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The Goddess
Dramatized into a Photo-Play by CHAS. W. GODDARD
as Tommy Barclay Gouverneur Morris as The Goddess
That so many of the strikers had
ftad the narrowest kind of an eBcapo
ji. . i a. !... V.. JittiainUa
rom DCiner mown 10 pieces u, ,.......
41d not make their feelings for Kehr ,
nd his men nny friendlier, but one
thin? was certain. If harm camo to
the girl who had risked her life to
warn them of their danger It would
have to come to her over their dead
Wherevter she went among the strikers
9he was welcomed with a kind of gal
lant adoration. Something about her
eemed, when she entered a room, to
pull the rudest and the most Ignorant
man to their feet.- Kvcrywhero she
went she preached her gospel, softened
hearts and made men and women hope
ful of better things. Her rostrum was
the kitchen, tho front steps, the shade
of an elm. She was Indefatigable. No
mind, however feeble, was unworthy
of her greatest pains. Little children
she took upon her knee and talked sense
to them. And presently only those who
were naturally bloodthirsty and who
loved violence for its own sako talked
onenlv of attacking the Btockade. It
seemed to Celestla that the strlkors' do- ,
mands were not unjust, and she deter
mined to ond the strike by persuading
Kehr and tho men he represented to
meet their demands.
Elections were coming on, and the
best way to secure the labor vote was
to see that labor's envelope was better
filled than ever before. With a new
form of government in control of the
nation's most disinterested and able
men there would be such a saving of
national waste that doubling tho pay
of every laborer In the country would
be but a drop in the bucket.
Tommy could not sco any posstblo
good In Celestla's form of millennium.
Ho felt that, Innocently, of course,
and with the best Intention, she was
trying to betray labor Into the hands
of capital, and ho fought her doctrlno
tooth and nail. But what she seemed
to offer was bo glittering and alluring
to tho poor and needy that Tommy's
opposing arguments found few listeners
in Bitumen.
Celestla preached that government of
tho people, by the people, for the peo
ple has beon proved a gigantic failure,
for two excellent reasons; (1) it isn't
by the people, and (2) it Isn't for the
people. The fathers who set down
some very noblo aspirations In black
and white were Instantly succeeded by
politicians, who twisted those aspira
tions to their own ends. We are today
a government of the people, by the
politicians, and for the politicians. Pa
triotism, if it Isn't dead, has gone to
sleep. There are patriotic Virginians,
patriotic Vormonters, too, but there are
very few patriotic Americans. If the
great city of Now York, under tho
threat of tho enemy's guns, was
mulcted of a billion dollars in tribute,
do you think the States far from salt
water would caro? They'd make a loud
noise with their newspapers, but a ma
jority of their patriotic inhabitants, I
think, would laugh in their sleeves.
And this sort of thing Is the fault of
the politicians, who havo beclouded all
the clear Issues.
That every city of the size of Potta
wotaunl should have a postofflee twice
too big for It is not doing anything for
the people. A navy powerful enough to
protect the Atlantic coast and the Pa
cific coast from any enemy or group of
enemies would bo doing something for
the people. The salaries of Congress
men and Senators and pensions paid
without reason or justice would go far I
toward eradicating consumption. As
b jb nits .iiuircy is uuBuiuLuiy wusit'U.
If some Congressmen and Senators aro
able and patriotic, 90 per cent of them
nre the oppositeand render really able
and patriotic legislation out of the ques
tion. No business runns this United States
nre run could possibly be a success.
No employe of such a business could bo ,
blamed for faillnK In resnect for his em
ployers or In ioyaltv to them. Wo
want our country to be resv-ctable and
a success or don't we? Lee It be run
with tho same American efficiency with
which the Standard Oil Company has
been run, and nobody will be poor and
no part of any city will bo dirty and
full of disease.
If there was no waste there would
be plenty of money for everybody, or
t least of the things money can buy.
CWcstla was Inslstnnt on this, and per
sonally I am hanged if I don't think
Alio was riht. The Iord God gavo
xih the apple tree. Tho kinder you arc
to nn apple tree the kinder It will be
to you and the more It will give you.
But maltreat It l,t sod shut off clr
from Its roots, lot horses and cows
chew its bark half off, let Iforor riddlo
It, San Joso -cile strangle It, tent cat
erpillars defoliate It. and still It will for
many years persist In giving you some
thing. Not the eagle -mould bo tho em
hlom of America i mean-hiarted.
treacherous blid but the noble and
geneious apple. Belgium, I daro say,
co'tld bo kept alive for a month on the
apples which i t on the ground In
Westchester "ounty every autumn.
As no waste the apple so we waato
everytnlng else-raw material, finished
product, nealth and brains.
In tho face of Kcht's stubburnne&s It
was not easy to moko progress, toward
n sottlcir.ont of the strike, and at last
f'elestlu flcgraphcd to Gordon I.areluy
nnd asked for definite power to spoih
foi tho coni companies and treat wltn
the labor lenders.
Ills answer was a Jlylug trip to Bitu
men. Ho was very Miarp with Kehr, hum
bled li'in and browbeat him, caused
Gunsdorf and the other leaders to his
released, and th"n, atter a long, secret
conference with Prof Stllliter, ho gavu
t'elesMi' the power she asked for. i
Boloiv ivtuiuing to New York he sent'
for Gunsdorf ct al., made a personal
peaco Ith them and obtained their
pol tical allegiance.
'Celestla," he told them, "Is right.
The troubles between labor and capital
are only one symptom of the gieat
nat'onal wastage that has gone on I
since the beginning of things. The Con
Btltution Is a fine Instrument, but It
doesn't work as It was meant to because
of tho politlc'ans. Wo can't get a new.
Constitution without a revolution. But, "Are you a friend
that revolution need not be bloody. We'cby?"
must g-ve up electing men to high office
us promises or enic:ency, anu eieci oniy,"ves
men with records of efficiency. Wo
must be a nation and no longer a
collection of States pulling tho Govern
ment eveiy which way for local Inter
ests. Wo must soo to It that tho coun
try la run J.ke a trust bank or a great;
And ho showed them how he believed
that Celestla's system In question would '
wipe discontent from tne race or tne
"Celestla," ho said, "hos been em
powered to settle this strike. In her
judement you aro entitled to what you
hnvu asked for. and von w ll cot It.
Tint nc H,ft (.not ,if 1 vine bftAna rlqlnl?
the advances whlrh you Jiro to receive I
win .ir, i Er,M l.ivnrv Vnn'11 hoi
In practically the snme box you are in
now 'o permanent good will come of
..... .... u. .-,.. w,... ,..,,. ....... -
makerhlft ndJm-.tT"nts. Labor will find
ro permanent content under nro.-oni
condt.ins. I look to your Indiv dual
line pii'Ie-th'e " pnort for the new ron
Etl'ution I heii..e tint us a platform
It will sweep the country In November,
for Its advantages to both labor arA
capltl aro so obvious that theso two w (11
bo op the Bamo elde for once and Uur
forth, and when thoy are on the sama
side there la no resisting them.
Only Tommy and Mr. Gunsdorf held
out against Cclcstia'a Influence. Tommy
. . ..,, hv hnr hvnnntlr.
n.m.rtnrt hrf !vi.eri .
sway, and Mrs. aunsdorf had devised a
trick to thwart It. Having learned that
there was something In Celostla's aye,
some power which she could neither
fathom nor resist, Mrs. Gunsdorf main
tained her own Independence in thought
and action by tho simple expedient of
never meeting Colestla's eye.
Mrs. Gunsdorf was violently opposed
to Colestla's theories. This opposition
was not arrived at by elaborate mental
process. The two women loved the samo
mnn. And fhn mnn vr nhvlmialv Invncl
'Celestla (for whon he wasn't with her
he was trying his best to be with her).
This was enough to place Mrs. Gunsdorf
on any side of any question if only It
was the opposite, to Cclestla's. Twice,
when Celestla was addressing meetings
of strikers (In Interest of peace and
progress). Mrs. Gunsdorf succeeded in
creating such violent disturbance that
she had to be removed forcibly from the
The strikers' favorite place for meeting
was In a large, shabby dance hall. In
the meanest and most squalid section of
Bitumen. Having been ejected from thia
hall. Mrs. Gunsdorf stood upon the outer
steps, a picture of Impotent and Jealous
A young woman, who, from her plain,
neat costume rather suggested that she
might be a lady's maid, and whose fea
tures were not distinctly visible owing
to a thick veil, turned from perusing a
bill poster which announced to the
passerby the purpose of the meeting,
at that moment In progress, to look at
Mrs. Gunsdorf.
Mrs. Gunsdorf In turned eyed the
stranger, and her rage gave placo
gradually to curiosity. Neatly and
smartly dressed young women were
vory rare in Bitumen.
"Is the meeting over?" naked the
stranger presently.
Mrs. Gunsdorf shook her head.
"Nor likely to be as long as there's a
fool left to listen; When she gets
through speaking thoy yell for her until
she has to speak again. Ever hear
Mrs. Gunsdorf shrugged her vigorous
shoulders with contempt.
"I never havo," said the stranger. "I
think I don't want to."
"Then what brings you to Bitumen?
People are pouring In from all around
to hear what she says. There don't
seem to bo any reason for coming to
"But she doesn't seem to have Im
pressed you favorably?"
"Me! Hush! I don't say she hasn't
got good looks of a kind, but what
a man can see In a namby, pamby,
goody, goody llko her gets mo. Well,
I'm golni; to move on. So long!"
The stranger hesitated, then simply
followed and overtook Mrs. Gunsdorf.
"Do you mind If I walk with you?
I I was going your way."
"How do you know which way I was
"I mean the way you are starting
to do." The stranger laughed frankly.
"And that's not the wholo truth. I
came to Bitumen to find out certain
things. I'm a sort of reporter and new
at the business. The boss told mo there
was a big story hero and for me to go
and get It. He only gave me a few
hints to go on, and "
"You want to aBk me some questions?
is that It? Well, fire ahead."
"Of course," said the stranger, "any
thing to do with Mr. Gordon Barclay is
a headline for the newspapers, especial
ly now mat ne nas tajien up with the
girl from heaven, and is advocating her
policies. Mr. Barclay's adopted son. as
everybody knows, Is on the other sld
I mean about the policies. Well, I I
mean my newspaper has got a hint
that this this young Mr. Barclay got
Into trouble down here came very
near getting lynched, and that the rea
son was well, something to do with a
very bl'g community. You must know all
woman, wow, you live here, it Isn t a
about everything that goes on. You see.
It means such a lot to me, getting this
story. Can't you help me out7"
"Tommy Barclay," began Mr?. Guns
dorf, paused, gritted her teeth, and went
on, "Is mashed on tho girl from heaven."
"Yes," said the stranger, almost In a
"There's a woman In this town," Mrs.
Gunsdorf resumed, "who'd bo willing to
lie down and let him tramp nn her. No,
I don't mean Celestla. She likes him well
enough In her namby pamby too-busy-
to-thlnk-of-love Kind or way. 1 mean
another woman with red blood In her
veins. Well, she made all the row.
Crazy Jealous sho was, I guess. Her
love seemed to turn to hate, and sho
made out that he oh, got too fresh
with her. and yelled for help, and her
husband and some friends came, and
they was going to lynch Tommy Bar
clay, had him on a ladder with a lopo
around his neck, when along she
came "
"Tho woman?"
"Tho girl from heaven. And she talked,
and pretty soon she got hold of the
woman, and made her own up."
"Made her?"
"If you're fool enough to look In her
eyes, she can make you do any blame
thing sho wants you to do. But I've
learned seme. 1 don't look at her eyes,
and then I'm all right."
"And then there was no truth In the
rumor that Mr. Barclay got too fresh
with a woman?"
No truth at all."
The stranger made a small faint
sound. It wasn't a word or a sigh or
: mmmur, but it seemed to mean
sr-ic'i lir-f for Mrs. Gunsdorf stopp'.d
;il rur'Iy. looked sharply at her com-ii-ii'mi
and sa'd:
"You ceo mdi3appolnted."
"Yoi. rou!"
Tl' strn-isrer lrughtl nervously. They
h"d lial tod Just In front of the
Family Entrance" to a saloon.
"I wont to know why you're dls
appointed?" "Why," said the, stranger, a little
lamely, "I might, be a friend of Mr.
Barclays, and I might think that It
would ho better for him If he got
i over his fanev for Colestin. And a
fancy for anothor person would prove
that he had, wouldn't It?"
to Tommy Bar-
After hesitation,
the stranger said:
a am I, said Mrs, Gunsdorf, and
that being so. T guess we've got
talk coming; to us. Let's go In here.'
(Continued Tomorrow.)
Fnlr-r'rr Heights J. Nota McOlll to Fran
ces .V . Mcf.111, original lots 1. z, ana 6, and
lot !?!. pfjuare lfcOl. !5.
. F rlaware aenbe northeast-James I.
H'tf rctt to United Htates of America, lot 26.
... en tafic
Co mi,u HeiBhu-Mlnnl. Cohs
i.hnn lot 26. muar Jill. HC
ontui in Aoranam
110. Stamps, U
VZaconsln Avenue. F'arK Herbert A. Old and
' 'hMxlore N. "Ill, Jr.- trustees, to (iporge,
r Pmullwooil. lot Z" square 1669, M.C.V).
Jit Air - Gertrude A Doyle et vlr Unroll
V, to Trunk McManamy, part tract de
scribed, JSiI .0.
A'lllnril Mreot northwest, between Heven
teenth and Elgbteenth streets -James Mar
tin et x to r.llcn Martin, lot U and It,
juiu IZ2. 10. Stamps. 10 cents.
I Kcalty lranslers
(Continued from Sixth Page.)
spcndlna several weeks in Bluemont.
Mrs. McNalr is at Markham, Va for
a stay of some length.
Lieut. John Iseman, U. S. N., will
leave Washington this week for an au
tomobile trip to New York, where ho
will remain for some time, returning to
Washington about September 1,
Col. C. P. Townsley, In command at
West Point, and Mrs. Townsley, aro
with Col. Warren Putnamo Nowcomb,
rctlriid, and Mra. Newcomb, In Pitta
field, Mars.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Prank Mooro
havo returned to Washington from a
short stay in Woods Hole, Mass., and
In New Kork.
Mrs. Charles Hume returned to Wasn
Ington this morning from Montclalr, N.
J., where she was tho guest of her
brother-in-law and winter, Mr. and Mrs.
Stuart Jackson. Mu, Hume's daughter,
Miss Margaret Hume, who was recently
operated on for appendicitis, while visit
ing Mr. and Mra. Jackson, la Improving
rapidly ana win remain in Montciair
some time.
- -Mrs.
Canby, wlte of Major James
Canby, will leave Washington next week
to make a visit in Riverside and Bridge
port, Conn., and Poughkeepslc, N. x
after which she will spend several
weeks at Klaher s Island. Major Canby
will Join his wife for tho week-ends.
Mrs. O. H. Cameron, Wife of Colonel
Cameron, will go to Fisher's island next
week to remain until about October l.
Colonel Cameron will Join her thero
Dr. L. W. Glazebrook motored to Cape
May, N. J., Friday to Join his wire and
family, who arc passing the summer
there. Dr. Ulaaouraok will return to
Washington tho first or next ween.
Hannah B. Sperry is spending
tho summer with her son, the Kev. I'aul
bperry, In Haven, Me. They motored
from Brockton. Mass., via Portsmouth,
N. H., Lowell, Wilton, Bangor, and Blue
Hill, Me., to their cottage on the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kcnnelly cele
brated tho fiftieth anniversary of their
marriage on Tuesday last. Tho day be
gan with a mass of thanksgiving at
SL Peter' at which Mr. nnrt Mra LVn.
nelly's son. the Rev. James A Kcnnelly, drla lor ass'stance. A numbor of per
S. J., of Juneau, Alaska, who came to 5ons' including the two brothers of the
Washington for the occasion, was the drowned man. and J. . Harris, his
celebrant. He was assisted by the Rev. ' father-in-law. dragged for the body. The
Eugene McDonnell, S. J., president of (crcw 'e Police boat Major Sylvester.
Goniaga College ; Father Brooks, 8. J., ' ""der Lieutenant Dean, also Joined In
and tho Rev. 8. T. Morris, of tSt. Peter's . ,he cn.rcn' "nd, recovered the body In
Church, and. during the mass tho ",bout1, lwcnly fcct' of watcr t :
Choral Society of tho Knights of Colum- , ?10 i ,' ui ,, j , .,
bus rendered several selections. nBc j'i8,,"0, ?MhRMd 1h SuVlViid
In the ovnnlnir Mr nnri Mr. vr.nnnii ? two brothers. John M. and James
were hosts at a reception ut their spaci
ous home on Capitol Hill, which was
decorated with palms and flowers In
whlto and gold. There was music by
a section of the Marine Band and the
hosts received In a bower of palms. A
large number of guests called to offer
their good wishes to the brldo and
bridegroom of fifty years standing, and
In udditlon they wero deluged with let
ters and telegrams of congratulation.
- -The
young ladles of Emmanuel choir,
Anacostla, entertained ot a dance on
Friday evening In compliment to tho
young men of St. Mark's choir, who are
In camp near Pincy Point, Aid. Among
!?!!:. ,Tno Wfrc ttCtlv.eln arranging the
entertainment were Miss Anna Hugan
Miss Mary Estcp, John Bullough and
Miner Ellis.
LANHAM. Md., July 26. The second
of a scries of attractions for the benefit
of the Town Hall will be conducted
Saturday, when a tournament and dance
will be held during the afternoon and
evening. Professional and amateur
classes have been arranged by tho
tournament committee and prizes aggro
gating $o0, will be awarded.
Candidates for the fall elections have
been named as Judges and orators.
Francis J. Carmody will be marshal and
will have for his aides Mrs. Dr. H. B.
Montgomery and Mrs. C. E. Halley.
Hon. Blair Lee has been named orator
of tho day, while E. A. Fuller will be
orator of the evening. George N. Wells
Is Judge of the tournament. Others
who will assist In conducting the event
win oe uon. Sidney E. Mudq, Clarence
i. itoDeris, juan w. ainucry and r.
Howard Duckett.
Chares Howser has given over his
spacious lawn adjoining Lanham sta
tion to the entertainment committee,
which Is arranging various features.
The tilting will bo held on the same
grounds. It being scheduled to start at
o clock.
Members of the choir of Emmanuel
Church returned today from Its an
nual outing to rinoy Point, whero
they remained for a week. " In the
company were Mr. and Mrs. William
Seantlcbury. Mrs. Franklin S. Glcker,
George E. Frazlor, Miss Mat ian King,
Mrs. V. J. Murphy, J. C Wlnterworp.
Karl Wlnterwerp, Lena C. Welgel.
Anna M. Hagan, Alice E. LeapW
Mary E. Estcp, Franklin Glcker, Hay
mond Glcker, Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul
Gieen, J. F. Hagan. Jr.. Wlllard Wood,
Zane Kelly, and Charles V. Btzlcr.
The condition of Samuel D. Frarlor
who wan operated on recently In
Providence Hospital, Is reported to bo
Mrs. M. H, Connlck, of Good Hope
road, has returned to her home following-
a visit to Plney Point.
Capt. J. W. Hartley, of the Ana
costla Flshlnp: Club, will mako plans
this week for the annual outing of
the club to Plney Point, which will
be taken Saturday. Captain Bartk-y
states that a larger number will bo
In tho paity this year than before
nnd plans "have been made for obtain
ing1 boats while away.
Mr. find Mrs. Charles F. Roberts and
pon Francis returned to their home
In Maplo View avenue today follow
ing: a week spent at Tlehoboth Beach.
Miss Helen Estep played the organ
yesterday In Emmanuel Church In tho
absence of Mrs. scantlenury. organist.
A pecial meeting of the citizens' as
sociation has been called for Wednes
day evening In the municipal building.
Company V. First Maryland Regi
ment, under command of Capt. O. Y.
Treagcr. left hero early yesterday morn
Ini: for Sounder's range, to go Into camp
with the Maryland National Guam.
Nearly seventy-live men went to tho
range. Tho company will return on
Thomas R. Piooks, of the Weather
Buieau, of Richmond, Va., returned
ycMerday after a vlelt of two weeks
with his mother, Mrs. Nellie F. Brooks.
Ibe Perwyn btseball eluh defeated tho
State Department team of Wushlngton
at Berwyn on Saturday, 10 to i.
Alexandria Association Sends
Delegation to Fairfax Court
house to File Objection.
ALEXANDRIA, July 26. A delegation
from the Alexandria Automobllo Asso
ciation today appeared before the board
of supervisors of Fairfax county to
protest against tho plan of tho board
to establish threo toll gates In tho
county. At the last mooting of tho
board It was decided to placo gates near
Suttln's store, on the road between Fair
fax and Vienna; at a point to be de
termined later on tho road between
Vienna and Falls Church; nnd at tne
Falla Church corporation line.
Merchants of Alexandria aro co-ope?-atlng
with tho automobllo club In rous
ing public sentiment against the estab
lishment of tho gates, as they now
make deliveries by automobile trucks
In the villages scattered through the
Fairfax cour.'y !s spending 200,0t)0 for
modern roads, and the supervisors be
lieve It will ho necessary to secure the
revenue from the proposed toll gates
to keep the roads In condition.
The Alexandria Light Infantry, offi
cially known as Company G, First Regl
ment, Virginia Volunteers, has returned
from a week's encampment at Virginia
Funeral services for H. Ionard Itoctl.
who was drowned In the Potomac, oppo
site the Prince street docks, yesterday,
will be held from his residence In Roso
mont tomorrow afternoon. It will bo
attended bv members of PoBt F. Trav
elers' Protective Association, and An
drew Jackson Lodge of Masons.
Mr. Reed wan seized with cramps
while swimming near the Maryland
shore. With Alfred C. Moss, teller of
tne Alexandria National
llnnlc. nnd
Harry Wlngate, Reed, left here yesterday
morning for a swim. Wlngate, who was
unable to swim, remained In the canoe.
Reed was overcome, and MlSs went to
his rescue. He made no outcry, and
Moss cniiKht him. but ho slipped from
nis grasp ana sank into deep water.
i Mobi and Wlngato Daddled to Alexan-
v . neca. ooin oi mis city, ne was
employed as an accountant bv W. B.
Moses & Sons, Washington, and was
thirty-live years old.
Funeral services for John H. Buck,
Blxty-fivo years old. who died at his
home at Burke's station, Fairfax county,
on Saturday, were held this morning.
Interment was In Bethel Cemetery.
Tho services were conducted by the
Rev. S. A. Wollls, of the Theological
J. Frank Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs
Frank M. Hill, whose health became
Impaired from study, while he was a
wt Saturday for n ranch near Canadian!
Texas, for his health.
Meetings and Entertainments to
Be Held in Every Section of
City by Various Societies.
Meettnc. members of Holy Name Society of
WalilnKton. Virginia ond part of Maryland,
Bt Anthony'a Church. Drooklanrt. 8 p. in.
Concert. U. fc. Marine Band, In barrackt, 4:30
l. m.
Concert, Fifth Cavalry Band, Montroaa Park,
7. SO p. m.
Meeting. Central Cltliens' Aasoclatlon, 49
Eye atreet northwcM, 8 p. m.
Concert, U. S. Boldleri' Home Band, at home,
6:40 p. in.
Meeting, Ieglon ot Loyal Women, Italelgh
Hotel, 8 p. in.
Mnaonlc Uawion, No. 16.
Odd Fellown Ijingdon. No. 16; T'nlon. No 11:
Beacon. No. 15: Esther Rebekah. No. 5
Kplghta of Pythlaa Decatur, No. ; Cnlanthe,
No. 11.
National t'nlon Seott Council. Federal Coun
cil. Northeast Washington Council.
'Knights of Columbus Washington Council
on board the steam W. L. Davis for noou-
llght trip down the Potomac.
Maccabees National Tent. No. 1; Anacostla
Tent. No. 7,
Columbia Motion pictures, 2 and 10:45 p. m.
B. F. Keith's Vaudeville, 2'15 and S:15 p. m.
Cosmos Vaudeville, continuous
Garden Photoplays, 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Crandoll's Fhntoplnys, 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Glen Echo Park Open-air amusements, all
day and evening.
Marshall Hall Outdoors attractions, all day
and evening.
Meeting, District Suffrage league, People's
Forum, Eighth street and Pennsylvania
avenue northwest, 8 p. m.
ExcurstJn. Columbia Ixdgo, No. 44, Brother
hood of Railroad Trainmen, Chesapeake
Beach, all day,
Moonlc Federal, No. 1; Acacia, No. 18; Ta
kotna. No. 29.
Odd Fellows Golden Rule. No. 21; Amity,
No. 27; Washington, No. 6; Fred D. Stuart,
ro. 7, encampment
Knights or Pythias Webster, No. 7; Excel
sior, No. 14; Capital, No. 24; Myrtle, No. 25,
Maccabees Mount Vernon Tent. No. 4;
Brlghtwood Tent, No. 6.
Uncle Sam Refuses to
Pay Ice Water Bills
Undo Sam cannot be made to pay
for bottled spring water for employes
of tho Imlgratlon Servlco In half a
dozen cities, where the city supply is
Rood enough far other minions to
This was the gist of a ruling by
Comptroller of the Treasury Downey
today In passing Judgment on tho pro
priety of accounts of tho Immigration
Tho Comptroller hold that In cities
whore the board of health warned that
the city supply was contaminated or
dangerous bills would be paid. But, he
Intimated, he could see no excuse for
paying for spring water In such cities
as Cleevland. Baltimore, Buffalo, St.
Louis, and Chicago.
Some time ago the Comptroller ruled
that spring water could ho purchased
wherever full protection to tho health
of Government employes demanded It.
He said today, however, that In cities
where public buildings wero using tho
city supply, ho saw no reason why im
migration employes could not do the
same thing.
Over Ardent.
Katie (very earnestly) If you had
never met me, darling, would you have
loved me just the same"
escort ( fervently) Yes, dtarle moro!
ClirtOOD, M.Llltf!1
But Trend of Prices for Quota
tions Are to Fractioanlly
Higher Levels.
A light market prevailed on the
Washington Stock Exchange today,
but tho trend of prlcos for quotation
lots of securities, particularly In the
bond list was to fraclonally higher
A $1,000 Capiat Traction G per cent
bond sold at 10Bi, the price that has
recently prevailed, but the bld'was
advanced H of a point to 106. Two
$1,000 City nnd Suburban 6's brought
102U, and a similar lot of Washing
ton Market Cold Storage 6's were dis
posed of at 100.
The stock sales Included r0 shares
of Wafhlngton Railway and Electric
common at 9; fi shares of Railway
preferred at 8": 4 sharf-e of Lanston
Monotype at CO, nnd one share of
Mcrgonthaler Linotype at 180.
Ministers' Conference and Coun
try Life School Opens Ses
sions at College Park.
"How can the church stimulate civic
life In a country town?"
"How can the church cultivate social
life among farmers?"
"What part should the church play
In the community life of a village?"
These and other pertinent problems of
the country parish will be threshed out
this week at the Country Life School
and ministers' conference at College
Park, 'Md. With many ministers from
Washington and representatives from
nearly all the counties of Mary'and
present tho conference opened today. It
will continue through August fi.
The conference is for all clergymen,
while the "country life school" Is par
ticularly for ministers In rural districts
who face many social service problems
peculiar to the country. This Bchool was
such a success when held In conjunction
with the conference last year that It
has been decided to continue It after the
close of the regular conference. -ror.
F. B. Bomberger Is In charge of ar
rangements for the Country Life School,
while B B. Darrow has charge of the
delegates to the conference.
The dormitories and other buildings of
Maryland Agricultural College have been
thrown open for their entertainment.
Dog License Suggested,
She Asks Tax on Cats
ST. PAUL. Julv M. When the city
council was cor.templatlpg license for
rlcirn a wnmnn wrote asklm: that cats
be also placed under the ban.
The reason she assigned was that cats
In hei neighborhood were so numerous
that they ate up all the birds who
could not In turn eat up all the worms
wrlch were eating- up all the leaves of
the beautiful trees
The council declined to listen to her
C:4!.. Us. T.lfAc
oiiuiik' iicii latvca
Successful Journev
oullcssiui juunicy
COTTAGE GROVE. July 26. A hen
set hero has completed Its hatch 600
miles away.
When Bert Nokes prepared to move
to Spokane he decided to ship by ex
press a hen that had been set about
ten days, with the eggs. Chicken
fanciers smiled when they heard, but
when biddy arrived In Spokane sho
had In no way change her mind about
raising a tamiiy. xsoKes announces
that twelve of the fourteen eggs
Country Fairs to See
Parcel Post Exhibits
Parcel posts exhibits will bo made at
the various country fairs and other civic
eposltlonss throughout the United
State at the direction of the Postmaster
The aim of the Postmaster General Is
to bring to the attention of tho public
the facilities of the system. Last year
there were exhibits at nearly 200 fairs
and expositions and It Is the expecta
tion ot Mr. Burleson that the display
will be more extensive this year.
Army and Navy
Sailed Cleveland from Mazatlan for
San Bias; Supply from Shanghai
for Hongkong: Mars from Norfolk
for San Francisco; Lebanon from
Norfolk for Newport: Terry from
Southold, L. I., for Newport; Am
phltrlto from Pensacola for New Or
leans; Reld from Charleston for
Key West; Kcarsargc and Kentucky
from New York for Baltimore; Celtic
form Vera Cruz for Progdeao;
Machlas from Vera Cruz for Tampl
co; Callao from Canton for West
River; Culgoa from New York yard
for Newport. Sandoval from Roches
ter for practice cruise; Galveston
from Shanghai for Chefoo.
Arrived Denver at La Paz; Nashville at
Santo Domingo; O'Brien, Arkansas,
and Parker at Newport; Jenkins at
New York yard; I-oulslana at
Gloucester; Barney at Seventh street
wharf, Washington, 15. C.j Dupont
at Fall River; Waban and .L'ncas at
Key West; Dorothea at Cleveland;
Paul Jones, I-Veble, Perry, and Stew
art at Sitka; Albany at Portland,
Ore.; Glacier at San Diego; Mont
gomery at Baltimore; and Jupiter at
Portsmouth. N. H.
Captain R. II. JACKSON, commis
sioned from Juv j, 1915.
Commandor F. N. HtKEMAN com
missioned from July 1, 1915.
Lieutenant Commander J. P. LAN
NON, commissioned from April 23,
Lieutenant A. S. FARQUHAR, com
missioned from March 4. 1915.
Lieutenant L F KIMBALL, commis
sioned from March 22, 1915.
Lieutenant 11. H. MICHAEL, detached
Georgia, to Atlantic reserve fleet.
New York Stocks.
Quotations furnished by W, E. Hlbbs
E?LVmS?n.1?Sr ' :,w Tork Sk Exchnit.
Hlbbs Building.
1:20 Bat
niih. Low. p.m. Clous.
Alaska Gold 88 Vi 82H szttl SSH
Amal. Copper 7m 70 70H 72
Am. Beet Sugar., com 63H 18H 62H I 62
American Can eiH 6SV 60HI Mtt
Am. Canpfd 106 105 106 I
Am. C. &F lt (6 66 I E6V4
Am. Cotton Oil 47 48 j
Am. Ice Sec taVi 23 23 I
Am. Locomotive 62H 48 62 ! 62V4
Am. Smeltlrfg 78 76 79V4 j 77
Am. Sugar &R J08V4 107H 107H I
Am. Tel. It Tel 12m 121V4 121H I
Am. Tobacco 6 226 225 1 22
Anaconda 7H 66 06HI 8H
Atchison 101 loovt 100HI101H
Baldwin Loco Wks... 82H 76 82H I 77
Bait. & Ohio 7 78 T8H 18Vt
Bethlehem Steel 222 207 220 1208
B. F. Goodrich 6M 44 50 50
Brook. Rpd. Trans... 86 86 f6 I 86
Callforn'a Petrol 0 8 8 I 9
Canadian Pacific 139 'A 188 189V4 1 1B9H
Central Leather 42 41 41 I 42
Clics. & Ohio 89 88 88 I 8
Chi. Con. Ccpper 44 44 41 I 44
Chi. G. W..pfd 27 27 27 I 27
C. M, &St-P 7 77 78 I 79
Col. Fuel &. Iron 36 83 86 I 34
Crucible Steel 47 41 46 I 46
Distillers Sec 27 23 2C 26
Erie 26 24 26 I 26
Erie 1st Did 88 38 88 I 39
General Kkctrlcs 172 l8 171 1 170
General Motors Co... 180 179 179 1181
Great North, pfd 116 116 116 I 116
Great North. Ore 87 86 86 I 86
Inter. Metropolitan.. X9 19 19 I 19
Inter. Metro, ofd 78 73 173
Iniplr. Con. Cop 80 29 29 I SO
Lehigh Valley 140 139 189 1 141
Mex. Petrol 72 69 71! 71
Miami Copper 26 UM
M. K. & T 6 6
Missouri Pacific 2 2
National Lead 62 61
New Con. Cop 14 14
N. Y. Central 86 F4
N. Y., O. &W 26 it
16 I 26
Paeille Malt 85 83
Penn. Railroad 106 106 106 1 106
Prees. 8. Car. com.... 60 41 48 I 60
Ray Con. Cop 22 2 22 I 22
Ry. S. Sprgs., com... 35 84 34 I 84
Rep. Iron & Bteel 37 34 36 I 35
Rep. I. & 8.. pfd 83 92 S2 92
Reading- 147 145 146 I 146
South Pacific f5 t3',4 f4 I 4
Southern Ry 13 13 13 1 12
Studebaker Corp 82 78 81 I 82
Tenn Copper
Texas & Pacific..
Third Ave. R. R..
Union Pacific
Union Pac, pfd..
U. S. Rubber
U. S. Steel ,
3t 35 I se
8 8 I S
49 50 I 60
124 125 I 126
81 0 81 I
44 44 44 I 44
65 62 64 l 64
U. S. Steel.pfd 111 110 110 I U0
Utah Copper 66 C3 b4 I t6Vi
West. U. Tel 69 E7 67 I C9
West. Electric ios 102 106 I 107
Hlch. Low. p m. Clc.ee
1:30 sat.
96 96 96 I 96
J c B. A Q
Jt. 4'B..
Inter. Met. 4's....
North. Pacific 3'..
North. Pacific 4's..
74 74
62 62
74 I 74
2 I 62
90 I ?0H
90 90
Pa. Con. 3's. 1915.. .100 100 100 1C0
Heading 4" m 03 a I 91
So. Pac. Con. 4's goVi 60 80 I 80
Southern By. 4's 60 69 &9 to
Southern Ry. 5"s.... 99 ssi, &j s
U. S. Steel 2d 6's....ioi 101 101 1 101
Local Bond Market.
Bid. Ask.
U. S. Reg. 2's 97 ...
U. S. Coupon 2's jG'i ...
j U.
Reg. 3s ik4 ...
Coupon 3's 100 ...
Res. 4's lOSTs ...
L. S. Coupon
. 103
. 100
. 100
D. C. 3.63's
Geo. Gas Cert. Ind. 5s
1 Georgetown Gas fi's
Wash. Gas 6's
Col. Gas & Elec. 5's
railroad nnxns
Cop' Tractlon " s'a 103
)Ana pot Guar .,s m
I Anacostla & Potomac 5's..
City & Suburban 5's loi
Metropolitan R. R. 5's 104
Wash. Ry. & Elec. 4's 81
Potomac Elec. Cons. 5's.
Potomac Elec. Lt. 5's
C. & 1' Telephone 6's
Amer. Tel. & Tele. 4's
Amer. Tel. & Tel. 4's.
i D. C. Paper Mfg. 5's
j Wash. Market 5's 1827....
Wash. Market 5's 1917 95
w. M. Cold Storage. 5's 9S
N. & W. Steamboat 5's 101
Rlggs Realty (long 5's) 101
RlKgs Realty (short) 5's 100
Capital Traction 89
Wash. Ry. & Elec. Com 8D
Wasn. Ry. & Elec. pfd 83
Wash. Va. Ry., pfd 55
Washington Gas 72
Amer. Tel. & Tclga 11!
Lanston Monotype 60
American Nat. Bank 130
Capital Nat. Bank 200
Columbia Nat. Bank
Commercial Nat. Bank 192
District Nat. Bank 133VJ
Far. & Mech. Nat. Bank 245
Federal Nat. Bank Kfi)
Lincoln Nat. Bank 1C0
Metropolitan Nat. Bank 1P3
Second Nat. Bank 137
Nat. Bank of Wash
Amerlcnn Sec. & Trust 270
National Sav. & Trust 265
Union Trust
Wash. Loan & Trust 229
Continental Trust 117
Home Savings 3S5
Rank of Com. & Savings 12
East Wash. Sav. Bank 12
Corcoran Fire Insurance Sfi
Firemen's Fire Insurance.... 18
Ger. Amer. Fire Insurance.... 263
Nat. Union Fire Insurance... 6
D. C. Paper Mfg 110
Grapho. com 67
Grapho. pfd 79
Merch. Trans, & Storage lew
Security Storage ISO
Washington Market 17
Today's Sales.
Capital Traction 5's, Sl.OOOfilO.-..
City nnd Suburban 5's, $2,00ftfil02
Washington Market Cold Storage 5's,
Jl.OWilOO. St,OMV01OO.
Washington Railway, com.. 23&S9.
Mergenthnler Linotype. 10 ISO.
Lanston Monotype 4?(G0.
After Call Washington Railway and
Electric com., 25Q89.
Aftor thinking over the matter care
fully we have reached tho conclusion
that tho llshtwclght champion of the
United States is our family grocer.
ijv'cw Orleans state.
Stocks Soon Recover When
Other Rumors Concerning
Attacks Are Received.
NEW YORK, July 26. Announcement
of the sinking of the American steamer
Leelanaw by a German submarine ott
the British coast caused a sharp break
In prices on tho stdck market today,
which in the cases of the speculative
war issues approached demoralization.
Brokors, when tho news was first
received, accepted the net as a con
temptuous answer on the part of tho
Am?rrrn,m.p!r,al Bovernment to the
American note, and threw stocks on
evrmM,ot- Snortly after noon, how
erree'r fi,, m"18,? ncws report to the
the? vaILi1 U,e 9?"anB had boarded
rnntrn,n',lf0U1" h.0'' CnrB to contain
n?,l. ,b' ndiinn','1 Hf,ter Permitting tho
stlame?. dlsembark' ad sun tho
This announcement caused a different
construction to be placed upon the dis
aster, and there was a quick rush to
?J?nr' as a rc5uIt ot w,1,ch a sharp
rall ensued and a large portion of tho
precipitate losses were recoered
On the opening. In the industrial list
more particularly, there was a ten
tendency to follow up the strong mar
ket of Saturday and good gains weio
recorded by those stocks which are ac
crcolted with large war proflts. But
V. hen tho brrnk rnmo rinnllnno rnni.r
I from 2, 3. and 4 points to 15 p'olntB, tho
loss Huncrcu py jbellileliem fteel, wero
Electric Boat stock caused the curb
market to reflect tho effect of the
sinking of the American steamer
even more pronounced than did tho
hltr mtrkct.
Having sold at 430 shortly after
tho opening- of trading, an advance of
75 points over the last price of Sat
urday, Electric Boat dropped sud
denly to 270, with 260 the best bid.
By noon, however, Bont had recov
eied from tho shock, and had again
adauccd to 300.
New high records were again
achieved In the Mist hour of trading.
Bethlehem Steel sold up to 222 an
advarce of 14 points; Baldwin Loco
motive reached S.,:?i, a gain of H
points, and Ameilcan Can at 61,
the highest point in its history, was
up 2H points above .Saturday.
Bethlehem later dropped back to
207, but rallied to hover around 212;
Baldwin slipped back to 75, a net loss
of 3 from Saturday's last figure, and
Can at 5C was down 3 'i points.
Westlnghouse was one of the stocks
most effected, dropping 4 V points
to 102. Crucible Steel sold off 4
points. Republic Steel and Iron, 1
points and United States Steel IVi
points, but all regained a portion of
theri losses.
French Trade Chambers
Become Trade Bodies
Chambers of Commerce In France are
P"olIc bodies, controlled by legal enact-
ment possessing administrative powers.
and working In co-operation with tho
autnorltles of the government. The ac
tlvllles in France that parallel those of
, w..tii.u.ii cuamocrs or commerce are to
ue lounu m manufacturers associations
and employers' syndicates.
The French government corelates and
co-ordinates every feature that can bo
made tO act llncvn tho pnmmnp.Ul -
1 yelopment of the nation. A most effec
, tlve system of commercial direction and
csumuuii, iraae promotion, ana Indus
trial education is maintained by the
ministry of commerce and Industry.
A monograph on "Commercial Organi
zations In France." irivfnt- n liinn.v ..e
' these organizations and a survey of
I their rights and functions has Jut been
! '""fed by the Department of Commerce.
Alleged Gunfighters
Are Placed on Trial
MARLIN, Tex., July 2(1. Five men
I alleged to have been Involved In tno
1 Walker-Elder all night gun battle near
nere recently, in wnicn n Dahy was
fatally Injured, faced trial here today.
Three members of the Elder ramily,
owners of a big plantation, are among
those to be tried. It Is claimed that tho
gun fight resulted from the Elders' cr
forts to eject tennants named WalKer
and Smith from their hout.es on tho
plantation. Hints of essential sensa
tional evidence, aRldo trom tho details
of the actual shooting were circulated
Family Feud.
"Guess I'll have to get rid of one of
mv household tieasuics."
'How soV
"Tho parrot 's jealous of the phono
graph "Puck.
N. L. Carpenter & Co.
Main Office. 17 William
Street, N. Y.
New York Stock New York Coffee
Ejcchance. Bxi'liance
New York Cotton Chicago Hoard of
Exchange. Trade
New Orleanj Cotton New York Produce
Bechance. Ktchanse.
Associate Members ot tho Liverpool
Cotton Esoclatlon.
Private Wire With All Principal CItlf.i
Wood ward Hulldlnc.
J.". til nnd II Six. N. W.
Balto , Phlla., Hlchinond and New York
money to 'loan on local propositions .at
4 to 6 Interest.
No Delays. Minimum Hrokcrage
W. E. IJentlniter & Co., Evans. Hide.
The Safest Investments
Are those that do not fluctuate during dis
turbed conditions of the money or stock mar
kets. First deed of trust notes (.first mort
gagee), well secured on real estate In tho
District of Columbia, constltuto "gilt-idce"
Investments. Thev do not depend upon tho
financial responsibility of Individuals or cor
porations for their stability, and are exempt
from tnxatnn u perkonnl property. Wo can
supply such Invertments In amounts from
tSW upward. Bend for booklet "Concerning
Loans and Investments."
727 16TH STUEET N. W.
5 wid 67c MONEY
To Lonn on 11. C. It HA I. ESTATE!.
JcakC L. lUUSKKI.L. 1403 II St. fi. W,

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