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Places in Day's News
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Medical Research Knocks
Bottom From Popular But
Unscientific Superstition
Truth So Unpleasant, However, That One Often Not Only
Refuses To See It, But
Ostracizes It.
Finny Dainties Take Place of
Meat For the Next
Few Weeks. ,i
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RUTH is truth to the end of ( and more maladies pass current as real
we recKoninc nut ror liunvinitv
to know actually what is true
truth freed of all its historic,
traditional, prejudiced and environmen
tal accidents and beliefs-seems often
beyond our sub-anfrellc rationality. For
Instance, nlnoty-odd out of each hun
dred persons bellove that gin is "good
for the kidneys." Tet irJn is a powerful
alcoholic bccrage which literally cats
away tho kidneys. This truth remains
Most women think that a babv tceth
itu? may, therefore, have a a sort of
"by-products" the mumps, whooping
cough, and oven fatal summer com
plaint. Yet those are specific Infectious
maladies associated with particular ml-
crobes. It Is difficult to Implant tho
truth ana uproot tho fiction.
Misleading Names.
Medical researches, observations,
checked up and carefully compared,
bring truth home under difficulties.
Like Cassandra, tho ttuth knocks at
your door, but it has so much that Ik
imrnmfn.tahta anil llnnl.a.utif uKsti.t It
that you will not orly refuse It admit
tance, but you ostracise it.
In this Is to be found tho reason that
such terms as "catarrh," "rheumatlism,"
neurasthenia." "dyspepsia," "dropsy,"
and similar current pseudonyms for 67
Answers to Health Questions
MRS. L. R. 1. My appetite is normal
for about two weeks at a time, then it
gets ravenous, and I crave food, espe
cially sweets. What Is tho cause of
that? 2. When I lean over, my brcutli
seems cut off, and my head feols as
though a blood vessel would burst. Is
that serious? 3. What shall I do for
stiff and painful joints?
1. You should have more fresh air,
and exorcise. The lack of thceo causes
you trouble.
2. No, it is not serious.
8. Bxerclso. forced movements and
electricity will relkve the pain.
C. R. C Will a rochellc salt bath re
duce tho weight?
Itochelle salt baths may help to re
duce the weight If continued long
enough, but a quicker way is to avoid
all sweets, starches, butler, cream,
ham. pork, gravies, oils, candles, oily
nnd greasy food?. Do not sleep more
than seven hours In the twenty-four
and take lots of active exercise, such
as swimming, dancing, rowing, running
.ind 11 sorts of gymnastics or manual
R. M. Q. I have a fluttering sensation
In the stomach.
A. Take copious draughts of water
Mothers' Pension Foes
Are Busy in N. Y.
The defenders of mothers' pension
legislation in New York are taking
exception to tho report compiled by
an accountant of the Comptroller's
office and issued to the members
of the State legislature. To begin
with, the report is based upon statis
tics taken from tho entire city of
New York, instead of working out
a proportionate scheme based upon
the results from other States. It al
lows four children to each of the
002.823 married women In the city,
and reckoning on a pension of I4J.50
to bo paid each widow, computes a
total of r-'.!03,670 to be paid by the
city annually.
As a matter of fact, figures taken
from other places whore the pension
law has been put Into active use
tends to show that tho number ac
tually in need of aid would be. In
New York city, about :j6.onrt. Among
tho other Statos the highest average
amount paid to widow b is $25.54 a
month in California, a State with
equal suffrage legislation.
Even the sum of J2,3C,670 is ap
preciably less than the present cost
to the city of New York for the
maintenance of dependent children,
which In the last year was $2,S27.65S.
Shots at Women
Strike an average between what a
woman thinks of her husband a
month before she married him ind
what she thinks of him a year af
terward, nnd you will have tho truth
about him In a very handy form.
Two's company, three is a story la
the IB-cent magazine.
Do not be deceived by appearance's.
The virtue of a man is not to bo
measured by what ho does while his
wife Is watching.
Voraon, aa a uluss, have ery little
sense of humor. Nevertheless, most
of them have enough for an oc
casional quiet snicker at their hus
bands. To inspiic confidence In woman it
Is only necessary to avoid being sin
cere. From Smart Set
That Wasted
Wasted back yards aio to be im
proved this spring by members of
tho Women's Municipal League of
New York. Several of tho members
havo taken courses In landscape
gardening to prepare themselves for
tho work of planning other people's
back yards. Even the tiniest space
of earth may be ocUtlvated In some
way, and where Mil is lacking, flow
ers and shrubs in pots cut be used
with good effect. " j
A specimen gartfsa lseicrlb-vl by
XIrs. Robertson Jones, chairman, of
tho gardening committee of the
league. First of all, the back fence
la to be painted green, and a garden
seat Of lhjhor green put at the cen
i "unreins,
"Dropsy" is peculiarly anm-ODrlata an
an example, often a concomitant of
eevcro disturbances, it Jog-trots along In
tho vernacular aB "rheumatism" and
other similar terms of tho mock brother
hood of pfarudo diseases. Any water
logged condition of tho feet, hands,
arms, legs, or abdomen, and the tlOBh
generally, may bo Justly called dropsi
cal. Some Fallacies.
Dropsy, or oedema, means the accu
mulation of fluid in tho intcstlccs and
meshea of tho living structures. It may
be beneath tho skin or in tho larger
cavities, or, perchance, only beneath
' .i. -vr,ii,i.
M!r? -, .
",?,rV,,. JS '
bags of sagging flcrli. In
not tho name of a real
malady. To say that a person has
dropsy is meroly to give a street name
or ii colloquial expression to a symptom.
It is as far away from a correct diag
nosis of the trouble, as it would be to
call pneumonia "housemaid's knee."
Dropsy occurs as a symptom In such
various distempers as chronic poisoning
by bail rice and other cereals, bcrl-borl,
Urlght's disease, sugar disease, half a
dozen different heart disorders, poor
quulltv of the blood, anaemia, tumors,
aneurism. Internal organic derange
ments, pressure of abnormal structures,
Infectious affections, ana many aegener-
ations of the nerve fibers.
, and ten grain of bismuth. Wear an
clastic bandage.
A. V. C Q. I have a constant sound
In my cars similar to a locomotive un
der high steam pressure. What can vou
A. You should go to an ear specialist
at orce.
C. XL XL I am very nervous and
greatly troubled with gas, more es
pecially after my evening meal. What
tan you suggest as a treatment?
Avoid solid food, eat llgs, prunes,
dates, currants, oranges, apple?, salads,
oatmeal, shredded wheat and other cer
eals, and drink two glasses of distilled
water an hour before each meal. Take
sevpn grains oxide of magnesia before
meals and six charcoal tablets after. Bo
In the fresh air more, retire two hours
earlier than usual, sleep In a well ven
tilated room, and get lots of rest dur
ing the day.
W. G. I have a little girl who has
adenoids. Can you advlso me If I can
take her to any hospital and have them
temoved free of charre?
This operation can be performed free
of cost In the nose and throat depart
ment of any large hospital.
XL E. G. Can you suggest a remedy
for liver spots?
Liver spots may be eradicated by
radium, x-ray, or the surgeon's lancet.
XL P. How may I clear my com
plexion? Avoid all greny. oily and hot foods,
weots, pastries, candles, starches, vine
gars, pickles. ancfour things. Massage
tho skin clear with a Turkish towel
and ice-cold water. Do not use soap
or hot water on your face, but wash
ulth salicylic acid, one part; tartaric
acid, two parts; acetic acid, five parts:
glycerine, twenty parts; kaolin, thirty
parts; rosewater, seventy-five parts.
Apply at night sulphur, one-half
ounce; spirits of camphor, fifteen drops;
resorcln. ten grains; acacia, one ounce;
llmo water, two ounces; rose water, one
Getting Girls
(Frances Froar.
What is to become of the cheap
girl. If wo have a minimum wage?
A well-known disturber, addressing
the New York State Factory Com
mission, argued for a minimum wage
law limited for the present to wom
en and minors slnco they are not
strong enough to protect themselves
by a union. In many respects a
minimum wage seems to be desir
able, but Its inevitable effect will be
the elimination of Incompetents
whoso labor Is not actually worth
the minimum wage.
President Itosenbaum. of the Na
tional Cloait and Suit Company tes
tified before tho factory Investigating
commission that two yenrs ago his
concern of Its own accord fixed a
minimum wage of K per wcok, but
after dolnc so was compelled to dis
charge tho less t-ompetent girls.
Nearly every concern employing
help on a large scalo has a few pco
plo whom It retains at what would
be a less than a legalized minimum
ugc, but who, nevertheless, le
ceivf! all that they aro worth. An
effort to make Incompetents more
efficient would be a more practical
solution of tho problem. Xtr. Itosen
baum made the startling statement
that 60 per cent of tho girls from
seventeen to twenty years of ago
who apply for sork In his shops and
who havo been graduated from the
Back Yard
ter. Trellises for honeysuckle are at
cither side. Btone Jars containing
small box trees will mount guard
over each sldo of the path, with rows
of barberry bushes leading up to
them. This Is an all-year garden, for
the honeysuckle leaves stay on until
December, box Is an evergreen and
the barberry bushes have leaves In
summer and red bcrrlea In winter.
The cost of this garden complete is
about 40, including labor, plants
painting, bench, and Jars.
Members of the league are tnlng
to Induce the ownors of wholo
groups of houses to Install these
miniature gardens, so that each fam
ily ma have Its own small rest-spot
and play-spaco for the children.
I ISH Is the meat equivalent with
all Ita sinfulness- omitted,
which we turn to as a food
staple In Lenten days. Either
fresh, smoked, or In sotoo of the
various canned or dried forms. It
will be tho basis of our meals for
several weeks to come. It Is there
fore worth while knowing more about
Ash, ju nature, the best methods
of cooking it. and serving it oa the
family table.
?hnere. are, broadly, two classes Of
fish the red-blooded. In which tns.
Jat Is evenly distributed through the
flesh, making It all soft and oily;
the other the white-blooded fish, so
called, which are dry because the fat
is collected In one special place. Each
of these groups requires a different
cooking method. Fat fish, like sal
mon eiueflsh. whlteflsh, etc. should
therefore not be fried or cooked In
such a manner as to add more fat.
91th.?. other nand tho "Jht or dry
J! .' JUte flounder, mackerel, weak
fish, halibut, etc.. are best prepared
with tho addition of fat or an oily
The size of the fish, too, partly de
termines the method oif cooking.
Large nsh lend themselves best to
baking, while small or pan fish are
better prepared by the qutcker'broll
lng or frying method. "Kis hs teaks"
of cod and halibut (both dry par
ticularly need a relieving sauce. In
deed, the secret of good fish dishes
lies In the sauce. No other one food
needs '"tone" both in sauce and
garnish. Blnce fish U un Iformly
gray-brown when cooked. In serving
It needs to be made mora attractive
by highly colored tarnishes, such as
rings of lemon, tomato sauce, emer
ald parsley, or a yellow mayonnaise.
The poorest method of all in cook
ing fish Is the wasteful one of boil
ing, as by It the valuable salts and
extracts of the fish are lost In the
water. Steaming is preferable for
such fish as haddock, cod, and the
Julco or liquor should not be thrown
away, but saved and utilised. Only
the Japanese and a few other foreign
people can make a fish soup which
is not a mess, and the American
housewife has less skill in fish
cookery than any other. This Is cer
tainly not because of lack of fish.
especially on our seaboard, with Its
abundance of quantity and variety
of the finny tribo , Hotels univer
sally cook fish better than It Is
cooked in the home. This is only
because chefs understand the nature
of fish, the right methods for par
ticular varieties, and the dexterous
handling of sauces and garnishes.
Unless one Is really a fish lover,
there Is nothing more tasteless, in
sipid, and unappetizing than a plat
ter of Indifferently prepared llsh.
perhaps cold with no piquant
sauce, no contrasting garnish.
Fish must be eaten "on the fin."
It must be served hot on a hot plat
ter. Qualities of freshness, firmness,
etc., go without saying, and stale
fish is, of course, positively dan
gerous. The many varletlos of dried,
defalcated, and canned fish ran be
used in innumerable w.tys, chief of
them the cream or scalloped method
As a breakfast dainty, or a sub
stantial luncheon dish, llsh with n
cream sauce on toast, or scalloped
In some of the attractive earthen
ware dishes Is always In season.
If any housekeeper doubts that
fish Is nourishing, let her consult a
Government bulletin, showing the
percentages of nutriment of fish and
meat. Fish-eating folk, like the
Scandinavians, the .Taps, our own
"herring chokers" In New England,
are famously hardy people. Fish
offers the. same nutriment as meat
without so many of the latter's dan
gerous toxic qualities. Tho house
keeper deserves to treat It wHh
more consideration.
1915. XIrs. Christine
Better Jobs
In Leslies).
public schools or high schools are
good for nothing but labeling.
Would It not be well for the city to
increase the number of Its trade
schools for girls? At the mid-year
graduation exercises of the Manhat
tan Trade School for Girls a unique
feature was the presence of girls
who had enjoyed a year's training In
the school and who told of the good
wages they had mado because of
their training. One girl who had
been graduated from tho elementary
schools got a position in a millinery
establishment as an apprentice at JI
a week. After a course in the train
ing school she at once got a position
at S3 a week, anil later on at pieco
work made as high as fit a week.
Another girl, who as a cash girl In a
department store received only S3 a
week, took a course In embroidery
at the trade school, after which she
was ablo to got lobs paying from S10
to S16 a week. Every city should In
crease Its number of trade schools
for girls. Preparing girls who must
work to do at least one thing well Is
quite as Important as fitting other
girls for college.
Women Deserve Credit
For Well Managed Offices
Francis W. Crownlnshleld, editor
of Vanity Fair and author of "Xlan
ncrs of tho Xletropolls," has set many
men thinking by his statement that
women aro responsible for the ma
jority of well-managed offices. He
states that where a man will bluster
about his work his woman oecretaiy
will go quietly about it, and finish
It before ho has started to reduce the
matter to Its simplest terms. Xlr.
Crownlnshleld cites as examples the
women employed In the Insurance of
fices, of whom there aro more than
60,000 In New York State alone, and
the secretaries of many of New
York's city officials, who have been
held over from ono administration to
another because they know the rou
tine of the office work better than
those holding high positions. Inci
dentally, Xlr. Crownlnshleld thinks
that if saloons were abolished and
men helped their wives at home as
much as women help them in the of
fice the divorce problem would soon
adjust ltaeU without further lecUlar

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