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Scrimmage Work Ends in To
day's Contest and Signal
Drill Starts Tomorrow.
Exendine Deollnes to Name
Line-up to Meet Princeton.
To Use Many Substitutes.
Georgetown today for the first
time this season faces a real op
ponent. The Marylnnd Aggies are
.scheduled to battle tlte Hilltoppers
in a scrimmage .that will be hard
fought from beginning to end. Exen
iline's lads will complete their scrim
mage work today and will hold only
signal and kicking drills until they
take the field at Princeton Saturday
afternoon for their first contest of
the campaign that will close in St.
I.ouis on Thanksgiving Day. The
College Park team is shaping up
very well this fall and Coach Byrd's
lads are certain to offer real opposi
tion to the Blue and Gray battalion.
Though Coach Exendlne declines , to
name Ills llno-up that will start Hie
Princeton gnmf, It is expected that It
will bo about an follows. Cusack, left
end; Ward, left tuckle; O'Connor, loft
Kuard! McCarthy, center; Captain Bar
ion, rlfjht (jimrd; Oormley, right tackle:
Mahluni, iitht in.fl; Moloney, quarter
back; Gllroy, loft halfback; Wall, right
hallback; Jlcinpsey. lullbaqk. Never
theless, If only for th'i experience, many
Mibstltutos aie urn to bo Been In the
line-up at Princeton, and the competi
tion is so strenuous at the Hilltop that
porr.o of the.so first string men may not
come out of that clah with the Tigers
as varsity players. For practically ev
ery position on the team there are
three to five lads bnttllns dally. This
earnestness has never been ficen before
at Georgetown, and it leade Coach Ex
endine to hope tor the best. It Is Ex
pected that four, elevens will be In uni
form next week, and no really Impos
sible players have yet been discovered
in the squad.
The remarkable performance of Dan.
O'Connor, the biff Runrd from Uoaton
College nrep, has been the teatUre of
the Hilltoppers' work this past week.
He Is now puttlnp; i'p such a scrap
that It is considered likely that he will
start the Princeton contest at left guard.
Prank Greeh was supposed to have It
cinched, but when he got up against
the Bostonian ho found his hands full.
The struggle It) still going on In .the
dally practice at the Hilltop, with
O'Connor having a slight lead over
the former Lehigh man. '
Tho scrimmaging yesterday lasted
forty minutes, with the varsity winning,
28 to 6. The most encouraging perform
ance was the rtblllty of the varsity backs
to liolil tne ball and gam consistently
iignlusl the bitterest kind of defensive
play rby the sorulp. Malone and Mo
Nnmara, fighting for the quarterback's
berth, played great football. Keal
fronln, last year's vnrslty end, scored
tho scrubs' touchdown, taking a for
waid pass and passing the line. Demp
ov kicked all four of the varsity's goals
f i om touchdown.
"Bunny" Corcoran has reported and
will be a candidate for end. He looked
very promising last season, particularly
ax n kicker. He has put on some moie
veight this fall and may soon be In tho
Orland Lelghty lias recovered from his
.ittack of charleyhoise and Is again In
rnlform. He will probably get ipto the
Princeton game for a while behind the
Georgetown line.
Frank Greer, former star at Eastern
High School, will probably to played at
-nd for C. U. this wason. In the dally
woikoutu the big fellow Is showing up
In pood style on the wing, his size and
hpeed being particularly valuable In the
smashing stvle of piny being taught the
Black and Red tquad.
Manager Knvanaugh Is seeking to over
come the lack of a scinb eleven by book
ing various high school teams for scrim
mage drills, but In another week It is
thought that there will be at least two
elevens in uniform at Brookland.
The veterans are beginning to arrive
at College Park and the Maryland Ag
gies are working hard for their open
ing game. Spccr, former Virginia star,
is In uniform and Oberlln. Cogglns and
Altchlson, from last year's team, have
leported. Berry and McKlnney, from
Central High, and Smith. Baltimore
Polytechnic's 1914 quarterback, are work
ing out with tho squad.
Tommy Lows, Washington's crack
lightweight, will face one of the
toughest opponents of his long ring
career when he steps Into the rlnK
at Ardmore, September 30, to go fif
teen rounds with Willie Jones, of
Brooklyn. N, Y. Jones has battled on
even terniH with Abe Attell, former
featherweight champion; Willie
Ititchle, foimer world's lightweight
champion: Johnny Dundee, out! of the
lightweight contenders; Frunklo Cal
lahan and Johnny Griffiths, Akron's
Ftar lightweight. Lowe will have his
hands full when he starts in with
Iiowo has been training lightly for
three weeks and today blurted In to
work In earnest for his coming bout
with Jones. He expects to be In first
class condition when ho enters the
ring. The Washington lad Is always
In fair shape and needs but little ex
tin grinding" to bo ready.
Three preliminaries and a seml
wlndup will complete the card for tho
turning show.
Kleinert Bpck Again
With Cornell Eleven
ITHACA, N. Y Sept. 22. Tho Cornell
football nractlco developed into the
harden scrimmage of tho year yester
day when the varsity scored four touch
downs, holding the scrubs scoreless.
Barrett and Collins made long runs, and
their ability to pick holes In the scrub
line was marvelous.
Mike Kleinert. the husky fullbaok
from Brooklyn, lolned the varsity, re
placing Mueller. He shows up strong
mid Is practically assured of a berth
Hi fullback.
Chinese Player MakingMMll TO OPEN
Good W ith Prep Eleven
T. Kai Liang Trying for End on Army and Navy Prep
School Team and Coach Frank Newberry Is
Impressed With His Efforts. . ,
T. Kai Llnnp is the name of thf
newest find at tle Army and Navy
Preparatory Sshool. Coach Frank
dewberry, the old Lafayette College
star, has dug up what he thinks Jb
h. live one in the young Chinese ath
lete who is trying out for end on the
Prep School football team.
Liang has been in this country
abput a year and to use Newberry's
wotds, takes to athletics like a duck
to water. The "Chink," bb they can
him out Connecticut avenue way, is
popular with the boys and Is making
a strong bid for an end position. He
never saw football played until he
came out this fall, but in the few
day's practice looks like a real
Newberry Is enthusiastic over the
showing made by the youngster. "I-lang
appears to have the makings of a fin?
athlete." eovs Newberry. "He In fast.
qu)ck to learn and, while a trifle light,
seems to he able to hold his own. Liang
has already gotten to be a fairly good
tennis player, and ho seems at home in
almost every sport at which he has
taken a hand."
Coach Newberry has six veterans
from last year's eleven In Bolton, Mil
ler, Watters. Fleming, D. Foster, and
Peterson. The squad has been out three
days and twenty-four have reported for
work. According to Newberry, there
seems to be an abundance of material
for a backflcld, but few stocky line
man. Among the newcomers are Wicks,
from the Hotchklss School; Weller, a
Texan; fi. Smith, a New England
schoolboy player; GUmartln, from Villa
nova Prep: Masury, Black, Trench, Al
vord, a local boy; Royal!, Ralph Lee, a
former "Western boy; Sweeney, who was
on the Central squad last year, and
The Army and Navy Preps have ar-
Dartmouth Team Is
Wanting for Stars
Ghee, Crack Quarterback, Will Not Be With Big
Green Football Team This Season Whit
ney Is Also Absent.
HANOVER, N. H.. Sept. 22. The i
Dartmouth outlook Is in nowise brlgnt.
The most brildknt stars of Its great 1914
eleven are gone, and Coach Frank Cav
anaugh faces the husky job of building
up an almbst new back field.
Ghee, ranked as one of the greatest
quarterbacks in the history of the col
lege game, is gone and no one who lifts
come forward so far seems able to Jill
even part of tho gap he left. Ghee was
a wonderful all-round man, and Dart
mouth will feel his loss more keenly
than that of any other man or any
other two. In fact.
Whitney, the great halfback, Is on
other absentee. He was ona of the
heaviest scorers In football last year, a
line smasher with few equals and a
wonder at circling the ends. Curtis and
MUrdock, who were his associates In
performing back-field chores, also were
graduated in Jun?. Cannon and Tuck,
substitute halfbacks; Wlnshlp, Perry,
Kllms, and Redfield, ends; Mllmaro, cen
ter; Childs, guard, and Cuhllskey, sub
stitute quarterback they, too, have
gone forever from the Dartmouth line
up. "When ono loies a galaxy of stars
such as Dartmouth has lost, It surnly
can bo considered a terrific blow," said
Cnvanaugh. "However, what's gone Is
gone. Our eyes are on the future. We
have left enough seasoned mqn to form
the framework for our 1915 eleven, and
who knows but what a few df the
youngsters will develop Into real stars
before the season Is well under way.'"
Spears, the ?AVpound guard of last
vear, la back and sure of Ills old Job.
Merrill, the other 1914 guard, probably
will laiid the other guard position, al
though he Is being forced, to battle for
the honor by Colby a 1914 substitute,
and Cooley, Noyes, and Hull, who
have come up from last year's fresh
man class. . ... A.
McCaullffo, captain, and Pudrith. the
l'RINCETON, Sept. 22-Coach Rush,
of Princeton, was hard at work yester
day trying to develop somo sort of a
combination to send against George
town on Baturday. For tho better half
of an hour ho kopt his men out In tho
driving morning rain nt dummy scrlm
ninge, afld went at It again in the after
noon, under more favorable weather
conditions. The afternoon scrlmmago
was1 by far the liveliest and hardest
fought of the season, and lasted three
quarters of nn hour. It was preceded
by a short blocking practlco and gen
eral work-out.
No varsity selection has been inado
as yet and nono has been attempted,
but the coaohes undoubtedly will havo
to settle on one combination after to
day's practlco and work with that for
better or worse. It looks at present
as though Ullck will be Used at quar
ter, although Ames has been running
tho so-called varsity In all the recent
scrlmntages. Ed Shea probably will bo
utilized at half Insteafl of at end, which
position ho played last year and dur
ing his prop school days at Exeter,
Billy Moore has shown up well and
would surprise nobody by starting at
the other half. Cyril Haas nnd
Mathtasen appear to be the logical
choices for fullback. On the line. Red
Uennert appears to bo a fixture at cen
ter, while llalsey, Bill Love nnd Lamb
Heynlgor undouDtedly will alternate In
the guard positions. Mnpl-ean and La
trobo should be the starters at tackles.
inhged Kdme with Eastern. 'U'Mlein.
Episcopal, and St. AlbntiH. Game" nro
pondlnrc with the Georgetown Flops,
Teen, Central, nntl others.
Western got tta first workout yes
torday. fourteen veterans from last
year's squad reporting. Bulta wore dis
tributed, and light work taken. Thore
wore twenty in tne squau wnlcn wm
bo nugmonted by twenty more today
Among the veterans were Captain
chiU Willis, Weedon, West. McKelway,
earner, j. iruricn, w. UBricn, Fisiior,
Eusbejt. and Bridget. Stiff work will
be started in earnest today and scrim
mage started as soon as the candidates
are hard enough to begin real work.
j-iowaru Kuigcn, manager or tne west
err) cloven, announces the schedule as
follows: October 2. Brlarlv Hall, at
Brlarly Hall; 6, Alexandria High, at
Alexandria, Va.; 9, Episcopal High, at
Alexandria, Va.; 16, St. Albai)'s. at Ht.
Albnn'e (pending); 23, Georgetown PreP,
ht Georgetown; and Eastern, Techni
cal, Business and Central In order In
tho high school championship serlCB.
Earl Jpiischer. manager of the East
ern High School eleven has nine games
oh his schedule this year, aa follows:
October 9, Randolph-Macon, at Front
Royal, Va.; 15, Army and NavV Peep,
at A. N. P,; , Central: 23, Charlotte
Hall, at Charlotte Hall, Md.; 26, West
ern; November B, Business; 8, George
town Preps, at Georgetown: 18, Massa
nutten Academy, at Woodstock, Va.;
and 16, Technical.
Among the new men at Eastern hre
Hardy, Cummlngs, Sweeney, Waters,
English. Roger Baldwin. Ackerman.
Small, Crisp, and Brockwell. Two of
the lads, Baldwin and Brocttwell, have
hod brothers at Eastern, who have
made good In other years, and are
more than anxious to make the eleven
this year.
Bill MnrDnnald, of Business, will be
olit of the nnte for a while with n
sprained wrist. Mar-Donald wa hurt
in practice yerterday, but expects to
be In the line-up shortly.
St. Alnarts will probably get an Inltln)
Workout today when Coach Gcor(o
Green txete a look at the material. Th
St. Albans squad will probably he
light this oaion Several of the veterans
being lost by graduation.
1614 regulars, are certainties for the
tackle positions. They have but fw
equals In their particular department,
Soutar, Cotton, and Hitchcock, substi
tutes Inst year, and Tairnnt, Chrlsta
frnu and Currier, sophomores, are the
most prominent among tho substitute
A new center must bo developed.
Glle, the 1914 substitute, has been show
ing up exceedingly well and sepmn a
fixture In the varalty llno-up. Prpctor
and Gustafson are the sophomoro can
didates. They are a bit too green to
merit varsity consideration.
The fight for the end Jobs is a. hot
one. with tho selection narrowing down
to five men Ponder. Gibson. Rastman.
Emery nnd York all substitutes In 1B1I.
Henley and Dussosnlt havo shown 'ip
Gerrlsh. who played a good camo as
substitute halfback last year, and Thlel
fcher. who "subbed" at full, probably
will be regulars this year. However,
onothor hus shown himself to be In the
cluss with his lflll predecessor. Du
hamel. who was second substitute full
back last vear, may become first' "sub''
this vear. , .....
The selection of the other halfb.ii.lv
will have to be mudo from among the
youngsters. Montgomery, Cousens and
Burnhum are the sophomoro aspirants,
but all seem to need a lot of develop
ing. Swltzcr. White and Holbrook. who
were Ghee's understudies last year, are
battling for the honor of becoming tho
1915 regular quarterback. Eddlo and
Holbrook (brother of the other Hol
brook) are tho sophomore entries !n tho
flve-coinered frHcas. Nono of the quin
tet Is In tho star class, but Swlter
looks the best so far.
"The line Isn't giving us any worry,"
said Cavanaugh, "but developing now
ends arid a new back field that's tho
trick that Is causing us a loss of a bit
of sleep."
NEW HAVEN. Sept. 22.-Head Coach
Hlnkey and his assistants expressed
dissatisfaction with the work of tho
Yale varaltv, second, and third teams
after practlco at Yale Field yesterday.
On a muddy field tho Yale players went
through twenty minutes of scrlmmago
work In the afternoon the varsity pitted
against the second team for ten min
utes nnd for the same period against
the third team.
Capt. Alec Wilson. Guernsey, Scovll,
and Lowry played In the backflcld on
the varalty, while Legore played full
back for the second team. Tho coaches
?nChn"il.!,lLe, wo,rk of B" u'el- "n3
rthi n.1f.(: IK0.rc. pu"tp'l well, as
aid Guernsey. Captain Wilson rinin
two touchdowns, one against th? second
and one against tho third teams T that
being, the only scoring of the after
noon's scrimmage. aiier-
r T1VLnlc.la,a .vh0 have been chosen
IttulreVS' Ji
'al. nd Bergen, linesman.
To Play Sundav.
The Independent baseball title nf n.
District Is at stake Sunday when the
champion Nationals pla" the crack Clar!
endon club at Fifth street and Florida
averuie north-nst. at '-30 nm sham
BotlTcluba have some of tRe best &&
to'eKed . ' and ft " "re
Ten Teams Make Up Circuit,
Which Has Undergone Many
Many changes In the operation of the
Knights of Co'.umhua duckpln teams will
be effected this season. Instead of
having leagues to represent tho various
councils and an intorcoilncll league,
wherein Ihe stars of tho separate coun
cils roll, the knights have decided to
confine their tcarns to oho league,
which will bo known rtm tho Knights
of eoltimblis t-esidu.
Rolling lit thin circuit will commence
next Friday tilghtt when all ton teams
will meet on the alleys of the National
Capital Bowling Academy, In G street.
Manager Cafrltz has (turned his hlleya
over to the knights for this occasion,
and the entire floor space of his piaco
will be the scerte of Competition among
the teaniB of this reorganled league.
Secretary M. E. O'Connor Is prepar
ing a schedule which will be ready by
Friday. The personnel of tho teams,
which for tho present will be known by
numbers, follows:
Team No. 1 McNIckle. Moore, Mur
ray, Freeman, Klley, McIIammctt, Col
llflower, and Gaghah.
Team No. 2 Warren. Draley, McCann,
Crowe, William Walsh, J. M'. Donohuc,
ThUec. and Schwlgart,
Team No. 3 M. McCormlck, J. Ken
nedy, Colbert, Cunningham, .1. W. Hom
mett, Grang, Dr. Palro, and Buckley.
Team No. 4 J. Mqrtaugh, Murphy,
J. Murtaugh, O'Donohuo, Costello, Sul
llvon, Caleb, tfyl Durst.
Team No. 6 Leo McCarthy. ,M. Grif
fin, M. McAullffo (Hra), Buettner. B.
Buillvhn. T. Aiith. Tabler, V. Costello.
Team No. 0 Dr. Mess, O'Connor,
Welsh, J. Sheehah, Brand, Grady, R,
DqnphUe, Fralley.
Team No. 7 J. II. McCarthy. Kates,
Whltty, Schultles, J. Hossett. Pohiman,
Meyers. Hiirney, E. J. Smith.
Team No. 8 Mcl.oughlln, Daldy, Morl
arty, G. Fisher. Easbv Smith. H. Haw
kins, Fenley. Bet. Ftzglbbons.
Team No. 9 Hartmnn, M. McAullffc
(Kea), Neubeck, Icqwlg. B. Miller, F.
Dunn, McWade, O'Mpara.
Tenm No. 10-Tlp O'Neill, W. Griffin,
C. Moran, Gallagher, Lowry, Mlllovlch,
Kennan, Dr. BlggB.
When a settler moved within 500
miles of Daniel Boone, the old scout
would vamoose further West, com
plaining the neighborhood was get
ting crowded. If Daniel was alive to
day, he could dwell in perfect har
mony in Connie Mack's grandstands.
Please Count It Before Leaving
A protean actor la a guy who
makes, a quick change, while a bad
actor is a bird who makes a short
Summer ain't eo bad. You ran oure mm
buin and polwn Ivy. but from hi ti and bowl
era are u(ul.
"Strange, but
the guy who gets
in on a compli
mentary pass
never is."
Vmp Byron npologited for Alhtinu,
but HoFarland and Gibbons haven't got
anything to apologize for.
Try This On Your Falne Teeth.
Flukes are all right on an anchor.
Bumper Crop.
You won't hear the squirrels com
plaining about nothing to eat this
A. A. U. Officers Having
Troubles in Meetings
Harmony did not reign at Uio an
nual meeting of the Middle Atlantic
Association of tho A. A. U., In Philadel
phia. Monday, according to reports re
ceived at local headquarters yesterday.
P. P. Kearney, former Vmndlcappcr, en
deavored to oust George F. Pawling, as
president, but failed. Kearney then be
camo a candidate for the registration
committee and acain was beaten.
In the Now England Association meet
ing In Boston. Alfred J. Llll. Jr.. presi
dent of the Amateur Athletic Union, re
fused to sanction ro-eleotlpu for presi
dent of tho asoclatlon, and William C.
Pratt was named unanimously.
Only Sixty Candidates
Left for Army Coaches
....-... TVT C.nt 99 Torn bI.a.
periods of Instruction wero given the
Army football players yesterday. Coach
Daly nnd his assistants have weeded
out tho big squad until oni ya baro
sixty of the huskies are left.
There was no lineup of the players,
except for a brief signal drill. Three
tentative elevens were sent through
a flfteen-mlnute signal practice ahd
there was promiscuous punting and
line work.
Arrest Three Boxers. '
BLOOMINGTON. III.. Sept. 2.-Throo
prlzs flghteis ar under arrest, two
hero and one In Kewaneo and the arrest
of a fourth Is xi ected In Chicago to
dav as the result of a seiles of bouts
held near La Palle. this week. The
urrestS were ord-red by Governor
T nAtm tl 00.
kiv ni Dally Including a ait-eplechai.
IM" wins- 1 & O leaa 1,00 o'clock;
... n ii ieaA 1" u P. ni.
Admlii on. arandatai.d and Paddock. Il.w.
flrat' raca at :.: m
Big League Biffers
Of a Day
A.B. H. T,B. Ave.
"Connolly "Braves 3 8 3 1.000
Wellman, BrownB 112 1.000
Williams, Reds.. Ill 1.000
McLarry, Cubs.. Ill 1.000
Nabors, Macks., Ill 1,000
Oldrlng, Macks.. Ill 1.000
Sims, Browns.... Ill 1.000
Doyle, Giants.... 4 3 6 .760
Johnson, Griffs, j 4 3 5 .760
Mullin, Yanks... 4 S 3 .760
Fisher, Cuba.... 3 2 4 .667
Bauman,' Yanks, 3 2 3 .667
Demaree, Phils.. 8 2 2 .667
Cravath, Phils... 8 2 2 .667
Huggin8, Cards.. 8 8 2 .667.
Penn Football Squad
Scrimmage In Practice
versity of Pennsylvania football squad
was put through a half hour's stiff
scrimmage updn vits return from the
training camp at Port Deposit. Md.,
yesterday. It was the first practice at
Franklin Field this season.
Prior in the anrlmtnnirn (ha nnnehea
had the ends and linemen running
clown the field under punts, Berry, Wil
liams and Dougherty doing the kick
ing, uerry aiso was tnea out at kick
Ing field goals against the wind, and
put several over the bar from the 3
yard line.
Tho varsity lined up for the scrim
mage as follows: Stack, left end; Cap
tain Harris, left taokle; Mathews, left
guard; Wray, center; Nelll, right
guard; Hcnnlng, right taokle I Urqu
hart, right end; Grant, quarterback:
Tlghe, left halfback; Dougherty, right
halrbacjc and Berry, fullback.
Havre de Grace Entries'.
First race For two-year-olda;
maidens; five and a half furlongs.
Ocean Prince, 112; Belie or tne
Kitchen, 109; Costumer, 112; Eddie
Henry, 112; Last Chance, 112 Bel
gian Trooper. 112; Col. Matt. 109;
Dovednle, 112; Gibraltar, liw; Hmoothbore,
109; Glelpner, 112; Step Aside, 112;
Plkcland, 109.
Second race For four-year-olds and
up; steeplechase; selling: about two
miles. Aviator, 131; 'Astute, 146;
Dixon Park, 135; Abdon. 146; Syos
set. 151; Repentant, 142; Aberfeldy.
181. Juverence, 140; Battery. 141;
Little Hugh, 138; Julia. 137.
Third race For mares of all ages;
handicap; six furlongs. Housemaid,
120; Winning Witch, 114: Hester
Prynne. 109; Malachite, 90; Celto, 95.
Fourth race For threc-vcar-olds; Tho
Port Deposit Selling Stakes; bIx fur
longs. Nourcddln, 107; Pullux, 108;
He Will, 113; Old Broom, 108; Sar
senet. 98; Borgo, 101; Gloaming, 108;
jiiiuttun, lis; l.hu leresa, 1UU.
Fifth race For four-year-old? and up;
selling; one mile and a sixteenth.
Dalngerlleld, 104; Amalll. 104; Stone
heiigc. 99; Guy Fisher. 110; ltepubllcan,
107; Christ :)phlne, 104; Towton Field,
107; Dr. Dougherty, 107; O'Hulllvan, 107;
Napier, 107.
Sixth roc For rhree-yar-olds afid
up; selling; five and a naif furlongs.
Water Welles, ill; Harry Junior, 107;
Fuzzy Wuzzy, 111; Vlgnola. 102; Enver
Bey, 111; Inez. 107: Lily Orme. HI; Ma
mie K Vtl; 'Beverly James, 10B; Hron
wueen, jvu i-orum. 111; Plantagenet,
1V7; Jem. 107; Eagle, 107; Miss McUlggle,
107; May Warren, ill; Voluspa, ion
Nlld. Ill; Aiylade. Ill; Mesee Jr., lOi
Five pounds allowance claimed.
"Ten pounds allowance claimed.
Weather clear; track good.
Miss Elsie Hill Lauds
Suffragist Convention
The women voters' convention held In
San Francisco September 16, 17 and 18
was one of the biggest and most suc
cessful events of tho kind ever held by
the Congressional Union for Woman Suf
frage, according to Miss Elsie Hill, who,
having just returned from San Fran
cisco, spoke last night at a suffrage
meeting at 1420 F street northwest.
More than 700 women wore present on
the opening banquet, said Miss Hill, and
nil were filled with enthusiasm and
seenjed confident that the fight for a
suffrage amendment to the constitution
was making rapid progress. Miss Hill
was present only at the opening day of
the convention, she having to return to
Washington In time to resume her duties
as teacher in the Central High School.
Plans for a benefit performance at
Poll's to raise funds for the suffrage
pageant here In December were an
nounced at last night's meeting by Mrs.
Nina E. Allender. chairman of the Dis
trict of Columbia branch of the Con
greslonal Union, who presided at the
' Tho winter program at the Govern
ment Hospital for the Insane will go
into eftect soon, it will Include motion
pictures in Hitchcock Hall on each Fri
day night, under direction of Dr. Al
fred Glascock. An occasional dramatic,
entertainment will be given, but It has
been found that tho motion pictures
provide better entertainment lor pa
tients of an Instlutlon of this kind than
any other form of amusement. On
Tuesday nights tho employes will give
a ball, with friends as guests.
The men of the Congress Heights
BaptlRt Church last night organized a
brotherhood of the church. Dr. E. E.
Richardson, pastor, presided. The offi
cers aro Walter Ballard, president;
Henry Barlnger, vice president; C. J.
Dorr, secretary, and Charles Donald
son, tredsurcr.
Dr. and Mrs. Upton 8. Howser have
returned to their home In Minnesota
aVenue, following an automobile tour
of the Hastern Shore, Md.' Mr. and .Mrs.
C. H. Kenton rctdrned to their home
with them, and spent the week-end.
The ladles of Emmanuel Church
gathered last night In the parish hall
In V strrot, when plans were mado tor
a luncheon to be held next month in
the old Masonic Temple.
Anacostla Council. No. 1C, Junior Or
der of United American Mechanics, met
last night In the local Masonic Hall,
With L. D. Donaldson, councilor, pre
siding. The council Is planning an elab
orate campaign for new members.
The super-smart shape
of the season.
Jde Collars
2 for 25c
Geo. Goldberg.
Sol Herog & Co.
Friedlander Bros.
Additional Quarters in Peabody
Building Will Be Obtained to
Accommodate Pupils.
ALEXANDRIA. Va.. SepL 22,-Addi-tlonal
quarters in tho Peabody build
ing wlll te secured for the public
schools of Alexandria in order to re
lievo the congestion in tho schools until
the now high school building in ready
tor occupancy shortly after tho first of
the yeah At a meeting or the sehoel
board heid last night lor the purpojfe
of considering the crowded condition of
the schools this action was determined
Owing to the election by the city
council of four new members or tho
board, it was necessary to rearrange the
committees df thd board, and Chairman
Bradshaw named the committees tut
School houses and furniture, T. Cal
vert Perry, chairman, and BamUel H.
Teachers, Gilbert J. Cox, chaintianj B.
M. Anderson, and Bamuel L. Monroe.
Complaints and grievances, Dr. B. B.
Moore, chairman, and Robert M. Col
vln. Books and printing, E. M. Anderson,
chairman, and T. Calvert Perry.
Janitors, T. Clifton Howard, chair
man; H, D. Kirk., and Bamuel H. Lunt.
Finance. Gilbert J. Cox, chairman;
Carroll Pierce, and T. Clifton Howard.
Studies and discipline, Luther H.
Thompson, chairman, and Samtrfel L.
Funeral services for John R. Miller,
seventy-seven years old, who died
Monday night at his residence, 827
Wolfe street, will be held tomorrow
afternoon at 4 o'clock from his late
residence and Will be conducted by
the Rev. William J. Morton, rector of
Christ Episcopal Church. The de
ceased wm a machinist by trade an!
was employed for myny years In that
capacity In the Washington Navy
Yard. Besides his wife he leaves sev
eral children and one brother, Henry
D. Miller, of this-city.
Funeral services for Miss Alice M.
Lyles were held this afternoon from
her late residence, 124 North Fayette
street, and were conducted by the Rev.
J. W. Duffey. D. D.. pastor of the
Washington Street M. E. Church
The Rev. O W. Trlplett, pastor of
the Second Baptist Church, is conduct.
Ing protracted meetings at the Wood
lawn Baptist Church. Services are
held every evening and they will be
continued for several w'eeks.
Services in connection with the cele
bration of the feast of the Tabernacles
will be held tonlcht In the Jewish
synagogue on North Washington
street, and win dc conducted by u.
The Potomac Presbytery Is holding
Its sessions In Waterford Church, Lou.
doun couhty. The Jev. John Lee Alli
son, pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church, of this city, and Elder A. O.
Uhlnr and Norman Glbbs are in at
tendance. ROCKVILLE.
J. Darby Bowman, Richard L. Saun
ders, and J. Furr White, candidates at
the recent Democratic primary election
for the nominations for clerk of the cir
cuit court, county commissioner, arid the
holtso of delegates, respectively, but who
were defeated on the face of the re
turns, today filed with the supervisor
of elections petitions asking for a re
count of the ballot so far aa their con
tests are concerned.
On the face of the returns. Bowman
was defeated by Preston B. Roy by
fortv-soven votes, Saunders by George
1. Bradley, Jr.. by 164 votes, and White
by Philip D. Laird by nine votes. The
petitions allege mistakes, irregularities,
etc., on the part of tho Judges of elec
tion. The supervisors of elections wilt mert
Friday morning and It is thought prob
able the recount will be made.
Miss Mary Randolph Janney, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Janney, of
Brookevllle. and James Mark Shields, of
Chicago, formerly of Washington, -were
married last night at Olney, th)a cpUnty,
The Rev. Henry H, Marsden officiated.
". mm B.ui"iii lycaici
unttco Hisrr a collar co..trov.m.y.
Merchants A Miner Trans. Co.
-Br Sen"
Baltimore to
BOSTON r. $25.00
SAVANNAH re-tnudril $26.20
nd t3K nn
rvta w V
Including meals and stateroom accommoda
tions. Through tickets to all polnta. Fine
lumen. Beat serWce. Htaterooma de luxe.
Rath. Wireless telegraph. Automobiles
carried. Sehd for booklet. B. & O. R. R
Co offices and 51T 14th at. N. W.
W. P. TURNER. Q. P. A.. Baltimore. Md.
The Most Pleasant Route
to all Eastern and New
England Retorts
All Water from Washington
Literature at 731 15th St. ft. W,
Phone Blnln 1030.
( Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Free Motion i'letures. etc. Cars from S(tb
and M at. N. W.
iluU2.1' l P'Khton. as matron of hon-
i vifiU AWT! Fo,tor. of The Plains. Va,:
a5P'n Bandy Spring.
i?pni,i2b,il!?nA Le9 Wilson. Douglaks
soring i,omP0TUIla a,lpln ol BMy
vntl ?J hmaL. IJawson. of Rock
viile. and John II. Janney, jr. A recev
'" ""J" he'd at the horrie of hUrWi
na.IeH',m.rLIr nnt.Mra. Bhleld. will
engaged In newspaper work.
The Rev. Samuel ,r. White, of th
Baptist Church, officiated at the n,r!
rlage hero yesterday of Theodore Jf
nu?hrw'ulBSf t kalntor. Md" 2nd Ml..
J?rUiik-,iWf,.of Lo'ton. Vo.. the home
L;he mnl,,ter being the scene of the
Mayor George W. Waters has pur
chased the Davidson property on
Compton avenue.
The first night of th St. Mary's fair
and supper will be held tonight at the
Masonic Halh
A contest is bejng staged In tHe Meth
odist Sunday Bchool for the purpose of
Increasing the attendance. Twcu sides
were choBen with captains oh each side.
The attendance of each member counts
ono vote and each new scholar counts
ten votes. Miss Doris Bcall and Clyde
Miles are captains on one side and Miss
Ruth Lindsay on the other. The con
test begins next Sunday and ends at
Christmas. The captains of the winning
side will each get a bible, and those on
the losing side a testament.
The condition of Howard Llnthlcum
and Stewart Llnthlcum, who were ser
iously injured last Sunday when the
motorcycle on which they wore riding
collided with an automobile on the
Washington boulevard. Is not very much
Improved. They are at the St. Agnes
Hospital, In Baltimore. Howard Llnthl
cum Is suffering Vith a broken leg and
severe lacerations about the face and
arms, and Stewart may possibly have a
fractlire of the skull.
State's Attorney Clarence M. Roberts,
who was defeated for renomlnatlon on
the Democratic ticket in this county In
the primaries last week by S. Marvin
Peach, of Hyattavllle, by eleven votes,
has petitioned the board of election su
pervisors of Prince George cqunty for
a recount of the votes cast for Btate's
attorney. Peach's vote was 1,WS and
Roberts' 1.592.
Work has been started on the new
rhurch and parish hall to be erected by
the congregation of the Plnkney Me
morial Episcopal Church at the com-i
of Spencer street and Wine avenue.
Mrs". James L. King Is spending sev
eral weeks visiting relatives In Ohio
and Illinois.
The pupils of the Nottingham school
will hold an ice cream festival in their
school building Friday afternoon.
iTh?MR?viJV.D.- Skelllnger. pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church, has re
EU8ao.-lat., cSttell
Oliver Moroaeo Presents
By J. Hastier Maimers
Th Cfrtnedy With th floul of Youth.
In Alfred Sutro'a Comedr.Tlie TwavVlrfoea
In Four Acta and Two 3ceni
Among Mr. Sotbanvs cara fully selected com
pany are; Charlotte Walker. Haider Wright.
Blanche TeVka Albert Hc-wson. Orlando Paly.
Margaret tvitson. Florence, I'helpa.
Mats., Mc Ere', ur.c to $,
"Faultless In Grace." Star.
In "SAFETY F1BBT." With Beauty
Obarua, IJonnle alasa, Ktf Ellnora ft
Sam Williams. Hermlna Shana ft Co.
Six Other Md&dlous and Novel Hits. Buy
3,t. Today.
MATS.. 25c. EVGS., 25c. He, TRc.
MR. A. H. VAN BimB, II
Next We-ek "The Grand Army Man"
0ejBtlnuua freta
U noon until 11
r. m. I
In Dald Belaaco's Successful
"The Case of Becky"
Assisted by TOM WELCH.
Bandar Performhnee, It nnd 3 p. an.
Next Golden Crooks llarleaqtiera.
a U fir U EIGHTS iOc, 20c, 30c, Me
Is I WCMB MATS 10c, 20c, 80c
Monti? GlrU, with that Live Wire
Comedian, ABE LI1AVITT.
Two Big Concerts Sunday, 3 and S P.M.
HArTsr,IrtK2Ktlon"1 n,f,r"
"A' 'WWArraor-, Oth, near G
Eery Mon., Wed.. Thurs. Bat.. 8:80 to U.
Washington vs. Chicago
Downtown Ticket Of flee. 613 14th St.
Of flee Open BiIU. to 1 P. SI.
Motorcycles and Accessories.
Auto ft Sup.
rly Co. tu
lUh at
rmeraon Otooa
National Electric Supply Co..
1228.1230 K. Y. .

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