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Sunday Evening
Partly Cloudy Tonight
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rui irn iiii rkinu nni Tnini
m lou-miu
Serbi Drive Upon Right Flank
to Relieve Northern Army.
Veles Scene of Desperate
ureek Attitude Uncertain as
King Constantino Makes
New Demand for Written
Guarantees of Allies.
LONDON, Nov. 28. From the
Albanian border of Serbia to
Strurnnitza in Bulgaria the south
ern Serbs, aided by French and
British troops, are smashing at the
Bulgarian lines along a 150-mile
At the western flank the Serbs
are hurling their columns desper
ately to cut through a way to the
relief of the northern main army
reported in retreat to the Monte
negrin territory.-
At Veles the Bulgarian force is
in hard straits. Before them are
the Serbo-French forces and to
their back in the north is a heavy
detachment of Serbs, while at
Krushevo, northwest off Monastir,
a Serbian force threatens the hold
of the. Bulgarians" on Babuna pass
and Prilep.
Mnvlnir southward to aid the nulgars
In the main Austro-Oerman army of in
vasion BiippHrrl with heavy artillery.
This army has already reached the Vnr
dar valley, according to Vienna dis
patches. Dispatches from Sofia via Vienna re
port a severe French reverse on the
left bank of the Tzerna river, which
would Indicate that the Herb advitnce
upon veles lind been checked. This
.Serb force was In touch with the left
ilnrik of the French column.
control of the llelgrade-Nlsh. Nlsh
mud, anti i HKUB-ailtrnvltia railroads
.in i-iinuip icic teutonic forces on the
l.ossovo plain to secure supplies from
hom by an all-rail route, which,
though very round-about, Is easier Ihnn
the shorter but difficult overland route
from the Morava valley.
The uormana arc sweeping west of
Prlstina to the Montenegrin frontier at
the same time that the Austrlans aro
operating to the west of Mltrovltza.
King Demands Written
Guarantees From the
Quadruple Entente
LONDON. Nov. JSt.-Dcmand upon
the entente powers for written guar
antees of concessions, a long confer
ence between Premier Skouloudls and
King fonstantine. a hurried cabinet
meeting, and a message from the
Kaiser to the Greek King have swiftly
turned the Halkan situation again Into
one of uncertainty.
Decisive action by the entente powers
Is believed here to be tho onlv means
nf ending ronstnntlne's pretexts fur
further delav mid negotiations.
According to military authorities It Is
believed that the Greek attitude hinges
!'.non ..""' Inadequacy of tho forces at
the disposal of the allies to block In
roads upon Greek territory by the Aus-tro-Gcrman
and Bulgarian forces.
Number In Field.
Todny's Athens advices put tho total
allied forces at only 126,000, London
and Paris advices say 40,000 to JIB.OOO
more oro on their way. That the
Kerbs can be of much further assist
ance Is questioned
The Germans and Austrlans are un
derstood to have nt least ir.0.000 In
the Held. It Is estimated Hulgarln can
...... ...,, ...... ....... in nry m ucuevea
able, as soon uh they are. fully armed
tn Increase tho total by nearly
1,000.000. ' ly
The situation would be somen hat
changed If Russia should hurl a
strong force Into tho llulliun war
none. Ilnumanla would make further
difference should she Join the allies.
Ilut these contingencies are said to be
looked on In Athens as uncertainties.
Views of Klnu.
Constantino Is understood to be de
tei mined to adopt no policy which
will antagonize Germnny nud mean an
invusiou of Greece if tho allies aro
Hcporta that a partial demobiliza
tion of tho Greek at my has begun
or Ih about to begin. In compliance
with tha allies' demands, liavo not
et been verified to the satisfaction
of Italian statements.
Constantino apparently has decided
It Is out of the question for him to
promise to disarm and Intern the
allied troops If they should be driven
back from Serbian nnd Uulgurla Into
Gieek territory.
Tlo does not propose to place Greece
In a position where she will be ex
posed to Gcrnlan vongeanco for pur
suing u courso contrary to the
Kalwor's Interests unless assured of
WILSON mWmprisoned For Years In Own
w ssp- v I
Conferences With U. S. Envoy to
Belgium and Col. House Fea
tures of Crowded Calendar
Cheered by Thaeter Audience
When He Appears in Box
With Mrs. Gait.
NEW TOnK. Nor. M. President Wil
son had i busy Sunday today. He rose
early; held several conferences: met his
fiancee, Mrs. Norman Gait; went to i
church, took and automob'te ride and
planned to leave for the Capital at I
midnight. ,
Before going to meet Mrs. Gait Mr.
Wilson received llrand Whltlnck. or
Toledo, minister to nelglum, who Is In'
New York for n short rest, and also '
conferred with Ilobert I.anslng. Secre
tary of State, who came here yesterday.
The President's n turn to VshlnRton
tonight. It was raid, was due to a de
sire to get back to work on his mes
sage to Congress In which the question
of preparedness Is declared to be the
big feature.
Business disposed of, the President
motored from the home of Colonel
House, No. 1U Lust r'lfty-thlrd street
to No. 13 West Tenth street, khero his ,
fiancee Is talng with M'ss Gertrude,
uoroon and the engaged couple went 10
the Collegiate Church.
As was the case yesterday, the Chief
Executive win guarded by fiecret Ser
vice men and no stranger was allowed
near him.
Dine With Colonel House.
The party dined with Colonel House,
Mrs. Gait will remain over tomorrow
to finish some shopping and also to In
spect part of her trousseau. The Presi
dent and Colonel House had a long con
ference at the colonel's residence last
night. Colonel House only recently re
turned from Kurope. So Important did
Mr. Wilson deem this conference with
Colonel House that he did not even at
tend a dinner at the lilltmore Hotel
arranged In honor of Mr. GulLby John
A. WllMin. the" President's cousin. Mrs.
Unit was at the dinner. The President
drove to the home of Colonel House
after the Army nnd Navy game jes
terday afternoon uftcr he had escorted
Mrs. Glt to Miss Gordon's home.
Cheered In Theater.
In the evening the party went to
see 'Chln-Chln." The President was
reeoguized at once nnd cheered. He
came to the front of the bo and
bowed. I ater, Mrs, Gait arrived and
the President aided her In removing
her cloak She wote a whltt satin
evening gown with led roses In the
sorsage end carried a bouquet of in -chlds.
Ywcnly-two detectives vvira
on guard In the theater during the
P' rformanco.
The dinner for Mts. Gait at the nilt-
more was given in the I residential
suite, and -'slde rMs Qalt and th
host there were prercnt Mrs. Annie
W. Howo, Mrs. Anna W. Cothran,
Miss Margaiet Wilson. Miss Helen
.'oodrnvv IVmes. Passed Assistant
tfurirr.n f"jry t. Grayson. XI S. N ,
Mlohard Kennedy, of Franklin, Pa .
.dr. and M-s. Albert It. Jareckl. of
Kile. Pa,. I)r. Kdward Devol, of New
oik, and 1 VI win G, Wilson, son of
the hint
Congressional Committee to
Begin Discussion of Findings
on Tax Plan.
Atter a recess nf two weeks, during
wnicn lime mo transcript of the tes
timony taken was printed, the Joint
Congressional committee investigating
the half-and-half principle will begin
".irn on ns report to Congress tomor
row. The committee win eoncne tomorrow
morning in executive session to begin
'.'l"c.U?ilnn nf '!8 ""'Ilnga. It is doubted
that the report will bo readv the open
ing day of Congress, as at first sug
gested. The committee has until .lunu
arv 1, however.
The ilntn .,r (Iia ..,..,. . ...nt .... .
, -, n i'ui i win iiepenu
largely on the amount of other duties
renlllre.l frnm flu. ,.n...Mi..- . .
L.-' . .. ";' ."iininiii-ir inenioers.
benator Saulshury Is secretary of the
Kniintn ..all..!. a ..1.I..I. ..m . .
......... ... i.", ii ii-ii mil meei lomor-
row, nnd benator Chilton naturally will
attend the Democratic affair. In the
House Congressman Ralncv Is a mem-
; i . ".". """ -""nns lomni t-
tee which is to begin this week Infor
mal consideration or appointments to
tho standing committees of the Home
Despite these conflicting duties the
members of the select Investigating
committee, hope to complete their re
port within two weeks.
Constantinople Opens
Indo-Egyptian Office
P.nm.IV (via Kayvllle), Nov. .-"According
to a Constantinople dispatch."
savs the Ovejsess News Agency, "tho
Turkish government has openi d a now
foielgn department, the Indo-i.'gyptlan
notion. "
Commenting on this, Ilcrlln news
n(H rs v that the action taken U a
consi'iiueni'e of the ho'y war sprcnl lg
over the Mohammedan eountiles, ualn
Iiik cspccIhI headway In lluvpt and In
dls, uhere llrltlsh rule, thev point out
has been unwillingly endured for
Uface Marshall, Still a Child At 28,
llics-i T sswi All fro Arnl TV TTf lis
zw' juoui riv kjvici zigwwt' iu x nnv
f; ' 4 HH ' 1 V ' )K JfV mmmjF' A
Photos by Harry dfliBliBiBiBiHiBflLiliBiim SBLbILbLbLbLbLbBLLbH
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OMN CLOSES g&mZ. wa)
n ABOiir villa mmfMm,
Northern Leader's Army of
12,000 Men Near Capture,
Carranzistas Say.
HOirm.AK. Ariz. Nov 38 Ail Gen
eral Villa's fiv ci In the itate of
fionors are comcutratlhg at H.iiUdcht,
a small settlement thirty miles west
of Canunea, according to Carranzlsta
advices received here todaj
Gen. Jose HodrbiueA Joined Villa's
Irani column today with 4,000 men
Villa's nrniv. It la said, now numbers
more than U'.OOn
NOGAI.IIS. Axlz.. Nov. 28. General
Villa's army Is Happed General Ob
regon gave out a statement today
which be said thut the northern leal
er was completely surrounded by Cat-
lunyl.Fa fn tmu ..!,. ...a nl...l. I ..
from tho four directions. The bulk of'
Villa's army, he sa t, left Magdalena
yesioruay. going lowiirn Chlliuahua,
Villa's stronghold A Ca: i.nuUtu
army of 3,000 men Is marching west
ward to meet Villa. General Dlegue.
Is rloxlue in from the south with 0,0 )n
troops and Ohregon himself has sent
5,000 soldiers rrom this point to fol
low Villa's retreat. Ohregon experts
to have Villa piUoncr hernia tho
end nf nevt .nU
'I'hliteen Mexicans who wree caught!
nllnir 1 .. n I nll.t .. . t
looting lust night wero execute
More than 200 straggling Vllllstas
ofteied their serlces to the C.irranz.i
canes. They were promptU glen
food and now clothes and placed In
the ranks.
ni. i ... . .i . ...., .....
nu iioiiv oi iTiviuc piiepnen i.itue,
who was Killed yestonla In n bonier
tight between American soldiers ami
Mexican troops, was shipped lust
night to his mother, who lUcs at
Fairmont, N. C.
Baby's Hair HadTo
Be Red, Wife Says
Husband's Order Listed As
Cruelty In Her Suit for a
Ni:V Vt UK, Nov. SV-John I toss
Ktuait Is being sued in tho uupieme
(ouit lor a sepui a lou b Mis. KkImi
M Htuart, who chuges he Insisted on
hulng n red-halrcd clilld.
lost April, she alleges that her husband
said "If-that bubv hasn't got led hall
I won't havu un thing to do with it.'
Blind Tiger Crusader
Is Slain From Ambush
MONTGOMERY. Ala., Nov ;s.r)ep.
uty Hheiirr Grady Orangei, of llufnula.
Ala., active in blind tiger crusadei,
whs shot from his iiH)toiccIe from nm
hush Lite yesterday by an unknown
paitv and Instantly killed
Authorities aie miking an Iniestlgi
tlon on the heor that t'le deed v s
rnmm'ttcd hy somr blind tiger oprntcr
whom the aherltr's forces had been run
Bins down.
) 'fV ,M4 J WM f- f r.B WK 'rTSI ' WW
' r1WffiJ.7.Jv. I
-. ' :. ii i' '' bbbIbILBb
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V - A 'ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIIIII
' i't, '". lJbbbIbIbIbIbIH
aw& '''(LLLLbILH
1 A0tAB
MISS EMMA DA VIES, Eastern Agent of the Children'! Aid Society, who
Rescued Grace,
Kept in Solitary Confinement by Father and Step
Mother, Girl-Woman Loses Power of Speech
and Must Be Taught Every Function of
Life; Many Neighbors on Eastern
Shore Thought Her Dead.
A woman of twenty-eight years, with the mind and body of a
child and senses benumbed by long years of solitary confinement in
her father's house, is learning to talk again today down on Mary
land's Eastern Shore.
She is named Grace Marshall, and her story befits the Middlo
Ages rather than this day of civil'zation and science, of medicines,
and the humane treatment of the afflicted.
Two weeks ago the existence and the plight of this child-woman
were virtually unknown except to her family. A very few residents
of St. Michael's thought of her-if they thought at all about her as
merely an unseen invalid. Grace Marshall's name passed no one's
lips; she had been forgotten. To most of those who ought to have
cared she was as one dead.
Less than ten days ago she was brought staring into the sun
light that beamed on Frank Marshall's farm. She had been re
claimed, by strangers from an 8xl0 room as dark as some of the
dungeons of medieval times.
The room was unlocked at the law's demand by a steomother
who wore its key, tied to a soiled strinp, about her neck. Once be
fore, when an inquisitor came without an officer of the law to rescue
Grace Marshall1, entrance to the farm-house prison of the emaciated
girl had been denied.
Jhis ep'sode but prqlonped for a few days the solitary confine
ment (lint soon wovld have been ended anv v-nv by death.
Grr.ce Marchall'c Vv'lv 53:d
(Continued an
a. .fc m
s.i -: r amm
thi re taking "a lunutlc" out
Tut ThlriMn.)
Above (.HACK in bed. ' ,ne a" nnd "'"'etl uftciward that his
,, , , ". . , ' , , .L cllint admltttd running down Mr. Latl-
Uclow A nample of her hand-wnt- Milr 1llt wou(1 pleud ,h,lt (he HCclUnt
WtR. When firbt released she was was unaoldublc because of seml-dark-a:iked
bv the sheriff fo write nesi and the alleged fact that Mr.
something. "Mother" was the re
nuH. Later, at the rciUCbt of The
Times hc wio'.c her panic.
Daring Robber Breakfasts With
.,.,, ... ,
Aid of Revolver in Home of
Wn Cnri.n
. U. Oierrei.
Wielding a revolver In one hand ami a
fork In the other, a daring rohler com
pelled t colored mild In the home ot
William I Slerrelt Pierce .Mill rond
neai Connecticut avenue, to glvo him
breakrart todav, and then CMC'iped in
the neighboring woods, where the pcllce
arc now tr-tlng to find him.
The man was surprised bv the mild
while he was going IIiioiktIi the up
stairs looms. Mr. Steriett was at VII
Souls' Memorial Church, when' his
father, the P.ev J. .McPrldc Sterrelt. Is
re, Im. ami Mrs. Stenett t- taking a
walk, the onlv mcmbei of the f tmliy at
home being their two-vnar-oM son.
Wlien lonfinoled . be 111 lltl lie man
liew a revolver anil potntl-u. It hi her
warnetl her not to scream lie incn
conipcllitl her to lea-i the way hi mo
Kitchen nnd set beftue hln. whit food
was available. Still keeping the ticn.l-
llng girl covered wltn inc weapon, ir
ate rn' etiously ami men ran oui mu
back door . ,
Dirtily nail he dlsappearen wncn ui
mulil giabbcl up the child and i an nut
lo the road, where she met Mrs. rllcr
relt retmnlm? Mom hci walk The lliiee
of theni huired to Die home of tle
Rev. Mi Sn i nil. it Ihlle nioie than a
blotk distant, uud give Hie ahirin.
);' y available man in the -uh 1 poll-'e
stiitlon was at on-e hurried to the
seine, hut uftcr a piellmlnni y caici It
:iiineii Unit the f.igutlve had escaped
111 tt. the Clt
Widow of Serbia
Martyr Visits U. S.
Mrs. lirnest P MaRiudcr, widow uf
tho Wushlngton plosltl.tn who sac
illlced his life In idler work In ei-
bla. has arrived at (ilendale, Md . on a
visit lo the pin ent,s of hoi Imshind
Mrs Magrudei came from Scotlund,
vvhero bhc has been for several
months, and will ictiiiii to thul conn
tiy lo spend Christmas vvi'h her
ymng son.
Dr. iCrncst P Mnsrwlei was a vol
unteer when Stiblu Issijed Hi distress
call eailv in the war anil doi'tuiri
vveie ncetled lo tlglit nut armies but
tvphus. l)r Magiuder sureu.nlictl to
th fever soon nrtei leaihing the
itrlcken coitntiv nnd his name today
has its place among the lift or mar
tyr In the medical profession.
William 0. Soper, Clarksburg
Huckster, Alleged to Have
Confessed Hitting H. A. Lat
imer Last Wednesday.
Will Claim, However, Accident
Was Unavoidable, Charging
That Victim Stopped While
Crossing the Road.
William O. Soper. a huckster,
of Clarksburg. Md., was arrested
this morning charged with having
ccused the death of H. A. Latimer
at Drummond last Wednesday
According to Sheriff E. Peyton
I Whalen, of Montgomery county,
and Lieutenant G'lcs, of the Ten-
j leytown police station, who mads
the arrest, Soper admitted he was
the man who operated the automo-
I bile truck which crushed out Mr.
Latimer's life on the Rockvillt
Soper was taken to the Rock-
villc jail after his alleged confes
sion, and held without tbond. Im
mcd'ately after his arrival he com
municated with Attorney John A.
Garrett, of Rockville, and engaged
him as counsel.
Attorney Garrett talked with Boper at
i.aumer um nui com.nue airnss mc
road aftci starting.
The an est of boper had been con
ncrous state when tirat clmi geil with
lesponslblllty for the death of Mr Lati
mer He w is unjwart of the death of
the alleged victim of nls automobile
tiiuk. .md almokt collapsed whun told
uf II
'i i. a arrest it itnner had been con
templated ror loro-iUlil hours. rihcrUT
I Winlen and Lieutenant Giles having
I satlstled themselves Thursday nlgnu
that lie was the operator or the niito
1 mobile truck. The postponed the ar
' leu keeping Soper undei tur -"ell lance.
I In tr.e expectation inai n- wuuiu cm-
'under luimull When t .. officis tirat
I taxed Siiinr with rcsponsibtllt) for ih
' WM"
upoi further iiiestlonlng. ihey Mt. h;
'-!' jr V'reiiVman tta '
I Sheriff bale.i K.i v e Lieutenant Giles
nd the local police department chief
crtdlt for tho urresi. He a so cxpreav
ed his thanks to M ijor Pullman for
detailing two detcctlv s to co-opcrato
with him Ik the Investigation of tho
iuso and search fol the driver.
Received a "Tip."
Lieutenant (illes reielved a "tip"
which led to the airest shortly after
it became known that tho driver had
eluded canture. some unidentified per
hon telenhom d to Llciilcnnnl Olles and
Informed hint that a man living at
larsslairg ould tell of Hm condition
of un automobile truck ownci llvlnc
tneie on ihi ti.j-.nt oi ii. acment. ana
that this wou'd solve the inMery s to
the wheieabouts of the man sought
This -tip' was ro lowed, .ml the ar
lost and confession of Soper ensued.
At i o'clock last ulglit Slierlr Wha
len. Lieutenant (ilies. and Uepu Sher.
Ifl Hewitt moped on the dooi of sopor s
homo and awakened him ft m sound
1 slumber Sopci Inuulicd what inoir
hll.illl.il. CLUH.
ou ought to know." replied Sher
iff W'lialeii "Vou are wantel for hit
ting a man with an automobile"
"I am not the man jou'ie looking
for it must be somebodj else." Sopei
Is reported to have hub!
Wluilen then Informed Soper that II
wus known tluil he operated on auto
mobile truck past Diummed at the
time the iici Ident oei lined and added
"It may have beep a mistake and you
did what )ou n.uld to avoid the a
cldent. but ou :ue cei laml the mail.
Admits He Hit Man.
Soper then Is eaul to have admlttet
that Ills truck struck n man at Drum
mond, but he Insisted he exerted ever
effoit I" piuvent hitting the pedes
trlan, even i unnlnK over the s
track and ties uud close to a wU
polo to aveit an iiccldi nl
After a few moments' conversation
about the accident, Soper Imiulied a-i
to the condition of the man run down
1 the truck Inloinicd that Mr Lat
imer had died the morning after tha
accident. Soper reeled backward, plac
ed his hand" on his head and appeal
ed to be on the vein of a bteakdovvn
Accoidlng to Shei.ff Vv'lialcn. Soper
made tin following statement to him
after learning of Mr l.n.lmcr's death
"I cniried it lot or pioiluie to Center
Mmket SVednesdav nnd tell In with
I soiui1
some filendi urn i ue'-'ng inv monev.
it ,.u4 TlinnUHiilv Imu e and we be-
tame eoivLlal Alioiit , n clock I lold
nit rurnili I had lo le ve liiem Hnil
ill ve mv tr i. hj 'in Cliarls Mul
lliuv ,lio .mix til im udvUd me not
lo irv to tun lilt? ii lick home, hut lo
leavo It In town 1 insisted 1 was In

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