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Rumor Says Haughton Is Through As Harvard Coach and W ill Suggest Daly
111 ciAarflll 1 Ht-
r onocenw. ino-. x-v-
A0 WITH A ffleefftSM oeAOHEAD ste
AS RX3T0U.-jy
Big Squad On Way to St. Louis,
Hoping to Close Campaign
With a Victory.
L.. . .
l I X liteiX. wt
His Career As Tutor of Har
vard's Football Class Said
To Be At End With Closing
of This Season.
Charles Dudley Daly Reported
To Be Choice For Successor
and Is to Get His Recom
mendation. First One.
The first all-America football
eleven is out. More, many
more, will follow anon. Charles
E. Parker, in "The Ito&ton
Tost," names the following:
Ends Hcrron, PittsburR-h, and
Hipcins, Ponn State. Tackles
Gilman, Harvard, and Buck,
Winconsin. Guards Black,
Yale, and Spear, Dartmouth.
Center Cool. Cornell. Quar
terback Barrett, Cornell.
Halfbacks Berrynian, Penn
State, and Maulbetsch, Michi
pan. Fullback Mnhan, Har
Pnrrv Hnnirhtnn hag closed his
career as coach of Harvard football
elevens, and will recommend the ap
pointment of Charles Dudley Daly,
now coach of the Army eleven, as
his successor, according to reports
current today in Cambridge. This
rumor has also reached New Haven
and New York city.
When Fred Moore, graduate man
ager at Harvard, was iskcd concern
ing the truth of the rumor, he re
plied: "We hope and expect to get
Haughton again."
The report of Ilaiighton'a poss.ble tc
tlrement from athletic appears n'l the
stronger In thn light of the edlinrl il m
the Harvard Crimson, winch praises the
great football toucher anil ut the 8.11110
lime expresses the fear that, he will not
, renow Ills contract
Percy HuUKhton. an nlil llaivird
tackle. first gained public notice oa
coach at Cornell, lie took iharge at
Harvard In liiw when everything was I"
the dumpc and lame through wlt.i a
vlctoiy over 'inle, 4 to V, by a drop
kicked field coal. sending Vlu kcimard
into the game at the i)choioKitfni lini
ment. In the elKht cars that n.i has
been Harvard's vouch. Vain has scored
lust thlitecn points against the Ci Un
ion. Harvard, on tho other hand, lias
scored UK points against the Illue.
Dartmouth walloped Harvard in Ui".
H to a. but In the nve games plied
after that the Hanoverians failed to win
01 even tie one.
I our Raines with Cornell h.nc brou.-lit
three vctorles. A I hhaipu'a eleven win
ning this r.ir game at l nmni.dgc
Five panics wilh Princeton have re
mitted In loui victories tor the Crimson
The Tigcis won In I'Jll. to . When
Ccrncll won. W to v. a few weeks uro.
It was Htrvards llrst defeat In loui
Acoordlng to tho strny today, IliiuKh
lon Intends to retire In a blaze of eloiy
His outsldo busiiioHn intetcsls ale en
croaching upon his lime, and he is s-ild
10 feel that he linn earned an honor
able retirement.
Haughton's suciess Is gcucially tied
Itrd to liW magnificent system Ho
picks his own assistants and his word
Is law In the dally co idling. Ills teams
havo alwavs been Mipvibl lialned In
the fundamentals and this has fre
quently Riven the ilmroii the niaigm
over its principal opponents
Virginia has been pronil'c.l anoilier
came on Harvard's schedule fur IJiW.
and Drown. If It consents to me, t the
Crimson's second eleven will he given
the date lust before the Yale ciune. rot
nell will also appeir at Cambridge,
and Pittsburgh Is angling fir a ch.iuc.i
to meet the Crimson 1'iiin Stale's pl.ue
nill be taken by Aim)
Johnnv Olltoy, OeorRelown's luck
field star. Is tied for thlid place as a
scoring iirrfoimer iiiiioiir Kastciu
teams. Charlie Ilaireti, Cot noil's nip.
tain and uuarterbatk, has made twcnt
touchdowns, llllroy and Cnvvlcy of
Colby, haie each scoied thirteen Or
land LelKhtv anil "I'etlo" Wall, of
fleorcetown. h.ne sioicil fhe tnuch
downs apiece. Cahlll. of l,ehlRh .lc
Ouckln. of Vlllanni.i. and Cnnn, of
N'. T. V.. lead the field roiiI klcki rs
with seven apiece.
A demand has url"en at Yale fni the
Installation of a "llati-jhton Kjsieni"
jjjt the Kllh seem In be roIiik huckwanl
In SUSResthiR' the formation of u binrd
of coaches Till, scheme Ins proved
a colossal failure at I'cnnsvlvanU this
year, where one mai wilt be Riven
command of the eleven next season
Catholic University Is about leadv foi
Its big clash at Georgetown Field on
Thanksgiving Day The c-ipples aie
Imrovlng rapidly, nnd all are expected
to start against Gnllaudet l.lttle Mc
Krnney, Greer. Captain Mutphv. nnd
Raarers are being nursed along in order
to be tn shape to start Thursday
Oallaudet Is also Improving speeil'lv,
and, with Marshall In condition, the
Kendall Greeners should haic theli
strongest possible line-up hi the game
Would Be an Umpire.
Charles A Moran, trainer of the (ai
lids Indians, formerly 11 catcher with
the St. 'Louis Cardinals, has npplled for
a lob as umpire In the National League
Ha was a Tsxaa Leaius umptrt last
B T3HHT N v '' ' s & ' (jbs
3S2!i-lll -me- kick RjRMAnoK is y::pi:0-l
ajh -"a q cpc.-ni thp sMt r -s5ssas;!irt
Virginia May Face N. C.
Without Buck Mayer
Charlottesville Eleven Anticipating Hard Struggle
VYhen Big Thanksgiving Day Game Is Played
With Tar Heels at Richmond.
J'resent indications are that VirRlnU's
team In the Rame with North Carolina
will he deprived if the services of one
of her towers of offense through the
Injury to the knee of "Huck" Macr.
which Is ElvliiR him a lot of trouble
these days, and caused him to he In
terned In the Cnlverslty Hospltnl lor n
time last week. Tin- team will need
that crashltiR orfense and speedy end
runiiliiR for whl"h Iluek Is noted. This
Is not the llrst time that his left kneo
has developed water, tho same Injury
occurred two veara ago. and kept him
nut of the Rame for mnnv days.
Sentiment about the university is by
nn means nil optimism Dr. V. A. Lam
beth, at nn Important meetlnR of tho
football club Inst week, told his hearers
that there would he no walkaway, nnd
his words had a deep effect on tho
The Rame will be witnessed bv a large
number of the students who will go to
Richmond hv special trains for that
Carolina has been perennially hopeful;
each year sin' comes to Itlehmond with
enKcnnce In kr ee. and for somo time
each vear she has Rone back with
emptiness In her pockets nnd sadness
In her heart. Perhaps things will bo
different this Turkey Hay event: per
hnns ihov won't. Hut In an case thn
illVmihmimc"Snni having an nve in the ho'e- Will It
rival students " lo"allv enthusiastic to ' be another Ynle-Prlncetoi. event? lime
their universities, pirain- my -" " j
Wants to Have Quakers Battle
Dartmouth There Next Sea
son, If It Is Possible.
MMtlNfllMr,!.!) Mass Nov.
J3 In
1sifrt fill A
hlc footnan game ie-M
f n attimpl will he made to get
Dartmouth and ITiinsvlwuilii to eon--i.i,
.l,l rltv for 19 The fact is
Mmiiifitleld wmt.1 a big
footlnll game
...1 siiinds ic.idy to
make the thing
hustling in' "
Tvvii or thiee en ni'
1111 attempt
jins m.idi tn Kt tnc
Higes to Play
e.v. jii.in ,,,,, ,..... 1 .
1 ..-...- .....i nn...... to niav
I nonie stun'- "" !-- -- -. c nL,
lien I". i'oss seeietarv "f the bprini.-
lleld lb,,,..) f Trade intenns o go ......
the Dirtninuth-IVim ,anin rUht nwav
Princetonian Suggests
A Change in Schedule
PFtlVCI'TDV N" I Nov 13-Taln
and Princeton are placed nt a distinct
disadvantage. a cording to the edltonil
of lodnv's Issue In the Dallv Prlnce
tnnlnn, hv having theli two big games
, .one on meesHiv. satin .lavs while
lL.rwu.l en'ovs the prlvllete of two
weeiis inteimNhloii between the Yale
ni'.t Piineiton B.inns Thn gives the
Cil'iiMin leini a .iMii'e t.. ret her
l...ii i me' build 11 dlifen nt plan "f at
tail. In' the two times On the other
hand the Pilnrc nmvi omnia out that
Yale and Pr.n. t "i 11 e forced to the
h nit w ih no ..... . ' u Im for regain ng
thtlr comulcui ticngih utwin aach
..,.. ,1 fin those tint are "ine , ,. i"i ininaiion 10 cioac n nu ";. -
nlthlig oith while. The Urown-I )OUB,, the Quakers has c eaten the dust
n .itmmilh game wns so considered up to nf practically eve! y team, they have
?,l .'P. that that game was r 1. gi ;d furM, tnN ymir ,,e oJ split of rivalry
... October frolic Now comes lhe,wm predominate In the battle with the
ileu stio, for Daitmouth and P.ini-,:HMern ..tiiimplons.
f.h, w llcli was sprung at the meet-, u ,ho vi,temarsli Coiinlo t:i"l,11the
,.".' nf the I'nlvcialtv Club Dai tinouth I ,,cnn squau vveut thtuusli a very fight
Ini of the 1 nj ' ,n,lteu ,,0 thing io.n..l irlll nnd nliiNcd golf The Cor-
1.. . . 111,1 IMIIII IHIK -'
.... ..Ill n V IIS .ll.lli, "' -
g,-rRui m
other, bow salute, each confident that
his school will win at Ilroad Street
Hut this does not disguise the fact
that Virginia usuallv has the winning
team. Not alwavs the best team per
hars. but she would ?em to "Iihnc
Carolina's coal." nnd to be able to re
tain thnt Angora against wjiateer learn
Chapel Hilt sends against her This
year Virginia's team was a wonderful
defensive learn, at the llrst of the sea
son, hut seemed to lack the drive She
seemed unable to tlnd herself, eyen
iL'hlln msIMn,- n trlnrlnllM rrrnM 111 New
l'liclind against the biggest teams of
the i:ast. then came the Vanderbllt
,-MIIIC, ,111" HlirINII I
game, when she seemed to unleash ner ","-h" ' "";,';. 1 ,,rc "rBl ",ln "
bulldogs, who growled, and bit deep nml ' rln '" hlnl engagement in decide
haul The offensive was the greatest i"le' 'he Mrtnr of the llrst engagement
ever seen for 1 quarter, and then the
men became so exnausten inai iney
couldn't keep It up. Dan McC.ugln.
roach of thn mi kless Commodores,
stated that VlrRlnki's attack that day
would have overwhi lmed Harvard or
nnv team In the country.
Next, South Carolina was defeated by
11 to 0. The Held was sandy. It Is true,
hut the score looks like the eleven hid
hid a let down. So the i-ucMlnn Is
Thanksgiving will Hiev nave rcroyere.i
from n slump, or continued with It? U III
tney he nble.perhaps without Maer's aid, I
to penetrate the strong Tar Heel 'llii 1
overwhelm Tnndv get around llnnie
woud, one of the best ends of the conn-1
trv. and cade I'liylne, -ilcINinnld, and
I.nn-r Can thev stop u rejiiven ited '
Carolina eleven 'hlrstlng for revenge.
- "
Pennsylvania's Old Spirit of
Rivalry Counted On to Make
Contest Memorable .
HII.ADKI.PHIA, Nov. 2c No mat
ter what the dopestets' predictions mav
todav was oiei whelming uiarged wiin
the fciime excitement thai niways in
tends the annual Thank giving Day
tlash of Cornell and Penn.
riolli elevens are counted upon to
sliign the scrappiest of scrappy snug
gles. I'nrh will play Its last game of
the season, and cacn is mm in n ie
nnii Mt.a.i nnsse.1 thiough here eurly
J today en route to Atlantic City, where
I., ,., ...i.. .. vaut ni 1 1.0 se.ishoie Is count
ed upon to put It In prime condition for
the L-iiine Thursdnl.
n -. e CQt:nnn Pnr
riuill ui uuiuuu 1 "
Harvard's Gridiron Year
CAMIIIIIDOB Mass. Nov "3.T1ie
Hnrvnrd football team attracted nearly
-'a'..0(in In gate leeelpts during Its season
of nine weeks, It was estimated today,
and the cross returns t" the Harvard
AlhletU ssoclntlnn will be close to
r.T The expenses of the football
tei.'ti will amount to ?.10V) or J.'.,")0,
leivln a net ni.illt from this vent's
tenn of nioie thin J'l.flnf
Moie than ifi.",.i1 iicrsons saw the Har
vard team In action this sensoi) The
recoid crowd wns at the Ya'e game last
Saturday, when lO.OOO persons paid liR.oon
to attend the game. The second largest
crowd wns at tho Princeton-Harvard
game nt Princeton, when afl.otxi persons
paid mom to witness the contest. The
Harvnid-Ilrown gmie altiacted WW,
urn! II10 Cornell and Penn Htate both 11
gate of la.OOti
Nationals Practice.
'''lie N'iiIIoiimI a' C will piactlce new
fnimitlnns ionlt!ht In prepniatlon 'ni
the Mohawk game at Vlgllanls' Park
next 8uudn Practice will l held at
IsavtntaanUi and Ii atretta,
Cornell lias a compulsory mili
tary system. We thought hereto
fore that soldiering was the best
thing a college student did.
Stirring Up Old .Memories.
The i i In 11 11 leaxrs ate fulling,
They're ailing everywhere.
They're ailing in the morning,
They'ie tilling la the nir.
They're ftilUna in the mm,
They're tilling on fjie hanki,
The tray thnie leme.i are fulling
llemintln us 0 the Vrmli.
The Way They Work It.
Sam I.ingfiud nnd .Sam XkVc will
meet tnnigni 111 .New York In an ellml-
...111. mi loniesi 10 uccine tbe I'thlopliui
hniiiplpnslil-i. The wlnnei of tonight's
"' ""-!,. . nc ,OB'r m the near
future. The loser nf tin, Mi.'nn.l i.n..
. . ,. . .. ". .-vvu.tv. UVIU
tu--i 111,- uiniipr fir fill, an.......
-ixv- ii is generally ngreed among
""- -i" !, )iii iviit WIN
"IxitK Of Til-
lage.s have a
three-mile speed
limit, which is
the reason they
arc villages."
Just when the war In Kurope appears
to he getting over, someone discovers n
new white hope In America.
Gabriele d'Annun7.io, the
Italian poet, has a price of
$4,000,000 hot on his head
by Emperor Franv. Josef.
The only thins wo can
think of that's dealer than
ivory, is ambergris or ra
dium. All the Knrtaril elarrs will get I ihelr
Infers, while Coaih luiikhtnu r,'elvr(l stout
ii nillltoii trlei.rsiHs Hll'l i"isl ar.s.
Fai'iiiR the TiiinR Sitiad.
In the shadow of the goalposts.
Equal suffrage.
Cheer leaders.
B. V. D.'s
Turkey gobblers
To Investigate Players.
I.OS ANGHI.KH. fill Nov 2.1 -.lolm
II I'.irrell. secietaij of the National
ssn iatlon or Professional llnsen.ill
Leagues, aunouticed here todav that ho
would visit San lllego and towns In tho
Impciinl vnllo tn Investigate reports
that players under the national agree
ment weie tl.i Ing wllh members ot
the Federal League In cnllfni 11I.1 Win
ter League clubs
Our painless and scientific appliances used by
our careful and gentle dentists banish all thought of
pain from your mind.
Come in for our free examination.
COR. E and 7th STREETS N. W.
Oser People's lime store. Open
iieierenee, .sreonn tauouai
European War Told ni
Lingo of the Gridiron
Captained By Prussia and1 France, Rival Teams Hurl
Themselves Into Fierce Football Struggle Teu
tons Kick Off to Albert, Belgians' Tackle.
lly JAMES H.
The nllles won the toss and got tho
Iwtter sld" with whatever favoring
winds from neutral iniarters. The Teu
tons kicked off to Albert, the star Hel
glan tackle, who was so close pressed
bv the opposing forwards that he had
to punt
The Teutons had the ball til the mid
dle of the Held and at the llrst llne-np
sent Wn (iluik. the Prussian half
back, thmiigh Albert by a haul plunte
that niaily put the latter out nf tho
game. Mis colleagues were so slow
coming to the defense that Von Gl'JCk I
never stopped till he had carried the.
ball across the Held for a touchdown
nnd coal I
Hs hard dilxes at the line where'
Cumin Joffre wns plnlng center tho
visitors forced the ball Into the Trench ,
captain's terrltor) till It was almost
lieur enough for a goal from the Held.
Then the home team took a brace and
by a sudden and tierce offensive at the
.farne ynrd line, supportid by good In
ttrfcienec brought the ball back to a
wife distance from their goal. Hern
Imth elevens stmgglcd In close play
and old-time luetics till the whistle
blew Scoie tlrl iiuarter Allies. 0
Ileglnnlng the second eiuarter. the Ten- 1 The fourth and last quarter has be
tons put In "Awful Turk." who had been' Run The great contest on Europe s
reported sick, at fullback. Von Hin- cridlrcn for the International cham
.i...,i. ...... ,,., unn ti, i.iii nml bv a pionsliip sturls with the douhle sur-
. Mirm-lsinc run. without nnv interference
1 circled left end for seventi vards and
u touchdown. No goal.
Now It started to rain and the rest of
this period was plaved In the wet The
Teutons put In a "sub" specially trained
for sloppv weather, a North Sea sailor
bov fioni TlrplU. who had his sums
et ii win He used a low. girdling.
un.minp itiftihmt of advancing: he would!
keen the ball almost hidden and ap-
pear with It unexpectedly The allies
were kept guessing In follow the 'ill
nnd Ii Si coivlderiblc ground before tney
studied nut an eirectno ineinoii 01 ir;
ling him Tin re were manv points of
his plav proleeted. and the umphc and
referee had several consultations wi
the Teuton .nptaln. who promised not
to iepe.it it Hefoie the period ended
Hull made a touchdown and V vvo Boala
trom field Seine. e. oml uu.irter Miles.
12. Teutons. 1.1
The Allies' svmnathlzf is set up .1 cheer
a., Hal entered at left J'"'""". " 'hr
beslniiiiiL- of the second half rhev oer
lailv looked stronger thin the leutois.
Now the visitors changed fields and
faced the east goal "Russk. tho
Allies' tight halfback. h.d made good
ga ns by breaking through tackle and
then lie made a long run from ;hOiUI
ciai, vnid line nlmost to a touchdown.
The Teutons determined tp concen
trate their attack on this husky player.
,m possible, nut hint out of the.
11. in, 11 forwaid pass was made to vou
M acke "sen who broke through all op
ifoMtlCn In a long run for , . ' 1J'
Sm.. Alter some in..'. .,.,r....F,
1. ml Pi lure Leonniu. im- n.-,.- -.,
kicked he hall over the Warsaw-goal.
Thev drove Ihc ball deeper and deeper
h the Miles' field, and the latter'a
goal was constantly In danger nut the
defense gradually grew stronefr and
Vhe AUIes took the, ball on downs.
Then h.gnn the (leicest offenslva
wo k of the game thus fur. .loffro
in" French In a Qtild "tccesslon of
lad d.l es at either side i,f center
wl splendid luterfei Slice. MlelK
Easy Payment Terms to All
Sets of Teeth $5.00 up
Gold Filling 75c up
Silver Fillings 50c up
Gold Crowns. . . .$3, $4, $5
Dnllj. X a.m. to h p.m. nndn),ll to :t.
nan " -.,.,.
Football Line-up in
Galicia L. E Australia
Gcr. Poland . . L. T Belgium
Wurtembcrg .L. G Canada
Austria Center France
Saxony R. G India
Baden R. T... Montenegro
Bulgaria . . . . R. E Japan
Bavaria Q. B Scrvia
Hungary L. H Italy
Prussia R. H Russia
Turkey F. B England
and "Kanuclc" assisting-, shattered
the opposing line. Prince Fred, the
Prussian promise. "was badly crippled,
hut stacd In the game. Joffre regis
tered his gains by a touchdown be
fore this period ended. 8core. third
iiuarter. Allies.
18, Teut
tons, 10.
prise of a new line of attack and a
new player, Fred, the Bulgarian, with
a oriiiiant "prep' record, naa Dcen
placed nt the Teuton right end.
lly a double pass Vrn Mackensen, the
powerful Prussian back, gets the ball
and Is sweeping right end. the Ilulgar
leading the Interference. Serb, the al
lies1 active quarter, reaches MTm first.
but can hardly stop his plunge. The
Kiencb cantaln makes n dash for him
but lh rtulgar Interference Is holding
film off Fullback Hull is hurnJng to
, ftri,e him farther down tbe Held, hut
1 Tm)( trv'ng to block him. Tt looks
uxe a long run ana. pernaps, a mucn-
illepnrl at this point delayed by wire
lioiible 1
-rrom the Chicago Tribune
Trinity Church Members
Enjoy Parish Reception
Th members of the congregation of
Trinity Churrh. Takoma parish, tne
Ilv 'Frederick William Smith, rector,
and their friends were entertained at
a pirlsh reception last night In the
rnrlsh hall. An attractive program was
presented' Including vocal solos by Mrs.
Ivi Herrlott Shide. Earl Cnrbauh. wno
nn.,0- "invtetus" and "Absent." and a
nlano solo bv James l. Stoddart. The
orchestra of the Men's Cluh, under tne
iir,.tinn nf i' s. J Dunbar, played ev-
iral times, and the quartet of the same
nrpanlratlon composed of Dr. E. Clyde
Shade, William IlecK. iiaymono nan.
and Kaust furnished Interesting
Kiank C Oreen eontrlhuled a ventrllo
lulsm act.
Have Your
Thanksgiving Dinner
y at
$1.50 Per Person
1 to 3 and 5 to 8 p. m. Music
Tip For Cox.
DENVER, Col., Nov. 23. To re
c ,a ,Cnaitc Mlutc of con
gratulation" on the cheek from
a college president is a now
privilege which Colorado grid
iron heroes now enjoy. Chan
cellor Henry A. fluchtel, of
Denver University, Is not
adamantine hearted about
football victories, cKpeciallv
when the victories arc few and
far between, and he hns found
a way to prove it.
To show his appreciation of Den
ver's victory last Saturday
over Colorado University he
approached Captain Deeds and
Howard Shotwell at a student
rally today and gave each a
kiss on the cheek, while the
astonished students went wild
with applause.
Georgetown's victorious varsiiv f,
ball squad, accompanied by Coach Al
bert A. Kxendlne. Graduate Manager
Charles It. Co. Thyslcal Director John
D. O'ltcllly. and llarrv Kellv. nrslrfnt
of the athletic association, arc on their
way to Ht. Louis, where Capt. "Botchy"
Barron will lead his iMmmnt.i...ini
he strong St. Ixul eleven Thanksglv-
in uay at the Hrownles' ball park
The squad Is due to arrive In the Mound
City tomorrow afternoon. If there is
time, the plaers will limber up at th!
National League park, holding a lljht
signal and kicking drill.
Coach Kiendlnu took the following
plaera to St. Louis: Captain Uarron,
Cusack, Ward, Mahlum, I'ltzgerald,
O'Connor, Corcoran. Malone), Ullrov,
Wall, and Lelghty, regulars, and
Smith. Supple, Green, Dewhurst. Mc
Namara, McQulre. McCarthy Hanlou,
and Cronln, substitutes.
Georgetown's successful coach will
1 leave St. Ixmls for his home In Mac
alester. Okla.. after Thursdav's came.
but he will return to the Capital next
September. Realizing that efforts have
been made to havo Kxendlnc become
head coach at Carlisle next season.
Graduate Manager Cox got busy yes
terday and signed him up for another
year at the Hilltop.
"I am more than pleased to be able
to come back to Georgetown." said
Coach Kxendlnc today before boarding
the train for St. Ixiuls. "I have en
Joyed my two years here, and have
met some of the finest fellows In the
world at the Htllton. I hope forjis
much luck In 1918 ai I haveh"""
year, and that we'll go through with
out one defeat on ourxchedule."
Football Fans Generous
Toward War Sufferers
CAMBniDC.E. Mass.. No. ir..-Df
twecn the halves of the Harvard nnd
Yale football garro here on Saturday.
IIMM.ID was collected for the war sur
ferers. On contributor pinned a not?
on a 3 hill on which was w-rltten
"For the allies May the Lord smita
ye If the Germans get thlr."
The biggest single contribution was
140 There also was thorwn Into tho
tin dippers un lngersoll watch and .i
watch fob, a coin good for a o-cen:
ride on the New Bedford and Onset
Hallway, seveial pieces of Premh and
Canadian moneys and two umbrolU
The biggest previous collection mad i
at big Hastcm football games wns
made at the Vnle-Harviird contest hi
the Howl last ear. when $T..Ti wns
Klen Saturday's collection will bene-
nl the American Aiiiu.imn. - " i' -
1.-.-....A lUn llorvntrl -i.lictcul Utllt an I
the Poilfh relief comn Itlee.
Army-Navy Tickets Are
Bringing Fancy Prices
NKW YORK, Xov. 3-Nn matter how
slpcere the effort or ca.eful the plans t
keep tho tickets for the annual Vm
Naiy football game nut of the lisivi3
of speculators some of thru, ev -nt'iall
drift to such a method of dlstrtoutlnn
This vear Is no exiep; on thoi g!i the
Indications are that the agencies are bv
no means overstocked ihcv lnverim
tickets and probably will have m.irr he
fore tho end of tho week, but the pine
for the pastebonrds will unilo'ibtedH
soar to exorbitant !lgures within .i dav
or two Already It Is linpojs.hle tu nur
chafce even the most iindesliab'c sens
for less than $10 each, and n higher
figure. Is asked for those real the -entei
of the gridiron, though a ct there are
not manv of them to he had Some Idea
of tho rapldlv Incieaslng value of the
tickets Is gained from the fait that
estiidiy morning lhc .ould be pur
chased from the agencies and ape. 11
lators for IS, while bv night thev hs.l
reached a valuation of Jl'i. Toda the
may be even higher

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