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iWhmaf0tt Wme$
Cloudy tonight and Saturday.
(Full Report on TaRO Two.)
NTJMBElt 8583.
Government Fears for Safety of
Americans and Other For
eignersLooting and Starv
ation Are Reported.
U. S.'Red Cross Unable to Send
Foodstuffs Through War
Department Believed to Be
Preparing for Action.
State Department officials today
ire anxiously awaiting further re
ports from Mexico City.
Although no new advices had
beer, received at noon, it is feared
that at any time may come word
of the loss of life among Americans
or other foreigners in the reign of
rioting, pillage and starvation,
which now obtains in the capital
The Mexico City situation is said
to be such that it may force the
Government to take action toward
armed intervention.
It is expected resident Wilson on
his return to Washington next week
will give careful consideration to
the Mexican problem. ..'Meantime-,,
he is being kept in touch with de
velopments. The Government desires to get
food into Mexico City through the
agency of the Red Cross, but thus
far nothing has been effected that
gives promise of doing this.
The Carranda troops have not suc
ceeded In enteilng the city, and until
they do there seems no hope or getting
supplies forwarded into the Mexican
Tho fact that the Cananza torres
have Interfered with the cable and have
interrupted diplomatic communications
leaves it uncertain whether C'arranza
is really nnx'ous to help the Red Cross
in gllngs relief. The only way this
Ulvcrnr-.ent can get Information out of
Mexico City Is by courier.
Getting Ready For Action.
Stories are current that the War De
partment, recognizing the exigencies of
the Mexican situation, Is getting ready
for action A long conference last
night in the office of General Ccott led
to various lumors, but none was con
firmed. It is not doubted that the War
Department is In shape to act decisive
ly. If need be.
The State Department Is advised by
Consul Sllllinan that Consul General
Shnnklln and Charles O'Connor, rep
resentative of the Rod Cross, went to
Mexico City Juno 3 from Pachuca,
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NEW YORK, July 2. Charles Becker
may be saved from the electric chair by
the men whoso testimony was chiefly
responsible for his conviction on the
charge of instigating the murder of
Herman Rosenthnl, the gambler
Sam Schepps and "Brldgey" Webber
are declared to be ready to divulge In
formation that will clear the former
police lieutenant. Harford T. Marshall,
attorney, declared today that Webber
had confessed to him "that Becker had
absolutely nothing to do with the mur
der " Marshall asserted that from
what Webber had told him he knew
that Becker had been "framed" by
Webber, Hchepps. Jack Rose, and Harry
Vallon. These four escaned prosecu
tion by turning State's evidence.
$40,533,810 in Gold
Coined Last Year
Over nS.OOn.OOO pennies. 34.375.5r9
nickels, :.430.000 dimes, nearly 2,
000,000 quarter 1 422,550 half-dollars,
und $4'),5;.3,s:o In gold was coined by
tho Unlttd States Government during;
the lust fiscal year.
Official llyures from the Mint
Bureau also show u coinage of 22,
157.70U pieces for foreign govern
nitnts. Neailv 2.O1O.O0O pl'ces wero
coined for the Philippine government.
Tho gold coinage Included $5'l
pieces, a diagonal coin for the Pan-nmn-Paclc
cpusitlon and a numnor
of $': '0 and &1 Kld pieces fjr the
expositic n
Free Dancing at Great Falls. Va. AdTt.
MAY sav
Herdics Denied
Five Cent Fares
Utilities Commission Says Tickets
Must Be Accepted Until
Service Is Improved.
The Metropolitan Conch Company
will havo to Improve Its service before
It will bo allowed to charge a straight
5 cent fare, according to a ruling of
the Public Utilities Commission today.
In which tho request to Increase tho
faro wno denied.
"The commission will give further
consideration to n petition for an In
crease In rate of fares." loads the de
cision, "after reasonably satisfactory
service shall have been established by
tho said company."
The company asked to bo allowed to
charge a straight 6 cent fare, Instead
of selling six tickets for a quarter, on
tho ground that it was unablo to fur
nish service under the present rate of
Special Investigator Quigley
Finds There Is Nothing New
in Death Dealing Missle.
"A blunder in advertising" Is the offi
cial verdict today which follows an In
vestigation by the Department of Com
merce of the advertised wares of the
Cleveland Automatic Machine Com
pany, which recently announced the
possibilities of Its machines In the man
ufacture of acid bombs.
A special Investigator for the depart
ment returned to Washington today
with a report that the machine made
by this company produces the ordinary
type shell, as well as the acid bombs,
the latter causing a lingering death.
Furthermore, the report, shows, this
machine has been sold for a number of
years, and is being used by all the bel
llgeients. Including Germany.
The department has abandoned the
suggestion that the advertisement of
the more horrifying possibilities of the
Cleveland-made machine was Inspired
by any of the bclllgeicnts.
Assistant Secretary Sweet announced
that the Department of Commerce has
wound up its Inquiry, and no attempt
will be made to prohibit the exportation
of the machine, which may be Dut to
c.dlnary uses. That the manufacturers
commuted a niunner in pointing out
that this machine would also make acid
bombs, bringing a lingering honible
dath to men in the trenches is asserted
at the department.
Used In Present War.
Assistant Secretary Sweet says tho
department convinced Itself that ma
chined like that manufaetuicd by the
Cleveland company have been pur
chased light along by the belliger
ents, and that Germany, among other
nations, is ualnir them. Where the
CIe eland company erred. Mr. Sweet
says, was In the Insertion of adver
tising which might bring the Im
pression that this country counten
anced the manufacture of acid shells,
"and wounds caused by them mean
death in terrible agony within four
hours If not attended to immedl
atelj." The advertisement, Jrlnted In the
American Machinist, also said that
"from what we are able to learn of
conditions in the trenches It Is not
possible to jet medical assistance to
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Policeman Tells How Thaw
Caused Tiouble After Killing
Stanford White.
NEW YORK. July 2. The State, In
the Harry K Thaw sanity trial, today
started Its long list of minor witnesses
with James M. Barrett, doorman at
the Thirtieth street police station here
on the night Thaw killed Stanford
Thaw caused the police a great deal
of trouble that night, Barrett testified,
and could not bo quieted.
Deputy Attorney General Cook an
nounced today that among other wit
nesses he will put on In an effort to
prove Thaw a paranoiac will bo Cana
dian officials with whom tho slayer
of White came In contact during his
sensational (light from Matteawan.
To all appearances unruffled by the
prospect of having his wife, Evelyn
Thaw, retell on the witness stand the
stories which she believes will convlnco
any Jury that he Is insane and danger
ous to her well-being Thaw sat with
out sign of either Interest or worry
while the testimony of witnesses at
former trials was read yesterday.
This told of his peculiarities, his idlo
svnerafcies and the thousand and ono
odd Incidents which seven jcura ago
biandcd htm as insane Friendly to him
at the former trial, their testimony was
presented yesterdav to thwart his ef
forts to obtain his freedom
46,000 British Workmen
Enlist for Armsmaking
LONDON, uly 2. Lloyd-George's ap
peal for volunteers for volunteers to
tpeed up tho production of munitions
for tho British army has met with
hearty response, Lord Curzon announc
ed this afternoon.
Duilit Ktho past week, 46,000 skilled
workmen have volunteered for work 'n
munition factories
l.iin cpU-Krwl unit .Nuiulo) Hxturxlon
rares tsoutneru railway, consult agents.
Public Utilities Commission In
dicates Consolidation Is Ex
pected in Turning Down
Capital Traction Co.
No Necessity for Tracks in Sec
tion Named, Is Ruling of
Body After Extensive Study
of Subject.
The Public Utilities Commis
sion today refused the request of
the Capital Traction Company to
c.tend its tracks in Seventeenth
street northwest, south of U street.
All three propositions submitted by
the company looking to such an
improvement were rejected.
The decision of the commission
indicates that it is looking forward
to some kind of a consolidation of
the competing lines, and this is
set forth as one reason for its re
fusal to grant the desired exten
sion. After reviewing the history of
the case, the decision given out to
days reads:
Having given careful considera
tion to all the matter before it. the
Commission Is of the opinion
(1) That great care should be ex
ercised in authorizing the construc
tion of extensions of street railway
tracks In the District of Columbia In
order that the influence- ot such
competition nft cj!K at the piesent
time between the pilhclp.il si if el
railways may not pause tin- con
struction of tracks which would Ice
their Usefulness under a single ci n
trol at such street railway facilities
In the District of Columbia.
(2) That, while at some futi.ro
time there may be need for addi
tional north nnd south rvnd oast and
west transportation faculties In the
sections of the city here under con
sideration, the necessltj does not
exist at the present time.
(3) That, representatives ot the
Capital Traction Company Laving
Informed tho Commission that the
several loops and minor connections
are not desired without the principal
extensions applied for, these loops
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Pittsburgh Police Definitely De
cide to Let Washington
Prosecute Carlisle.
PITTSBURGH. July 2. One of the
court trials which will grow out of the
attempt made here last week upon the
life of Franklin Schneider, millionaire
Washlngtonian, against whom It is al
leged Thomas Forney, his son-in-law,
conspired with three co-plotters, will be
staged In the National i apltal
tt hnH been definitely decided that
Harry Carlisle, chauffeur, now under
arrest at Atlantic Cltv. will be turned
over to Washington authorities, and
nlnns to extiadite him have been aban
doned here Assistant District Attor
ney John Dunn announces that the
Pittsburgh police will turn over to
Washington evidence in their possession
which, it If nllcved, shows that Fnr"v
Carlisle, "Bill'' Bowers, and George Mo
Henry conspired against SclniocU i s
life, the cc m.pli acy having Its inception
in Washington
That tho attack finally made upon
Schneider was once planned for Phila
delphia Is an additional police assertion
today. If this can be proven It will
make three alleged efforts to ,do away
with Schneider, but the police say tho
Philadelphia attempt went awry and
there was not an actual assault prior to
the one last Thursday
Ball for Forney and Mclicnry, tho
Washington waiter, who Is alleged to
havo been with Forney when the at
! tack was made on Schneider In the Ho
tel Anderson here, was nxea toaay uy
Dibtrlct Attorney Jackson at JiO.uOO
Attorney William Le Goullon, lepre
sentlng Forney, said an effort would be
ins de to have thlti reduced to $25,000,
which he declared ample for an alleged
aspault with Intent to kill. No attempt
vill bo made to secure ball for a few
days, and then Attorney Le Goullnn ex
pects little difficult lu securing It.
It is considered likely that Mciienry
nnd William Bowers, the lad brought
I here fiom Washington yesterday, will be
forced to languisn in me county jail, to
witch n,U three of the alleged conspira
tors were removed last nWht. until tho
trial late In the fall Forney, it Is
l.n..c.t i. Ill mnnH ttln Inlrplm .....II
Illluupi.... ..... ,..... ..... ..... ti, uiiui
, then at his father's home In Plulnfleld.
Ohio J f forney tne ruhe Is wtlll
In PHtsbuigh an 1 will remain lieie un
til rra secures hla wutt Wjaorary re-lata.
British Positions Subjected to
Terrific Bombardment In
fantry Attacks Launched.
Prussians Attempting to Rush
French Along Angres-Ablain
Road Are Forced Back.
PARIS. July 2 The Germans are
counter-attacking desperately along the
whole front extending from Arras north
to Ypres, official dispatches reported
this nfternoon
The British positions around Ypres arc
being subjected to a terrific bombard
ment Thousands of heavy explosive
shells have been hurled against the
Hngllsh tienches In the last twenty
four hours. The artlllcrj attack at cer
tain points northwest of Ypres Is being
followed by m.issed Infantry attacks
and attempts to stoim the English po
sitions. Thus far, this afternoon's official
communique mis, the enemy's atUcks
have been repulsed, the British stand
ing their ground with great gallantry.
Advancing from La Bassee. Pruosluu
troops attempted to storm the English
positions In the brickyards along tho
iiethuno road.
ihelr nrut charge curried them close
in th British works, but they were
thrown back In confulun by tho i
Unions gun Jlie. Successive attacks
ralliwl in min L-ruunil. the first chargo
having esiabllsned a high-water mark
for the German assault, i
Other German forces, meanwhile, co
operated with the, troops around Yprca
by attempting to rush the French along
the-Angles-Ablaln rotvd. They Were
easily repulsed ur.d retired after a short
engu cement.
'ihe ofjlc-lal communique this after
noon agulu refers to tho uso of asphyxi
ating gas b the Germans in the de
termined attack upon the French in the
Aigonnc. Dispatches to the war ofnee
said these onslaughts met with only
temporur HUccets, the French counter
attacking and regaining thu lost ground
Immediately after the wind had car
ried the gas away.
Premier Borden, of Canada, Also
Passenger on Warned
Transatlantic Steamer.
NEW YORK. -July 2. Representatives
of the White Star line ridicule a rport
that the steamer Adriatic, which sailed
from New York on Wednesday, had
been marked for destruction by German
submarine Thev deny that tho
Adriatic carried war contraband.
The report is believed to have had its
"source In the fact that Premier Borden,
of Canada, and several other prominent
Canadians are aboard. Included among
the Adrlat'c s -120 passengers are eight
America ns
The following Americans aboard the
liner are shown bv the passenger lists:
First class F. H Luke and wife, San
Franclcco. Miss L. M. Edle. A W. Cat
lln, and Walter C Wyman, all of Now
York city
Second class John Miller, Boston.
Mrs. Flora Lees. Chicago, and W. A.
Nixon. New York.
For Second Time in History, Air
ship Defeats Submersible in
ROME, July 2.-A French aviator
bombarded and sunk the Austrian sub
marine U-ll In the Adriatic, the minis
try of marine announced today.
This Is the second time in naval his
tory that a submarine has been sunk
by an aeroplane. The German war of
fice announced a few days ago that
n German aeroplane sank a Russian
..! Austrian I'-ll was one of the
I newest of Austria's submerslbles, and
I displaced about S60 tons. She was sup
posed to carry a crew of about twenty
five men
Fourth of July Excurbion Farca,
I Southern Railway, on sale July 1, 4 and
C, limit July 8. Consult agenu. Advt
If ''HlaV s
' VXXV' 47WmA'j&j&f
,r jr , ?&2&YmammuM
muni KTA.M-" ? mtZXSSBLW IsMZm
iumm I xgaw iai i mmm
sEwr ''utfvM fL ttr- S'JWw
Anglo-French Storm Fortifica
tions After Works Are
Pounded by Warships.
ATHENS. July 2. The allies opened
a fierce assault upon the Turkish posi
tions before Krlthla Wednesday morn
ing. Eight warships, led lv the super
dreadnaught Queen Elizabeth, are
pounding the Turkish forts with the
greatest crash of metal since the at
tack upon Fort Kllld Bahi, more than
three months ago.
, Well founded reports havo reached
here that Krlthla has fallen, but no
official continuation has been received
Mytllene dispatches today reported the
losses on both sides In tho last week of
fighting at tho Dardanelles to be tho
heaviest of the Galllpoll campaign.
The alllod expeditionary forces are
said to have lost at least 10.000 in killed,
wounded and missing The Turkish
casualties are believed to havo been
much heavier.
All dispatches received here today
agreed that the strugglo. being waged
around Krlthla Is tho greatest land
battle waged at the Dardanelles since
the expeditionary forces were put
ashore. General Hamilton has concent
trated his aimlea north of Sedd-t'l-Bahr
and Is sweeping the Turks back
along the peninsula by successive, short
Each charge Is preceded by torrlflc
bombardment of the Turkish trenches
by Anglo-French battleships standing
Inside the strait and alone the shoro
of the Gulf of Saros Tho trench fight
ing Is of tho most desperate character,
Turks and allied Hoops -ripped In a
hand-to-hand combat on Oie sands
Turk Capital Leading
Its Normal Gay Life,
Not "Terror-Stricken"
June 30. .Despite all efforts of the al
lies to crea-te the Impression that a
desperate sltuatlrn exists nere, the fact
is that Constantinople Is leading an ub
solutelv normal life vou might even
say Its normal g ij life
While the all'ed fleet and laud forces
pound away at the Dardanelles and the
Russian fleet occasionally shells the
Bosphorus forts twenty miles away, a
good I part of the population of Con
stantinople gntherb ever nfternoon In
the munclpal gardens of !.es l'ellto
Champs, takes tea or cafe a la
(ContlnVed on Second Pace.)
Officers Shot Three Members of
Crew, Two Fatally, Before
Ending Trouble.
QUEENSTOWN. July 2.-Foaflng at
tack by German 'submarines, the crew
of the Norwegian bark Abyssinia muti
nied while the ship was lying In the
haibor here today.
In a bloody battle on the Abyssinia's
deck, officers shot three of the mu
tineers, wounding two fatally. Queens
town police ran alongsldo In a harbor
boat, boardfd the vessel, and quelled
the disturbance
The Abjss'nla was still In the harbor
here this afieinoon.
ROME. July 2. Italy has Informed
the triple entente powers that she looks
with disfavor on tho acquisition of Al
banian territory by Montenegrin forces
It was learned today that the Italian
government lodged a protest with tho
pr.wcis against the occupation of the
Albanian metropolis of Scutari by Mon
tenegrin Hoops.
In repl, the triple entente assured the
Italian foreign office that the question
of Scutari and Albania will bo definitely
solved at the end of tho war.
90 Killed When
Rockets Explode
Most of the Victims of Accident
in French Pyrotechnic Fac
tory Are Women.
MARSEILLES, July 2. Ninety per
sons were killed, most of them women,
In the explosion of a r'rotechnlc fac
tory here last night.
Only four whole bodies were recovered
b searchers today the other victims
hHVtng been blown to bits.
The concern was engaged In the man
ufacture of rockets for the French
Caucasian, Inglemoor, and Wel
bury Sunk Near Scilly
Admiralty Reports Other Dis
aster to Merchant Ship
ping. LONDON, July 2. Coincident
with the renewal on a large scale
of submarine operations around
the British Isles, definite reports
reached the admiralty this after
noon that the dcpa.rure of British
vessels from North American ports
was being "tipped off" to German
U-boat commanders.
The sinking of three big British
steayiers, the Inglemoor, Caucasian
and Welbury, and of at least two
sailing vessels, was confirmed in
admiralty, advices.
These steamers were torpedoed
off the Scilly Islands. Their crews
of fifty-two men were rescued and
are en route to Falmouth.
In point of importance the 'sub
marine's success is the greatest
since the sinking of the Lusitania.
The Inglemoor is one of the newest
and largest of the Moor Line's
twenty-eight steamers and has been
commissioned only two years.
The Caucasian is a big steamer
belonging to the Petroleum Steam
ship Company.
Loss of the Inglemoor and the Ca-
caslon was reported today In a mes
sage from the British steamer Roath.
The Roath reported that she h"d pick
ed up the crew of one of the torpe
doed vessels.
The Welbury, 3.951 tons, was one ot
the largest vessels owned by the Bury
Shipping Company of West Hartle
pool. She was en route from Jamaica
for British ports when torpedoed.
Shipping circles received a message
that her crew was safe.
Tho crew of the schooner L. C. Tow.
er was landed at Queenstown today.
They reported that their vessel was
sunk off Fastnet and that the same
submarine then attacked a small bark
several miles away.
The bark attempted to escape and
disappeared from the horlzan with
the chase still In progress.
But the greatest interest was mani
fested today in the story of the Wel
bury's crow that her depaiture from
Cuba with a cargo of sugar for Eng
land wa.s made known to German
submarine commanders, who lay In
wait and attacked her as she waa
approaching the British coant.
Less than an hour after the news
reached the admiralty, cable dis
patches fiom New York reported
rumois of similar threats against
the White Star liner Adriatic, bound
for Liverpool, with a passenger list
that includes many persons of
pjrominence both here and in Canada.
It was recalled officially that simi
lar lumors preceded the departure of
the Ill-fated Lusitania from New
York, and for that reason some con
cein'was expressed in shipping circles
for the safety of the White Star
Tho admiralty would not comment
upon the icport from America re
garding tho Adriatic. But it is deem
ed certain heio that extraordinary
piecautlons will he taken to protect
the liner and her great human cartfo
from the moment sho enters the war
zone until ehe docks at LIverpooL
Tips From America.
For several weeks rumors hare
reached officials that the submarine
operations along the southwest coant
of Ireland were, being directed by In
formation received from America. The
admlialtv generally discredited these
reports, but has made careful lnves-
Tho story told by the Welbury's crew
today was the first definite statement tn
support of these charges. They report
ed that they found a warning of sub
marine disaster painted inside the fore
hold of the vessel shortly after they
left Cuba.
It Is Inconceivable, In the opinion of
British officials, that tho sinking of the
Welbury after the posting of the warn
ing, was merely a coincidence They
unite In the view that by some route, an
jet unknown, the fact that the Welbury
was leaving for England with a sugar
argo was communicated to tho German
admlralt) and fro.n Berlin tent to sub
meislbles operating In the war torji
Officials say that ther . ivt reaies t

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