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i fluprri "w'-'
Should Know
Soap Values
Three Kinds Needed In Every
Household Expensive
and Colored Variety to Be
r fCopyrttht. Itlf, by Mrs. Christine Fre1erl' k.)
rr Is often In the smallest details that
there is the most waste. Soap!
Who ever fl cures that cost Into the
'ffl! as a necessity? How can tho
housewife bo still more saving with her
Soap Is an old Invention for household
use, beginning with the soft soap mado
at home of melted fat and lye. which
was bleached with wood ashes. This
soap has largely been supplanted by the
manufactured article.
Trie fats of which soap Is made aro
composed of what Is called "fatty
acids" and glycerine When lie Is
mixed with this fat It break theso acids
and glycerine apart. The le unites
with the fatty acid to mike soap and
the glycerine remains behind. Tho
quality of the soap will depend on the
kind of rye or nlknll. and also on the
kind of fat. It will also depend upon
the Impurities contained In both fat
and alkali If the soap is not mado
properly, the fat and lye do not com
pletely mix nnd the result Is a greasy,
Ioorclcanslns agent.
Three Kinds of Soap.
In cheap soaps, resin Is added aa an
adulterant, although a small quantity
Is good In laundry soap because It
whitens tho clothing. When there Is
Just sufficient alkali to change the fat
Into soap. It Is called a mild soap. If
an excess of nlknll Is used, cither a
medium or a strong soap Is produced.
Therefore, It Is Impossible to ivie wllh
success only pne kind of soap through,
out tho house. A mild soap Is needed
In washing flannels, woolen goods or
delicate fabrics; a medium soap for
moro durable colored goods, a strong
eap Is necessary for white material,
ahd also for hea cleaning.
All soaps should be hardened before
use, as the softer the more waste. For
this reason It Is wiser to buy In quan
tity and store away to use as needed.
The slie of cake Is Importunt. A ery
large cako Is both uncomfortable to the
hand and more wasteful On the other
hand, such soap .should be chosen as will
rive substantial sen Ice The use of a
sponge basket nt the side of tho scrub
bing bucket will sive waste hero, ns ery
frequently soap Ih allowed to lie In the
bottom of the bucket, and Is even
thrown out with the waste wnter.
Avoid Colored Soaps.
Scented soaps are always ,r.tore expen
sive colored hohp snould be avoided,
Ihe only soop which Is naturally color
ed Is tar sonp, made of resinous fat. It
Is preferable to use tin odorless soap In
the bathroom. Aside from Its cleanslnc
qualities, soap is an antiseptic nnd dis
infectant, notablv tho "green soap" In
liquid form which should be used more
qften In cleansing of tho hands so aa
to make them antiseptic.
Certain soaps are Impregnated with
naphtha or turpentine, w hlch make them
better cleansers, but such soaps should
never be used on the skin A good soap
li not cheap It would be Interesting to
weigh various brands of snap and com
pare their weight, price and quality, be
fore purchasing a quantity of nny one
The header the cake, the more service
Lii.h'" k.m A ""-"haker n the
kitchen will sae small ends
What They Say About Us
, Pertinent Interests of Women As Viewed
By Editorial Writers of the Newspapers.
Flat Loneliness.
who hai conducted a social
survey of her own. con
cludes that lonellnesi among
women Is not confined to rural dis
tricts. The idea Is not new. Tho
women she writes nbout aro thoeo
who hear lorge burdens, who rear
quantities of children, often keep
boarders, und ure tonflncd indoors
Their llvei ait rather monotonous
than lonely
Hut theio Is nnother Kind of wom
an who sufferi more from the pira
doxlcal sregarlousneis of American
cltv life She Is the flat dweller.
The failure of these people to min
gle with their Immediate neighbors
is notorious There is a good reason
tor it.
It Is Impossible for thv! women
to make social nriances to their
neighbors Acquaintance hrceds fa
miliarity. Intlmac) can be avoided
only b keeping neighbors nt n dls.
tance The conditions upon which a
flat dweller agrees when lm signs
the lease are Indicative of this i url
ous non-lntercourie The apartment
Is Indispensable to the hualinid from
a business point of view It cannot
satisfy tho social desires of the wife.
Chicago Tribune
Women In Public Office.
A woman has Just been acting
mayor for n day of tho cltj of Los
Angeles, and no consequent damage
to the cltj 8 interests Is icportcd
The distinguished undei study Is
Miss Estellu Lawton Lindsaj, the
onb woman member of tho city
council Women In suffrise states
have not beon glvon to rushing for
office, but thev set m to havo been
able for tho most part to dlscharxo
their duties with ciedlt when they
have held oftlce Springfield Re
publican A Hopeless Cause.
Strange as it may seem, there Is
nn organization whose object Is to
oppose woman sufTiagf Eery
moviment to advance human civ II
Izitlnn had its jntl movement Unl
vrisal imn fcuffrage cost centuries
o' struggle and oec-inc of blood,
hut once necured woman suffrage
bi'carrn absolute Inevitable
AllMvrrins a faorlle and stupid
nigument of the antls Colonel Roose
vet i-.ivs
Cotuervatlve friends tell me that
woman's duty Is In the home Cer
talnll So Is man's The duty of
the woman to the home Isn't any
National Control of All Music Interests Would
Be Economy States. Young American Violinist
Albert Spalding Asserts Thaf
Foreign Invasion of Artists
Calls For Government Aid
lr Form of National Own
ership. But Adds That Home Talent
Does Not Fear Competi
tion Since Worth Has Al
ready Been Proven
A T I O N A I. contfl of
music, with ni&iaal oon-
senatorles. vponv com-"
panls. and nichestras.
would be, Insterd of the extrava
gance It sound, a great ec nomy for
tho entire nation. Wc need It now
rnoro than nt nny time previous, be
cause tne Influx of some of the best
and some .if the worst of the music
world of Europe Is making compe
tition more kn than."
Albert Spalding violinist, an Amer
ican nrcdiict, did not hesitate two
seconds over whit he sild. He had
been asked w nether or not tho Euro
pean Invasion of musician and sing
ers was not feired by tho American
stars of the music world who no
sooner were i.lvcn an opportunity
to prove their worth to their country
people with Europe out of the equa
tion, than European artists prompt
ly appeared on the horizon.
Best Will Survive.
"N'o! Of courso we are not afraid
of them The best will suivlve, and
In thu final test will be proct which
ones nio duo the titles ol 'great,'
and forcmont.' Amerlcar musicians
hae long hold their own over In
Kuropo. e navo had no trouble
there, but Uuropc In America has
for many )ears proven the obstacle
upon whirn many it promising vouiiy
virtuoso tins foundered.
"Hut competition Ih to be keen, we
are fmced to strngrlo with not only
tho good brt with the bad. It doan
seem to me that national control of
orchestris, conservatories and opera
would U a rreans of ascertaining
without doubt tree worth, ami
would b a great economy. The
ttov eminent should help us to face
this difficulty and come to our aid."
Spalding Is twcnt -seven years of
age, and has worked almost his en
tire llfn nt his professlcn .lie was
a prodigy at fourteen, 'lt Ahls has
not served to set him apiW from his
fellow-beings as somethlr!; that they
are not Ho regards Ms profession
almost In the light of science, and,
a devotee of technique first, second,
and last, proves himself a tireless
His art Is life to him and Into It
he pours all of tho spontaneity of
his .vouth He speaks quickly and
without hesitation, smiling often,
and with his dark brown, shining
eyes fixed Intently on his listener.
National Control Feasible.
The millions which are spent
yearly on music In America he de
piored, In view of the fact that there
Is no system Involved In tho spend
ing. Surelv. In light of the fact
that Government supervision of food
more than the man's If tho average
man has more leisure to think of
public matters than the average
woman has, then It Is a frightful re
flection on him If the average man
tolli you that the average woman
hasn't the time to think of these
questions, tell him to go home and
do his duty. Tho theorv of progres
sives today Is to conduct govern
ment so that tho average man cm
do his dutv without neglecting his
home. Now all we propose to do Is to
get his partner alongside of him "
The fight for woman suffrage Is
practically won. It Is only a ques
tion as to which State or nation Is
to be the last. Do we think less of
the Intellectual and moral qualities
Seen In The
N unusually beautiful piece
of fur was noticed In a local
..M..t store. It sold
for 1150 a yard, and was the
softest, warmest brown that could be
Imagined The width was about
three Inches
Imagine a Dresden belt with the
edge hound quite paradoxically with
white fur' Can ou conceive any
moro whimsical Joining of the sea
eons? The prlco Is (1,
Bachelor men and maids have dis
covered that a wardrobe trunk solves
the closet question for them Ono
man, asked when he Intended to se
cure a hoarding place In town for
the winter, icplled with pride that
It didn't matter much, for all ho has
to do la to lock his wardrobe trunk
and telephone for a moving man
A wardrobe trunk that has nil the
good qualities ot n combined chiffo
nier nnd clothes press, Is to bo had
for WS at an V stteet leather goods
shop All the drawers are lined
with blue ver" like the color that
fashion authorities have christened
"Joffre "
For 23 cents-a Galnsnrough ladv In
a dull piold frame. You mav not
want the ladv, but von will be sure
to find some ure for the frame
Trieiioiie ,1nln KM nnd tuk "Tht
Shonitr" or, inoiniriflon olUno the
names of snonv uhicn entry the ar
ticles referred to in these columns
Hall Inquiries should encloie a
stamped, sell-addressed tnvsfopt or
pattai card lr reply.
"SHPHsil- sflpliiiiiHHLiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBk iiHitiiliiiiiii
,v9Efin riiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
HEiHbHsP liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
products, and schools, and all sorts
of Institutions Is deemed very sensi
ble, It does' not tem it !' .! f
tho question for the musicians who
hao spent their llvci Miti ..tlr
fiirtupes rn musical education to
want national control of muil-
Tor, )ou see. as It Is, ' 1 1 lotnted
out. "there Is no way In which wo
ran protect ourselves egnltisl charla
tans and quarks Thin- Is no law
n hlch covers most of the meanness
which the quad, at music practices,
and the real musicians have not time
to hunt the matter down. Kven If
they do try to show what and who
Is best In tho music world, the public
cannot believe them because the
clever charlatans employ the very
seme mcuns to make themsclvs
liked The artist Is between tho
devil and the deep, deep sea.
"With Government supervision,
the material evidence of which would
be some small decoration which
would Identify the man who has
come to the top without any question
of a doubt, music would In a way
lie standardized Then if It could be
made Illegal to wear Insignia given
bv the fiovernment without having
won It rlghtl, the false gods would
be weeded out
Would Save Millions.
"There Isn't the slightest doubt
but what such a plan wou'd lave
.the public millions, or that It would
be a paving proposition to the Gov
ernment In tho end
"Of course, a 'decoration' sounds
foreign and smacks a llttlo of mon
archic and kings and queens It
maj not s..om to be typical of a
republic to some people Hut It Is
merelv the association with foreign
customs that gives the idea a false
"As a matter of fact such decora
tion would accentuate the kevnot of
our national principle democracy.
of our women than the Caliromlana
do of their women?-New York Even
ing Mall.
A Stuttering Cupid.
On the ground that not until after
the wedding did she know that her
husband stuttered, and that besides
she wns tricked Into marriage In the
belief that she was participating In a
"good li'cl; crp-mnny." a bride of a
twelvemonth has besought the su
preme court to nnnul the bonds
which Irk her. These are causes for
complaint which appear startling
even In the list of remarkable ex
cuses thnt have been proffered be
fore this for the dissolution of
marital partnerships.
How deeply moved by his Infatua
tion must the lovesick swain have
seemed that his natural Infirmity
should havo been mistaken for the
sighs and stammerings of a bashful
wooer. It must be confessed that
such halting communication as is
sometimes Inspired by a grand pas
slon would prove a mighty poor make
shift for communication throughout
life, but if all those who have em
barked on the sea of matrlmonv In
tho belief that they were- participat
ing in "good luck ceremonies" should
he set ashorti becarse of their dis
illusionment the domestic fleet would
be greatly depleted
It Is an old charge against Cupid,
that "good luck" deception, but this
stuttering business is a new accusa
tion Ho Is usually such a glib
tongued llttlo rascal that he can
make his victims believe an thing,
especially If It Isn't true. This case
Is ecrtalnlv a poser. New York
Evening Sun
Carefully Treat
Neglect of children's colds often lays
the founditlon of serious lung trouble.
On the other hand, It Is harmful to con
tinually dose delicate little stomachs
with Internal medicines or to keep tho
children always indoors.
Plenty of fresh nlr In the bedroom and
a good appllcitlon of Vlck's "Vap-O-fluh
' Salve over f"he throat and chest
at the first sign of trouble, will keep
the little chaps free from colds without
Injuring their digestions. 25c, 60c, or tl 00
Violinist, and HIb Accompanist, A.NDRi; BERXOIST, At the l'iano.
for Individualism Is the keynote cf
democracy, and a decoration given
b) the Government to an ind.vidual
Is certslnly an encourag'ment ' th
wearer to dUt!iiu!sh htmTI;fiir y, r
from th! fc'lows This !e'j( 'ii
r lug o'litMnili.e l all, mflrU o.'
r mi Ckiiortwt'tv lor thu ml in
lillvhiiirru o' luelier nt. na! tf
fluency In the iris
"Hut even without the aid of the
Uovernment tne American musicians
are not afraid. They know that
their chance to make good In the'r
own country has comtf to them at
last, and whether or not there aro
foreigners here while they do It does
not deter them.
"As a matter of fact It only sends
them forward with greater fervor
One author describes drawbacks as
the very things which make great
ness possible. If there was noth
ing to strive against there would be
no means by which we could ascend
to greater heights
Drawbacks Aid Progress!
"The ver thing which Impeded al
lows for the accomplishment of the
deed He tells how the birds of tre
air must fight It wllh their wings,
vet without It they could not ascend
in the heavens, the fishes of the sea
continually push the water from
Tho wild, kind rain Is driving In my
As Jnvouslv I challenge winds to
Its warming etlng doth set me all
I leap In ecstasy as forth 1 go
Down, down the way so often trod
Along tho smooth, firm-beaten,
much-loved shore.
Its fascinating beauty" lures me on
It Is a glorious thing to think upon!
Above mv head the sea-gulls circle
Oreat clouds roll o'er the gmiy ex
panse of sky
Year, ever thing Is moving In a
Its happy spirit carries me along!
Look! There with every charm of
fain' lace.
Klung wide from Father Neptune's
fond embrace,
Urlght heaps ol coral mosses dye the
The snort wind whirls them from my
longing reach.
Hits From
Blondlne Gertrude Glddlgad's
coloring: Is rich, Isn't It?
Brunette Yes, to the point of
extravagance, Juoge
What the shade of Napoleon re
marked when he heard of the cap
ture nf Warsaw 'Mind the
steppe." I'unch
European Our war Is terrible I
know of n colonel who commanded
a regiment of 1,C0 privates and
lost half cf them In one battle.
Mexican That's nothing compar
Who Would Increase Weight
And Put On Healthy
Stay-There Fleah
The men and women who would
liko to Increase their weight with 10 or
15 pounds of healthy "stay-there" fat
should try eating a little Sargol with
their meals for a while and note results.
Here is a good test wortli trlvng First
weigh joursclf and measure jourself.
Then take Barsol one tablet with
every meal-for two weeks. Then
weigh and measuro ourself again. It
Isn't n ouestlon nf how 1 otl look or
! ,.,. wh.i vmt rinndn Hiiv and think
Th. .pain. onH Un. InrHHUrC Will IC1I
their own story. Many people having
followed these simple direction ""'
weight Increases of from flic in eight
pounds wiuj continued gains f
thsr traatnuat.
them with their fins, but wilhcut It
they would have no progress.
"VA'c Amcrlcan-lHin musicians
v lv have piiivtn our w . ki In Eu-lopc-
arc f.olii(r to piov u i,in In
AmtrP.'b. Tlio pro-cut s luati l. will
be the means b which v can c'lmb
to greater heights Gover. ei,t u
pirvlsion would no. in ji" i mom
nny lees hard it would 'ii i no
standard, but It would ihivh the
greatest effect upon the ijnl c. In a
mental, moral, and monetary way."
Born In Illinois.
Hpaldlng wa horn In hlcago, and
began playing' at the age of seven
years H" studied under Chltl. the
famous Florentine master, Ilulirig ,
In New Aork. end Kefort, In l'aila
At ten he played before the Duke
and Duchess of Connnught At four
teen he Qualified for professorship at
Ilologna Conservatory with iW per
cent. At first it was thought that he
was the oungcst musician to ever
pass such an examination, but it was
nfterwird discovered that Mozart,
IT7 veara before; had passed a similar
examination for piano at this famous
old Institution, at precisely the same
age He made a very successful de
but In Tarl two years later, and
then appeared with Pattl.
I scarce can hold m course, but
needs must blow
Just where the surging wind would
have mc go.
The breakers madly dash about me
As If their unseen sovereign Lord
to meet.
Ofttlmes mere ripples drop a shy
And, gurgling low, retire gracefully.
Hut these pound forth their souls
best cnerg).
In earnest homage bending low the
Like them. I. too, would gladlv wor
ship there.
And add mv part to Nature's mighty
At times like this my weakness full
I see.
In contact with the great infinity.
I feel such Joy! Mv thankful heart
With all the gifts of the Almighty
I find mvself where I would long to
Lost In the power ot God's Im
mensity Charlotte Louise Greene, In the
New York Times
Sharp Wits
ed with our wat. I koow of one
private who was commanded by
1,000 generals, and lost 750 of them
In one battle Puck
It is comparatively easy to start
a new part , the difficult) is In
getting anywhere with It. Atchi
son Globe.
Whv not turn the navy over to
Hrothcr Ford' in sl months he
would be turning out a battleship
every forty-nine seconds Life.
Sargol doe, not of Itself mike fat.
but mixing with vour food Its purposo
Is to help tho digestive organs tun the
fats, sugars and starches of what vou
have eaten, Into rich, ripe fat producing
nourishment for ihe tissues and blood
-preparo It in in easily assimilated
form which the blood fan readlh ac
cept A great deal of this nouilshment
now passes from thin people's bodies as
waste. Hnrgol Is designed to stop the
wnsio nna mine me fm producing con
tents of the verv same meals vou are
eating now develop pounds and pounds
of health flesh between jour skin and
bones Sargol Is non-Injurious pleas
ant efficient, and inexnensive. .tn
O'DonifU's Drug Store and othei lead
ing druggists are nuthorlied to sell it
In large boxes-'ortv tablets to a pack-age-on
a guiranto of weight Inctease
or mono back as found In cvcr pack
af . Advt.
Seeing Double Is Caused
By Some Injury to' One
Of the Six Eye Muscles
(CoprrUhl, IMt, by Nipilrr lVa'ure service, Inc.i
MUSCLE makes the hlnrfes, them by vvsy of the nerves from the
latches snrlnsa mt eurtntns noor of "" brain Tiie fact that there
-..- .. 1 . i curtains Mf ln Qf iuch nmc from Mch id,
for the ees. Tho .nuselM ot pxpiaim part wny both eyes move
the ejes rarely cscjte excr- s multaneoufly when ou wish to look
else, even In the lockets of the mestl" t,ie right of jou or to the left, up
Indolent of men. A Ihiusml slisdo" WH,r1 or f"'h"rd
passing across the face cause 10 iK) little I Some Eye Oddities,
athletic feats of the ocular muscles. Your 1rM of Isl'm pud Its limitations,
The mere acts of staring and gating that Is to say, the extent and area over
are musi ular acts. Vhn ou v Ink the which vour ejts may roam, depends
eye, either by accident or design, the upon the space over which your ey
muscles are brought as resolutely into may move lth nn movement of tho
play as if )ou wcic engaged In some head. Usually both eyes are Involved In
strenuous exercise In a cimnaalit
When vou sec stars twinkle It Is
more In our eye than In the air. When
the ee seem brilliant and full of an
active glow, it Is traceable to the tnjrl
nd of oscillations of the ee muscles
lour eeoau nan six large muscles,
one (.mull, circular muscle or the tn.nii
one near-muscle of the lens behind the
pupil, nnd the thin, tissue-like muscles
or the eyeballs, besides a circular one
wnicn ou squeeze when, aa In tho old
ballad, "jou wink the other eve.
The Eye Structure.
Th eyeball Itself may be thought of
aa a team of horses with six reins or
ribhon-llke muscles. Knur of these rib
bons are called the Internal, external,
superior and Inferior muscles of the
eye. because one I. In toward the nose.
one on the outside near the temple, one
above and one below the eehall.
They all run from the cup of the eve-
?j aiT1 ,?i.A'm'Bpn,r9 . or. 1uator-back I or wtnk ee sliowi a haiv. Indistinct
LlL.tii 5?n.i kn . "S 'yfu m.ucnUne Thlnss to the light throw theni
. i L. T .b" Belds the four;ReVes to the left of the cential focus of
straight muscles In question there are I
iwo oiners wnicn run noilqucly. The
upper, called the superior oblique, ro
tates the upper end of the equator or
the eyeball Inward. This causes the
eyeball to rotate Inward, downward
and outward.
The Inferior oblique muscle rotates the
upper end of the eyeball outward and
i.pwnrd To be sure. In almost every
movement of the e.ve more than one
rr1 lo Is nt work The obllquelv pull
im' muscle- ms combine with the In
war 1 nnilo'i nf the Internal muscle, the
rutwani motion cf the external muscle,
the upwnri of the superior or the down
ward of th Inferior ones
The Ihvpijtfs and sensations which
causeB these eye muscles to act reach
Answers To Health Questions
Mr). J M How can I tell whether
I have epilepsy or not? I groan In the
attacks and do not feel sleepy after
wards. I do not lose consciousness.
I feel almost certain that vour spells
are "hvsterlcnl convulsions" duo to a
disordered alimentary canal or other
nlcrnal structures. In true epilepsy
even nf a minor form, sleepiness follows
the transient attacks of unconscious
ness. An Anxious Mother My son. agd
fourteen, weighs but sixty-eight
pounds Although he has a neanny
inok and his cheeks are tojjr and he
never complains, when he feels had he
cries and he never wants to play. Ho
is like an old woman, so to speak. In
his wavs. He Is at times troubled
with a nervous bronchial cough N hat
would oa advise me to do?
The boy Is all right lou need rot
worr about htm Give him lots of
mixed fruits. Ice cream, fatty meat.
eggs, cteam, hot milk Instead or coffee
and tea, corn bread, beans, cakes, as
paragus, celrrj. oranges, cairots, and
U Z Kindly recommend some treat
ment whereb) one can he relieve" ot
a dallv fear that something will Hap
pen and at night of being awakened
with rapid pulsations ot the heatt and
smothering sensations Appetite, Dow
els, and strength normal. I have read
where ion prescribe something tor tn
enlarge'd pores caused b powder clog
glng them up. Will ou klndl) advise
me how this is used and what It con
tains'' This Is the result of too abundant
gland Juices. The sex, throid. and
other glands are too active, nnd should
be checked bv swimming, dancing.
plalng ball, and other muscular eier-
Readers desiring advice should
1. To address inquiries to Dr. I.. ,
h. Hirshberg, care ol The
Washington Times.
2. To enclose a stamped and ad
dressed envelope if personal
reply is desired.
TT matters not how "hard'
you are on Hose, you
cannot wear out a box of six
HOSE inside of six montlw
But if, perchance, you
DO wear a hole in them
BEFORE you have had
them six months, bring
them back and get NEW
ONES for them ABSO
That's our guar
antee in writing
on every box.
NOTE! We do nit
(aerate our Stores
under my other
nine thin the
y mwiwjw
Bet. tth and 10!a Ste
net i,
any act of feeli r They adapt them
selves Involuntarily, so that you per
ceive the thlnf looked at, not as two
things, but aa one. The muccles of the
e.ve effect this fuMon nnd conjunction of
vlhlnn It Is utter nonsense, as most
looks noiu, in ay mat -tne pram sees -
I nnd "frsca twe o) iecta from the two
j ecs." "I he brnln in merely n telephone
I cxthanrc Ihinunh which messages are
snunic i ironi one ttnue to anotner.
hen an opt'trrnnh or picture of an
object falls on similar points of the two
ee grounds, i sensntlun of only one
object Is perceived If, however, one of
tho Inner, outer, upper or other of the
six mtircles nt one eyeball Is Injured,
uekl, or piraly7td, the optlgrspb or
image of iho object will fall on different
(arts of the tacK wall the retina of
each e.
' do hie." A'"po.,. r' test" fo Kin. halt
mis causes iou"ie sikiu or seems;
.scjB-ner. The wiy to discover the
I KV.in-ii. ". ill.' ijr iu ui.lvici ill.
'manly aid eyeball affected Is vcty
I ."' .I1": S'Ti.0 P,r"n.t?. .?"'!:
the cjebjll; those above are thrown
telow. and vIcb versa. If the eye is
nulled iiiiv hv the round muscle and
therefore out of alignment because the
corresponding muscle to balance It Is
weak, the thing straight ahead will ap
Par on the othir side
Toss.eyes ar alvvss tuined away
from the Injuied mucle and toward
the unchecked sound one. Squint or
strablsimn Is th name given to this
when It Is cons-lroore: ' heterephorla"
r Itnufficlepi'v whn It Is slight and
habltunlly corrected by other muscles
lUosls Is the nane given when the upper
eelld sgs downward as a result of
paral)tls. It occurs In various kinds of
paralvrls, locomotor ataxia and local
cises. Massage the face with kaolin
and glycerine, half and half, each night
and morning.
T. G. N. Are enemas safe to use for
chronic constipation? 2. What are they?
Enemas are not Dad If used only occa
sional!). 8 They are merely soap-suds
and a ouart of warm water Injected Into
,'the lower bowel, Your condition sylll b
Improved by eating oatmeal, bran bls-
I cults, prunes, figs, sixteen tumblers of
! plain water a day, three apples at night.
malted foods in milk, buttermilk, and
senna leaves
If Mixed with Sulphur it
Darkens so Naturally No
body can Tell.
Orandmother kept her hair beautiful
I) darkened gloss) and n'ju.idsnt with
a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur When
ever hei hair fell out or Uok on that
dull, faded or sti caked appeal ince. this
simple mixture was applied vlth won
derful effect II) asking at any drug
More for "V.veth's Ssge and bulphur
Compound." )ou will get a large bottle
of thla old-time leclpe, r(.id) lo use,
for about SO cents This klmple mixture
can bt depended upon to testore natural
colni nnd hcaut to the hair ind Is
splendid for dandruff, lr), itchy soalp
ami falling hair.
A well-known downtown dr igglst as
cvci)bodv uses Wvcth's Mge ind Sul
phui, In cause ll daikens no na utally
and evcnlv that nnhod) i an lell it has
been applied Its so ea to us., ton
You slmpi) dampen a c-inib ir soft
brush and draw it through , oui hair,
taking one strand at n time U morn
ing the grav hull riisnppea.4, after
anothei application oi two, it is re
stored to Its natuinl color and looks
tlos.iv, soft and abundant Advt.
It figures out a
fraction over 17c. a
pair. In fineness of
weave, in shaplinesa
and in color fastness,
they are beyond compare.
All colors and black. For
sale exclusively at
Newark Shoe Stores Co.
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