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Star Football Player At Georgetown Is Candidate For President of Law Class
Star Forward of Georgetown
Stands High in Studies as
. Well as on Field of Football
f Endeavor.
Gridironer Holds Admiration of
Coach Exendine, Manager
Cox, and of All Members of
! Hilltop Faculty.
One Big Pass
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 5.
Judge Mathewnon today asked
Manager Camngton( of the
Yale eleven, for permission for
the boys' clubi of this city to
see the Yale-Brown game on
Saturday. Manager Carring
ton wrote out the following
order: "Pass the Judge anri
6,000 kids." This is believed
to be the biggest pass written
Bince Noah passed into the ark
with his companions.
John Mahluni, varsity left guard
at Georgetown, is a candidate for
the senior class presidency in the
law school. The election is to be
held tonight, and he is expected to
be chosen to head his class.
Besides being the best forward in
the Georgetown line Mahlum stands
high in his class. As a student, he
is one of the best ever attending
Georgetown. The professors and
instructors of the law school are all
his admirers, and are with him in
his candidacy.
"Mahlum Is one of the beat foolbill
plyir I hac cer seen ' 'aid Coach
Albeit A. Kxcndlnc todas Me his all
the flnlf.li of a arslt pUer. with tho
nrt of 1 lion He la ncci (ioMiua'U
over a same, hut aluii) wIIIIiik to i,i
after the other fellow lit li nn honor
to Georgetown, a fine chap In et
"Mahlum is a fine Mlon. ' saitl dialler
It Cox, prirtuate inatuRei of athletic at
UeorKetown ' 1 hough he had a uken
hind he ImLted nn taKlns til plir In
the lln" I"oi Lour.ise, hi Iwm never
beer, beaten at (IruirfLlonn Mr- houl 1
oc one of iicorseimm t cHndhlnti mr
all-bouth Atlalitli honor thin n aon "
Mahlum made the : r.-lt eleen l.il
ear, plijlns a tine Kami asainrt ill
opponent Though opposed In l i.inl
Urtfn. ho hatl nlream mide I. nr
at Lehigh, he aiiKccdnl In com.i.cins
Coich hxuidlne thut he was enull to
tha task of plaMnj sunrd with i iiplam
i.arion on the aislt team at the tllll
top He plaice! Br.it fuolbi'1 tucaliuil
i nlceton. Navy, nm, and I oiuhuni
the etlffrct contests i;lin the lllur ,md
wrav Ills peisonalltv Ins rallied tj lnj
asslstanen man lw vhool scnlois who
are joins out touUht to vote, ioi him,
maktnc Him pi cedent of his class
Catholic L'nlirrati will be without a
football same for lomoi row unless Mar.
aiftr kaianniiKli suicccdo In landlns
Ihe Ttelna Mercede3 elecn, uf Annup
oUfi for a prictli-e contest The Mer
cedes drier lins betn tho punchinc ba
nf the Washington tenrm thU season,
taking a valloplns from (ienrsctown
and the ViBilantb and will liurril) want
to come cuer hero for a came
Mt bt Man will ho dropped ftnm
the C I' schedule n this Is tho sec
ond rnr In succesflon that the Mars
Unders hae canceled Catholic I'nl
erlti wanted to cot n cood work-out
this week a Muhtcnliers Is to be
plaved next aturdix at Aljentown I'a
With Ccorsetown and C l without
fames Washington has onl the .Mary
land Aggks-WashliiEtfin chllege same
to see In follegr l'alk, Md I he Asgles
are oerwhelnilns faniltes.
Dartmouth Takes Tale
Of Trouble With Salt
Coach Cavanaugh Says That Penn's Ineligiblcs Have
Failed to Play Good Game-Also Calls Bell Best
Quarterback in Red and Blue Squad.
BOSTON, Nov. 3. Dartmouth will own
the tlub tonight nnd tomorrow nUlit.
Not for three eais Iwk the llnnoier
eleien been seen In this city, ano. to
morrow's game it Fenway I'ark with
IYnnnjIvanln will brine down eir
student from the little New Hampshire!
town. The ndxaw swiril Is duo lo
arrlie at tho No'th station this after
noon, the hiilk nf the host ? rrlvlng to
morrow morning The Dartmouth
authorities hao decreed tomorrow a
holiday In Hanover, and It Is doubtful
If one student will be left at horr.o
when the whistle hlowa for the kick-off.
Tho announcement of tho geneial
hakc-up at l'cnn In which four men
wero declared Ineligible nnd the catitnln
relegated to the second team, Is helnr;,
taken with a grain of salt In Hanoter.
When Interviewed on this subject,
Krank Caanaugh, the head roach, said:
'The Dartmouth team will not he one
bit misled by tho story of the sudden
collapse of the Penn football team
This Is an old trick of the game, and
often worked before. Wc are all aware
of the foct that Penn his an extraor
dinary amount of wonderful material,
and while admitting the ability of
Stack. Welch, and Grant, the three new
lv declared Ineligible, the fact forces
Itself upon ua that apparently they have
not been plalng up to the standard set
by tha coaches for the first string, as
none of these three men hao taken an
Importint part In the last two Karnes
'Ho far m Ihe otrentth of the Pi nn
lenm Is eonLcrncd we are taklns; noth
ing foi gianled The onh real thing of
consequence that has happened has been
the relegating nf Die l'cnn captain to
the second team Mr nrn at a loss in
see nh this should hurl the team. If
a better man haa been found lo take
his place. Ho far as Penn'a quatter
back Is com ri ned those who saw the
Penn game last Siturday unquestion
ably slate that Hell was by far their
best quarterback Wo are expecting n
hard game, and hae made preparations
to meet Prnn along Ihesn lines"
The line-up for tomorrow follows!
Left end, Dusossolt , left tai kle, Fish
baik: left guard, Merrill, i enter. Max
ler, right guard, bpcar, right tackle,
Cotton: right end, Kmery: quarterback
Worthlnglon or llolbrook, left half
back. Oerlsh . fullbick, Thlelscher, nnd
right halfback, TWei.
Tho Pennsyhatiia amity squad to
da practlcea at Fenway Park It Is
a glomm hand of warriors, recent ills
nullifications having hit the team
hard Thcto Is bitter feeling among
the Quaker met the resignation of
Howard Jh ri As It Is nnl one quar
terback, Hell, knows the signals If
Hell Is Injured a scrub quarterback will
hale lo be used
The Pennsy cheering section will ar
rive here tomorrow morning
Yale Varsity Tears Its Way Up
and Down Field Against
Strong Freshmen.
Qsllaudet mil pin the Jsorth c'ain
lma Aggies trillion nw and Coai h Wayne
Hart hopes onK to make a) good show
ing against Jack Ilrgarts's team which
defeated the Na lust week
Coach l.Nondlnr todai xcused the
eorgotown arslt (quad until Mon
day, lie feels thut the team's hud
schedule has laKcn a lot of ' pep ' out
of the team and thit a good rest will
do the squad more good than anMhlng
Charles R Co graduate managei,
and Coaih nxcndlne will go to Pilnce
ton tomorrow lo see what Hariaul
does to the llgirs
Tomorrow the ("hometown fieshmen
will battle the sophomore at tho Hill
top, the game atartlng at ". o'clock
This peine Is an annual attraction at
Georgetown nnd should be fought to
a finish.
2 'ilN.
ioh (opars
Otherwise, Princeton Will Face
Harvard Tomorrow With
Same Team of Week Ago.
W. R. Tuckerman Is Second in
Tournament for Horstman
Memorial Cup.
PniNCfc'TON. N. J. No i-Prac-tlcallv
the same eleven that showed to
such good adan"ige over Dirtmouth
two weeks ago will face Harvard here
tomorrow The onlv change will be.
Lamherton at md, Instead of lliown.
Iamberton's work this week has been
a revelation lo the yaches
Old erads began to drift bank to
Princeton todij. nnd the campus and
village alrcHd) la taking on a gala np
pearance Hurvird glads are also
sprinkled through the crowds, awaiting
the arrival of Captain Mahan and lila
cohorts tomorrow morning. A larno
number will come Jown from New York
A cold drizzling ra'n drove the Tlgrra
to cover vestcrday. and the latter part
of the practice was held In the baseball
age Thetc ivas no si rlmm.ige and
Hush took no ihincis of getting any of
his men Injured
In the baseball nhf the ceroid team
wiih Kent nirnliist tho nrilt In ntl llin
known Harvard formations, and each'
nrst string man was shown Just whero
he should bo on eer pla The plava
wen run through slowlv and even bod
hecklng was barred
It haa not vet hem decided whether
llalsev will start at right tackle against
Harvard He ia not li. perfect con
dition, and In 'ase ICi ane I'ltzpatrlck
the trainer, decides to keep him out,
Parlsette will have the next call
The line-up that has the piefcrenee
lot the Harvard game Is illghley, left
end. Mclean, left tackle, N'ouisc, left
gusrcl. Oennert center Hogg right
Miard, Halsev, right ta.'k'c Uimberlon,
Tight end; CJIIck quarterlnck, Rhea, left
half hack. Tibliotl lUht haliback,
lJrlEs fu'lbaclt
CAMniUDGi:. Mass, Ncv '.-Though
It Is admitted that llmnnl'i eleven Is
not is good as list vcai nevertheless
It Is felt lure that the team will be abbs
to I'top Princeton's attack toinnttow,
r.nd Captain Mahan mav he tble to win
nv field goals
The football squid left tedav for New
orK ind will lo down to the lunle
eirlv tomoriow morning Watson will
surelv stan it quarterback with Ho'ts
plavlng rlrht lulfliacl. It. stead of En-wright
Samuel Dnlsell annexed his second
cup In two weeks at the Chew Chase
Club yesterdu when by a margin of
seven strokes he won the Tl-role
medal competition for the Horstman
.Meniinl.il r up Dnlzell commenced
plav against a field of live Idas err
Wednesday morning and plaied H
holes each morning and afternoon
W. I!, fuckermin finished stcoud In
the tourniment with n total number of
stiokes of 32T.. iBiilnst ."Sn for Dalzell
MHn Iwird was third with "a; Wol
cott Tuckerman was lh onh other
polfer to finish Kills and I-ewls having
drooped out al the end of the CHh hole
The cards bj rounds
Bam Dalzell . n S". SO UI-'KS
W. R Tuckerman i " M mrc.
Allan Land s" V. x.1 XI-M7
Wolcott Tuckerman '3 M ST f 317
Ni:w HAVriN. Conn., Nov .1 Tom
Shevlln's "tear 'em up'" stylo of coach
ing Is having its results Vale's var
sity clew n has gotten together hetlet
than at anv time this ycal and hopea
ie enteilalurd that n victory oer
iirown will follow.
In jestcrday' scrlmmugc against the
freshmen, the vaislt hammered their
vvav up and down tho field, the young
sters being wholly unable to atop them
Capt 'Alec Wilson made tho final dash
which carried the ball over the line
Tom Khevlln stood behind the regulars
all tho way, and drove them along at a
rapid pace, criticising and praising ac
cording as gains or losses resulted. On
the defensive the varsity did not make
smh a satisfactory showing, although
the freshmen were unable to gain con
sistently When they had possession of
the ball.
Thn same line-up was used as on
Wednesday, with the exception that
Wlcdeman plaved at right end through
out the practice. Wedncsdav Church
alternated with him at that position.
Wlcdeman 1 developing Into a really
capable end He haa Plenty of speed,
despite his IRS pounds, and Is one of tho
hardest tacklcrs on the squad Ring
ham's work at halfback was fairly
satisfactory to the coaches, as was Van
.Nostrand a generalship at quarternacit
The latter weighs IK pounds, but haa
so much aggressiveness that It Is hard
to stop him
Among the arrivals at the bowl were
tlalph nioomer, 'f4, who played at
tackle when he was In college. He Is
a close friend of Tom Rhevlln Carroll
Kiinwles, one of the bac klleld veterans
on last neuron's team also returned to
watch the practice All of the coaches
who were on hand veslerdaj appeared
at the Held again and helped with the
work 'Ihlngs arc going smoothly In
the Vale cimp. nnd every one Is doing
his part to turn out a championship
The line-up was I.efi end. Illodgctt,
left tackle Oates left guard. Kent
cental. White, right guard, J Sheldon,
right tackle. Way right end. ledc
man qu irterbick, Van Nostrand left
halfback. Wilson, right halfback, fling
ham fullback. Scovll
No Peace for Barrow,
International Leader
All Three Pros.
became known today that the
charRCB uffainsl Hilly Stack,
Hay Grant untl Vinco Welch,
tho three Penn football play
era, in professionalism and
that they were declared ineli
gible for this and not for
scholastic work.
Prof. Goodspced, chairman of
tho faculty committee, made
the announcement that the
lads were all riuht in their
scholastic work.
Wharton Sinklcr, chairman of
the football committee, when
questioned would not deny the
charges, but said he would
leave it up to the players to
make any announcement necessary.
Ni: YOHK, Nov r, -Kdward O
Harrow, president of the International
league, was todav on hi way to Han
Francisco to attend the nnnital meet
ing of Ihcv National Association of
llaselull Clubs llefote leaving Mr
Harrow said
The Federil I.c.ina.e cannot use the
Intern illnn il League foi a foil in Its
fight for peace There will b no mer
ger of Interest between niv league and
the cneniv I am sure the Amerhan
Association feels the same wav The
Class AA leagues are the only ones
whose co-oneriitlon could be of benefit
In the Independents, and these feel that
i their Interests vlll be best served
through unshakablg loyalty to the or
ganization of which they are now a
most Impnitant part"
Wharton Will Resign as
Coach of Penn Forwards
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5 To cap the
climax of the many exciting Incidents
which have been happening around
Krenklln Field these last few days was
Ihe innounceme-it made nv Dr Huck
Wharton vestcrdsv afternoon before he
left for Iloaton. to the effect that thla
would he his last year as 'one of the
coaches at Old Penn. The reason for
n U'li.i.1.'. Jul.lnn la Uu lit. ..
.'I. ." iinnvii i ,.-i.niii in .. ii.b i,-
vate duties have become ton pressing,
ann that, although he has enJoed licln
with the bos thU fill, he must no 'ct
his coaching Interfere with his work
When asked as to wether there hid
been any dissension at tho coaches
meeting on Wednesdav nlrht. he atntcd
that there had been none, and he did not
expect thst thero would be any. lln
said: "I have been too busy teaching nt
line men the game to pay anv attentlm
to iny one else's affairs, and I lellne
that my hoys ate as good forwarta ss
nnj team In the country todav. i:verv
man Is a fighter, and each one has hsd a
square deal If anv man Is better than
another, that man gets the Job, and
there Is nn disputing the mallei "
How They Get Together
In Football Tomorrow
Harvard vs Princeton
Dartmouth vs Pennsylvania
Yale v s Iirown
Virginia va Vanderbllt
Michigan vs Cornell
Army vs Notre Dam
Nav v vs nucknell
Ciallaudet va A and M
W and L vs lloanoke
Fordham vs Hostnn College
Holy Cross vs Carlisle Indians
Lafavette vs Swarthmore
Pittsburgh vs W and I
Michigan Aggies vs Marquette
Mar) land Aggies vs Washington Col-lecc
Pimlico Entries.
Tor Saturday.
First incc Purse, two-ycar-olds, six
riirtnntru. Tinmnll till Pnlrnma. 112.
Kevllllan, 1W. Indian Chant, 112; IMdle
Henry, 112, Cuntara, US; Damrosch, 113,
Virginia M. 109, llrynrhaiit, 107; Hand
full, lot; Dorcns, 101; Hcssllcn, 1W, Hilly
McOee, IWi rtcpton, 112; Plaudllo, 101,
In and Out. 104; Jacobus, 10).
Kccond race - Plmllco HuDscrlptlon
u.A.iKni..uA I tn.,tl.nii fitirvenrnllM
and up; two miles and n quarter. Ben
egnmblaii, 111, Dixon Park, 13ii; Pehs
Aalnoruni. HO. Cynosure, HI, North-
wood. 131, BJOSSCl, liu.
Third raco-Tho Wnlden Htakes; two-veor-cilda,
one mile. St. Hock. 107.
Hinoothbore, 101. Whimsy, 119; Colonel
Vennle, l, a-Puss In Hoots, 121. ( e
landrla. Ill, Murphv. 112. ci-Chlirchlll,
107; King Neptune, 122.
a-Kcciic cntr).
Fourth race-Plmllco Serial Handicap.
No. 1, threc-vinr-olils and up, three
quarters of u mile. Itoamer. ITU, Ivewcs
sb, 105: Hubert Hradley. 107, a-Cello. 101,
Cock o' tho Walk, 11, Stromboll. 121:
Hackbay, 101; Coquette, US. Hester
Prvnnc. 102. Sir Lilgnr, 109: Tlinrnhlll,
109. a-Carblde. 100; Harry Blinw, 109
a-Tyrco entrj
Fifth race Handicap: thrae.jcir-olds
and up; six furlongs. Lady Kdwlna.
101; Nanshon, 102; Lnenre, 92. Humilia
tion. 100; Helnmoiir. 101; Sondmarsh, 110;
Clarhage, 102; foe Finn, 17; Preaump
tlon, 108. Fair Helen. 1M; Water Welles,
101; Itellectlon, 'iJ, Platitngenet, "S; Klla
llrvaon, 101, Jim Hase, 91. Ilrlar Path,
l', Wanda J'ltzcr. 10",, I'ulliix, W
Sixth race-Hclllug, handlcup, three-cai-otds
and up, one mile and a six
teenth Afterglow, 97, Cliff Edge, !i,
Kazan, 97, Luther, J0I, The Hump lOi,
Altumnha, lmij (lallop, 109; Louise Trav
els. 103, Ham mick, 101; Uurwood, los,
Hester, 'i9j i,ndy Splrltuclle. 103; Scorpll,
1"7. .
Seventh lacn Belling. handicap;
thrcc-j ear-olds and up, one mile and a
sixteenth Woden, I'd, Nosh, 97, Man
son, 97; Haby Slater 102, Alheiia, 111.
Menlo Park, 101, Mar) land Olrl, in.
High Tide, lto:- Uamboi, 101, Hoger
floidon. 100, Ida. Clalir. lft, Dom
Moran. 101. Heethoven, 101.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Weathtfr clear, track fast
Mohawks Will Meet
Mayflowers on Sunday
The Mohawk Athletic Cuh will battle
the I S 8 Mn flower team In a gam"
of football on Mindsv. November 7, at
heventeenth and D streets it 2 3C
The Mohawks will have their heaviest
line-up In the game, as thev will bo rep.
resented by Lacaronle, Der, Weaver
and neattv In Ihe backfleld with Hav
den and fichofleld nn the flanks The
tackles will be Vermillion and Donltv,
while Tower will be In center.
Columbia Is Undecided
About George Brickley
NEW flltK. Nov. II -Columbia Is
apparent!! as for as ever fiom a defi
nite stand as In whether It will 01 will
not meet 'Irinlts on the gildlron on
Noiembei 13 After a -cslon tint last
ed for bonis, the unlvtiMtv commit
tee on athletics adjourned eailv vestet
dav lnotulng without icichlng a stand
clthei wav Anothci meeting will be
called on Mondav. Novcmbei R, In an
effoit to i each a decision So far there
has Deen no communication with the
Tilnity officials
The meinbeis of Ihe lonuniltce were
silent when seen vesterdav, nnd Charles
Hnlstcad Mapcs, chairman referred all
Inquirers; to Harrv A l'lshei graduate
uunagei of athletics Fishers bare an
liouniement was that the committee
would have nothing to nnnounce until
next Tuesday
FGunSeason i
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pens With a boom in
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