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Weather Forecast:
Showers Tonight or
truggle Has Become
Engagement in
Dispatches Declare Result Cannot Be
Delayed Much Longer, Cables Intimate.
Out of the maze of contradictions concerning the invasion of
ermany and Austria by the Russian hosts today, one fact stands out
- ith undisputed prominence that a great battle, the greatest in
e world's history, is being waged between the defenders of German
oil and the almost countless legions of the Czar.
Austria insists that her armies have stemmed the tide of the
Slavs' invasion, and declares her "flying wedge," driven into Russian
Poland, has met with great success. The Kaiser's war chiefs assert
hey have blocked the Russians.
From St. Petersburg come reports of an irresistible advance
pon the capital of Germany, by the Czar's jnHlions
Following are the reports:
VIENNA (via Rome), Sept. 1. In an official state
went issued by the Austrian war office today the battle now
n progress along the Ausrian-Prussian-Russian frontier is
eferred to as the "greatest in the history of the world."
It is stated that already there are three million men en
aged in the active fighting. Every branch of the service
- represented and the fighting tide ebbs and flows like that
rf the seas.
While the fighting has been in progress for days all
long an enormous battle front, no decisive result has as
et been attained. It is stated, however, that as a result of
he concentration of the forces between Lublin, capital of
he district of Lublin in Russian Poland, and Grubieszow,
Russian Poland, a distance of sixty miles, the fighting there
las become almost a hand-to-hand engagement and a de
cisive result, so far as that section of the battleground is
oncerned, cannot very much longer be delayed.
The Russians are putting forth desperate efforts to
oreak the strength of the Austrian invasion of Russian Po
.and, fearing the effect of a success at this point on the
eneral situation in Poland.
In addition it is known that the present Austrian
movements are in accordance with the general plan of cam
paign as agreed on between the Austrian and the German
general staffs.
The Austrian war office claims the Russian invasion
of - w.irian territory has been more than offset by the suc
cesses that have accrued to the Austrian arms in Russian
Poland. Denial is made that the Austrian army has met
with enormous losses. It is admitted the casualties aTe
4eavy, but it is also declared that they are far from being
excessive when the number of men engaged and their
equipment with modern weapons is taken into considera
tion. Russian Office Asserts
Army Continues Advance
ET PETERSBURG f--pt 1 -Admlt-ng
that the entire A-istrlan a'tie
army now seems to be at the theater
' war in Gaiicia. the war ofnee today
declared the '"Russian advance eon-
nues ' The e-ere fighting is still In
progress, and the war office inslhis that
Tbe Austrian line is giving way
The Russians. ' says the war of
f'ce. "are now within kss than a day's
march of Lemberg proper, the lins e
'ending with Iemberg as the enter,
f om Kamenka. northeast of I-emberg
through Glnlany to Rrz2.zdoitza. to
'he southeast It is along this liii- that
the fiercest righting has taken plae.
The Austrlans hsve attempted a
banking movement in force throueh
Pusslan Poland, by way of Kielce and
Lttblin, and troopa have been detached
Almost a Hand-to-Hand
Many' Places, Official
to "pe with in:.-- However, the for
v'd inoxerrcnt in Gaiicia will of .tsrlf
have the -lfect of forcing the Aus
trian to withdraw from Poland "
In Eastern Prussia the Germans have
been heavily re-enforccd. The second
line of defense part of the lamlwHir.
and large forces s'-Iected from the
home defense, the landsturiu. ar- i o.v
at the front and at several points
they have already assumed the of
fensive for the purpose of diuvving
the Russian attack from the fortifica
tions. The Russian advance, however. ,
now threatening tin entire outlvlng
forts along the Vistula Up to the
present, however, none of the main
chain, those at Dautzlg. TJirschau,
Marlenburg. Graudenz, Kulm. Fordon)
and Tl.oin have been seriously threat
(Conttnued on Page Two.)
u. s. aim cruz
Signs of Trouble as Result of
Continued American Occu
pation Ominous.
Train Service Interrupted and
Port Declared Closed to
Shipping by Carranza.
Ominous slpns of trouble between the
new government in Mexico and the
United States are beginning to appear
as a result of the continued occupation
of Vera Cruz by the American troops
under General Funston.
Information in reliable (matters Is to
the effect that General Carranza, the
new provisional president of the re
public, has called upon the United
States Government to evacuate the
Mexican seaport. This, it is under
stood, the Washington authorities have
declined to do until all differences are
patched up between Carranza and Villa
and arrangements are completed for
constitutional elections.
Train Service Interrupted.
Ifi the past few davs, it is stated, thel
insistence or uarranza on me evacua
tion of Vera Cruz has become more pro
nounced and has been accompanied by
steps calculated to embarrass the forces
under General Funston. The first of
these steps was the action taken by
Carranza in stopping for several days
all train service from Mexico City to
Vera Cruz.
Finding that no trains were coming
earn from the capitAl, General Funston.
it is. stated, served notice on the Mex
ico City authorities that until train
service was resumed from that end he
would hold in Vera Cruz all rolling
stock of the railroad then at that ter
minal. In consequence of this the service
was resumed, the Mexican authorities
explaining the Interruption on the
ground that the rolling stock at Mexico
City had been needed in the movement
of troops.
Port Declared Closed.
Within the past twenty-four hours the
aggravations have taken a new turn in
that Carranza. by public proclamation,
lias declared Vera Cruz to be a closed
port and has warned all foreign nations
not to go there This, it is feared,
might prove extremelv embarrassing to
General Funston if observed by for
eign vessels, in as much .'is Vera Cruz,
crowded to the utmost with reflates.
Is faring a food shortage. As the
American forces control the port, how
ever, it Is not believed that the proc
lamation will le generally heeded. At
the same time, acooiding to some offi
cials here, it illustrates the petty an
noyances to which Carranza seems bent
upon subjecting the American forces.
Paul Fuller, of New York, the Presi
dent' ped.il envoy, who Is expected
to reach Mexico City todav. will take
tp with farianza the tuestion of the
evaciation of Vera Cruz. It is under
stood that lie has ben instructed by
President WIKon to make It plain to
the provisional pi evident that the
I'nitcd States Government has no in
tention of moving its forces or of for
mtilK recognizing the new government
until I'arranza and Villa have reached
a definite agreement and Carranza has
carried out his obligations to i" Cnlted
Japan May Invade India,
Says Consul General
NEW YORK Sept. l.-That Japan will
lnvad India in support of her ally.
Great Britain, in the event that Ger
manv sin eeds in starting an uprising
in the Hritish India possessions. Is In
dicated in a statement made by Taka"h
Nakamura, th Ja.tnese consul gen
eral "It is not true that Japan will send
troops to helti Pussia. said Mr Nak i
rautii, "but II Germany ctlrr up rebel
lion In India, Japanese force will help
the English. In accordance with our
trcatv "
30 Years Today Since U. S.
Got Its First Trolley Car
KAN? A.- riTY. Mo. .- I -Today
la the "blrthdaj " n Atne'i. . of tho
(xprchsioii- "Two bells. . ires,
please." :,i.d 'You re "ir your tro'ley."
Thirtj vears ago today he first l-n-tric
trolle car system In !'ie L'niL.i
States as plated In opeiation here, foi
lowing trollev 'ntalI.-ition 'n Eei.'"t; It
!"'' TrolIex KVMcms In Toronto nd
Haltimoie speedily followed
Du Pont Pays Dividend.
I'HII.AIJEI.I-HIA. riept l.-The Tin
Tout International powder Compinj
wh'ise mills aie teported to have been
running on a t itv -four-hour sh'fts
ever since the outbreak of the vvnr. to
da dclared the tegular nuarterlj divl
deiiet of l',4 per cent on its preferred
TOB&&UN J " .,
According to the Russian assertions,
the fortresses of Koenigsbcrg.
ana lirauaenz. upposea to mis statement is mat oi me ueiman ai unite, wmen insists mai me uei
roans have taken 30,000 prisoners at Ortelsburg, Hohenstein, .n the lake district near Allenstein, and have
driven the Russians to the frontier.
Action Would Give Balance of
Power in Balkan States, Is
LONDON, Sept. i. Emphatic reitera
tion of Turkey's determination not to
enter the European war was made in a
statement issued today by the Turkish
embassy here
It was said the Ottoman Empire's
position has already formally been
made known to Great Britain.
A turko-Hulgarian aiirtement to fm
ther the interests of the two countri""
was foreshadowed this afternoon in the
following statc;nent bv tin- Turkish iim
basador '"Regarding ruinor" of lh rcfoimation
of the Iialkan alllam es ai.aiii.ot Turk-v,
it is absolutelv false A, pinvlnt; th'
I have information Hint ! Turko-Ilu!
gMrlan committee irid been foriiKd bi.i
before the war broke out t onidr
means of "furthering the intciest.v which
the two countries hold so larcelv in
common P'r.ie then .everal meetings
nave been held In which both the Turk
'sh and the ISulgarian Members dllv
ered earn! nddiesoes 'onmicnihii;
upon the communitv of interest between
the two oiintrles and the necs!tv of
following a common poll' And what
Is mote slgnlllcant Is that the semi
official newspaper. Politics, si. . that
tho object of the coinmilt"'' eiilots the
hympathv of all official iitIm in Rul
garia, and speaks of the common 011
gln of the two people as a further bond
between them
This vrv lemnrknlile .statement
ininiit" tin l Hiilgari i. vvlii-b vvaj In
cluded, and which Included herself n
far ainong.-.l .Slavonic peopl- on ai
cciint of the ac-ident to her ilnv !.in
gi ajje. to ial"- dlhclaims connection
with the Slav family and proclaims her
srlf a sister nation of Turke . w nlch In
realm she Is "
This statement was re-janled in offi
cial ciicles here today as Indicating
that if Turrfey and Piilgarl.i form an
alliance it will probably glv- tlr-m Un
balance of power In the Balkan M lies
LONDON'. Sept 1 Conflnnation of
the report that King Carol of Roumani i
Is to abdlc-ate because of III health has
been received here in a dispatch from
PARIS, Sept I -Report" from n-nhn-i
f that the King of Roiimania his
ilnllealod are nuslng much (1Iciik.s1oii
as to the effect It will have on koii
mfliila attitude In the present conllict
The. Km ' nephew. Prince Frederick
'if llohenz. Hern, whose svmpilhies are
cntireU Gcunan. will succeed to the
tb.oive. H '"'ed
The lix ha' the general feeling
thr "ghoul v ,T,uinia is anti-German
Iadi- t 'he iie'lef that an attempt to
nllgi I 'imanl on 'he side of Germany
would rult inenou. Internal disturb
the Czar's men in East Prussia have .not
Alle??sliirL - ac4Ihorn, andf-ro pressing
New lmpetu la being civen tho parcel
post buvlnc plan to cut the high cost
of living, so successfully launched by
Postmaster otto Praeger. Sovera! New
York newspapers have started a cru
sade against high food costs and are ad
vocating tho plan tried out by Mr
Praeger They refer their readers to
the Washington postmaster for detailed
informat.on on parcel post buying, and
as a result, his office I being flooded
with urn uries from New York.
Postmytei Praeger i more than ever
convinced of the practihlllty and ad
visahilitv of the plan llnoiigh his ncr
5on.il expeiiiiue In le'atuig this ex
perience todav. he vnd -hit b. fainllv
used from four to five dozen eggs this
week Through mrh- o liicncc with a
farmer at Ma'tjers H'e -v I'f cets five
dozen fresh-la Id eeg.s ea-'h week by par
cel post Tbej cost h in J", cents' a dozen
net The postage on the g? and or
respond nee brines the gioss cost to
nearlv 3o cents a dozen Eggs In the
market are 3 cent" a doeu The post
master has fig ired it out that be saves
10 cents a week, or JC0 SO a year on his
eggs alone "If I i an reduce ni other
food expendll uies accnrdinglv ,'" :ie said
'the cost of 1 ing will have tin ter
tois The ck'-s have nlvvan been first
class and mi' i' in eood ondiMop The
farmer tells me that selllnu them to me
tor 2,", eiiis a dozen lie i.i making a
i hare of cents pr ilozen for the
trouble of pnekmu them The mer
chant who t,uys- nan ot nis supply pays
lmi eni" a dnz-ii at the farm ThUH
he in. ikes " cents a dozen bv the plan,
and I make s icnts after paving ali
i osts of the service
M itl boil--elfeep t s aie keeping In
i oe toudi with the postmaster, and
are usine their Infl'ienco to extend the
Cheaper Food Prices
Promised for Capital
Cheap, i prb cs for perishable food
stuffs a- il indictments again"' mer
chants who boost rd pit"-- lo unwar
ranted heb bt with the Eiirnnenn war
as the nri. a c piedicted for Wash
ington this week
The form' r will ionic bv leasnn f
the weather during the past week. Re
cent rains iin.loubt.-div will increase
the Sllpph of M'lWlie.s. melons, tnlln
Vo s. iluni siw-i-et corn and other
fioll.s and ito tables ui'l their Imp- i
fition fro-n b,. nurbv farms In Vir
ginia and Man land will brim: the -lc-i
reased prices
Anotbei avenue tlimugli which de
creased prncs will le.snlt is the rew
laiknge service Inaugurated tod-tr on
the Penn"V Ivania railroad between
Wasluntoii -i ml l.owtc. Mil N'omlinl
rates for pari els and baskets of pro
duce Into U ashiiiKlon wl'l be ilmr-ed.
This service .loubtless will be taken
advantage of bv inaiix inn I; farmei.s
The irrand lurv vv III he prcpaied lo
ptesent indictini ills to the Dlstnct
Supreme Cnnrt Thurdav Puritit' ibe
tiast two weeks a icorous inittilix Iris
bii conducted bv IistH, t Mtnrnev
Clarence It Wilson into the high pi Ice
of food stuffs in the District, and
numerous witnesses hnve ! Iflcil lie
lore the grand lurv It is reported
that three m four Indictments will be
picscntcd Thin silm If th- 'esu'is.
Hie pi in Is to cull the uitis d to
trial In the fall t""m of '"rlnilnal Cot n
so that tlie lmpu.se I. take heavy toll
from consumers way be curbed soon.
only taken Tilsit, but are Investing
the German troops beyond Osterode
German War Office Tells Popu-
I lace Operations Everywhere
i . ,,
Are "satisfactory."
HERU.V Sept. 1. (Via Th Haxue.)
The war office statement today declares
the French and English armies have
been driven back vlth heavy losses
near I-a Fere and that the German
advance dn Paris continues.
t The operations all along ths line of
hattle throughout France aje charac
; tetized as "satisfactory." and It Is
.-tnted that the German forces under the
ciown prince, operating from near
I.ongwy. have enjoyed uninterrupted
I success
. These announcements resulted In
widespread rejoicing, coming simul-
taneously with the anniversary of the
opening of the battle of Sedan
I .i far ns the situation In the eastern
theater of the war Is concerned, it rs
i st-iied the German situation Is now ex-
client The re-enforcements sent to
aid the armies defending eastern
Prussia are now on the scene jnd have
a--nmed the offensive
j Russians Threat Ridiculed.
Stones that tho Russians are ser
iously menacing the defenses of the
Vistula river aie ridiculed at the war
office, which Insists that the general
Russian offensive movement has been
checked there Plans have also been
made to meet any attempt of the Rus
sians to take thi Vistula fortifications
In the rear by making lengthy detours.
The official bulletins dealing with all
operations are etiemely terse, but all
have the same geneial tenor, that of
uninterrupted suci esses nlong the gen
eral plans as laid down by the war of
fice. The Red -ro?s has undertaken tho
cue of the icfiiees who have been
lonipclled to flee from their homes In
eastern I'riissi-i befoie the Cossack in
vasion. This latter work, coupled with
the general relict of the wounded, has
taed the facilities of the Red Cross
to the utmost, but a call for volunteers
brought so many responses from the
tletman women. Incltidinc some of the
highest titles, that not only was the
diffieultv solved, but manv had to be
put on a waitiiu list.
Women Are Active.
The women of Germany are as active
is the men who are at the front While
the government has made an allowance
to the families ot every soldier at tho
front this is consideied inadeiUnte. and
Ihe .anon relief organizations have
taken up the work ot caring for all
needv m a sv stem Hie manner
.Meanwhile, manv wild rumors nrr
being circulated. by the refugees. Some
of them declare that the Russians have
ilireateiied to loot Herlln and give it
to the toich If thej take the clt This
laltei threat was the subject for much
ridicule in the editorial cQlumitE of the
newspapers, all of which point out In
reassurinc terms, that so far the Rus
s in nd ince has only Invaded the un
protected section of Eastern Prussia.
Battle, Rages Along Left and Center of
' Army Holding Roads to Paris At
tempts of Kaiser's Troops to Cross
Meuse Have Failed, Says Paris.
PARIS, Sept. 1. Circumstantial rumors of serious
disaster to the British expedition brought emphatic denial
from the war office today.
It was unequivocally denied that there had been any
actual reverse, although there was no denial that the allied
battle front has again been pushed back in the" north.
The entire German, army on the French center and
left renewed the general assault today, and at -last reports
it was raging with uninterrupted ferocity, the French left
slowly falling back.
The Germans are anxious to signalize the anniversary
of Sedan by a notable triumph and have staked every
thing on the strength of the blow now being delivered.
Strive in Two-Day Engagement
to Check Advance of Ger
man Invasion.
from their Immediate front and th
The French force, are maHn an- j r TZT'
other desperate effort today to hold) Paris was quiet today, although tht
back the German forces in LtTrralne ?xus from the city continued. The
.!1S lines at the railway stations and
and the Vosges mountains, the French, at ,he raway ticket offices contlnuo
embassy was advised by a cablegram to Increase. There Is no panic, but al
. - , -a ready it !s very evident that the pod-
Hum ... . .w ,-
vna-va TnA 'OriB I n r fl U Tl III IH.r
The dispatch said
"Fighting began
again yesterday in Lorraine and thel
Vosgej mountains. At Sassy and the
River Meuse a regiment ot trerman
infantry has been nearly destroyed.
'Through our left the German prog
ress has continued.
"The offensive more of the Russians
ntinne: unchecked"
ntmues uncnecsea. ...
The French embassy stamped as am
absolute lie'
reports that the r tench
Government was considering
the capital from Paris to Bordeaux
President Starts for
Capital This Afternoon
W. INDOOR. Vt.. Sept. 1 -President
Wilson vvas up and away early this
mornins for a final game of solt at
Hanover. He intended starting back to
WashuiRton this afternoon.
It is improbable that tho President
will come Munin to Harlakenden House.
It he Kets a vacation next summer, it
is bellevni he will find nome place more
ensdv aeies-iMe to Washington.
Met at 11.
Consideration of Clayton trust
bill re-
mined. Vote expected todav
Senator Lewis In favor of legislative
i-oiiiniiM inner for District ,tnd will
pres4-iii mil
Met at noon
CoiiKressiiian Kinkead of New Jersey
attacked former Senator James
Smith. Ji . editor of a Newark nevvj
paper because of an editorial rriti-i-isin.;
Bills on unanimous consent ctlt--! ir
Merchant Marine Committee resumed
hcarinKs on Administration
ping bill.
In tho center the army of the German
crown prlnoe has penetrated Franc
through Luxemburg and the "Gap of
Treves." and the "general bsdtle" ad
mitted !n the official reports, la takinaT
plaoa in the Mexleres-Rocrot region and
along the Meuse to Verdun.
Up to the present, it is Insisted hsisii,
!! attempts of the Germans to re-
bridge the Meuse neve failed. They
nave now Drought up heavy arUllerr
and are shelling the entire Nne of
French entrenchments that cover th
Meuse in the vicinity of Sedan.
French On Offensive In IontneV
The French army in Lorraine con
tinued today to act on the ofIenlve
lThey have shoved the Oerman. hi-v
.. -
iuace generally expects a siege
those who can are leaving.
;"! "Jf '-- rj. -
(man neria, neot over PanS( ,,
no widespread alarm, .he two avl-
t a tors who have passed across the city
nvu uuiib practically no damage, and
If their intention was to throw the
city Into a panic they have failed.
for a possible raid by Zeppeiins ana 'if
M?e -"e will K Into the a!r and si"
theal ba'- But t Is accepted tha
no German aviator, flying across the
" ","7 ."V " ''" lne iorcv
1 to maintain to avoid the iruns from rh
Eiftel Tower and other high structure
can pain any Information rej:rii n
conditions within the city that is ,io
already known to Germany
Paris Filled With Spies.
As a matter of fact, the chiefs a t e
war office are certain the Ger:n.-n . v
system is In operation within th- i
and that every public move Is prom- -reported
via secret channels to the
man ceneral stuff
Because of tins, the presentv of '
German aviators over Paris hi -minimized
e. ervvliere. and no att- 1
has bren made to Rive them battif i
the French aviators, although sucl.
development may be expected in !
near future
The i-.ibmet held an "xtraordina-" s,
slnn toda.v. at which the various !'
tions ot national defense ner? con
ered. In this connection the quest on
the removal of the j-eat of Kovernnie-
to another center away from the the.
ter o? hostilities was touched on. & .
tion was taken, and none will be uiul
it is an absolute certainty that the
Is to be besieged.
It was explained bv the members .
the i-.ihinot that every movement so
lnadf has been of a precautionary t
ture This Is etecially true of 1
r.-14't.S ! the old bi.llii'ti outside oi S
Purls forts to iv an uulnterrunt.
sweep t- the suns of tK defense.
Do Not Expect Siege.
It is Known Gei era! Jottre told Minis-,
ter ot War Mitt" ne did not believe tho?.
Germans would ever set vvrithjn. forty
nnls of Paris. ;. ' " ,,
The eenerjMn-ifh'ef believcstnal,,tft
force of the German assault li already"
frtvlnnlnp to, shAvv- indlc-slibiic of .fvetnir
spent. The bestAt-the German fj-Mpa
were concentrateiion the Kreaca laft
4 "

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