1213 Seventh street
northwest, to 510 Ninth street north
west; James B. McDonnell, from 432
Eighth street southeast to 312 Seventh
street southwest; Peter J. Lynch, from
1200 Third sreet northwest to 623 Sev
enth southwest; Mary A. Solan, from
Mary A. Solan, executrix of the estate
of F. A. Solan, at 1003 Seventh street
northwest; William E. Burke, from
Graham & Toomey. receivers in the
case of William O'Keefe, at 3258 M
street northwest; Albert Schulteis,
from C. H. Bauman and G. H. Schultza.
executors in the estate of Wilhelmlna
Hcie, at 1742 L street northwest.
Wholesale James O. Vermillion, from
Cnarles raemer and 735 Seventh
street northwest to S31 Seventh street
northwest; Charles Jacobsen, presi
dent Arlington Brewing Company, from
northeast corner Twenty-seventh and
K stiets northwest to 2622 L street
The board refused the nnnlirntlnna nf
I j. j. Crowley for transfer of barroom
th , t .w, p,nn.w,..nni- .
northwest, and of O'Hanlon & Murray,
from 1519 Seventh street to 1521 Seventh
btreet northwest.
New Haven Case Delayed.
With Attorney General McReynolds
and T. W. Gregory, special assistant At
torney General In the New Haven case.
both on short occasions, no action in the
criminal proceedings against the New
Haven directors Is likely before next
week. The Attorney General will return
probablj tomorrow, but Gregory is not
expected back until next week. It is
thought that Gregory will then go to
New Tork to direct the criminal nro-l
ccedlngs .contemplated. agJart-4h-Nw;
Mrs. Housekeeper Will Get Ben
efit of Decreased Cost to
The retail pries of beef Is to be low
ered -within the- next few days, accord
ing to the belief of Washlnston tnar
ketmen. The wholesale figures today on all
grades of beef are lower, than those
quoted last week, and the current prices
are expected to conUnue as lone as
the decreased demand for beef exists.
The top price lor native steers, the
choicest beef product sent to Washing
ton from the Western beef houses. Is
U6 cents a pound. The top price for
the same product last week -was 16
cents. Medium steers are quoted at
12 cents today, and cows, tho lowest
grade of Western beef, are listed at
11 cents a pound.
No changes are noted In the price- of
pork or other meat products.
The decreased prices are not appar
ent in the retail markets yet, but prob
ably will be before the end of the
week, according to the expectations of
butchers. A drop of a few cents a
pound can be looked for on steaks and
roasts, although there Is a general
tendency among the retailers to buy
sparingly, hoping that a still farther
reduction In the wholesale figures may
The Washington agencies for "West
ern beef houses are receiving full sup
plies of beef something they have not
been doing for several weeks and this
Is taken by the retailers to lndlcato
that a still lower wholesale figure may
County Board Takes Action on
Agreement to Provide $60,
000 for Mt. Vernon Road.
A contract guaranteeing $60,000 for
the construction of that portion of
the Washington to Mt. Vernon boule
vard running through Alexandria
county. Va., -was signed today by the
boar dof supervisors of Alexandria
county. Late this afternoon or to
morrow It will be signed by the Act
ing Secretary of. Agriculture. and
preparations for the work will De
begun Immediately.
The signing of the agreement put
ting up necessary funds today assures
construction of the road from Arling
ton Cemetery to Alexandria,
The board of supervisors did not
meet today to sign the contract with
the Government Instead their signa
tures were put on the necessary
papers Individually, the board having
been authorized to sign at a meeting
Chief Engineer V. M. Pierce, of the
public roads division of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, took the pre
pared agreement to tho Alexandria
countv court house shortly after noon
and delivered It to Geore H. Kucker.
clerk to the board. He took It In turn
to Edward Duncan. W. C Wllbert and
Robert L. Walker, members of the
board, for-their signatures.
Chief Knglneer Pierce said today that
plans and surveys will be Immediate
ly made. The road is to be built by
.ATitrrt tinrtr hla sUDervlslon.
The Public Roads Bureau will adver
tise for bids just as soon as me Hireti
flcatlons are ready, and It Is believed
that the actual road construction will
be begun next month.
Advance Militia Guard
Leaves Here for Norfolk
To look after the camp equipage and
officers' baggage which left Washing
ton on a barge last Saturday, a detail of
fifty-three officers and men, acting as
an advance guard) of 1,600 District
militiamen who will attend the annual
encampment at Virginia Beach. Va., will
leave Washington by steamer tonight
for Norfolk. This detail will attend to
the transhipment of the camp equip
ment from Norfolk to Vlrginiu Beach.
The officers who will be In charge ot
the detail are Capt William R. Mc
Cathran and Lieut. William X. Wall,
First Infantry; Capt Harry S. Weirloli
and Lieut.. Robert Hahneman. Second
Infantry; Lieut A. C. Newman, First
Separate Battalion; Capt O. C. Terry,
Signal Corps, and Major W. D. Fales,
Held hospital.
Capt Edwin M. Novils, camp quarter
master, is at Virginia Beach looking
after the details of mapping out the
camp. Captain Nevils will attend ex
clusively to the National Guard end of
the camp. leaving the army quarter
master to look after the regular troops.
Carbajal May Face New
Demands in Parks Case
Mute evidence of the death of Orderly
Samuel Parks, who disappeared from
the Vera Cruz ranks weekn ago, was
received today by General Funston. at
Vera Cruz. In the form of an identifica
tion tag from the Mexican war office.
This tag. according to Funstons In
formation, was taken from a heap of
blood-stained clothing Identified as that
of Parks. Unofficial information to
Secretary of War Garrison today show
ed that the clothing had been recovered
as the result of an investigation by the
Mexican government. It was under
stood that the clothing was about to
be thrown out unceremoniously by the
Janitor of the war office, when the tag
was found and mailed to Funston by
some unidentified person.
That new demands will be sent to the
Carbajal government for punishment of
Parks' slayer is probable.
Southern Railway Probe
Adjourns to November
At the conclusion of the cross ex
amination of President Fairfax Har
rison, of the Southern Railway, by the
Senate Committee Investigating alleged
discrimination against Southern Inde
pendent operators this afternoon the
committee adjourned until November 15.
President Harrison admitted that only
about one-thousandth of 1 per cent or
the common stock of the Southern was
owned by he members of the board ol
directors, and 75 per cent of the Htock
was owned abroad, while practically
none of It was owned in the South, and
lees than 2-par cnt.t. tb bonds in
Forced Liquidation and Heavy
Selling by Foreign Banks
Depress Market.
LONDON. July 28. Depressed by the
unfavorable character of political news,
stocks sank to the lowest level of the
present crisis before the closing of the
market today. Forced liquidation for
both local and continental accounts also
affected the market.
There was some heavy selling by for
eign banks, chiefly In Russian mine
shares, Mexican rails, oil shares and
Rio Tlntos. Tho rest of the Interna
tional list was flat
BERLIN, July 28. Runs on the Sav
ings banks of Berlin wero renewed to
day. They -were even worse than yes
terday, hundreds storming the doors
of the Institutions and demanding their
Representatives of the big banks of
the capital were in conference today
discussing ways and means of meeting
the heavy demands made upon them.
The governors of the bourse took
steps to allay the panic, -which has
seized all traders, and check the sell
ing movement, which has spread like
PARIS, July 28. All quotatlonson the
Paris stock exchange have been sus-l
pended temporarily by the Chamber of
Bankers. This action followed the re
ceipt of what was stated to be "alarm
ing news" from Vienna and Berlin.
Stock Market Declines
Follow War Declaration
NEW YORK. July 28. Following re
ceipt of news of the declaration ot war
by Austria, the stock market became
very active and weak.
Southern Railway went down to 17,
off 2. Other declines were: Amalga
mated Copper, 62, off 21: Reading.
166S. off 3H; TJnited States Steel. 67. off
2U: Southern Pacific. 90Ti. off 2H; Ca
nadian Pacific, 170H. off 6: nd Erie,
22H. off 2.
CHICAGO, July 28. The announce
ment that Austria, has declared war on
Servia caused frantic trading on the
board of trade a few minutes before
noon. Within a few minutes prices for
wheat Jumped 6 cents a bushel.
Chaplain of House
Prays for Peace
The chaplain of the House of Rep
resentatives, Dr. Henry N. Couden, '
played for peace in Europe today.
In his customary praye.r when the
House convened today Dr. Couden
asked that "war .and rumors of war
shall be no more,". and that the na
tions Involved mav find a peaceful
solution of their misunderstand
ing. Pribilof Island Affair
Is Sent to McReynolds
Secrary of Commerce Redfleld, on
recommendation of Dr. E. Lester Jones,
deputy commissioner of the Bureau of
Fisheries, today preferred charges
against employes of the Fisheries Bu
reau on the Pribilof Islands to the De
partment of Justice.
Dr. Jones has been investigating
charges of Immoral conduct by certain
employes toward native women and of
furnishing liquor to natives. The resig
nations of the three employes Involved
have been received, but acceptance Is In
abeyance pending action by the Depart
ment of Justice.
Will Table McDermott
Resolution of Censure
The House Judiciary Committee to
day authorized Congressman Floyd to
lajton the table the committee reso
lution recommending censure for for
mer Congressman James T. McDermott
because of his alleged connection with
the lobbyists of the National Associa
tion of Manufacturers. Mr. McDermott
resigned last week as a member of the
House Adopts Conference
Sundry Civil Report
The House this afternoon adopted the
conference report on tho sundry civil
annronnatlon bill, carrying JllO.OOO.fOO
This Is an Increare of C.CO.OOO over
the bill nn it originated in tne House.
Police Trail Swindler.
Police today sent out a warning
against a swindler who has been ob
taining money from persons living In
the northwest section by representing
himself as salesman for a tailoring
establishment The man carries a
package of samples of cloth, and agrees
to make a suit of clothes for $6. collect
ing Jl and $2 on account. Thp name and
address which he gave proved fictitious.
Lecture to Keep Wells.
Dr. Emery Relslnger. nssoclnto pro
fessor of anatomy at Georgetown Uni
versity, will give a lecture on "Food
and Cleanliness as a Prevention of
Disease" this evening at S o'clock at
Foundry Methodist Churrh. ThlB will
be one of the lectures In the "Keep
Well'" scries The past Irrturs ,nv
been attended only by women, but men
as well an women havn been Invited to
hear Dr. Relslnger
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbiaPartly cloudy tonight and Wed
nesday: moderate temperature.
Maryland Partly cloudy tonight and
Wednesday: moderate temperature;
moderate to fresh northeast to north
Virginia Partly cloudy tonight and
Wednesday; not quite so warm In cen
tral portion tonight; variable winds.
The temperatur todav as rpelntArod
at the United States Weather Bureau
nna AinecKi
S a. m
9 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m
R a. m 71
9 a. m 73
10 a. m 75
11 a. m 77
12 noon 77
12 noon
1 p. m 73 I 1 p. m
2 p. m W 2 p. m
High tide 12.01 a. ra.
Low tide fi. 12 a. m. and 6:2S p. m.
matn twHaum, ,..trtl
Nearly 40,000,000 Men Are Available
For War on Land, Sea, and in the Air
Classic Struggle of All History
Possible by Division of Eu
rope Into Factions.
5,000,000 MEN READY
Aeroplanes Highly Developed
and Ready for Great Part in
the Struggle. ,
Greater than all the armies ever be
fore assembled will be those called on
In case the countries which are parties
to the triple alliance and the triple
entente are finally brought Into the war
between Austria ana servia. ir we en
tire strength of the nations Involved
were placed In the field or If a fair pro
portion of them were called out they
would make" the armies of past conflicts
seem small by comparison.
Servia one of the little nations of the
world has not much of an army. Latest
figures, prepared this year, show that
her army in time of peace numbers
S2.000 men. Her war strength is 240.000.
and in addition to this force she has
an unorganized body of men, who, in
case of d!re,necesstt could be called on
for service numbering 60,000 more. This
body of men would be but a speck com
pared with the tremendous armies
which would be called upon to shoulder
arms if Russia, France, and Great
Britain, composing the triple entente,
took up the cause of Servia.
Russia in Lead.
Russia, leads all the big countries
mentioned both In peace strength and
war footing, although her war footing
Is but 300,000 in excess of that of Ger
many. She has 1,290.000 men in times of
peace and 6.000,000 as a war footing.
France has 720,000 for a peace guard
and -1,000,000 as a war footing. Great
Britain has a peace footing of 254,000
and a war footing of 730,000. The total
armies of the Triple Entente number
2,264.500 In times of peace and the gi
gantic number of 10,230,000 in tlmvs of
war. The same three countries have a
combined force of 8,200,00 unorganized
men of military age who could be
drawn on In case of emergency. This
would make the stupendous number of
men available for actual service in the
Triple Entente, exclusive of those or
Servia, nearly 20,000,000.
34,000,000 Men Available.
The totals of the three countries- com
posing the Triple Alliance Austria, Ger
many and Italy are almost as stagger
ing. The total war footing of the com
bination Is 8,400,000; the peace strength,
1,510,000. The same .countries have an
unorganized force of -men of military
strength which numbers 6,200,000, or
about 14.000,000 men who could In a
pinch be called on for service.
Three of the Balkan states which
might possibly become Involved In the
Imbroglio are Rumania, Bulgaria and
Greece. The combined peace footing of
these countries is 1?0,500: the war foot
ing. 1.030,000. In war footing Rumania
leads the three with 500.000. Bulgaria
comes next and Greece last
In naval strength tho Triple Entente
would be nearly twice as strong In
numbers of ships and men as the Triple
Alliance. Of the Triple Entente Great
Britain leads, "with 569 ships of all
kinds battleships, cruisers, torpedoes,
destroyers, monitors and submarines. To
man these she has 137,000 men.
France comes second, with 419 'ships
, ROR21 mm. Russia has 220 ships.
with 52.463 men. The total number of
ships of tne xnpie t.nienie j i.uo. ji
a force of men numbering 250,584.
nnnnoH tn th Trinle Entente are the
German navy, with 325 ships of all
classes and 66.7S3 men: iiaiy. wiui
ten .viina and .13 (19K men. and Austria.
with 114 ships and 17,581 men. a grand
total Of 608 snips ana in,s men.
Air Craft Ready.
For the first time in any conflict of
great proportions the aerial war craft
would bo brought into use, and so swift
has been the progress In aerial develop
ment that the aeroplanes, dirigibles and
other air craft would without doubt re
ceive n. genuine test Airships were used
In Tripoli, but It was never shown Just
what could be done on a large "jcale with
navigators and operators of highly de
veloped skllL
Latest figures show that France easily
leadi all other nations In her air light
ing force. She has 750 air nnd sea
planes, with 300 first class and 250 sec
ond class pilots. Next to her comes Rus
sia, with 380 aeroplanes and seaplanes,
and "many excellent pilots," according to
Hazel'a classification. Great Britain has
130 aeroplanes and seaplanes, with sixty
first class and 170 second class pilots.
Of tho countries allied In the Triple
Alliance, Germany has 350 aeroplhnes and
seaUanes; Austria has 150 machines of
both kinds, and Italy has 200. Tne or
ganization and transport of Austria and
Italy are classed as "fairly good."
Ice Falling on His Toe
Results in Man's Death
A block of Ice falling on a hljr toe
caused the death In Emergency Hos
pital early today of John G. Ocser,
aged fifty-four, of 5.18 Maryland ave-
.AnthwAt Thw ncrlrient OC-
curred nearly two weeks ago. Last
Saturday ucser was uucen io uio uud
pltal sulerlnp from blood poisoning
1..,' (mm infection of the wound.
He succumbed to the disease this
Sewer Explodes; 12 Hurt.
PITTSBURGH. July 28. Twelve men
wero injured, four seriously, when a
new kewer being constructed in Thirty
third street blew up today, ripping the
t.n.A -n. Dunn flvannn in tha
tiiorouBiiiiiir. ' """-; V, : j .
Allegheny river, with loss estimated at
mere than $160,000.
Sleeveless Gowns Require
Hairless Arms
Fashion says sleeveless, low-necked
gonns for this season. This means
hairless arms and neck if you do not
want to be humiliated. O'Donnell's
Drug Store say;j that the safest best
and quickest way to be absolutely free
from 111 trace of superfluous hair Is to
use tho famous medical prescription
known as Mrs. Osgood's Wonder for
Superfluous Hair.
It Is delightful to use and absolutely
harmless. A slnsle application makes
hair on face, neck, arms, hands, or any
other part of the body quickly dlsap-
The cost Is small, and O'Pnnnell s
Drug Store will supply you, or lit fact
any up-to-date druggist or department
store, on a Mony-Baolc guaranto
"" Navy. m
Number'Ships. Men.
Austria .'. ; 1" ".581
Germany 325 66,783
Italy - 169 33,095
Totals ' 608 117,459
' Army.
Peace-Footing. War Footing.
Austria 390,000 2,000,000
Germany 870.00C 5,200,000
Italy ....:.: 250,000 130,000
Totals ."". 1,510,000 v 8.4QO.000
Number Ships.
Russia 220
France V 419
Great Britain.....'..... 569
Russia .V...:
Great Britain i....
Totals ....
Peace Footing. War Footing.
Rumania ......-....-.... ........... 95,000 500,000
Bulgaria ..m.:J.... . 60,500 380,000
Greece ....-................-..... 25,000' 150,000
Totals .-...
Use Novel
In Suffrage Fight
"Voiceless- Lectures". 'With
"Melting Pot" to Bring Funds
for Battle in Seven Western
States This Fall. , .
"Voiceless lectures" are being planned
by Mrs. Antoinette Funk and th other
officers of the Congressional commit
tee of the National American Woman
Suffrage Association as an adjunct of
the "melting pot" appeal for the cause.
Already large display placards have
been printed and assembled In folio
form, each with an appeal of some
These folios, together with a com
plete "melting pot" equipment, will be
placed In charge of a corps of the most
beautiful young women In the cause,
who will take their stands In promi
nent windows, offered for the purpose
by sympathetic merchants. There they
will Invite their sympathizers to de
posit whatever precious motal they may
wish to contribute in tho melting pot
while the reasons for tho appeal will be
clearly set forth on the placards seri
ally displayed.
Not only In Washington, but In all
the largo cities of the country, leaders
of the movement will establish these
window stations to raise funds to as
sist the suffragists In their light JBr
the vote in seven States, where tha
question will bo voted upon this falL
These States aro Montana, Nevada,
North Dakota, South Dakota. Nebras
ka, Missouri, and Ohio.
Wilson and Cabinet
Discuss War Crisis
The Cabinet today briefly dlscurrcc'
the outlook In Europe for a general
war. Secretary of State Bryan pre
sented the confidential reports of the
American diplomatic representatives at
London. Paris, Berlin and St Peters
burg. All agreed that whllo tho sltua;
tlon was critical It was far from hope
However. If war does come. Involving
nny or all of the great powers, tho
United' States will assume a strict poli
cy of neutrality. It was tho consensus
of opinion of the President and his ad
visors that thero was nothing at thh
time that the United States can do
In the matter.
We will cash In your old Jewelry,
J gold and silver or will allow full
$ value In exchange for new goods.
We have a French artist who will
t furnish you original designs for
I platinum Jewelry.
Adolph Kahn
935 FSt.
Peace Footing. War Footing.
1,290,000 5,500.000
720,000 4,000,000
254,500 730,000
180,500 1,030,000
Peace Footing.- War Footing.
"32,000 240,000
Flank Movement May Cause
Congressmen to Meet At
tack From Own Household
in Suffrage Appeal. .. .
The stay-at-home members of the
Congressional Union for Women's
Suffrage today are planning a flank
movement on those Congressmen who
have been seklng to arold the issue
behind the claim that their wives are
opposed to suffrage. In several In
stances, at least, it has come to the
attention cf Miss Lucy Burns, ot the
union, that the opinion entertained
by the ladles In question was in
reaUty quite different from that indi
cated by their husbands.
' So a committee has been orcanized
to Interview quietly the wives of all
Congressmen who have given this
excuse, ascertain their actual views,
and confrot the vote-seeking hus
band In question in an endeavor to
force them upon record.
It is believed that in some instances
it will be nossible even to enlist the
actlvei support of the wives in over
coming the obiectlons of tho Con
gressmen as well as In furthering tho
suffrage cause otherwise.
Miss Edith Kanszche. of Baltimore,
who was in charge of the Congres
sional Union office today, received
word that Mrs. Jess!e Hardy Stubbs
has abandoned her horseback tour or
the Catsklll with Mr. John Jay
White end Miss Kmh Astor Noyes,
and has hurried to Minnesota to be
gin an active campaign in the crucial
States or the West.
Colored Boy in Hospital,
Shot by White Lad
With a bullet wound In the left groin.
Lawrence Smothers, thirteen, colored,
1114 Second street southeast is a pa
tient today In Casualty Hospital. Law
rence Raum. thirteen, white, who Is al
leged to have dono the shooting. Is at
the house of detention.
The shooting occurred last night at
First and M streets southeast, and Is
said by the police to have been tha
culmination of a- feud between white
and colored boys living In the neighbor
hood. Smothers Is not seriously wounded.
Mother's Friend
Before Baby Arrives
During several weeks of expectancy
there Is a splendid external embrocation'
in our "Mother's
Friend" In which
thousands of wom
en have the most
unbounded confl-
dpnrA Thnv hnVA
' used It and know.
They tell of Its
wonderful Influence
to ease the abdomi
nal muscles and
how they avoided
those dreaded
stretching pains that are so much talked
about. This safe external application
is gently used over the skin to render
it amenable to the natural stretching
which It undergoes. The myriad of
nerve threads Just beneath the skin Is
thus relieved of unnecessary pain-pro,
duclng causes and great physical relief
Is the result as expressed by a host of
happy mothers who write from experl-
i ence.
It Is a subject that all women should
be familiar with as "Motner's Friend"
has been In use. many years, and Is
recommended by grandmothers who In
their earlier days learned to rely upon
this splendid aid to wonfen.
You can obtain "Mother s Friend" at
almost any drug store. Get a bottle
today and then write for our little book
so useful to expectant mothers.
Address Bradfleld Regulator Co., S12
i.s. ;
Carothers Returning From Trip
to Chihuahua. to Deliver Note
to the General.
JUAREZ. Mexico, July 21-After de
livering to General Villa, at Chihuahua,
a note from the American State. Depart
ment George C Carothers. special
agent of the department today started,
back to the border. Ha refused to dis
cuss the contents of the note, but it
is understood It was a notice to Vina
that the American Government would
not tolerate further breaches between
himself and General' Carranza. Caroth
ers is said to be bringing Villa's reply.
It is understood the rebel chieftain
promised to "be good."
Sam Reval. the American taken pris
oner by constitutionalists at Palomas.
Chluahua. has been ordered deported
from Mexico. He will oross the border
near Columbus, N. M., today. i
Reports from Collma. say Gen. Ahraro
Obregon has arrived there from Gua
dalajara with a large force, and that
he will open a campaign against the '
remaining federal positions on the west
coast- before moving on Mexico City;
Carbajal Forces Sweep
Zapatistas From Capital
Thirty thousand Mexican Federals,
the pick of the army, today dominate
the situation in Mexico City.
Zapata, who has menaced the capital
for weeks, is in retreat He has been
driven back by the Carbajal forces
awaiting the outcome of the peace ne- -
gotlatlons between the Carbajal and
Caranza envoys, according to General
Funston's report to the War Depart
ment today.
.He reported that the federals aacon-
tinning the offensive against the Zapa
tistas, but that the constitutionalists
are raiding the ranches to the south j"
of the 'American lines outside of Vera -Cruz.
These constitutlonalisas are com
manded by Gen. Ricardo tpez.
"All reports received today from Mex
ico are confirmatory of the belief that
ultimate peace is near. v
The House Judiciary Comnilttea to
day voted to table the resolution intro
duced by Minority Leader Mann, ask
ing the President to send to the House
the papers in the case of Br. Thc.mas'J.
Kemp, whose sentence was recently
commuted by the President
The committee based its action oa the
theory that the .Constitution gives the
President sole authority to pardon or
commutes the" sentence of. offenders,
and that Congress has no right what
ever to inquire into the executive action
in such cases. , .,
Dr. Kemp was convicted or a misuse f
of the malls and was sentenced to two
vears' Imprisonment and fined $500. The
President recently waived the prison
Dr. E. J. Kemp Pays His
Fine With $500 Bill
A five-hundred-douar bill 'was paid
today to Edwm J. McKee. clerk of
Criminal Court No. 1. by Attorney
John E. Laskey In payment of. the fine
of $500 assessed against Dr. Thomas J.
"Kemp, son-in-law of Senator Fletcher,
of Florida, whose two-year prison
sentence, following his conviction rfa
charge of unlawful use of the mal,
was commuted by President Wilson to
the fine.
Attorney Laskey expressed"the opinion
that it was immaterial that the i?esl
ocnt's action was taken before the man
cate of the Court of Appeals afflrmlne
the Judgment of the lower court was
handed down.
Foils a Housebreaker.
Policeman J. W. Kite, of the Fifth
precinct, early today discovered a col
ored man attempting to get In the rear
. -m .i t.MA tt "WIlHnm Land-
door Ol inw uvu.o " ."r ..Trif,
volght 1 C street southeast As Kite
.ipproacnea, mo uum-ra """"ir .ill
Jumped from the porch, ran by the
officer, and escaped. Kite fired his re
volver at the man. but It Is not Be
lieved the bullet struck him.
Often the papers and magazines have
made the rather broad statement that
modern " social life Is the only cause
for wrinkles. Undoubtedly modern social
life contributes some to the existence
of wrinkles, but one can hardly say
It is the cause. However, the wrinkles
do come and old age has never made
for attractiveness, so we use the best
means to resist the tell-tale marks. A
search for the very best In wrinkle
eradlca'tors has brought us to this
formula for an economical vegetable
Jelly cream as the simplest wrinkle re
mover and skin stimulator. Its mask
like action protects the surface while It
stimulates the blood vessels to perform
their upbuilding work. Just get from
your druggist an ounce ot almozoln. put
It Into a fruit Jar and add a half a
pint of water. Before retiring a,pply
rather thickly over wrinkled or flabby
surface and allow It to dry. It -U-harden
rapidly and you wllj note a
slight tightening of the skin. In th;
morning remove with hot water and
note, the Immediate effect which you
will find lasting. Advt
Information regarding any ot
the below achools may be hd at
will teach limited number of plno pupUi
at reasonable terms. 1S1J ait at. N. W. 1
Washington Business
ttsMTwe. Jfc-ti yu-a.
Lt '

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