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Wou LIKE YoUvb.7 LEAHN AT TtflS ? U J TWtU I III r f
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According to Mr. and
The Castle Walk Is
4 ...
rancy Steps From the Stan-
dardized Dances Are Not
Difficult Castle Walk,
Eight Step, the Lame Duck,
the Wind Up, the Prom
enade, and the Waltz Walk
IHERB 1b nothing difficult about
the Castle Walk, and It la
very easy for any one to do,
who nan lenrned tho One-step.
Tin. eeneral positions are much tho
same, and should present no difflcul-
''Irst of all, walk as I have already
explained In the One-stop. Now,
raUo yourself up slightly on your
toes at each step, with tho legs a
trlflo stiff, and breeze along happily
and easily, and you know all there Is
to know about the Castle Walk. To
turn a corner you do not turn your
partner round, but keep walklnir her
backward In the same direction, loan
ing over slightly Just" enough to
make a graceful turn and keep the
balanco well a little like a blcycla
rounding a corner If you like. In
stead of walking along In a straight
line, after you havo rounded your
corner, you can continue in th same
slanting position, which will natural
ly cause you to go round In a circle.
Now, continue, and got your circle
smaller and smaller, until you are
walking around almost In ono spot,
and thep straighten up and Btart
off down tho room aralu. It sounds
"Hlv and is silly. That la tho ex
1 Inflation of Its popularity!.
1'he Eight Htep is really a Tango
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Ssv'' &!E T. 9Kk. ' 9 vSSH w 4k Hf?iHK ifK i ffir k yvK. 'bbbbbbk
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Many women hastate to tw Bp-,
ghetti because of the trouble. Now
you can serve Heinz Spaghetti ready
cooked, as it should be, with cheese
and tomato sauce. Heat it by put
tine, the can in boiling water. We
will b tatisfied with your opinion.
Left: The Waltz Walk. The gentleman walks at the side of his
partner, starting forward with the left foot, she back with the
Center: The Eight Step. Part of the One Step. Both partners
are facing each other. The gentleman turns his partner out,
so that they are both facing forward, in the same direction.
They walk forward two-steps in the first part of the figure,
the gentleman on his left foot and his partner on her right.
Right: The Promenade. Position about the same as in Eight Step.
Both dancers facing in same direction. Gentleman walks for
ward with left foot, partner with right. At count, "and" start
heel step.
Htep. From the plain One Step, In
which both partners are facing each
other, the gentleman, who should bo
walking forward, turns the lady so
that she la facing In the same direc
tion as himself. It Is not necessary
to change the step or to stop walk
ing. They then walk forward two
steps on tho first step of the figure
the gentleman on his left and the
'lady on her right. Without loosening
the hold any more than la necessary,
they both turn on the third step,
making a revolution toward the In
side. After that the arms, which
hitherto have been extended straight
in iront of them, are at the back,
and they look over their elbows.
They then walk two mora steps, the
lady leading with the left foot, the
gentleman with the right foot. On
the third beat of tho music they turn
Mrs. Vernon Castle
Danced Like This
as before but this time the move
ment Is toward the outside, and
nf.'iKi w!tn on.ly an inot imper
ceptible loosening of tho hold. Thla
brings them to th0 first position of
the step, which ey may continue
any number of times.
To learn this step correctly, a little
patience is necessary. I advise doing
It very slowly at first, so as to get
the exact position of the feet and
body. Do not let your partner walk
away from you. but keep opposite
each other as much as possible, and
do not turn abruptly. The figure
should be danced In a square. If you
take the four walls of the room as
yur guide, you will find the step
much easier to learn. The gentle
man should keep his right hand very
You'll, find it exceedingly
Walk, the Lame Duck and all
use Victor Records for your
volume, in tone, in rhythm in
ini isr-
1300 G St. N.W. . j
,....... ........... ,T,t , ilt iiimj
Each Fancy Step Fits in
Either With the Hesitation,
the Tango, or the One
Step Careful Attention to
the Time, Whether Waltz
or Two-Step, Is Absolutely
loose v at the lady's back, so that
she can turn with ease.
The Lame Duck.
The lame duck la nearly always
danced to waits music, and haa be
come a very popular dance for those
who do not do the hesitation waltz,
but who prefer not to sit while
others danco it. In other words, It is
not only an attractive dance in Itself
but a very popular substitute for the
hesitation, about which I shall speak
at another time.
In doing the lame duck, the gentle
man, as usual, starts forward on his
left foot and does a half-alldtng dip
and half limp for two counts; then
tho right foot comes to his relief for
Just one count, nnd In tills way he,
as It were, shuffles forward, the
right knee straightening more or lest
and the loft knee remaining bent.
The lady's part Is naturally just tho
opposite. She starts back on her
right foot for two counts, and then
on her felt foot for one count. You
can keep the step up indefinitely,
rounding- corners and the like.
As this Is very tiring on one leg,
tho step can be changed by having
the gentleman hold his weight on
the left foot for threo counts, male.
In a pivot movement or not, as he
The Castles Use
Dance Records
Exclusively at Castle House. They
also superintend the making of Vic
tor Dance Records.
simple to master the Castle
other modern dances if you
music. They are' perfect in
every way.
y s ii't
MARCH V 1015.
wishes, and continuing backwaru,
making two counts on Tho right uml
one on the left. This has the
effect 6T changing the weight of the
body to tho other foot and causing
the aentleman to do the lady's step
and the lady the gentleman'. 1 feel
sure It la unnecessary to explain the
lady's part of all this. She naturally
Is at all times opposite her partner,
and does tho corresponding step to
We see this dance done every day
at CasUe House, and nearly 50 per
cent of the dancers do It out of llmo
to the music. I often wonder whv
they chooso the walta. .If you are
not going to take any notice of tho
music, why have music at all? Some
one reHtlng would be much cheaper
and less noisy.
It is absolutely wrong .to dance this
way; you may dance str'ctly against
time or strictly In time, but to dance
regardless of music when the music
la being plajed Is criminal.
One last word about the lame
duck. If you do It smoothly It is
pleasing to the onlookers and fo
yourself; if you exaggerate It you
loin all the duek and It Is simply
The Wind Up.
This step, while very simple, Is hard
to explain. The lady back awav
from tho man a few Hteps until her
risht arm and his left are out
stretched at arm's length In front of
them. The gentleman "turns to
left" hi the came spot, while the
lady walks aiound him at the left
side until she conies face to face
with him again. Milch w'nda her
right arm around his neck. In de
scribing this step It logeg Its charm
but if It Is properly done tt looks
very pretty. As soon sg the. part
ner are face to faco ac;aln they let
go their hands and take the same
position, with the arms as In tho
start of the danco.
The Promenade.
The position is tho same as In the
figure eight of the one step. Tho
man. who should be walk'ng for
ward, turns the ladv so that she I
faring In the same direction as him
self. They then walk forward, the
man with his left and the lady with
her right, one. two and three. On
the "and" the man steps forwatd on
his left he. and on the third count
tho right foot shifts forward to tho
hack of the left heel, taking the
weight, so you see there nre icnlly
four steps to three counts like thl
one. two and three; left foot,
right, left-right. Thl step can be
repeated as many times aa desired.
The Waltr Walk.
There is very little to explain In
this; In fact, the title Itself I the
explanation, but don't pass It by as
being too easy to receive any consid
eration. True, it Is simply walking
to waltz time; but It Is very difficult
to do this and have It look like any
thing. It Is something like stand
ing still on the stage; that takes a
good actor.' and walking to waltz
time takes a good dancer. In these
modem dances the plain walk Is the
best step to begin with, and It la nl
ways very useful while you are
"thinking of a good one." In dan
cing the lady may go a few Heps
hack while the gentleman takes the
corresponding number of steps for
ward, or the gentleman may turn
and walk In the same direction aa
the lady. Thla walking was done
Ifylg&qys Tea
years ago In the comlr opera. '"The
Merry Widow," and wa considered
Ncry pretty. Then, 1 think, the
getitlcniuu walked, not opposite, hut
at the side of the Indy. .uid she went
backward while he went forward
If you wih to dip a trifle in thl
walk It will look nulte -II If don
lhythmlcally and with the correct
poliie of the boilN.
tCopyrlsht, 1DH. OH r WimmI )
"Voluntary Divorce" Is
Urged by Woman Orator
NEW TOnK. March 1 - Two thou
sand men and women at a meeting f
the Woman' Committee of the o
clallft party, at Fifth avenue and
110th street, voted to rati upon
mothers anil child educator' to lntill
Into tho coming generation an ab
horrence of wain and dendl weapon"
Ml Juliet S royntz. a former
Columbia University Instructor spoke
for the feminist cnuse, tdocatlng
voluntary divorce
Max A. Iieuter.
The funeral of Max A Ileutcr will be
held ednesda fieininin at 1 o'clock
ftom his l "tided c, 1S11 Ninth treet
northwest. Interment will be m Con-
I grcssionnl CVnutnv
Mrs. Rachel Curti.
The funeral of Mr Kailiol i'iimis
will be held tomorrow afternoon at Z
o'rlook from the reslilenee .if hr
daughter, Mi.. Hettha l.dmnml Mil :
titieet northwest
Milton E. Ford.
The funeral of Milton 1. Kot.l will !. '
held tomorrow aftt rtiuou at , SO o clock
from hi icsidcnr 1501 liuchanan street j
northwest Interment will b In llen
voOd t'emeter
Walter Hellen-
The funeral of Walter Hellen on of
the late Johnson Hellen. will be hhIiI
tomorrow morning at JM clock inim
St. Paul' ratholic Church. 1-Tfteenth
and V streets northwest
Samuel Holmes.
The funei.il of Snmuel Holmes who
riled yestenl.iy In (teurge Washington
1'nlversity Hospital, will be held tomor
row in l'ottiillle, la The bod Is no
at Sergeon's chapol, 1011 Seventh street
George H. Parker.
The funeral p( George II. Parker was
held todaj from his late residence. sJJ
O street northeast. Interment was in
Rock Creek Ometerv
Crawford X. Walker.
The funeral of Crawford N Walker
w-yi be held 'oniorrow efternoon at 2
o'clock, from hli residence. IIS H
street northeast. Interment will be in
Glenwood Cemetery. I
C. M. Payne
Arsenal Employes
Object to Bargain
President of .Maduraes Sr "ar
Departments Ptrwer VeafceaB
Collective Pits.
Just a ire I'nassA'miaa en Zxsacrmi
P.rlaUon na ratrtf t T3 ta9
ration of irwa f ee&iaw ar
xainlng ttere ifc Oj . mws s
Its emp!ee. r4 ' li t&JWiClL
tder of lln;ier O -!! Cj aasu. Jt -v
Kilns tht KTvrnxir t -. .' ac
the aneenal at ntlTma Hue- &c23
- ijut! b- total fccr& ?
trallon fruirmtteo k oae- e Sh -fual
of Ubor to tti,g: U rvr3"
Jelieral "'itT efcX t ''
dirertej tha xl' rEt- i " & C
-mpkTe snd vh itiAatii
the armr " ar--i t -irttd
to Joint rrrd. mui tf t
rerertatlv tw arwe-saJ isi S
The clUpuf" "!5 t .;" t as
dr the jrfan at rjtr 4 Mu' T
numlw- of uoaL4 Ua iif-agiatf1
ii..ne rauM b 1. ti St" 4
ubj-l tu th tMfx ? yfcr
.rInar. -e with aa apc! frxs Ss
Uf & e-tir ef i
I Allfa prM-i DtsUfci
Ii tr:.iuw.a. A-Ttm-s w Itgtassa.
inph.it$'-Hi declare tae rtsT
hse not fcB vJB sv; mecs tS-e'-S
piisal made- TW r 2Z ?2ac
final A H a h tn Tfc T" E"e?S5
men? ne s t& ij yejxa. vS 9
i.-i to etaMth -ae s3xTc mp
Piano Hove
Offers a FuH Loae of
1110 G St N.W.

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