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tlmate ,VrUh the revelations already
jnade to the Federal ofllclala. Bup
'prosslon of the plot In one place will
be (allowed by their outbreak In other,
fcnd nothln loss tlmn a secret tcrttce
pis and directive onuugh to ret to tho
Inside, w unravel plot In advaneo of i
thalr execution, and to make It abo- I
lutslv Impossible for tho Dlottera to i
wuujtuB meir wora, will verve mo yur
'Thar 1$ xnected to be determined op
poaltlon In Congress to effort for larger
appropriations for thin Secret Service
work: but tho need for them will havo
been thorouahlv demonstrated beforo
the aubject requires legls'atlve decision.
The original Secret Serrloo waa dedica
ted merely to the business of suppress
ing counterfeiting add Investigating
certain classes of pavnvnts. Including
bounties, by the Government. These
latter duties have boon practically un
necessary In recent years.
During- the Roosevelt Administration,
because some nervous congressmen not
the Idea that President Roosevelt was
using Secret Hcrvlco men to look Into
the records of members of Congress, a
proviso was Inserted In an appropria
tion bill Intended to stop this, A bu
reau of Investigation In the Department
of Justice wns provided for, and" thU
la now tho second branch of the Secret
Service, headed by Mr. Blelaskl. whllo
William J. Flynn directs tlirt branch,
under tho Treasury Dcpurtmont, which
handles counterfeiting.
Consuls Are 'Not Immune.
Both organizations are highly effi
cient, considering their limitations In
personnel and means. Mr. Illiloskl
branch, though It has been organised
but a few rears, has gathered together
a corps of nblo Investigators. It Is
commissioned to Investigate alt viola
tions of Federal laws aside from coun
terfeiting, and crimes against the pos
tal laws. While exact Information Is
not to be had for obvious reusons, It Is
understood that there are now about
IS men In the Blelaskl bureau; to dou
ble this force and give It much more
ample me-ins Is considered now abso
lutely necesstry.
There Is some misunderstanding as to
the measure of Immunity that extends
to agents of foreign governments. The
judicial code gives Federal district
courts Jurisdiction of all offenses against
the Federal laws. These courts have
exclusive jurisdiction Of offenses by
consuls; State courts cannot prosecute
consuls. It Is a mistaken Idea, widely
entertained, that consuls enjoy tho Im
munity that vests diplomatic officers
of representative character. As a mat
ter of fact, consuls of foreign govern
ments have been repeatedly prose
cutedsome of them havo been Jailed
and the Supreme Court has sustained
this authority In the Federal courts.
The present difficulty Is that some of
the offenses now under Investigation are
offenses against State, and not Against
Federal law. The embarrassment arises
from the fact that where there is law
there Is no Jurisdiction, and where there
Is Jurisdiction there is no law, unless
some Federal statute, such as tho anti
trust act, 'can be stretched to cover
4hese cases. Tho Attorney General has
appealed to Stato authorities to co-operate
with the Federal Government In
prosecuting all cases discovered by the
national agents which are not covered
by Federal laws, and over which the
State courts have Jurisdiction.
Preparing Tor a Coup.
There Is good reason to bellove that
a big crop of such cases will presently
be awaiting attention.
It Is understood that Capt Von Itcn
telen, Oerman army officer, court fav
orite and Intimate representative of
lruslan high authority, who was
taken off a neutral ship by British of
ficials, and Is now In a detention camp
In England, will be extradited to this
country, and that In him tho prosecu
tion of foreign plotters wilt reach close
to lis highest marks.
Andrew D. Meloy, American citizen,
who was taken along with Von Ken
telen, was brought back-' to this coun
try, and Is now at liberty on ball. For
a long time effort of investigators has
been directed at getting the superior
and diplomatic agents into the net, and
the successes that have been achieved
In this direction constitute the basis for
expectation that a big haul of first-class
offender will be made before long.
It Is intimated that simultaneous ar
rests of u large number of people Is
different parts of the country will lie
part of the program when everything Is
ready for the coup.
German Supplies Pass to
Turks Through Bulgaria
BUCHAREST (via Vienna. Berlin,
and London). Nov. 23 Huge quantities
of military supplies from Germany are
now pouring through Bulgaria for tho
Thu far, according to advices, from
Rustchuk, 1,400 carloads of munitions,
nrtlllerv and hospital supplies have
been landed at Bulgarian Danube porta
for transshipment by rail to Constanti
nople. Included in one bhlpmcnt were
two 12-centimeter guns for the Ottoman
defense of the Oalllno!! peninsula.
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbiaCloudy tonight and probably
rain; Wednesday fair; light variable
Maryland-Cloudy tonight: probably
light rnln; Wednesday fair: light south
erly winds becoming westerly.
Virginia Partly cloudy tonight and
Wednesday: warmer tonight; light
southerly winds.
t a. m SI la, m 40
9 a. m it 9 a. m 42
10 a. m 37 I 10 a. m 44
High tide at !):$ a. m. and 9:14 p. m
Low tide at 3:21 a. m. and 3:22 p. m.
Sun rose at 6:49 ' Hun sets at 4:45
Light automobile lamps at 5:20 p. m. I
Cninese Jades
Are Included in
the Exhibition of
J.E.Caldell &Co
Chestnut 5treet, Philadelphia
In the Gridiron Room of
November 15th to 24th Inclusive
Cases Cited ft Trade Board
Hearing to Show Injury to
Pubiiq Confidence.
Attitude Indicates That Com
mission Approves "Unfair
Competition" View.
Hundreds of cases of misleading, de
ceptive and fraudulent advert! Ing. be
lieved to constitute unfair competition
within tho meaning of the Federal trade
act. will be presented to the Federal
Trade Commission for action within the
near future aa the result of a hearing
held by the commission at the Willard
Hotel today.
Six men prominently Identified with
the advertising business throughout the
United States addressed the commis
sion at the hearing, calling attention to
many specific cases In which the public
was defrauded and business Interests
Injured by the shaking of public con
fidence In both thi businesses and peri
odicals affected.
At the conclusion of the hearing
Chairman Davles said the commission
nould be glad to receive complaints
and to Investigate specific cases. Tho
hearing was arranged so that the com
mission might hear the views of men
u ho believe dtshoneit advertising con
stitutes unfair competition, the per
petrators of which can be enjoined or
Investigation To Be Made.
Although no announcement Is made
to the effect that the commission be
lieved mislead ng ladvertlslng consti
tuted unfair competition, the fact that
cases will be Investigated was taken to
mean that the commission was Inclined
toward that view.
This afternoon tho commission will
hear from Joseph Berberlch and
Charles Columbus, of the Washington
Retail Merchants' Association, who
will nsk for advice as to the procedure
neressory for the protection of the
local merchants and buying public from
dishonest end fraudulent advertising.
Uotli rnid the local association heartily
Indorsed all that was said at today's
hearing and tht they would go to Con
gress If necessry for a law to protect
local tradesmen and consumers.
Advertising Abuse.
Herbert 9. Houston, president of the
Associated Advertising Clubs of the
World, was the first to address the
Commissioners. He outlined the abusea
to which advertising had been subject
ed and the efforts made to curb or sup
press them. He said his association
had been Instrumental In having stat
utes against dishonest advertising
j passed In thirty-two States and had
MOO vigilance committees actively work
' Ing for the enforcement of the stat
Advertising, he said, In a strong pow
er In business and It should be protect
ed by tho Federal Trade Commission.
Ho said his association believed dis
honest advertising was one of tho worst
forms of unfair competition and asked
that the commission rule that It had
Jurisdiction over such cases. Mr. Hous
ton said Investigation had shown that
fraudulent mail order houses had got
ten 0239.999 from the public last year.
The fourteen associations In this or
ganization spend between 1700 000.009 and
(000.000,000 a year for advertising and
should not bo subjected to unfalrcom
petition, he said.
James Kceley Speaks.
James Keelcy, editor of tho Chicago
Herald, read a number of letters from
national advertisers, all of whom ex
pressed the belief that misleading ad-
arc so often subject to headache are
languid, pale and nervous because
theirbloodisthin or insufficient. They
I are not really sick and hesitate to com
plain, but they lack that ambition and
j 'vivacity which isthcirbirthfight. They
I donot need drugs butdoneedthetonic
and nourishment in Scott s Emulsion
that makes richer blood, fills hollow
cheeks,suppresscs nervousness and es
lablishesstrcngth. Nourishmentalone
makes bloodand Scott's Emulsion is tite
essence of concentrated nourishment,
free from wines, alcohols or opiates.
If mother or daughter is frail, pale
or nervous, give her Scott's for one
month and see the betterment. It has
a wholesome, "nutty" flavor. Avoid
substitutes. At any drug store.
Scoll ft mnt. BlotmfitM.M.J. 15-24
ertlslnc was n pernicious form of un
fair competition
Defining dlihnnest advertising, Mr.
Kccle) said; "Tho spoken llo Is pri
vate. The printed llo Is public. There
are no 'white lies' In advertising. They
are all bl.ick. The oral lie Is heard
and dies away. The printed llo lives
and travels. Tho nowspaper and peri
odical presses bring the multiplication
to a single phrase. Dishonest adver
tising decreases the value of honest
ndverttslng and denies an honest adver
tiser of the benefits to wmen ne is en
titled when ho buys white space. Dis
honest advertising affects the paper or
periodical In which it Is printed because
I It weakens the influence of that paper
by breeding public distrust. Newspa-
ipers are public utilities and dishonest
nnvertlsers snouin aoi on iwimuru w
use them In such n way as to' shako
that public faith which Is as essential
to business ns fresh air Is to human
organism. "
Mr. Kceley suggested that the com
mission designate a man to Imcstlgate
cases which would be brought to Its
attention and leam the far-reaching ef
fect on business that dishonest adver
tising has.
Cltlen Fraud Cases.
II. J. ,Kenner, executive secretary
of the Associated Advertising Clubn.
cited a number of typical Interstate
cases of misleading and deceptive ad
vertising. Among them were adver-tl-ementn
of alleged soleleather made
of pasteboard; shoes made of cheap
slip cowhide, a 11.60 watch with cellu
loid Jewels and cheap plated case
which was sold for $5.76 and -wns said
by the advertiser to bo worth 125. He
also cited the case of an Instrument
supposed to cure all hunjan allmentr
by external application, llo said 45,000
of these devices ware sold for lit each
before a fraud order was Issued
against the manufacturers by the
l'oatofflce Department.
He said tho 1'ostofflce wss doing
good work and tho pure food laws
were strong, but neither was aa ef
fective ns a system of stopping fraud
ulent advertising at the Inception of
such schemes, thus preventing the
fakers from getting a foothold.
Speech of Business.
William II. IngcMolf cited a number
of typical coses of Innqcent and un
intentional misrepresentation In adver
tising, lie said: "Advertising Is tho
speech of business and the easiest thing
to employ In an unfair way." He cited
tho Oerman and Swedish laws which
prohibit fraudulent and misleading state
ments In advertising. Mr. lngetsoll
said dishonest advertising causes a
great waste In this country and such
methods weaken this country In com-intm-iii
with the other nations of tho
L,. T. Meredith, editor of a farm mag
azine in Des Moines, Iowa, said 5,000
cases of dishonest advertising could be
placed before the commissi"!! In thirty
days. He asked that the commission
take Jurisdiction under the unfair com
petition clause of tho trade act.
Charles H. Porter, president of the
Advertisers' Association In Chicago,
made a slmltlar request.
Kangaroo Kicked Nose,
But Victim Loses Suit
HAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 23 Willie
Green can't collect any workmen's
compensation for having his nose muti
lated by his kangaroo apanlng partner.
whereat thero Is much woe In his bosom
and whereby hangs a tale.
Not Ions' ago the State Industrial ac
cldent commission received his applica
tion for compensation, wnon urcn
appeared to prosecUto his claim the
commission found htm'as blarK as tho
ace of Spades. He explained that ho
had been 'employed as a circus perform
er by a moving picture company I" Los.
Angeles. It washls duty, he si t , to
take turns with al woman in box. ig a
pugilistic kangaroo
One afternoon last February, he re
counted, tho kangaroo uncorked a hay
maker that landed (lush on his nose.
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Warrants To Be Issued Today
For Couplt Who Kept Girl
Prisoner For Years:
K ASTON, Md., Nor. 23.
Marshall wan arrested this af
ternoon on a charge of aasault
with intent to kill.. He waa
brought to Eaaton and placed in
jail, and held without ball.
IJABTON. Md., Nov. 21.-State' At
torney Butler prepared this morning to
Issue warrants ror Frank Marshall and
his wife, charged v.lth Imprisoning tho
former's daughter and the tatter's step
daughter, Urace Marshall, for nearly
twelve years In a small room at the
Marshall farmhouse
After examining many Maryland stat
utes. It has been decided to seek ac
tlon against Marshall and his wire on
a chargo or assault with Intent to kill.
There Is no statute solely applicable to
tho unprecedented case, attorneys say.
The Maryland farmer and Mrs. Mar
shall probably will bo brought hero for
arraignment this afternoon. After the
habeas corpus proceedings of last week,
which reclaimed the emaciated and al
most dead girl prisoner, tho couple erc
allowed to return to their farm. Keel
ing runs high on tho Kastern Hnore.
and Marshall Is described as being in a
state of extreme nervousness nnd fear,
nllhoittth Insisting that ho did not mis
treat his daughter.
Deny She la Demented.
Urace Marshall Is slowly Improving
and Is learning to talk again, word hy
word. 8he called her aunt by name to
day and wrote tho name of her dead sis
ter on a slate. L'aston residents, who
talk of little else than the Marshill
cose, say the gradual recovery of the
girl's mind Indicates that she Is not
demented, ns claimed by her pnrenta
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall will be given a
preliminary hearing before Police Mag
istrate A. L. Tharp, of L'aston. If
sufficient evidence Is found to wnrrant
sending tho case to tho circuit court,
the likelihood Is that the grand Jury will
bo called Into extra session to pass on
the alleged crimes.
The crime of Assault with Intent to
kill rarrles a penalty of from two to
twelve years In 'lie penitentiary, or at
the discretion of the court, In the Mary
land House of Correction.
Iloth Marshall itnd his wife expressed
surprise and skepticism when Informed
that Grace, hod broken her silence of
years by asking her aunt, Mrs. M. II.
James, for an apple, and united In a
tenement declaration that "the whole
story Is a He." They made no excues
for their treatment of tho twenty-eight
year-old woman, whom they held under
lock and key for so many years, and
who. when brought to Kaslon Krldav
by the court's order, was declared by
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actually dying rum starvation. '
ru v . it' .. .. I
lild iMni llivn Snltnr " I
Marshall Is flfty-flve years old, he.
says. Ills wlfo Is a mllltanl-appcar-luis
woman, considerably large than
her husband and apparently about thV
same age.
There are many persons In the Im
mediate neighborhood who wore Ig
norant of Grace's cxlstenco until the
developmentsjast week. Among these,
are persona who had known her In
"There Is absolutely notning In tho
orr.a.bJiut.h?.r having a suitor." de
clared Marshall, "it la a 0 from be
ginning to end. She waa not locked up
to keep her away from any man. This
Is tho wav she h-nkn hM 1.1.1 uh mmm
sitting hero about eleven or twelve I
years ago on tho mat In this dining t
room, and tho rest of us turned away '
from her. Suddenly we noticed that I
she had left the room. Then one of tho I
children ran out into the backi yard I
ami came duck saying that draco was
In the yard with a broken leg."
"We think she fell off the house,
miybe," was tho Interruption of tliu
"How could she fill off tho house In
going to tht back yard from the ground
noor or tnn nouseT .
Grace Not Prisoner, They Say.
Iloth Ignored the question. Later Miss
Davlea declared that the Marshalls had
said to her that Grace had fallen to
the ground from the second-story porch
whllo trying to escape from her room.
At first both Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
declared Grace had not been a prisoner. !
that they had treated her with the ut-'
most consideration and that she had
been given the liberty of the upper,
floor. . . I
"My daughter had the use of three
rooms on the second floor," said Mar-'
shall. "Does that look as though ah ,
wss kept prisoner?" i
Later Manhall waa prevailed upon
to conduct his visitors to the "prison
room." He led the way nrst to a large
bed room, and said that Orace had been
quartered there for a while, then to a
second, with a similar statement, and
Hnally to a small nan Dea room, aooui
I bv 10 feet In dimensions, where, he
stated, the young woman had been
locked uo , ...
"For finally It got so." ho explained,
"that I told my wife that I would not
stay In the house another night unless
the girl was under lock and key. So I
got a lock and key for tho small room. '
Once Taken To Hopkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall told of how
Orace was first selxed with "her afflic
tion." The father said that thlrteon
years ago the girl became so deranged
that lie took her to Johns Hopkins Uni
versity for examination.
"And she hit me on tho nose and
kicked me In the knee." he said. "Dr.
Thomas there said she waa a raving
maniac and that the hospital cold do
nothing for her."
Marshall referred his Interrogator
to former Btate Senator nichard 8.
Dodson. of HL Michael's, from whom
the Deep Point farm is rented.
Mr. Dodson said he considered Mar
shall had been misrepresented, but that
the Marshalls had not told the truth
shout the suitor of Grace. He said Mr.
Dodson wss a man past middle life, i
who had been greatly objected to by
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. lie said Mar-1
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name Is said
About this man 1m centered nnnnrenflv
tho crux of the mytitery. From her lovo
affair. It seems, dates tho melancholia
which dame upon the young girl and
from which sho Is Just beginning to
Appears To Be In Trance.
draco weighs a trlflo more than titty
seven pounds, and is about live rest In
height. She has a big still of light
brown hair, deep bluo eyes and a com
plexlon that Is absolutely bloodless.
Her eyes look straight ahead, ns though
she were In a trance, and In their
gaje is a detached placidity that la un
earthly. Bho is apparently oblivious to
all that Is going on about her, yet when
spoken to responds Immediately with
the head.
an nirmauve or negative snake of
She Is pitiably weak, and can walic
only with assistance. One of her legs
is shorter than tho other as the resfclt
or the fracture years ago.
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