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V '
Plwtoplay Department in
What the 'Anti-Trust
Decision Means To
Patrons of te
, , photoplay.
One of thoie curious legal situ,
tlons, where 'the stable door .is
locked, not only after the horse has
been stolen, but after the stable
Itself has been carted away and
nothing but tho door remains. Is re
flected In the recent decision of the
1'ederal court In Philadelphia against
me so-caned motion picture trust.
The old motion picture trust ceased
to be a menace to anything but the
trust lUeir a year or two ago, and
the arguments that caused the or
, der of dissolution to bo signed have
been dead, so far as any effect they
might have on motion picture mak
ing and exhibiting generally Is con
that"" eV" lonor ,lme ,nan
because of the many Inquiries that
have been made regarding the effect
of the decision and because of the
interest that was manl rested In the
trust for a long time by picture pa-
J?.nf,..1.t-.ml5ht ted that the
trust itself haa had little or no ef
IfJ..?!? 'h exhibition of pictures
since the beginning of feature photo-
Play productlon-although the bet-
!'. .cia,s ot manufacturers in the
j. i J1' tta brettklng away from
the tenets that made the trust pos
sible for a longer time than that.
hi?. Jn?u b.glnnln Jt appeared ns
though the trust was supremo In the
motion picture Held. It was called
the Motion Picture Pinni i'm.
Pany, and was the joint owner of the
l-.dlson, Armat. and other American
patents regarded as Important In pic
ture making.
It attempted to form a monopoly
of the motion picture business In this
country and the General Film Com
pany wan organised by the so-called
licensed manufacturers those oper
atln under permission of the Mo
tion Picture Patents Company for
tho purpose of serving exhibitors.
Iron-clad rules were adopted and the
General Film Corporation was made
the distributer of nims and the en
forcer of rules. Tho first step was
the formation of the General Film
program of releases exhibitors were
compelled to take aeneral Film pro
grams aa a whole or get nothing.
The idea was to keep the control of
the picture business In a very close
corporation of interests.
The very compactness of the or
ganization was Its own defeat. The
foreign makers .if motion picture
machine which did not infringe any
of the Motion Picture Patents Com
pany's patents supplied the so
called unlicensed, or "independent,"
manufacturers with their machines
and their material. The trust at
tempted to control these factors by
taking In the Kalom company, gen
eially credited as a subsidiary of tho
Eastman Camra Works, which
manufactures most of the film used
In this country, and the Pathe com
pany, the French concern which
manufactured n non-Infringing csm
era and projecting machine. But
this did not work, as there
vi ere other supplies for film and ma
chine which made possible the
building up of the Mutual and Unl
vrrsal services with programs that
r.tre offered as "Independent" of
the trust. Each of these concerns
was really as much of a manufac
turer's trust as the General and each
turned out pictures that compared In
eery way with the average of Gen
eral Film output and hit the Gen
eral 1 11m program a cry hard
Then It was that the organizers of
the trust who were earnestly work
ing tn nrvke good pictures saw their
error. There vero some of the sub
sidiary companies that were not so
Inspired nnd turned out cheap pic
tures, which the program rulea
made the exhibitors accept. J.
Rtuart niackton, the president of the
Vltagrnph company nnd one of the
big factors ik the Motion Picture
1'atenta Cnmpsny, told the photo
play editor of The Times only a few
weeks ago that the greatest evil
thnt was ever Inflicted on the manu
facturers was this compulsory pro
gram feature, which, by the wa,
the photoplay department of Tho
Hnmllton Revclle In "An Enemy to
Society," adapted from the play by
fleorge Dronson Howard. the
Strand. Ninth and rrsvreets.
Hobart fiosworth in Vatherhood '
(Universal), the Garden, t.'3 Ninth
Richard Jose In "Silver Threads
Amone the Gold," the Leader,
Ninth, between E and K streets
Mnrgarita Klsher in 'The Girl From
Ills Town" (Mutual Master Plct
uio), the Olympic, H11 I' street
Cnrlylc Hlackwell in "Tho Puppet
Crown" (Paramount PIcturei), the
Circle, 1105 Pennsylvania avenue.
John Barrvmore In "Are You A Ma
son?" (Famous Players), Crandall's
Apollo. I4 H street northeast.
Ilobcrt Warwick in "The Flash of
An Emerald" (World Film Corp ),
Crandall's Ninth and E streets
Ann Murdock In "A Roval Faml!"
Metro Pictures), the Masonic Au
ditorium Thirteenth street and
New York avenue.
Vera Slsson and Jose Ruben In "The
Rehearsal (Olograph), the Re
vere. Georgia avenue and Park
George Nash In "The Cotton King,"
adapted from the play by Sutton
Vane (World Film Corp), tho HIb
podromo, Ninth street and New
York avenue.
Charlie Chaplin In "Caught In the
Rain" (Keystone), tho Virginia,
Ninth, between F and G streets
Herbert Rawllnson and Inilse Ham
ilton In "Her Prey" (Cold Seal),
the Dixie, Eighth ani II streets
Harold Lockwood and May Allison
In "The Great Question" (American),
the Empire 915 II street north
east Edna Payne In "The Rrand Blot
ters" (Eclair), the Staunton, Third
and C streets northenst
Hazel Dawn ami John Mason In
"The ratal Card" (Famous Play-
ers), the Columbia Theater, Twelfth
and F streets
Note These selections are made
from progrnms prepared by the
managers of the theaters concerned,
nnd no rcsponslbllltj Is assumed for
arbitrary thunges without notice to
The Times Thev are based on the
personality of the plavers and the
producing comp.in. and not per
sonal inspection, except in gneciaj
j v. vasn rnusi
easy i ayinenii
708 7th ST. N. W,
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NvJDk .' " M v V .-
- , . &$ jy
Latest portrait of ORMI HAWLEY,
Revere tomorrow in
Times has opposed every since It
was established.
Then came the establishment of
the feature photoplay companies
with their elaborate productions that
were sold to whoever wanted them
on a State's rights basis that Is,
some person In each State purchas
ing the exclusive control for his
.State. There were no rules and
regulations binding the people who
controlled States' rights to feature
, films, and so exhibitor on the black
list of either the trust or the two
Independent factions could get all
the feature films he wanted Then
the big feature companies, like the
Famous Players, the Oaumont,
Georgo Klelne, Itala. and other com
panies established their own chain
of offices, and the Film trust became
an extremely dead Issue.
For tho past year and a half,
therefore, the trust that was so sol
emnly condemned In Philadelphia
last week, has ceased to be a vital
factor In motion pictures or to have
anything like a monopoly on the
business. It exists today In name
and on paper only, and the rules
and regulations by which It trans
gressed the Sherman anti-trust law
are effective actually only among
those who know no better. Tho
trust has reall). for some time past,
been only an enemy to tho best of
the manufacturers who were mem
bers of It through their contract
agreements to mipport the concerns
that did not and arc not now putting
out pictures up to tho best stand
ards. To those patrons of the film, there
fore, who have expressed anxiety
ns to the effect of the anti-trust de
cision. It may be said the decision,
really means better films. If It means
an) thing at all. because film manu
facturers who have been hampered
by the old conditions In the trust
can now go ahead with plans for
Improvement without the dead
weight of tho ineftlcients hanging
about their corporative necks
O. M
Consular Agents Report In
creased Charges For Ciga
rettes and Tobacco.
The new Rrltish budget presented to
parliament last month, which Increases
taxes on tobacco, sugar, tea, and coffee,
has brought an Increase In the price of
these commodities, according to con
sular advices received by the Depart
ment of Commerce.
Manchester tobacconists have In
creased the retail price of all cigarette
by 3 cents per packet of ten by 4
cents pci" packet of twenty, and by 4
cents per ounce when the cigarettes are
sold by weight, and have decided to
raise the price oT nil domestic tobaccos
4 cents and Imported cut tobaccos &
cents an ounce.
The proposal to Increase the duty on
coffee, tea, cocoa and sugar has had the
result In some centers of almost clean
ing out the local grocers' supplies or
tlieso commodities, ns housewives made,
haste to lay In stocks In anticipation
4Imo turn! 1 or
Kryptok Invisible Bifocals
Toi-lt Price, i
Pphrrlrnl. 7Ar each, rlni1fr, SLAO
rnrh. Hph.- ) t , S1.T.1 rnrh.
13 off on oculInU pre aerlptlnnx.
Adolph Kahn, 935 F St. N. W.
the Lubln star, who appears at the
"Tho Last Rebel."
of advanced prices. An advance In ad
mission price to motion picture theaters
and tho abolition of the hulr-penny
postage are other probabilities In con
nection with England's measures for
increasing its war revenue.
Decreased Incomes Result of
New Plan on Laurel-Washington
Electric Line.
The fourth class postmasters of towns
nlong the City and Suburban electric
railway between Laurel and Washing
ton are organizing a crusade against
mall boxes recently Installed on the
cars These poitmasters are paid only
according to the cancellation In their
offices, and thev c'alm the letters de
posited In the boxes would otherwise
pass through their hands, and they
would receive financial bonefit. Mrs O
Kllnger. postmistress at Ith enisle, haa
suggested the Idea to allow the mall to
he canceled in tho various offices and
then placed In the car boxes as a rem
edy A great many of the postmasters
hive written to the Postofflre Depart
ment complaining of the Injustice of the
matter, and are asking why this section
should be singled out, especla as the
eiectric line runs caraEe with the
iiammore nnd Ohio railroad, and al
ready has an efficient mall service At
? ""at man v points along this line.
Mrs Kllnger pointed out, there are
about six dally deliveries It Is also said
that because of the size of the boxes
ai'hrldM. h'ra,.,,,.,,CM Jon': tno llne
SLlL """ " ls m-CMsary for t1(1
crews to remove the boxes so the cars
.,lne..?Ve,; Tne ""' o postofficcs
tected hv,"theCetr'hCJlnP,tn',t "e '
.r" I.V'. ' . '. bo,p rr("n a cancella-
. 1'uiiu oi view are thns .r r..ri
and Hvattsvllle
The only Postofflce a,ong the road that
rain Dcing third rns,,
to anu rrom llreiuW00( by carrier"
To Quickly Rilim
Rub In f.w drop, of Absorblne. Jr
!.T"f.h-P.y., pene:
trnte. .ml .ot. u- ' . " l"-nr-
... T. ;: "; " Clcan and pleas
ant It Is to use. ani how economical
to do the work H
in addition to beln- . .1 ....
liniment, Absorbin-, Jr Is
safe, nctw-
eriui, trustworthy
(' nntlfinHf n.i .. .i
eld. which doubles Its efficiency and It.
When applied to cuts. bruisc,. nnd
so.es It kills the term.,. ,nak( the
!!:L?" ?' Promote.
.-,.., ........... mauiig it al uis iialii
and inllammatlon
promptly Swollen
glands, painful
varicose vHnu u.n.
mm u..ii.i enlargements leld readily
to the nprllcatlon of Absorblno jr
Absorblne jr , , bj " leading
druggists at SI 00 and Uou a bottle or
sent (111 ett postpaid
mineral inui omie postpaid for
In stamps W r UH'Na PDF
148 Temple t . Springfield, Mass
-the biuntl thai Koo. hounewUfg prefer
., . 4..r.... ....,,iru. airicii) Dm
look nl tatn llk 1.uikhel
t At nur ioirr. No tui.huhm UDPllcd
WholtMl Oraurt. UU and u sis. 8. J6.
' LJ
Three Lads Held, Following
Loss of Money From Cdat of
Federal Scientist.
Three repenitnt youngster are at the
House of Detention today, awaiting a
hearing In Juvenile Court At police
headquarters. Detectives Armstrong
and Orant are holding two new Win'
Chester rifles, two watches, and some
cartridges as evidence In the charge of
grand larceny against the boys. And
back of It all the police say, la a story
Involving a mjsterlous hollow tree
where money was supposed to be
i The 'bo)s gave their names as Harry
taycock, eleven, of 918 Maryland ave
nue southwest; Royce Duty, fourteen,
of 219 Ninth street southwest, and Con
rad Powell, nfteen, of the same ad
dress. Allan Duckett, a bacteriologist In the
Agricultural Department, un Tuesday
missed $81 from his pocketbook whirn
I he hu.l left in his coat hanging upon
a coat-hook. Detectives Armstrong
and Grant, placing a 1 bill in the
nockctbLok which had been rifled,
nung int. coai in me same place yes
terday and watched. They declare that
i.aicocx. youngest or the trio, who
had been delivering papers at the de
partment appeared, took tho money
from the pocketbook nnd tan. being
I captured, after a chase. In the de
partment grounds.
The detectives declare tnat vot.lg
i i-jiycocx uumiueu Having taten uie w,
I hut said he divided It finally with
i Duty and Powell, also giving them
'his share to keep for him The money,
lie said was Hidden In a liollow tiec.
Uearch, however, failed to uveal nny
of tho currency In the hiding nlace
f named, but Instead, at the homes of
tne two otner boys, tne detectives de
clare they recovered two rifles, two
witches, some cartridges, and smaller
lunlclcs wl4ch had been purchased,
they allege, with the mone.
Mrs. Chauncey Hackett Lost
$8,000 Diamond Brooch,
Arrest Discloses.
That Mrs Chauncey Hackett, of lr
Twenty-fourth street, was one of the
heaviest losers In a series of Jewel rob
beries on the liner Finland, of the In
ternational Mercantile Marine line,
while the vessel was en route through
the Panama canal during August, be
came known here today through the re
covery In a New York pawnshop of an
MOOO diamond brooch belonging to her.
Two Italians, formerly stewards on
the Finland, are under arrest In New
York in connection with the robberies
Mrs Hackett, who Is a daughter of Mr
and Mrs Hennen Jennings, of this city,
Is In New York for a visit She was
notified of the recovery of the brooch
last night.
The men held In connection with the
theft were arrested through Informa
tion given the New York police by the
pawnbroker, wtth whom they deposited
the Hackett brooch Karlv In Septem
ber the men had pawned a dlimond
harpln worth tl.Ono for 1175 When thev
made their reappearance with the
brooch the suspicion of the broker was
aroused and he gave the police a de
tailed description of the pair Their
arrest followed Hope Is expressed by
the authorities that other Jewels stolen
on the Finland will be recovered.
Louis F. Post to Speak
Before Esperanto Club
I.oula F Tost Arslrtant Secretary of
Labor, will be the principal speaker nt
the Kolumbln Hsperanta Klubo'a "even
ing of F.sprranto, with music" In th
auditorium of the Public Library
Thursday night. Mr Post will preside,
and his address will he followed by
a number of musical numbe-s Amoni;
them will be plnno solos by Miss Amy
t Leavllt, song hv Miss Ktliel Nugent,
accompanied bv Miss Gertrude Ilrooks,
tenor solo b Dr. N N. Kennedy, and
a duet by Miss Nugent and Miss
Charles W. Stewart, ruperlntcndent
of Llbiary and Naval War Records,
will answer all questions nsked by par
sons In the audience Interested in Es
peranto Prefers Jail to Husband.
HAZLKTON. Pa. Oct. 7. Choosing
ten rias In the lockup rather than to
return to her husband, whom she left six
years ago, Mrs ' Joseph Krynack, of
Kcklej. defied Mayor James 0. Harvey
and refused to accept his offer to act
as mediator.
What to Eit and
Prevent Indigestion
Indigestion and practically all forms of
stomach trouble are, nine times out of
leu, due to acidity, therefore stomach
sufferers should, wheneter possible.
avoid eating food that Is acid In Its
nature, or which by chemical action
In the stomach develops acidity. Those
sufferers who have been obliged to ex
elude from their diet all starchy, sweet
or fatty food and are trying to keep up
a miserable existence on gluten prod
ucts, should try a meal of any toou or
foods In moderate amount, taking Im
mediately afterwards a teaspoontul of
blsurated magnesia In a little hot or
cold water. This will neutralize any acid
which may beprecnt, or which may bo
formed, and Instead of the usual feeling
of uneasiness and fullness, ou will find
that your food agrees with you perfect,
ly. Illsurated magnesia Is doubtless the
best corrective and antacid known. It
haa direct action on the stomach, but
by neutralizing, the acidity of tho food
contents, nnd thus removing the source
of the acid Irritation which Inflames the
dollcate stomach lining, It does more
than could be possibly done bv any
drug or medicine Do not dose an In
flamed and Irritated stomach with
drugs, but get rid of the acid the cause
of nil the trouble. Get a little blsurated
magnesia from your druggist, cat what
you want at our next meal, take some
of ihc illsurated magnesia ns dliected
above, and note remarkable results.
$48 a Month Provides
Food and Clothing for
Family of 5 in Capital
Contributions of Clothing
Allows Family of Four to Live on $10 a Week.
Living Cost Less Than in New York.
A Washington famllv of five can nro-
vide the bare necessities of life on Mi
a week.
An adequate living Wage, for a family
of five In tho Ctpltat, Is lit a week.
inis is me eroim or trained officials
In both the Associated f?hnrttla .ml
the United Hebievv Chnrltlcs, who have
nixie close studies of homo budgets of
Washington families with limited In.
Social workers In Washington vera
t'reallv interested In the report of tho
Mrooklvn Rureau of Charities that $15
H week Is ennuph to support a husband,
1 wile and three -hlllren. OfTlclals of
the Catholic Poplety of 8t. Vincent do
i-ain. in .c Torn, made a similar In
vestigation moni; faiulllcs of wage
earners, nnd asserted $1 a week Is tho
Minimum Is $50 a Month.
Individual rases were cited by Miss
!oule tltnll, of the Associated Chari
ties, In charge of "case work" and In
vestigation, If show that tho minimum
f family Income must rango betwien Itf
mm 11: n week Records of tho United
Kehrev Chailtios wero c ted by I-o
1' urn, Kartell, president of that nrganl
sitlou, to show tlm V a month was
on absolute minimum lor stlf suppoit
of n f. e-memler family,
"If a budget of 115 a week will
sustain a .New York family," s.ild Miss
lleall, "it Is llkel) thit the same ub
slstence could be provided lv 11 Wnsli.
InKton famll for less, perhaps for 112
a week. Rents are cheaper here, and
groceries also probabtv are somewhat
"Of course that figure cuts down tho
provision for a family to hare necessi
ties. It does not allow of saving,
though It Includes small sums for In
surance, nor does It permit newspapers
. . . .
l"Jl ."Jfn0";
JL titlnl tistl Irnnhln In
,-'! 'utii- tn ti urillllKlllli.
laborers whr
receive but
I Ml n
This is the
standard wage
- - "
Albert Spalding, who ranks among
the foremost American violinists, was
heard in concert by members of the
National Press Club last night when
tle first of the autumn "ladles' night"
programs attracted a large number of
tlub members and their guests to the
tilg assembly hall or the club.
Mr. Spalding's delightful club per
formance constituted his first appear
ance in Washington since he was lea
lured with the Russian Smphony Or
chestra seven ears ago tie was a re
markable violinist at that time, and the
performance last evening demonstrated
the ripening of his earlier talents The,
plauded the Spalding selections last
evening, and the violinist responded
with several encores
Pcnor Mlllo Plcco, leading barytone of
the San Carlo Grand Opera Company,
was also a guest and entertainer ot the
club last night lie aamr several num
bers that charmed, among them being
Denzn s "lleautj's Kjes
llenfn a 'ltnti'a li. '
Martin Richardson, tenor, trom the,
Roval Opera House, Florence, was the
third star of the club s musical night.
He contributed the liillihv from "Joce
ln" and two other pleasing songs
All three artists were accompanied on
the piano b) Andre llennlst, wlioso
playing was an artistic feature of the
Mr Spalding will be heard In concert
tomorrow afternoon nt the iielasco
The closing of the Press Club s roof
garden brings the ladles' night ' en
tertainments bick to tho assemoly room
of the club, nnd these attractions will
be held regularly once a month during
the winter. Last night's entrrtnlnment
wss staged by the entertnlnment 10m
mlttee. of which Ralph Graves Is acting
Boy Hit By Motor Car
Recovering in Hospital
Beven-year-olo George Manlhan. of
410 Sixth street northwest, is at
Fmergncv Hospital today suffering
from Injuries received when he was
knocked dpwn by an automobile Tho
accident occurred vesterday afternoon
near Sixth and F streets northwest
The boj's Injuries are not serious
New York
iiunda). October IT
Special Through Train Leaves
Washington. Saturday Midnight,
I 12HB a. m.l tllRHKl PK
J OHO a. m.
Iletnrnlaa. leases Vew 1 orK
II ill I p. m.
Similar llacurnlon November 'Jl.
$2.50W Philadelphia'
$2.25 Chester
$2.00 Wilmington
October 10 mid 'Jl.
I Washington 7il A. VI.
Tickets on sale Saturrinj precul.
Ing each excurnlnn
$1.50 W Baltimore
A.SD lti IfliS I
J rickets miuil on nil trains ex-1
lrept Conurrasluunl Limited lnd
jto return until Ui:tu t. VI. llonilat.r
IPennsylvania R. R.j
By Associated Charities
unskilled labor, and always, she said
a man trying' tn support a family on
that Income either must anneal to
charity organisation for aid, or the
rood provided doe. not furnish neces
sary nutrition.
No Clothing- On $10 a Week.
"f have In mind one family," she
said, "which consists of a mother and
three dependent children. The mother
receives 112 a week. She supports the
family on that. Hut she must buv rem.
nanta, she must make the children's
clothes. There la another family of a
mother and three children with $10 a
week. Hut this family must be helped
by contributions of clothes in otper
respects It Is self-supporting."
The rent problem In Washington. Miss
Hen II said, Is made easier by the homes
nrovlded at from 110 to $14 a month by
the Banltarv Housing Compan, n senil
phllanthronlr organization which houses
several hundred families of dally wohC-
wo mere.
Maintenance In Washington. Mr.
Raumgarten stated, la lower than In
New York. He believes M Is the abso
ute minimum at which a family. In good
health, mav bo self-supporting. This
allows no margin for savings
Eleven Live On $2.
"We have some remarkable examples
cf thrift on our records " he said
There la one fnmllj of eleven where
Iho total Income is only $20 That fam
ily is self-supporting except for the
lint, which we pay.
"V street sweeper on our lists main
Jains hl,i 1 millv on an average wane of
II a we. but we pav his rent, which
'mounts lillla month. I believe the
loveit ion' frr a famllj of five hero In
eanllurv house Is about $U Anvonn
Java less probiihly sacrifices
l.;g.eii c li hr- conditions
.,' Murn of the ca'l on charity organlza
' J'01.'" ':'' ,'.' "Y '"nplement to smTl
Tlmtm L.-t t . . ' -' -
.- met in Himnv
supported by our
organization "
Approval nf recommendations made
to the Commissioners during the sum
mer for n new bridge at Calvert street,
across Rock Creek: for an addition to
the Chevy Chase School buildings, and
for the acquisition of land for park
purposes between Chevy Chase, DC,
and the Ilroad branch road was given
by the Citizens' Association of Chevy
Chase last night. v-ntvy
The recommendations vere made by
officers of the association to aid the
Commissioners in determining the
"".''" f the Chev Chase section for
of (he coming Congress
winyu appropriations Should oe n.kel
"n. niri i!.i.ih ..:. ,--......
the subject of an liiustriied leenir.
delivered1 prior to the l,u,Vn. meet-
Ing by C. H. Wells, of the Chesanenke
and Potomac Telephone Compnnj. Mr. ,
Wells explained the duties of 'elephona 1 1
operntore and desrrlhe.1 ih Mn.nnA-. I
under which they work II J Mnrmv 1
! and C. J
Peoples were elected to
; Inemher
Dandruffy Heads
Become Hairless
If jou want plentv of thick, beautiful,
glossv. silky hair, do by all means get
rid of dandruff, for it will starve our
hair and ruin it If you don t
It doesn't do much good to try to
brush or wash It out. The onlv sure
way to get i Id of dandruff la to dlssolvV
it, then you destroy it entirely. To iln '
mis, get oooui tour ounces or ordinary
liquid arvon: applv It at night when re.
tiring, use enough to moisten the scalp
nnd rub tt In gcntl.v with the linger
Hy morning, most If not all. nf oui
dandruff will be gone, and three or four
more applications will complefly dis
solve nnj cntlrelv destro) every single
sign and trace of It.
ou will find. too. that all Itching nnd
digging of the scalp will stop, and vour
hair will look nnd feel n hundred times
better. You can get liquid arvon nt anv
drug store. It ls inexpensive and tour
ounces fs all you will need, no matter
how much dandruff you nive This
simple remed) never falls dvt
MAYR'S Wonderful Remedy
Should Convince You That
Your Suffering Is
A million people, man
own localltj, have liken
right In jour
Mav r s Won-
iicrnii iiemeuj Tor Stomach, Liver, and
Intestinal Ailments, Djspepsln, Pres
sure of Gas Around the Heart, Hour
Stomal h Dlstiess After Eating, Ner
vousness, Dizziness, l'ulntlng Spells
Mik Hesdachis, t'onstlpatlin, Torpid
l.lver, tti , nnd arc praising It highly
to oilier uiifferHis Gtt a bottle of juui
diugglst lodnv This hlglil) success
ful Itemed) lias been taken bv people
In all walks of life, among them Mem
bers of Congress, lustlie of tho Ku
picme Couit, IMutntors, L,uwvcis, Mei
chnnts. Bunkers DocUus, Druggists
.Suims Manufiictuieis, Priests Minis
teis PaimeiH, with lasting benefit and
It should be ciUilh su icsslullv In
our case Pond foi fice valuable book
let on stomach Ailments tn Geo II
Masr. Mfg Chemist 151-lVi Whiting
htreet, Chicago, III For sale b drug
gists everywhere, Advt.
Lwt4 J
Telegrams' Protesting to White
House Denied By New Jersey
Opponents of woman suffrage In New
Jersey, forging the names of prominent
persons of Trenlon and other cities, aro
sending telegrams to the White Wouse
protesting against the President's an
nouncement In favor of votes for women
In his home Slate. '
These telegrams signed with the
names of Richard Stockton, and other
prominent New Jersey people were re
ceived at the White House lasf night
Secretary to the President Tumulty re
plied and received Indignant denials
from the persons whose names had been
signed to the original telegrams pro
testing that they had sent no messages
of any kind whatsoever.
Hundreds of other telegrams from per
sons favoring woman suffrage have
been received at the White House.
Says a tablespoonful of Salts
flushes Kidneys, stopping
Meat forms Uric Acid, which
excites Kidneys and Weakens
Eating meat regularly evertually pro
duces kidney trouble In some form or
other, sajs n well-known authority, be
cause the uric arid In meat excites the
kldnejs, they become overworked; get
sluggish, clog up and cause all sorts of
d'strcss, partlcvlarlv backache and mis
ery in the kidney region; rheumatic
twinges, severe hendachea, acid stom
ach, constipation, torpid liver, sleepless
ness, bludder and urinary irritation.
The moment your hack hurts or kid
neys aren't acting right, 01 if bladder
bothers ou, get about fou- ounces of
Jad Salts from nny good pharmacy:
taae a tablespoonful In a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and
Sour kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salta ls made from the aM nf
Ftapcs and lemon Juice, combined with
llthla. and haa been used for genera
tions to rush clogged kidneys and stim
ulate them to normal activity: also to
neutiallze the acids In the urine so tt
no longer Irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad Halts cannot&rftnJuro anyone:
makes a delightful 'awrvescent llthla-
, water drink which mlnaans of men and
i women take no and then 10 kceD the
'''Inevs and urinary organs clean, thus
""""" "'"" Wr dlscase.-Adft.
Can You Stand
the Pace at 60?
Kellogg! Sanitono "Wafers Make Yon
Strong and Husky as You
Were in Days of Old.
SO -Cent Box FREE.
If you're "slowing up" on vitality, feel
ing old before you should, your nerves
need a tonlo take Kellogg's Sanltone
Wafers now.
Look lletter and Feel Younger at AO
Thau 1 ou Dili at 40.
Ibis is the remed) that has astonish
ed scientists by Its quick action, vitaliz
ing powers It has brought scores of
brain-weary, exhausted men nnd wom
en back to sprlklul vigor and the
bunvancy of outh When that "all
In." woebegone feeling makes ou tired
of the game of life our nerves have
"iot you," jou'vo used up their vital
force. A'ou're nerve-sick, not body-sick;
nerve-hungry, not dpeptlc, nnd must
build up on a nerve-lonlc-food. It's a
shame for a man nt sixty to feel gloomy
or low .spirited, or be lacking In the
stnlng power, that fills ou with "Oet-up-nnd-get
" Kellogg's hanltone Wafers
rcvlvo you so ou feel like a new being,
nnd keep ou at jour liest for )cars to
To convince ou of their merit, let us
mall you, FnEE, a BO-ccnl trial box.
Kellogg's Sanitono Wafers, In regular tl
boxes, are for salo by all leading drug
gists Whether ou get them from us
or buy from our druggist, don't fall to
get them right ana).
The regular Jl 00 size of Kellogg's
Sanltone Wafers is for sale In Washing
ton at Affleck's Prug More, 15th and F
sts N. W.: Day A Co . N K cor Sth
and O sts N. v , People's Pharmacy. I
stores. Tth and K sts N W and. Ith
and i: sts N V, O'Honnell's Drug
Stores Ml p at X W , ."01 Pennsylvania,
avenue S. ): Advt
Free 50c Box Coupon
r. ,i. ki:i. i, ,(. to.,
iHHt HufllilliKter lllork.
Iliillle ( reek, Mich.
Send me b return mall, free of
chniKO, s ortc trial box of tho won
derful dlscoverv for ncives. Kel
logg's Sanltone Unfeis 1 enclose 6
tints in stamps tn help pav postage
and packing
Name .,.,
II r
JJbp jssL -JBJsa SBr .s fA. JBB
I' S 'e

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