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Weather Forecast:
Fair Tonight and
mnvrBER 8299.
Two Million Men Grapple in Great Struggle
in Galicia Austrians Forced Back As
Czar's Troops Attempt to Cut Off DankFs
Army Losses Are Staggering.
PETROGRAD, Sept. 21. Two million men are
grappling today in the third general engagement in Galicia.
Russian forces, re-enforced by fresh troops and fired
with victories in the occupation of Jaroslaw, Sambor, Gro
deck, and Dubiecko, are engaging the entire Austrian front
n the line from Cracow to Przemysl.
General Dankl's army has been forced still further
Przemysl is now being bombarded with heavy Rus
ian siege guns, but so far still withstands the attack and
. n artillery duel is in progress in which the casualties are
ery heavy.
The general Russian advance today follows the eight
ays' fighting culminating in the capture of Lvov (Lem
erg) and the nine days' fighting around Rawa-Russka.
Siege guns used in the assault on those positions have
een put into emplacements around Przemysl. Meanwhile
ie cavalry and infantry, supported by quick firers and the
mailer artillery pieces, are with the forefront of the Rus
an advance.
uprcnie attempt ie to be made to
nniliilate the Austrian armies of Dankl
"d Von Auffenberg, thp first move in
r h l! the endeavor to cut General
ankl e forces off
The Austrian losses have been statf
"ins The weather continues cold,
th rain and sVet The speed of the
jisian advance has forced the enemy
'fir-eat without many of their guns
1 are mired In the swamps and
i-ir. -nany of which are inches deep
1 Zfmvfcl is now under attack from
f separatp directions.' t!ie -ir
T e statement declared "'The bom-ai-d-nent
i continuing with our forces
id''1 adan. ing on the outer in
whroct'i" Orodeck on the east of
rzemysl has been occupied. Sambor,
i he south, has fallen before our
nie and wr have established a line
Evacuation of Jaroslaw
Strategic, Asserts Vienna
VIFNNX via Rome (censored). Sept
laiuation of Jaroslaw bv ustHan
f was a'-eompliehed because of a
es t te concentrate forces for defense
Przenel. according to war office
aiements toda
Our battle line in Galicia has never
ten stronger the statement declares
The new battle line from Przemysl to
ra o is 'ringed For strategic rea
ons our fo ces have retreated sllghtli
long f-.s line, m order to occupv
ronger pos'tlons The evacuation of
aroslaw was deliberate the cltv tiav
z lost its stra-elc Importance. The
'ty was fired on our leaving it. '
Maneuvering for strategic posit in was
Mr at it
struggle o r ner and harbor bill Is
e ntll.uetf I
enator Jones of W ashington explains
re. ert allej legislation.
onferees on f'lavton bill have pra, .
tieally completed nork
Mt at noon
onsidered bills on unanimous -on?ent
Fmergency re enue bill introduced by
Mnjorftv Leader Knderwood
Congressman McKellar introduced hill
for relief of Southern cotton growers,
n&nklnj? and Currency Committee held
hearing on Henry bill for Federal
loans on cotton crop. I
Imported Bock Panetela. More Salisfy
W thxn ever. Sweet and mild. Advt.
of further communication on the west
through the capture of Dubiecko.
"The retreating Austrian forces
burned Jaroslaw, before their evacua
tion. '
Official denial that General Marios
had been instructed to burn all German
villages in east Prussia or that ho had
ever issued such instructions to his
forces tias riaHa h. tVi , Ar
- -- ... ,. .,, ,,.i no., U1I1.T-,
This is In replv to Berlin statements
that General Martos. captured in one
I San. had been tried tj court-martial on I
I such charges
j The war office threatens ste.-n re-i
prisals on German awl Austrian pns-'
j oncri, if the verdict in the Martos court- j
I martial is one of death Great indlcna- !
tion is expressed in official circles over!
reports that General Jlartos was ue- i
eraaea in oeinc forced to travel hand
cuffed to a German private soldier, and
exhibited all alone the road to Berlin
the (nical explanation of the retie.u
ot Ge-i-ral Dankl h arm; Th s wr.s x):
tii'i .ludssion that this division of t!i.
Austrian army m Galicia was not ;n -mjr
iteadily forv.ird
The war offu insists, noweter, that
General Dankl s .wsitiop n- secure' Ins
pat, hts both from him and from 1 i.
Marshal Baron Von Hotzcn.lorff sv
the A.irtrlan troei,K ars lighting er
wh. lining forc ..l itussians to a .Ntai.d
still All lominent n the brnv.-r
! ' . .:'.'.C" J?l' ':'. " he billing
Specia safeguards to p,event further
financial d:i.r..tloii h..ve be,.n adopted
bv the goieininent a roal decree was
issued today prohibiting the institution
of any bankruptc pro-.e.iing.v in the
courts until after ti,e llo;lp of thf.
The moratorium 1ms lren fi.rther e
tended A opeclal financ.l cumniissicn
has bpen ncated to advise husiness
houses and nrrange credit
Many of the soldiers brought home
are untouched b wounds but weaken
ed by disease mo they are toialy unfit
for fighting. Ke.ir is expressed of an
epidemic of infectious dleasi-s brought
hack to the ciU b those 1.1. k
20 Years an Exile,Vill
Return to Aid Austrians
NEW YORK Sept .1 Afl.i iumg
in exile for almost twent, years Baron
von elden. once an officei ol hussar.s
in Austria who not lives at Grey
hound Lodge Jlontclair lirights, todn
Is planning to return to his native coun
try and Join the Austrian Hod fro-:,
corps. Emperor Franz Josefs order
restoring all political exiles to citizen
ship permits him to return to Austria
on Welden. who is well over fifty,
expects to sell aJl his property here at
auction t once and sail for AU8trli.
'oprrlcht. Underwood A t'nderuood
The Ruined Pont des Arches, the Stately Stone Bridge Across the Meuse River at Liege, Destroyed by the Belgians to Prevent the Advance of the Ger.
mans. Beyond It Is the Pontoon Bridge Boats Constructed by the Germans As a Means of Entering the City.
Senator Jones Explains What
Has Been Accomplished by
Legislation Passed.
Strongh condemning the present alley
conditions in the District. Senator
Jones of Washington toda made a
statement explaining what had leen
done in the bill fust passed by Congress
He has taken an active Interest in leg
islation He said in part
"To those familiar with the allev con
ditions in the city of Washington no
action in relation to the iitv needs
has been moro imperative-, needed
than their elimination. If the good
men ,md women knew of the a' tual con
ditions that exist within the shadow
of tho Nation s Capitol and realized the
dangers to health and good morals that
go out from them to all parts of the
city the demand for their eradication
would be umvirsal except from those
who profit from conditions that arc a
disgrace to eilliat10n and Christianity.
There wcmH h, no grumbling about
how to do i! nor would the rights of
humanity be sacrificed for the rights of
'When tho situation ih understood
there is not muth basis cx ept greed
lor oppoition to what lias been
i..iie .i sill..- 1 1' i Injury will be mi'-
!l dwt 11 llg l.OlLSe
l&wfully on these alleys now his been
jii y cars The r il
hii.iu.l1 profit from this property ha
I een from 1 Otr, u .i cent, and .0 the
o-yncrs hv l. n j ;id for it mop" lha-
tu-kc over turi-i" tins time No ;rop
ertv is out seated Ml thci-e ouu-is
have to do Is to change (be iit.p of thir
property or the , millions of us.-
"If tiny n.ake iiie alleys uinhum to
the eondftions 01 the law they can ur.e
their iropeit. for h une op business js
they ih lod 1 'phey mcv ' Mit 'o
some expense.. !v I r,r ens v proti's
may be red'ice(i t their property will
i.lill !o UM'f til and 1 rufltable.
"Notliiiig niou- ntrlkinglv illustrates
the power and influence of wealth and
irr- "d than the situation 111 regard to
thih alle problem The public has been
apathetic, business organisation com
posed of men of high standing have
orposed thih legislation unless the so
called rights of property owners ores
p' ep the ar.t farthing of protection, and
the pi hlic liejlth .iticl safety and the
p'i adlr gs of humanity have lieen ub
urdln.U'il to the lin.uirUl interests, or
a '-v rapacious 'nillvliluals
' f yy noble uumen luteiestrij tliem
scHes in the suojc t They did splen
did yyork nut It took the pleadings of
a tendei heai ted woman In an exalted
Pl.v e an he passed into the Valley of
Dmlh to liritik. a tion . tlon has i ulne
sv. Ift hure, dlreil. complete, and the
cit ol Washington without its slums
and unsnc-uk.ibli alley conditions will
he a lifting tribute and monument to
the syeet noi.lllt v of Jlr Wilson, y ho
from her exalted place as the firs lady
of the land gave of her time, strength
Influence, and love for the linppinc-B
and lomfoit of the poor, lowly, and
unfortunate and yyhose last thoughts
yyere not of hei position, but of poor
suffering humanity '
School Books, Second Hand and New.
Lowdtrmllk i. Co., 14J6 F ltreet. Advt.
Havoc at Rheims
Deplored in Berlin
Bombardment Necessary, Gunners Were Ordered to
Spare Cathedral, Says Berlin War Office Claims
Attack on Allies Progresses.
BERLIN (via Amsterdam), Sept. 21. "Our attack
against the British and French troops has progressed," said
an official statement issued today by the war office. "We
have gone forward at several points. The unfavorable
weather and heavy rains have compelled our forces to
withhold attacks temporarily, but there is an improvement
The statement reiterated previous expressions of re
gret at the necessity for bombardment of Rheims. The
bombardm -nl was necessary, it is declared, because the
heaviest French lire was coming from the direction of the
city. It is stated that orders were issued that the artillery
should sparj the cathedral.
The war office stated that re-enforcements have great
ly strengthened the German front. Many of the detach
ments which have been in the thick of the almost contin
uous fighting in the Paris campaign have been greatly ex
hausted. Fresh troops will permit their taking a brief rest.
"Our artillery," the war office concludes, "has proved
its vast superiority over that of the allies."
Germans Subscribe Billion
Dollar Fund for War Loan
niOKLIN Sept 21 'J3y ivjreless via
Sayvlllej. Brilliant success lias been
made m the raising of a war loin by
subscriptions to Imperial bonds and
treasury certificates. I'p to the present
time, 4,2bO.fi00 (WO marks $l.(6.00O.O")
has been raised With a number of re
ports still out the total subscriptions
to the imperial loan have already
reached l.Wt.'MWi marks. Treasury
Lertitlcates to tho amount of l.i,or.i'K
marks were- offered, and this has been
oversubscribed by 26.OUO.000
The newspapers din proud that this
result should be reached without for
eign subscription or seridinsr of blanks
to many well-to-do Hermans now In the
field On account of the unexpected
iUiccep;. the term of payment has been
postponed until December
One newspaper terms the success a
'victory of those at the River Homme "
The report from headquarters last
tilsht declared taat the German arzr,v
in franco had evrysvher a.Bumd tti
iifien- ye uxuint the enarn,
strongly Intrenched
Smii Iledln. the Swedish e
the Kiiet of the Hmperor ,
ters and will be "owuj e& ( Z
eastern nnd wtrii front KfJW n
non-partisan aceount of the .vVJntlon
Denial has been receive! from Vienna
of the teiKirt th-it llenryk slrnkiou uv
lauthor of Quo Vadls") 's a ir.somr
of war. fie is no.y in Vinina en. rout,
to tho Tjrol and Is prap.irinK to write
a book mi his 'tpcnonce.s
At a crown council In Hncharest Sat
urday It waj decided that ltoiiiii:uuii
would continue to observe the Mrlctest
Word has been rece'ved from 'Vtro
Krad that thoso arresli d for demolishing
the German embassy In that city haye
been K'NhhpU ms the delruetlon was
promptly bv noble and patriotic feel
in its
At flirislrann, Fridtjof Nunsiii, the
noted (.xplorer. emphaeized amidet a
roar of applause that Norway must tr
ranRe the closest military union w'th
Syyeden ft' safeguarding their Independ-
enc In common.
Sociologist Tells Catholic Con
ference Judges Would Be
Shown Insane.
Assaillnc as absurd the modern sci
enl.llc methods of psychopathic exam
ination as applied In the courts and
mans of the leading institutions of the
country, the p.ev. Dr Freder'ck K.
Seldenburg. dean cf the department of
sociology- of Lova'a College. Chicago,
declared before the National Conference
of Catholic Chcritler at the Calhoh'
l'niver;.ity of Am-rica today, that half
of the learned Juripts who passed upon
the results of these tests, would them
selves lo held in.--r.nr under them
Dr. Seldenburg roundlj scored the
Hlnet MVEtem of examination of dehn
ciuents. as used In 'he courts and psy
chopathic institutions, declaring that in
most cases the.s tests exarB?rate the
number of feeble-minded, jie declared
that the tests overlooked the primary
facts of environment and surroundings
and condltiors when the tests were ap
plied He -Ited a number of tho tests
in detail and declired It to be foolish
to suppose that a delinquent child hauled
before i-pecialist.-) and an austere court
would laugh when it was time to laugh
to prove sanltv
Holds Tests Defective.
There are few of nn who would laugh,
he s-uld nt anything funny vihen we
were facinp a situation that to o.ir
minds was new, fearsome, and ippall
mg Dr. Seidenbiirir went over some -f
the othPr tests and declared that many
of thnn overlooked primary facta, and
that in most cases thoy exaggerated.
Many i-ane persons, particularly chil
dren, would fail before them, he said
"I denv " he declared, "that the so
called scientific data upon which re
sults are determined in the psycho
pathic examinations are scientillc Tito
judges of the courts could not them
selves in many Instances pass the ex
amination under tho same clrcum-stnm-ex
and in the environment of the
poor victim
Sees Attack On Morals.
'This system is a (overt scheme." he
ilei Inred 'to take away responsibility
for sin and crime, and to lay all evils
to ph steal ondltion instead of oir
morals Morals, with it in vogue, are
Mibyerted There Is no such thing as
morals, , are Just phvsicallv or men
tally no exactly right "
The national conference was split Into
two divisions this morning one to con
sidei work among the blck nnd de
fective It was during consideration of the
problems of caring for the insane In
the "sick and defect' ve" sect ion of the
conference, tli.it Dr Seidenbuig n -jeiteil
a heated discussion on the Hlnet
system of examination There were
nunj who agreed with him, but many
others who took Issue.
ThlH section of the conference with
Dr Lawrence r Flick of rhilndcl
(Contlnued on Second race.)
Hard Pressed By Enveloping Movement,
Gen. Von Kluck Forced to Call 100,000
Men From Belgium Heaviest Fighting
Reported in Region of Craonne.
PARIS, Sept. 21. While the allies' left is pressing
forward in an effort to outflank the army of General Von
Kluck, the German right centeriinder General Von Bue
low, is making desperate attempts to pierce the allies' line
at Craonne.
Fighting in the battle of the Aisne was resumed all
along thejine, but with the great forces' of the Contending
armies still apparently fighting to a draW
The )fTjGial-statement issued from the war office at
Bordeaux and transmitted to General Gallieni in Paris re
ports that the French left has advanced.
It is reported that 100,000 men are being rushed from
Belgium to aid Von Kluck.
On the allies' left center the most violent engagement
is in progress. ,
In their endeavors to break through the allied lines,
the Germans fought with the greatest violence and des
peration. They charged with the bayonet, but the allied
lines held firm in the face of heavy losses, and repulsed
the attack. In its report of the fighting on the left wing,
the official statement says:
"We have advanced to the heights of Lassigny, west
of Noyon, on the right bank of the Oise. The enemy was
repulsed at all points east of the Oise, though their attacks
have become more violent and bayonet charges have been
directed against our lines near Craonne.
"The bombardment of Rheims by the heavy guns of
the Germans continues.
"There is nc change in Lorraine and the Vosges.
The Delme hill, south of Chateau Saline, is being fortified
by the Germans."
Anxiety Grows in London;
Death Toll
LONDON, Sept. 21 Anxiety la ln
creaiing In London as the battle of
the Aisne continues without the allied
forces being able to gain any apprecia
ble advantage over the Germans. .
The strencrth of the German position
is now realized. The admission that
every advantage gained by tne llrltlsn,
..... Un., v,An at timhl( enst hHnpo
realization that the casualty list of the
British and trencn is Dounu 10 oe stag
gering. could possibly be imagined for such a
battle as Is now neing vvaseu. iieavy
n.tj i.nnrlnui to fall, and tho trenches
arc filled vvlth water. Tho British
forces have borne the brunt or the
Liirr jt7i iii.i fc...-.. ....., uv.. .....-.
across fields swept from end to end
r.A.n.'.n tAnehwa luyn hn.n man..
by rifle, macnine gun, anu snrapnri
At the war oft.ee the situation is ae-
. ... t... r..A-,i hit. ollhnni'li It Id
ciareu iu uc m.v,. "".-. ,... .- -admitted
no decisive advantage has
i ...I..A.I Tho KVeneh irnve some
ground yesterda.v below Solssons in
tho face 01 a tunous nuatr., uui. ...
was regained. Following the loss of
- liii e r..l.An th. Prnnnh ilrOVQ
ine inn i .....iF.it.. - -,-". .
or the Germans nnd occupied the de
fenses of La J'omene.
The most determined German attack
is, being made on the allied front be
tween Craonne and Khelms, furious
ashaults being directed in on attempt
to pierce the allies' lines.
The allies have continued to exert
the greatest pressure upon both wings
of the German arinj. which It is
claimed, are gradually being forced
LONDON. Sept 21. According to a.
dispatch from the Daily TelaRrnph's
correspondent at Kottcrilam. a gteai
number of changes have recently been
made in the German officers, command-1
lag th various armies of the Kalaar.
Is Staggering
Tho whole first page of the hut issue
of the Berliner Tageblatt received in
Rotterdam Is filled with the names of
those who have been shifted into or out
of commands. Some of the changes are
caused by woundB or deaths, but In the
ijreat majority of the cases no reason
aieV?K 'il iven- The correspoidert
thinks the German army has not nrovV
the perfect machine it was expected.
Expect Roumania
Will Join Allies
THOME. Sent m rnt.,. ,.....
-- -: -- -..j VI ifuiii..f.j-
Into the European war in believed immi
nent. The strictest censorship has been
established In that country, but the re
port has reached Home that Germanr
has acknowledged inability to persuade
Roumania to join with the Austrian
German forces, and that the German
minister has been recalled from Bu
charest. It i.s belieyeH Rrtnm'iln nirr ... t.
lot with the allies because of her chanc
oi acquiring Transylvania, a part of
. ..t,...,, ....... ,.v ,i,0 iuiij tin vicryl
and is more than half peopled with Rou
manians. The Roumanian arrnv ha.s
been held ready for more than" three
weeks, and military supplies have jeen
The Roumanian cabinet is about to
fall, according to reports this after-
nnnn Thuri ttritr. ruian nnn,.!..., j.
..w... .v .. v.,, jujuiai UCIIIC1II-
stratlons on the streets of Bucharest
against the ministers because of the re
rit.rt thnt ttiA riArmit.,T -!An.nn .?
.' - - ....... .i... i.. ...... 4 utttiitiii ai
dlers. sailors, and reservists, with a
quantity oi ammunition, to pass over
iyuuiii.inuii ftuii cm route irom tteriiri
to Turkey The feeling Is strong
Himilirlinlll Dr.nn.Vlntn I, k .lnrt In
., lFVF,lll,iai liui..,ui,u, mai HIT llllli- IB
ripe to join with the allies, and. througi
them, if victorious, to force acquies
cence of the powers In an extension of
the Balkan kingdoms.

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