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Germ6n and Austrian Protests
tying Issue Between De
partments to Head.
President May Intervene to
Guard Diplomatic Officials of
Central Powers.
vtsorou objection o thf German nml
Auntrlnn pn.lmnMo.i npilniit clinrKes
Mri'd at their diplomatic and consu'nr
offlclnN l-y the npnrtmpt cf Justlcn
h hrouRht n new Inane beforn the
OPVfrrment fop Immedlite decliion.
As an outcome of tl'e official clnrpea
miV liy Oovcrnmont profecutini; nf
flclnls njinlnst CapUIn Hoy-lvd. German
KJival attache, and Austrian Consul
Onernl xon Niiber. the Stute and Jus
tie llirtmcnt hve beon brought
Into eonlilct, and a "show down" Is ex
pected to. follow conferences between
Counsellor 1'olk. of the State Depait
ment, and torncy Oenenl Or-cory
nftcr the hitter's rolurn tomorrow.
Events that )ae brought 'no Issue to
a head ue summarized as follows:
Summary of Events.
United States District Attorney Wood
I nun dponlm,' itatcmrnt nt the trial of
HamhiiK-Anierl'ai! officials charscd
with cialliiK Herman wam'ilps, after
obtaining f.il.o :nanlfc?ts, chained that
t'aptaln My-KU wni the directing heed
nnd furnished money tor tho enterprise,
TJoy-El was charged '.nfcrentlally with
"rldln? niiiKli-ahod over the laws of
the t'nltrd Stairs, trcatlnR them as If
they were sciaps of ''aper."
The Oerman cmbaiwy. It U autliorlu
tlely announced, resents tho accusa
tions ncalnst lloy-Kd, luid Amlmavndor
von llernstorff In said to be preparing
to Hie a vigorous complaint with the
Htate Departintnt. asklnv something In
tho nature or u retraction, and pomTbly
alt apology.
The Department of Justice n week neo
Issued a statement naming Consul Gcn
rifcl von Nuber as Involved In Dr Jo
seph Gorleiir's charges of Austro-Hun-garlan
Uoron Erich Kuledlnek, Austrian
eharKe, died protest with the State De
partment aculnst naming of von Nu
ber. Attorney General G-egorv dis
claimed pergonal responsibility for tho
offending statement, explaining Hint It
uss Issued by a subordinate. Huron
Zwledlnek Informed the State Depart
ment that this Informal disclaimer was
not satisfactory to the Austrian em
bansy. Unlesa President Wilson Intervenes
and directs tho Attorney General to re
lax his efforts against diplomatic and
consular officials of the central powers.
Justlre Department officials Indicate
that tho Attorney General will stand
back of the action of tils suboidlnates.
Lansing's Position.
Secretary of State tanalng has taken
tho position that even If his connec
tion with tho clan to coal and provision
German warships was shown, lloy-Ed
could not bo held to have violated
American neutrality unless ho aided In
obtalnlnr faint) manifests for tho coat
ing steamers.
Legal officials of tho Department of
Justice tako exception to this view.
They chargo that lloy-Ed directed the
expenditure of 1750,000, which was used
for chartering steamers and purchasing
supplies for German warships, and that
In spendlnir this sum he knew to what
uses It was being put and what steps
were taken to evade customs laws and
put the cargoes of supplies to sea.
Justice officials declare that there has
been no secret of the fact that they
havo beon Investigating alleged acti
vities of certain consular officials ever
since the munitions factories fires,
strikes, and explosions first started.
Link to Pacific Coast.
Another foreign consular official was
brought within tho scope of tho Gov
ernment's Investigation when Austrian
Consul General IJopp at Kan Francisco
admitted that he hud formerly employed
Charles C. Crowley, who had been ar
rested there on a conspiracy charge.
Crowley's testimony, given after his
arrest and forwarded to Washington, la
said to contain admissions that tho
money used In his operations ni fur
nished In New York. This Is said to
he cnrrnimrAted hv monev order and
check stubs. Tho significance of thM
disclosures la that the leu.i u uomncii
up ship and munitions plants consplra-
clea on the Atlantic and Pacific sea
boards. . i
In the absence of Attorney i.cnera;
Gregory and Assistant Attorney General
Gregory today Justice officials refuse to
discuss the new angles of the neutrality
cases opened up by Crowley's arrest.
War Causes Bible
Business To Boom
This Week Will Mark Beginning
of Campaign on President
and Congress.
Increase of 50 Per Cent Reported
Over the Best Previous Year.
Demand Unprecedented.
XKW YOllK, Nov 28. The makers
of munitions of war are not the only
American business men who are
profiting by reason of the conflict In
Europe. The Illhle business In tlhi
country, as a direct consequence of
the war. Is flourishing as never be
fore. The pulJTIshera are sending- large
quantities unabridged editions. In
cluding the book of Eieklcl, not only
to the entente allies, but to Germany
and her allies also.
American-made Bibles are being
hlpped. too, to the South African and
Australian marKets. i-vcrywnere, ac
cording to the publishers, the demand
for the American articles is unprece-
dentedly large, tt Is estimated that
the increase over the best previous
year Is aUiut 50 per cent. And the
i Illbles are not being purchased by
I missionaries or foreign auxiliaries of
J the Gideons, but by the great public
I abroad. Other nations are handicapped
In their ability to pubiisn, so tno
whole world is looking to this country
for Its supply.
At home, too, more people are read
ing or. at least buying nibles than
ever before. Tho Gldeont, the best
single customer, buy 60,000 a year to
distribute throughout the hotels of
the country. A member of a publlslt
, Ing firm estimated that the Dlble
business of the United States, includ
ing both eXDOrtatlons and the prod-
I net for home consumption, will total
' $2,200,000 this year.
To meet the demand the American
Illbles are being printed In many for
I clgn languages, besides English.
In a natlon-wldo call Issued by lh
Concessional Union, woman suffra
gists arc urged to retltlon President
Wilson to Include a recommendation
for a natlonnl suffrage amendment In
his annual message to Congress. The
Congressional Union nlsn appeals for
funds for a stirring demonstration
before Conp.ress.
1 he call, signed hr -Miss Alice Paul,
"In the last Congress thes suffrage
ntnendment received tlu Iminrnmi
vote of 174 In the House and failed
by only eleven of the two-thirds
necessar to carry It In the Senate.
Tlila was accomplished mainly by the
women of the District of Columbia,
with little money and little work out
side. If the women of the wrfoln
country will poln with the District of
luiumnia, success will bo ossurod.
"With nearly 4,onn,nnu wnmiii vot
ing In the West, with one-fourth of
the Senate, one-sixth of the Ho'ise,
and one-fifth of tho ejectoral vote
Coming from suffrage State", nothlnrc
can pr.eent the yii'.cess of tho na
tional amendment if wu unite In IIb
"We have hut to consider the fall
urn of the referendum compalgns In
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,
and Massachusetts to realize the wis
dom of concentrating our strength upon
the National Government rather than
dlsslpatlnir it In many Btato refcren
ilurai."' It Is announced that the suffrage van
sound will hold manv street meetings
during the coming week. The big van
will be on tho streets from II a. m
until 11 p. m. Sneelal meetings are plan
ned for worklngmen.
1 he arrangements to speak to the
worKingmcn were made through repre
sentatives of the Central Labor Union
here bv Mrs. Grace Ilnneflel Cotterlll.
whose husband Is prominent In tho la
bor world.
Mrs. Cotterlll herself l a voter, and
she has the unusual dlxtlnctlon of hav
ing cast ballots In three states. With
Mrs. Cotterlll will lie Mia LouU A.
Dickinson, of Ohio, who will come to
Washington to sneak at the ht- mass
labeling at the lielasco Theater, Decem
ber 12.
Wife Has Right to Tango
Is Decision of Justice
PrTKKSKIM.. N. Y., Nov 2S.- Pnllrc
Justice Du Krane, of Mt. Klsco, near
here, settled a dispute between Mr. ami
Mrs. K. A. Osborne, of Mollegan. a
to her right to tango over his objee
Osborne rebuked his wife for going
to a dnnrc In Mt. Klsco. When she
Insisted tangoing was one of a wife s
privileges Mm alleges he boxed her
ears. She summoned him to court, and
asked the justice If she hadn't a right
to tango If she wished. Winning her
Doint. she made a complaint of assault.
Osborne was found guilty and plaeerl
upon probation for six months. Mfi.
Osborne smiled, asserting as she left
court that she would dance now all
she pleased.
The Sensational Suit & Coat Sale
Of the Year. Tremendous Reductions-
Unlimited Assortments for Yon to Select From Tomorrow (Monday)
trdHjHLHLm. kwSmS uf U IfliUfcv i li 'MflmMnWh
jfilHIIIIK 6ifW'rWtwWKE$m. i I v 8 Jl n I HI 1 1 llum
HHHHHIoV MlWfmKiwWS I I I VjI illll II HiWW 1 1 i 1Ih
Ironworker Foils From Girder of
Bridge of New York Con
necting Railway.
NRWi YORIC, Nov. 2S.-A misstep on
one of tho steel girders of the brldtfo
of the New York Connecting railway
spanning the Kost river, cost the llf
of Anton I'ntdtrka, of Long Island
City, an Ironwnikcr twenty-three years
While his fellow-workmen watched
Patdnrkn plunged 200 feet to the river
anil disappeared. Workmen put out In
small boats, hut no trace of the body
Coulfl bo foi'nd. The harbor police sent
a patrol boat to the scene.
J lie shock of Paxilerka's aeatn anu
tho sllppeiy condition of the Iron work,
due to fog nnd drltrlo. caused all hands
to IUlt W'oik fur Ihn ilnv. The IICW
bridge ipana the i:st river from Port
Moirs over Hamlin's and waru a
Islands to Astoria.
ran:; Bin if o
But Deteotive Arrested in San
Francisco Denies Connection
With Bomb Plot.
Charles Montague Informs Gen
eral Funston His Life Was
Threatened at Cananea.
NOOALKS. Arix.. Nov. 2. Assert
ing he was beaten by Villa soldiers
because he could not open the safe.
of the Ilanco Mercantile. Charles
Montague, American consul at Can
anea, arrived in Nogales today and
told his story to Major General Fred
erick Kunston.
Montague was Just In time to cor
roborate the statement of CJen. Alvaro
Obregon, the Carrunza commander,
who in a conference with General
Kunston, told the American command
er that only the quirk arrival of
Carranxa troopn at Cananea saved
the Americans there from death.
Montague said a body of Vllia
troops entered the hank at Cananea,
of which he wan cashier, and attempt
ed to open the safe by shooting Into
the lock with their revolvers.
They blew off the combination knon,
he said, anJ then demanded that hs
open the safe. He told them, he said,
that he could not open the safe be
cause they had destroyed the com
bination Me said he was knocked
down, beaten and his life threatened.
General Obregon told General Kunston
that If the occupation of Cananea had
been delayed twenty-four hours not a
single American would have been left
alive, and that the arrival of his
troop scaused General Ilodrlquez,
Villa commander, to retire.
Col W 11. Hage possesses an affi
davit made by Joshua Urbara, which
stales that the Villa commander him
self phot the American engineer, Kd
gar Mean. Mean's shooting occurred
when the locomotive Jumped tho track
after leavnlg Cananea, where the
Villa men had looted a bank.
Stabbed With Hairpin.
KVANBVIU.n. Ind.. Nov. !. As a
result of rolling over on a hairpin that
lav on her pillow, Mrs. Emma rtarney,
wife of Joseph Harney, a merchant, may
lose her hearing. The hairpin pierced
the ear drum.
BAN FnANCIBCO, Nov. 2. C. C.
Crowley, detective, defied authorities
last night to provo he Is nn anti-ally
bomb plotter. Their offer of Immunity
for revelation of "higher-ups" he con
temptuously rejected. Ho and ho had
nothing to fear, nnd proclaimed hit
Innocence of anything unlawful.
Crowley said. German Consul Bonn.
of this rlty, employed him to gather
data, presumably on the shipment of
munitions, llopp admitted he had
hired Crowley. He claimed that
Crowley's work was chiefly In traclnr
llritlsh recruiting activities her.
None of It, he snld, was Illegal.
Intimations from officials that Crow
loy had virtually confessed caused
him to assert, with anger, that tar
and feathers ought to bo applied to
anyone making such a statement.
Tho grand Jury will meet tomorrow.
United States district Attorney Hln
ton hinted that he wanted to know
who supplied money to get Crowley's
bond from a surety company. Attor
ney I.epke. of the Herman consulate,
denied lie had furnished It, though he
did attempt to see Crowley soon after
his arrest.
I'efore. the case Is closed, officials
Tilnt. revelations even more startling
than alreadv revealed In confessions
of German Lieut. Robert Fay at New
York may be expected.
Crowley's hearing is slated for De
cember 3.
Youths on Motorcycle
Chase and Slay Big Wolf
HAI.ATON. Minn.. Nov. ?. Two boys,
ITvnld I! lander and John Hollman.
bagged a fifty-two-pound wolf In rath
er a novel way. They, were out huntlnc
one hnv on the motorcycle and the
other with a un In the side car when
thev spied the wolf, and gave chase.
After a wild ride of several miles they
made a successful long shot.
Detective Buys Girls
At Five Dollars Each
Ni:W YOrtK. Nov. 27.-Tralllng an nl
leged "white slave" gang, the pollco
bought two girls for $5 each and ar
rested two of tho vice traffickers.
The clrls. nose Goldman, nineteen,
and Marv I'ueisleln, twent) one, wen
olfeied to Willi jrn J nnwilght a ih
tectUo working on vice cast's, at Tlilnl
avenue and 1CJ street, by two men
Knrlaht reunited. He nreslcd the nv-ii
who gave (heir names as Max Yager,
nineteen, and Jacob Kuchs, twenty-four
The pollco also held the girls, (lending
OH of wlntergreen. thymol, glycylne
and other healing Ingredients com
pounded In proper proportion Into the
I). I). I). Prescription has now become
the universal favorite of skin sufferers
In relieving and curing skin disease. It
Is a mild wash that penetrates the pores
nnd gives Instant relief from all burn
ing nnd Itching. It kills and washes ntt
the gnawing disease germs, leaving the
skin free to quickly heal.
All rirurslats sell D. 1). D. Cec and It.
A generous trial bottle for only I5c. We
are so eonndeni or tne gratnying eneci
of D. D. II. that wo will offer you the
tlrst full size bottle on tho guarantee
that It will relieve your suffering or
vour money refunded. 1. D. D. Soap
keeps your skin healthy. Ask about It.
for sale at H'Onnnell'i drag; store.
DYfc Tfc For 15 Years
MWm mPtheSUndarrJ
wmmmmmmmm SWn Remedy
All Roads
Lead to
f'xf v "
623 Pa. Ave. N.W.
where there is now in progress one of
the most phenomenal sales of
Men's Furnishings and Hats
that Washington lias ever witnessed.
Mr. S. OPPENHEIMER, who is well known to the Wash
ington trade, has just acquired the entire stock, fixtures, and
good will of the store formerly conducted by Joseph Auer
bach. Prior to completely restocking the establishment,
everything will be sold
At a Sacrifice of
50 Cents on the Dollar!
Complete Stock of
Always on Hand.
Mr. Oppenheimer especially invites his former patrons
and those of Mr. Auerbach to come and share in the remark
able bargains he is now offering.
Look For Detailed Announcements Later
623 Penna. Ave. N. W.
Buys Suits Worth $16.50 Buys Suits Worth $22.50 Buys Suits Worth $29.75
Weight &
Markets sanitary equipped, radiating sunlight and cleanliness in every nook and corner, devoted to Good Things
to Eat, so displayed as to be helpful indeed for the proper selection of your table requirements. These specials for
Monday :
A carload of fancy head rice from the Santce River district,
which as you know produces the best quality rice. Will cook
white and fluffy. Our usual 10c lb. quality, special price for
Monday only,
iys Coats Worth $6.j
Buys Coats Worth $12.50
ys Coats Worth $8.!
At Ney'8 it's
one price to all.
Dependable mer
chandise at popu
lar priced.
Buys Coats Worth $14.75
801 Pa. Avenue N. W.
Buys Coats Worth $10
Buys CoaU Worth $13.75
Clearance Sale
of Stylish
AMMONIA .... 3 large bottles 25c
SWEETHEART SOAP . . 3 for 10c
LAUNDRY STARCH . . . 3 lbs. 10c
ELASTIC STARCH, 2 small pkgs. 9c
Cnin and Soap
OUap Powder
'Best' Soap
Small Lean Strips, lb. . . A J
Lean Pork Chops
Small Fresh Hams
Ik: 16c
Pure Open-Kettle Lard . . lb. JJq
Pork Puddings
A- 12ic
Breakfast Bacon, "" . lb. 22C
Pork Chops
Sirlon Steak
selected, lb. Jq
Scrapple . Phila. style, 3 lbs, 25c
c i' t

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