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Oliphant Is Miracle Man of Army-Navy Game Witnessed By Thousands
NEW YORK, Nov. 28. Adherent of the Army and Navy -who are
leaving the big city after the annual service football Rame when Army
mashed her way to a 14 to 0 victory have the name of one young sol
dier on their tonsucs "Ollle" Oliphant. This versatile rrjdlroner car
ried the contest to the West Pointers almost single-handedly and gave
them their tenth victory over Navy in the scries of twenty games in
which they have figured during that number of years. Navy has won
nine times and one game was a tie, that of 1005.
So, Oliphant has entered into that sublime atmosphere in which tho
Brickleys, Coys, and others have scintillated ever since their names were
made famous on their respective gridirons, and he won his graduation
into their class by revealing himself as master of tho game in all its de
partments in. yesterday's important struggle.
At making long gains he is no better than at kicking off and
making accurate punts, and he can hit 'the line as hard as he can
boot perfect goals from touchdown. At all he is a marvel and he
proved it in the a'cid test which came in yesterday's game.
More Jhan 40.0UO men and women
braved pneumonia and cheered them
rclves hoarso aa tho two teams fought
over a aoicgy, allpperv Held which, at
Intervals, waa swept by a drizzling rain.
Ituliblns elbows with Just pluln Ameri
cana Jammed In tho Polo Ground were
dozens of generals, colonels, and what
nots of the army, admiral and rear ad
mirals from the navy, and ait many
Cabinet ofTlclals and undersecretaries as
the Government could spare without
moving all Washington hero for the day.
It wan a roal Army-Navy scrap, fought
only as tho Middles and CadcU can
llcht when they come together, atjd a
real American crowd looked on and
Tho President. If he likes, can say "his
side" won. because he was sitting In
the Army stands when the end came
and the Middles left tho Held defeated,
but still same and full of fight. With
Mrs. Gait. Ills tlancce; Secretary and
Mrs. McAdoo. Col i:. M. House, and
other members of his party, the Prist
dent spent the tlrat half of tho game on
the Navy side. Hut he failed to -rlntr
them luck.
In the Mrst few minutes of the first
period things begun to lisppen, and be
fore tbrnr stopped Oliphant was ecross
the. line with a touchJnuu. After the
Chief Kxecutlve had Joined the Cadec
f oi res Oliphant smashed through agnl.i
and hung up the Army's second touch
down. This was In the third period.
The glory for the Army victory goes
to Oliphant. Ho scored both touch
downs, kicked both goals, and when
yords were needed after the Navy hail
held the other Army backs, alwats It
was Oliphant who smashed through the
Middles' defense. Once through the first
line, ho wiggled, squirmed, fought, and
scrambled his way first one yard, then
two then It was live, and on until tho
entire Navv team smothered him to tho
ground. The fast, powerful hack
ripped off run after run of from fifteen
to thirty-five vurcis. Oliphant's second
touchdown was from the :5-yard line.
McEwan had intercepted a forward pass
and ran It back thtrty-flve yards when
Oliphant was called on after other
straight line smashes hail failed. Tho
former Purdue boy hit hard and low.
He emerged from tho tangle of for
wards. Dodging and twisting, ho eluded
the secondary defense. Only Craig, tho
Navy quarter, stood behind him und the
goal. Oliphant outfooted lit in und
planted the ball behind the posts.
When "Oliphant" Is said, tho story of
tho Army attack is practically told. A
few forward passes wcro tried by the
West Pointers, but with little result.
Kicking honors were largely even, but
aa tho Navy held with considerable suc
cess against tliu attacks of Coffin, Ford,
and Mitchell. It fell to Oliphant to de
liver on the ground gaining. The Navy
railed on straight football except during
the last period. Then they resorted to
do or dlo tactics. '
Blodgett replaced von Helmberg at
left end for the Middies. Ho Is about
as tall as tho mainmast of one of tho
ships of the Atlantic fleet, and about
him tho last efforts settled. Illodgett
would drop back as though to punt, and
from his mast-llko arm would drop the
ball In the general vicinity of where ho
thought a teammato would bo. Some of
his shots In theso attempted forward
passes wero from twenty-five to thirty
When the ball reached the end of Its
flight, however. It failed to meet a
friend. A half dozen of these passos
were tried, but those that did not go
outside fell uncompleted, und .the bull
was brought buck.
A dramatic Incident came in tho
fourth period. With his team going
down to defeat, Captain Miles, of the
Navy, pleaded with the coaches to let
him get Into the fray. Miles Is suf
fering from an Injured knee, but finally
won consent. He relieved Cralsr at
quarter. There was u scrimmage.
Time wan tuken out. Just one play und
the Middles' leader was among tho
fallen. He was picked up In the arms
of a husky substitute ami carried fiom
the (leld.
Though facing certain defeat, the
Navy fought as hard In the last five
minutes of play Sua during the first.
The Middles never let up, but they hud
a better team on their hands.
On a dry field. It Is entirely noss ble
that the acoro ugalnst them would havo
been larger.
Score by periods:
Army 7 0 7 ft-14
Navy ,. .. . ,. 0 0 0 0- 0
I,lne-up and summary:1
Army. Position. Navy
Neyland H. 1' Johnson
Weyland It. T Gllman
Moacham It. O Smith
MeKwan . ...... Center Goodsteln
n'Hnre I. O Ken-hcr
Jones . L. T Ward
Hcdlleld I.. 1". ... Von Helmberg
Gerhaidt Q. H. Craig
1-ord I.. II Davis
Oliphant H. II WeslphM
Coffin . . !'. It Mart n
Touchdowns Oliphant, ". Ooals Oli
phant. 3.
Substitutions Army-Une: Tully for
Neyland: Parker for Weyland, Holmes
for Meacham: Goodman for McRwan:
Knight for O'Haroj Hrltton for Hed
field Hack field: Hogo for Coffin:
Mitchell for Kurd.
Navy-I.lne Illodgett for von Helm
beg; Jackson for Johnson, flack Held.
Miles for Cialg; Orr for Mlletf
Officials: Heferee iJingford (Trin
ity!. I'mplre Murphy (Hrown) I-'leld
ludge IWiins (W'lllams). Linesman
Marshall (Harvard).
Bobby Neyland Is
Knocked Out of
Game and Banquet
NEW YOHK Nov. M.-Whllc his ten
comrades nnd the Army mule- the vic
tor over the Navy team and Its goat
avare the cueata of 2,00o football enthu
Statistics Show How
Army Eleven Excelled
First downs Army, 10; Navy, 4.
Ground gained by rushing
Army, 197 yards; Navy, 49
Ground gained by forward pass
ingArmy, 17 yards; Navy, 40
Total ground gained Army, 216
yards: Navy, 88 yards.
Forward passes tried Army, 6;
Navy, 15.
Forward passes completed
Army, 1; Navy, 3.
Fumbles Armv made four re
covered three; Navy made I
thm wpnvflil a.a '
Lost ball on downs Army, 2;
Navy, 0.
Punts Army, 13; Navy, 19.
Average distance of punts
Army, 39 yards; Navy, 37
Penalties Army, 60 yards (30
yards for holding, 15 yards for
interference, 15 yards for ofT
sidel; Navy, 55 yards (45
yards for holding, 10 yards for
Long runs Army, Oliphant, 15
yaras, L'j yards, 24 yards, 15
yards, 25 yards; McEwan, 30
yards; Gerhardt, 20 yards;
Mitchell, 20 yards'. Navy,
Martin, 20 yards; Craig, 12
yards, 20 yards.
siasts at a dinner In the Hotel Astor
last night. Bobby Neyland, the end who
was knocked out of tho game In tho
third nuarler. twisted arid turned In his
bed, five floors above, suffering from a
slight fracture of the skull Just as
soon as tho doctors agreu that In- Is
sufficiently recovered tho hotel man
agement will etvo another party In his
"Would vou mind telling mo what
year this Is?" ho asked Just after they
hud nut him to bed When told It was
1915 ho flatly contradicted tliu doctor.
He later asked If the football season
had begun, und why il was that he was
not on tho teuea.
"When do we play tho Navy?"
"Vou played tho Navy tills afternoon
and beat them 14 to 0."
"Oh! and I wanted to play In that
game," he replied.
The doctors who nrn attending Ney
land sav his condition Is not serious,
und that he will be out again after two
duvs. Ho recovered consciousness com
pletely late In the evening, and asked
to bo allowed to attend the dinner. It
was thought better to keep him next to
his Ice bags. Ho can leao his bed to
day or tomorrow.
Ilroadwuv .and the theaters were
sneckled with tho uniforms of the
cadets and midshipmen last night. This
Is the first tlmo In. many months they
have been out on leave, and, though
they received complete freedom, theio
was not a breach of discipline. Most
of the West Point men attended thu
dinner at the Astor and then went out
for a glimpse of llroadvvuy before
catching the train back for the Acad
emy. The midshipmen spent tho even
ing at the theaters und cafes. They re
turn to work this mornlna.
One of the feutures or tho Armr
dinner wns a mulo which hnuled a poor
llttlo Navv coat about the ball room
It was not the regular Army mascot,
but ono with a man Inside it. Tbe rent
mule was urged to toln the parly, but
he was very busy with somo Important
Jiav down In tho cellar.
Dickinson May Drop
Football Next Year
CAnMSI.K. Nov. ;s. Dickinson ended
the season on Thursday, when Iifay
ette was met at Hasten, and the season
lust closed was about the most dis
couraging In the history of football at
this Institution, not huvlng won a game
on her schedule, but she held somo of
the teams to very low scores.
The, college Is now up against a very
serious nut-stlon, and tho question la
whether or not football will bo dropped,
as the team of the past two venrs hns
not been up to the standard of Dickin
son athletics, nncl ut the next meeting
of the College Athletic Association lep
rcsentatives of the student body will
either call for some method wheioby
some good material can be had from
which to form a squud or else the aboli
tion of the great college sport.
Of the freshnlan class of ninety males
which entered this year only one weighs
moro than 1S5 pounds, and be had never
plated football With few exceptions all
weighing more than 160 pounds aie try
ing for the varsity or playing on tho
frcshmun team.
Everett High Too
Confident, But Wins
Kverett Hlsh defeated Walt hum Hlrh's
football eleven, 1 to 0, cllnchlnft her
rlcht to meet Detroit Central tn an
Intcr-Hortlonul hamnlonshln came. 12v.
erett was expected to win by .u big
store, but wus too ronhdent and was
outplayed tn the lirst period.
(IT was a good, clean game. The play was excellent during tome phases, and of course I am
more than satisfied with the work of the Army team. At no time was there a- chance to
find fault anywhere.
"Great credit is due to the Navy team, and none knows better than I and the others of the
Army team just how well the Navy boys did play. It is a good, strong eleven and their play is
of the cleanest. They fought hard and they fought well."
ffnpHE Navy team was beaten fairly, although the game was not without the elements of ad-
vetrse luck for us. The Army team is a good one and deserves praise for the manner in
which they carried out several plays. They played cleanly."
Beaten Navy Team to Be Wel
comed Home With Monster
ANNAPOMH, Md., Nov. 2.-Notwllh-standlng
tho defeat which the Naval
AcAdemy team received yesterday at j
the Hands of tho Amy, a demonstra
tion on the return of the team this
evening will remove, much of the sting
of defeat. The midshipmen felt that
their team would put up all the fleht
that wan In tlitin, und Intend to make
full recognition of tho fact, Irrcspccllvo
of the result of the game. Many peo
ple at the Naval Academy and In An
nupolls followed the gumc through the
reports of each plav, which were wired
hetc. It Is admitted that service foot
bull Is beneath Its standard this snasrn.
Of the ttain which started against the
Army jesterduy but two will bo lost
by riradJutlon, Craig, quarterback, and
Kcrcher, left guard. Thru') have ono
year more to play. Theso are Ward,
left tackle, Johnson, right end, and
Davis, right hnlfback. Wnrd Is likely
to be t'.ioir next captain. There ate six
fouitlk class men among the regulars,
nit vim; Ihrto more years of football at
tho Naval Academy. They aro Von
Helmberg, left nd, Ouodstcln, center;
Smith, rlsht guard. Oilman, right
tackle; Wcstphal. left halfback, nr.d
Martin, fullback. This makes tho out
look for Naval Academy football very
Lawyers Will Be Permitted to
Cross Examine Witness
NEW TOniC. Nov. 21-Lawyera for
Abel II. Klvlat and Harry J. Smith
will be nllowed to submit all tho new
evidence they wish before the A. A. I'.
committee appointed to hear their ap
peal from the decision of the Metro
politan Association declaring the men
lrellijlble to compete us amateur ath
letes. This was ono of the first thlns
decided at the llrst session of the coin
mltteo, held at the Hotel Astor yester
day, and which wus adjourned until tills
morning for the admission of the new
ovidencc. Oustavus T. Klrby, of New
York, acted as the trial Judye of tnn
committee, the other members present
belnir Oeorue J Tumor, Ualtlmore, and
Kdward K. Babb, Huston.
Another strong point gained by tli-v
appellantr. was the right to cross-examine
the witness Campbell, of which
they did not avail themselves when tho
case was tried by the registration com
mittee which disqualified the men. He
will go nn the stund again this morn
ing, according to statements made by
counsel -yesterday. John T Donllng and
Murray Hulbert appeared for Klvlut
and Smith while the Metropolitan As
sociation was repiesented by Supreme
Court Justice llartow S. Weeks, who Is
chairman of the law committee of tho
Gaffney Gives Warning
To Complaining Braves
rtOSTON. Nov. 3. Tho Iloston Hraves,
whose "klcklntt" tactics on the baseball
field during tho last season wero criti
cised In some quarters, wilt lmproo
their manners next year. If President
James K. Oaffney has his way. In a
letter mailed to everv member of the
team under contract, the club execu
tive announces his "determination that
tile conduct of the team shall bo above
"Umpire baitlno- Is A thing of the1
past It If a detriment to tho winning
or pennants." he said, continuing:
"livery player who Is fined by an urn
pile next season must pay his own fine,
ajid no nlaver tinder suspension will re
ceive salaiy during that period"
Piesldent Gaffney assured the play
eis that he would "back them to the
limit" If they were right and tho um
pire wrong, but he expressed the belief
that the umpires would treat the play
cia proocilv If met In the same spirit.
Baltimore Stars Fail
To Put in Appearance
Washington s.'hoolboy football play
cis have nrobably schedule.! their last
game with an all-star aggregation from
Ualtlmore, as the game scheduled be
twten two such toama at Georgetown
rield could not he played because the
Miuylnnders fnlled to show up. Man
ager Iloe telephoned at a very tato
hour that his team hud backed out on
Independent Football
Title at Stake Today
The Independent title of the District
Is at stake today the champion Na
tionals meeting the crack Mohawks at
Vigilant Tark at 3 o'clrrk. with Tug
i'ury and Country Morris as officials.
Japanese Will Play
Willie Hoppe Here
Koji Yamada, tho Japanese bil
liard champion, who is con
ceded to be ncurcr tho realm
of Willie Hoppe than any other
challenger, will meet the
world's champion at Sherman's
tomorrow night and Tuesday
afternoon and evening. They
will play the 1B.2 game for 400
points. Yamada is said to bo
the master of speed on the
green table and his brilliance
In the masse htrokc, which he
executes with cither hund has
won distinction for him.
Chevy Chase Arranges Attrac
tive Event for Fair De
votees of Pastime.
Besides tho man-v club events that
ate now In progress nn the various
links around Washington, nn es
pecially attractive ard Is In store
for votaries nf tho game nt Oievv
Chase Club A women's tournament
will be stirted Monday morning at In
o'clock when qualifications will be
played. At the same hour Tuesday
the first round In all eights will com
inenco rind semlllnals will he played
Wednesday At 1 p m. Thursday
finals begin. Players will ho permit
ted to choose tln-lr own partners in
the qualiflcntlo'M and If nu partner Is
nr.med In the entry, one will be pro
vided by the committee.
Itlchard Heattie has won the club
championship ut I'nnnoc khurn for the
second conseeutlvo time In the '"hiit
vcet home" ivenl he won from .1.
Martin Hcranage by 1, up
Here are tho summailis of tin
week's play
nitsT (ciiami'ionhhii') sinti:i:n.
Seinl-llnal round J. M. Scrunago
defeated 11 . Hurtnn. Jr. by 7 up
and k, Itlchard tlenttle defeated A.
Norman Dempsey, by t uji anil 3,
l-'lnal lound Itlchard Jliatili- de
feated J. Martin Schanage, by 1 up.
Consolation K mil i.uhkI i;. p.
Williamson deleultd Uoltci I, Trav
ers, by 2 up and 1
bixoNu m.ti:i:n
Scml-Ilnal lound-lr V. l: Ho
Faroes defeated Ixmlel l Il.i.ird. by
3 up and I. C. II. IlaKi-r di feuted ilu
rutlo .Stuner. by 3 up and J.
final round C. 11. IJaker defeated
Or. J. It. Pe Karges, by t up and .1.
Consolation Final r.und Herman
Stubler defeated M. Doiselt, b 3 up
and .1.
Tlllllp nl.VTll.N.
Semi-final round MII.-s Taylor de
feated J. F !., .' ujj and 1 William
Maikl.. defeutcd Thomas Pcinpiey. by
default ' " '
, r!n,'',ri"""f William Macl.ie do
Consolations -Klnul round Itonuld
by 2 up Hlniri1",ea A" L ,Juallll"--i!lnn
i-nrd Mml riam tialzell won th-i
w SJVLT00."11 prl,!e"- 'cspi-cthely. in
last Saturday's cent at Chevy Chase,
an elKhtetn-iioli- handicap uualnst par.
VE ...w.aH 6.'o.n und Dalzell ; down.
About twenty.J.ve competed.
Cliety Chuso unlfer. li. .. Inl.K.
.-u oi wic mice n'ne-hole course
plan, went over the couise Pilday
moinlns with ieprecntatles nf the
golf committee. The special commlttco
In charge of golf la nnxious to tlnd out
what Is tno consensus of opinion among
the players, in older that the matter
may be more Intelligently acted upon
at tho annual mectiniT of the club De
cember 7 The committee will wclcomo
Eleven Clubs Formed
At Noel Gymnasium
Athletic activities nt Noel Houso
gymnasium are in full swing, with an
eniollmcnt of somo two hundred boys
and girls organized Intn eleven cluhi,
known as tho Federals. Qlbraltars.
Senccas. Carlyles, Eastern, Ameilcnn.
Itoeedalo, Eagles. Rolands, Hoy tlcouts.
and Noel House Olrls.
The Federals and Holunds hne or
ganized strong basketball teams fullv
equipped with brand new uniforms. The
l-'eiltrals' weight Is an average of MO
pounds. The Holunds are much heavier,
and with a llttlo moie experience In the
sport. Until of these clubs are anxious
to arrange games with unv of tho tenmi
In the Sunday School, n It, V. M. C A
Interscholastlc leagues, or uny Inde
pendent organization. Tho Carlyles.
(Ilbraltars, nnd lOugles hae also or
ganised teams and are willing to battlo
with anv team of their uverago weight,
110 to If, pounds.
The girls' basketball team has been or
ganized, nnd Miss Margaret Tew. of IMS
Third street northeast, was elected man
ager The girls aie anxious to play nnv
girls' team In the District, and games
can be arranged by addressing Miss
All the clubs are nut through a course
of gymnnstlcs, after which basketball
soccer footoull. and Indoor baseball l.i
played. Kerv hov und girl in the
northeast settlon of the city Is Invited
to Join 0110 of tile ubove 1 Inns and par
tlclnate In an evening of good, healthy
,ni i ,t. .. - . .
Sparr and Anderson Mentioned
as Letter Men Who Are
CHAm.OTTKHVIU.i:, V Nov. ?.
It Is probable that the election of t.to
new captain of the I'niverrlty of Vir
ginia football team for the 1916 season
will tie held somo tlmo next week at
the annual barqiiet to the football
teirn. The captain Is elected by nil
letter men of the past ear. The letters
are granted by tho board of tho general
athletic assrvlution from n list recom
mended by tne team captain
The number nf "V" letters nwnrded
to tho football teum urles with tho
season, but it Is usualt under twenty.
Koine yenrs It falls us low ns thirteen,
and Hf-uln goes up to sever-il numbers
above that figure. lloweer, the letters
ure awarded not on a basis of number,
but of the plai's service to the Vir
ginia learn during the cumhi, and so
It Is safe to uy tint nil men deaerNlt.g
of II ' V" Will be HWHldeil one
Harold ypurr und IM Anderson are
prominently mentioned for the honor.
An ulr of u.itihfnl walling seems to
come over the teum. us the football
captaincy la one nf the blggent honors
that comes to st-ident here. Next
ear's footlnll problem will be the
backileld, but that Is not looming up
hm of much moment now, after the re
markable se inn J-ist completed.
Catholic University Basketball
Squad Promised a Busy
till every date except those with
1'nlierslt) of Virginia dennltelv tl d.
Catholic I'nlverslty begins putting th-
finishing touches on Its bnskethiii
te-im tomorrow The llrst ginio will he
plsyed with Nf t St Joseph on Pe.
reinhcr 11. and limn then until ttin
latter part of IVhiuary the goil lowers
at Hronkl.ind will expenenco busy
times Two ginies aro to be plaed
with Virginia, one here and one at
Charlottesville, and the time will bo
named so. in.
I-led Itice Is agiln cinching tne
team, nnd has Itcgaii. Ho-itw right, and
Cnftrey ot last jniri team, bark, with
these substitutes- It. Cartw right, Sic
Kinney, ltlnclicllffe, Itutleilge, Wlilcht,
ii nd Hennelt. The tollnwlng men am
also out for the team: Callan, of Mt.
1. Joseph's, Shortlcy M-innlon, of St.
Mary's, Uy , together with tllennon,
Ambuig. (Jreer O'Toole, nnd Costackls.
The schedule follows.
lice. 11 Mt St. Joseph's, at home.
Iic. is 4i,iH,audet, -it Kendall (Srcene.
Pec. IM Mt St. Joseph's nt Ualtlmore.
Dee. IV Colgate, nt homo (pending).
Jnn 1.' St. John's College, at .n
napulis Md.
Jan. 1J (iettvshurg. at home.
Jan. 1V-.Niv. .it Aunipolls. Md.
.Ian 1. Oill unlet, at home.
Jan Jl Muhlcnburg. at home.
Jan '.- lieoi ge astitntoii, at home.
Jan. .1 l.ehlgh. at home.
lib. (V AlhrMhl. at home (pending).
I'eli. 11 West Vliginta Woslojan, at
I eli 12 ticorge Washington, at V, M.
C. V.
I-eh,- IK l.ehlgh, at South Itelhle
hein li.
I'eb. 17 Muhlcnburg. at Allentown.
I'eb. IV Swni thmnie, at Hn-trthmoie
l-eb. 19-lVliware, at Newark (pend
ing) I-eh 2- Washington nnd lee, at
lib. Lti-lltickmll. nl home.
Girls' Basketball Is
Attracting Attention
Inii.-im VeniMlnl Chinch and Ine
"oloiilnl Hcbool f .i- Olrls nre doing
muili In keep Inteiest nllve In huski t
hull for girls Tlien teams bae nt
tru'tio Raines for tin- senron and aro
hr-inchlng nut rn that theli sihediiles
will In -hide n largei l-itltiiil of schools
lngiam wen 'mm Colonials by 23 to
10 esterilny M is 1: Smith scored six
goals and was tno star.
Autumn Meeting .o. .1 to ,111, Ine
T Races llolid'DK and
turday, 0
Oilier l)a.
Admission, $1.50; Ladies, $1
First Race 1 :45 P. M.
Iloand Trip, .'Se. .special trains leave
White House station IilS, 12i3i.
This Season's Record Exceeds
Last Year's by But a Single
CHICAGO. Nov. '. Statistics com
piled hcic lodu place l'Jlf, s football
fatalities at sixteen, one moro ttutn
lost year. Four wero under fifteen
years, four wero seventeen years, and
tho others ranged in age to twenty-one
years. Only three, had college atllltn
tlons, and the remainder were mem
bers of high school or aeml-pro teams.
Thoso dead:
Donald Applas, llftecn, guard; hurt
In practice, Unu, Ohio, high school.
September S7.
l-lod Holllns, ejeven. burst blood
vessel, Austin, Texas, Bcptember ,
Kdward Johnson, twenty. Injured by
tackle, Wllllamanett, Mass., October i.
Itoland Casner, twenty, died two
weeks after Injured, which developed
Into blood poisoning, llurnsvllle. Va.
Chauncey Lyman, University or
Idaho, died Vi minutes after Injuries
In practice, Moscow, Idaho, October .
Davis Chalmers, seventeen, Decatur,
Uu., high school, fructurrd skull in
game against Marlst College,
Ilcrre Ducas, seventeen. Injured In
practice, Jefferson College, New Or
leans. Floyd, (lllbcrt. cnmlaln UrandevllM.
Idaho, high school team, died Irom
broken neck In gamo at Nezperces,
Idaho, October 1.
Mrynn Scott, Knox player, died ns
result of tackle in gnme October lb
against St. lxiuls University. HI. l.ouis,
Octolwr Jl.
John Oroom. seventeen. North Ilrad
dock, Ia., died as result Internal in
juries In scrub gamo with UradtlocK
Athletics October 23.
Clark Munscll, seventeen. Ilobart,
Okli., dltd as result Injuries In Okla
homa City game October Sx.
l'aul Hoot, hnlTbark, Normal School,
died at Charleston. III., result ruptured
hi nod vessel In game with Norman
I nlxerslty November 14
Hurry Mcdnith, fourteen, Hrldgeport,
Conn.. Injured Novemiier 10 by blow
over heart, died November IS
William Parker, twenty, captain.
Wheeling high school, died result
hemorrhage of brain tn Iluckhannon,
W Va.. game November 30.
Hcrschcl Hruner. lourtceii. Clarkson,
K. . high school, died result hemnr
rhuge of brain, Leltchflcld, Ky., No
emlcr J2.
1 red Mcdough. twenty, Dickson Col
lego freshman, died rosult fractured
skull In game at Wllllamsport, I'a., .No
vember y.
Sidelights of Big
Game at New York
Captain Miles was badly hurt and1
was In tho game only a few minutes
before he was carried from the Held.
Navy team loses only Craig, quar
terback, and Kercher, left guard, bv
graduation. The team men who will
be members of the tlrst class next
Sear are Ward, left tackle; Johnson,
right end, nnd Dals, right halfback
It Is likely lhat Ward, who has acted
as captain In some of the games this
ear, will bo elected captain.
Somebody stole tho Army mule e
terday, and all the kicking around
that the Navy goat got wus tlguratlw
The mule, the mascot of the West
Point brigade, was peacefully chew
ing hay In his stall larly esterda
morning, but between then and game
time he disappeared and did not put In
nn appearance, nt the Polo ground 1
Consequent! he did not have the
pleasure of kicking the Navy goat
The disregard of rheumatism and
kindred Ills shown by the plajers of
both camps inado spectators gasp
During halts In the game, lime take 1
out for one reason or another, con
testants would throw- themselves,
steaming and perspiring, down on the
damp ground, stretched out In clouds
or vapor, w 1th no more apparent
thought of what less hsrdy person
would dread than if they were taking;
to u feather bed. They wero tired
und seemingly grateful for any kind
of 11 couch, but on the word sprang
Into action freshened by the brief
Whether or not the future generals
huo a tendency toward peace is uu
open question, but )esteidny at tho
Polo Oiounds it was notlceablo that the
aimy mule, famous for hl belligerent
kirk, was among the missing. Ills
Plnie was taken by the doe of peaie,
In fact by a whole band of them. In the
guise of homing pigeons, with the Army
colois on their tails. The birds were
M't free here re tho start of the came.
One howcer. lost his w-iy In the fog
and kept circling nbove tho Held Some
of the cadets said that the bird was
vailing iirm.nd to hear the sioie and
coo over the West Point lcloij. Tho
Na- gnat wis there through the came,
anil more than llkelv had plent of
company when the game ended.
Here Is the records of the two
Year Place. Winner
l-.siWest Point Nhw
21 In 0
?.; to lfi
II to I
r, to I
IT to ..
11 to 7
11 10 r. '
. lo
to to r.
11 to 0
it lo 1!
Jll 1 1 II
(I to n
A to I
1 to il
1 to 11 I
mi n
;: to 1
yi to 0
ut. -
d r-o-i I
lil-Annapolis ..Arms .
ivi West Point .Navv. ..
ivv nnnpolls ....Navy ....
lii Phllndclphlii. Aimv.
IV11 Philadelphia. .Navy .. ,
l'-Ol Philadelphia Armv ...
I'O.'-Phlladctphla. Aimy ...
VV- Philadelphia. Army
ItiM Philadelphia . Armv
PK" Pilnceton v .Tie game,
liia'.-riillnilelpliln. Navv .
11-17-Plillailelpbl i . Navv .
If-ot 1-hll-iilejphlii Army
liia Philadelphia Nnvv .
lilt- Philadelphia Now.
111;- Philadelphia . Navv
I'll Vevv York Aimv
Il 1 -Philadelphia .Aimv
l'-l"-New Yolk . Army
No cumcM from 1W In 1V1
Lone-Felt Need Supplied by
Cases Successfully Treated
At)iolui prhatv Ilnine comfort. No
danctr. Com n tent phyilclan nd
nunc In attendance
Opn Day and Nlthl
Uterafur fr to anv aiUrnii. All
comnu titration atrlc Iv tonrttlentlal
mil nml 1 Ma. N. W.
Wnnhliictnn, 1). C.
Phone Main 3751.
Horses Will Be Shipped to
Southern Tracks After This
Week's Meeting.
Onlv two davs remnln of the Itowia
.1?! ! .'' Ulc ""'-ui com'iig Tuesday,
with the finish at the southern Mary
and cmuse comes the cloe of what has
been the must suciessful Ke,aafin of lac
ing ever known n Mai) laud
Tho quality of tho horses engaged has
newr been so high, and the public bus
given a generous patronage, commenc
ing with Hum ii do Uiuco. then going to
Laurel nnd Plmllco. and dually winding
up at Iiowlc.
1'ci hups ono of the most notable fea
tures of tho season has been the suc
cess uf the mutiicl betting system which
haa been In oiieration ut 1-ailrel, I'lm- Il
llco, und Uowle. 1 be laucgocis havo
taken to tho machines as never la-fore,
and the associations have found their
revenues much lncieascd over what
they were accustomed to exiect under
the old system ot booktnaklug
llavic du (Irace Is the only ussoclattou
in Maiylnnd now winch gives ctnpiu)
irtnl to the bookies, and it Is reported
that a chango will b made a
track In the spring and toe machines
Installed. 'The change from books to
mutuels hns driven many men out of
imployment, und It Is said that some
of tho mure tenacious of the old glial d
of bookies, under tho leadership of Tom
Shaw, has organized und raised a (und
of 11''.'"'.', with which they propose to
light the new order of things tooth and
The racing at Howie for the two re.
mulnlng duvs will be quite up to the
mark of what luia gone before Heven
race programs will le the order, nnd us
It Is the last call lor d.nlng cur, owners
will enter freely.
Immediately nfler the close ut Howie
most of the stables will ship uwny to
New Orleans. Cuba and Juarez for the it
winter racing, which promises to flour
ish more v lgoro-jsl than ever this sea
son. The sport eems to have come
back to Its own at the Creio ent Clt
and under Its present management Is
not only avoiding opposition but Is re
ceiving the support of the best people
of the illy, who recognize what great
value It Is In attracting tourists to the
town und giving uti Impetus to business
during the dull "eason Several carloads
of horses have already left Howie for
llHVunii, where c'urley Hrown expects a
brilliant season for his new track
The Pirk View Handicap was decided
ly the feature of yesterday s program at
Howie, The winner. Sand Marsh, met
a vi ry classy Held of sprinters, and
downed them after a parkllng contest,
Ite ..lll. ll,.. mm . rP.t .!- CAr.1 riftwl
111 Willi II IIMJ nilliici, A . UK MP JH-S I, .11111 i
lt al.. ..II llnlalin,! Iti t. Imrtfti TOia ' I
r n s-t-i-im. uu iiiit-iii.n 111 'u'ii-ii. -
disappointment of the race was Iljck
Ha, who Is cl'arlv not the horse he
was earlier In tho fall.
Old Itlllle linker ug.iln demonstrated
that he Is the king of the distance nags
at the truck wh'-n l,e won the fifth race
from a good Held. The old fellow- sur
prised everybody bv showing a lot of
early speed He I iok the lead nt the
half, and came uwny handily ut the end
Polly II wus plckd by the wlso fellows
as the real good thing of the race but
the flllv was nevr prominent and fin
ished fourth. Tho mile mid n nuarler
was run In 2'10 VS. a considerable Im
provement over 3 12 1-5. the time made
bv Dick's Pet In the third event, also at
a mile und u quarter t
Alter Hepubll'-.in had won the last
rain for C C. Hmlths-on. the Washing
ton turfman. Steve Judge boosted the
horse to Sl.fO. where he was protected
bv the (.table This Is the second time
that Hepubltcnn has been boosted at the
meeting and the pure-e taken uw.iv from
bis owner, and Mr. Smlthson believes
that Dick Williams Is ut the bottom of
It. trying to work out an old grudge.
whi h storied a scar ago last spring ut
Havre de (irace
Some of the owners Hre weeding out
their stables before going Into winter
quarters, and H .-ale of horses will be
held In the padiAi k tomorrow before
tho rates. The gem of the sale Is the
two-.vear-old lllly. Favour, who has won
two races at Howie, und proved herself
a more than useful youngster.
Gallaudet's Attention
Turned to Basketball
The candldntcs for the Gallaudet Col
lege basketball team will be called out
trrrnrrovv afternoon for their first hard
workout. Their tlrst game will be
Played with the Hnltlnioie City College
Ave on December 1 followed by their
hardest game of the season on the 18th
nrnlnst Catholic 1 nlvcr-uty
Itassmussen the twins. Hnv and Ar
thur WetiRcr Keclev. Classen. Melles,
and Cant. ItocUwell. last year's regu
lars, will nil be out for the team, nnd 1
there Is going to be a terrible light on
for them to retain their positions, as
Schnwi. IVigiisnn Wtllmnn. Dohrmnn.
Townsend. ami Newman, Inst vear's
senilis, and Wilson nnd Schw-encker
two new men, are hound to show their
worth, nnd II will be u question ns to
winch set of live men will glvo the best
icsttlts -victories"
s. II. Pullnek.
llierl Kussnn.
I Tailors to Well-Dressed Men
$15.50 -d $18.50
Suit or Overcoat
Made to Your Measure
Kassan & Pollock
001-003 G St. N. W.
Matnreyclea and Accessories.
NATIONAL comes motor ca.
Vrmont Av. &H St. JEFFERY
Aulu it Sup
ply Co. Ill
nth st.
National Electric Supply Co.,
122kUt:t3a IS. V. At.

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