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Sixth Installment of Evidence in Leo M. Frank's Case, Seepages 8 and 9
Weather Forecast:
Fair Tonight and
NUMBER 8452.
P. 0. Mysteriously
Robbed by Woman
SAYS dqnation workers, young and younger AWED pLEET
m.mm mtLmm m as. '
Ul U. 0. liLnUI
Administration Makes Strenu
ous Efforts to Put "Soft
Pedal" on; talk ofPrepar
inoXfor War.
Spanish-American and Civil
War Veterans Sounded,
While Army Arsenals Are
Kept Hard at Work.
Although handicapped by stren
uous efforts of the Administration
to "soft pedal" all talk in official
circles of the possibility of armed
conflict between the United States
and any of the belligerent powers
growing out of the war zone haz
ards to American shipping, and the
desire in official circles to avoid
even the appearance, of anticipat
ing such a contingency, officers of
the army and navy are, neverthe
less, proceeding systematically
with preparations for the unex
pected. The heads of the two depart
ments of the military are studious
ly avoiding any comment. No con
firmation may be obtained from
them as to the reports of this pre
paratory work.
Officers Silent.
It is almost as difficult to get the In
formation from subordinate officers of
the two branches of the service, for re
cently, as a result of the critical situa
tion, orders have gono forward which
make it extremely dangerous for offi
cers to even so much as breathe infor
mation. With the recognition of the fact that
participation by this country in war,
should war unexpectedly develop, would
largely fall on the navy, more activity
is apparent at the navy yards and in
tlio navy arsenals than at the army
ousts, but even the army is not idle.
Tho situation that confronts the coun
try has given impetus to the system
inauguarated originally by MaJ. Gen.
Leonard Wood, when chief of staff, to
keep the war Department in close touch
with the class of men from which. In
cabii of war. commissioned and non
commisloneed officers would have to be
drawn to command in the volunteer
Pound Out Veterans.
For this reason, circulars lately have
been sent out by the adjutant general's
office to veterans of the Spantsh-Amer-
tcan, and oven of the civil war, to find
tContinued on Eleventh Page.)
Express Messengers Say They
Opened Safe and Threw It
From Car.
The "attempted robbery" of the ex
press car on the Florida Flier of the
Atlantic Coast Line Thursday night last
has been cleared up.
A. Y. Chambllss, of Charleston, S. C,
and M. M. Williams, of Rose, Hill. N.
C, the two messengers on the car at
the time, both of whom are now in
Washington, have made statements, In
which they say they opened the safe
and threw it off the car. according to
Superintendent J. M. Huff, of the Ad
ams r.xnrets Company.
Chambllss, it is said, had to get his
stamps, Ink pad, and other supplies and
utensils out of the safe, but did not
have the keys with him. The safe was
broken open, and then, the two men,
according to tho alleged statements,
agreed to tell the story of the "masked
The Mfe is at the bottom of Aqula
creek, the railroad and express company
detectives na It contained no valu
ables when broken Into.
Federal Reserve Note
Already Counterfeited
Secret Service headquarters has just
uncovered the llrstt eoiintoifeit Federal
reserve note to make its appeurance. It
Is a tlve-dolUtr note of the Dallas Bank,
and tho Secret SerUco men say U poorly
New Orleans Building Entered
and $1,000 Stolen No Win
dows or Doors Broken.
Orleans postofflce was mysteriously
robbed of $1,000 In stamps and a smalt
amount of cash last nlcht.
Fingerprints, left by a small hand, In
dicate the burglar was a woman.
No windows or doors were broken or
forced to gain entrance and officials are
Excise Board Probe
To Start Tomorrow
Senator Sheppard Calls Meeting
Expecting Authority to Con
tinue Investigation.
Senator Sheppard of Texas, chair
man of the special committee to investi
gate the Excise Board of the District,
has called a meeting tomorrow, and
hopes to begin the Inquiry then.
Senator Sheppard does not expect to
complete the Investigation this session,
but hopes to get authority to continue
it in the next session. p
Senators Sheppard and Jones are a
subcommittee to form plans for the in
quiry. Thev hope to be able to report
to the full committee Monday.
Plans Matinees
For Poodle Dogs
Invitations Are Sent Out by Res
taurant for Special Evenings
for Pets of Patrons.
NEW YORK, J-'ob. 21. The dear little
poodles arc to have tea matinees all
their very own! But poodle owners will
have to leave their children at home.
Bustanoby's, ono of Manhattan's ultra
swell restaurants, has announced It in
cute invitations to society folk. In the
future, dogs will be welcomed at Bus
tanoby's just like in Paris restaurants.
Attention Is called to th special tea
and dog matinees rvery Friday. '4
"This permits ladies to take their pets
with them to the dining room, which
will prevent the dogs from catch'ng cold
while in the checkroom," said the invi
tation. ''A special attachment to chairs
lis provided so, thai the: ladies mny have
ineir uogx snuntr at me mur.
Andre Bustanoby says that on occa
sions babies have been admitted to the
restaurant. They must be well-behaved
babies, he said.
Appeal for Frank
Set for This Week
Attorneys From Georgia Are Pre
pared to Take Case Before
Supreme Court.
The appeal In the Leo M. Frank case
will be argued before the Supreme
Court of the United States this week.
Attorneys for the appellant have filed a
brief of their argument on which they
hope to have annulled Frank's sen
tence of death. It Is stated In the brief
that Frank does not contend that he
cannot be held for further trial under't
mc i-Ainiiiis niuiuuiieiii. ii mi juagmem
of death is set aside.
Falls 16 Inches,
Breaks Her Neck
Girl Probably Fractures Skull Also
But Glass Bowl Is
NEAV YORK, Ftb. 21. Ellen Nopoli,
fourteen years old, fell about sixteen
Inches today j:i a staircase In her home.
This Is what happened:
She broko her neck.
She Fuffeied internal injuries.
Her skull was probably fractured.
But a cut Klnss bowl she was carry
ing escaped damage.
Tho girl wus taken to the Harlem
Hospital, wheie it was said her con
dition is grae She 'was on her way
to an Ice cream store and sho tripped
and fell.
Pledges Babe To
Avenge Its Father
Wife of Italian Knife Victim
Swears Vengeance Over
Dead Man's Body.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.-Kneeling be
side the body of her husband, Airs.
Josephine Dorendo today pledged the
one-year-old bo she held in her arms
to avenge his father's murder.
Mrs. Dorendo was called to the Har
lem police station to Identify the body
after Dorendo had been found stabbed
to death in front of 7 Prlnco street.
In a pool of blood, detectives tound
a live-inch dagger of the kind carried
by Italian sailors. The stabbing oc
curred at a well-lighted corner, but
detectives could find no Italians- who
would admit they had been witnesses.
Heir to $10,000 at 80
Gives Birthday Party
CHICAGO, Feb. 21. Mrs. August
Laurltzon, who Inherited $10,000 a year
ago, celebrated her eightieth birthday at
her home Thirty-five ti lends uho have
participated in her biitlulay celebrations
for thlity-llvo oars were present
Her luihuiul at tho same time received
a check lor J-'l.W with official word
that it was tho first pension payment
allowed him bv Denmark for his ser
vices In the Scbleswlg.Holstelii war.
Former Police Lieutenant Ap
proached Gangster Twice
Before Arranging Murder,
Says New Affidavit.
Even Prosecution. Never Hinted
That Tools Were Hired Per
sonally by Accused Paper
Held in Reserve.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21. That
Charles Becker, former police lieu
tenant, whose third trial for the
murder of Herman Rosenthal willi
take place soon, personally auugm
out a notorious gunman to kill
Rosenthal, is the charge contained
in an affidavit in the office of the
district attorney, it became known
The affidavit is made by the
gunman himself, who tells that he
was approached twice before ar
rangements for the murder were
made with "Lefty Louie" Rosen-
berg, "Gyp the Blood" Horowitz,
"Whitey" Lewis, and uago
Frank" Cirofici, the four stayers
who paid the penalty in the Sing
Sing death chamber last April.
Never Hinted Before.
The lmportanc9 of this affidavit lies
In tho fact that never before, even dur
ing the bitterest arraignments of Beck
er before tho two juries which convict
ed him was It hinted that ho went to
any hired assassin personally to bargain
for the killing of the gambler.
That Becker was tho power that
PtTUIMTn .nanslM- .sUsim. - m QTDATQ Til
htl mm u mKmBKmmlmmmii IN oIKAIIo 111
engineered the murder was chargd, but the wind-up of District donation week
It was alleged oniy that he gave his or- (next Tuesday a red letter event,
dei-s to gunmen through "Jack" Rose, ( eWn of the comprehenMve plans of
"Brldgle" Webber, and Harry Vallon. ,Mrh. Barrett had been kept under cov
The four gunmen who wero electro- er t0jay. But Mm. Barrett has been
cuted for the actual murder always as- ' worklng quietly to get the cream of
sorted vehemently mat uiey never naa
ceen Docker
until after their arrest.
Tho piosecutlon did not deny this, con- prlvilege of entering foveral Qovern
tending at all times that Becker scau- mcnt bulMinBSi including the State.
?"K.d . J?..d.'5,?n. $ Vr. a"d y Pepartment. and yes-
..uuu., a..v .w-.-.., --" ---- icruay apeaKer uiarK mrew open the
three knew the condemned and oxe- .howJ offica building to her for Tues
cuted, It was admitted. 'day
, JJ"' wrIS,-tiSMIhfk4ir T1'08e wno already have consented
i,rnn 2lVh5l tnl H" to 8erve on Mrs- Barrett's Federal day
l.?tn LSn M f witn; it committee are Mrs. Thomas R. Mar
u.JSta.?hMMuUe'",l,l' Mrs- William Jennings Bryan.
i8.un.d.e"t00d.' l.uP.E2u&W.! Mrs. Llndley Miller Garrison. Mrs.
to bring forth his secret v. ltness.
U. S. Marshal, With Deputies,
Closing in on Rebellious Red
skins in Colorado.
DOLORES. Colo.. Feb. a.-Latest re-
ports from Bluff declare that quiet pre- j Yesterday Donation Wc ck workers
vails In the region, where a clash Is bioko into vaudellle. For the first
feared beetwen Piute Indians strongly ' t'"e within the memory of most the-;:r-JlJ.r.-
h. n . ,,, ater-gpers here the collection plat was
mircuuiicii ;. ..n ...... ...... - ,..----
headed by United States Marshal Ke
The marshal and his men met the
portion of the posso which set out from
Cortez .Colo., and It la believed they
will certainly appear before tho fortifi
cations of the Indians before the day Is
Thero has been no Indlcalon on the
part of the Indians of surrendering, It
was declared.
Tho authorities at Bluff have taken
pverv precaution to prevent any trouble
befpre the" marshal and his forces ar
rive. The Indians, it is said, have made
several raids upon live stock In this
vicinity, but the people In tho region
have been urged to make no advance
towrad the stronghold for fear of pre
cipitating atight
Japan Sending Fresh
Troops to Manchuria
TOKYO, Feb. 21. A representative
of the war department is quoted as
saying that the Japanese troops now
In service In Manchuria would be re
placed by fresh forces from Japan.
This perhaps explains an unfounded re
port that two divisions of Japanese.
tioop would be mobilized to proceed
to Chtoe.
RIFD mimm$mmmmnmm FORCING -WAY
i:&'&;" .a -&-.
ViBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSlBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSW -V, SbY- '12MCSBWl?4"Aa.BBBBBBPT ";,' "ipH , v'.4K7Bssssssssssssssssssssssssssa .' A
" JBsssssssssH'sBSssssssssssssr'V,..''';-','AV' &bssssssMV;'y2sssssssssssssK - TW alssssssssssssssssT. ' aBSSSSSSSMPBV4jlsSSSSSSSSSS Vvxi.
VBB ; . -v ' sWCiL" l sHHHHHIIIIIIIw
Mrs. Marshall and Ladies of
the Cabinet to Work for
Cause on Tuesday.
With the wife of the Vice President
the Indies of the Cabinet, and wives
of other prominent men In official
life on her committee. Mrs. Kale Wal-
I ler Barrett, In charge of Federal Day,
today announced plans that will make
Washington officials' wives on her
.i.. m,. , k,i. ,i. -
; ssy ssLxrsR "ftjas
Knight Lane. Mrs. "William Cox Red
Held, Mrs. Anthonv Caminettl, Mrs.
Caulde Rwanson. Mrs. Charles Carlln.
Mrs. William Jones, and Mrs. Henry
oWuId Share Wages.
"Share, a day's wages" Is the slogan
for Federal Day. Mrs. Barrett appeals
to eery Federal office holder In tho
District to make a donation of at least '
in per cent of the salary received on,
Tuesday. Mrs. Barrett urges those who ,
once by letter. Many more workers
tit w hctjucu uii ut3 ujuciiif, uaj Uliau I
have been employed earlier in the
Teek. In addition to the collection
boxes In each Government department
It Is planned to distribute envelopes
through the rooms of the clerks, and
r.onatlon week workers
paefieij m n theater for cnarlty.
Through the courtesy of Manacer Ro-
lpnd Robins, of Keith's Theater, a dozen
(Continued on Second Page.)
A St. Louis girl stenographer is just
SI 0,000 richer today as the result of her
cleverness in solving the problem in "The
Million Dollar Mystery."
Her solution as well as the last chapter
of the .noted photo play will be found today
on page 1 3 of
ROSE VALKER, from the Foundlings' Home, soliciting subscriptions at
Mixed Flour Bill May
Solve Cost of Living
Congress Likely to Repeal Tax on Product Contain
ing Eighty Per Cent of Wheat to Drive Bread
Prices Down.
A mixed flour bill, which comes closer to every American home
than even the ship purchase bill, probably will be passed by the pres
ent Congress in an effort to stay the rise in the price of bread, which
bids fair to take from the country more than $100,000,000 within the
present year.
If the present tax on mixed flour were repealed it would allow
bojted nour t0 be soid consisting
per cent corn flour, a combination
chy than Pure wheat
tax probably will be taken up by
the House tomorrow.
If a bill repealing this tax passes the
House this session the indications are
that the Senate Finance Committee vlll
report ft favorably and that It wUI go
Into effect this spring.
Mixed flour as a rule does not contain
more than 20 per cent of tho corn prod
uct, for a larger percentage would not
mix well. It is almost as wholesomo
of 80 per cent wheat flour and 20
which can be manufactured much
ur. The question of repealing this
the Ways and Means Committee of
and palatable as the pure wheat flour
and Is used In tho same way.
It has been estimated that tho aver
age Ameiican consumes a barrel of
flour a year. Granting that this la the
case and tlt every American has to
pay 1 cent more a loaf for the bread
made from his barrel of flour, the total
Increase would bo more than a quarter
ot a billion dollars lit the money fcpent
for wheat bread alone. The corre
sponding Increase in money spent for
corn, rye. barley, and other grain prod
ucts would add materially to this sum,
not to mention the raise In meat caused
by higher teed prices.
Advocates Two Measures.
Mr?. Julian Heath, of New York
city, president of the Housewives'
League, is advocating two measures
to decrease the price of bread. One
is an embargo on wheat and the other
Is a wider iiho of corn meal.
Mrf. Heath hays the Housewives'
League has realized for some lime
that increahed prices for bread were
inevitable and has been sending no
tice to its members to mako no ef
fort to attack the bakers, because
thev are forced to charge more be-cau.-
their flour roet them moie.
"The average housewifo would do
well to learn more of the use of coin
ine.il," sajs Mrs. Heath. "The prlre
of comment has not gone up muih
el. anil even though It did go up, it
wiuui remain a encup and very nil-
Urinous food, and it can be made to
I take the place of u part of the wek -
- . - w wTTwm w- - w..f.
Operating in Lanes Traversed
by Steamers for Liverpool.
Two Norwegian Ships Sunk.
LONDON. Feb. 21. Tho discovery that
at least three German submarines are
operaUng in the Irish sea, directly In
the lane traversed by steamships bound
for Liverpool, has caused anxiety here
for th safety of a number of vessels,
among them the American line steam
ship Philadelphia, from New York,
which Is due in Liverpool today.
It is now believed that the British
Fteamshlp Mcmbland, which left Hull
for tho Tyne, on Monday, has been de
stroyed by tho Germans. She has not
been heard ot since she left Hull.
A flotilla of British destroyers and
submarines, guarded by a squadron of
armed trawlers, is swecnlntr the Irish
sea looking for these submarines. With
a 6core of freighters bound in and most
of thorn due tomorrow, shipping circles
are greatly worked up over the loss of
the Cambank. It is believed certain
that until these submarines can be lo
cated many of the incoming ships will
be diverted to safer ports.
The British steamship Cambank,
which was sent to the bottom yester
day by a German submarine, was at
tacked off the coast of Wales in waters
through which probably more than half
the vessels bound for Liverpool are ac
customed to pass.
Scouting vessels have reported sight
ing two hostile submarines in the Eng
lish channel and three In the Irish sea
England is determined to mako the
utmost reprisals on Germany for her
submarine activity. All the British sub
marines are in commission and ready
to follow the enemy.
Naval officials openly declare thta the
first battle under the seas may be
tought soon. They are confident some
at least, of the German submarines
must soon be located.
The entire French flotilla of sub
marines Is operating under the direction
of the British admiralty in the present
Two Norwegian steamships were
sunk yesterday, one of them with all
on board, according to the dispatches
received here. The loss of these two
vessels make a total of three Nor
wegian steamshlpb which have en
countered German mines or torpedoes
within two dass.
Dr. Thomas J. Kemp, of 1627 Sixteenth
street northwest, was arrested late last
night charged with violation of tho
pliarmat' laws
it is alleged that Dr. Kemp was re
sponsible for the illegal sale of a hablt
formlng drug.
He was arrested In New York nenue
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth
streets by Pharmacy Inspector It. A
Sanders on a warrant sworn to by the
pli irmacy Inspector, on Information fur
nifhed him.
II is alleged that Dr. Kemp sold two
bottles of morphine, for which he re
ceded $."
The phyMclan was ttaken to the Hltth
pnelnot Htatlon. where he was dPtalncd
uni 1 enrly thU morning, when an at
torney furn'siu'ii n J.i00 pond for his ap
neHiaiice In Police Court. Ho denied
111 roiice 1 uurt. 110
.,.,fc.t ilntitintfrHllv Ihul lin It, 1,1 u.il.1 th.
I morphlnn as aliened, but declared that
' ho had put a young man out of his of-
tbo attempted to buy It.
.W ",
Thirty-two Warships Closing in
on Forts Guarding Both $
Sides of Entrance to the &
Dardanelles. Ujf
Two Pulverized by Terrific Bat:
tering Ottoman Subma
rines Prevented by Destroy
ers From Attacking Allies.
LONDON, Feb. 21. Just after
dawn this morning the rain of
shells from the great allied fleet
again began to fall upon the doom
ed forts guarding the entrance to
the Dardanelles.
Reports from sources close to
the admiralty today indicate that
the great coup is at hand, and it is
generally expected that the fall of
the Turkish capital is near.
Aeroplanes are hovering over
the fortifications, dropping bombs,
as the warships are standing in so
close, as the fire, from land weak-. .
ens, that virtual broadsides are be
ing poured in on the fast crum
bling forts.
Thirty-two British and French
warships, the greatest fleet of ar
morclads ever engaged in action,
supported by an aerial squadron,
is battering to pieces the Turkish
fortifications guarding both shores
at the entrance to the Dardanelles.
Early Capture Seen.
It is reported in dispatches received
today from Athens and the island of
Lemnos that the Anglo-French fleet
Is forcing a passage to the straits
that lead to Constantinople, and that
all the Indications point to the col
lapse of Turkey In Hurope with tho
early capture of the Ottoman capital.
The forts on both European and
Asiatic sides of the Dardanelles are
crumbling under the terrific pound
ing, and the progress of the allied
fleet's attack has been such that tho
warships have moved in close enough
to bring their second batteries into
Fire from the forts on the Asiatic
side is reported as weakening, though
It has never been effective, while the
resistance oTered bv the: strongholds
on the Furopean side is almost en
tirely stilled, with the exception of
some guns that have not been put
out of action and that keep up a hot
fire, though the markmanshlp of th
gunners is poor and the range of
the guns short.
For three days the great twelve
Inch guns of the British battle cruis
ers and battleships comprising the
Mediterranean fleet, aided by smaller
rifles of French armored cruisers and
torpedo boats, have beon hammering
away at the chain fhat bars the way
to Oonstntlnople.
The British and French commanders
deny any of their ships have been hit.
but rumors are In circulation hero
that there hab been some loss of Ufa
anions the squalron.
The big' forts Nagara and Bouron, on
the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles, aro
declared to bo practically destroyed.
During the height of tho bombardment,
shell exploded the main powder maga
zine of Fort Bouron. Iteports reaching
here declare a largo part of the garri
son was literally torn to pieces by the
force of the explosion.
The lire of tho wartdiips iw being di
rected bv British avlatois fling in sea
planes that aie tent Into the air from
the flvlng parent ship, the Ark Royal.
The avators- have been subjected to a
brisk file from the aerial guns mounted
on Fort Hohalieh-Kalessl, but they
have not been hit so far us can D
learned here.
Ships Close (o Shore.
The combined fleet is under the com
mand of ice Admlial Sackvllle II. Car
den and the brunt of the lighting is
being borne by the British battlealilp3
Vengeance, t'oinwallls and Triumph,
which, leaue ol their heavy arma
ment, have been able to approuch closo
to the entrance to the stialts and util
ize both their main batteries of l'j-inch
guns and their n'eondary battel ies
The Turks endeavoied to utilize sub
mat tnes and dtstrower!, but they wero
quickly drlen to over bv the British
dfstroyers which, dlhugardiug the shell
tire fro mthe forts, have constantly
cloned in to protect the battleships.
The tight commenced at an early hour
on Frldav and the bombardment was
kfpt up throughout the day. During tlm
Light the fleet withdrew to Its base, I ut
tenrwed the bombardment early Sat
urday, ceasing last night only to bo
recommenced "t daybreak today.
The admiralty declares there (s no
truth In Turkish claims that Btlttah
v arshlpx were damaged In the bombard
ment of the forts at tho entrance t
the Dardanelles
On the contrary, thsy assert! oat a

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