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Courier Bears to Rome Mes
sage From Papal Envoy
Relative to von Buelow.
Reporters Pledged
To Write No' Matter
Offensiveio Berlin
nOME. Nov. 5. A Ion report rrom
Mgr. Marctirtll. Daual onvoy In Switzer
land, concerning negotiations of soma
iiort with rrlnce von Buelow, cx-chan-eellnr
of Germany, arrived nt Hie Vati
can today by special courier.
Despite emphatic denials, the belief
hero that Marchctti and von lluelow are
discussing peace was much strength
ened Immediately.
Ttallnn opinion sees In the numerous
referencca to possible peace nn uttempt
to create" in hcutial countrlea an at
mosphere favorable to pence, which
might constitute, a mean for bringing
pressure on the allied governments.
The Italian uress vtarna public opinion
not to be deceived by audi false hopes.
The Trlbuna asserts that It Is In a po
sition to aay that the entente allies have
certain guarantees that the Jtomo cabi
net will not be u party to such obscure
All the Home newspapers agree In
pointing out how ridiculous would such
attempts be at the moment the union
of the allies had been drawn closer,
without taking Into account the "re
newed victorious military activity."
LUCERNE. Switzerland. Nov. G
Prince von lluelow. former German
chancellor, denies that he had come to
Switzerland on a peace mission, lie
declared Germany was icaolveil to con
tinue the war to Its conclusion, by
arms. I
The prince made It clear that he was I
not going to Washington to aee Presl- ,
Alfonso In relation to peace terms. Nor
la the prince engaged In audi discus
Ions wrth a Papal delegate or anyone
LONDON, Nov. 5. New regu
lations imposing unprece
dented restrictions on for
eign newspaper correspond
ents in Germany have been
promulgated in Berlin, ac
cording to a Mail dispatch
from' The Hague.
Correspondents, it is said, have
been required to sign a pa
per virtually binding them
selves to send nothing of
fensive to Germany, and
must promise that their tele
grams will not be altered by
the editors receiving them,
as well as that no headlines
unfavorable to Germany will
be printed above them.
The dispatch asserts corre
spondents further must agree
to remain in Germany until
the end of the war. They
must file hereafter three
copies of each dispatch, one
to be kept by the foreign of
fice and another at the head
quarters of the general staff.
Confers With Cabinet Members
Separated Zaimis May
Await Election.
Dipfomats Here View
Denials as Evidence
Of Peace Possibility
With official denials from a half
dozen European capitals that peace
plans are under way Ht. Petersburg
alone not heard from Washington
diplomats are more than eer con
vinced that n "sounding out" process Is
attaining Important momentum. Kiom
London. Uerlln, Paris, Home, and
Vienna have recently come practically
official statements that peace will nut J
no considered until tne enemy is
army Is being assembled on the west
ern borders of Itoumanla. Thus the
anxiety of the Roumanian gmernrnent
can be underjtood.
uesine massing troops, the allies ara
,,l5.lnF. olher leni' persuadn Greeca
...-. ..n,u uiiu u in 10 mrir in
terest to Join against the central pow-
Sisters and Nieces Remember
ed in Bequests Recorded Today.
A Japanese kimono presented to her I
by Mrs. Kukl. wife of the minister to
the United States from Japan in 1SST. j
valuable paintings, some of her own
work, are left to her sisters and 'nieces.
according to the provisions of tho will
of Emma Uoxana Graves, filed for pro
bate In the office of the Register of
crushed. Wills Sli ires In Colorado mines, two
These facts are regarded themselves ',,, In Mnr)P Mrect. Carlln. Va..
as proof that European chancellories-' ' ..,, , ,i, i ,..,!,..,,, .
are actually discussing Institution of nnml nn nccount In the American Se
peace movement. Utility and Trust Company nre equally
dlvldeil between the testators two
Necessity for extreme secrecy and
tera, Llbbln. M. Craves Menet and
Amelia B. Qras-es. who also are named
executiices. The nieces to whom be
quests of pergonal property. Jewelry
and paintings are left are l.lbble Oravea
carp in promulgating mure discussions
officials Intimate, called out the official
denials Neither aide, it was pointed
out, Is vet ready to nubllcly admit that
It would consider peacetjiegotlatlons.
In official and diplomatic quarters, the
prompt nnd vociferous denials of peace j yt ana Kathniine Joyce Krlck.
lar consumption of the public nnd tha
armies while secret negotiations are in
nroaress. t
President Wilson and his closest ad
visers are closely watching me ma
neuvers among foreign diplomats.
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Join the entente allies, or ho"'1'
situation of Serbia he nppieclablv arne-
otatcd by an Angio-r rentn ""7"""V
: . 1 ...- u in tint be unnre-
pared to change her present attitude.
The teporta that llusslan troops were
Innfllng nt Varna has mane a "i'
piesslnn In tlreece, tne weisui-ii )".
Bliould King Constantjiie decide upon
delnv tintU n new parliament can be
elected, either t)ie .nlmls eablnet-the
reslgnitlnn of which has not yet been
nccepted-wlth jicfhaps a change In the
ministry of kp, or some other cabinet
favoring the King's policy of continued
neutrality would have charge of affair,
and consenuentlv there would be no
change In the military situation.
Position of Wr Party.
Mow violently this will l resented by
the pro-war element was made plain by
Venlzeloa In his speech at the time of
the cabinet crisis. A dissolution of the
law-making body was the course the
Klnif adopted six months ago when he
originally disagreed with Venlzelos con
cerning Greece's attitude toward the
European conflict.
This was all right then. Venlzelos ad
.mttta.i Uimmu hr hail been no ex
pression hv the (Ireek people of their
wishes In the matter, anu me ivina
entitled to believe they preferred peace.
Ti, ainti.,,1 fniinwd. however, the
Venlzelos partv won. and the Klnr had
to reappoint Venlzelos prem er.
Th. l.tinMnffnatlt of Zallllla tO the
premiership when Venlzelos, still unable
to agree with his majesty, resigned a
second time about a month ago. waa
also admittedly a proper step In the di
rection of testing parliament's views.
tl.t uh.n nnrllnment Voted a lacK Of
confidence In the Zalmls regime, enl
zelos held .the whole controversy wn
disposed of. ...... ...
"After the recent election.' he said,
"the crown has not the right to dis
agree again on the some question.
Replying to a deputy who had re
proached Venlzelos with having ques
tioned the patriotism of the King.
Venlzelos pointed out that a constltu.
tlonal sovereign bears no responsibility,
lie condemned those who sought to Mcle
behind the sovereign and repeated:
In a consuiuiiunm umic ....... .-..
be no royal pollcv "... , , .
Oounarle. minister of the Interior,
maintained that the constitution con
feried upon the King the right to dis
approve of the government. He sought
to iustlfy the cabinet's refusal to aa-
8linSvirewtt'..f this outspoken expression
of lews. the geneial opinion Is that
Constantlne will precipitate an ex
tremely grae situation If he still re
slits the pro.wnr element
Greece never looked with favor on
Ilulgarlan occupation of Macedonia,
and there are some in the country who
fear that a victorious Hulgarla might
Ihrow covetous eyes on Knvnl! C.J
Klnr Ferdinand fought so hard to hold
at the conclusion of the lialkan wars.
Revolt in Albania Is
Feared by Italians
,ltOMi:, Nov. .-Albania Is oif the
verge of an uprising. The Home news
papers are urging the government to
fortify the country back of tho Al
banian port of Avlona, which Italian
trooos hold.
The trouble Is due to attempts by
Serbians, whom the Auatro-Oerman In
vaders are driving out of their own
country, to cross the Albanian frontier:
Ksaad Pasha, who'elalma tn rovern Al
bania, la anti-Austrian, though himself
n Turk. He favors theySerbs nnd wanta
to admit them. As most Albanians are
anti-Serbian, however, a rising against
i......1 .- t-ii1l,l anH In tliAlr flrst
.., .U ..t., t.at t.l. tl la. f..r.
DRUMS 111" iriwio or., ii. ... .. ...-.
that they will attack the Italian" forces
at vviona.
Montenegrins Attacked
By Austrian Forces
VII3NNA (via Uerlln and Hayvllle
wireless), Nov. 6. Determined to end
Montenegrin attacks on the flank of the
Austrian force operating In northwest
ern Serbia, the Aualrlane have attacked
the Montenegrin positions east of the
frontier town of Treblnje, It was an
nounced today.
Oflly One "Bromo Qulaliu"
Wfceeevtr yon feel atcold eotolng on,
think of tbt full Mae LAXATIVE
BROMOQUININB. Cores Cold in one
day. Cures Grip in two days. Look (or
iyjOitUTeofE.W.Oroveootbebox. ZSc
Tins Kfan'a 9tnr. "nKATKHT MKVs KtlllsilMllsiO
inc mini oiore dkpaiitmknt in wAiiii.uTt)x
pain Denies Von Buelow
Is Trying to Make Peace
tDKDON. Nov. 5 The derma n em
jisv at Madrid todav officially de;
ed that Prince von lluelow was en
avorlng to arrange peace, according
a news agency dispatch from tho
innlsh capital.
Requests of VM.iun each are left to
Tlllotson II. Piatt and Lester H. Piatt,
Jr.. In the will' ut their ruther I-esler
Reach Plait, also (lied for prohat,- The
balance of the estatn N lett to lli.i
widow, l.ucy II. Piatt, who nltli tha
sons Is named to admlnltter the rslale
The estutc of Patrick V Doliin, tA
cept a beiiuest of IU to his sister. Kate
A. Moran, is to be dlvldnd equ ill)
.MnonK the following heirs. John .1. Lo
lun, Mlchucl A Dolun. IMwnrd J. Uoliu,
llenrv F IJolan. A. (leiirude Dnliri, und
Mrc. ilnrv I- Hlnkel. 1.'. P. Illnl:el. n
hrotber-lii-law of the testator. Is named
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Bureau of Standards to
Encourage Vacuum Plants
The uureau of Standaids of the De
nartiuent of Commerce Is piepared to
back any effort toward the manufactmo
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States, to the extnt of giving the first
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schools, and colleges, and other labo
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Mmllnr to Thermos buttlen. exiept as to
Pnaltion of Roumanla.
t .,.. u in somewhat the same
position as Greece. A majority of the
people of that couniry ianr m-- ....-.
while the King and government wish
i...i .....tralllv nt ledJtt Until It
appears dr.. that the a lies ca. win
the war. niei.- i.fcv m.-..
demonstrations In Koumanla In laxor
of Intervention. which hae been
heightened by the presence of a big
llusslan force on th northeastern bor
der waiting to altork Hulgarla.
In Uerlln, nccordlus- to reports, fear
has been exoreased that this force will
:' . .t7.:....i .- .,,.! ihrnuaii Itouman-
lsn terrllon' and that It might be
Jolnert iv tne uo.......u.n.. .....--
discourage mis n -
b omct
w "' I f
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