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- v.
The latter' nppcarane? outside tho for
,eb?n oftlca wan the signal for outbursts
of cheering frpm tho crowds.
Tho newspaper nro commenting;
cautiously uion .Bulgaria's move, and
.cxpresslnr the hope 'that tho Bulgarian
mobl lzii'lon order does .not mean that
'rarerd'nnnd Intends to start a third
Balkan war.
Resistance To Bulgaria.
, They Inform the people that tho min
istry tinft.no present Intention .of .plung
ing Orcoco into- a Woody -conflict, hut
..deserves the support of "every good
.citizen in resitting any attempt by tho
I iBulpsnrlan ruler to upsit the peace of
the Balkans. TJie opposition papers aro
adopting the amo tone as these favor -'uMc
to the Venlbelos government.
Mobilization r bo well under way
wfcen parliament meets next Wednes
day, i Tho general opinion here is that
BUI rat la's lntontiana will be riUrlnaorl
b- Ihat time. Whether this Is -true or
11 at ' ihn Crnt'AVnlManf llttflAllUf mlltr i41t
'I r w ! t l uhuvuuvvwij IT4U
.MuuuvnT. 10 vqiv it iuii powers.
French, Air Squadron
; '.Bombards Station at
: Metz Hed by Kaiser
PARIS. Sept. 23. A French air squad
rnf' yesterday bombarded tho Sablons
railway station at Metz, It was official
ly announced this afternoon.
The official communique did pot state
what damage was done.
The Germans are again resorting to the
uso of asphyxiating gas bombs, the war
office stated. This method of attack
was used by the enemy yesterday in
the region of AUberolve and St. Hllt
alre, in reply to a violent bombardment
of the Oernian positions.
4 Intense artillery fighting developed,
yesterday north of the Alsno and south
of the Alsne-Marne canal. French gun
ners' continued to- wreck the German,
trenches In. the. Artols, Champagne, and
Argonnc regions. The Germans replied
with heavy artillery attack upon the
French positions near Andechy, Dan
court, and Tllloloy.
German Infantry attacks near Man-
houe broke down under heavy French :
French Warship Enters
Dardanelles to Silence
Heavy Turkish Battery
PARIS, Sept. ?5. A French warship
has entered the Dardanelles and sl
jkuped a Turkish ballet y on the Astatic
Coust, It Is officially announced this
afternoon. The batteries guns were of
large caliber and had harassed Anglo
French tioops near Sedd-Ul-Uahr by
throwing shells across the strait.
.The Turks have made several, unsuc
cessful attempts to explode mines un-'
der French trenches at the southern tip
of the Gnlllpoll penlnsuln. Prisoners re
port that on one occasion the French
countermined and set oft dynamite In a
Turkish tunnol, killing fifteen men.
Stuttgart Royal Palace
Escapes French Bombs
BERLIN (via, Amsterdahi), Sept. 23.
The T.okal Anzelger stated today that
neither the Royal Palace nor the rail
way station at Btuttgart were hit by
French aviators on their recent raid.
Bombs fell near the palace but did no
Fifty German Dirigibles
Destroyed by Allies
GENEVA. Sept. 25. It Is learned from
reliable source in Frledrlch.shafen
that the German headquarters staff ad
mit the loss of thirty-eight Zeppelins
and nine parseval alrshlpajrince the war
began up to August 1, 1915.. Since this
date, a further report states, two Zep
uellns and one Parseval are missing.
Tho majority of tho airships were
brought down by the allies' air guns
and the remainder had accidents while
The average cost of these airships is
over $500,000, while the newest models
cost nearly double this sum.
Bulgarian Crime, Say
Russian Statesmen
PETROGRAD. Sept. 23.- M. Guchkoff,
president of the Slav committee of Mos
cow, sent telegrams to Dr. S. Daneff,
former Bulgarian premier; M. Geschow,
former Bulgarian minister at Berlin,
and pther Bulgarian statesmen, in
which' he said that if Bulgaria should
Join with Germany her action would be
a crime unparalleled in the history of
Russians were unable to believe, said
M. Guchkoff, that Bulgaria, "liberated
from the Turkish yoke by Russia, con
templated' Joining Germany, the invet
erate enemy of the Slav race."
Canada's Budget Calfs
For $100,000,000 Loan
OTTAWA. Sept. 25. A war budget
providing for a domestic loan of $100,
WI.Y)0, a heavy duty on tea and n
graduated tax on Incomes la understood
to bo under consideration by the cab
inet. Told to Change Registry
From United States Flag
The Department of Commerce has been
'unofficially advised that Robert Dollar,
the leading Pacific coast steamship
uwner, Is prepared to withdraw from
,An)erlcnn registry the two vessels ho
placed unde rtho American flag after
i ho outbreak of war.
Dlssati8fo"M-r , ,, ,
... amulet of Co
...... -A' mr tonight and probably Sun
day; not much change in temperature;
light to moderate northeast winds,
Maryland Fair tonight and probably
Sunday; not much change In tempera
ture, light to moderate northeast winds.
Virginia Fair tonight and Sunday;
moderate northeaBt winds.
f (i. m 57 S n. m , C6
!i a. m CJ 9 a. m '. f.s
10 a. m OS I 10 u. m 71
jl a. m 6S 11 a. m 73
12 noon 72 12 noon 76
1 p. m 73 I 1 p. m 78
High tide at HIS! a. in. and 9:3.' p. m.
Low tide at 2:28 a.n. and 3:40 p. m.
Sun rises 6:50 Sun sets 5
Light automobile lamps at 6:31 p. m
Dine at the
Century Lunches
1706 Penna. Ave. N. W.
305 9thSLN.W. 309 9th St N.W.
flee nyn
Cananea Left Unprotected and
Desperadoes Spread Terror
Through Town.
Thirty unprotected American wom
en, driven from Cannncu, Mexico, aro
fleeing for tho Amorlcan border In
Advices to this effect reunited tho
Slute Department today, and told of
conditions In Cannnea that beggar de
scription. On September 23 the Carianzlsta
fences, which hail taken the town,
evaci ated leaving the city without
protection. Immediately u njob (if
desperadoes formed and began Shoot
ing up tho town. Thirty persons were
tfllloH hut au tnr ! rtnttlrl lift leiimpfl.
no foreigners were among the iium-
Der. vmista iroops, prat oy uov
ernor Muyplorena to quell the rioting,
were not expected to reach Cananea
beforp today. ,
Wvnlnlnlnn tha fallnra ftt tho Ameri
can Government to take more vigorous
steps to suppress tho border raiding,
officials of the State Department today
declared that they were convinced that
miipti nt tVin trniililo wfln duo tn Ameri
cans on this aide of the line.
The t'arranza Rgency touay got iui
a statement quoting General Nafarette,
military commander of tho Carranza
forces in Matamorus and Jose T. Garza,
. a ...maul ai lrAurnBI1l0 na intl-
gorlcally denying that any Carranzlsta
BOiaiora took pari in hid iikiii ijciwcoh
Mexican panuiis una American nuiuiuri
yesterday when one American trooper
was killed and "nn officer wounded.
The War Department received today
the following telegram from the com
manding officers of the Western Tex
as cavalry patrol district at Marfu,
Tex., confirming the capture on this
side of a large number of Villa gen
erals: "Following Mexicans crossed river
at Gleen-Springs on the twenty-first:
Gen. Rauol Madero, Gen. Santiago
Sanchez, Jose PullJo", Emelio Vasquoz,
Telyanlm Rangll, Jose Maria Rodrig
uez, ntuoi unvua, namon i-oriiiuo
and Abraham Martinez."
The State Department has been In
formed that conditions in Mexico City
are beginning to Improve.
BROWNSVILLE. Sept. 2G.-Partlcipa-tion
of 300 uniformed Carranzlsta
coldlers in yesterday's fighting near
Progreso, Tex., threatened international
Complications today. The soldiers, en
trenched on the Mexican side of tho
river, covered the retreat of between
seventy and eighty Mexicans who raid
ed Progreso early in the day, killing
one American soldier.
Capital Is Ready to Entertain
Host of Veterans May Be
Last Camp.
rz r
(Continued fronj First Page.) V
At my during the clvl' war. Each" of
these corps is organized and the
veterans will assemble ns corps for
their social and entertainment affairs.
The first veteran to register was Gay
Ioi M. Snltzgaber, commissioner of
perslons, who cerved with Company I.
Third Ohio Cavalry. The first out-of-town
veteran to npolv for registration
was John J. Galbraith. city clerk of
Wllllomsoort, Pa., wlin served with the
Second Pennsylvania Cavalry, nnd who
Is stopping at 217 F utreet northwest.
Confederates Coming.
Confederate veterans employed by the
.Federal Government have been granted
leave of absence during encampment
week, nnd are expected here In large
numbers. They will not register, but
vlll be seen at many G. A. R. affair.
during the week.
Tho citizen' committee which ar
ranged the encampment Is rapidly los
ing Its grip on tho city. With the ar
rival of Col. Cola Stowlts, quarter
master peneral of the Qv A. R.; Col.
George A. Hosley. chief of staff, and
other officers on the staff of Col. David
J. Palmer, commander-in-chief of thu
veternns' organization. lhi plvlllnrm
V.Jo ..Planned the reunion are turning'
overrule reins or nuinoruy to me sol
dier of yesterday.
Monday morning, when the old census
office Is formally dedicated as Cnmp
Matthew Q. Emery and turned over to
the veterans, the a, A. R. will be in
the saddle so far as the encampment Is
coneerned, andjths citizens will have as
their sole task tho providing of enter
tainment for the national capitals
honored ftucsts. '
Next week will be a gala one for the
torans, and Washlngtonlons alike,
there being a vcalth of entertaining
nnd patriotic events on the program.
Chief among them will b" the big
parade of the vetnrnne on Wi-d.i-"'-i-morning,
and the laying of the corner
stone of tho Arlington Memoinl A .ipm
theater Friday nfternoon
t't SubitiA '- s vV ill
Va Scfit to Honolulu
..,.-i. tho
..... m.uiii will not be without
Btihmarlnes in Hawaiian waters.
Some of the K boats will bo sent to
replace them. The number Is not an
nounced. i Another U.S. Battleship
Is Out of Commission
The haUleshln Arkansas Is tempor-
I arllv out of commission.
t While at target practice on nnmpion
I t)n,la ni-.Q nt ItiA oli'Pitlo tlnn nnmtiu
was put out of business. The Arkansas
1ms gone into iiainpion kouu 10 re
I pair.
$1.00 to Harpers Ferry, $1.25 to
Martlnsburg. $1.60 Berkeley Springs, nnd
$2.00 Cumberland and return, Baltimore
& Ohio from Union Station 8:25 a. m.,
Sunday, Sept. 20. Returning same day.
We Need 200 Ounces of
For Manufacturing
Bring uh nil the old Gold nnd Dln
raoiidn. We "111 pay cnnh or you muy
exchnnge for other good".
Here Are Todays" Facts
Concerning Grand Army
Five thousand veterans were.
here today. "
Thirty thousand will be here
by Mondayt,
Two-hundred and twenty-five
trains daily bringing crowds.
Identification tags, in case ot
injury or accident, are given
each soldier.
Jitneys 'and private automo
biles will carry veterans in
the parade who are unable to
.National G. A. R. officers ai
rived today and took charge
of headquarters.
Grandsons and great-grandsons
of veterans are guides at the
Union Station.
Women police officers and Boy
Scouts are assisting an aug
mented local force.
All historic sites in the city
have been marked.
Ministers who ore members of
the G. A. R. will occupy prac
tically all local pulpits to
morrow. At 4 o'clock tomorrow after
noon memorial services for
departed G. A. R. and W. R.
C. members will be held at
Peace Cross, Alt. St. Albans.
Lincoln's Immortal' Tribute to
Nation's Saviors Will Be
Shown on Banner.
The final meeting: of the citizens' com
mittee which planned and nrranged tho
G. A. R. encampment was held in tho
gridiron room of the New Wlllard this
afternoon, when Chairman Gude an
noi'r.ced that the city was In entire
readiness to entertain the veterans.
Tho details of several committees
were gathered, and the fw remaining
odds and ends were disposed of with
dispatch characteristic of the citizens"
committee's way of doing buslneM.
The committee refused to grant per
mission for the printing of an "official
souvenir badge" to be sold by a pri
vate Individual. It alBo declined to haxe
printed 5,000 cards K bearing the In
scription. "I live here; ask mo."
An appropriation of $76 or so much
thereof as may bo necessary was made
for the preparation nnd stinging of a
banner across Fifteenth street at K
honrinir President Lincoln's tribute to
.Unibn soldiers. The" tribute to bc
painted on the banner win De: "mere
Ih one debt thlB nation can never re
pay; the one It owes the saviors of
the nation."
The committee adopted a proclama
tion exhorting the citizens of Wash
ington to open their hearts nnd homes
to the G. A. R.
AMSTERDAM, Sept. 25. Three British
warships heavilv bombarded Zeebrugge,
the German naval base, at daybreak to
dav. The extent of the damage is not
Veterans in City Offiices
To Be Off During Camp
An order directing the heads of mu
nicipal departments to exotic civil war
veterans during the O. A. R. encamp'
ment. If it can be done without detri
ment to the nubile Interest, wos Issued
bv the District Commissioners today.
The list includes Oon. E. W. Whltaker,
Dr. William Tlnilall. MaJ. E. G. Curtis.
Paul Armstrong. Alfred Cock, William
Burnell. R. E. Doyle, and H. H. Hoover.
f " v The Suburb of
J Kfined
From One to Five
Acres of Ground i
At the Aver-
' age Price of
a City
SCars running to and through Bradley Hills to
Great Falls leave 5th and F sts. N. W. during the day.
real Estate Trust Co.
14th and H Sta. N. W. Phnne Main 408K
Decision of Roumania Alone Can
Curb Territorial Ambition of
By J. W. T. MASON.
NEW YORK, Sept. 28. Tho key to
the Dalknn situation Is nt Ducharoat.
Roumania probably lias It in her pWcr
to send Bulgaria Into the war or to
curb the expansionist desires of Czar
If the present situation In the Bal
kans is a miniature reproduction of the
crisis that existed among the larger
Powers In July, 19U, Itoumonla's rolo
greatly resembles that played last
year by the United Kingdom.
When the dancer of war became
acute after Austria's ultimatum ,to
Herbla, France and Russia urged Great
Britain definitely to announce hor
stand., President Polncare of Franco
even addressed a personal message to
King George, urging that a declaration
be made of British Intontlons. Tho
argument advanced and suggested was
that If the British government an
nounced It would side with France and
Russia under all circumstances the Teu
tonic powers would not enter the war.
Great Britain, however, was unable to
give a qulpk, unqualified assurance of
any kind.
Roumania Hesitates.
Roumania is holding back In similar
fashion now. Bulgaria Is mobilizing,
and so Is Greece, bn the Roumanian
government Is remaining quiescent.
Bulgaria, apparently. Is proceeding on
the assumption that Roumania will
not nttack her, and If Roumania clings
to her neutrality, it is not probabltt
Greece, for the moment, will move to
Serbia's nsslsty.ice.
Thi. milfpnra will not hp gambling too
heavilv with fate If thoy take tho
chance of Roumanla's neutrality, in?
Roumanians all but guaranteed tholr
entrance Into the war In compnnv with
Italy, only to back out at the last mo
ment when RusMa began her retreat.
The present is a far less auspicious mo
ment for a Roumnnlan declaration of
war aealnst the Germans than was last
Afav. Since the Bucharest government
exhibited hesitancy then, Indecision can
bo looked for now,
Bessarabia a Hope.
Roumania has shown no favor to tho
Austro-Gcrmans and has been criticised
by tho Germans for refusing to permit
the shlDment over her railways of am
munition destined for Turkey. Never
theless. It must be a vcry-serlous prob
lem for Roumania whether, under pres
ent military conditions, it will bo pos
sible for the Ttoumanla army to conquer
any of the neighboring Austro-Hun-garlan
The possibility of taking Bessnrabla
from Russia is an alternative. By spend
ing her time weighing chances. Rou
mania is In danger of fbcing left to
choose only after her peace Influence
has gone, and when the war zone com
pletely encircles her.
Renewal of Submarine Warfare
Worries U. S., But Outimism
Is Felt Here.
Ambassador von BernMorff will
make another visit to Washington in
a week or so. Secretary Lansing will
bo bock by that time. While tho pur
pose of tho conference is not announc
ed. It Is assumed that It will be with
reference to the Arabic case and sub
mnrlno warfare.
Renewal of German submarlno activ
ity in the war zone keeps officials here
anxious lest something cause a new
cilsls. The fact that in attacking the
ti.i..i. ......(.,. t th. Anirlot'nlumblan
yesterduy, the commander of a sub
marine lived up to the letter of in
ternational law has caused optimism
here, however.
It Is ftbout time for Berlin to advise
this Government what conclusion It
has come to with respect to the at
tack on the Arabic.
Although the case of Ambassador
Dumba is still mysteriously hanging
(Ire. and no final action has yet been
taken as to Captain von Papon or Con
sul General von Perekld. It Is believed
iiiA.fi wtottoro iM1 Imi rl.xnnsed of Wtth-
I out clashing with the efforts to adjust
me a n marine war jjruu.cin.
Haltimnre and Ohio To Baltimore
. $1.60 round trip every Saturday and 8un
' day: good returning until 9 a. m. Mon
day. Advt.
is all that a residential
suburb SHOULD BE
far more than the aver
age suburb is or CAN be.
r an ideal spot for you and
your family a place in
which city conveniences
and country advantages
are charmingly blended.
write or confer with us for
Mission Board Considers Plan
toJJring Sixty Thousand to
NEW VOUK. Sept. 2S.-Americnns are
planning lmmcdlnte stops to alleviate
the suffcrlpg of Armenians In Turkey.
It Is estimated today that 310,000
Armenians have been massacred, and
the remaining 000,000 have been driven
Trom their homes by the Turks, and are
suffering terribly.
Dr. James L. Barton, secretary of the
American beard of commissioners for
foreign missions, is In Washington to
Investigate n report by American
Ambassador Morgenthau on the Ar
menian atrocities. It Is understood that
Morgenthau has recommended that the
800,000 survivors be brought to America.
The board will consider the plan.
None of the American missionaries In
Turkey havo been Injured, but many of
them ore leaving tho country.
At the Armenian Colonial Association
hoadquurters a picture was drawn ot
the terrible suffering among the sur
vivors. "Ureed. religion, nnd politics are nil
combined to'mnke our people suffer," It
was said. "The government Is always
behind every massacre, and the people
are acting under orders. The dead are
really the happiest. The survivors hnve
been driven from tho mountains Into tho
hot deserts, where they are denied
water and obtain nlmoRt nn fnort.
Thousands of them are dying every day.
Capital Guards Ask
Place in Parade
Survivors of Seven Departine'nt
Regiments ,May Be Seen in
Line of March.
The survivors of the seven regiments
of clerks and employes of the depart-'-isnts
In 'Washington ordered out by
President Lincoln for the defense of
the Capital In 1864, namely: War De
partment Klfles. First and Second Bcgl
ments. Quartermasters' Volunteers.
Treasury Department Guards, Navy De
partment Guards, which Included the
Navy Yard men, artlt Government Prlnt
lngly Office Guards, probably will bo
assigned a position In tho parade of
Wednesdnv. The matter la being con
sidered bv Lieut. Gen. Nelson A. Miles.
Col. Cola K. B. StowlttB and Col.
George, Hosley.
Great Catch of Fish
Made on Le Have Bank
The largest catch of fresh fish for
the season en the Atlantic coast Is given
to the schooner James W. Parker, of
Gloucester, Mass., In a report to the
Department of Commerce today.
Tho Parker landed at Gloucester Au
gust 31 with iOi.OOw pounds of tfsh.
caugh'. on tho La Have bank. The
Amorlcan fleet landing Jlsh at Boston,
Gloucester, and- Portland during the
month of August comprised 30; vessels,
and its total catch was 19,S00,0O pounds,
valued at IM3.763.
.( Occupy Jurk Island.
PARIS. 8eot 55. 1-e Monlteur de la
Flotte. the official organ of the French
naval department, has announced that
n French force had occupied Raud
Island. In the eastern Mediterranean
west of Crete and two miles off the
Syrian coast. The population of the
island Is about 4.000.
Baud was a Turkish possession. Al
though but SO0 yards In length, it af
fords the best shelter alon? the coast
for vessels drawing less than fifteen feet
of water, and may have been desired
bv the French principally on this
Baseball Kills Boy.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 155. Karl Vollmer,
eleven. Is dead today as a result of a
blow on the head from a baseball, re
ceived while playing here.
"The Best Suburb of
the National Capital"
Thomas J. Fisher & Co.,
General Sales Agent,
738 15th St N. W.
Admiral Capcrton Says Mounted
Force Is Guarding Nine
Mile Circuit.
The "horse marines" aro operating In
Haiti. This Is Indicated In a report
from Hear Admiral Capcrton to the
Navy Department.
Admiral Caperton says n mounted
fOree IK nntrntlltttv n mIhi...II. .tMitlt
about Uounalves. Supplies are. entering
..".'." vca wiinoui interference.
,".' i iiiounieu iorce was obtain
ed Is Hot stated, it Is supposed to havo.
.ecu wuuu up irom marines wno aro
more or less familiar with the naviga-
iiuii ui a nurse.
Major Butler with a detachment or
sailors and marines departed from
Gonatves Thursday for Ennery.
The ilatlan senate has referred the
proposed treaty with America to a
Court Decides Commissioners
Had Right to Rebuke Li
censes Granted Solicitors.
The right of the District Commis
sioners to revoke the permits granted
runners for boarding houses was
made positive today by Justice Mc
Coy In the District Supreme Court
when he refused the Injunction sought
by Edward Johnson, a runner. The
permit held by Johnson, who sought
to enjoin the Commissioners from re
voking his license, was shown on the
permit itself to have been Issued "for
two weens unless sooner revoked by
the Commissioners."
Johnson maintained fhnt ho h.,i
been operating for eighteen months
ami naa not Dcon guilty of any mis
conduct to warrant the revocation of
his license.
At the services tomorrow mnrnln? nt
St. Stephen's Catholic Church. Twenty
fifth street and Pennsvlvfintu mrsntu
Cardinal Gibbons will be present to as
sist in the, ceremonies.
Mtrr. niiftttnl! nf S3. ta.ii... ri
will preach the sermon, and Father
:r'"' "l ol- ' aui s unurcn. will be
the deacon, and Father Wheeler, of the
"-"""" u lne "iy comforter, will be
Bishop Currier will also be present to
take part In the services. The Holv
wu-i"0,.30010 of SU sPhcn's Church
will act as escort to tho officials.
G. A. R. Memorial Service
At Cathedral Tomorrow
A memorial cervien in hnnn. ..
departed comrades of the G. A. R. will
be held tomorrow afternoon' at 4 o'clock
around the Peace Cross, Cathedral
Uioee, Mt. Bt, Albun.
The sermon will be nreached hv thr
Rt. Rev. T.' F. Davles, bishop of West
ern Massachusetts and the bishop of
Washington will be I charge of the
ceremonies. The Cathedral choir, ac
comDanied hv ihn f.rin. rn.t ...m
have charge of the music. '
Jamaica to Send 500
Men to Join Allies
KINGSTON, Jamajta, Sept. a. The
Jamaica legislature voted $75,000 today
to send a contingent of 500 men to the
European war. At tho same time the
legislature agreed to keep a force of
this number on the firing line.
We Insist
That you owe it to yourself to make a per
sonal inspection of Chevy Chase before
you make a decision as to the location of
your home.
, Such an inspection will show you why
we say Chevy Chase is "The Best Suburb
of the National Capital." In every one of
those essentials which must be considered
in rating any suburb Chevy Chase stands
pre-eminent. In Location, Accessibility,
Plan of Development, Grade of Improve
ments, Character of Population, and Price
this section will measure up with the best
of any city in the entire country and ahead
of any other suburb of Washington.
Take the time to make that personal
New Terms Are Wired' to Lon-
don and Paris for Consid
S . K '
NEW YORK, Sept. 25. The 'Anglos
French financial commissioners are re
ported today to have placed before their
respective governments the .'terms, upon
which American bnnkero will make tho
huge war loan. These terms aro dif
ferent from those asked by the com
missioners and the assent of the home
governments Is necessary to their ac
ceptance. The commissioners asked a credit of
$1,000,000,000; America offers WOO.OOO.O'jO,
nnd there are said to be differences in
various details.
They also asked that Rursla be ad
mitted to participation In the loan, but
American bankers require that separate
arrangements be made, for -Russia.
Manufacturers and bankers outside of
New York were Included in the confer
ences held today upon the intimation
of several hours that Interests outside
of New York should be Included In the
Trips Down Potomac
One of G. A. R. Features
Trips down the rlyr on the steamer
St. Johns will be a feature of the en
tertainment of the Sons'of Veterans.
Tuesday there will fce a special trip,
the boat leaving at 1 o'clock and re
turning at 6 o'clock. Special arrange
ments have been mode for stops nt
Fort Washington and Indian Head on
this trip.
On Thursday and Friday other Sons
of Veterans will make both the morn
ing and afternoon excursions on the
regular trips fit the boat, leaving m
IP o'clock and 2 o'clock.
$10,000 Suit Follows
Death on W.R.& E. Track
Lbusa Bird, administratrix of the es
tate of Richard Williams, today brought
suit against the Wanhlngton Railway
and Electric Company for f 10, 000 dam
ages. In the petition filed in the District
Supreme Court, tfie administratrix de
clares that Mr. Williams was Instant
ly killed when run over by a car jf
the defendant company In Rennlngs
road December 17. 1911.
Negligence on the part of thet com
pany and excessive speed are alleged
as grounds for the action.
Atlantic Fleet Gets
Ready for War Game
The war game of the Atlantic fleet
will begin October 4 or 6. the Navy De
partment announced today. ' Target
practice of the fleet o" Hampton Roads
has nearly concluded. The vessfls are
being ordered into Humpton Roads for
overhauling and preparation for the war
Russians in China
Recalled to the Colors
LONDON, Sept. 25. All -eligible Rus
sians in China have teen called to thp
colors under the most recent ukase, ac
cording to a Peking d'.spatch.;
TheTHght of tKc Stork.
Every normal person is interested
in the arrival of th'e.Btork.It is the
greatest event in one's. lisK
The expectant mother needs,
above veverjrthing else," comfortt&nd
peace of mind. Thin she is sure to
have if- Mother's Friend, ;he safe,
dependable external remedy, is used
to sooth the network, of nerves and
to enable the muscles to expand nat
urally, thus relieving undue strain.
Mother's Friend, obtained at any
drug store, is the one remedy used
and recommended by thousands of
women everywhere, who testify as
to its wonderful merit.
J I A. KAHN, 935 F.
i -y
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